Qiolor Tiger Electric Bike: Where Vintage Meets Velocity

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The Qiolor Tiger Electric Bike is not just a ride; it’s a revival of the vintage era infused with modern technology. This electric bicycle, with its deep British roots and a vibrant array of colors, brings a touch of nostalgia alongside its eco-friendly credentials. Embodying the spirit of the 1950s American automobiles and motorcycles, the Qiolor Tiger merges retro aesthetics with the laid-back, sunny disposition of California style. It’s where elegance meets environmental consciousness, allowing you to ride in style while embracing the allure of vintage grace.

Retro Redefined: A Symphony of Style and Sustainability

Imagine cruising through city streets on a bike that looks like a classic yet behaves like the cutting edge. The Qiolor Tiger does just that. Its design pays homage to the past, yet every component speaks of the future. From the seamless integration of vibrant colors to the customizable panels that allow riders to express their individual style, this bike isn’t just about transportation; it’s about making a statement. Complimentary stickers and options for personalization turn each Qiolor Tiger into a unique reflection of its rider.

Smart Control, Seamless Ride

Efficiency is at the core of the Qiolor Electric Bike. Its high-integration smart dashboard revolutionizes how you interact with your bike. Controls for start-up, horn, turning, and headlights are unified in a user-friendly interface, providing complete control with unprecedented ease. This integration ensures that every ride is not just about getting from point A to B but about enjoying a flawless, enjoyable journey.

Unmatched Performance for the Modern Road

Beneath the retro charm lies formidable technology. The Qiolor Tiger is equipped with a robust 750W motor that peaks at an exhilarating 1100W, offering more than enough power to tackle both city commutes and country escapades. Coupled with dual-piston hydraulic brakes, the bike guarantees safety with its superior stopping power, ensuring you remain in control, whatever the weather or terrain.

The Perfect Balance of Comfort and Capability

The real game-changer is its battery technology. Say goodbye to range anxiety with Qiolor Tiger’s 15A/48V battery, which offers over 70 miles of range, or opt for the powerful 35A/48V battery that extends your adventure to over 100 miles. These options provide not just freedom but the confidence to explore further and with more intensity than ever before.

Riding comfort is paramount, and the Qiolor Tiger excels here too. It features an ergonomic memory seat that eases long rides, ensuring that comfort isn’t sacrificed for style or performance. The colorful multi-function display offers vibrant clarity for tracking your ride data, while versatile riding modes allow you to tailor your power settings for any scenario—from a leisurely ride through the park to a fast-paced journey across town.

Specifications at a Glance:

– **Motor:** 750W with 1100W peak

– **Battery:** Options of 48V 15/35Ah

– **Charging Time:** 5/10 hours

– **Range:** 60/130 miles

– **Top Speed:** 26 mph

– **Dimensions (L*W*H):** 65”*29.1”*38.1”

– **Max Load:** 400 lbs

– **Bike Weight:** 87 / 98 lbs

– **Tires:** 20″*4.0 INNOVA outstanding street tires

– **Frame:** Aluminum Alloy

– **Saddle:** Elastic foam

– **Battery Weight:** 9.35 lbs

– **Pedal Assist:** 0~5 levels

INNOVA Outstanding Tire Performance

Equipped with INNOVA’s enduring street tires, the Qiolor Tiger promises a ride that’s not just smooth but also efficient. These tires are designed for the urban environment, offering enhanced performance that ensures every journey is as enjoyable as it is reliable.


The Qiolor Tiger Electric Bike redefines what it means to ride in style, blending the nostalgic allure of vintage designs with the innovations of modern technology. With its powerful performance, smart features, and customizable style, it is more than just an electric bike—it’s a lifestyle choice for those who value aesthetics, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.