The Consequences of Civility

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It is difficult for people who respect civilities to be other-than-civil, even toward uncivilized people. This is a weakness that has led to the widespread incivility of our times. It is a mistake based upon the erroneous assumption of fair-play and well-intendedness. It is the same mistake made by a man who gets into a fight with someone who does not play by the rules. Who fails to grasp that in a fight, there are no rules.

There is only win – or lose – when you’re forced to fight.

The problem is that civilized people want to avoid fights. This leads them to try to avoid confrontations. A very good example of this problem being the old saw about not talking about religion or politics over Thanksgiving dinner. The intention – peace at the dinner table – is good. But it serves to empower people who refuse to be civil, at the expense of civilized people. The latter shut themselves up – for the sake of those who can’t have a civilized discussion.

There is a cruel irony here in that a civilized society requires civilized behavior. But it is also the thing that can destroy civilized society – by allowing the uncivilized to dominate it.

An example of this interesting dichotomy is the way people who were willing to abide the people who thought wearing facial underwear provided a barrier against the inhalation and exhalation of particles so tiny that the wearing of facial underwear served as no barrier at all – but go ahead, if it makes you feel better – were treated by those who demanded everyone wear facial underwear. 

Another example is the abiding of civilized people of the aberrant personal lifestyle choices of other people; this not enough for some of the latter people. They require much more than abiding. They require overt approval. We are expected to celebrate the aberrant personal lifestyle choices of other people. Part of this entailing our agreeing these personal lifestyle choices are not aberrant.

In sum, these people – the uncivilized people – will never behave civilly toward us. They will never mind their own business. They will never agree to disagree. And they never fight fair – because (unlike civilized people) they understand there is only winning. They will do – and say – anything, if that’s what it takes to win.

For example, they will say they are in favor of free speech – so long as it is their speech. So long as you agree with their speech. They will use “free speech” as a cudgel to force their views (and their violence) into the public domain, often at the literal expense of those who disagree with being made to finance such speech (viz, NPR) or who object to being impeded by it (viz, the “free speech” of squatting in the road to prevent vehicles from moving) to “stop oil now.”

But when a civilized person asks questions about such “speech,” it becomes hate – or denial or some similar such thing.

The uncivilized use civilization – its institutions, its traditions, its culture – to end civilization. It’s literally in their playbooks. Read Lenin. Read Alinsky.

There are two difficulties that follow from this, the first being understanding. Most civilized people have an innately difficult time with this – being civilized, themselves. It is the same difficulty people who would never throw trash out of the window of their car or spray graffiti or smash someone else’s mailbox have understanding people who do those things. The why eludes them. The gratuitous, mindless destruction is foreign to them. So also the public belligerence; the loud-mouthed talking in the hearing of others, undermining the civility of public life. The use of foul language and insults.

Belittling disagreement by framing it as immoral.

All such things. Civilized people ache to live away from those things. To deal only with other civilized people who are quiet and respectful; who mind their own business, don’t litter and would never yell at an old person or threaten a weaker person.

Or anyone at all, for that matter.

This is why white flight – as the phenomenon of people moving away from the uncivilized cities to the more civil suburbs (and the even more civil countryside) is styled. It is framed as a racial thing and while there is an element of truth to that it is not fundamentally about that. Most civilized whites would not move away from civilized blacks such as Thomas Sowell or the late Walter Williams. Because why would they? But it is rational – it is self-defensive – to get as far way from incivility (whatever its color) as is possible.

The second thing – which follows understanding – is acting. White flight is a kind of sotto voce form of this. But to save civilization one must not abandon it. One must stop giving ground to the people who are bent upon its destruction. One must stand and defend one’s ground – and be ready to fight, if that’s what it takes.

This fight begins by being willing to have a confrontation – not necessarily physical – with the uncivilized. A very good example of this being the not-wearing of facial underwear, if you think wearing it is absurd – regardless of the feelings of those who feel otherwise , who demand you defer to their feelings. Never do this when dealing with an uncivilized person – for the same reason it is unwise to give-in to the foot stomping and screaming of a temper-tantruming child. It will only embolden the child to throw a fit whenever its demands are not being met. It creates a Lord of the Flies world, the antithesis of civilization.

If it becomes necessary to fight with the uncivilized – whether physically or otherwise – do not make the mistake of fighting fair.

Fight to win.

A good example of how not to fight when your existence is on the line is provided by the general-in-charge of the Confederate armies during what was not the Civil War (it was in fact an attempt by the South to separate from a “union” they regarded as tyrannical, as the American colonies successfully separated from Great Britain). Robert E. Lee was a gentleman. A civilized man. And that is why he lost the war. He was up against Abraham Lincoln – who was the antithesis of a gentleman. But Lincoln was a man willing to do anything to win the fight.

And that is why he won the war.

Lincoln sicced Sherman and Sheridan (among others like them) on the Southern states. Men who, like himself, were willing to do whatever it took to win – and did exactly that. They desolated the land. They did not play by “the rules.”

Because in a war, there are no rules.

Lee behaved like the gentleman he was when he rode into Pennsylvania – and that cost him the war and the Southern states their independence.

The dilemma – for civilized men – is how to remain civilized while also doing what must be done to preserve and defend civilization. But in truth, it is only a superficial dilemma. It only seems like one when the assumption is that you are dealing with other civilized people.

When you understand that you’re not, then it is no longer a dilemma.

And it becomes easier to do what must be done.

. . .

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  1. I was brought up that an armed society was a polite one, at least an armed white one. White Flight has also taken place in the rural county outside of Richmond, where I lived from age 5 to 25. My high former High School has gone from 95% white to 95% black, with uninformed police and metal detectors at the Friday night football games. Homecoming games and the parades that went along with it have become a withered remnant, with nothing to see or celebrate. The marching band has become a pathetic joke. No school spirit or pride, just a loud, disorganized mob. It looks like a scene from Zulu Dawn, only, now directed by Quinten Tarantino.

    • I among many other Whites was “ethnically cleansed” and encouraged to move out of Detroit. As soon as blacks moved in to my neighborhood, criminal activity increased. Initially, I tried to be diplomatic about it, recognizing that “not all blacks are bad” (they’re not). The criminal activity increased, the perpetrators ALWAYS being black.
      Push came to shove when my black neighbor (who I got along with well) introduced me to his own black dysfunction. I restored an old car to near showroom condition and parked it in my driveway. My neighbor’s visiting relatives decided that it would be a good place to sit (on the hood). Asking them to remove themselves was met with “f#ck you, White m#therf#cker”. Upon presenting my complaint to my neighbor, he remarked that “boys will be boys” and to “just let it go”. Things got worse in my neighborhood when my neighbor’s (hoodrat) relatives decided that breaking into cars and residences was a good career choice. My friendly relations with my neighbor cooled considerably.
      The final straw was the municipal “tickets” that us whites received for “infractions” committed by my black neighbors. Trash dumpsters were provided by the city, one for every two residences placed in the alley. These were large containers, easily large enough to accommodate two residences trash disposal. My black neighbors refused to use the containers, strewing their trash throughout the alley. Guess who got ticketed? It wasn’t my black neighbors, but us (remaining) Whites. It’s as if the city was “encouraging” us to move.
      Well, after multiple break-ins of both cars and my residence, I finally had enough and moved to an all-White enclave. I have never been happier.
      If my experiences (among that of other Whites) are not examples of “ethnic cleansing”, I don’t know what is…

      • Church Of England Archdeacon Openly Calls For “Anti-Whiteness”

        Church Of England…ie protestant…..that is the new world order wing of the nobility control group….protestant and islam are related/connected…..

        Church Of England…all the organized religions ……is one of the slave owner nobility control group’s tools to control slaves….

        Looks like the slave owner nobility control group is attacking/scape goating the white slaves

        ….attacking/scape goating the white slaves…this is 24/7/365 now….

        • Hi Anon,

          Western intellectuals/”elites” – not all, but a working majority – are infected with a suicidal guilt complex resulting from their Marxist indoctrination that White Man Bad. I know of no similar tendency among the intellectual/”elites” of other ethnicities.

  2. I had a consequence of civility yesterday. I didn’t know how to react so I kept my mouth shut and took the $11 in savings off my grocery bill.

    I stopped in at Harris Teeter yesterday to pick up a few things. I headed to the cashier to check out. The store was packed so I told the young lady if she would ring up the groceries I would bag them to save us some time. A male bagger boy takes over about 5 bags in. I guess HT frowns on people bagging their own groceries.

    My groceries totaled about $155 then the girl types in “Senior Discount”. I was a bit confused by this, but I am thinking “RG, you are saving money so just keep your mouth shut.” I am thinking this must be some AARP thing everyone who looks 50 gets some type of benefit. Mind you, I am in my mid 40s. No gray hair thanks to my stylist, not Mother Nature, and no wrinkles, thanks to Lancôme.

    I go home and read the Senior Discount is for those 60 and older! Sixty?!?! Of course, my confidence has plummeted and I spent the rest of the afternoon asking people if I look old. I don’t know if the $11 was worth the dwindling of my self esteem.

    • Ah Ha! So You’re the one who ‘stole’ Harris Teeter from us, and gave us the nasty Kroger Beast, lol! I bet I know your general whereabouts now, somewhere in the Carolinas?

    • Hi RG!

      I deal with a similar annoyance regularly – some idiot rule-follower cashier demanding to see my ID to buy a six pack of beer. WhenI was 30 I was flattered. Now I’m 20-plus years older and bristle at the idiocy of it. I have on several occasions just left everything on the counter and walked out – because I won’t abide this non-discretionary species of idiocy.

      • Maybe I’m just getting ornery in my old age, but

        You could figure up the bill yourself, throw down a wad of bills that will at least cover it, and then walk out with the stuff. It’s not stealing, because you paid for it.

        Not sure which method will give them a bigger headache.

      • Carding is no longer about verifying you are of drinking age. Otherwise, those of us in our 50s would not be carded. No matter how good my skin products are, I do not look 20. Carding is now to mollify the government, which means we now have absolutes: Every single customer gets carded because the excise police “cracked down on us last weekend … nevermind that you’re totally gray, wrinkled and walk with a cane.” So now, you don’t have to be 21 to drink, you have to possess a state-issued ID to drink. A distinction that I think is important here.
        Government overseeing eliminates the need for any common sense or individual discretion. Which I guess, for authoritarians, this is the feature, not the bug.

      • Never mind getting carded for alcohol. What pisses me off is getting carded for buying Nyquil because the meth heads up here use it to make their drugs. So now I am the criminal. Never mind that if I filled an entire bag full of them and walked out the damned door not paying, they would not stop me, no ID. I swear the world is run by a bunch of lunatics. But the alcohol and cigarettes? I would think they lost their minds.

    • Probably just a little guilt from the clerk and remuneration for your bagging efforts, RG. I’m sure you’re still a comely lass. 😉

    • RG,
      To a young person, anyone born pre Y2K is Geriatric. Next time, be sure to ask if they can cash your Social Security check for you. And do they offer free delivery to your Extended Care facility? Seriously, just take the money and burn out of there on your new Mobility Scooter with anti-tip technology. 😉

      PS Seeya at the 5/16 Stones Concert in Boca Raton!

  3. Seems to me there is no logical argument that can be made for saving civilization in its current form. I don’t recognize the country as it exists today. It’s some kind of strange beast, bent on its own destruction. If we describe civilization as the mega cities in the US, then it is a lost cause. Trust me, trying to save that, even if we marshaled all our talents and energies is nothing more than throwing ourselves on the gears of tyranny.

    Maybe instead, we prepare for the inevitable. When some high status, low talent individual, some Jew, some woman, some money grubbing WEFer, or, some high status, low talent, money grubbing jewish woman calls the tune for WW3 we, the men of the country say a firm and resolute NO. Let the cities fight this battle on their own. Every white male 16-30 should be given a long rifle by those of us who have a few to spare. Along with 30 rounds and told should anyone come looking to Draft them into the globhomo, don’t hold back. We should be willing to give our lives for any young bucks awake enough to refuse to comply.

    If all of us in the countryside withheld our efforts and talents for thirty-sixty days, the cities would begin to crumble. Having multiple generations of my family served/fought for this country, I cant now imagine any scenario where I would fight for this country. I don’t care what sad sack of a false flag narrative they come up with. They could even nuke my former home Las Vegas, or New York, LA. Turn them into glass. Me so solly, I’m not falling for it again.

    I would certainly do whatever it took to keep those I cared about from making the mistake of joining up. If it comes to a draft I can see myself fighting on that front. Hiding/helping young whites stay out of it. Maybe not just whites, lets say heritage Americans. The only fighting I intend to do is as nasty as it comes and God willing it will only come when officialdom arrives in my neighborhood spewing their famous last 9 words.

    • ‘They could even nuke my former home Las Vegas, or New York, LA. Turn them into glass.’ — Norman Franklin

      Ell Vee En Vy, I used to pronounce it.

      ‘He watched Rosa dovening. That’s what was bringing out the Jew in him: a Catholic down on the floor. Always did.

      ‘And then on the way out, St. John’s [-educated Irish prosecutor in NYC] passes by us and says, so nobody but us can hear, ‘And which of you gets to screw with the girl?’

      ‘I said to him, ‘You mean, which of us Jews? We all do. We all get to screw the girl. Even my old zaydeh gets to screw her. My rabbi gets to screw her.

      ‘Everybody gets to screw her except you, St. John’s. You get to go home and screw your wife. That’s what you’re sentenced to — screwing for life Mary Elizabeth, who worships her older sister, the nun.’ — Philip Roth, Sabbath’s Theater [true confession: I never got over reading Portnoy’s Complaint as a callow yout]

    • Norman – I fear I may face this scenario. With a 17 year old and 14 year old son, they may just be at the cusp for a call of duty. Neither has any desire to be part of a war machine, and neither feels any sense of jingoism or patriotism to this degenerate shit hole formerly known as the United States. Yet, here we are, staring at a real possibility for a need of American blood on European or Palestinian dirt. I don’t know what we will do when the letter comes. Fuck these people, hard.

      • Sounds like you did a good job educating and raising them, kudos to you. Any kid nowadays smart enough to see through all this BS, deserves all the support and assistance we can give them. By whatever means, they should be protected from fighting for these evil oligarchs. Those who resist much and obey little will be the true hero’s going forward. I know too many of my sons acquaintances who after being in the sandbox have difficulties with life. Its not right to put them in that position just so some some evil degenerates can add a zero or two to their portfolio.

        You want to mobilize to close our border, and kick Mexicos balls up into their throat, I’m all in.

        Otherwise I’m sick of so called ‘conservative’ boomers and Xers that push these endless wars. They of all people should know better. If heritage Americans decline to participate, FedZilla is finished.

  4. I hate that Eric is right about this, but he is. It seems that things will come to a head eventually.

    Unfortunately, it may be backed by the full power of government thugs. Cake decorating was just a warning shot.

    We are at the brink where criticizing genocide is anti sematic (funny since Palestinians are semites).

    Not calling someone xhe/xhey is a hate crime. Some countries will now lock you up for it.

    Pedophiles are pushing for rights to molest children and typing “groomer” will get you into facebook jail.

    It is the force of absolutists vs peaceful people and the peaceful will be forced to be something else in the future.

  5. “The dilemma – for civilized men – is how to remain civilized while also doing what must be done to preserve and defend civilization.”

    Civilizations inevitably have an expiration date. Civilized men must make sure to leave instructions and examples for the ones that must rebuild.

    Terrific essay, Eric. And that Lincoln meme is fire.

  6. Hi Eric,
    In general I dont consider civilization to be a good thing or being civilized. Most of the time that word means domesticated by the state.
    I do consider honor valuable and think personal safety works mostly by folowing it. Being honorles had deadly consequences in the past. And the bloodiest barbarians gad some notion of it. For example mongols never hurt messengers and when Baghdad ruler killed their messenger they massacred that city.

    If we take no one fights fair to logical conclusion what is there to do other than climb on a roof and shoot at anything that moves that could be the enemy.

    • Hi Pupet,

      It’s the Left that never fights fair. And that’s why it’s important to fight the left as if your life depended on it. Because it does.

      • Hi Eric,

        I have to disagree with you that it just isn’t the Left that doesn’t fight fair. Did Dubya fight fair when he invaded Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction and then took over the oil fields? How about when the Republican Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, promised one thing and did the complete opposite as a big FU to the American public? The Republican/Right (Homeland Security, TSA, FISA, NSA, etc.) has done more to erode our basic human rights than anything the Left could think of.

        Powerful people = evil. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle that they choose. Lies just as easily slip through the Right’s lips as it does the Left’s.

        • You are absolutely correct. To say “Left is Bad, Right is Good” is a dangerous, mindless mantra. And as you intimated, there is an equal amount of evil in today’s Right. How can there be any real difference when both are bribed, blackmailed and totally controlled by the same foreign entity?

        • But what you describe RG is the neocon class. There are very little “right” left. I would consider Massey “right”.

          We have American left/commies and neocons on the right. That is the spread.

          Real liberals and American conservatives barely exist anymore.

            • Sadly, Jason, people will vote for Communist-lite (R), and think they won over “the system”, and gained their freedoms back. When in reality, they are just getting destroyed slower, and at a pace they will not be able to recognize until it is too late.

              • This destruction of the system is a primary thing. Not gettting guys that are “nice” in positions of tyrannical bueracracy.

                If you hate left atack fbi cia and military. They enforce more stuff on you than some mentally ill transsexual on some lefty protest.

      • Maybe if “the other side” fought as nasty, mean, and as unfairly as the left, they would win more battles. As it stands, the “right” is too busy bending over and compromising themselves right out of a reason to be alive, so why support or get behind them? Uni-Party indeed. I do not think the “right” wants to win. They love losing too much. Nothing is fair in war, and if I have to be called every name in the book, and then some, because I am fighting nasty to win, oh well. That is war, and that is what fighting is all about: To win.

        • I’ve been advocating aggressiveness for the “other side” for decades. The “other side” is just lazy.
          You see, the “perks of office” are the same whether one fights for his or her principles or just “kicks back” and enjoys the same “perks”.
          THAT is a major problem in this country.
          Of course, one cannot ignore the “elephant in the room”–control (blackmail) from that certain sh!tty little country in the middle east…

          • >sh!tty little country in the middle east…
            Oh, you mean one of the JAMES* gang.

            *Just Another Middle Eastern Shithole.
            Many to choose from. All appear to suck.
            JMO. Never been there, don’t want to visit anywhere in that part of the world, with the possible exception of Iran. My impression is that the Persians want to be our friends, despite the evil of the U.S. Gov’t meddling in their internal politics in the past.

              • >Years ago, saw a video of his travels there.
                Yes, here is the link:
                The late husband of a long time woman friend spent quite a bit of time in Iran, making good money in the oil business. He wrote a book about his experiences, titled “Camels and Camaros,” which highlights the contrast between life in remote villages and life in the big city, Tehran. Sort of like hillbillies versus city dwellers in the U.S.

                My dentist, Joe (Youssef) Rajabi and his wife Sara are Iranian by birth, naturalized US citizens. Joe is US educated. Sara’s dad is an ophthalmologist who still practices medicine in Tehran, last I heard.

  7. Sometimes, it is better to lose as a gentleman than to win as a cad.

    Sometimes it is better to live to fight another day.

    Sometimes one must win at all costs.

    Which is true today? Judgement is everything.

  8. I live next to a college campus, like just a couple of blocks from the main entrance. Everyday while I tool around with my delivery business I see pathetic college children (our future, lol) dutifully wearing face diapers because of the latest fake MSM narrative of the dreaded invisible Covidddddddds.

    These controlled Marxist bots have special intersections where the campus meets the civil society, special crossing points with white dashed lines, audible talking countdowns to cross in seconds remaining (which is very loud), flashing lights with beeps for pedestrians. And this is probably true for most campuses now, the precious ones are coddled just crossing the street. It is laughably insane.

    I am suppossed to believe these masked docile herded collegiate sheep all of a sudden became raging anti-israel protestors burning tires and shooting off fireworks, etc. Yeah right.

    Yesterday Trumpenstein said on Sean Hannity show that the anti-Israel protests must stop. So according to DJT you are not allowed to protest genocide done by Israel. What a piece of shit. This fealty to Israel must end. It is flat out treason – these scum political hacks want to end our first amendment right to protest because they have been bribed by AIPAC donations and the Jew defamation league.

    Notice how NO ONE says loyalty to Israel is a national security threat like they did with the Hillary Russian collusion hoax.

    Since when did genocide become an Amerikan value? Since when did the separation of church and state get erased? The Jews in Israel are crazy religionists, they chose to move onto some other’s people’s land, then slaughter them, because of mere words in a holy hoax book. The Holy Bible is the greatest literary hoax of all time – for one thing Abraham never existed.

    Brahma and his sister/wife Saraswati became Abraham and his sister/wife Sara. So what kind of insane lunatic thinks the Abraham story is real history? A believer, a true believer in mere words in some ancient book. That would be like the followers of Harry Potter invading Britain in 4500 A.D. to take their land back.

    And what is really funny, is the pro-Israel and pro-Palestinians joined together and chanted “Fuck Joe Biden”.

    Mediaite News – “Pro-Palestine and pro-Israel protesters briefly united with chants against President Joe Biden at the University of Alabama on Wednesday.

    The two sides, which spent the majority of the protest drowning each other out with their respective chants and songs, came together in one moment caught on film to chant, “Fuck Joe Biden!””

    Ahhh…the sheep have figured out the divide and conquer strategy of the elite. The real enemy are the people at the top, the rich pricks who own everything, and make war for profit – then take our rights away from the blowback they themselves create.

    BTW I don’t vote and I have never protested or marched. The last thing I would every do is join a big mass of people, because any time humans gather they become a target. I also do not own a cell block phone because it is a tracking and targeting device. During the Gulf Wars I read how the US military killed Afghan leaders – they used cell phone signals as targeting information – and that information was used to send a Hellfire missile from Predator drone.

    We live in some kind of dark satanic empire where weapons have demonic names like “hellfire” and “predator”. At least they are being honest. The spiritually corrupted think those are “cool” names. Amerika is a police state because it has been taken over by the followers of Abraham, a ficitonal character in a fake holy book – torah tales of terror to the jew monster god Jehovah.

    Religious people are really really sick to believe that holy crap was actually from “god”. And if Abraham never existed then what of this land covenant? Fake Jews in Israel (converts from Eastern Europe) need to get the fuck out and go home.

    UK Independent – “Leading archaeologist says Old Testament stories are fiction

    ABRAHAM, Jacob, Moses, King David, and King Solomon in all his splendour, never existed, a 15-year study of archaeological evidence has concluded.

    The study – by Professor Thomas Thompson, one of the world’s foremost authorities on biblical archaeology – says that the first 10 books of the Old Testament are almost certainly fiction, written between 500 and 1,500 years after the events they purport to describe.

    Professor Thompson’s claims, outlined in a new book, The Early History of the Israelite People,”

    Gee wilikers Batman, you mean religions are not true,but made up bullshit used to control the masses?

    Yes Robin, elites create religions to control the masses, our job is to enforce the elite laws so the rich stay rich and I can keep my mansion.

    • Jack, that rant really needs to be a 6 volume set!

      But in response to your first tome, if you’ve raised kids it is really easy to understand how the same helpless little lambs who cannot cross the street without lots of help, can be a pack of rabid wolves destroying everything around them.

      They were raised by boomer women, college trained wine moms corrupted by feminism and GRRL power, with men either shunted aside or not allowed to discipline their kids. What you’re seeing is human shaped objects which were never disciplined or learned respect for civilized norms.

      Usually a couple good spankings at a young and impressionable age will imprint that necessary respect into feral young humans and allow them to develop into actual civilized men and women. If done correctly, they cause the father, and by extension the mother, to be respected so that after a few times corporal punishment is rarely needed.

      But now we have ferals who have gone on to raise ferals, generations raised without civilizing influences and men’s input, and there is little hope of saving most of them. There is a window to raising decent civilized humans, and it is generally narrow.

      • I recently completed raising 2 sets of children, and now I tell everyone, including them, the worst thing you can do is bring children into this world, because this place is hell – and I am dead serious. What loving person would want to reproduce in hell? Just more souls to be tortured, abused, made into tax slaves, etc.

        The Jewish run state has decided to use schooling to indoctrinate your children into their holocaust fantasy and other retarded theories they love like global warming and muslims did 911. Jews did 911, and global warming is a political hoax. From those two false narratives Jews want to take away your car, stop you from flying, fight in their wars (that they themselves start with false flags) and make it impossible to criticize their criminally insane beliefs and programs. Don’t you dare protest our genocide Goyim!

        I agree that Amerikan kids are undisciplined – and that is a direct result of Jews taking over the insane asylum and stopping traditional (ie Christian) parenting. It was Jews behind the feminist movement, it was Jews who destroyed the currency with inflation (so now kids can not afford homes) and it is Jews behind abortion – Jews now claim that abortion is a Jewish sacrament!

        Every problem has a Jewish origin – like the current illegal immigration, supported by EVERY single Jewish organization, not to mention they run and fund it.

        • “the worst thing you can do is bring children into this world”

          That’s unfortunate.

          Life is supposed to be difficult. Always has been, always will be. From the time you are conceived until your last breath, this world is trying to kill you. Add to that human malice and wowsers…

          There sure is a bunch of evil out there. Yeah, so?

          I’m happy to report that my wife and I will leave this world having increased the population of the right kind of people. My kids will probably do the same.

          The world will be a better place because my kids are in it. Guaranteed.

          That’s what you’re supposed to do. It’s our purpose. When life beats you down, you’re not supposed to drag your kids down with you into the abyss. You’re supposed to raise them up to be better, stronger, more resilient than you. Teach them about the mistakes you made so they don’t repeat them.

          • Yes sir Philo. A parents number one job is to advance the football, one yard or 10, just do it, must make them better than you. Easy to say hard to do. As Eric said above, at all costs (to you).
            It starts with understanding and excepting your personal shortcomings. Took me a while to figure out mine.

        • > the worst thing you can do is bring children into this world
          I once remarked to my mother that this world is a nasty trick to play on innocent children. She laughed, in apparent agreement. And this was a woman for whom the ability to have children was an essential part of her existence.

          For me personally, in my more cynical moments I believe that the only thing I have done right in this world is to not reproduce.

          But, to each his/her own. If you want to have babies, that is your privilege, and none of my business. And I *will* be nice to your children, and help them in any way I can. I may be a curmudgeon, but I am not mean spirited.

          • I will, because I’m right. It’s working out great.

            (For everyone else, not “Nowhere Man”). It’s funny when these abusers have no counterarguments, and just give vague threats to try and unsettle people “See how it works out” dun dun dun! If they go further it’s something about “discipline” or “I was spanked as I child and I turned out fine” or “spare the rod” from the sorcerer Solomon.

            (Still for everyone else, not nowhere man)
            Reason I’m bringing this up is because the violence of the state comes from the violence of the family. That’s why it’s widely accepted and even encouraged. It’s familiar. As children most of us learn “break arbitrary rules, violence happens.” Or the covid bullshit, “mommy and daddy said stay in your room (lockdowns) until they say you can come out” And most people went along with it, cuz that’s how they were parented.

            Since EP is a ride-or-die OG libertarian nigga and a lot of the posters here are too (hence the quality of most of the comments), if a free/voluntary society is to emerge, it has to come from people treated peacefully from birth.

            • Great response to Nam Erehwon. Most of this sort of idiotic “advise” (Nam’s) originates from those who have not had/raised children.

              I got so tired of hearing similar nonsense that wife and I had a child and raised a rational, productive, peaceful, successful, individual, without corporal punishment.
              He cast his first Libertarian vote with a crayon (no age limit), lol…

              • Thanks bro. And thank you for your service lol.

                In my experience, most of the people who try to rationalize spanking are actually parents, and just have this compulsion to justify their actions that they are actually the best parents of all time because they hit their kids, or throw up the DUMBEST FUCKING STRAWMAN arguments (see below on diapers) because they can’t admit that what they did was wrong, cuz that’s very painful.

            • Hi Michael,

              While I applaud your dream of peace and even agree with your rationale that violence is learned at home this is a utopian fantasy.

              For it to work you would have to have every member of society practice it. Since 100 people on a Libertarian forum can’t agree on this getting 8 billion people behind it are impossible odds.

              We have a tendency to believe that as human beings we are not animals…we are. We are bred with instincts that tell us to fight or flee. In times of fear these instincts kick into overdrive. They are a means of survival for our species and how we got to the top of the food chain.

              How you ever tried rationalizing with a three year old? How you ever met a three year old who ignored their natural predisposition to test your boundaries?

              Watch any animal parent their young…chickens, dogs, lions, etc. The animals show the young how to eat, drink, protect, and behave and what happens when the young decides to ignore the parent? They are pecked, bitten, or growled at because that is the natural formation of the hierarchy. That is how the line of order is established. Actions meet consequences.

              In all seriousness, I am curious on your suggestions on how one would achieve peace at home? What would be the actions when the young get out of line?

              • Hi RG,

                I’m happy to provide examples but I don’t really know what you mean by “achieve peace at home” or “when the young get out of line.” If you could give me a concrete example that would be very helpful.

                Otherwise, it’s not “a dream.” It’s a logical and empirical approach to a better world. And it’s not a “utopian fantasy,” which is a kinda derogatory term indicating I’m naive or foolish which I don’t appreciate, and incorrect as well. It’s a fact that actions do have consequences. Don’t initiate violence against children and 99.999999% will grow up not initiating violence against others, or accept violence being done to them, euphemistically termed taxation or lockdowns or whatever bullshit statists say. Currently 99% of children were treated violently, and they grow up and are like “yeah use violence to solve problems.”

                Also the Satanic tenet that ‘man is just another animal’ is completely wrong. We have an animal component but are so high above the rest of the animal kingdom it’s unbelievable that people still throw this around.

                Which other animals debate the morality of their actions? Or post on the internet? If someone really wants do the “but animals tho” argument to justify violence against children, there’s widespread rape (sometimes til death) in the animal kingdom. Is that behavior to be excused in humans because animals do it too?

                Yes I have rationalized with many 3 year olds. My boy is a year and a half, and I’ve never hit him, never yelled at him, and he’s wonderful. He listens to what I say, because our bond is very strong.

            • OK, Michael. You’re right. Look around you- it’s working out great. RG gets it- I raised 5 kids, spanked them when they needed it, seldom needed after age 2, and they learned the boundaries necessary to live in a civilized home. Perhaps dull witted, spiritless children can be raised some other way, but smart and spirited ones cannot.

              • Yeah ok you’re a fucking monster if you were hitting your kids before they were 2.

                And they must have been super smart if the only way to teach “the boundaries necessary to live in a civilized home” was to hit them.

          • Aaah yes, now parents are apparently supposed to “ask permission” of their babies, before changing his/her diaper. I surmise the infant is going to sit in a wet, crappy diaper with horrible skin ulcers until he or she can figure out how to rip the thing off and throw it at their stupid parents.

    • I guess free speech can be weaponized to succeed in killing free speech. We are free to tell you what to do, that’s it. No other way, so sorry. Now shut up.

      You’ll miss out on all of the fun if you don’t do as we say. Besides, we can Kent State you too.

      The right to peaceful assembly, not beating the shit out of people, is a fundamental right. Law enforcement is there to beat you into submission if you behave peacefully. Then it becomes a mostly peaceful beat down of rowdy protesters who are intent on raising some hell.

      It’s all about the evil!

      You denounce the devil and all of his works and all of his ways, the words you speak out loud at your confirmation of faith, anywho.

      All you have to do is believe. You don’t have to be a Christian, don’t have to be Islamic, nor Hindu, Shinto, Buddha, Hare Krishna, whatever the Jews are, doesn’t matter anymore, they are pariahs now and will be ignored to extinction.

      Ain’t nobody telling you what to do, speak for yourself, sailor.

      Ain’t nobody getting out of here alive, the criminals in charge augment the death cycle.

      Might as well bomb some folks, it’s the zeitgeist.

      The Feral Irishman has an entry the last few days that features the President of El Salvador speaking on the El Salvadorian incarceration of hard core criminals in society and the steps taken to bring some control of crime there.

      The President of El Salvador more or less told the elite to take a hike. His name is Nayib Bukele.

      “They abuse their power and persecute their political opponents.”

      Sound familiar?

      Who elected George Soros to dictate laws, the title of the video.

      You should hear what he has to say, you’ll listen.

      • Kent State. Yes the current unrest has not been seen since Vietnam War. I grew up in N.E. Ohio close to Kent State. My older sister was going there during the Kent State shootings – National Guard open fired on the students – lead the the CSNY song “4 dead in O HI O”

        Tin soldiers and Nixon coming
        We’re finally on our own
        This summer I hear the drumming
        Four dead in Ohio

        My father told me that when I went off to college that fall that if I stood in front of the National Guard soldiers and got shot – not to come crying home to him. (LOL Yes he actually said that)

        The internet writer John Kaminski used to say “we are all Palestinians now”. He also said that Jews should admit to all of their crimes against us – then commit suicide (redeeming themselves) so we won’t have the messy job of killing them.

        • There is more to the Kent State shooting than is recorded in the commonly accepted history of the event.
          Student protesters and others (outsiders) had been rioting for a week, breaking windows of the local businesses, and, in general, committing crimes and exercising mayhem and lawless behavior. It was local businesses that cried out for help to quell these disturbances, and to help bring things “back to normal”.
          The National Guard troops were not seasoned veterans, but were local types without any experience in crowd control or handling rioters.
          While it is regrettable that the deaths occurred, during this tragic event in American history, the blame must be put on the rioters themselves, not the National Guard troops who were asked to do a thankless job despite not being experienced in dealing with such events.

    • You bring up Sean Hannity…
      Hannity is a hasbara shill whose U. S. citizenship should be revoked and should be deported to israel.
      While I was listening to his radio show on the way home from work, a caller asked him about the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) by israel on June 8, 1967.
      Hannity stammered a bit and declared: “israel is our friend and would never have done such a thing” (his exact words). I damn near ran off the road when I heard THAT.
      For Hannity to declare that a well-documented historical event “did not happen” is merely more PROOF that he is owned “lock stock and barrel” by israel.
      When it comes to expending American troops for israel’s interests, Hannity never found a “war” that he did not like.
      In fact, israel’s favorite military song is “Onward Christian Soldiers”.
      I have absolutely no respect for Hannity or other of his ilk.

      • Amen, Anarchyst –

        Hannity is greedy beyond measure. I can sort-of understand pulling punches (and even just shilling) when you kind of “have to” – if you want to make a living as a broadcaster. But – Holy Cow! – Hannity is a multi-millionaire who has Fuck You money. Instead, he says – in effect – how much deeper can I swallow your cock? Sorry for the vulgarity. In some instances nothing else will do.

      • >For Hannity to declare that a well-documented historical event “did not happen”
        And if you insist that it did, then, according to some (mostly Jewish, but some “Christian”) folks, you are an “Auntie Sea Mite.” Naughty, naughty you.

        IMO, it would be great if a skilled caricaturist were to come up with a hilarious drawing of “Auntie Sea Mite,” and perhaps “Uncle Sea Mite” as well. Who knows? The Sea Mite family might prove as popular as the Flintstones… The picture I have in my mind is of a “sophisticated” female smoking a cigarette (from a cigarette holder, of course) underwater, smiling broadly and wearing a large fancy hat whilst perched upon a fishhook without being impaled thereon. A “High Society” Auntie, in other words, of the type who have luncheon, never lunch. Just one possible concept, of course.

        Her name might be Hyacinth:

  9. We used to be more of an honor based society. Fathers taught their sons how to act and speak honorably. How to fight honorably. Taught the consequences of acting dishonorably.

    What percentage of boys today have a father in their lives? What percentage of the imported savages have fathers or even know what it means to act with honor?

    Boys raised by their mothers are not taught what they need to know about being a man. There’s no getting around that. Without stable two parent families, society falls into decline.

    Mothers are important for boys of course, but not in the same way as a father.

    • Truth.

      It’s also the case that fathers taught their daughters about honor mainly by modeling how an honorable man acts, and by protecting them against dishonorable men.

      Girls without dads don’t have a readily available example of what an honorable man is. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it is a lot harder.

    • How very true, Philo. Feminism has done more to destroy the family and children, than they ever did to “raise them up”. Sorry, but a woman cannot teach her son how to be a man, or how to treat a woman (as the man he is going to be). She cannot teach her daughter how a man should treat her, because she is the lone feminist who will tell her daughter how lazy, mean, and horrible all men are, when in reality, most are not. But if you keep labeling them as such, hey, why not let the punishment fit the crime not even committed? What gets me, is then these same women bitch about how they cannot find a good man. Wait, what? If it were not so dangerous and detrimental to future generations (no fathers, etc.), it would be hilarious. As it stands, trying to point out truths to these women only get you labeled and banned from society. But then again, anymore, that might be a blessing. Sometimes being alone is not a bad thing.

      • Feminism is a radical Jewish woman’s movement to equal status to male Jews in a Jewish patriarchal society, it then was adopted to overthrow traditional Christian society, and is a central tenet of Marxism.

        The editor of Ms. Magazine, Gloria Steinem, says in her autobiography that she was hired by the CIA to overthrow the American nuclear family – which was considered the greatest threat to the NWO.

        She taught Amerikan woman to be proud of their abortions.

        Wiki “Ms. is the first U.S. magazine to make feminist voices audible”

        1. Hate men and everything male, especially the penis, and view a manly dominant man as “toxic masculinity”.

        2. Never get married.

        3. Promote misgeneation and lesbianism.

        4. Abort all pregnancies.

        5. Support radical Marxist equal rights and no personal responsibility.

        6. Jews suffered the worst in the Holocaust, thus any other suffering doesn’t count.

        • >1. Hate men and everything male, especially the penis, and view a manly dominant man as “toxic masculinity” [because all men are evil monsters who prey on women].
          7. Only Jewish lives, and in particular, only Jewish women’s lives, matter.

      • Woman Raised By Lesbians Has Some Shocking Things To Say About Needing A Dad
        Experience is supposed to be top card over any and all facts. But what happens when experience blows holes in the activist narrative?
        It doesn’t matter who you click with. That was what the airline put in their ads.
        Homosexuals should be able to raise children. We’ve been told this for as long as same-sex relationships have been socially acceptable.
        But did anybody ask what the CHILDREN thought about it?
        One has finally spoken up. The keepers of the narrative will not like it.
        We can probably expect her to be given the same rough treatment that other heretics against the cause like “Milo” are given.
        So, while she still has a voice, let’s let hers be heard:
        It’s her own personal story, after all. By the rules of the game as the Left has been playing it, “who can judge her for her own story”?
        [Heather]Barwick, who is 31 now, married, and has four children, said that “same-sex marriage and parenting withholds either a mother or father from a child while telling him or her that it doesn’t matter that it’s all the same. But it’s not.”
        “A lot of us, a lot of your kids, are hurting,” wrote Barwick in her essay for The Federalist website. “My father’s absence created a huge hole in me, and I ached every day for a dad. I loved my mom’s partner, but another mom could never have replaced the father I lost.”
        “I grew up surrounded by women who said they didn’t need or want a man,” said Barwick. “Yet, as a little girl, I so desperately wanted a daddy. It is a strange and confusing thing to walk around with this deep-down unquenchable ache for a father, for a man, in a community that says that men are unnecessary.”
        She used to be an advocate of same-sex marriage. So she isn’t motivated by disdain for same-sex relationships. She’s backing a different cause now.
        “Gay marriage doesn’t just redefine marriage, but also parenting,” she says. “It promotes and normalizes a family structure that necessarily denies us something precious and foundational. It denies us something we need and long for, while at the same time tells us that we don’t need what we naturally crave. That we will be okay. But we’re not. We’re hurting.”
        “It’s not just me,” said Barwick. “There are so many of us. Many of us are too scared to speak up and tell you about our hurt and pain, because for whatever reason it feels like you’re not listening. That you don’t want to hear.”
        “If we say we are hurting because we were raised by same-sex parents, we are either ignored or labeled a hater,” she wrote.
        Source: Daily Mail
        Now she’s an advocate of Children’s rights. She’s also married and a mother of four.
        Buckle up, Heather. It looks like you’ll be in for a rough ride.

  10. There is a solution that every American can implement…
    Stay home. Shut down the country. Yes, this even applies to “essential services”.
    Choose a two-week period, publicize it and “just do it”.

    • I’ve long thought that a more effective thing to do with respect to 1/6 was not to riot at the Capitol, but to perform a general strike.

      “Two Weeks to Stop The Steal.”

    • Great idea but can you get anyone to actually do it? Since most people are up to their eyeballs in debt they can not stop working, let alone pause in working.

      Have you ever noticed why people drive like maniacs? Got to get there and do this thing to make the next payment.

  11. Eric, good rant but the shorter version is,” The barbarians mean to kill you and have their way with your enslaved women and kids.” Conan knew what to do.

  12. It’s only a matter of time before the leftist control freaks start demanding that we “share” our homes with the illegal migrants, like the scene in Dr. Zhivago where Yuri returns to find his house infested with lowlifes. Some idiot actually wrote a letter to the editor in the local paper suggesting that anyone with a spare bedroom should use it to house a migrant. You first, buddy. I worked hard to get a paid for house and a decent retirement income; I am old and just want to be left alone to enjoy however many years I may have left. Anyone who tries to destroy my lifestyle should be aware of the saying “if you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose”, because I will burn it all to the ground before I give an inch to these f*ckers.

    • Amen, Mike –

      It follows. If “immigrants” have a right to be here, have a right to food and so on – paid for by others – then logically, they also have a right to housing. Ours. Because it’s really theirs.

    • Now hold on, Mike, couldn’t you use a slave? Or an indentured servant? These criminals need to work off what they’ve cost us before they are forcibly deported, preferably with a highly visible tattoo marking them for harsh punishment should they trespass again.

      There are many viable solutions that don’t involve a wall, though it is ancient truth that good fences make good neighbors.

    • This exact scenario occurred in post-war Germany where Germans themselves were driven out of their ancestral homes so that they could be given to jews.
      Once again displacement of indigenous people (ethnic Germans) were displaced without good reason, just to satisfy the egos of the “victors”.
      Sounds like Palestinians who have been displaced for the last 80 years or so.

  13. Hamas killed some folks, happened to be Jews. Those guys never stop killing each other, been going on for centuries. You will not change a thing. Evidently, Hamas thinks the Jews have it coming to them, the Jews then kill the enemies. Then some more Jews get killed the next day, then the day after that, then on another day, even more people die in Israel.

    Must be getting old, hackneyed and stuff.

    Just another hard day on the planet for those Jewy Jews, they don’t know when to stop.

    Just stop the protesting says the self-righteous judgmental asshole Bibi, the Jews will do the killing.

    Norman Finkelstein said Bill Maher is a useless sack of shit, which is pretty funny.

    Still going to be a great day, even in America.

    • Ever hear of the “Hannibal Directive? This “directive” allows the killing of innocent civilians (even jews) in order to achieve a certain political outcome.
      October 7, 2023 was such an operation. Some of the jewish survivors of the attack bravely reported that it was IOF (IDF) forces themselves who perpetrated the attack. Blaming Hamas was merely the “false flag” part of the whole operation, giving israel the “excuse” to go into Gaza.
      Most people are unaware that the same situation was in play at the 1968 Munich Olympics where the PLO was blamed for the killing of israeli athletes. The mossad was embedded in that “operation” as well which also garnered much sympathy for israel and perpetuated the (false) impression that israeli athletes were being attacked just for being jews. This deception also succeeded with flying colors.
      When it comes to political objectives, jews will murder their own people…talk about a sick cult…

      • >the killing of innocent civilians (even jews) in order to achieve a certain political outcome.

        Not unique to the JSI (Jewish State of Israel).
        Most people have heard of the Operation Northwoods proposed by he US Joint Chiefs of Staff, to blow up civilian airliners and blame it on Fidel Castro, as an excuse to invade Cuba.

        Some people speculate that JFK’s refusal to approve that plan was part of the reason he was killed. There are certainly many layers to that onion, and very numerous questions with unsatisfactory answers, as we all know.

  14. One key reason civilized people act civilized in the first place is because they have something to lose should they act uncivilized. Civilized people value their jobs, careers, property, freedom, honor, dignity, and professional and personal reputations highly—and will do what’s necessary to avoid losing them.

    Uncivilized people, by contrast, can act uncivilized because they have nothing to lose if they do. That’s why so many uncivilized people hail from either the dregs of society or the scions of inherited wealth.

    But when otherwise civilized people lose everything and have nothing left to lose…well, you better watch out! Just ask any German about that.

  15. The more I’ve read about the Civil War, the more I see the aggressive and often vicious nature of Lincoln. Lee on the other hand was a gentleman, and treated the war in a noble fashion as if he was fighting in Europe. I wish Lee had gone to capture D.C. instead of fighting at Gettysburg.

    • Recommended reading list for beginners:

      The South Was Right -James & Donald Kennedy
      The Real Lincoln -Thomas DiLorenzo
      The War on Southern Civilians – Walter Cisco
      The Yankee Problem in America – Clyde Wilson

  16. Look at the caption on the embedded YouTube video: “SF street causing ‘chaos’ for homeowners.”

    My street never acts up. Pavement is passive. It’s PEOPLE that make a street chaotic.

    Commiefornia subsidizes vagrancy, shoplifting, and intravenous drug use, so — surprise! — it gets more of it.

    Even if they didn’t take Econ 101 at Berzerkley, how can they not figure this out? Meanwhile the Lügenpresse, using a tortured passive verb construction taught at J-school, insinuates that inanimate objects — streets, cars, guns, drugs — are fomenting chaos.

    To quote the elder statesman George W Bush: ‘Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?’

    • >using a tortured passive verb construction taught at J-school, insinuates that inanimate objects — streets, cars, guns, drugs — are fomenting chaos.

      One of my (least) favorite examples is, “And then, an ‘officer involved shooting’ occurred.”
      Sort of like a hailstorm, I guess. Except in this case, it is hail of lead projectiles which travel horizontally. God forbid we should ever read, “A cop shot someone,” or “A cop T-boned a passing motorist with a patrol car, killing the motorist.”

  17. Keep in mind the J6 protesters who are still languishing in the D. C. “gulag” with the feds actively searching for more protesters to prosecute to this very day. JEW Merrick Garland (nee Garfinkle) is actively looking for Trump supporters to prosecute.
    As to the present-day protests that support Palestine, young people don’t have the blinders that their parents have. This is why the feds are attempting to outlaw Tik-tok. It’s not China, but is the JEWS who are behind the efforts to ban that social media platform. Too much JEWISH genocide footage is getting out.
    Keep in mind that there are 30 or more states who have “anti-israel BDS ” restrictions coded into state contracts. This is PROOF itself that the USA is being run from tel aviv, not D. C.
    JEWS are formulating “speech codes” for Americans to follow…not good…”holocaustianity has already been deemed the new “state religion” in the USA. If I had my way, EVERY “holocaust museum” in the USA would be seized and turned into whorehouses or porn theaters. since JEWS own the porn industry, such a change would be to their liking. They would still make shekels…
    JEWS have been kicked out of 109 countries throughout modern history…it’s time for 110.

    • You can’t say all Jews, you know. A lot are fighting for TicToc and the first amendment and are against zionist Israel.

      • There aren’t enough “good JEWS” to make a difference. As jews consider collective responsibility and collective punishment to be moral imperatives, it is time to hold JEWS to that same standard. As far as I am concerned , EVERY JEW on the planet is complicit in genocide as it is encoded into their basic belief system. EVERY JEWISH HOLY DAY is a celebration of death and total destruction of their “enemies”.
        In fact, Netanyahu has declared that EVERY JEW is a combatant. Iam merely holding JEWS to their own standard.

    • > If I had my way
      If “they” had their way, there would be a “Holocaust Museum” attached to every fast food outlet. You would get a “Holocaust Remembrance Item” with your Unhappy Meal, and the clerk at the drive through window would be required *by* *law* to say “Remember the Holocaust” when handing you your (alleged) “food.”

  18. The JEWS are attempting to limit true free speech by redefining “certain” speech that (((they))) don’t like as “anti-semitic” and criminalizing it, just as (((they))) have been successful with in demonizing those who KNOW the truth about their non-event–the holohoax (oops, I mean “holocaust”) .
    It is interesting to note that every European or American JEW is NOT a “semite” as every European and American JEW has no “semitic” DNA. On the other hand, ALL Palestinians are true “semites”.
    War criminal Netanyahu (nee Milejkowsky) has no semitic DNA and is Polish, being born in New Jersey.
    If the JEWS are successful in limiting free speech here in the USA, it’s over.
    All jews are taught from birth that “collective responsibility” and “collective punishment” is to be exacted by jews on the “goyim” (but ONLY on the goyim). JEWS themselves are exempt from collective responsibility and collective punishment. You see, “goyim” are considered to be on the level of “livestock” to be used for the benefit of the JEWS. Slavery (of goyim) is still a valid teaching in jewish doctrine still being taught today.
    Germany is still suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome” still being blamed for all ills that the jews claimed to have been imposed on them by Germany before and during WW2. The (supposed) “sins of the father” are still being imposed on children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of ww2-era Germans. It is long overdue to hold ALL JEWS WORLDWIDE to the same standard, especially with their current genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.
    On another subject, it is JEWS who believe and promote the concept of LGBTQXYZ gender fluidity. I am quoting directly from the jewish talmud as proof.
    Here you go:
    The outright promotion of the LGBTQXYZ “lifestyles” and the demand jews make on “the rest of us” for not only tolerance but acceptance of perverse and vile behavior has its roots in jewish talmudic rabbinical teachings.
    The talmud contains in fact no less than eight gender designations including: 
    1. Zachar, male.
    2. Nekevah, female.
    3. Androgynos, having both male and female characteristics.
    4. Tumtum, lacking sexual characteristics.
    5. Aylonit hamah, identified female at birth but later naturally developing male characteristics.
    6. Aylonit adam, identified female at birth but later developing male characteristics through human intervention.
    7. Saris hamah, identified male at birth but later naturally developing female characteristics.
    8. Saris adam, identified male at birth and later developing female characteristics through human intervention.
    This is the source for today’s perversion of the genders…notice #6 and #8 which advocate surgical “gender reassignment”.
    The (in)famous “book burnings” in Germany between the two world wars was limited to books promoting gender fluidity and Wiemar Republic-era perverse behavior. As most authors of these vile books were JEWS, it is easy to se how JEWS would be offended.
    It’s the JEWS…it’s ALWAYS the JEWS

    • It’s the JEWS…it’s ALWAYS the JEWS

      Holy shit. Every time (except this one) I see one of these posts, not just yours, that go on and on about Jew this Jew that, I just skip on by. It’s intellectually disgusting and it’s tarnishing this otherwise brilliant comment section.

      Sometimes I think that maybe government shills or AI bots are spamming this website with this shit to turn away serious libertarians who wish to engage in discourse. I wonder how many have stopped perusing the comment section due to this stuff?

      • What is not intellectual about pointing out the influence that JEWS have on western societies?
        Here are but two of many examples of JEWS getting away with murder against the USA…
        Know your history: The #USS_Liberty was not the first Israeli false flag against America
        The Lavon Affair. Code-named Operation Susannah by IDF military intelligence, it involved a Jewish terror cell in Egypt that was sought to undermine Cairo’s relations with the United States and Britain. They were a dozen young Egyptian Jews who agreed to spy for Israel against their home country,
        The cell, whose members were arrested in the summer of 1954, had planned to plant bombs in movie houses, a post office, and U.S. institutions in Cairo and Alexandria, making it look like the bombs were the work of Egyptians.…/israel-reveals-controversial……/the-lavon-affair-when-israel…
        ‘But Sir, It’s an American Ship.’ ‘Never Mind, Hit Her!’ When Israel Attacked USS Liberty…/but-sir-its-an-american-ship…
        Note that I have included jewish sources for the above atrocities…

      • I like anarchyst’s comments. Philo, you didn’t “engage in discoutse” or even say anything to dispute what anarchyst said, just listed off a bunch of pejorative adjectives to insult him like “disgusting, tarnishing, spamming, bot, shill” with a final comment to try and sow doubt in EP’s mind about “hey maybe I should shut down this Jew bashing…I might have a higher readership…”

        I for one keep coming back to his website because he’s a principled adherent to free speech, unlike somewhere like Zerohedge. But the Jewish relationship with American society is what a lot of people want to talk about, and can’t just about anywhere else cuz it’s all censored, cuz yeah, Jewish people do control the US government and most of its society and don’t want that discussed, at all. It’s empirically provable and takes like 10 seconds to figure out. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to.

        Oh and also because an Israeli dude told me in 2016 “that’s right man, we do control everything all over the world, and that’s just the way it is”

      • anarchyst was attempting to give a lesson in the Jewish Talmud. If what he has posted is accurate (I have no idea if that is true, or not) then, yes, I agree, it *is*
        “intellectually disgusting.”

        Just sayin’…

  19. They aren’t just not civil. They would like you dead. Don’t make it easy for them by being civil.
    Remember the scene in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid where Butch is about to engage in a knife fight with a guy and throw’s his opponent off by suggesting rules? His opponent says “Rules, in a knife fight?”
    We are indeed in a knife fight.

    • Great scene. I also remember the part where Butch told Sundance that if he was killed, to kill the other guy. There are some rules, starting with don’t be a lone wolf against a pack.

  20. I’m amazed that it only took one generation after the fall of the Berlin Wall to get all this crap back in play. Last night a YouTube algorithm presented a short documentary about East German “unbreakable” glass, presented as a wonderful accomplishment* of the Soviet system. Whatever, who really cares about broken glassware (that’s completely recyclable) in a bar? And besides, if you sell an unbreakable glass there’s no need to ever buy another… sure planned obsolescence is a thing, but glassware as a fashion statement is a thing too. The opening was a brief history of the German state, with an apologetic tone for the brutal dictatorship that people fled in such great numbers they had to put up a wall to hold them in. The director made it appear that people fled to the west because of desire for consumer goods, not because the Stasi would kill them for wrongthink.

    As the ongoing horror of Occupy Wall St communism continues to morph, this time into “Palestine Protests,” I have to wonder why people continue to play along? It’s fairly well documented that the Soros family is behind a good bit of the destruction, in their own words. They’re shorting the United States and western civilization for their own gain. I imagine most people on the long side are thinking it’s an easy way to take their money, but they aren’t playing the game. Soros figured out that you don’t need to be a criminal to profit from crime, if you allow it to run amok. And the fatally damaged mainstream media, desperate for viewers, is happy to report on all the physical harm caused, like it’s nothing more than another natural disaster, just like Soros set up the rule.

    As for the actual protestors and thugs, well, everything is being logged and recorded. Better make sure you win, because if you don’t whomever does will destroy you. Tyrants are like the Sith, there can’t be too many around or they start fighting amongst themselves.

    *Turns out Corning had similar glass developed but couldn’t find much of a market for it outside of a few specialized uses. It sat for decades until the iPhone needed it for thin strong display screens.

  21. Regarding Civility:

    “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
    if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
    come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
    ― Winston S. Churchill

  22. So a question is posed – are the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel university campus protests civilized or uncivilized? The original intent may have been peaceful and civil (students demanding divestiture from companies engaging in business with Israel and VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE food supplied to them, no kidding), but now violent and uncivil actions are dominating. The message I think is lost. As I write this, the LAPD is in riot gear tearing down protester barriers, lobbing tear gas, and arresting people on the UCLA campus. AGWs needing to use force and be uncivil to counter force from the protestors. Similar events have happened at Columbia University and others. Am I swayed or impacted by the protests? Not now.

    • Plymouthbill asked: “are the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel university campus protests civilized or uncivilized?”

      They’re theatre. Presented by the various profiteers who wish to short the US and the west economic system. They believe that the centrally planned economy is the way forward. And then there’s Soros. But realize that many of these students are being paid cash, being put up in mass-purchased tents and other camping gear, given signs and talking points. It’s very much planned, produced and played to create a viral response.

      Which brings up my question: Are the various social networks and legacy old media types playing along because they’re part of it, or are they so tone deaf as to not see they’re being played?

    • ‘Are the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel university campus protests civilized or uncivilized?’ — Plymouthbill

      I start with the premise that slaughtering 35,000 Gazans — two-thirds of them women and children — is barbaric.

      As the Shake ‘n Bake girl used to say on TeeVee, ‘And we HAY-ulped!’

      I protested the slaughter of the Vietnam war, which was more (though not entirely) focused on actual combatants — in their own country. Totally understand why students are lashing against a psycho-killer government (and its fake ‘ally’ Israel), which would casually murder them — and us.

      • Netanyahu and his henchmen are WAR CRIMINALS, based on he “principles” laid down at Nuremburg. The bill of particulars encompasses a) waging aggressive war, b) crimes against peace, and c) crimes against humanity.

        The U.S. government not only gives these criminals a pass, but actually FUNDS their crimes with our tax dollars. And we wonder why most of the world despises the U.S. Government and the the U.S. citizens who support it.

      • “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”
        – Barry M. Goldwater, U.S. senator from Arizona
        for whom Hillary Rodham actively campaigned in 1964

        (by 1968, her senior year at Wellesley College, Hillary Rodham had become a fake “student radical,” and was spouting various quasi-Marxist platitudes, along with many of her classmates, because her internal “weatherman” told her that was the way the wind was blowing.)

  23. Being civilized doesn’t preclude righteous indignation. Jesus threw the money changers tables to the ground, and told them they took something holy (the Temple) and turned it into something unholy (den of thieves). Rather than being a passive pushover, Jesus took action.

    Based on that model:

    No, I will not indulge your sickness psychosis. I am not wearing that stupid mask.

    No, I will not call you “ma’am” when you have a pecker & balls, an Adams apple, or XY chromosomes.

    No, I will not bow at the alter of blm for a drug addled violent criminal who shoved fentanyl up his ass.

  24. They will come for you no matter where you go. At the risk of doxxing myself, in the town next to me, the trannys have come for the middle school girls here. The school board punished the girls who resisted.

    • Hard times make hard men…
      Hard men make good times…
      Good times make soft men…
      Soft men make hard times, let trannies into schools, let our common (((enemy))) control our monies and government, and bring about the nuclear apocalypse…


      • And give up the “free” day care. Have to be personally responsible for their own children’s education.

        Not a chance. Forgettaboutit.

      • Maybe the men of those families need to gear up in anonymous coverings and fix the problem personally and permanently. Nah, whining on the news and begging for Justice in the enemy’s courts should do it. When the barbarians take over and destroy a civilization, there is no longer any reason too be civilized.

    • To me that was an easy principled decision by the girls. They should have no concerns about the “punishment” of not being able to engage in that sport going forward (shotput I think, right?). Why would they want to take part in that sport that’s allowed to become a mockery.

      There’s simply too much tolerance in society today. You get what you put up with.

  25. As we all know who is allowed to protest are those whose aims the state support. We saw this with the Floyd protests. A convicted felon, high on drugs with heart issues dies and billions of dollars of damages and multiple deaths occurs and the press called the protests mostly peaceful. You protest again men in the ladies change room and you’re a racist hate monger and it goes downhill from there.

    I could bring up Patric Henry’s words but instead a good start is to boycott as many of their supporters as we can and buy more from those that are not far left.


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