The Driver Who Doesn’t

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For “safety” – so it says – the federal regulatory apparat has just decreed that new vehicles must come standard with what is styled automatic emergency braking, a “feature” more than 90 percent of all new cars already come standard with.

Good luck trying to find a 2024 model year vehicle that doesn’t automatically slam on the brakes when the car thinks it’s necessary to slow down. Which “necessity” will inevitably encompass more than merely the need to slow down, to avoid hitting something. “Safety” will require automatically slowing down to prevent speeding. Probably also driving at any speed – to prevent the “climate” from “changing.”

It’s all coming.

Hinted at, by automakers who “expressed concern” about “taking away the driver’s authority.”

Take the hint.

The new decree – which goes into effect come the 2029 model year – decrees that the soon-to-be-mandatory (formally) automatic braking be even more peremptory and forceful. It must be capable of completely stopping the car (assuming the driver fails to brake) at speeds up to 62 MPH and also stop the car if the system detects a pedestrian in the path of the vehicle.

Pete Buttigieg, who is the head of the federal regulatory apparat that issued the decree (this decree-issuing by regulatory apparats that have no lawful – i.e., constitutional – law-making powers having been insouciantly accepted by a populace that seems not to mind being ruled by decree) says the decree was “necessary” for “safety.”

There is no end to what’s “necessary” when it comes to “safety,” of course. Except when “safety” conflicts with some other thing the apparat decrees to be “necessary,” such as pushing strange drugs Warp Speeded into existence (supposedly) upon hundreds of millions of heavily pressured human guinea pigs, many of them children.

“Safety,” if you haven’t already figured this out, is apparat-speak for more control – exercised by the apparatchiks, over us. Not for the sake of our “safety,” either.

“Safety” is one of those words that has an aura of radiant power because who could possibly object to a measure that will result in a “safer” vehicle – or school or airport – you name it? To even cautiously raise a hand to ask a question is to be questioned. How could anyone question something that will save lives?

So they say. So as to keep you from saying anything.

It’s just a small ask – wear a mask!

Of a piece with saying anything about using race as a criteria to advantage people of one color over another. If you raise your hand to question this, your motives will also be questioned. You must be a racist.  After all, who else would question advantaging people of one color over people of another?

Orwell had something to say about this. Also Lewis Carroll – via his character Humpty Dumpty, who used language similarly.

So, “safety” sells. Just the same as “democracy” sells. The fact that both terms – when used by the apparatchiks – have as much to do with “safety” or “democracy” as “consent of the governed” has to do with being governed by consent only mattering to those who are capable of separating out the sounds of those words from the operative meaning of those words.

“Safety” means another step toward not being permitted – by the apparat – to exercise one’s own judgment as regards risk assessment. It means your judgment – your competence – are irrelevant. Both must be made subservient to the judgment (and “competence,” if you can imagine that) of people like  . . . Pete Buttigieg. Which – in his case and as regards cars and the driving of them – is like submitting to his judgment about relationships with women.

No doubt that’s next.

The new vehicle safety standards we finalized today will save hundreds of lives and prevent tens of thousands of injuries every year,” says Buttigieg. 

Isn’t the grandiloquence of it . . . grand?

“We finalized.” Yes, indeed – they did. As in, they decreed. None of this having ever been put to a vote or put together as a legislative proposal by an elected representative. Instead we are ruled by apparatchiks who “finalize” what they style “standards” which they decree in the same of “safety.”

“Standards” that have very little to do with “safety” but much to do with further reducing the control we have over  . . . well, everything. Not just our cars – in case you hadn’t noticed the general trend. Soon, we will be told that it is “necessary” – for our “safety” – to surrender whatever remaining control over our finances we are still allowed by a decree that cash money will no longer be a allowed.

To keep us “safe” from  . . . something.

But there is an upside to what might be called the Temple Grandining of vehicles – after the animal behaviorist who figured out how to keep cattle calm on their last walk on the way to becoming hamburger. It is that the decreeing of “safety” this and “safety” that has made new vehicles less-and-less appealing to more-and-more people, who begin to notice they are being treated like cattle – by rancher-apparatchiks such as Buttigieg, who are as interested in their “safety” as the former is in the opposite sex.

We are still free enough to not willingly enter the chute. Just as we were still free enough to choose to not wear facial underwear, if we were willing to refuse to. This does not mean refusal is free.

It means we will never be free so long as we refuse to choose not to obey.

. . .

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  1. So what?

    The government can”decree” all it wants to.

    The only way it means anything, is if everyone cooperates.

    The smart play, is for as many people as possible to simply ignore them. The more, the better.

    Ignoring them causes the fact that they are both useless and powerless to come into the sharpest possible focus, and gives them a clear choice. They must either back down, or be the bad guy and respond with overwhelming force. And if the people are sufficiently recalcitrant, they are an impotent bad guy at that. Add on to that, the fact that TPTB are a bunch of wusses who can’t and won’t do it themselves, victory is assured…if people will just sack up a little bit.

    • We should take notice of our northern neighbours in Canada. The postal system up there is refusing the “gun buy back programme” (aka, gun confiscation) citing “safety concerns”. The Prime Minister of Alberta (Danielle Smith) is pushing back against Castro Trudeau, from gun control to COVID crap. Perhaps the U.S. could take a lesson, follow their steps, and simply say “no more”, and push back. As Hopper said in “Bug’s Life”: Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one. And if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life. It’s not about food. It’s about keeping those ants in line”. I suspect we outnumber our adversary, as well.

    • “The smart play, is for as many people as possible to simply ignore them. The more, the better.”

      Fat chance! I assumed the same myself during “cough-cough”, until the dildos literally SCREAMED at the politicians for lifting the mandates “too soon”. THAT’S when I realized we were screwed. Give people a little money, a couple of weeks to “Netflix and chill”, and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go “open season” on those they don’t like, and they will HAPPILY accept their own demise! The idea of “bugging-out” in some remote corner of the planet is starting to look more and more appealing every year.

  2. Dr. Pavlov removed the esophagus from his experimental dog. Two holes were incised, one at the throat, one near the stomach. The dog ate food, the food dropped out of the hole. Food was stuffed into the dog’s stomach.

    A metronome was used to induce salivarrhea in dogs, not a bell.

    When the dogs saw a white lab coat worn by the sadists, they began to salivate, meant something to eat.

    Ten days later, the dog with no esophagus was dead.

    If you don’t eat at Taco Bell or at McDonald’s, you’ll be dead in 10 days.

    Pavlov’s black heart ain’t nearly as black as Bibi’s black hole of a heart.

    The rest of the story.

    7/10/2023 is long forgotten, get over it. Nobody cares anymore, life goes on.

    More killing is the answer, makes life worse, which is better.

    • Working on a follow-up to PCR’s cri de coeur— “Cars Now Make Us Feel Crappy: How to Torch an EeeVee Porker Till It’s Stone Dead.”

  3. Eric,

    Perhaps you could do a story on calls for the Biden Thing to declare a “Climate Emergency”. If the Thing were to do that, he’d effectively have the same dictatorial powers he had during COVID. He may try to BAN use of gasoline, BAN meat consumption, decree draconian lockdowns of small farms, decree face diaper mandates disguised as “Stopping the spread of CO2”, or even decree MANDATES for people to get an EV if they wish to continue driving an automobile. Given what we’ve already seen the past 4 years, I don’t even want to imagine how far the government wishes to take their wet dreams of totalitarianism.

    • The sad thing is, John, a “Climate Emergency” may work. After all, the country was locked down for three years due to COVID, complete with face diapering, mandatory jabs, firing of those who would not get the jab, and the demonization of those of us who stood up against said jabs, and too many in the country bowed over like sheep. I would like to think that people have learned their lesson. But probably not, seeing is how humans love repeating history. The Biden thing shutting down for a “Climate Emergency” will effectively destroy the country. Which is the whole point, I know. I do find it ironic, in that even Barack Obama warned of Biden’s ability to “F- things up”. Looking back, I wonder if Obama was jealous. How far will the government take things? As far as we let them.

      • Hi Shadow,

        It’s amazing how many people who fell for the HEAVY propaganda involving COVID, face diapers, and mRNA jabs aren’t mad at those who’ve LIED about that to them; they’re mad at those who got it RIGHT and refused to comply with nonsensical government diktats.

        • Do you remember that story about the naked emperor?

          There’s a reason why the character who blew the emperor’s charade wide open was a kid. Most adults have been going along to get along for so long, they have forgotten how to (or perhaps no longer want to) distinguish truth from lies. In fact, essentially all of us lie all the damned time, about one thing or another.

    • Won’t work.

      Of course they’ll try but let’s not forget the power of noncompliance. It takes very few people saying fuck you to crater the whole thing. It doesn’t get much coverage over here, but farmers in Europe are consistently spraying official buildings with shit and other fun stuff. Governments are gonna learn that there are limits.

      • Hi Yeti,

        Had it not been for those who refused to comply with COVID vaxx mandates, we’d likely have vaccine passports by now, and would have been REQUIRED to show proof of vaxx (and boosters) to work and go to public places. When they were trying to ram through vaccine passports, they claimed that it was for “Saaaaaaaaaaaaafety” and for “Public Health”.

        Under a declared “Climate Emergency”, these same authoritarians may try to ram through carbon passports and claim that it’s “For the cliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimate”.

  4. 2 days ago a 16-year-old girl from Nepal brought her car in for service. She showed more maturity and intelligence than any cry-baby adult that has called on the phone all year. Made me wish I was 17 again, too, she was a heart-breaker, lol!

    • Her style is new but the face is the same
      As it was so long ago
      But from her eyes a different smile
      Like that of one who knows

      — Led Zeppelin, Heartbreaker

  5. I’m going to start answering my shop – phone with “Spoiled Cry-Baby Auto Service”, if these sorry ass people don’t grow the fuck up. 3 1/2 years of of left-wing tittie sucking laziness has turned everyone into spoiled cry babies.

  6. These systems are unreliable, and all engineers know this. They don’t understand the world. Some of them use radar (vw automotive group), some use cameras (MobilEye, installed in many cars). They look for things which statistically look like an obstacle. Since it’s statistics, the answer will be something like, “I’m 72% confident I need to brake for this”. You can tune such a system to be very aggressive (brake if you’re more than 20% sure), or conservative (only brake if you’re more than 90% sure). The first will brake way too often, while the second will often miss times it should brake.

    The regulators are morons, because if they were not morons, they would not be working as regulators and would be doing something less boring that pays better. Lacking the brains to understand tradeoffs, the regulators require never erring on the side of not braking, so you are guaranteed to have a car that brakes way too much because you can’t build a perfect system. Video based systems will brake for shadows, radar based systems will brake for things they think are in their path because the signal bounced off something shiny and confused them.

    It gets even better. Not only are regulators morons, they’re malicious morons. They’re used to people resisting their regulations, and they perceive that as the industry being evil or greedy or wanting people to die. They are indeed stupid enough to believe this, but the problem with a moron in a position of authority is that they are vindictive, and when experts and industry tell them the downsides, this only encourages them because it’s somehow sticking it to the evil industry.

    I’ve interacted with these people. There is no lower form of human. I have much more respect for the criminals coming through the southern border than these people.

    • ‘Since it’s statistics, the answer will be something like, “I’m 72% confident I need to brake for this”.’ — Opposite Lock

      Precisely … or better to say, imprecisely.

      Likewise, the fuzzy-logic human meat computer is prone to erratic interpretations. Once, stoned on ten-dollar-a-lid Mexican weed, I mistook a late-night shadow on a dirt road in the Red River bottoms as a rabbit hopping across the road.

      But I did not panic-brake as a stupid algorithm might have done. Just turned up the volume on The Yes Album, maintained a steady 30 mph in top (third) gear, and took another toke to steady muh nerves. All was well.

      Speak to me of summer
      Long winters longer than time can rеmember
      The sеtting up of other roads
      To travel on in old accustomed ways

      — Yes, Life Seeker

    • You bring up an interesting point. Somehow I don’t think the criminals coming thru the border will be going out and buying evs. But I bet they buy used gas cars. Criminals do mot obey laws or care about the climate.

  7. My late model Ram has this braking BS, even if the auto-cruise is off, I found out.
    I travel the same 35-45mph road every day to work, and a car parks really close to the road on a gentle left corner. The truck thinks I’m going to hit it and, BAM, hits the brakes with blaring sirens and all. If someone was following too close, it’s 50/50 they hit me.
    This happened 3-5 times before I think I figured it out. So now I turn the wheel a little to the left before I get there, and my thinking is the ‘eye’ our whatever it is, turns with the wheel and doesn’t think I’m going to hit it. This crap has to be literally inches.
    No problems since, but how insane is it that we have to come up with tricks to beat the f’n computer that someone wrote code for? None of this ends well.

  8. One beef processor had trouble moving cattle through the chutes, the livestock stopped moving where the sun was shining through.

    Temple Grandin was called, the developer of the system, she responded. Temple noticed that there was an area of the line that was lit from the outside. Halted the movement of the cattle.

    The spot was covered and the slaughter resumed, brisket for you.

    Every cow, steer, bull will eventually croak, I suppose we could let them live and do something with them after they die. Let those cows roam the plains of Alberta, can’t wait until they’re dead to eat them, you can raise them for beef and dairy. Plenty of room for deer and antelope too.

    Thank Temple Grandin for the perspicacity to comprehend, the ability to see what can be done to solve problems.

    Maybe Temple gave Bibi the idea of how to herd Gazans to slaughter.

    Maybe the sun needs to shine on Bibi’s dark brain so he can see the light.

    It’s always beer time.

  9. Does anyone know how A.E.B. works if the car is a manual? Does it engage the clutch at the time of initiating the brakes?

    • From what I gather,,, it stalls the engine. So once its stopped in the middle of the road with that 80,000 pound 18-whealer barreling toward you,,, it ensures no escape…. brought to you by Senor Butt-Man and his fairy men.

      • Ugh…why am I not surprised? As I’ve been saying for a while, I expect our automotive landscape to become more and more like Cuba if this authoritarian automotive takeover keeps up

        • Re: going Cuba, I’m there! ‘91 Silverado, ‘03 Escape.

          Drove the ‘91 Monday, actually enjoyable no seat belt buzzer, no nanny anything except the key and headlight minders which I can live with. 8 cylinders loafing down the highway, fingertip effort power steering, wake me when we get there!

          • Nice! 2 of my vehicles were made in the 1990s (1997 to be exact), and similarly neither has a seatbelt buzzer either (just a red warning light when you first start the engine). Cuba indeed

  10. Pushing back against the control group……

    Former Councilor and mayor, Brian Silvester informs us how we can turn our councils around to work for the people, and the untapped methods of infiltrating it to make change.

    Local councils can’t fix potholes but spend millions of dollars on climate change bs…virtue signalling…..

    Councillor Brian Silvester says…94% of crime is undetected…..poor police performance….

  11. I read this from the NTSB yesterday, Eric, and was wondering when you were going to write an article. I cannot wait to see how many accidents are produced due to this “safety” “feature”. Which is neither “safe”, nor a “feature” I want. I can just see people up here slipping and sliding all over the place during the long Winter months, trying not to hit someone because the car decided to “pre-emptively” slam on the brakes for you. For saaaaafeeeety. Whoops, sorry about that….and you slid into an oncoming truck in the other lane…

  12. I’ll invest in engine and trans rebuilding or replacement, suspension repairs, etc. before I ever buy a new car. I can make my fleet of cars last for the rest of my life unless:

    They create scarcity of aftermarket replacement parts.
    They outlaw or restrict through fees, older vehicles.
    They make gasoline unobtainable or cost prohibitive.
    They murder me.

    • I’m at the same point. Anything newer than say a 2010 (maybe even 2005) is a deal killer for me. Having a parts car in the back yard might become necessary soon.

      ¡Bienvenidos a la Cuba nueva!

      • Ha! I have one just sitting in front of my barn. Forward of firewall all gone. Parts iether sold or used on my running car. Spare car was my SIL’s until it got wrecked. I got it for $400 and between sold parts and parts for my current car, I’ve made $2000. My SIL’s misfortune has metamorphosed into my magnificent gain.

    • Philo,
      Say Hi to Clyde for me and I wonder if you ever checked out the old USMC Mule 1/2 ton 4×4?
      In my opinion, it was incredibly functional!
      25 mph max road solo…but the WILD “twistable” steering assembly was great..
      A literal motorized, tricked out Radio Flyer wagon.

      • That thing looks freaking awesome. Talk about back to basics. Someone needs to put a V8 in it!

        Manis (Clyde) died many years ago… 🙁

        • Clyde plays electric bass
          Plays it with finesse and grace
          Set on a porch, ain’t got no shoes
          Pickin’ the bass and singin’ the blues

          — Waylon Jennings, Clyde

  13. in the movie knight and day with tom cruise he has a line in it that says when the government tells you they intend to take you somewhere ”safe” they intend to kill you.

    government lie. people believe them as odd as that is, it is the truth. Governments do everything humanly possible to poison our air, food, water and soils and yet they are looking out for our ”safety”…yeah right…since when? everything they do proves they do not have our good health in mind. quite the opposite is true.

    it is about forcing a product at the point of a gun. all laws, all mandates have a gun hidden under them. do what your told peasant or else! force and fraud….

    what was not illegal yesterday will be illegal today…crime creation at the point of a gun. and people say anarchy is chaos? governments are the embodiment of it. Anarchy is simply no rulers, no masters….that is all it means…freedom in another word. can’t have that can we..?

    safety is about force and fraud. forcing people to wear masks, helmets, to buy a product they have no say about…insurance….taxation….banning light bulbs for instance…isn’t about safety or health…taking a product that worked and replacing it with one that causes damage to the health and eye sight. another product at the point of a gun. crime creation.

    • Truer words have not been spoken, Highlander.

      “Governments do everything humanly possible to poison our air, food, water and soils and yet they are looking out for our ”safety”…yeah right…since when?”

      The actual purpose of government is for those in power to plunder those who are not.

  14. Safety kills!

    We’re from the government and we’re here to kill ya!

    It costs an arm and a leg to be safe and you are going to pay for it, all of it.

    You’re a horse that needs to be trained, blinders keep you looking straight ahead.

    The bottom line: You need to be trained, not educated.

    Finalizes like the final nail in the coffin.

    “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” – Fred Nietzsche

  15. Me, the scofflaw, borrows my friend’s car. After I return it, the insurance mafia promptly dings her on account of my aggressive driving. Reminds me of the California red light cameras. Unable in many cases to identify the driver, car owner receives a ticket. “Bizarre. Vous avez dit bizarre? Ah, ca c’est etrange.” (French movie scene akin to our “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges”). But I digress.

    • Hi Antoine, red light cameras produced huge revenue for NYC for many years and some years ago they added school zone cameras, but sometimes the cameras were several hundred yards from the school and the cameras were on a Main Street and sometimes the school was on a side street so the driver was unaware until the ticket arrived in the mail but it was a revenue producer for the city which was the point.

        • There was a invisible line that if crossed the machine would ticket you even if you did not run the light. Even if you stopped and your bumper was 1 inch over the line you got a ticket!

          • Aw hell, in that case, you may as well run the red light, and get more for your ticket. To get dinged for not doing so is a kick in the teeth. And the wallet, too.

            • True,,, but there is no way to know if you passed the line or not…..Sometimes…. there will be a camera at the intersection. In a company truck (at&t) I got a ticket in the mail. Found out there was a picture proving I did not run the light.

              at&t was/is nasty about tickets. Even though I was proven innocent they still punished me with three days off.

  16. Has pedo Pete calculated how many more rear-end collisions will occur, when vehicles stop suddenly in the middle of the road?

    Does his minor-attracted algorithm read brake lights? Does it instantaneously calculate the first derivative of velocity, when a vehicle’s forward acceleration suddenly changes from zero g to minus 1 g?

    Sorry, it’s a proprietary chip. We’re not permitted to read the code, just as 10th century peasants weren’t permitted to inquire into the mysterious Latin texts that governed their circumscribed lives.

    Doubtless the insurance mafia knows the score, though. Or soon will. Premiums, therefore, must go up. Crash into someone from behind and it’s your fault. As our overlords cheerfully quip, ‘We’re all in this mess together.’

    Wonder whether we could plug in that emergency braking chip upside down, so when a hazard appears, it accelerates to 120 mph in 6.3 seconds? Like in that movie Bird Box, where people just started going haywire? The code, comrades: if you see it, you die.

  17. Implying that automatic braking is a saaaaaafety feature is pure BS, I’ve gotten out of a few collisions over the years by stomping the gas and swerving to avoid some idiot who pulled out directly in front of me. So with all this saaaaafety “assistance” the car wouldn’t let me swerve and locking the brakes wouldn’t do diddly because the car was too close to stop in time. Thanks a-holes, I feel so much safer now.

    • Yes, me too. a problem for sure. My Ram actually hits the brakes trying to pass, on the gas, in tight interstate traffic. ohhh my how stupid………………

  18. Buckle up Eric!
    Coming to a town near you!
    Roanoke and Botetourt Counties along with the Town of Vinton have partnered together for the Safe Streets and Roads for All program.
    Isn’t it amazing how coordinated our Federal,State, and Local governments are so “concerned ” with our safety .

      • >I suppose I’ll be typing these articles up in a cell
        No worries, Eric.
        That will give you a chance to translate “My Awakening” into the original German.
        Sorry, just couldn’t resist [GD&R] 🙂
        It’ll probably sell a million copies. Might even make you a rich man. 🙂

      • I know you are not religious in any way, shape, or form, Eric. But in the Christian bible, the apostle Paul wrote half the New Testament (Christian Bible) sitting in jail cells. History may not repeat, but it does rhyme. Also, some of the best reads I have done, have been from people from the past (war time books, etc.) who survived jails, gulags of some kind, etc. It is just sad and ironic that kind of system (ala, Communistic) is now here in the U.S. Being jailed for what you believe in often gets the notice of the fence sitters, and those who are half-awake, sit up, who then realize that you were not crazy, you were right all along. I would not relish being in such a place, but the alternate (not standing up) is not a place I want to visit, either, let alone survive in the rest of my days.

  19. “We finalized” equals tyranny of the minority.

    The Marxists-Democrats must be taught this in one of their college classes…proclaim you speak for *science* or *the environment* or *against drunk driving* , *election integrity*. Any opposition to the Marxist decree and new rules will swiftly be condemned as denying science, polluter, election denier, not safety conscience.

    I went to my local neighborhood association meeting last week to witness Marxism and groupthink in full bloom. They *finalized* their decision to approve new “traffic calming” speed bumps on the main entry road to our area. Never mind the traffic calming potholes and pavement raveling up that have not been fixed, and the few speed bumps they have installed are the size of Everest and impede ambulance and fire access. The (Ass)ociation “voted overwhelmingly in favor of this project” according to their newsletter (of 20 attendees at the meeting out of area of 1000 houses). Their problem is the gadfly they let into the room…me.

    They finalized….

    • Sounds about right. HOA groups really highlight the behavior of the worst of the worst neighbors. The most insane stiff I read are the next door blogs of people who bought homes in one of the “age restricted” or as I refer to them “brain restricted” communities. These places have HOA rules so severe they monitor and punish homeowners whose front lawns are deemed offensive. Now you would think that with the high HOA dues these homeowners already pay to live there they could easily solve this problem by including front yard maintenance in like they do in our neighborhood. But no that would take away all the enjoyment and feelings of power these cranky old people get from ratting out their neighbors. I think just moving into one of these communities would drive a person into an instant depressive state and age them at least 10 years.

      • A group of birds is called a flock.
        A group of cows is called a herd.
        A group of fish is called a school.

        A group of Karens is called an HOA.

        • HOAs are empowered by state laws to crush homeowners for even the slightest of “infractions.” And yes, private individuals can be bad too. Individuals become even worse with government powers, which are backed by a gun and a badge.

        • I’d say 99% of commenters on this website seem very intelligent, with well thought out comments and responses, even when disagreements come up.

          Girl wrote: “So even private individuals are bad too?”

          You are truly in the 1%.

        • Psst….This is my Troll sight pal…any more transmittals and I want 10% of the Soros cash…..”Opps…Hot Mic”…….

    • Re: Speed bumps – Hans

      Same situation in my neighborhood (installation of speed bumps). I became
      a one-man-show – printed flyers, referenced National Motorists Association
      info and website. Gave my e-mail and phone number.

      Most folks didn’t understand the issue but came around once informed.

      Speed bump installation vote failed – big time, and hasn’t come back (Florida).

      1) Delays emergency vehicles, delaying possible life-saving help
      2) Painful to individuals with disabilities
      3) Has caused damage to vehicles, including emergency and fire
      4) Increased pollution, noise, fuel consumption, and accidents,
      through constant slowing/stopping of traffic
      5) Attracts children with skate boards and children riding bicycles
      6) More road maintenance required, with related expenses

      • Nice!

        I was pretty pissed off about our roundabouts until I took my Triumph around one a few times and shot out the other side. Much better than speed bumps.

  20. Driving a motor vehicle is a privilege, not a right. – The Law

    “I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it any further.” – The Law

    There are a lot of people who don’t enjoy driving. And many more who probably shouldn’t be driving. But back in the 1920s, the intellectuals were taken in by the promise of Soviet communism, that central planners and science were running the show. That might have been true to some extent, but of course it was all backed by a psychopath dictator. Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make progress I guess.

    After the war the intellectuals were further bothered by the rise of the modern German city that arose from the rubble of all those B17 runs. And the similar “urban renewal” of Japan. Here, this was the way! Burn down the old, Build Back Better, 1960s style. Tear out the flophouse bachelor hotels (that were mostly empty anyway after teaching young men a skill and then killing a percentage of them) and build a new “multipurpose” sports stadium. Build a new airport on swampland or those poor neighborhoods. And rezone everything, connected by superhighways. Look how well ordered everything is! And they even got their Soviet style brutalist architecture too.

    Except now there was a problem. People couldn’t live in the city anymore. They had to move out. But that’s OK, there’s plenty of cheap farmland that isn’t needed now that trucks can deliver food from miles away. More planning, more zoning, more driving. Everyone got in on the act.

    Even the people who didn’t have the proper attitude for driving. Not necessarily their fault, some people are just bad at that sort of thing. But they must have the privilege, so figure it out, said the planners. Blame the engineers! Roads aren’t designed right! Cars are “unsafe!” Bean counters cut corners! Everyone is an above average driver. 🙄

    Driving shouldn’t be for everyone. It should be a privilege. But the only reason why most people drive is because they must, thanks to the intentional hollowing out of the cities in the 1960s. And now it’s happening again. The central planners figured out that their Utopian planned cities didn’t work out, so now they’re hoping for a do-over. Problem is, this time there’s no tax money for eminent domain, so they have to get landowners to abandon their property on their own accord, not easy when the owners are massive corporations who’s whole existence is land deals. So just let the criminal element run free and watch vacancy rates climb. Then the planners can Build Back Better again, this time in the Parisian style, with small cafés and restaurants, attractive people dining on the sidewalk, and only the occasional mugging or stabbing. And NO CARS!

    In the meantime, cars are the problem. Just like guns. Bad drivers are the victims.

    • > Then the planners can Build Back Better again, this time in the Parisian style, with small cafés and restaurants, attractive people dining on the sidewalk,

      I wish them good cargo.

  21. This car control crap seems to just get worse by the day. I used to look forward to getting a new car every few years now am terrified by them. The last thing on planet earth I want is a car that decides to take over my driving. I already have all the speed limit and lane keep assists turned off. Every few months the car sneakily (i can’t even believe I’m referring this way to my car) asks if I want to reset the assists back to the factory settings. Just push this one button to turn ALL those intolerable annoying naggings back on. As if hoping I might get careless and push the button.
    My reaction is always instant hell no don’t you dare turn those assists back on!

  22. All this automated stuff just adds to cost, complexity, confusion, and contempt. It’s akin to the automatic windshield wipers arbitrarily engaging when the sensor sees some light pattern it interprets as rain.

    The wipers cuttin’ on when it’s sunny blue out is annoying or even comical. Whamming hard on the brakes when there’s an 18-wheeler 300 yards ahead is dangerous and scary.

    That happened to me in a rental. A normal person (like me) would’ve just eased off the gas at a certain point, waited for traffic in the passing lane to clear, and then go around the truck. AI doesn’t know any better.

    • Hi Mike. So who would be liable if your car slams on its brakes for no apparent reason and causes an accident? Usually the car that runs into you, but in bumper to bumper traffic I’m curious if a good lawyer could make a case for criminal negligence caused by faulty design. Would the car manufactures be able to successfully fight the case if it’s shown the driver did not hit the brakes?

      • I have no idea. I’m sure at $300+ per hour, the only people who win are the lawyers.

        Tesla settled a lawsuit where their sorta-autonomous thing killed the “driver”. I don’t know of any other manufacture’s being sued over their stupid / mandated safety “features”.

      • There is a trend now to no fault insurance…nobody is to blame….

        Nobody….this covers the defective tech in the vehicle..and the manufacturers of this highly dangerous crap….. causing accidents and killing lots of people….victims can’t sue for personal injury…..

        This puts a lot of personal injury lawyers out of work….

    • [Whamming hard on the brakes when there’s an 18-wheeler 300 yards ahead is dangerous and scary. ] Mike

      No,,, it when the 18-wheeler is 300 yards behind you.

  23. Just as the mRNA COVID jabs were falsely deemed “Safe and Effective!” by the government, CBDCs might at some point be deemed “Safe and Secure!” in the same way smart meters were deemed “Safe and Secure!” when they were being foisted on people in my neck of the woods of Oregon a few years ago. And then of course we have safety issues involving Tesla’s auto pilot feature on their EVs, which led to Tesla recalling who knows how many of their EVs…

    And there was a Fast Company article recently on Tesla’s ugly looking cybertruck, which was covered on the Jimmy Dore Show. Not only is that cyber truck one of the ugliest vehicles I’ve ever seen, it’s also had numerous problems since its introduction such as the frunk lid and the edge of the doors slicing human hands..has the government gone after Tesla for that?

  24. It’s hilarious for Libertarians to say something about “no force and fraud” or “do no harm” then complain “safety” is codeword for imposing Communism.

    • Gil,

      “Safety” in this context means government force using “safety” as the pretext/justification for the use of force.

      As far as what’s “It’s hilarious for Libertarians to say something about “no force and fraud” or “do no harm” then complain “safety” is codeword for imposing Communism” –

      That’s what’s called a non sequitur. Meaning, it does not follow.

      How does “saying something” – as you put it – about “no force and fraud” or “do no harm” have anything to do with “codeword for imposing Communism”?

      Your facial underwear must be on too tight today.

    • Also, Gil –

      I am curious as to why you seem to have such contempt for the idea of leaving people alone who’ve not caused anyone any harm – and for a society based upon voluntary cooperation rather than coercion?

      You strike me as the kind of person who just doesn’t like the idea of leaving other people alone. Why is that?

      • You & co. romance the days of private ownership such as the company town provided you are one of the owners. Then again if HOAs are private groups controlling their own private property who cares?

        • Gil,

          You’re either an imbecile – or a troll. Which is it? I have never once “romanced” the company town; in fact I have specifically denounced that very thing. And the very last thing I am is someone who seeks to control anyone else. I have repeatedly elaborated all of this in my articles, which you either have not read, are not capable of understanding or simply wish to disparage with non sequiturs.

          I’m on the verge of flushing you – as you add nothing of value to this site.

          • Why? If you’re a not prominent member of a Libertarian society it’s going to be just someone else’s rules. Imagine a private highway that has just as much if not more rules not because of gubmint but the company fears the legal liability that can comes with irresponsible driving.

            • Gil,

              “Prominence” has nothing to do with the principle of leaving people in peace. Libertarians believe everyone has the same right to be left in peace, assuming they are peaceful (i.e., they have not done anything to cause tangible harm to someone else). Irrespective of their “prominence.” It is government that endows “prominent” people with special privileges. It is government that routinely harms people who’ve caused no harm to anyone.

              And – as I have taken great care to explain at length – rules are just fine. Laws are another matter. I have rules in my house. For instance, no smoking in my house. Those who visit are free to abide by my “house rules” – or leave. No one is harmed thereby.

              On the other hand, I do not support laws prohibiting smoking in other people’s homes – or their bars and restaurants, which people are also free to patronize or not. Because laws like that impose harms on people.

              Do you comprehend?

              • Hi Eric,

                Perhaps you should consider bringing back the clover symbol. If nothing else, it was always good for a laugh!

            • all roads WERE PRIVATE….before the federal highway system took them over. states, counties and cities made their own roads. farmers made their own roads.

              the take over by federal highway system didn’t improve the roads. it just saw a cash cow to milk. true history!

              Governments didn’t build them. people did. and still do…groups of people…before the 1950s managed them all. built them all. today, a group of people build them. never have seen a coat and tie out running equipment and building them. no government goon has ever built a road. they steal, they force, they build nothing. create nothing.

              didn’t have to have a driver license back then either. no harm no foul. i don’t know the exact year of course but i am sure i could find it.

    • I’m not complaining, I’m flat out stating, that every government is wholly dependent upon its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. AKA murder. The very notion it has any concern for your safety is ludicrous. It has concern for maintaining its authority to kill you, and that is its only concern.

    • “Safety” in this day and age, Gil, means giving up all your rights and freedoms for “safety from the very people who want to ultimately kill you. Now if you want Big Brother nagging you to death like a mother-in-law in your vehicle, you go right ahead and ask for one. As for some of us, we just want to be left the hell alone by people like you who just nag and wonder why we do not want a corrupt government touting “safety” in one hand while they have minds to kill us off in the other. But not before forcing us out of our vehicles entirely. For safety, of course.

  25. They keep talking about safety but as this MSN article shows they’ve never standardized the location of an emergency door release.

    I remember reading an article from back in the 1950s’ that asked if you could drive a friend’s car because of multiple shifter configurations and a couple years later they were all standardized. So if safety is so important and hardly anyone reads the manual (do cars even come with a paper manual anymore?) shouldn’t it be in the same place on every car?

    Of course it’s not about safety it’s about their control and not your safety.

    And getting back to automatic braking you can be sure it won’t be present on .gov vehicles and knowing how well self driving works on Tesla’s ; how many accidents will it cause?


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