Diaper Report 1/28/22

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This is a post-‘Rona (Moronicon variant, I think) report. A first-hand conveyance of what to expect should you happen to catch the latest iteration of the sickness the “vaccinations” are probably spreading. 

Which isn’t much. Tiredness, for the past week. Some mental fog, mostly the result of not-great-sleep. Some stomach queasiness.

That’s it. No run-death-is-near. No cue the ventilators and horse paste.

Still, I went two full years up to now without catching cold – perhaps in part because of a stout immune system and/or perhaps on account of luck. Maybe some combination of both. Interestingly, the whole country seemed to catch cold over the past month or so, me included. This sudden sweeping increase in people catching cold is interesting precisely because it tracks with the effort to blanket “vaccinate” the population, much of which bent knee to the Jabs under duress but on the understanding that by receiving the Jabs they would not catch colds, nor spread them.


The Biden Thing may not remember – but he did say it. If you get the Jab – and back then, it was just one – you could not get or spread this cold. His words. The PR organs for the pharmaceutical cartels repeated them. The pharmaceutical cartels – who knew better – didn’t contest them. They let the impression hang.  

The public was thus encouraged to be believe that these “vaccines” immunized – and when it became clear they didn’t were told that more “vaccinations” (styled “boosters”) were the only way to reduce the severity of the symptoms of the dread cold the prior “vaccinations” didn’t give them the immunity they’d been led to believe they were getting by taking.  


Now practically everyone, it seems  is catching cold. The obvious question arises: Could this be due to the “vaccines” – which don’t prevent people from catching cold but do (apparently) make them feel as if they haven’t caught cold – and which thereby encourage the asymptomatic spread of the very cold the “vaccines” were originally touted as being the preventative cure for?  

Even neater.

Logically, it makes sense. A great deal more sense than the now Memory-Holed business about people who had no symptoms – because they hadn’t caught a cold – conveying colds to others, “asymptomatically.” This was the basis for the blanket presumption of sickness used to justify the suspension of whatever still remained of our former right to free association. It didn’t matter that you were healthy. Had no symptoms. No reason to believe you might be in possession of a cold. You could not enter. And you could not leave, in many cases. Stay home. Stay out. Stop working (and earning) because you might be sick and not know it and you certainly have no right to spread your cold to others, who might die if they caught it.

This wasn’t “science.” It was purposefully fomented mass hysteria, egged on by politicians who created a crisis they damned sure weren’t going to let it go to waste.

Now we have drugs that suppress symptoms – as these “vaccines,” as they continue to be styled – possibly doing exactly what the past two-years of Kabuki were supposedly imposed on us to counteract. 

Before the “vaccines,” it was safe to assume that if you didn’t have cold symptoms, you didn’t have a cold. That which you didn’t have, you probably could not give.  It was reasonable to be out and about and to resent like hell being told you shouldn’t be – that you were somehow putting others at risk and a selfish, awful person for so doing.

Who’s selfish and awful now?

It’s hard to blame the people lied to about “vaccines” that – as it turns out – don’t immunize and so can’t prevent people from catching (and spreading) cold. Especially given the double-whammy threat of loss of livelihood used to push these non-immunizing drugs into people’s bodies. Many of them just wanted to get back to work, to get their lives back.

What they got was something else.

And so did the rest of us – including those of us who didn’t take any of the “vaccines,” many of us so deciding for all kinds of sound reasons to not take them. Including, over-arching all of them, a well-founded distrust of the pharmaceutical cartels that made them, based on their atrocious record of criminal malignity. What fool would just trust the manufacturer of Vioxx (which – like the “vaccines” – turned out to trigger cardiac problems in people who got dosed) or Lyrica (which its maker, Pfizer, was criminally prosecuted for paying quack-compromised doctors to prescribe to good-faith-assuming patients) especially when billions in bayonet-backed profits are on the table?

But now we’re now catching cold.

A cold that is likely being spread by people who don’t feel it.

The infectiousness of this cold quite possibly made greater by dint of that fact. There could be something to this.

My lifting buddy caught cold – a curious thing, given he is a nurse and practically everyone he works with is “vaccinated.” I think he gave me the same cold. Neither of us had caught anything before all of this “vaccinating.”

The upside is  – it’s just a cold.  Maybe the “vaccines” would have lessened the symptoms – after having caused us to get them. But that would be like signing up for a round of chemo to combat a headache.

I’m glad I didn’t.

. . .

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  1. Remember when negroes used to only be consider 3/5ths of a person? I think we need to be realistic, and consider maskers as 1/8th of a person. Although, that’s being rather generous, ’cause if you put 8 maskoids in a room, they still wouldn’t equal one normal human being. Hey, what the hey? That’s the way the Globalist Cabal views us!

    • They were never considered 3/5ths of a person.
      People (of all sorts) who were in conditions of servitude, slavery, were for the purposes of representation politically counted as 3/5ths. Why? Because they were under the control of another person. That’s it. It was to limit the power of people who held slaves. Otherwise slave holders would dominate the government. Imagine full counting and voting for people who are entirely controlled by an owner. The owner of a 100 slaves would have 101 votes!

      • But slaves couldn’t vote…… (I thought the 3/5ths thing was just after slavery?)

        Today the slaves (of all colors) can vote- and they keep voting for more slavery…..

        • Hey Nunz,

          The 3/5ths thing was about political representation (ha, ha). The slave holding states wanted each slave to count as one person to determine representation in Congress (even though they couldn’t vote). The non slave holding states didn’t want slaves to be counted at all wrt to representation. Three fifths was a “compromise” introduced by James Wilson and Roger Sherman to breach this impasse.


    • Hi Nick,

      This was almost more depressing to wake up to than the news about Rogan. Bridget Fonda was beautiful once. Like this country. Sic gloria transit mundi.

        • Hi Helot,

          I assume Eric is referring to Rogan’s overly (IMO) conciliatory response to his attempted cancelling.


          The “haters” are not interested in your learning or redemption, they consider apologies as admission of guilt. Fuck that, the only successful response to these people is to tell them to pound sand (cue Jordan Peterson and Dave Chappelle). The “other side” is the dominant narrative, it does not need to be aired. That said, I still admire Rogan and hope that he doesn’t completely cave.


          • Amen, Jeremy!

            I like Rogan; seems like a reasonable and civilized guy. And that is his weakness. He makes the mistake of thinking the other side shares those values. They do not. They are after his destruction; the destruction of anyone who challenges their rancid, Jacobite views on . . . everything. They will not relent until he is ruined. To extend the olive branch to such people is to end up on the scaffold – as happened to the baffled opponents of Robspierre and Lenin. There is no accommodating these people except by total submission to them. They cannot be given an inch of ground. Never apologize. It emboldens them and show weakness. Give them nothing. Ever.

            They must be rooted out, the poisonous plant chopped to bits, burned – and the ashes scattered to the winds.

            I said earlier that Franco and Peron provided examples of how to deal with the Left. Harsh – but that is what is required. As a libertarian, it appalls me to contemplate such measures, until I realize that is what is necessary in order to preserve any semblance of civilization in the face of these creatures.

            • H Eric,

              I’ve struggled for some time to explain this concept to people — and admittedly it was hard for me to accept it myself at first.

              I took karate classes in high school and college, and their was one instructor who, when talking about self-defense, said “If you’re ever in a fight for your life, forget about fighting ‘fair’. Your mom probably taught you to always be fair…but your mom’s not out there getting her ass kicked. People who mean to harm you don’t care about fighting ‘fair’.”

              I think that’s where the left has gained so much power — we assume since we’re reasonable people, our opponents will be as well. We try to meet them halfway — and assume they’ll return the favor — but they don’t and won’t.

              The left has no interest in getting from — or giving — Rogen or anyone else “equal time”, “a fair hearing”, etc. They only want their doctrines promoted and enforced — period. I’m sure they’ll attempt to manipulate Rogen’s “fairness” offering by insisting any opposing-viewpoint guests have to “follow the science” (IOW, toe the line with Saint Fauci) or they’ll “cancel” him again, or some such underhanded tactic that would make any “opposition” irrelevant.

              For me, the hard part is realizing, like the karate instructor pointed out many years ago, is these people will never be “fair” no matter how much you try to comply with them or work with them. You mentioned Lenin — the Bolsheviks/Communists had no intention of just “sharing power” or “having a voice.” They wouldn’t — and didn’t — settle for anything less than absolute control over every aspect of everyone’s life.

              It can seem tempting to “compromise” on things that threaten our liberties, like the vax and face diaper mandates — “well, if it’s just health care workers who are required to get the jab”, “it’s just a “mask” in the doctor’s office”, “it’s just wearing one in large groups” — but that’s exactly how the medical terrorism will get its way; every “compromise” will be seized upon to demand “just one more thing” ad infinitum until all that remains of our social fabric is broken down and leftist ideology takes its place.

              So it would seem necessary to oppose even the smallest of the “mandates”, even if it means being labeled a “right-wing extremist” — or worse.

          • ‘ The “other side” is the dominant narrative, it does not need to be aired.’

            This reminded me of an incident some years ago, where my left-wing SIL wrote an opinion piece to the local paper, condemning the “right-wing” views of a regular columnist. Her plea: “He needs to air the other side.”

            His response: “I AM the other side.”

            Total takedown.

  2. From suburban Cleveland — I was out and about yesterday and I like to do a quick mental “note” of face diapers I see. Yesterday — library about half of patrons, drugstore, ALDI, and pet supply store about a third wore face diapers. No government “mandates” for months, and although many places still have the desultory “face coverings required/strongly encouraged” Microsoft Word-typed signs taped up somewhere, no one has said anything to me about it in almost a year of shopping “maskless”. So why any keep wearing them in spite of clear evidence they don’t work, and no repercussions for not doing so?

    As I’ve seen on this forum, I believe some people will literally wear them the rest of their lives (my gut feeling, about 20 percent). Plus, I’ve noticed when there’s something “big” in the MSM about The Pandemic (TM) (Fauci spewing some “prediction”, “the cases!” going up, etc.) there’s more people diapering-up. In December, the Cleveland Browns football team had a “COVID outbreak” (mostly just “positive tests” with little or no symptoms, it was later reported) and had to postpone a game by a couple days. Once this hit the news, I noticed a big uptick in face diapers in this area. It’s abated a little in January, but still enough to indicate the indoctrination still is having an effect. 🤨

    • The reasons for wearing a mask are the same as always has been: anonymity, consealing ugly faces and crime. Many masks leave an ugly rash, that you want to keep covered with a mask cause its embarrassing to have a rash on your face. Works really well for transsexuals too. I cant tell an old woman in a mask from a transsexual. Except from the voice, smell and posture. I sometimes notice guys flirting with trannies who might otherwise not get positive attention

      • Hi James

        For me, the “mask” is a symbol of sickness – psychological sickness. I immediately think of a crazy person pushing a shopping car along the highway. The sight of such a person used to make me feel sad; such people can’t help it and their lives are miserable. Now, the sight makes me sick.

  3. These trucker’s demonstrations are the fault of cbc and cnn and bbc all msm, and all their communist/globalist/satanist friends, shelves empty? blame msm.

    there was zero debate allowed about the agenda 2030/ho….ax, for two years, anyone saying one word outside their narrative is banned, deplatformed, demonized, in some places locked up, very soon exter….minated, the biggest part of the censorship was the msm like cnn, cbc, now there is pushback, you can only lie to people 24/7 and tell them to shut up and piss off, no debate allowed, for a limited amount of time, they just found the limit.

    This trucker’s blockade is a great way to attack this agenda 2030/ho….ax, the last thing the globalist/satanists at the top want is an open debate/discussion about this. There is zero science behind anything they have said or done, that is why there can be no discussion about this, their lies would fall apart very quickly, they control mainstream media and the narrative,

    This trucker’s blockade is a great way to attack this nightmare, just blockade, shut the whole country down and tell them it will not end until there is an open discussion, all the msm is opened up and an open debate can take place, about their ho..ax/reset/communist satanist takeover/agenda 2030 and every mandate and restriction is taken off.

  4. The end of the Corona virus with this German prevention.*
    German scientists announced, after a series of studies, that the Corona virus not only reproduces in the lungs like the SARS virus in 2002, but also spreads widely in the throat during the first week of infection.
    Scientists suggested to the German chancellor and the Minister of Health that they ask people to do a simple task several times a day, which is to gargle with a semi-hot solution of Abmonak.
    They have long stressed the need to do this, and now, after the results of experiments conducted by German biologists on the multiplication of the Corona virus in the throat, they have emphasized once again the necessity of gargling with a lukewarm solution of water and salt ..
    German scientists assure the German Ministry of Health: if all people clear their throat several times a day by gargling with a semi-hot solution of salt water, then the virus will be completely eliminated throughout Germany within a week.
    Experiments have shown that by gargling with a solution of water and salt, we constantly turn our throats into a completely alkaline environment, and this environment is the worst environment for the coronavirus, because with salt water, the pH of the mouth changes to an alkaline pH, and if we gargle several times a day by gargling with saline Almost hot, we are not giving the coronavirus a chance to multiply.
    It is therefore necessary for all people to gargle with a semi-hot saline solution several times a day several times a day especially in the morning and before leaving the house and after returning home, so as not to allow the Corona virus to multiply at all in the same initial period.
    Let’s ask all people to apply these important and simple health tips with commitment
    As this article goes viral, you too will be in the circle of those fighting the spread of the coronavirus

  5. You guys heard of the pregnant journalist from New Zealand reporting in Afghanistan has turned to the Taliban for help after her home country wouldn’t let her in because of you know the the cold! And it turns out the Taliban have offered to let her stay, just to tell people she’s married!! LOL….. So the covid religion has gone more extreme than anything the Taliban can even impose on their nation !!

  6. You know its funny – again my antidotal evidence, but it seems in my world the only ones who are really being taken ill by this “omicron” are the ones who had the jab! And specifically those who have been “boosted”. Infact its so obvious now that even some of our friends who are some of the blindest followers of the covid cult have started to notice now that the only household who hasn’t been through the rona is mine !! they are actually quite shocked…. as till about a month ago they were all scaring my wife while they were lining up for their boosters…. as to how its getting bad and why she isn’t worried !!!

    • variant “A” is gone now. emergency is over… so all the vac//cines are useless….what a cluster fu….c,,c…k
      mandates for a useless obsolete injection= insanity = stu//pid f….u,,,,kk kkks

      passport? no point the A variant is gone…. but they will still try to force inj//ect you with the lethal experimental genetic inje//ction…………..satanists (wef depo//pul..ation agenda)

      if you are injected you can transmit and get infected
      if you aren’t injected you can transmit and get infected
      no difference then
      if you are injected with the right injection, you might have milder symptoms that is the only difference, but who could care less other then you.

      if you are injected with a vac//cine for the wrong variant there is a huge problem, get get sicker and worst of all you turn into a variant factory, a super spreader, spreading everywhere.

      The science is conclusive and widely accepted within the medical community of virologists on what this vac//cine does and doesn’t do. in the video:

      None of the vac//cines stop infection
      None of the vac//cines stop transmission

      The vac//cines were only effective at reducing the symptoms (they say 95% effective but in practice it was 0.9%), of the “A” variant for which they were designed.

      ATTENTION: very important: this A variant is gone now so all these injections are useless now, they do nothing at all zilch……..there is no point in getting them, refuse them they are useless, worse then useless they will make you sicker.

      the predominant variant now is the omicron variant, all these vacc//ines are useless now, no help at all with that new dominant omicron variant, they weren’t designed for the omicron variant,

      Dr. Paul Alexander
      ATTENTION: it is over, the virus has mutated down to it’s mildest, weakest, harmless form the omicron variant, it is not a problem or threat at all, non fatal, very weak, benign…… data from isreal shows. so no need for the vaccine now…..

      but the people that were injected destroyed their immune system so omicron will get them…bringacoffin

      The winners: so the uninjected are the winners…they didn’t get the lethal experimental injection and there is no need now because the virus has mutated down to it’s mildest form the omicron variant, it is not a problem or threat at all, non fatal, data from isreal shows.

      The losers: If you took the experimental gene modification injections here is what you have to look forward to over the next 2-3 years:

      1) Sometime between October 2021 and April 2022 we will see if ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) strikes you like it did the animals in 2012.
      2) Around 18 months we will see if “mad cow” strikes you like it did to the humanised mice that were injected with the spike proteins.
      3) Around 24 months we will see if Alzheimer’s strikes you like it did the Macaque monkeys that were injected with the spike proteins.
      4) 60% of the injected have detected ‘microclots’ with the d-dimer test in the first week after injection. Right side heart failure within 3 years is common.
      5) The spike proteins impair your telemerase synthesis which is known to lead to cancer, CVD, diabetes, vascular dementia.

      The old useless vac//cines are now assisting those who were vacc//inated at developing more severe symptoms and developing higher viral loads for the variants, because of this useless vac//cine they become variant factories, super spreaders, the new zombies……

      NOTE: be careful these inj//ec..ted people are now biosecurity ter//ro…rists, super spreaders, spreading to the un inj//ec…ted people.

      these vac//cines were NOT designed for the omicron variant, so they become a virus helper. you are worse off getting more sick, and spreading to the un injected.

      Dr. Bryan Ardis says it is gen//oc…..ide https://www.bitchute.com/video/gJm9YGiaoOfe/

      the bottom line: Dr Sean Brooks PhD Oxford has a message he says:
      Anybody who gets it will be dead in 6 months to 3 to 5 years. . It destroys your immune system and you die. Everybody gets blood clots and is sterilized, people are getting their children injected.

      Dr. Zelenko makes it very clear that, in his opinion, the Cv//19 injections are neither safe nor effective nor necessary and that, in fact, forcing anyone to take the experimental injections equals gen ocide. zelenko said the injection is like the gas cham ber and people are running into it.

  7. I thought about getting the clot shot and joining the collective but decided that I’d wait. The industry I’m in loves the jab (and requires it) so I’m waiting for them to come to their senses. If they don’t I can afford to take the time off. Of course I find myself asking “Who is John Galt” a lot now.

      • Dr jekyll


        from Dr Carrie Madej

        you can patent anything that has been created, modified, or engineered.
        The c,,v//1…9 v……..s are designed to make us into genetically modified organisms in the same way Monsanto has modified and patented their seeds.

        For example, Monsanto genetically modified various seeds.

        So transpose that to a human cell line that could potentially mean that we could be patented, or human cell lines could be patented. And if it’s patented, it has owners. Do you see a problem with this?

        What if our DNA is modified with genes from another species? Are we still human? Is this trans-humanism? And what if our DNA, our genome, is modified and thus can be patented and owned? This is going on right now, today.

        I will add that this type of DNA v……..e has never been used on humans before.
        They are now proposing to take something we have never used and in//j….ect it into everyone that will make them trans-human.

        They are not using good scientific methodology at all. They have no randomized placebo-controlled trials for any v……..e, They’re not following any sound scientific protocol to make sure this is safe for us, to make sure it would work for us, or to know anything about it—and they want to in//j…e,,ct the v……….e and DNA altering cell lines into the masses.

        The v…….e manufacturers, referred to as Big Pharma, were made exempt from product liability in the 1980s. Meaning that if a v,,……e causes seizures, paralysis, etc., they as a group are not liable.

        here is the big lie:
        Big Pharma just has to prove that the v……..e is producing antibodies.

        Just because you’ve got antibodies does not make you immune to something.
        the efficacy of every single v……..e is predicated on the idea that it induces antibodies and therefore immunity. This is the key assumption – and it is patently false.

        ATTENTION READ: there it is: based on an assumption = a belief. this v………e bs is just a belief = religion. this is being pushed by religious fanatics. the new co//v,,,i…..d religion.

        v………s are just a belief = a religion no science behind them: v……..e religion: an occult satanic religious death cult

        j//e…r,,,,m theory: never been proven, just a belief = a religion. now we have allopathic rockefeller nazi death medicine, a satanic occult death cult, run by witches.

        it is worse than that: and now we have more evidence of this in the form of certified pathologists stating that there is no proof of the existence of C//O,,,V…..ID antibodies as well.

        Without testing we don’t know for a fact if it would really work as claimed out in the population of people. A real study would show that it actually works, or doesn’t work, in the population of people. But they are not testing, saying they don’t have time.

        Another important fact to know about all vaccines is that many of them are using the MRC5 aborted fetal cell lines from the 1960s. This is an immortalized cell line. Immortalized means it does not die. In other words it’s a cell that has lost the ability to go through apoptosis—natural cell decay and death.

        A cell that cannot go through that death process is called cancer. That is a definition of cancer.
        ATTENTION: So they are trying to use a lot of words to mask the fact you’re being injected with cancerous cells.

        “Cancer was practically unknown until the cowpox vaccination began to be introduced I have seen 200 cases of cancer, and never saw a case in an unvaccinated person.”
        Dr. W.B. Clark, New York Times, 1909

        Some of the vaccines that are using these cancerous cell lines from aborted fetuses are:

        MMR – measles, mumps, rubella
        Chicken Pox
        Hepatitis A & B
        Polio, etc.

        An Italian report backed by the government of Italy and a group of scientists called Corvelva They state that these vaccines have the potential to increase tumorigenesis, which means increased risk of cancers, increased risk of mutagenesis or mutant genes.
        anyone taking those vaccines would also have an increased risk of transmitting live infections. This is well known.
        SUPER SPREADER: read this…………..They would have an increased risk of transmitting live infections. so when you get the vaccinee you will be a biosecurity terrorist. shedding spike proteins…a new zombie

        There’s new evidence that double-vaxxed individuals build up huge viral loads in their noses and sinuses, causing them to become super-spreaders, and infect others

        Israel is one of the most heavily vax//xe…d countries in the world, with nearly 80% of the population fully vac//ci..na…ted and almost 100% of the elderly. But now Israel is experiencing a massive increase in infections (and of serious cases), mainly among the fully vax//xe..d.
        sweden has banned people traveling from isreal

        The Co//v….i,,,,,,,d-19 v………..s will have a bacteria that’s a contaminant—mycoplasma pneumonias. It’s a very common bacteria used as a contaminant. This really has nothing to do with the v……….e itself but they have it in there. So you are getting an infection on top of the v………e.

        This stuff is so bad it has the potential to be used as a bio weapon. They are in//je…c,,,,ting cancers into your body along with very toxic substances, like mercury derivatives, aluminum derivatives and other things like that. In addition to the unknown effect of the combination or an accumulation of these v…….s together and the synergistic effect that happens. mixed together they could be 10 times as dangerous.

        “The Nazis had a phrase that covered all abuses by the State: ‘Für euer sischerheit’ —> ‘It’s for your safety’” these satanist witches are nazis.

        Auschwitz = Arbeit macht frei (Work will make you free)

        Earth 2020 = V……….e will make you free

        • huge increase in cancer in people who got the demon shot…..

          Another important fact to know about all vaccines is that many of them are using the MRC5 aborted fetal cell lines from the 1960s. This is an immortalized cell line. Immortalized means it does not die. In other words it’s a cell that has lost the ability to go through apoptosis—natural cell decay and death.

          A cell that cannot go through that death process is called cancer. That is a definition of cancer.
          ATTENTION: So they are trying to use a lot of words to mask the fact you’re being injected with cancerous cells.

          • Testing was done using such cell lines but there are no such cells in the toxic injections.

            Just highly toxic nanolipids and human generated mrna code… oh and other junk.

            • “neither Pfizer
              nor Moderna used an abortion-derived cell line in the development or production of the
              vaccine. However, such a cell line was used to test the efficacy of both vaccines. Thus, while
              neither vaccine is completely free from any use of abortion-derived cell lines, in these two cases
              the use is very remote from the initial evil of the abortion..

              Was the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen Pharmaceuticals) COVID-19
              vaccine developed using fetal cell lines?
              The non-replicating viral vector vaccine produced by Johnson & Johnson did require the use of
              fetal cell cultures, specifically PER.C6, in order to produce and manufacture the vaccine

        • The cv19 vaccines will have a bacteria that’s a contaminant—mycoplasma pneumonias. It’s a very common bacteria used as a contaminant. This really has nothing to do with the vaccine itself but they have it in there. So you are getting an infection on top of the vaccine.

  8. At what point in time does an “emergency” become normal, and emergency powers revoked? Two years, five, twenty? It’s become obvious that the virus passed from being one some time ago. The insanity imposed by the “experts/officials” is. Early on we had a run on toilet paper because of the lockdowns. Now we have one because of the vaccine mandates. In point of fact, the Psychopaths In Charge are abject failures. Failing to keep even there moral and ethics free desires free to gain fruition. The only ones even partially successful are resorting to late 1930s Nazi level tyranny.

    • typical government thieves, sounds like the current situation………

      convicted of genocide and undermining the national economy among a series of other offences, the couple had been found smuggling large amounts of money out of the country….today the wef would give them one billion dollars to do the same thing……

      politicians are scared of romanian solution

      1989: Romania’s ‘first couple’ executed
      Deposed Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena have been shot by a firing squad after a secret military tribunal found them both guilty of crimes against the state.

      They were charged and convicted of genocide and undermining the national economy among a series of other offences, officials said.

      News of their death was announced to the people of Romania on national television amid reports the couple had been found smuggling large amounts of money out of the country.

      A stunned reaction from the public gave way to scenes of delight and a public outpouring on the streets to celebrate.

      But there was some unrest from troops who supported the former leader.

      The deaths end the dictator’s 24 years as communist party leader – 21 of them as Romania’s president – during which he suppressed all opposition using brutal force.

      The National Salvation Front is now running Romania, and America and the Soviet Union have recognised the new government.

      But the White House said it was “regrettable” the trial had not been held in public.

      Christmas celebrated

      The new government has pledged democracy will replace the tyranny of Ceausescu’s rule and promised to allow free speech, free thought and free enterprise in Romania.

      Party leaders called on the West to aid and support its new reform programme.

      The executions come after 10 tumultuous days of violence and an upsurge of mass protests against Ceausescu’s regime.

      Demonstrations began in the western city of Timisoara against the harassment of a dissident ethnic-Hungarian priest, Laszlo Tokes.

      It led to protests about a lack of basic supplies such as bread but the backlash from Ceausescu’s armed forces led to accusations many people were massacred.

      Demonstrators stormed Ceausescu’s palace and he and his wife tried to flee Bucharest but they were captured by military forces who had turned against them

    • This trucker’s blockade is a great way to attack this nightmare, just blockade, shut the whole country down and tell them it will not end until there is an open discussion about their cv19 hoax/reset/communist satanist takeover/agenda 2030 and every mandate and restriction is taken off.

  9. As far as I know there is no data indicating asymptomatic contagion for any respiratory virus, whether symptoms are suppressed by a “vaccine” or cough syrup. If you aren’t sneezing or coughing, you are unlikely to spread it. You aren’t aerosolizing it.

    • It was the acceptance of the lie of “aysmptomatic” spread along with most of our dumb as fuck corrupted lying so-called medical professionals going along with it that led us to where we are. It is the center of everything that has permanently altered society for enrichment of the elite.

      • Oh yeah. And the zeal with which some of my family members believe in this concept is intense. The fear and anger in their eyes when they see the possibly infected while seemingly healthy and masked for their comfort face is disturbing. Yet these same people are ok with eating a family meal at the same table with me. I don’t need to wear a mask to do that. Of course. There is simply no possible way to understand people who behave this way.

  10. Just when you think you’ve seen everything:


    A face diaper on a *bobblehead*??? The Cavaliers last season for Christmas *raffled off* a team-logo face diaper as a *prize*.

    Like Eric says, “And they ask me why I drink…”. 😱

    • yet another way to try to minimize the nightmare that they are helping to foist up on us.

      Just for fun I checked their “safety protocols,” and of course there is a “temporary mask mandate” as well as a jab requirement for “certain seats.”

      SMH and eye roll.

      • They are smart the way they bring out their demon shot, one study found 5 out of 6 were placebo, (so people see other get injected with no problem) if you mandate multiple shots, eventually everyone gets the demon shot. In this huge lab rat experiment (you are the lab rat AND mandated), they seem to be experimenting with dosage, make it just lethal enough to kill you in 3 years but not obvious enough to scare the herd. gates did this in africa, gave some the saline placebo, so when deaths occur he said, these ones are fine, it couldn’t be me.

  11. Isn’t it amazing how much control the establishment truly holds on us? So much, in fact, that no matter what you believe or how critically you think, they control what you think. They say obsess over covid, and everyone does. It matters not our opinion on it, we’re still thinking about it aren’t we? They are in our heads no matter what we do!

    • RE: “They say obsess over covid, and everyone does.”

      Or, rather, some spend some time thinking about the controls as a result & the harm the responses have on those around them they care about.

      Same as dealing with any bully or tyrant/dictatorship/crazed sociopaths… ?

      • yep – I have a family member who says I’m “obssessed” with this crap. I say, if it wasn’t invading and ruining EVERYTHING, I wouldn’t need to be…

        • It would be nice if they didn’t have enough power to force controversy. For now, it is their greatest triumph. It’s ingenious, how we have to admit them into our heads just to fight them (lest one relocates to the remote wilderness, where they can be ignored).

          • Back in the run-up, a guy on thehousingbubbleblog used to often say, “They’re living rent free in your head”.

            I guess it’s like that.

    • Take away their ability to use violence and otherwise adversely effect my life and I wouldn’t have to even pay attention to what they are up to. Until then there’s not much choice but to pay attention.

    • Justin Trudeau runs and hides. Klaus Schwab will run and hide. Joe Biden hides no matter what. Nancy Pelose will shit her pants, then run and hide.

      The Powers that Be will all run and hide. It is going to happen. They have shit in their own mess kit this time.

      Canadian truckers control Ottawa and will leave when demands are met, no compromise, capitulation.

      Canadian truckers have effectively blockaded Ottawa.

      Just park the trucks, don’t have to lift a finger after that. Well, maybe one.

      It is over, let it sink in. Ottawa is under siege. Where do the truckers need to go at the moment? Nowhere fast, they can sit there and make life miserable for Ottawaners.

      Be good for them.

      The truckers are going to go big, then go home.

      Politicians are losing bigly.

      • This trucker’s blockade is a great way to attack this cv19 hoax, the last thing the globalist/satanists at the top want is an open debate/discussion about this. There is zero science behind anything they have said or done, that is why there can be no discussion about this, their lies would fall apart very quickly, they control mainstream media and the narrative, anyone saying one word outside their narrative is banned, deplatformed, demonized, in some places locked up, very soon exterminated.

        This trucker’s blockade is a great way to attack this nightmare, just blockade, shut the whole country down and tell them it will not end until there is an open discussion about their cv19 hoax/reset/communist satanist takeover/agenda 2030 and every mandate and restriction is taken off.

        labeling demonstrators

        Assistant Police Commissioner for the North West Metro Region, Luke Cornelius, referred to people who planned to protest against lockdowns as “boof heads”, calling them an “anti-vax, biosecurity terrorists, anti-mask, tinfoil hat-wearing brigade who were batshit crazy”.

        This oddly extreme language from one of the State’s most senior police officers is not accidental. It serves a specific purpose.

        In order to get ordinary well-adjusted police officers – who may have joined the force out of a desire to be of public service – to brutalize a population whose only crime is that they object to being locked in their homes for 23 hrs a day for months on end,

        you need to demonize dissent.

        If your officers on the ground can identify in any way with the people they are being told to terrorize, they might not follow orders.

  12. Well folks enough with the mopey “bad news “….how about some optimism? Okay I’ll give it a try.
    1)…the Rona thing. I know a guy here in Puerto Plata DR who came down with something that sounds like the evil malady. “ Sick as a dog” for 12 days…started popping Ivermectin.. two days later ALL GONE! Down here it’s available over the counter and costs 58 cents per 6mg tab. ..leading into the other malady called ..

    2) Inflation..went to the farmers market in the Constanza valley (4,000 ft elevation) with 300 pesos (scooped out of the Toyota Yaris center console)
    Ended up with:
    2 nice red bell peppers
    1 stalk celery
    2 cucumbers
    Head of Boston lettuce
    Bunch of radishes
    3 tomatoes
    ……………..cost 135 pesos (about $2.20 US)
    Presently my rental one bedroom fully equipped apartment $25 US per night….( monthly would be about $400 US)
    The only disappointment was spotting “The mark of the Beast “ on the side of an ag supply warehouse in Constanza i.e.

    B A Y E R

    Fortunately the beast cannot affect the worlds largest grower of organic cocoa in the 600 ft elevation Cibao valley where I plan on finding my small “finca” (farm)👍
    BTW the roadside vendor Tangerines ARE INSANELY FLAVORFUL 😛

    Keep your chins up…. There are other options 👍

    • Hi Lickpenny,

      That is some pretty good deals on veggies.

      I have found watching the Canada Trucking Convoy raises my optimism levels. Watching it eating steamed crab legs and beer is even better. 🙂

      Enjoy your trip. 🙂

  13. It’s interesting many of you say you got sick in the past week. I have had a slight cough, but nothing else, the past week. I last got sick in October 2019. Don’t know if it’s the rona because I’m not going to get tested because why the hell would I?

  14. A bit of a comment:

    … “As soon as they started shutting down things I noticed IMMEDIATELY the stores, doctors offices, everywhere had a horrible smell of chemicals. They sprayed disinfectant in massive amounts then turned on all the blowers to make sure it went everywhere. […]

    I heard a scientist speak at the very start of this demic/whatever who alarmingly exclaimed how insane it is to be using this certain chemical for disinfection of public places as they started doing (I cannot find it’s name) as it harms the lungs (he explained it in scientific terms) and that if an enemy wanted to harm a broad swath of population without actual war it might declare a “pandemic” and start spraying with that chemical disinfectant. […]

    Even on these disinfectant sprays for home it has warnings yet some people think nothing of spraying them constantly. Does the clinic or doctor ask “How much disinfectant are you exposed to every day?”

    Chemical burns in the lungs. [?]

    As evidence I submit walking into a dollar store at the start early 2020 the fumes were like walking into a blast furnace how it hits you. As I was leaving I asked the clerk if she noticed the fumes, she said “Oh yes it’s horrible I just know I am probably going to die if this keeps up”. […]

    What do they wipe down your gym with? Your grocery store? Your gas station? How much of it do you breathe in? What does it do?

    Just something to ponder when the Winter air is super dry.

      • Yeesh, via thelibertybeacon:

        …”Grignard Pure contains TEG as a standalone chemical compound, but TEG is also a component of some polyethylene glycol (PEG) compounds (those of low molecular weight).

        Since last summer, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) has raised urgent questions about the presence of PEG in the nanoparticle-based mRNA vaccines […]

        An estimated 72% of the general population has anti-PEG antibodies (including elevated levels in 8% of Americans) that can set those individuals up for adverse reactions when later exposed to PEG-containing substances. […]

        The newest kid on the block: ‘atmospheric viricides’

        […] promising “a light atmospheric haze throughout an indoor space […]
        Dispersal of Grignard Pure is proposed “via a building’s HVAC system, or using conventional haze/fog machines typically deployed in entertainment venues and in fire training.” […]

        if the EPA is unconcerned about the known short-term effects of exposure to glycol-containing fluids (including symptoms that sound a lot like COVID) or the potential for longer-term harm, the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI) is much more up front”…

        Via Yahoo:

        “the EPA approved the emergency exemption for new state applicant, Virginia”

        • bringacoffin

          The bureaucrats behind this killer vaccine KNOW what happened in previous animal testing with mrna vaccines. When animals were vaccinated against the virus and then exposed to it after vaccination against it, ALL OF THEM WENT INTO A CYTOKINE STORM. This is when the immune system attacks itself destroying every organ in the body. It is a rapid death. IT KILLED EVERY ANIMAL IN THE STUDY. cool, a vaccine with a 100% death rate.
          The only other RNA vaccine ever approved killed the horses it was supposed to save.

          Now you know why they SKIPPED ANIMAL TESTING. They will give everyone this vaccine and then release another virus. skipped animal testing, the useless eaters are lower than animals.

          The DNA-based use reverse-transcriptase (like HIV uses) to change your DNA to incorporate the SARS-Cov-2 spike protein into your own DNA so it can be expressed at semi-random times like the mRNA vaccines do. This is equivalent to planting random time-delayed grenades throughout your entire body.

          the bottom line is that the vaccine is UNSAFE and downright dangerous being an elixir mixed in hell’s real kitchen, and made up of “aborted fetus tissue”, “half mouse half human chimera tissue”, hydrogel: a biosensor which would monitor your body as well as send and receive information to the 5G Smart Grid.

          Autoimmune disorders of all kinds (allergies, psoriasis, MS, rheumatoid arthritis and many more) have exploded as vax mania gripped the world over the past 30 years. It’s not a surprise. Vaccines by their very nature disrupt the immune system.

          all you really need to do is look at the decline in overall health over the past 30 years and it’s pretty obvious that vaccines play a big role. 1/3 of American children have chronic, lifelong health conditions now. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the 72 shots they take.

          what about the vaccine industry’s little-discussed reliance on DNA from species such as birds, dogs, monkeys, cows, pigs, mice and insects in vaccine manufacturing. Noting Béchamp’s belief that “an organism’s microzymas are unique to it, and are not interchangeable with those of another,” Béchamp would disapprove of introducing microzymas “proper to one species. . .into an animal of another species”—which is exactly what vaccines do.
          How. . .foolhardy is it then, when vaccinal microzymas are not only from another species, but are already morbidly evolved and are accompanied by preservatives, formaldehyde, and other chemicals? There is no sanity whatever to this practice.

          we hear that muslims and jewish can’t and shouldn’t get the Vaccine, due to it containing pig ingredients. christians because it contains aborted fetus tissue. now we hear that it will infect or disable your testicles.
          researchers say: To protect fertility, some men may want to consider freezing their sperm prior to vaccination

          And this mRNA shot is pure madness if you care to look. The technology was patented in 1991 and has never been used on humans (so you get to be the first guinee pig, good luck with that, bringacoffin) because every single animal study has shown horrific results. Do not get this shot no matter what they say. It’s very, very bad.

          Vaccines to cure a Hoax virus that nobody can isolate, identify or photograph (yes, not even one virus), (the chinese dug out something from somebody’s lung, it was actually an exosome, these people are nuts they believe in fake science), changes your DNA in unknown ways and people line up for it. They must be crazy.

          mRNA vaccines hijack the body’s cells, invading ribosomes and causing them to churn out non-human proteins which invade the blood. These proteins cause the body to attack itself in a “cytokine storm” of inflammation and autoimmune disorders, resulting in neurological damage, infertility, tissue damage and even death.

          another reason not to trust blindly any company currently producing vaccines in the United States. Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
          “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

          MRNA vaccines intervene directly in the patient’s genetic material and, therefore, they change individual genetic material, which represents genetic manipulation, something that has been banned and so far considered criminal.

          after unprecedented MRNA vaccine, you will no longer be able to treat vaccine symptoms complementarily. They will have to live with the consequences, because they can no longer be cured by simply removing toxins from the human body, just as you can’t cure a person with a genetic defect such as Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, Disease genetic heart, haemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Rett syndrome, etc. ), because genetic defect is forever! dead or permanently disabled, gimped.

          the cv19 hoax created a great opportunity to force inject a dna vaccine or insert chips, nano wires, nano particles, 5g is being installed to connect you to the cloud and data mine you. goal: depopulation, steralization, behavior modification, total control and a cull.

          These new vaccines are not vaccines, installing gmo technology, chips, wires, etc. is not a vaccine, but they say it is to avoid liability, vaccine manufacturers can not be sued. if they say it is a vaccine it can be mandated (forced), these new injections are not vaccines but they say they are so they can be forced. if there is insurance involved, you save the insurance company lots of money. this is insurance fraud.

          who is responsible for cv19 hoax? nwo/cabal/ccp/globalists who is in it? the .0001% billionaires and their huge corporations, big tech, big pharma, big oil, big media (all the media), twitter, facebook, google, big banks, etc, china was chosen to lead it.

          Psychopathic members of an occult satanic death cult running the planet, planning your horrible future. religious fanatics ramming their poisonous vaccine down your throat….vaccines/germ theory = religious fanatics, the new covid religion. a satanic cult that believe in eugenics, slavery, transhumanism and fake science.
          pope is part of this cult.

    • Good point helot. I noticed that many of the hand sanitizers, sprays and wipes imported from china either had entirely unlisted chemicals or they used some combination of benzyl, ammonium, chloride. And they were spraying that everywhere. My workplace had a maze of plexiglass installed and whenever someone caught covid, we had to sanitize desks, computers, trash bins, door knobs whatever else we could think of with the magical spray. The problem is that those chemicals are transdermal and highly reactive. So breathing them causes lung & airway irritation and touching absorbs some into your blood stream. Irritation causes more infections.

      Also I noticed that most of the vaccinated workers develloped a continuous cold- they always had a runny nose or coughing attacks. I never took any PCR tests, but I did get sick a couple of times. A bad dinner with resulting digestion issues turned into a 4 day weekend on a couple of occasions. (cant work till im 72 hours past having any symptoms) in previous years, I would have just taken 1 day off or even just gone to work late cause typically these issues are over in 12 to 24 hours. But the guys that took pcr tests were under house arrest for 2 or 3 weeks.

  15. Why would someone believe leftist/communist/ccp/satanist narratives?

    zhang yongzhen was the chinese scientist that released the genome data for the so called sars cov 2 virus, this data was used all over the world to put in place masking, lockdowns, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections and to make the vaccines (extermination injections).
    This faked data was fed into another software program that produced the mrna vaccine in one weekend. Made in one weekend and you are get that poison injected in you? Normal vaccines take 10 years to get produce.
    Now the cure, the mrna injection is released, again with no controlled experiments.

    ATTENTION: The problem was he used fabricated manipulated data, scientific fraud to fabricate the sars cov 2 virus genome, he used their megahit software program. no controlled experiments were ever done.
    Around the world virologists used 49 different software programs and could never duplicate his results. nobody seems to care………..

    NOTE: this is anti science pseudo science. the whole covid 19 narrative is 100% lies, fraud, put out by the government, repeating zhang yongzhen’s lies (leftists/communists run the government, ….. they lie 24/7 so this is normal),

    zhang yongzhen works for the ccp, since when do people believe anything the ccp says? If you believe one word of this narrative you are just helping the ccp/globalist agenda. Anybody supporting this is a paid ccp/globalist troll, paid to spread lies.

    The governments in canada, australia, england, new zealand, U.S. have been infiltrated by the ccp, everything they say is ccp/globalist agenda lies..

    The extermination injections work, the people in canada, australia, england, new zealand, U.S., europe that didn’t get the placebo are dropping dead or injured/dying, mostly whites so far, the most hated.
    A chinese professor says china just won a biological war against the U.S.

    zhang yongzhen’s fraud discussed, revealed…


    • china isn’t mandating their citizens (only 3% vaccinated) or military and ARE NOT using the mrna GMO gene therapy shots, other countries are, in a war china will win, they won’t be dead or disabled from an extermination injection.

      china runs the WHO. The WHO wants to force inject everyone. everyone except china.

      Great Reset” Schwab’s son is married to a Chinese woman. The Schwabs are China lovers. The “build back better” part of the great reset agenda intends to turn the west in to China, China light or even worse.

      the Chinese had a few faked lockdowns in three provinces over a very short period of time, they did not lockdown and destroy their economy, their gdp rose 3%, they invented the lockdown, which they recommended to their competitors.

      ATTENTION: they showed people falling over in the street, play acting, to sell the lie.

      then they were partying and mingling like nothing happened.

      meanwhile in other countries there was social distancing, masking and lockdowns, poisonous mrna injections (never used in china) and soon forced injections, millions died from this, businesses were destroyed the whole economy destroyed and buried in debt,

      cv19 hoax was a coordinated plan by the satanist elite nobility/nwo/ccp/wef/.0001%. with china,

      they use the pcr test, it wasn’t designed to test anything so it is deception, lies. it can be adjusted to fake a positive result with anyone tested, so it is the perfect tool for this hoax.

      Reset objective #1)
      To cover up a financial crime. Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

      Reset objective #2)
      part the plan by the elite nobility/nwo/ccp/wef/.0001%. is to cull 7 billion. schwab says there is global warming so depopulation is required(their excuse).
      NOTE: Catherine Fitts says all the pension money was stolen so depopulation has to happen……

      maybe the 500 million survivors will be chinese, they are easier to govern and obey the government.

      the U.S., canada, australia, new zealand and europe are the main targets for the forced injection/depopulation agenda some have 70% plus injected already….it appears the white population is targeted (and the countries with pensions)…lots of countries have below 1% injection rate..like north korea below 1%, china at 3%….

      the united states china’s biggest rival has a very negative outcome from this situation. china is barely effected, canada is wiped out,

      from: deagel dot com

      projections for 2025
      population gdp numbers

      canada population 26 million 30% decrease gdp $667 billion 60% decrease

      united states population 99 million 70% decrease gdp $1,630 billion 91% decrease

      china population 1.39 billion 2% decrease gdp $23,490 billion 3% increase

      united kingdom population 14 million 78% decrease gdp $131 billion 95% decrease

      as they put in place their great reset, the billionaires behind it got 2 trillion dollars richer and all the politicians and their helpers were well paid with bribes, as the people on the bottom got wiped out. china ends up way ahead after the reset.

      china supplies all the materials used to make drugs and vaccines (the quality of the stuff they are injecting is horrible, bringacoffin) for all the world so china will make huge profits from the hoax.
      ATTENTION: the ccp and military own a lot of shares in pfizer

      fauci personally has over 2300 patents on drugs and vaccines and millions of shares in big pharma companies, he runs big pharma, he is big pharma’s head witch. big pharma controls everything now, the government, media, the official narritive. fauci will make billions of $ off this medical tyranny.

      armies of Chinese bot accounts on Twitter were instrumental in promoting early lockdowns in countries like Italy while bombarding political figures who refused to order strict lockdowns, such as South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, with criticism and abuse.
      part of the cv19 hoax nwo/reset is installing a ccp model government worldwide, another win for ccp/china.

      look at who is EXEMPT from the experimental gene therapy extermination injection:
      politicians, judges, doctors, scientists, courts, nba players, the elite billionaires, the elite nobility at the very top, the top controllers (17 royal families in europe), US postal service, pfizer and moderna employees, anybody with a lot of money (buy exemption).

      Auschwitz = Arbeit macht frei (Work will make you free)
      Earth 2020 = Vaccine will make you free

      This chinese professor says china defeated the U.S. with biological warfare.


  16. Two years into the hoax there is no excuse for intellectual laziness, this lawyer in mar. 2020 believed the whole narrative, but this guy is very intelligent, you can’t bs him for very long, he does research and with all the data coming out it is getting harder to hide the truth, now he is suing big pharma, these two short videos sum up the whole hoax from beginning to today, it is the best breakdown of the hoax anywhere.

    Reiner Fuellmich is now in Brussels; the much anticipated trial, wrongly labelled ‘Nuremberg 2.0’, is due to start later this week. Here are a couple of short interviews he’s given over the weekend.


    • I used to think it was a hoax as well but a few days ago I got a tummy ache, mild headache and itching in places I can’t mention. They did a PCR golden test and ran it at 100 cycles,,,( just to be sure ),,, and my lousy luck it came back Triple Positive. They chased me around the hospital said I needed some remdesivir, some morphine and a ventilator but I lost them running up the emergency stairs knowing their obesity would stop them at the first floor. I could hear them screaming that I was unhealthy and seriously sick and needed the vaxx and booster at the same time,,, also some new pill Phizer has conjured up.

      That said I had a new variant of the Moronican,,, the idiotcon, and that it was far far worse. I am now a Idiotcon fugitive on the FBI’s 1000 most wanted domestic terrorist list.

      I am better now but somewhere ‘out there’ is another variant hunting me down like a mad dog. I have written to Elon to see if he has discovered a cure but no answer as yet. He is still busy shooting those 42,000 satellites in to orbit. Soon though….

      So stop with the misinformation…. This is serious!

  17. I usually get a cold once a year, around this time of year; miserable weather, freezing windchill, snow, etc. is probably what brings it on. Like Eric I haven’t had one for going on two years now. Not sure why, maybe because all the sickos were cowering, double masked, in their homes. Almost want to get the moronicon and be done with it, kind of what parents did back when I was a kid- bring all the kids in the neighborhood to whoever had chickenpox to get it over with.
    Big Pharma’s push for all us peons to be joining the Shot of the Month Club seems to be fading fast; now if only we could bring some retribution to Fauci, Gates, Schwab, et al that would make my year.

  18. First cold for me this week, after two years of not having one as well. Both (home tests) neg for rona.

    Not a surprise this seems to be a pattern, due to how much they have screwed around with these things. Playing god gets people killed.

  19. It started by calling it a pandemic. To people who have been raised on TV and popcorn disaster movies, pandemic means mass graves, dashingly handsome and heroic doctors in tailored scrubs, beautiful and super-intelligent nurses (and optionally the large woman of color nurse who either puts panicked white men in their place or calms the nervous children). But English is a terrible language for describing impact. Without adjectives to describe the pandemic, it is left to the listener to interpret danger. A pandemic of herpes simplex isn’t really a bad problem, but technically it’s just as much of a pandemic than the Black Plague.

    As pandemics go, this one was Star Wars Episode One. All hype and no substance.

    • Yet here we are, almost 2 full years on, still talking about “it” and how it’s “real.” You don’t get one (fake pandemic) without the other.

    • And note how the couple were ratted on by someone who tipped off the team officials. Yes, go drag this couple out of their seats and give those vax cards a second look oh hey looks like we luckily caught a couple of career criminals before they hurt someone! They wanted to watch a football game but turns out they would have been in much less trouble if they just decided to rob a store that day instead.

      • Sometimes (always?) this type of headline is intended to send a message to normal people who would think about resisting…

        I’m not advocating faking a “pass,” as that feeds the lying narrative, but I think those that want/need to should carry on.

  20. On Wednesday this week I saw something that almost made my head explode. Driving down Cornville road, 9 or 10 brand spanking new corvettes. Some had funky urban camo type paint jobs, They made for an impressive spectacle, one after another. All had Michigan manufactures plates.They were heading up to Jerome and over Mingus mountain, I assumed for some sort of road test.

    As they waited on the light at Sr 89a, I passed them in the left turn lane. Every Single Swinging Dick, alone behind the wheel, was wearing a filthy fucking face rag. Then and there I further strengthened my resolve never to buy any GM product, ever.

    • I just heard the new corvette transmissions and wheels are breaking, Porsche costs more but is better quality, engineering.

  21. I’ll give a little update on my condition. It has not improved much, but I did finally get to see my doctor, who didn’t find anything alarming in her examination. Now, I’ll be seeing a cardiologist in about a week, just to be sure there isn’t anything amiss there. Then I’ll be seeing a rheumatologist to investigate the possibility of an autoimmune response.

    My doctor’s hypothesis is that my little ‘Rona experience has possibly touched-off some autoimmune activity. I’m still fairly useless, though that depends on the day and even the hour of the day. Sometimes I feel well enough to go for a little walk or do a little yard work, but nothing to strenuous. Other times, I barely feel like walking around. This from a guy who previously ran 8-10 miles a week and visited the gym 4-5 times a week. It’s all quite exasperating.

    Luckily, though my girlfriend contracted the Omicron cold, I was spared, and am staying away from society for the most part while I feel shitty. She described the experience as a cold, and quite unlike the previous experience we had (probably with Delta). There was some congestion, a headache for a day, sore throat at first, but she was basically done after about 5 days. She did lose her sense of smell for a couple days.

    For now, I’m just biding my time and trying to keep my mind busy and thinking positive.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      I am sorry to hear you aren’t feeling better. Sometimes, it is a bummer when something cannot be found for what ails us. It then becomes a battle to decipher what is going on. Have you tried an elimination diet? You mentioned you haven’t been eating a whole lot, but maybe trying to pull out dairy, meat, and grains for two weeks and see if the symptoms ease and then slowly reintroduce them to your meal plan.

      • Hey Raider Girl,

        My diet is pretty minimal as it is. I did pull out dairy for a while, and then slowly reintroduced it. Don’t think there was any difference. I never ate much in the way of grains, and the few I’ve eaten doesn’t seem to aggravate things. I’ve been eating “clean” meats, for the most part. My doc referred my to a book regarding an anti-inflammatory diet, complete with recipes, and we’ve ordered that. Maybe it will be helpful.

        • The very best thing one can do for their health in their diet is remove sugar from it. From BB sauce to salad dressing. Sugar substitutes don’t count, since most do cause similar reactions that sugar does, just not the calories. Even keep fruit consumption down. You don’t need much. Minimize all carbs. There are no ill effects from a ketogenic diet.

  22. They say that whenever there is one of those medical-drama type on TV, that for the next week or so the ER’s and doctors see a significant rise in the number of people suddenly thinking that they have condition(s) portrayed on those shows. People convince themselves that they are sick/diseased even when they are not, just by thinking about it and seeing medical conditions portrayed in fiction- to the point where many will even manifest actual physical symptoms.

    While I am sure that the ‘vaccines’ are indeed spreading who-knows-what, I also am sure that much of the physical sickness we’re seeing exhibited around us is a manifestation of the TV-induced mental sickness which causes people to believe and act like they are sick when they are not. To many average people, hearing sickness being bandied about in the media 24/7, and being told that everyone is sick, makes them assume the role of a sick person too, to the point where the least little hiccup causes them to start acting the part…and then it just snowballs from there until they have full-blown symptoms, and then go to a doctor, from whom they receive ‘treatment’ which often really makes them sick.

    Whether it’s on a medical drama, or the news…the illness of the day will be men tally spread by a lot of perfectly physically healthy people….. I’m sure this is true of many other common ailments these days. Ever notice how you never hear of/know anyone who has had x until x is bandied about in the media…and suddenly half the population has x overnight?

    [Hits thumb with hammer]”Damn!!”
    “Oh no, damn! I think I have Tourettes now!”
    Damn! See that? I really do. Damn! Oh no…it’s getting worse!!!!!”

    • I don’t disagree with you that hypochondria is real and people suffer from it, but I don’t think the majority of us on this site partake in it. Actually, I would say quite the opposite. Many of us bragged about not getting sick for so long and then to become sick was a real morale deflater. We thought we were above the vaccinated and had hoped to draw a conclusion that only the mentally sick got physically sick.

      Personally, I think this site has scrutinized more science in the last two years than anything our government or most doctors have been propelled to do. Everyone’s experiences (those who have been sick and those who have not) have been a wonderful study and allows us to examine different theories. What did this individual do differently to not get sick? Did they have symptoms? What type of symptoms? What vitamins and foods worked? Which didn’t? Is this a particular virus or something else? It is called data collection and it is essential for the cultivation of information to determine a theory.

      I don’t understand the upset and general hostility about people talking about their experiences. I would think an intellectual would want to gather as much information as humanly possible to ascertain if the specifics being reported are true or false. One cannot do that with examining data from all sides whether it goes against their bias or not.

      • Maybe you thought you were “above the vaccinated”? They get “sick” too, ya know. You are conflating “getting sick” with getting “it” by name. No one ever says nobody ever gets sick. You got sick and chose, without even getting the bogus test, to label it with “it’s name.” To do so is not intellectually or scientifically sound and sounds exactly in line with what the commenter you are replying to is suggesting. As to those who got “tested” and say they got “it”, that is another argument altogether, with many facets of evidence pointing towards them being a fraud, one which the entire BS is premised upon.

        • So let me get this straight….if we get sick we cannot describe “it”as the sickness? It doesn’t matter if the symptoms were completely different than any other sickness that we had. What happens if I call it Bug 123 rather than Covid? I don’t understand what the name has to do with anything. Do you believe viruses exist? If I got the flu would that be acceptable? Maybe the flu doesn’t exist and never did. Maybe every time we get a stomach bug, a head cold, or a strep throat it is all in our head? If we all called what we got the flu can we talk about it? If it was 2018 and we were all talking about something running rampant throughout society my guess if you would have been fine with that. It is the name and the typecast of the narrative that has you perturbed not the illness itself.

          As for the tests, as I have stated before, I don’t get tested when I have a stomach bug that doesn’t mean I don’t have it.

          Maybe you are right that “it” never existed, but I think we need to research and assess why so many people are getting ill among the vaccinated. Is it a natural virus or one that is man made. Do you believe that our government wouldn’t use bio-terrorism against its own people?

          Personally, I am all for people talking about it, because if they are getting mildly sick or just a visit to the doctor and aren’t kneeling over or being hospitalized then we have already fought a large part of the media’s propaganda campaign. It is not something to fear and should be treated as every other sickness out there. This allows all of us the ability to move forward and get on with our lives.


          • Again with the conflation. To repeat, one ever said no one ever gets sick… with colds and flus. The reality is that the symptoms are EXACTLY THE SAME, including your phony trump card “loss of taste and smell.” The vaccine doesn’t stop getting sick or transmitting sickness because it’s NOT A VACCINE per the prior to 9/21 definition change.

            Perhaps you don’t understand it but the name is the narrative. The reason given for every travesty and tyranny visited upon us by the gov’t. When you publicly proclaim your belief in it and speak of it by name you proclaim your belief in that narrative, which even includes elements of controlled opposition like China, gain of function, horse paste, Joe Rogan, Dr. Malone, etc. I know you’re all for people talking about “it” by name. What do YOU gain from promoting “it”? If nothing, then why do it? Why?

            • You have caught me, Anon. I am Doctor Fauci. That is the exact reason I am promoting it. You are the only person that I cannot turn, otherwise my reign of destruction will be complete….followed by evil laugh.

              I don’t believe anyone (including myself) is promoting this. You keep insinuating that talking about it gives it legs. I say it does the opposite and knocks the legs out from it. Have any of us on here died? Major illness?

              The whole website and the people posting on it is about as anti narrative, anti mask, and anti jab then you can find anywhere on the Web.

              Shouldn’t the only point any of us take away from this is that it isn’t a big deal? One may be down and out for a week, maybe even, two, but life still continues.

              If I am a person reading Eric’s site from the outside looking in after being infiltrated and inundated by other sources (MSM, the Biden Administration, personal doctor, Facebook, etc.) I just want to find some rationale, logical people that doesn’t view this as a death sentence that has been beaten in my brain for the last two years.

              You and I have disagree on many things and have bashed heads many times before over the last few years. Neither one of us are going to change the other one’s opinion. I believe in doing it in small steps, you believe in large leaps. meaning you will not entertain any of it, while I am willing to believe a small portion of the narrative could be truth.

            • Hey Anon,

              I got COVID. COVID-fucking-19. That’s what I believe. I’m not worried about saying that. Prior to this current variant, pretty much anyone I’d heard describe their ‘Rona experience would tell you that it wasn’t “EXACTLY THE SAME” as anything they’d ever had. But I don’t have to convince you of anything. Not my job.

              Because I believe it’s a REAL virus made in a REAL lab that causes a REAL disease, doesn’t mean I agree with all the flak that came along with it.

              I believe that terrorists are real, too. Doesn’t mean I agree with “The War on Terror” or the PATRIOT Act.
              I believe that drugs can kill you. Doesn’t mean I want prohibition.
              I believe that firearms are real and sometimes used to murder. Doesn’t mean I want “gun control”.

              • Ha.

                “… It’s well established that the virus exists.

                My Reply: Yes, established by the same scientists who say the vaccine is remarkably safe and effective.

                FIVE: Doctor A says the virus exists. As evidence, he cites Doctor B’s statements. Doctor B says the virus exists. He cites Doctor C’s statements. Doctor C says the virus exists. He cites Doctor A.

                My Reply: Go back to school. I suggest starting at the 4th grade.” …


                  • What doesn’t exist is a virus. There’s neve been any virus ever proven to exist.

                    Stefan Lanka, a German virologist, has proven that virus’s do not exist. In 2016, he offered 100,000 euro’s to anyone that could prove the existence of measles virus. A young lawyer took him on. Lower courts ruled in the young lawyers favor. It went to the Supreme court and on the record it was determined that no one has ever shown measles virus to exist. Since then, Lanka has shown that virology has never proven virus’s to exist at all. Never!

                    Non of this means that people don’t get sick and get what is styled “measles”. It only shows that measles–and many other things styled virus’s–isn’t a virus(until virus’s are proven to exist). Sickness/disease exist, but not in the state we are led to believe them to exist.

                    There’s not one cause and one disease. There’s many causes and many diseases. Toxins–which have been proven to exist–can and do result in disease. This doesn’t fit the neat narrative one cause(virus), one solution(pharmaceuticals). Covid 19, AIDS, swine flu, avian bird flu, etc., etc., all fit the neat little narrative box. Just the way controllers like it.

                    I believe this is what Anon and Helot are getting at. I’m far from knowledgeable medically and scientifically speaking, but there are many science and medical people that can speak more on this. Stefan Lanka, Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman to name a few.

                    • Ancap,

                      I don’t know about the court case to which you refer, but exactly what would you, or whatever viral tribunal, take as evidence for existence?
                      Viruses can be “seen” through electron microscopy, decomposed to yield their constituent proteins, RNA or DNA, phospholipids, etc. They can be shown to infect cells and proliferate. There is much in the way of direct or indirect evidence for the existence of viruses.
                      Of course toxins exist and illness can be the result of many things. Doesn’t mean viruses aren’t real.

                  • BaDnOn,

                    What they are observing under a microscope are actually exosomes, not a virus. For something to exist, it must be able to be seen in isolation from other organisms. This has never been done with any virus.

                    I used to believe the same way as you do. I am not an expert, but Stefan Lanka is. He is the best place to start. He has used virology to show and prove the fraud of virology. There are others, like I listed.

                    What it would take for the viral tribunal–as you style it–to be satisfied is for a virus to actually be isolated and purified. That has yet to happen, even though it is claimed to have happened. A claim that they haven’t actually made about CONvid 19.

                    It never gets mainstream deconstructed because virology is the lie which Rockefeller medicine rests upon.

                    • Hi Ancap,

                      I’m very interested in this topic – the supposed fraud of virology. (I use the word supposedly because I don’t know whether it is a fraud – I’m trying to find out.) When I caught the cold I recently caught, it was (almost certainly) from my lifting buddy, who was coughing while we were working out. Within 24-48 hours, I was experiencing the same cold systems he was having. I understand correlation isn’t necessarily causation – but it does incline me to believe there is probably a connection.


                  • Eric,
                    This thread is getting thin for typing but there’s a book called “The truth about contagion” by Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell. In one chapter they actually address your correlation/causation question relating to chicken pox and measles.

                    A deeper dive is “Bechamp or Pasteur” by Ethel D. Hume

                    The supposed fraud on virology as a whole is best to start with Stefan Lanka.

                    I’m still learning about it myself and I’m an excavation contractor. I have zero credibility from a scientific standpoint. I hesitate to say much because I’m far from schooled in the idea.

                    Dr. Andrew Kaufman is also a good current source. Hope that helps.

              • All of those things you mention are NOT inherent aspects of your humanity, like sickness, so your last three analogies fail. Show me a link with a list of symptoms that deviate one bit from cold and flu, and I don’t mean word order. With all your many, many personal health related comments and rock solid belief in allopathic medicine (its the Clovid son, pats head) I’m sure no one will convince you that the gov’t, its cronies, and its managerial class is and has been lying to you about everything.

                • Anon,

                  My doctor is a naturopath, so there’s that, and she’s seen firsthand the more bizarre effects of the ‘Rona. As far as trying to list symptoms: waste of time. You’d probably have to experience it yourself, but it will likely never happen as the virus is evolving to be more communicable and less severe like they all do, with this last go-around being much closer to a cold than previous variants. Perhaps someone does have a SARS-CoV-2 isolate for you, though, and you can have a snort of that to get the original experience, if you want. 😉
                  Now, I’m not sure what you mean by “inherent aspects of my humanity, like sickness” or why that means my analogies fail. I think they’re quite clear. I’d say that human relations and governance are “inherent aspects of humanity”.

                  • A naturopath pushing the scam. Surprising but there’s money in it. Maybe some guv luv too. JP left that community because of all the medical authoritarianism many of those folks exhibited. Hasn’t been my experience, though. The one or two I know have called BS since day one.

                    No proof of different symptoms, huh? Yep, thought so.

                    An inherent aspect of humanity means people (humans) get sick. All of them. At some point. They all die too. Do you get that? Humans choose to commit terrorism, shoot guns, or use drugs. Big difference and why your analogies fail.

                    • sadly I have heard the naturopaths have been corrupted, they had to go along in a lot of ways with the allopathic medicine or lose their licence

                • They made the list of symptoms so long they could call anything covid, which they use to say all deaths are from covid and now say they are all unvaxxed people (very good liars), the truth being most of the dying is the vaxxed from the demon shot,

                  zinc deficiency will cause the same symptoms, so will 5G exposure for some people,

          • Remember when people got fired for not getting their flu vaccine? Or when you couldn’t get into a restaurant in NYC for not having your flu vaccine certificate? Or when the public was mandated to wear masks to stop the flu? Yeah, me neither…

              • In your lifetime? But here you are making another specious comparison to buttress your promotion of the narrative. The government and Fauxchi thank you. The CPA licensure board probably requires this of you anyway.

                    • Then let me answer it so you can sleep easy tonight.

                      The state CPA board, the national EA certification nor any accounting association requires us to promote their narrative or even to discuss it.

                      My licensing is based on my continuing education credits based on a series of topics that mirror the accounting field. I get to choose what I want to learn. The only class that I am required by my certification to take annually is Circular 230 which is the same topic and publication year after year. I won’t bore you with the details, but you are free to find this mind-numbing publication on the IRS website.

                      An example of my classes this year: 2021 Federal Tax Changes, How to Structure an Annuity Plan, Senior Care Plans, and Section 1031 Real Property Exchanges. I haven’t taken all of them yet, but COVID has not been referenced in the ones that I have.

                      There are some classes that do reference COVID, but it is from a financial view and not one of government implementation. Example, PPP Loan Forgiveness: Accounting and Financial Reporting, which does nothing more than to tell one how to complete the form properly.

          • December 13, 2021, lefty CO gov declares emergency over despite moronicon.


            from the link:

            “The emergency is over,” he said. “You know, public health [officials] don’t get to tell people what to wear; that’s just not their job. Public health [officials] would say to always wear a mask because it decreases flu and decreases [other airborne illnesses]. But that’s not something that you require; you don’t tell people what to wear. You don’t tell people to wear a jacket when they go out in winter and force them to [wear it]. If they get frostbite, it’s their own darn fault.

            “If you haven’t been vaccinated, that’s your choice. I respect that. But it’s your fault when you’re in the hospital with COVID,” he added.

            Polis lamented that there is an “alternate misinformation universe” contributing to people not getting vaccinated.

            “There are people that believe you and I are part of some massive conspiracy, Ryan,” he told “Colorado Matters” host Ryan Warner. “Some of them believe there is no COVID; some of them believe the vaccine doesn’t work; some believe that the vaccine has severe side effects. The truth is they’re in their own bubble, and it’s very hard to penetrate.”


            Consider that last paragraph. This IS an infowar. The folks he mentioned in an attempt to intimidate and smear them actually broke him.

      • Oh, absolutely, RG- My observation was referring to the general public. People who come here have working brains, and as such are not usually victims of the mass-hypnosis. Even among the general population for that matter, there is always plenty of real sickness. I know people that get colds and flus yearly or even several times a year (It becomes a never-ending cycle, because they run to a doctor, who prescribes antibiotics and other things, which do absolutely nothing to heal them, and destroy their natural immunity, so they keep routinely getting sick).

    • Another field of thought is NGM, new german medicine, it says people can get sick because of trauma, for instance heart problems is connected to conflict in your life/mind. This an interesting new concept to check out.

      These satanists have been dumping fear propaganda on the population for 2 years causing huge trauma, making them sick.

      Another very old concept is people can get ill or insane because they have allowed a demon into their body, back then sometimes a priest would say a prayer and command the demon to leave the sick person, some say it worked…..

      This control group at the top are satanists, listening to them is dangerous they lie 24/7, if you listen to and believe what they are saying you are inviting all sorts of death and disease into you body/mind, these demons are also busy forcing their poisonous injections into peoples veins.

      Now we are finding out being around the ones they have been injected is dangerous, they are infectious, super spreaders of spike proteins.

      • **”This an interesting new concept to check out”**

        That’s not a new concept…just new to the educated cultists- but it was gospel to most people, from our parents and grandparents, to ancient times- and I believe it. Stress can cause everything, from temporary blindness to strokes to heart problems and just about anything- but go to a doctor and they will have to find or imagine a physical cause, ’cause that’s what their myopic system taught them and requires as protocol.

        I always remember our fambly doctor when I was a kid- He died at the age of 52 despite being quite healthy- of a heart attack. Never had heart problems nor symptoms…but lots of stress. Physician heal thyself…..

        • go to a doctor and they will have to find or imagine a physical cause,

          allopathic medicine is based on a physical only world concept, you are just some atoms swirling around, treated like cattle, this makes genocide easier they say you are a useless eater, a biosecurity terrorist, an invasive species destroying the earth, vermin, that will be culled.

          • A long time ago if people got sick they read a book on herbs, you look up the symptom and it tells you which herb to use.

            Homeopathy, the same thing, you can do search online and it will tell which homeopathic medicine to use, then you drive to the store and buy it.

            People usually get sick because of toxins or deficiencies, or trauma

            This 2500 year old good evil concept of sickness is now used in allopathic medicine, they say you are possessed by an evil germ/virus and they can cure it with poisonous drugs and vaccines, it is the most profitable business in the world and the doctors are held up as gods, highly paid, the very top of society the ultimate hero’s, (they are really drug pushers). This model is way more profitable then priests getting demons out of people.

  23. So it’s cold and flu season and the temps are fluctuating in your area from around the seventies at the end of Dec to snow and teens to the 50s back to snow and teens. But now you got a cold and per another commenter unprecedented sickness pervades the land(really?). So you’re done hedging. No more “we don’t know.” Your opening sentence clearly indicates that despite not having an “electron microscope” you now assume “it’s” real and you got a “variant” of the “one virus” isolated in March of 2020, perhaps from the vaxxed. 1/28/22, EPAutos all in on the foundational premise of the narrative. Wow.

    • Anon,

      It’s undeniable I got a cold. I hadn’t caught one for two years prior. No one else I knew had, either. Now we did. Something is going around. What do you want me to say? That it isn’t?

      • Maybe it was the new “stealth subvariant of Moron-it-cons, BA.2.” It “flies under the radar” like a stealth bomber. Get it? LOL.


        from link:
        “With BA.2, medical professionals advise taking the same precautions as with omicron: getting vaccinated and boosted, social distancing and staying home when sick and following public health guidance regarding wearing masks.”

        Or maybe it was flurona?

        • Hi Anon,

          It’s just a cold; at least that’s all it’s been for me. Nothing that forced me to bed – much less the hospital. But it’s a real thing. And I can’ help wondering whether its sudden spread to people who never got sick before has anything to do with a magnifying effect, courtesy of the “vaccines.” I don’t know – and I know that correlation isn’t causation. But it’s something I think about…

          • Sure. Sickness is real. Uh-huh. Never got sick before? Or do you mean since March 2020?

            You could have not gone all in and just basically said what you’re saying in your reply. Yet, something’s making you believe in and speak of “it” by name, and it clearly isn’t the “science” beyond our comprehension as you described many times in the past. You should reflect on that as well as the reality you are creating for yourself and your readers by doing so. Before you get all riled up, I think you are one of the good guys, but I also think, and I think history will eventually bear out, that you are on the wrong side of this issue now considering the clear choice you have made.

            • Yeah, the fact that eric is inclined to interpret a common head-cold as “TeeVee virus” only goes to show how overwhelmingly powerful suggestion and repetition are, even when brought to bear on constitutional contrarians.

              This is testament to the fact that the very core of the human psyche has been decoded and hacked, once and for all. Truly, the “lowest common denominator” has been goosed, and an irreversible self-destruct sequence has been initiated. A new “Truth” now defines the human condition, which is in fact a “hyperreality,” meaning a psychically-projected interpretive layer of perception that occludes base reality. No human is truly able to dispel that hyperreality because base reality is so totally obscured by perceptual contamination and management-by-disinformation. No shared reality is possible outside of the crass meta-narratives disseminated by the Technodrome. We can’t hear a sniffle without “seeing” a pandemic. We can’t break a sweat without “feeling” global warming. Goyish masses absolutely need a meta-narrative framework through which to interpret reality, and now a single force has a monopoly on narrative, so even those inclined by temperament to oppose it lack an alternative interpretive framework. (Or, they at least lack an alternative that they share with anyone else, which for a herd animal like human amounts to the same thing.)

              • people are so completely brainwashed it is almost impossible to get through to them, if you say anything that goes against their programmed official narrative lies, pounded into their brain, they become agitated and angry, you are challenging the very foundation of their self/beliefs.
                if you dared to try to point this out to them they would probably get violent, they are insane now.

                this doctor talks about this very problem…


              • Interesting theory. There are also a lot of economic, station, and status issues keeping people who might otherwise know better playing along.

                • playing along dangerous……tell them screw with their head….

                  The third stage of the communist takeover instigates a crisis that leads to a civil war, revolution, or foreign invasion. This stage only took 2-6 months.

                  This is the stage when the leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” are no longer needed, because they would be disillusioned, become obstacles, push back, turn against the new government. They are going to be eliminated, exiled, or imprisoned. note: this is the interesting part, when the communists takeover, leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” who helped the communists are exterminated. for one they know too much.

              • As per Eric’s article, the only sick person he encountered was one who tested positive for the coof. It makes the odds pretty good it was the coof.

                The coof however is indistinguishable from many other bugs. A relative of mine had something very much like the coof in 2017. We could be looking at something much like Polio. Polio being a collection of different diseases with similar symptoms given a single name.

                If one wanted to run a pandemic scam, what better thing to pick than a ‘cold’?

      • Eric,

        I just want to say that I am happy to hear that you are improving whether it is a head cold, the flu, “it”, or something else circulating.

        Get well. 🙂

    • In as such I have a rules for such things, I generally don’t go to the rec center in January. Too many New Years resolutions being tried, too many teen basketball players dribbling, and way way too many cold spreaders.

  24. Multiple sneezes, all violent, sinus congestion, don’t have a fever, but the symptoms are annoying. Must be a head cold or something, an upper respiratory illness. Wears you out some.

    50,000 Canadian truckers, well, 35 thousand, I read that there are 15,000 California truckers in the 100 mile long convoy, a Guinness Book record today, all gettin’er done today. They are at the gates of Ottawa or will be in about an hour or so. The roads are sure to be blocked, so it is a stand-off going on to be sure. I’d say the truckers have the edge. They are forming the blockade. lol

    All because Canadian politicians mandate truckers be vaccinated, can’t say no, the gov is not going to budge, the immovable object, the irrepressible force. No match for that.

    Not going to give in, the agenda is set, the agenda will move forward, not going to stop.

    Besides, Trudeau is a weasel, so said Jordan Peterson. The Canuck politicians in Ottawa are hiding today. Trudeau is cowering in place.

    The comforted are afflicting the afflicted. Time to afflict the comforted. Constantly.

    Drinking helps a lot.

  25. Glad you’re feeling better, Eric. My wife and daughter brought back the ‘rona from a dance competition in DC a couple weeks ago (wife is vaxxed, daughter is not). They had mild symptoms for about 8-9 days are are both fine now. My son (vaxxed) and I (not vaxxed), never displayed any symptoms despite sharing a house for those same two weeks — at a time of year that patio and screen porches aren’t used and we’re not leaving windows open for fresh air.

    • Thanks, cjm!

      My experience dovetails your family’s. I agree that the dead air (and cold) aren’t helping. It’s been very tough getting outside; my usual every other day run on my trail has been thwarted since the snow hit and hasn’t melted. So I have to hit the road, which I never like doing but what choice have I got? I’m trying to get myself going today because more of that white frozen crap is coming….sigh…

  26. Attended a work related fundraiser at a city art gallery. A see and be seen event. Masks were required to enter. Once inside they were quickly removed and slipped into pockets and handbags by guests as they got drinks, enjoyed passed appetizers and chatted with one another. Room grew crowded, program began. Event staff even began to remove masks as the hours went by. Masks never come back on with the exception of one male attendee who remained masked the entire evening. The mask was made from the same fabric of his custom sports jacket. Ie the tailor made a mask to go with the jacket. Now is this the behavior of people afraid to catch covid? Or has this become pure unadulterated theater? Rhetorical question….

  27. I just read (2) articles about the jab: one is the tremendous outbreak Israel is having being one of *the* most vaccinated countries on earth, has covid coming out of their ears. (Ironically, Israel went full jab to ensure their defense and population wouldn’t all get sick and leave the country vulnerable.) 2nd was an article that discussed in the military has documented a 300% increase in the number of cases of cancer being reported amongst the troops in the last year. Besides being ordered to bugout without their equipment in Afghanistan, the only logical thing in common is the jab mandate they had to endure.

    It irritates me most pundits who are critical of the jab start by saying “I’m not an anti-vaxer but…” Why aren’t the critics just come out and say it: *The Vaccines Do Not Work and Likely are doing your body more harm than good.*

    • Hi Hans,

      I read about the increase in cancer in the military. I have noticed something else especially with jabbed men. The downward spiral of severe depression, which for some is bordering on suicide. Once, happy men that I have known for decades are now slivers of their original selves.

      I think we can agree that everyone has fallen into a funk over the last few years, but the difference between jabbed vs unjabbed men is night and day. The psychologists and therapists refuse to admit that the vaccine could be causing the issue to the patient, but behind closed doors two (who I know) have admitted it could be an issue.

      I would be interested to see if an MRI could detect a tumor or clot in the brain that would explain some of these issues. Are there any doctors who are willing to examine it is the question.

      • Men tend to be much more future-oriented than women, as well as more inclined to factor their own control of their surroundings into their conception of “success” and well-being. Both the future, and their sense of self-sufficiency have been snatched irretrievably from them, overnight.

        At this point, whether they admit it or not, men are now necessarily forced to resign themselves to the fact that they are utterly powerless to recapture command of their own destinies, and that to the contrary, the TeeVee will be barking arbitrary orders at them–orders that dictate their own personal and business affairs on every level from the most intimate to the most public–for the rest of their lives. This is an extremely depressive situation. Emasculating, humiliating, and oppressive to the utmost degree. This emasculation effect is, in fact, the primary thrust of the deliberate spirit-breaking intent behind the entire bolognavirus governmental program.

        In every real, material sense, human men no longer have a place on planet Earth, and they know it viscerally, even if they are in denial or confusion about it consciously. A disembodied, impersonal, and apathetic Will is now in command, which only announces Itself over the television and other technetronic devices of mass communication. Men have lost the agency and power of creativity by which they once defined themselves, and it’s never coming back. Men have been reduced to the level of masked, wretched supplicants, motivated only by terror that the technetronic command-structure will deny them bread for some minor infraction of ever-shifting the Covid Laws. Depression is the natural, inevitable, intended, and terminal effect of the New World Order on the psyche of the human male.

        I do not, however, see any of the stabbed-vs-nonstabbed dichotomy you mention. Of course, that might be because I don’t make a habit of asking people about their medical histories, or voluntarily keeping the company of people that make such personal matters the topic of discussion. Most of the men I interact with for business purposes are typical virtue-signaling vaxxhole cultists, who seem, if anything, prouder, bolder, and more enthusiastic about life as a slave than ever. Of course, I think this is phony and put-on, but I certainly don’t see the doldrums you describe, RG.

        • That’s good if you don’t see it. I just noticed a link with my group, but it could be purely coincidental. Women are also suffering from it just not at the degree that men are.

          I just mention it because I see an uptick of suicides in the news reported on nationally and regionally.

        • Hey Free, awesome post and prescient observations. I am busy today but over the weekend I plan to write an “essay” of sorts on the impact it has had on me and ultimately how it is going to force me from a home I intended to occupy for the remainder of my life. It’s not a financial decision either. I will wait for the next “diaper report” to post it because it best fits these articles and the posters will have moved on from this thread by the time I finish preparing it. It will be a long, and moving, account.

          • Thanks, DC. My curiosity is piqued by “not a financial decision”. Seems to me that everything can be reduced to a function of finances, but I’m looking forward to hearing your perspective on that.

            I too thought I was in my “forever home”. Tricked-out man-cave/clubhouse/hobby-room and everything. But, now I know the money is only going to be running out, on balance, from here on.

            So, I’m gradually selling off all my beloved hobbystuff and trying to prepare mentally for poverty and eventual homelessness. It has become obvious that the structure of the universe tends inexorably to make every man a Job. It is a Hell, designed to tease us with a youth of promise and prosperity, only to then systematically strip everything away, piece by piece, until it leaves only a raw, exposed mind gripped by deprivation, animal terror, captivity, and anguish. Then death.

            As the philosopher Julio Cabrera puts it, bodily existence is “structurally negative,” meaning existence is defined by the inexorable tendency to rapid starvation, decline, deterioration, and suffering, all of which may only be staved off with constant, even feverish, behavioral and material compensatory inputs. Once a wicked entity like the US Government, or the World Economic Forum, puts itself in between the living being and those necessary compensatory resources, things get real nasty real quick. That’s why slavery has been the default status and path-of-least-resistance for the overwhelming majority of humans ever to have lived. Our volitional egos are already slaves to our bodily and psychic drives, which, in turn, are merely slaves to our mindless, unthinking molecular replicators (genes). It’s quite easy for a person or entity (willing to use coercive violence) to “piggyback” on our ongoing, inherent slavery, to take the reins of our needs and put our drives into the service of the gratification of a new master.

            • Glad I piqued your interest. Sit tight my brother. I’m thinking of all the topics I want to include to comprise my essay. There are so many great posters, but I always look for your commentary due to the unique insights you always share. Till next time ….

            • Very good observations Freelance. What you wrote I believe psychologically explains the depression and perhaps suicide increase during covidcon. I guess men who went along with the jab to get their life back are now regretting this decision and are in denial of the reading or knowing the consequences of the jab effects. That all said…I am taking the glass half full road back to liberty and freedom and give young people purpose and hope to their futures (even if compromised). You can still live a good life and the brave only die gallantly once.

        • I’ve known for a very very long time now that I am the sort of man is now obsolete to women and society but at the same time still needed to as the Pakleds say to ‘make it go’. It is that simply making it go is no longer of any social value, it’s the lowest social ranking of things. It’s an expression of the leftist hatred of the productive too. The name socialism is there for a reason, it’s about social connections being paramount and producing being at the lowest levels.

          Perhaps this COVID19 thing has simply made a lot more men realize it all at once instead of the gradual natural progression of figuring it out. That could certainly create a sudden depression. Capitalism gave every man a way up through productivity. Now it’s just social game play. Dominance games, political nonsense, looks, etc. The man who only knows how to ‘make it go’ is no longer of any social value.

          • Hi Brent,

            Why do you think you are obsolete to women? I don’t know you personally, but I find your posts to be intelligent, thought provoking, and considerate. You are also mechanically inclined which is a godsend for any woman with half a brain.

            I think it has more to do with the area that you reside than women in general. Country girls look for different characteristics than city girls do. Illinois keeps voting blue even after all of the corruption that takes place around them. The problem is you are surrounded by dumb people, and apparently, even dumber women.

            • Thanks for the kind words, but it doesn’t work much better with those from elsewhere.

              I am not sure I should explain what makes me obsolete in detail, but I am just not what the modern woman wants. Oh sure occasionally one sees past my beat up shoes and begins to think there’s something to game me out of or is actually attracted until she gets angry when my profound deficiencies are realized.

              The world I am made for no longer exists. I’ve accepted it. I think in the last two years a lot of men may come to a much more sudden realization that the world they were made for no longer exists. 2020-1 made the profound hatred of productive men very clear. Especially with the jab mandates.

              If there was an atavachron there’s good chance I would take the one way trip. I’d have to learn how to use a slide-rule.

              Only maybe five counties in the state of Illinois vote blue, but that carries the entire state.

              • It may be true that, Only maybe five counties in the state of Illinois vote blue… howevah; it seems to me you gotta get out of that state, all of Illinois sucks.

                just from what little I’ve read from you it seems to me, that whole side of the river is f-ing w/you, draining you, demoralizing you.. J.m.h.o. from the West. It ain’t a whole lot better here, but it sure isn’t at all like being in Illinoise.

          • Too true.

            I got a call yesterday from a guy who was opposing counsel on a big case I handled at the firm that fired me for refusing to “play doctor”. I had a great relationship with him, which contributed to me convincing him to drop the whole lawsuit for no money.

            He is now trying to deal with my former firm on other issues, and called me to ask, “What the Hell is going on over there?” He said my former boss keeps promising this and that, but then it never happens, and then the scumbag stops returning phone calls, ignores e-mails, reneges on agreements, and just generally conducts himself in a negligent and unprofessional manner. I told the guy sympathetically, “That’s just Bob, bro.”

            You see, ol’ Bob never knew how a lot of things worked that have to happen on a day-to-day basis for legal business to “go”. But to him, it was more important to prove his “Team Biden” credentials by forcing unwanted medical procedures on his underlings than to have his firm function.

            We have seen the future…and it doesn’t work.

      • I think the condition you are seeing has to do more with the symbology of the jabs rather than any physical harm from the jabs. Taking the jabs is now clearly an act of submission. It’s a ritual of submission to authority. Earlier on not everyone saw it that way, but now it is clearly so. Even those pushing the jabs make it clear its about submission.

        Thus the jabbed men are men who have surrendered or at the very least now have to figure out how to fight on after being duped. That is they have to deal with making a significant error. The unjabbed are the ones who saw it from the start and have been resisting one way or another. As various things play out the later are going to have less negative feelings to process.

      • Interesting theory. I have not noticed that at all. The men and women I know who are vaxxed and gotten boosted seem happy as hell, healthy going about their normal activities. I admit it does give me pause given my belief that the vaccine is probably not good for ones health. Are there different batches with different ingredients in them? Not sure of the reasons but I wonder what is going on all the time.

        • Hi RS,

          One of the wearying things about all of this is precisely that it is hard to know what’s going on. The “vaccines” are made by multiple companies and all with an opacity that makes an NSA-redacted FOIA request seem clear as a June day.My own estimation of things is that (a) there is some kind of bug going around and (b) it is largely a non-threat (of more than a few days of feeling bad) to practically everyone who isn’t very old or very fragile due to one or several chronic medical problems and (c) for that reason, “vaccination” for most people makes as much sense as wearing a raincoat every day because it might rain and you worry you could possibly drown in that event.

          • I should qualify they are happy as hell once the immediate symptoms which leave them feeling like shit wear off. It never seems to cross their minds they might have injected a dangerous substance. The bmw maintenance tech I saw the other day confessed he just got the booster and felt awful. And I stood there silently thinking….And…? have we learned anything here? Oh nooo.

            • As I read your comment earlier today I was thinking just that, “I should qualify they are happy as hell once the immediate symptoms which leave them feeling like shit wear off.”

              They might say they are fine & dandy,… but, are they, really?

              Would they say so, if they were not?

              For them to say they were not A-ok, is kind of like admitting they were a sucker. … And, who wants to do that?

              …No one, just about, ever.

  28. I caught “cold” at the beginning of last week. I caught the initial corona virus in 2/2020 and got this one 1/18/22. The thing that this particular cold coincides with is the addition of vaxed people into my office space. Everyone in the room is vaxed except for me. The person on my right even got corona over Christmas. The Others have been appearing more and more often at the office, so I am pretty sure that my immune system is silently fighting their shedding off as well as any other variant that is circulating around the air. The cold that I have now might have arisen from exposure or some low in my immune system. Whamo! I don’t know. I know I have had issues with smelling and tasting since around tuesday. I hope this is temporary. It appears to be, but I don’t know. In any case, the spread of sickeness across this country is unprecedented. I know we have been lied to since the beginning. I have generally been susceptible to colds. The only anomoly had been from 2009-2019, where if I caugth one, it would last less than 1 day.

    I believe that the WuFlu was exactly that. A genetically, bioengineered weapon. Maybe the trnasmission mechanism is airborne spike proteins. Maybe it’s a virus. I don’t know nor do I care. I know that 1. It was never worth shutting the country down over and 2. that the “scientists” who developed this need to be dragged out and killed. 3. Same goes for the vaccine pushers, whether in private industry or government.

    • Agree with your last paragraph. I would add that I am beginning to think that “it” is not just A bioweapon (singular), but several/many. The symptoms have been so all over the place, e.g., in March of 2020 my entire family (except teenage daughter) were sick with respiratory crap, cough, early on fever, etc., for a couple of weeks. Daughter got a rash on her face and torso. This was all right before the “rona” news blitz. Took her to a dermatologist who was tempted to diagnose kawasaki’s disease, which usually hits children younger than 5. (she never did get a diagnosis, btw). So, we have everything from cold/flu symptoms to rash, debilitating headaches, brain fog, etc. I just think it’s not just one thing – although “covid” is being used as a catch-all to try to focus the fear on the invisible monster that can leap tall plexiglass in a single bound, and of course provide cover for the many bioweapons/toxins being released on a regular basis all around the world.

      • https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/05/31/wuhan-lab-bioweapon-gain-of-function-but-the-virus-doesnt-exist/

        From the link:

        For those people who not only claim SARS-CoV-2 was tweaked or invented in a Wuhan lab, but was made deadly there…they should consider the extraordinary lengths to which public health officials have gone to FALSELY pump up COVID case and death numbers.

        None of that pumping would be necessary if an actual PANDEMIC virus existed and were loose in the world.

        • Agree there has been a lot of lying and manipulating numbers, and that there is a sinister purpose. This is not just incompetence or tunnel vision going on. And I’m not saying that “covid” (singular or plural) is the result of a “virus.” In fact, I’m not convinced that viruses cause any illness; perhaps they are the evidence/result of an encounter with a toxin or pathogen.

          But it is, to me, possible that toxins (whether in the form of living pathogens, chemicals, radiation, or something else) have been released worldwide, causing symptoms that are then shoehorned into a false “covid” narrative in order to force all of humankind to take a deadly jab, or two, three, or a thousand.

          The jab wasn’t invented for covid, covid was invented for the jab.

          • You mentioned “bioweapon” so… Agreed folks are bathing in radiation, toxins, and chemi-cals, not to mention stress, all of which heighten the loss of resistance to the many and differentiated naturally occurring causes of “illness.” We should be living to 150-200 by now but we’re not. They poison us and sell us chemical “cures.” Getting back to naturality is key to so many things, physical and mental.

            • All the ancient stories of people living like 500 years I think may have some basis in fact. Why? Because people develop these bio-weapons and do genetic experiments and meddle with things they shouldn’t meddle with. So just think if every round of high civilization did something that knocked down people’s life expectancy with new diseases, genetic modifications, and so on?

              • Is it human beings doing this, though? Some think fallen angel bloodlines introduce technology to destroy the human race. Maybe it’s just a metaphor. IMHO, the past 2 years have given these theories much more credence.

                • satanist leaders

                  bankster/nwo/un/wef/ccp/.0001% satanist/nazi theocracy
                  Psychopathic members of an occult satanic death cult running the planet, planning your horrible future. a satanic cult that believe in eugenics, slavery,pedophilia, transhumanism and fake science.

                  wef runs the new bankster/nwo/wef/ccp/.0001% one world government being put in place worldwide right now, this will be your new government. the cv19 hoax is a cover, excuse, trap, to put it in place. covid cult: an occult satanic death cult run by fanatics.

                  some wef history

                  the World Economic Forum was co-founded by Maurice Strong, who was the main promoter of the climate change movement.
                  the much more exclusive World Forum of 300 which was created by Maurice Strong in 1982 and was co-founded with Klaus Schwab as his assistant.

                  Prince Charles hired Schwab to run the WEF.

                  The Origins of the World Economic Forum Go Back to the Third Reich nazis.

                  schwab runs the wef his family was connected to the nazis in germany.

                  World Forum leaves a blind spot to the alien agenda in the the creation of the plan, the blind spot also leaves out Dr Muller, creator of the UNESCO programs and the Common Core education system.

                  Muller and Strong created of the United Nations University at Mt Rasur where they communicate with a demon called Rasur,

                  Maurice Strong was creator of Agenda 21 along with his buddies Prince Phillip and Charles and Ted Turner. Persons will be coerced through lies, drugs, fear, and pain to surrender themselves, their egos to the collective consciousness.

                  The blind spot leaves out the involvement of Nazi German Vril psychics who were involved
                  at the Maurice Strong Baca Grande hippie commune where Laurence Rockefeller say’s he met the Devil just prior to presenting the plans to the first World Forum in 1982 in Vail Colorado.

                  We don’t associate Eugenics with David Rockefeller, like we do with Hitler, but it was actually the Rockefeller Foundation that first did the research,
                  their groundbreaking 1930 work on Eugenics, an idea that became so popular in Europe Hitler monetized it domestically to justify global domination.

                  Beginning in 1930 the Rockefeller Foundation provided financial support to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics, which later inspired and conducted eugenics experiments in the Third Reich.

                  Rockefeller got his monopoly on drugs, and Big Pharma and Rockefeller Medicine were born – and has only grown bigger and more terrible since, now routinely bribing doctors to prescribe their toxic and side effect-laden pills, not to mention their autism-causing vaccnes, all based on the germ theory. Rockefeller, the AMA and Big Pharma are now all key aspects of the NWO (New World Order),

                  The nazis adopted it and promoted it. “The infection theories (germ theory) were only established as a global dogma through the concrete policies and eugenics of the Third Reich nazis. Before 1933, scientists dared to contradict this gerrm theory; after 1933, these critical scientists were silenced.”
                  now we have the allopathic germ theory nazi medicine used exclusively worldwide and big pharma is the most profitable business on the planet, thanks to pasteur, rockefeller and flexner.

                  now we have allopathic rockefeller nazi death medicine, a satanic occult death cult,with the new covid religion theocracy and it’s ayatollahs.

                  the modern monetary system is based on keynesian beliefs.

                  Keynes is heralded as the guiding light of the New Deal (and, as such defended by modern “Green New Dealers” and Great Reset technocrats wishing to impose a top-down system of governance onto the world),

                  This will be seen clearly in 1) his devotion to the theories of Thomas Malthus, 2) his promotion of eugenics as a science of racial purification and population control, and 3) his general devotion to World Government as a leading member of the Fabian Society. The fabians bringing communism to all western countries.

                  Depopulation: The provable reality was that Indian famines were coordinated tools of population control by the Malthusian elite of the British establishment who considered “war, famine and disease” as the gifts nature gave the strong to manage the weak.
                  read again: “disease” as the gifts nature gave the strong to manage the weak. now the great reset wants to use poisonous injections for depopulation.

                  Thomas Malthus (a British East India Company economist) stated in his famous 1799 Essay on Population:
                  “The power of population is so superior to the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man, that premature death must in some shape or other visit the human race.” gates wants to use vaccines.

                  “We should facilitate, instead of foolishly and vainly endeavoring to impede, the operations of nature in producing this mortality; and if we dread the too frequent visitation of the horrid form of famine, we should sedulously encourage the other forms of destruction, which we compel nature to use. In our towns we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague.” today: herding the useless eaters into large cities.

                  In his May 2, 1914 lecture Population, Keynes argued that government should “mould law and custom deliberately to bring about that density of population which there ought to be” and that “there would be more happiness in the world if the population of it were to be diminished.”
                  now the gates led nwo/ccp/wef globalists are saying after great depopulation reset you will own nothing and be happier.

                  Hitler himself was not only a devout eugenicist (whose racial purification policies emerged through the funding of the Rockefeller, Carnegie Foundations as well as British establishment), but was also a devout Malthusian saying:

                  “The day will certainly come when the whole of mankind will be forced to check the augmentation of the human species, because there will be no further possibility of adjusting the productivity of the soil to the perpetual increase in the population.”
                  now gates is saying the same thing, depopulation is good.

                  After the war, eugenics-promoting organizations and think tanks changed their names while continuing their work, morphing into new forms by the 1960s such as the environmental movement, transhumanist movement, including the pharmaceutical/healthcare sector. now we have the wef pushing this with the great reset.

                  cv19 religion/climate change/depopulation agenda………it sounds a bit like The church of euthanasia: The church of euthanasia “devoted to restoring the balance between Humans and the remaining species on Earth. “Save the Planet, Kill Yourself”

                  the climate change/global warming hoax is an excuse for a cull. the satanists will do it with their cull of useless eaters, they already warned you of the depopulation agenda, there was silence, that is implied consent, the cull progresses.
                  Get this: the two top psychos that are administrators for the banksters, gates and soros, have no education, they are morons.

                  The psychos running the planet: Mt Rasur where they communicate with a demon called Rasur.
                  Laurence Rockefeller say’s he met the Devil just prior to presenting the plans to the first World Forum in 1982 in Vail Colorado.
                  the pope is part of this cult.

                  The government/church/medical system is just a huge occult satanic death cult now

                  These leaders at the top are deep into satanism/the occult, this is very very dangerous, you will be possessed by demons, look where we are now…..

                  satan was a fallen angel got booted from heaven for bad conduct…

  29. I usually catch a cold every winter. Sniffles and a stuffy head for two or three days. This winter I caught a doozy of one. I was down for a week. While I am not in the best shape, and I do smoke, I don’t normally get that sick. The funny thing is that it was about two weeks after a coworker got boosted, and my other pureblood coworker had a cold about the same time that I did. Coincidence? I think not.


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