Diaper Report 12/4/21

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I know a guy who is adamant that everyone be “vaccinated” – which is to say, forced to take drugs that palliate symptoms of a sickness they haven’t got, but might get.

I told him in that case he ought to be required to take AZT, the drug given to AIDS patients. “But I haven’t got AIDS,” he replied. “And besides, I’m not gay.”

“Well,” I said, “I haven’t got the ’Rona – and I’m not likely to get it, either, since I am not old, obese or in poor health.” I also don’t take birth control pills, not being a woman – nor demand that my girlfriend wear condoms, to “stop the spread.”

It didn’t register. In fact, it made him mad.

We haven’t talked since.

One cannot talk sense with people who get mad when you say something that calls into question their beliefs. Especially when they insist you share them.

Why should anyone be pressured to take drugs that do not cure a sickness they haven’t even got? Do you take aspirin before you get a headache? Out of worry that you might get a headache?

Would you take aspirin every day, just in case you got one?

Is it not putting the cart before the proverbial horse? Especially in view of the fact – it’s not in dispute – that in the case of these drugs, the “headache” isn’t even prevented? Take the drugs anyway?


Wouldn’t it be more rational to wait until you actually got a “headache”? And then took drugs that actually worked  . . . to cure it?

In prior times, people who took drugs for illnesses they didn’t have were accurately described as drug abusers – and those who pushed them on people described as just that, i.e., drug pushers. What is different now? Except that these drugs being pushed are legal and being pushed on people with the acquiescence- the complicity – of the law?

But these drugs “stop the spread,” it is insisted. Clearly – abundantly – they do no such thing. Indeed, they do the opposite thing. Rates of infection are highest in areas that have the highest rates of “vaccination.”

It’s indisputable. Just not mentionable.

Either “vaccines” do not “stop the spread.” Or they enhance the spread. Probably by palliating the symptoms of sickness, thereby encouraging the “asymptomatic spread” everyone was told they must wear a “mask” to prevent.

At least those who wore the “mask” could tell they were sick, via symptoms they felt – and on account of that, do the decent thing and stay home (as people sick with the flu used to generally do). The “vaccinated” don’t know they’ve got the sickness, the symptoms of it having been suppressed by the “vaccines,” which – again – do not immunize but only tamp down the feelings one gets when one gets sick.

It’s like the drugs they give people who have AIDS that make their AIDS “undetectable.” That’s just great – for the people they have sex with.

Until of course those people get AIDs, too.

But don’t worry – the chances are “low.” So long as your AIDs-riddled partner takes his symptom suppressing meds.

There is a third alternative, suggested by correlation. The “vaccines” may be the drugs getting people sick. There is more than a little evidence this is true, including the new sickness, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Especially of previously healthy young athletes who are (well, who were) statistically and actually the least likely to die, suddenly. Such deaths were formerly extremely rare and thus prompted expressions of disbelief. That has been replaced by a sigh of normalcy – while the deaths of 95-year-olds with cancer are treated as avoidable, unnatural tragedies that must be prevented in future by any means necessary.

Potentially dangerous theme park rides usually have a sign placed at the gate that reads, Ride at Your Own Risk. Imagine your employer demanding that you ride a rickety roller coaster with a record of being actually dangerous as a condition of employment.

But the drugs – the “vaccines” (in air fingers quotes to emphasize the fact (again) that they aren’t because they do not immunize – are “safe.” Well, according to the assertions of the companies that produce them and who are using the government to force  people to take them.

Well, in that case, why not back that up with a warranty of some kind? If they are in fact “safe,” as claimed, then what harm could possibly arise from agreeing to assume liability in the extremely unlikely if not all-but-nonexistent case (as asserted) of someone being harmed as a provable result of having taken these drugs – especially in view of the fact that people are under duress to take them?

The fact that there is no warranty – and no recourse – is apparently no problem. Which is quite true – for the companies pushing the drugs. A street dealer in drugs – who does not push them – can be charged with murder if he peddles drugs to someone who ends up dead as a consequence of taking them.

But legalized drug pushers simply cash the check – which we’re forced to honor.

I sent the above to the guy I mentioned earlier who is adamant that everyone take these drugs preemptively, for the sickness they don’t have – to palliate the symptoms, if they should happen to get it (and thus, be more likely to spread it).

I still haven’t heard back from him.

. . .

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  1. Another brick in the wall … of summary judicial rejection of FJB’s ‘vaccine’ mandates:

    ‘Developing: a federal court has ENJOINED the Biden Administration from enforcing its federal contractor vaccine mandate.

    ‘The injunction is nationwide.

    ‘This is the latest defeat for Biden’s unlawful mandates (the OSHA and CMS Mandates already receiving nationwide stays).’


    FJB with a blazing fireplace poker.

  2. Different Anon here. My questions, and they are open to all (but BaDnOn and BJ (and BAC) in particular, as they are self-proclaimed scientists and experts). It is easy to hop on the ad hominem train and ride it away from the gist of the argument. Somehow the kernel of the issue gets ignored and lost as everyone takes their parting shots.

    Again, I think we may be moving into strawman territory. I haven’t seen an argument that “viruses” don’t exist here, rather that an alleged virus called “SARS-COV-2” doesn’t exist. Isolation is only one part of the problem with it. Another problem for me is how viruses, which are not living, suddenly begin to develop an appetite to attack a “host.” The word “virus” translates to “poison,” which is not a living thing…

    And then, if said nonliving thing is demonstrated to seek a host to reproduce (a function generally exclusive to living things), then is it the cause or the result of illness?

    So for me the issue is not whether a virus (or this one) exists or not…that is an elementary strawman type of argument. The thornier question is, what is it? Is it a producer or a by-product of infection (or toxicity)?

    • Somehow, I am expecting {crickets} in response to my questions above. I hope I am wrong.

      Any experts want to weigh in? I am trying to understand.

      • Anon,

        Well, although I live humbly and wouldn’t call myself an “expert” (maybe a journeyman in some subjects?), I’ll give you my thoughts.

        You are right in that a virus isn’t alive in the classical definition. It doesn’t actively “seek” anything, but is merely a shell containing instructions for your cellular machinery to use in making copies of it. It doesn’t have any means for motivation or abilities to sense or react to stimuli.

        Is it the cause or result of illness? That’s a much deeper question. A virus that begins replicating and spreading around your body will trigger your immune system, possibly immersing you in the experience or condition you would call “illness”. I say possibly, because your immune system might quickly neutralize said virus, and thus you may never know that you were infected, and you might not call that an “illness”. Semantics.

        Now, if you’re questioning the origin of a virus or viruses in general, I’m afraid you might be disappointed, because that’s a matter for a lot of speculation. I suppose you could offer that there were no viruses before some biological process in some ancient organism(s) began producing them, maybe as part of a malfunction in some inter-cellular delivery system. Then, you could say, viruses are a result of an “illness”, if you want to define “illness” as any biological malady. Again, just speculation for feces and levity, though.

        Finally, perhaps you have some kind of immunodeficiency. Your immune system doesn’t work well, and thus some virus that would otherwise be no issue becomes just that, and becomes an infection that goes unchecked. I guess then, you could say that the viral infection (though not the original virus itself) was secondary, or caused by, an illness.

        Hope I expressed things sensibly, haha. Back to work, now.

        • Thanks for your reply, BaDnOn. I agree that our immune systems are complex, and under constant attack, not only from pathogens, but also chemicals in the air, food, and water, stress, hormones, etc. Until March of 2020, I, like many others, never really questioned germ theory. And it is possible that this illness is caused by some sort of pathogen on steroids, as it were.

          I do entertain the idea of terrain theory, too, because I don’t see terrain and germ theory as conflicting. We are, after all, germ factories ourselves, and bacteria in particular are helpful – we learned all of this in high school. I just never thought much about why not everyone gets sick from being around a sick person, and didn’t know about the Spanish flu researchers who were unable to replicate Spanish flu in healthy persons, for example.

          Now, I question everything, as you can see. 🙂

          • I had a quick glance at “terrain theory”. Seems I’ve familiar with the tenets, but not sure I’d seen the term before.

            You’re right, unless I’m missing something, regarding germ and terrain theories. They’re not conflicting, if that’s to say if you’re already in an unhealthy condition, with your body and immune system weak and flagging, you’ll certainly be more vulnerable to opportunistic pathogens.

            Also, of course, just having an adaptive immune response can keep you feeling healthy while those to whom the pathogen is new might not.

            Questioning everything is certainly not a problem, but the process by which we learn. Much better than just accepting everything you’re told, of course. 😉

    • A virus is just an infective bag of DNA or RNA. They bind receptors in host cells, which internalize the virus causing release of the DNA or RNA, which the host cell then uses to express virus proteins and make new viruses. Essentially, the virus hijacks the cell to reproduce itself – a primitive kind of parasite. The cell then lyses/explodes releasing the virus to infect other cells, repeat until it’s neutralized by the immune system. They are spread through bodily fluids, which are contaminated with the newly minted viruses that are released when the cell lyses. The feeling of illness – fever, malaise, body aches, comes about from chemical signals called cytokines produced by the immune system in response to the infection, not from the virus itself.

      Virus proteins can be toxins. The S1/spike protein of the SARS 2 virus appears to be a toxin. It causes its own effects, like clotting etc. independent of the immune response to the virus that makes you feel sick.

      Infectious particles are not limited to viruses. Prions are infectious proteins. Prions are not alive either, but cause severe neurological diseases.

      Where did these things come from? You’ll need to ask God.

      • I agree that there is a lot of mystery about the particles called viruses. This information is helpful for me to understand the environment in which viruses are detected, I just don’t understand what would prompt them to seek to replicate if they are nonliving. That may also be a question for God. I have a lot of questions. 🙂

      • I’ve frequently read the argument that there is no proof that the covid19 virus actually exists, since it has never been isolated. I think it was JR who really popularized this argument. I’m pretty certain that you think that this argument is nonsense. So I have a few questions.

        1) Is it true that the covid19 virus has never been isolated?
        2) Is it necessary to actually isolate a virus in order to establish its existence?
        3) Is it possible to establish some of a virus’s properties, even if it hasn’t been isolated?

        • There are hundreds of scientific papers that describe the isolation of the SARS-cov2 virus. See, Harcourt et al. BioRxiv (2020).

          Viruses are not alive and do not grow in isolation, as they require a cell to grow and propagate. However, you can isolate them from the cells and image them with electron microscopes, which also has been done. Initial isolates from patients were grown in a Vero cell culture (Vero is a cell line established from monkey kidney cells – this is why Jon keeps harping on monkey cells and toxic soup, the latter a pejorative description of cell cultures, which are mainly a broth of amino acids, vitamins and minerals necessary for the cells to live outside the body, and which usually also have antibiotics in them). Vero cells are used mainly for convenience and certain properties that enable them to grown well in lab cultures.

          The existence of viruses is typically confirmed with whole genome sequencing (Sanger sequencing). As you can’t really tell viruses apart from each other by their morphology (how they look under a microscope) they are distinguished by their nucleic acid sequence. The genome sequence of SARS-cov2 has been known since January 2020. Viruses need not be “isolated” to be sequenced. Sequencing has been standard technology since the late 1970s.

          You can study virus properties without isolating them. Western blots look at viral proteins. Antibody staining (fluorescently or gold labeled antibodies) can also be used to look at viral proteins and structures. Can also assess morphologic changes on the cells they infect, and can also look at virus proteins from MHC peptide-in-groove technology. Among other things.

          I really don’t understand the “hasn’t been isolated” argument, or more to the point, the religious zeal under which this position is advocated, rather than with scientific evidence. I guess it is a justification for calling the pandemic a hoax. I think you can have both – a virus and a hoax pandemic – they are not mutually exclusive. Seems to be the case here – political opportunism, either pre-planned or taking advantage of a human tragedy. Lies built on a kernel of truth.

          • Thanks for the detailed explanation, BAC. I posed these questions to you specifically because you are the resident expert in this field. This idea that the virus doesn’t actually exist seems to be a rather popular conspiracy theory that I’ve always surmised was based on ignorance of the science. And, as you said, the reality of the virus in no way refutes the reality that the pandemic has been a huge hoax designed to strip us of our civil liberties.

          • Thank you for this explanation, BAC!

            Virology is something “dark” to most laymen, me among them. But it does not take fine knowledge of viruses to state with confidence that this “pandemic” is built on hysteria – on gross exaggerations and conflations. Let’s start with the definition of a pandemic.Is it defined by the number of people who “get” something? Or by the number of people who die from it? This ought to be parsed carefully – of a piece with “cases” vs. deaths. If 30 million people “get” whatever it is, that’s one thing. If less than 1 percent die, it’s another. People have been led to believe that death is probable if you “get” this sickness, which is both a gross exaggeration as well as grossly misleading in another way, since for the most part the relative handful who do die are already sick or old – which means that those who are neither ought not to be especially fearful and that palliative measures ought to be directed exclusively at those who are “at risk” rather than the general population.

            We also know that things like “masks” and “social distancing” are kabuki – command performances that are of dubious if any value, in terms of containing the transmission of flu-like sicknesses.

            We know the “vaccines” are horrendously risky – in terms of previously defined acceptable risks – as well as ineffective. We know the definition of “vaccination:” has been oilily changed from immunity to symptom mitigation. We know there is a massive financial incentive to push these “vaccines” and that the makers thereof are immune from liability.

            This is more than enough to know.

          • As I said below somewhere… I’d like to see from this Jon Rappaport or his followers exactly what isolation and characterization protocol they would accept.

            • Yes, they are fond of playing fast and loose with definitions. Words mean what they say they mean, when they say they mean them. I wonder where I’ve heard that before?… 🙂

            • RE: “exactly what isolation and characterization protocol they would accept”

              Jon Rappoport has been pretty clear, repeatedly, about what those protocols are. Standard scientific methodology, he spells it out.

              I’d suppose you’d know if you looked into what he has written, instead of condemning without investigating.

              It’s not like his stuff is hard to find or laborious reading. And, it’s not b.s., like BJ implies above.
              Words, Do mean something. Jon Rappoport drives that home often. Perhaps, check it out?

              • I didn’t imply. That was a direct statement. Jon talks a good game, but if you track his details it has many of the ear marks of a cult leader. That sets off alarm bells for me. But the world is wide and deep, and many roads lead to various destinations. If what he is saying makes sense to you, that is your choice.

                • The ear marks of a cult leader.? Psft.

                  “It should be obvious to readers who’ve been with me for a while that I attack delusion in more than one place. Political systems, medical systems…and so-called spiritual systems.

                  That’s because I happen to believe in legitimate limited government, healing, and the unbounded life of the individual spiritual being.” …


                  • I could just let this pass unremarked. But on the off chance that something might be understood, I’ll simply state; A cult can be about anything. It can be pro or anti. Its the approach and methodology that defines it. Beyond that is a matter of personal choice.

                    • Anything can be a cult, not everything is a cult.

                      “Its the approach and methodology that defines it.”

                      Via Webster’s – “a series of questionings the object of which is to elicit a clear and consistent expression of something supposed to be implicitly known by all rational beings” – Socratic method noun

                      Words, do indeed have meaning.

          • There are two forms regarding the hasn’t been isolated argument. Apparently there is a computer modeling technique for the sequencing. The argument is that it hasn’t been done in the analog ways of old but only via computer models. I haven’t bothered to look into this.

            The second argument is the method of confirming something causes disease. That is the pathogen is isolated and detected in people with the disease but not in those without it. When those without it are exposed to it and get the disease that confirms it is the source. I am paraphrasing and probably missed detail but that’s it more or less.

            • Hey Brent,

              The first argument seems to center around bioinformatics, a field in which I’ve dabbled a bit. When a genome is sequenced, the DNA isn’t kept whole and read in sequence, but cut into many smaller pieces, which are read in parallel to greatly hasten the process. Computers then assemble the data into the original genome by sorting through the pieces and combining overlapping portions. It’s a fascinating field if you love data and programming, especially.

              Not sure what the complaint is, here, save for there might be errors when the genome is large enough. I don’t reckon a viral genome would have many such issues, however.

              The second argument sounds something like Koch’s postulates, and that can be researched. Not sure what is being argued, though.

          • Can you provide links to anything where you’ve spoken publicly about a real virus but a “fake” pandemic? A virologist from Westport, CT and neighbor of Keef Richards said so and so. If not, your appeal to authority is understood as “talking your book.”

    • You do seem to enjoy talking to yourself… Which ever Anon you happen to be. What is a virus in general or this particular virus in specific? There is a fair amount of discussion in professional circles on the what, hows and methods. Virology isn’t my professional field. What I know, I’ve picked up over the decades from others, and some personal research. Its a fascinating study, but my own projects keep me far too busy to explore it properly. What is annoying is when people make extreme statements, without having evidence to back up their position. You may have missed some comments (or it may have been in another thread), but yes, the idea that there is no such thing as a virus was stated. It was also stated that Virology was a made up science. Hence my response. I’ve run across people who have a problem with germ theory before. I’m open to examining their concepts, but most I’ve spoken to are little more than Cultists. They have taken a legitimate investigation into the realm of belief, rather than demonstrating their position with hard facts and data. Lord knows it wouldn’t be the first time that science has taken a wrong turn. But what we have, as flawed as it is, fits the observed reality better than any other frame work we currently have.

      As for the current psych op, look to the World Economic Forum (among others) for some sense of what their agenda is. This video is from a someone I consider to have legitimate experience and knowledge in the field. As I’ve stated, I’m not a professional in this field. But
      this fellow is.

      • Thanks for the insights. I have heard of Dr. Bhakdi and I will watch this video.

        As for virology being a made up science, -ology is the study of something, right? So the study of “viruses”, whether they be inanimate particulates, pathogens, toxins, waste products, or something else, is just a study. So no quarrel with me on that. How can we learn without study?

        The WEF/Great Reset/Event 201/Rockefeller/Gates/Fauci agenda is what is making this situation more than just about an illness. I find it incredible that the world’s governments suddenly and capriciously all overreacted in Lockstep to an illness. It makes no sense, unless one sees it as a coordinated plan, which would lead me to the conclusion that the forces behind this weren’t waiting and hoping for some weird bug to appear, they made it appear themselves, through deception and trickery (and gain of function research?). They also maintain the illusion of a single deadly bug (with of course, many wily variants) through false “tests,” forcing healthy people to mask and be under house arrest, etc., culminating in a toxic jab(s).

        I personally think that most likely the forces behind this wouldn’t want to have an actual pathogen, because they couldn’t control it. Thus, the story about a deadly virus…

  3. Well I rejoiced too soon. The last of my aches and pains have left and coughing is pretty much over (knock on wood). This morning I woke up and I cannot taste or smell. I went to pour myself a glass of apple juice and it was cold and wet, but absolutely no taste. I grabbed a few chocolate almonds…they were crunchy, nothing else. I reached for my essential oils of thieves and eucalyptus, no scent. The only item I can taste a bit of is lemon, but it is very weak. I can’t smell it at all.

    I would kick ass in a spicy jalapeño eating contest right now.

    Anyone who has ever lost their taste and smell….how long did it take to get it back? Is there a reason why I would lose both sensory items pretty much at the end of the flu and not at the beginning or in the middle of it?

    • Raider Girl,

      Um, sorry to be an unwilling prognosticator of such things. 🙁 I was much more hoping you just had the standard wave.

      That said, I’m very happy the other symptoms have subsided!

      Just wondering, at the risk of summoning further the Attack of the Anons… You ever experienced such a thing in your life? As in, have you ever held eucalyptus oil, of all things, right up to your nose, and smelled nothing?

      For reference, my GF recovered her sense of smell (we both only lost smell) in a few days. It took me about 2 weeks to regain my now oh-so-treasured olfactory sense.

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        I have never lost my taste and smell before, other than if I have a stuffed-up nose and can’t breathe. This is weird (I am only speaking on my own experience), because I really no longer have any symptoms of the illness. My coughing is pretty much gone. I don’t have a cold – no watery eyes, no runny nose, no sore throat, but I cannot smell a damn thing. Nothing. Not even a little.

        When it comes to taste I can only distinguish if something is bitter (like a lemon), spicy (like cayenne pepper) or super sweet (like organic sugar), but I can’t identify what it is. I can tell if something is hot or cold, but there is absolutely no flavor.

        I won’t lie, I freaked out a bit this morning. The lack of smell doesn’t bother me as much as the lack of taste. Hubby lost his smell and taste last night before bed. He sat down to eat some ice cream (mint) and he said he couldn’t taste it, but we had sushi for dinner and we were all fine so we both just kind of shrugged our shoulders and thought everyone would be fine with a decent night’s sleep.

        The kids are okay though. Neither of them had any issues with smell or taste. Thank goodness.

        I made one of my flu bombs this morning – ginger, cayenne pepper, lemon, garlic etc. At least having the ability to determine if something is bitter and spicy helped a bit. I really haven’t eaten today because there is zero enjoyment in it and it just makes me anxious.

        • We freaked out a little, too, Raider. Such a phenomenon is no doubt unnerving. But you’re senses will return, don’t distress.

          We were luck enough to retain taste, and we were definitely glad. My coworker could only taste salt for a couple weeks. Thus, most things tasted horribly salty, as there was no more competing information coming in, so things weren’t terribly appetizing for a while.

          My other (doubly-vaxxed) coworker and friend lost both smell and taste as well. She says they’re somewhat improved, but not completely, and she got sick around Thanksgiving.

  4. Today was the original deadline to comment on OSHA’s ETS (Emergency Temporary Standard) mandating ‘vaccinations’ at companies employing 100 or more people.

    Evidently, after the Fifth and Sixth Circuits stayed implementation of the ETS, the deadline for comments was extended to Jan 19, 2022.

    Meanwhile, as of today, regulations.gov has received an astounding 106,087 comments on the vax mandate.


    Don’t know for sure, but that may be an all-time record for comments on a proposed regulation. And I would guess that the majority skew negative. 🙂

    If the Senate passes a resolution this week opposing the mandate, I will file my comment, noting that both other branches of government — the judiciary (Sixth Circuit) and legislative (the Senate) have gone on record OPPOSING the large employer mandate.

    FJB with a spiny cholla cactus. Ain’t takin’ your poison needle no more.

  5. My goodness, saw this headline on Yahoo, they’re getting more juvenile & absurd every day in their f.e.a.r.s, “Look Out! He’s got Cooties!”

    “Former President Trump came in contact with more than 500 people between the day he initially tested positive for COVID-19 and his eventual hospitalization, according to a report by The Washington Post.

    He came in contact with people either in close proximity to him or at events, according to the report. The number, however, doesn’t include people present at his rallies.” …

  6. Intervention — to all you people who believe you got the lie-rus:
    If you weren’t brainwashed with this whole lie in the first place, … if the liars never even ran this scam in the first place… you wouldn’t think you got the lie-rus — you would just figure something else happened. And you’d be right. Please stop being a sucker — there is no lie-rus or “variant” — it is so cartoonishly ridiculous, you should be smart enough to notice that. Get some perspective, you’re out of touch with reality.

    • Harry- A long time commenter on here says he got sick so it’s real…. mmmkay? Calling it a lie-rus is super funny but really, really nasty. It’s a super virus made by scientist-y people in Wuhan, China (bad, bad people) and most commenters on here believe that. One of them even tortured puppies! So you should be mad at that.

      • RE: “One of them even tortured puppies! So you should be mad at that.”

        Well, yeah. A dog pile. The more people who pile on, the better.

        Or, perhaps that wasn’t your point?

      • Ah, so many new posters coming out of the woodwork….and you all believe the same thing. Amazing.

        Several posters on this forum have gotten sick over the past year. I see no reason to dispute their claims nor do I believe they are lying.

        Seven hundred million viruses rain down on Earth daily. It is very easy to imagine that a flu virus has mutated and has affected human beings. It also isn’t out in left field that our government would create a virus to terrify the public.

        • anon 1

          The latest opinion is they did do gain off function to create a killer virus, but it flopped, it is weaker then a mild flu, they ran out of time and went with the bat soup killer virus story and said 100’s of millions would die, an evil bat from wuhan sounds scary, they freaked out the whole planet. then counted all deaths as bat virus, (the death rate didn’t rise in 2020 so it was bs, lies), they then used a fake PCR test (they still are), to scare people to death with millions of fake cases, and justify, lockdowns, masks, forced lethal injections, destroying the economy and small businesses, creating trillions of dollars in new debt (most of the new money going to the billionaire’s corporations),as soon as they started the extermination injections the death rate jumped, it is the real bioweapon, (it will be blamed on the dirty unvaxxed, they are doomed), here we are…..how do you like it so far?

          NOTE: it is weaker then a mild flu…early treatment with at least a dozen cures gets people well in a short time, these treatments had to be banned (it is a cull you know), only the extermination injection and killer drug remdesivir are allowed treatments (it is a cull you know).

          NOTE: the effects of 5G on people can cause the same symptoms as so called covid, just a coincidence…….

        • anon 1

          why do people get sick?

          The 777-page book What really makes you ill by two non-doctors, (Dawn Lester is an accountant and David Parker is an electrical engineer,) challenges the germ theory to its very core, a theory which is the foundation of our current allopathic medical system.

          The two British authors spent ten-years researching and writing their massive book. They address every topic from small pox and polio to vaccines, the flu and the Black Death.

          But the central thesis of the book is their systematic attack on the veracity of the germ theory. They repeat often that there is no evidence that viruses or bacteria cause any disease.

          Chapter three is titled “The Germ Theory: A Deadly Fallacy.” After much research, the authors conclude that there is no evidence that the germ theory has ever been scientifically proven.

          Proposed by Louis Pasteur in the 1860’s, the germ theory of disease caught on and became accepted by the medical establishment of the day. By the late nineteenth century the idea that germs caused disease led to the introduction of vaccines to fight the various disease caused by the so called pathogenic germs.

          The authors conclude that the germ theory is a fallacy, that vaccinations, a source of healthy profits for the pharmaceutical industry, are useless and do not provide immunity to any disease and that Pasteur and Albert Jenner, … responsible for contributing … to the human suffering and misery….”

          The authors point to the case of German biologist Dr Stefan Lanka, PhD, and his work on viruses and especially on the measles virus.

          Dr Lanka… concludes that there is no virus that can be proven to be the cause of any disease.

          In a recent court case in Germany the highest court held, on appeal, that there was no scientific proof that a virus was the cause of measles. While he lost at the lower court level Dr Lanka defeated the pharmaceutical industry when the higher court found that the pharmaceutical industry papers failed to prove that a virus cause measles.

          So what are viruses and bacteria? The authors … say that viruses and bacteria are part of the bodily process of removing toxins from the body. The body contains trillions of viruses and bacteria. According to the authors none of these viruses and bacteria are pathogenic. Viruses and bacteria are essential to the bodily process of removing dead and dying toxins from the body. While bacteria are alive, viruses are not.

          ATTENTION: In chapter ten of the book, Lester and Parker, offer four factors which can cause ill health.

          The first factor is nutrition. The human body needs proper nutrition for optimum health. The authors say that a plant-based diet is enough to provide optimum health.

          The second factor is toxic exposure. The air we breath, the water we drink and the food we consume need to be free of toxins.

          The third factor is EM radiation exposures. Cell phones, living too close to a cell phone tower, wi-fi technology and the new 5G are examples of possible radiation over exposure.

          The fourth factor is prolonged emotional stress.

          Lester and Parker recommend a plant based diet to achieve proper nutrition. They say that all the vitamins and minerals needed for the body can be obtained from a proper plant based diet. This advice by the authors should be revisited.

          Much research by medical authorities dispute the assertion that we can get our vitamin and mineral needs from diet alone. Dr Joel Wallach says that we need 80 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids every day to avoid illness and disease. Dr Wallach says we must supplement every day to get the proper nutrition because we cannot get the proper nutrition from diet alone.

          Humans, because of an ancient genetic defect, cannot produce vitamin C in their livers. Dogs, cats, cows, chickens and other animals do produce vitamin C in ample quantities internally.

          Two time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling made the case that heart disease in humans was a vitamin C deficiency and that we must supplement with vitamin C every day to avoid this number one killer of the population.

          Published in December of 2019 “What Really Makes You Ill?” preceded the current corona virus phenomenon. Lester and Parker address the corona virus issue on their web page at videos on this web page are must-listening to understand the current corona virus controversy.

          In over forty five videos, Lester and Parker expand their discussion of the failed germ theory and repeatedly call the current corona virus pandemic a hoax.


          • Thank you anon 1. I’m just ahead of my time a little bit I guess. All the suckers will eventually realize I & uncountable experts/doctors are right. There are no lie-ruses — they don’t exist. People get sick (detox symptoms) from poisons & malnutrition. People that get sick just don’t understand why, so they latch on to the germ idea because they’ve been heavily & chronically brainwashed since birth, and masses of people everywhere keep parroting the lies. But they’re wrong. But apparently they don’t want to know the truth, they’d rather live in the FAKE-TRIX.

      • Hi Indignant,

        One of the wearying aspects of this mess is that it has become very hard to sort out truth from partial ruth from falsehood. For this reason, I’m careful to stick to what’s unassailable, such as the facts that virtually no children/young people have died or even gotten seriously ill from whatever the”virus” is – or isn’t – and that literally almost all (99.8-something percent) of otherwise healthy adults have also not died and are not likely to.

        These two facts alone prove that there is a mass hysteria afoot – one being egged on by the media and politicians and others who are using manufactured fear to serve their own purposes.

        If this is conceded, the whole thing’s done and we – the sane, the reasonable – win.

  7. Man saw something so depressing today. A girl I went to school with, posted videos of her kid, about 15 or so, playing in a band…. all the kids had long hair, t shirts or unbuttoned shirts, playing zeppelin….. But all of them diapered up…. god damn I couldn’t think of a sadder thing that that being done to rock and roll…. the music of rebellion being played with diapers on… even if it was at a school – wasnt that the point of being on a band in school, to break a couple rules and piss a couple people off !!!

    • RE: “…. god damn I couldn’t think of a sadder thing”

      No. Freaking. Doubt. …(Seems like we’re from a similar mould, as are many here at EPA)

      Like BrentP wrote below, “You just can’t make this sh*t up.”

      I’m no longer surprised by Anything.

    • Rock was all about rebelling against the Christian-based traditions and norms of the old America. Now that the Communists have taken over, there’s no need for rockers to be rebellious anymore.

  8. The experts have identified a new ‘disease’. It’s called post traumatic pandemic syndrome. Guess it what it causes? Heart and circulatory system problems. You just can’t make this sh*t up. It’s not the jab, it’s PTPS!

  9. anon 1


    maybe this should be given as an alternative to the killshot, they both have the same health benefits, immunization qualities, both are very safe and effective and reduce symptoms, for one billion dollars fauci will promote both based on fake science.

    bombe sounds like way more fun, you get a big high off it, fauci’s killshot is just death, grief and suffering, you might live longer using bombe.


  10. Went to see the Nutcracker today. The tickets said wear a mask a few did, maybe 1 in 20 or so. No one said anything one way or the other. It was great show. Last saw it maybe 6-7 years ago. People in Michigan are done with the scamdemic. If the vaccinazi’s show up I think they will find out just how many people in Michigan are deer hunters. I am talking Apocalypse now. Remember the Australian/Canadian lesson.

    • That’s good to read, Ugg. Very.

      Meanwhile, a few degrees North East towards … what? Idiocracy?

      Canadian Province of New Brunswick Moves to Ban Unvaccinated From Grocery Stores

      “Communist Canada fired the next shot in the war against citizens that don’t submit to a medical experiment.

      The province of New Brunswick released its Winter Action Plan in the unwinnable war against COVID-19.

      Health Minister Dorothy Shephard stated the three-level plan with new restrictions takes effect Saturday at 11:59 p.m.

      With the updated guidelines, the New Brunswick government opened the door for grocery stores to ban unvaccinated patrons.” …


      The handoff, from goobermint, to companies & corporations. I wonder if there’ll be an equal an opposite reaction?

      • This is why one should never give up their arms. What would the managers and store owners do if ten or so citizens showed up armed stating “we will buy food either peacefully or not”. No one has the right to take away someone else’s basic rights of survival whether that is food, housing, or clothing.

        The more the governments push tyranny the harder the public will fight if their natural needs are not met.

        • This is one good action/solution to the problem. People should organize groups to go shopping. Bring rifles, leave in car if can. Meet at the rally point, go shopping in smaller groups so as not to overwhelm the store, and everyone waits for all groups to finish. Everyone protects each other. I bet the sheriff/etc won’t even show up even if called.

        • RG, I totally agree. But that’s not how the authoritarian mind works. Shortly after this started, you’d start seeing groups of 30 to 50 body armored swat thugs showing up. This could escalate really quickly. Then the Ministry of Truth (mass media) would be howling about “domestic terrorists”, and we are off to the races.

          • Hi BJ,

            I am not sure all of the “armed swat thugs” are in agreement with the government mandates. I am not going to argue because most everyone knows my thoughts on this and it will be a “agree to disagree” stance, but I don’t believe the majority of the military would raise arms on their own people, especially if they believe in that same position.

            There are also not enough military personnel if a group of 50 or 100 armed citizens decide to walk right in. Look at the looting at Home Depot, Nordstrom’s, Louis Vuitton, etc. The government is going to allow someone to walk out with a $900 Fendi bag unpaid, but they can’t walkout with paid for food?

            • anon 1

              The plan was to bring in chinese or UN troops who will open fire and don’t care, will follow orders.
              The police? they will be replaced by robocops, they will follow orders.

              • Hi Anon,

                I don’t see troops invading the US. We have a billion guns in this country. Our citizens know the topography of the land. It would be a slaughter fest for any adversary that decides to fight on our properties.

                Very few armies have the ability to win a war overseas. The natives always seem to fight a bit harder. The world’s militaries still haven’t learned from their complete obliteration from the Crusades and beyond.

            • RG, you have to understand how the authoritarian mind works. I grant you that some of the AGW’s would balk at such orders. But past history and psychology demonstrate that the majority would simply “follow orders”. Especially once the action starts. They are much more loyal to those wearing the same uniform, than anyone else. Especially when their own officers are giving orders.
              Are you familiar with this famous experiment?


              Most people are horrified when they examine its results.
              The effect is more concentrated when one is dealing with authoritarian minds.

              • I think I would agree with you BJ. Slowly if you notice western police forces have been taken further away from the community they are serving. Like in the UK now, they dont have the concept of the bobby on the beat from the community rising up the ranks – they recruit graduates for more senior level police jobs, and move people around and get people less linked to a community to actually police it.

                Going a bit further – have you guys seen what that guy who made blackwater is up to ? (I think something Prince was his name) He is training mercenary armies for middle eastern governments. Well he did that like 10 years ago. The middle eastern sheikhs realised that 1) their own people who they’ve spent decades giving free shit have become lazy as fuck and 2) they cant trust the brown people who do all the work and hustle out there, so they actually imported people from Africa to form mercenary armies for their personal protection.

                now we know about this – I would be surprised if Mr prince has done similar work in other parts of the world.

              • Hi BJ,

                I would wholeheartedly agree with you if our country’s leader was a strong fearsome tyrant, but he is a potato. If our country was ruled by Xi, Putin, hell, even Kim, but no one in their right mind could look at Uncle Joe and think “yes, I will follow orders from a man who really should be in a nursing home.” He has already proven he has no issue with sending troops to die and his generals are for more concerned about being woke rather than being tough.

                Personally, I would have expected a military coup by now, but they are to be busy being SJWs.

                • RG, I really wish that was the way it worked. But most of these matters are strictly local. Those behind Biden give the orders, which then flow down the chain of command. Once it gets to the local enforcers, its their own officers that are giving the orders. Our Dear Leader really doesn’t enter into it. Couple that with the various PD’s hiring so many combat vets, and things could get really out of control.

                  It would only be when they start taking sustained losses, that the possibility of a coup would arise. Even then, it would be most likely from the ranks under general. Those one star or above are too busy chasing their next promotion to care about anything else. This has the potential to get very ugly fast.

              • anon 1

                labeling demonstrators

                Assistant Police Commissioner for the North West Metro Region, Luke Cornelius, referred to people who planned to protest against lockdowns as “boof heads”, calling them an “anti-vax, anti-mask, tinfoil hat-wearing brigade who were batshit crazy”.

                This oddly extreme language from one of the State’s most senior police officers is not accidental. It serves a specific purpose.

                In order to get ordinary well-adjusted police officers – who may have joined the force out of a desire to be of public service – to brutalize a population whose only crime is that they object to being locked in their homes for 23 hrs a day for months on end,

                you need to demonize dissent.

                If your officers on the ground can identify in any way with the people they are being told to terrorize, they might not follow orders.

                jf kennedy jr says:
                say to the police opposite: ‘You have children, you have grandchildren. And you are enforcing the fascism which your own children and grandchildren will have to live with. Join us, for goodness sake and stop serving the psychopaths.

                Someone should tell the police they won’t be getting their gold plated pension, maybe they would change sides:

                in 1998 they knew the math didn’t work to fund pension plans, wouldn’t be able to pay the pensions.

                in 2003 they said between 2020 and 2025 there would be a huge drop in the population numbers. sounds preplanned, they are good planners.
                it is like managing cattle, if there isn’t enough resources to keep the animals, you cull the herd.

                The depopulation administrators are also targeting the cull to the countries that have pension plans so this makes sense, canada, U.S, australia, new zealand, europe. Worked all your life paying into a pension plan and never collect, if you are dead you can’t collect.

                Meanwhile the politicians were payed millions to go along with the cull.

            • Chicago cops are not getting jabbed. Second City Cop (former insider blog now on twitter and other websites) reports something like 1300 cops have put in for retirement next year. There are practically no recruits in the pipeline.

              The government will need to use the military in the USA to force jab. Just one problem, they are doing the same thing as the cops. Which means they’ll have to choose, forced jabbings at home or foreign wars, they can’t have both. Possibly neither.

      • That’s what happens when they know you can’t fight back. If you are prepared to fight and die, taking an honor guard with you they lose.

      • Nasir you are right to a degree. The Brits need more guns and the ability to use them. I know that is why we are not as bad off in the US as the Aussies, Canucks and you Brits. The Gov critters in the US know we can and will fight their idiocy.

        I would guess the IRA still has a few weapons stashed. Looking at what has happened in Ireland they should trot them out and take out their quisling leaders. Same for you Brits.

        • I’m actually surprised it hasn’t happened already. The Irish fought the British for more than 800 years. I’m wondering how much longer they are going to tolerate this tyranny. That’s one of the evils of the modern age. Public “education” undermines entire generations.

    • anon 1

      The enforcers will bash your head in so they can get their big paycheque and most important their gold plated defined benefit pension, somebody should clue them in they will not get one cent of their imaginary pension, get them to switch sides……

      in 1998 they knew the math didn’t work to fund pension plans, wouldn’t be able to pay the pensions.

      in 2003 they said between 2020 and 2025 there would be a huge drop in the population numbers. sounds preplanned, they are good planners. take a look out your window right now…….

      it is like managing cattle, if there isn’t enough resources to keep the animals, you cull the herd.

      The depopulation administrators are also targeting the cull to the countries that have pension plans so this makes sense, canada, U.S, australia, new zealand, europe. Worked all your life paying into a pension plan and never collect, if you are dead you can’t collect.

      Meanwhile the politicians were payed millions to go along with the cull.

  11. BTW you guys noticed on twitter – Dana White got the rona, got well in 3 days using Joe Rogans protocol – and thanks “doctor Joe Rogan !”

    I suspect Dr Joe Rogan is more of a doctor now than Dr Faucci – at least if you look at how many people hes cured with his promotion of the horse paste and other cures to the rona.

    BTW im also now a surviver of the Rona. 3 days in bed, just the usual vitamins and well sleep. And yes one paracetamol so I sleep through the night…. thats it… and this is what the whole world is being conditioned to fear….

    • Same here. I ended up with the delta variant. Knocked me on my ass for three or four days. But mass amounts of D3, C and zinc and staying hydrated helped. Took me about a week to ten days to get totally over it.

      • BJ, similar to my experience. Vit C, D, K2, zinc quercitin and Echinacea. I was proper down for 2 days with fever and body pains. Then up and down for another 3 days. One of those 3 days (before I realised it was the rona was actually quite busy….). The only thing was I was getting tiered faster and loosing my breath doing simple things, when that continued I decided to test for the bug. But I was working (from home) the whole time…. couldn’t even be bothered to call in sick.

        Again I understand it wont be the same for everyone (for example my dad ended up in the hospital quite bad). But for working age people, who take a bit of care of their health, and monitor their vitals (i monitor my vit D very closely), you should be perfectly fine.

      • That was my experience too. Had it over Labor Day this year. (Unsure of Delta or regular, or what…) Took the antibody test in Nov. (Now I may be wrong, but I think the scale is zero to 2500) I scored an 1100. Dunno what that means

  12. Seems like an answer to my wondering, “Short of some miraculous way for them to be rid of The Shot,…” I found these comments at USAWATCHDOG – if true – perhaps others will find it useful/interesting?

    “According to Dr. Kory the Ivermectin doses twice a week binds to the spike protein and removes them from the body. Dr. Kory said this in his interview on USAW a month or so back.”

    “Now I’m very frightened! I’m UNvaccinated, but I work part time in assisted living. 95% of the residents and 95% of my coworkers are vaccinated, and most of them just got their boosters last month. According to this doctor, I could be at risk from these people I work around, due to vaccine shedding, etc.!!!!! I greatly appreciate this information. GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!”

    “Dr. Kory and Dr. Eads both say you should be taking Ivermectin twice a week along with HCQ, zinc, NAC and other vitamins.”

    “I watched a video by one of the Frontline Docs and watch so many of them, I forgot which one said take one 6mg of Ivermectin one week and then flip to 1 200 mg of HCQ three times the next week and then start over again with Iver. Also, all the other vitamins like Calc/Zinc/Vit C/ Quercetin OTC or green tea. Dr. Zilenko has a one pill with all in it”

  13. Just a few days ago on Vox day’s darkstrem he was talking about the pure religious zeal and absolute mindlessness that is required to go along with this current Vax narrative. He went on to explain that anyone at this stage of the game who is still buying it is so entrenched by the last 2 years of media bombardment its unlikely you’ll be able to convince them of anything through raw information or even the most merciless shaming. Trying to reason with someone who consumes hours of television news per day is mostly pointless. It is after all calls “TV programming” for a reason.

    I happen to agree. At this point I haven’t one breath to be wasted on some enslaved jackass asking me all giddy, or “concerned” about when/if I’m getting the jab. Family, friends, business associates doesn’t matter. If they’ve not figured it out at this stage they’re a naive child incapable of thinking past their feels.

    I guess the positive is if you’ve made it this far without folding to the pressure congratulations! You’ve passed the stupid/slave test and we can possibly be friends

    • anon 1

      from zh comments

      The bioweapon is the Covid vaccine. Isn’t it obvious? They can’t activate the weapon until they have very high vaccination rates. (Plant high tech gernade type medical devices in you, set them off when they are ready), The boosters are to replace the deadly agents that are being eliminated from people’s bodies over time. The mass die off will unintentionally destroy all progress from the last thousand years. Those who are left will become peasants over night.

  14. Another blow against FJB’s therapeutic state:

    ‘In a Dec. 3 ruling, the Sixth Circuit Court denied the government’s motion to transfer the case [against OSHA’s ‘vaccine’ mandate] to the Fifth Circuit and the D.C. Circuit, while also rejecting as “moot” the Biden administration’s attempt to overturn a stay on the mandate.

    ‘Several legal challenges to the OSHA rule were later rolled into one, and the Ohio-based Sixth Circuit Court was selected via lottery to hear the consolidated lawsuits.’

    ‘A recent op-ed for The Epoch Times [asserted] that it’s likely the legal challenge to the OSHA rule will end up before the Supreme Court.’


    This is huge. The ‘Biden’ junta can and will appeal to the Supreme Court. But that takes time.

    Any hope of enforcing OSHA’s mandate starting Jan 5th is out the window.

    Merry Christmas, Joe! Enjoy your lump of curated, purebred dog doo.

    • anon 1

      OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Agency) goes on to inform that a safe level of oxygen must be maintained as an oxygen deficient atmosphere (defined as below 19.5% by volume) creates a respiratory risk.

      safe level of oxygen must be maintained as an oxygen deficient atmosphere (defined as below 19.5% by volume). the problem is when wearing a mask it lowers oxygen level to 17% or less. this is an unsafe working condition, report who is forcing you to do this, if it is an employer report them to OSHA

      now there is another problem with these lethal experimental gene therapy injections people are getting.
      if you are an uninjected employee in a work environment surrounded by injected employees and customers, you are exposed to the spike proteins they are sheading, probably infecting you, that is an unsafe work environment,

      contact OSHA and complain

      the injected ones, the vaccinated, the jabbed ones are biosecurity terrorists
      not the uninjected, non vaxxed

      this mrna vaccine turns your body into a factory for spike proteins, you then become a super spreader spewing out spike proteins wherever you go, infecting other people.
      no escape the super spreaders will vax you.
      the unvaxxed could say they are vaxxed because they picked it up from the vaxxed sheading their spike proteins. they should be given the passport too.

      these people are spreading spike proteins because of their injection, infecting other people, they are super spreaders a public danger, they could kill grandma. they are biosecurity terrorists, they are a grave danger to the uninjected.

  15. Mutti’s dark swan song:

    Berlin (CNN) — Germany on Thursday announced a nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated, as its leaders backed plans for mandatory vaccinations in the coming months.

    Unvaccinated people will be banned from accessing all but the most essential businesses, such as supermarkets and pharmacies, to curb the spread of coronavirus, outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel and her successor, Olaf Scholz, announced Thursday.

    Under the tightened restrictions, unvaccinated people can only meet two people from another household.

    The pair also backed proposals for mandatory vaccinations, which if voted through the parliament could take effect from February at the earliest.

    The press briefing is Merkel’s last before she leaves office; a grim note to end her 16 years as German chancellor.


    Germany returns to its Mengelian vaccinazi roots, turning the whole country into an open-air koncentration kamp.

    Arbeit macht frei, motherf***ers.

    • Hi Jim,

      It’s awful – but I don’t think coincidental – that these “lockdowns” of the “unvaccinated” (and mandatory “vaccinations”) are rolling out in the countries most habituated to reflexive obedience as well as disarmed. I thank God for the millions of firearms in the hands of American citizens. That fact alone may prevent them from being used – and prevent similar from happening here as is happening in Germany and Austria.

      • In addition to our guns, I am increasingly thankful for federalism in the USA. There is no national police force in the USA and there are some things – recently affirmed by the courts – that are beyond the reach of the federal government to force on citizens, as much as it may wish to do so.

        Federalism may not be what it used to be, but it still has some effect and those of us in certain red states in America are better protected from the federal government than in other countries where the will of the national government is supreme.

        • I’ve heard it said, and believe that the “defund the police” movement is meant to institute a nationalized police force, after all the local PD’s become dysfunctional due to their lack of funding and manpower. This is very odious. I do not really hear this argument much at all in conservative commentary circles.

          • anon 1

            maybe bring in UN troops, the new one world government,

            nwo/ccp/wef/.0001% coup/reset

            wef runs the new eite nobility/nwo/wef/ccp/.0001% one world government being put in place worldwide right now, this will be your new unelected government. the cv19 hoax is a cover, excuse, trap, to put it in place.

            what was the deal between the nwo/wef/who/.0001% and the ccp/China government to bring ccp into the nwo?

            They are Globalists. They are anti-nation state. They don’t believe in Nationalism. They believe that people are stupid, and that it’s their job to make the decisions for people. The only thing standing in their way of global domination was a strong United States, with Trump.
            the Elite are using China to erode the US from within, preparing for the coup.

            The cartel themselves simply doesn’t have the resources. They needed to make a deal with China and it was a very synergistic partnership because China want’s the same thing.

            They want US property, they want to expand their Empire, they want a seat at the table of 12 seats, the group that will run the dictatorship woldwide.

            Trump didn’t like nwo/wef/ccp/.0001%

            nwo/ccp/wef/.0001% cabal to fight Trump they said Trump was a liar, and evil dictator, and needs to be removed ‘by any means necessary’ meaning even if by force or illegally. they said we need to throw the constitution out and legal system if needed.

            nwo/ccp/wef/.0001% cabal wanted to remove Trump because without Trump it is easy to take control,

            with Trump gone there are thousands of high level officials such as Joe xiden who is a ccp puppet being blackmailed, bribed, or bullied by the Chinese, who will allow the coup.

            the msm is helping, are part of the coup……………. major news outlets like CNN, Fox and others have taken ‘private dinners’ and ‘special trips’ paid for by the Communist Chinese Government.

            a foreign power like China was necessary. US military soldiers will never turn on their own no matter how much you pay them. You can pay Americans to kill Iraqis, but never their own brothers in another state. So for operation US Coup, China is the muscle, chinese soldiers will follow orders.

            Solution: Global dictatorship, one single Crypto currency for the whole world, managed by not one dictator but a group of 12 wise men (Swiss system) where individual nations have no sovereignty or rights. All under the auspices of ‘saving the planet.

            the Great Reset nwo/un/wef/.001% worldwide one world government features:

            the totalitarianism of the CCP. a loss of individual rights—including property rights, free expression, freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of religion, and the free enterprise system as we understand it.

            5G-enabled smart city surveillance, the equivalent of social credit scores, medical passports, political imprisonment, and other means of social and political repression and control.

            the cv19 hoax is an excuse to lockdown everyone while coup takes place.

            The Origins of the World Economic Forum that will run your new government Go Back to the Third Reich nazis.
            schwab runs the wef, his family was connected to the nazis in germany, his wife is chinese.

            wef/nwo/cabal/ccp/globalists. who is in it? the .0001% billionaires and their huge corporations, big tech, big pharma, big oil, big media (all the media), twitter, facebook, google, big banks, etc, wef has roots from the nazis. china was chosen to lead it, they benefit a lot from it.
            an occult communist/nazi satanic cult they are pedophiles and believe in slavery, eugenics, depopulation, transhumanism. they are religious fanatics with their new covid religion ayatollahs.

            nazi: see origins of allopathic medicine and wef. satanists: see origin of wef. witches: see origin of allopathic medicine.

            As paraphrased by a leading think tank of the new world order, the World Economic Forum,
            for the ones left after the 7 billion cull……..“You will own nothing, have no privacy, and be much happier.”

            the reality:
            they will be turning people left into appliances plugged into an all-seeing internet, more transhuman robots than people, dutifully following orders but unable to produce anything beyond what is programmed into their quantum microchips, bereft of the sparks of inquiry, innovation and joy in a electric panopticon that’s sterile and joyless, you are better off dead.

            they implant an operating system in you and connect you to the grid, they also connect an AI robot to the grid, this is so you can train the robot to do your job.
            you won’t be needed then = soylent green.

            quote from byrne……….(when you get your new nwo/ccp/un/.0001% government) “In 10 years, there’ll be prison camps with organs being harvested just as there are in western China,”

            “The Nazis had a phrase that covered all abuses by the State: ‘Für euer sischerheit’ —> ‘It’s for your safety’” these satanist witches are nazis.
            Auschwitz = Arbeit macht frei (Work will make you free)
            Earth 2020 = Vaccine will make you free

      • Eric,

        What is your take on employer vs. government mandates? In my state, my representatives, governor, etc. are all 100% okay with employer mandates, saying they don’t have a right to tell employers what to do. I respectively disagree on this issue. In a perfect world, they are right of course, but we don’t live in a perfect world. In many cases employers are now fully deputized agents of the state. Employers are forced to be tax collectors (withholdings), insurance providers, serve all customers (even those they don’t like for whatever reason), build ADA compliant bathrooms even if they don’t have anyone within 50 miles that would use them, etc. I don’t see my governor or state assembly attempting to repeal any of these requirements…yet, they don’t want to burden them with a law that would prevent employers from coercing their employees, and in some cases, employees’ families to take forced injections on a regular basis. Any suggestions on how I respond to these arguments?

          • The natural immunity argument he mention fails on a number of levels. While arguing for it, people say at the same time that viruses change and mutate, which is to say they are always different, especially over time and in different locations. So, if you got sick with something in April 2020, why would you expect to be naturally immune from an illness going around in December 2021? Doesn’t make sense. Also, folks must remember how people would get colds or the flu every so often. No one ever said, “I’m now naturally immune from colds or the flu”. The deceivers know this and that’s why they ignore/downplay natural immunity. It’s also why they use the deceptive term “variant” to imply some relationship to the “original.” Now, the convid shots don’t provide immunity from anything either. Just like the flu shots didn’t immunize people from the flu and instead made those who took them vectors of the flu via shedding without symptoms.

            • anon 1

              Your inate immune system protects you from everything, the mrna injection was only designed for variant “A” it is long gone, so these current vaccines are useless, each mrna injection destroys about 35% of your immune system, after 3 injections you have no immune system, then anything can kill you, variants or whatever, that is called AIDS, after awhile you are dead. just stick with your natural immune system.

              They want you to have no immune system then you need their immune system by subscription, IBS, each virus will require a unique vaccine, they can make tons of money.

              they don’t want you to just stick with your natural immune system. they will force inject you. why not? it is a big money maker…..

              • Hi Anon,

                Most people would not wear a raincoat every day – just in case it rains – even though there is a greater chance it will rain than that they’ll die from the ‘Rona. Yet they’ll wear a Diaper – and get a Jab – just in case… .

              • Perhaps the term I should have used was acquired immunity, meaning I had it so now I’m immune for life. No one ever said that in the past about colds and flus over time and in different geographic areas. Yet folks now simultaneously say viruses change and mutate constantly like we understood in the past, but also say they “got the convid virus” so they are immune for life as if it were akin to something like chicken pox.

    • anon 1

      from a nurse of 40 years…
      I’m gonna tell you what’s happening in hospitals down south.

      Those that are vaccinated and present with Covid are now being given, wait for it, ivermectin. Ivermectin they’re giving them and they’re surviving the Covid and walking out of the hospital. And they’re going and saying “Look the vaccine saved me!” It wasn’t the vaccine that saved them it was the ivermectin.
      save the vaxxed to prove vax works

      And those that are unvaccinated and are presenting with Covid, because of a fake, fraud, useless pcr test, guess what they’re doing to them? They’re putting them on ventilators and ventilators are the wrong treatment for people with Covid.

      It causes pulmonary edema and they drown, a death sentence, but the hospital gets $35,000 for putting them on a ventilator….. This is what happened in America last year that’s why all the thousands of people died in America last year. And this is what they’re doing in Australia to our fellow Australians in Victoria and New South Wales.

      ATTENTION: it looks like if you go into a hospital and you are unvaxxed a pureblood, they will give you a fake, fraud, useless pcr test, it will for sure test positive, that is a death sentence.

      The WHO and the CDC have recommended treatments virtually guaranteed to kill. they give you Remdesivir.

      Remdesivir was approved as part of a deadly protocol even though Fauci et al knew it causes Kidney failure – he knew because he had tested it in his Ebola studies.

      Knocking out the kidneys means the lungs fill up with fluid and then you have to put the patient on a ventilator. ventilators are the wrong treatment for people with Covid. It causes pulmonary edema and they drown,

      you die and they say the unvaxxed died because they had covid.

      another quote
      I give the con maybe 6 months before even the most devout pro vax starts to deprogram,…”
      ATTENTION:By that time the pro vax won’t have any energy left to harass anti vax. They’ll just die alone and get eaten by their cats.

      at least they don’t waste the organs….. Hospitals in America Have Become Organ Harvesting Killing Fields!


  16. We had great Thanksgiving all my children came with the grandchildren as well. Several spent the week (out of staters). Most of them are vaxxed. Everyone went home on Saturday. After getting home several came down with the rona 3 positive tests, 2 with mild symptoms. All were vaxxed. My question is what is the point of the vax if it does not work. None of the unvaxxed had any issues. Of course the unvaxxed will not get tested unless they are deathly ill and in a hospital.

  17. Hey Guys/Gals,

    I have been busy and haven’t posted much, but have a recent observation to relay to you all. I am the condo board president who fought the battle to have the mask mandates removed from my 400 unit highrise, and posted the audio of that. Some have tried to bring them back and I have resisted resolutely. However, our former property manager is now managing another property two buildings away and she is a notary, so she told me to bring the documents over and she would help me with that. Sounds good.

    However, she told me some time ago they had a “semi mask mandate” and I remembered that when I walked up to the entry door. I did not have a conformity rag. Below is an email I just sent to her recounting my visit, because she was on the phone and one of her office mates assisted me.

    I recounted to her the feeling I got during my visit.

    Text of my email is below:


    I remember some time ago asking what your building was doing with their mask policy and just as I walked up to the entrance, I remembered that discussion but did not see any signs.

    Anyway, just walking through the ground floor area, it had a very eerie, dark, and dystopian feel to it. Maybe it was due to my lack of a conformity rag on my face, but all the people I saw looked like the walking dead. They didn’t even look human. They looked at me and quickly looked away. It was unmistakably creepy, like I was walking past a bunch of lifeless mummies.

    The two ladies in the office when I showed up acted like prison wardens. They had stone faced expressions and eyed me up with great suspicion even after saying I was here to see you for notarization. I understand that I hadn’t been there is a long time and didn’t expect them to remember me, but they acted like I was an armed robber and a leper wrapped up in one body.

    (Por favor, don’t relay that comment to them. It’s not about them, but an example of what those mandates produce, in my opinion)

    It’s exactly why, if mask mandates ever return to my building, I will have a 2-word sign on my front door: BEST OFFER.

    I won’t spend what I spend and work like I do to live like that. NO WAY.

  18. Eric,

    The man you speak of made a grave mistake in scrapping a friendship with the esteemed and venerated Eric Peters. Seriously, what a jackass. To be sure, though, none of my friends have been militant about everyone being jabbed. I’m lucky in that way.

    In related news, my friend and coworker, who received her second jab not a couple of months ago, just had a fairly rough bout with the Kung Flu. She described the Jab’s side effects as not trivial, including having a painful, swollen arm for days, excruciating headaches and tinnitus. All, truly, just to get into a concert her daughter wanted to see. At least she recovered, and hopefully there will be no other side-effect surprises.

    • There just might be more surprises for her. There is graphene oxide in those lethal injections. What is that? Well, it is microscopic razor blades. They slice the blood vessels and capillaries. In other words, the victim dies from internal bleeding. Maybe in 6 months, maybe 2 years.

      The only cure for this aspect of the death jab is a complete blood transfusion. This graphene is not organic and will not be removed from the body or dissolved. Only a blood transfusion will get rid of it. Otherwise, please tell her not to exert herself too much for the rest of her life so she will live a little longer.

      • Man, that’s spooky sheet, SM777.

        All my immediate family have gotten, The Shot. Even my brothers young children. …So they could continue participating in frivolous social actives, of course. And, feel like they’re part of… what? Idk.

        They set some rules for Thanksgiving, “No politics or covid & no hugging or getting close”. I don’t self-censor & the rest was mega-B.S., so I didn’t go.

        I got to thinking, I guess while I was on their speakerphone trying to setup a gathering with them & also trying to direct them to the interviews at USAWATCHDOG was a bit much for them (gasph! their kids must’ve heard?) how-freaking-evah; it didn’t do a lick of good (IF they even watched them) they gave their kids The Shot anyway.

        So, now that they & their kids, and my parents & my in-laws have The Shot, there’s Zero reason for me to even mention anything. They’re looking forward to booster shots.
        Short of some miraculous way for them to be rid of The Shot,… & unless, somehow, what alternative voices are saying is utterly wrong… I got nothing to add. There’s not a danged thing I can do or say to change things. …That ship, has sailed.

      • SM777,

        That is indeed a frightening prospect, and I, having some experience in the field of nanoscience, understand that many, if not most, nanomaterials are best kept out of the body. For the sake of millions of people, I hope you’re wrong about this.

      • anon 1

        another cool feature of the injections:
        the combination of injecting metal nano particles and then applying high intensity 5g emf which makes the metal move around to cause shearing (shearing rips apart your organs).

        if you turn 5g up to 60 ghz (some people call this the kill switch) it makes the metal bits move around, oscillate, causing shearing, tearing your organs apart, it is like a ball bearing flying around inside a watermelon, but it is your brain or other organs. these satanists are sick bastards, now they want to do it to children.

        from zh comments……..
        gotta wonder if those kids at that travis concert got fried by stimulating the graphene superconductors in their bloodstreams via 5g radiation, it sure looked like it and i have seen no more credible explanation – news calls it a stampede, but they were dying just standing there, handing bodies overhead like sacks of rice at a unicef giveaway.

  19. It will be interesting to watch the “statistics” as the omnicron variant winds its way through the population. The whole of the global news cabal is loosing their minds over one case in New York City. It was bad enough when the Wuhan Flu had a bunch of unknowns, but now they have to report one (likely false-positive, given all the mutations and poor quality) positive test of one patient. And even after it has become obvious The Jab™ is a dud they continue to push it. Even this week I heard a comparison to the polio vaccine. Give me a break! Polio was a far more deadly/injurious disease, and the vaccine was nearly 100% effective. Even then, I’m sure there were risks associated with the polio vaccine that might cause some to avoid it.

    If the polio vaccine were introduced today, we would probably know the risks as they became apparent. But back when there were only a few sources, all implicitly approved by the state, it was a miracle. Raising the health bar was easy back then, because the industry was still pretty new. For example, my grandfather had a heart attack in the 1950s. He spent weeks in bed under an oxygen tent. Then was told to avoid physical activity because of his weak heart. For the rest of his life he made the situtaion worse because that’s what doctors told him to do. Only in the late 1970s (just after he died) did medicine realize that was the exact opposite therapy. Up until the mid-1990s we could only speculate on what a virus looked like. It took building an X-ray microscope, borrowed from microchip manufacturing technology, to see one. Yet we’re told that medicine is just about to the point where we can build designer pharmacological treatments and if we’re able to hold out just a little longer, immortality. It’s all just marketing hype though. Health care workers can do some great things, but there’s still a very long way to go and lots to learn.

    • They keep bringing up polio, smallpox and other shots. Now whether you personally believe the polio vaccine saved humanity or not it’s not a good analogy at all. The virus was isolated and stable for nearly 40 years before (in 1908) the shots so a vaccination against it is effective (presumably) to the extent that you build an immunity from exposure and that’s that. It doesn’t mutate quickly like coronaviruses and don’t have an animal reservoir.

      Also the first polio shot Salk came up with in 1955 in fact /did/ injure a whole lot of kids and was quickly stopped, now known as the Cutter Lab Incident. Something like 200,000 kids were injected, 40,000 of them got polio that paralyzed 200 and killed 10. One result of this was that Salk’s approach was questioned and Sabine’s approach to using an inactivated virus came into use. Also Cutter Lab was held liable for the injuries, this being long before the liberal legal protection they got in 1986 and the blank check they got with the COnVID injections.

      So perhaps we can actually turn the polio fight of the 1950s to our favor, if for no other reason that the relative danger (0.005% side effect risk of death was sufficient to shut it down) and the manufacturer was held fully responsible for injuries.

      • 40 years… And I think measles took something like 10 years to develop the vaccine. And for both polio and measles there was a lot of trial and error involved with different iterations of the vaccine before it was given out to the public.

        But this one was developed in less than a year, it’s a genetic technology that has never been used before, yet it’s “perfectly safe” and the makers have no liability.

        This is my entire problem with these “vaccines” – there is no long term safety data yet because it simply does not exist. There is no “long term” to speak of.

        No thanks.

        • anon 1

          modified for algos…..


          The bureaucrats behind this killer v……..e KNOW what happened in previous animal testing with m//r….na v……..s. When animals were v……….ed against the v….s and then exposed to it after v………..on against it, ALL OF THEM WENT INTO A CYTOKINE STORM. This is when the immune system attacks itself destroying every organ in the body. It is a rapid death. IT KILLED EVERY ANIMAL IN THE STUDY. cool, a v………e with a 100% death rate.
          The only other RNA v……….e ever approved killed the horses it was supposed to save.

          Now you know why they SKIPPED ANIMAL TESTING. They will give everyone this v……..e and then release another v……….s. skipped animal testing, the useless eaters are lower than animals.

          The DNA-based use reverse-transcriptase (like HIV uses) to change your DNA to incorporate the SA//RS-C…..ov,,,,,,,-2 spike protein into your own DNA so it can be expressed at semi-random times like the m//R…..NA v……..es do. This is equivalent to planting random time-delayed grenades throughout your entire body.

          the bottom line is that the v……..e is UNSAFE and downright dangerous being an elixir mixed in hell’s real kitchen, and made up of “aborted fetus tissue”, “half mouse half human chimera tissue”, hydrogel: a biosensor which would monitor your body as well as send and receive information to the 5G Smart Grid.

          Autoimmune disorders of all kinds (allergies, psoriasis, MS, rheumatoid arthritis and many more) have exploded as vac//ci….ne mania gripped the world over the past 30 years. It’s not a surprise. V……….s by their very nature disrupt the immune system.

          all you really need to do is look at the decline in overall health over the past 30 years and it’s pretty obvious that v……..s play a big role. 1/3 of American children have chronic, lifelong health conditions now. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the 72 shots they take.

          what about the v………e industry’s little-discussed reliance on DNA from species such as birds, dogs, monkeys, cows, pigs, mice and insects in vaccine manufacturing. Noting Béchamp’s belief that “an organism’s microzymas are unique to it, and are not interchangeable with those of another,” Béchamp would disapprove of introducing microzymas “proper to one species. . .into an animal of another species”—which is exactly what v…………s do.
          How. . .foolhardy is it then, when v……….l microzymas are not only from another species, but are already morbidly evolved and are accompanied by preservatives, formaldehyde, and other chemicals? There is no sanity whatever to this practice.

          we hear that muslims and jewish can’t and shouldn’t get the V………e, due to it containing pig ingredients. christians because it contains aborted fetus tissue.

          now we hear that it will infect or disable your testicles.
          researchers say: To protect fertility, some men may want to consider freezing their sperm prior to v…………n

          And this mR//N…..A shot is pure madness if you care to look. The technology was patented in 1991 and has never been used on humans (so you get to be the first guinee pig, good luck with that, bringacoffin) because every single animal study has shown horrific results. Do not get this shot no matter what they say. It’s very, very bad.

          V………s to cure a H,,,,o…..ax v……s that nobody can isolate, identify or photograph (yes, not even one v………s), (the chinese dug out something from somebody’s lung, it was actually an exosome, these people are nuts they believe in fake science), changes your DNA in unknown ways and people line up for it. They must be crazy.

          m//R….NA v……….s hijack the body’s cells, invading ribosomes and causing them to churn out non-human proteins which invade the blood. These proteins cause the body to attack itself in a “cytokine storm” of inflammation and autoimmune disorders, resulting in neurological damage, infertility, tissue damage and even death.

          another reason not to trust blindly any company currently producing v………s in the United States. Each one of the four v……..e producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
          “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

          M//R…..NA v………es intervene directly in the patient’s genetic material and, therefore, they change individual genetic material, which represents genetic manipulation, something that has been banned and so far considered criminal.

          after unprecedented M//RN….A v………e, you will no longer be able to treat v………e symptoms complementary. They will have to live with the consequences, because they can no longer be cured by simply removing toxins from the human body, just as you can’t cure a person with a genetic defect such as Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, Disease genetic heart, haemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Rett syndrome, etc. ), because genetic defect is forever! dead or permanently disabled, gimped.

          the cv19 h//oa………x created a great opportunity to force inject a dna v……….e or insert chips, nano wires, nano particles, 5g is being installed to connect you to the cloud and data mine you. goal: depopulation, sterilization, behavior modification, total control and a cull.

          These new v…..s are not v………s, installing gmo technology, chips, wires, etc. is not a v……..e, but they say it is to avoid liability, v………e manufacturers can not be sued. if they say it is a v……….e it can be mandated (forced), these new injections are not v,,,,,,,,s but they say they are so they can be forced. if there is insurance involved, you save the insurance company lots of money. this is insurance fraud.

          who is responsible for c//v……19 h///o……ax?
          the elite nobility/bankster/nwo/cabal/globalists and the .0001% billionaires and their huge corporations, big tech, big pharma, big oil, big media (all the media), twitter, fa..ce,,,,,,bo,,ok, google, big banks, etc, china was chosen to lead it.

          Psychopathic members of an occult satanic death cult running the planet, planning your horrible future. religious fanatics ramming their poisonous v………e down your throat….v…….es/j……er,,,,,,m theory = religious fanatics, the new c//ov,,,,,i….d religion. a satanic cult that believe in eugenics, slavery, transhumanism and fake science.
          pope is part of this cult.

  20. ‘the “vaccines” (in air fingers quotes to emphasize that they aren’t because they do not immunize)’ — eric

    Don’t look, but it’s happening again:

    ‘SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea again broke its daily records for coronavirus infections and deaths.

    ‘The 5,352 new cases reported by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency on Saturday marked the third time this week the daily tally exceeded 5,000.’

    South Korea’s per capita daily case rate of 86 per million — low in comparison to Europe and North America — is still FOUR TIMES HIGHER than Korea experienced at any time last year, when nobody was ‘vaccinated.’

    According to the WaPo, ‘South Korea has fully immunized [sic] close to 80 percent of its 52 million people. Fewer than ten countries have higher vaccination [sic] rates.’

    Needless to say, words such as ‘science’ and ‘logic’ are wholly incompatible with immunizing 80% of your population, and then seeing your freaking ‘case’ rate explode by a factor of four.

    Hypnotism, mass delusion, brain damage: when will some little kid, unburdened by adults’ media derangement, finally blurt out ‘This is nuts! The vaccinazis have no clothes!

  21. Cat Stevens the recording artist who is devout muslim living in England was asked an interesting question by a real journalist many years ago. The question was if an Imam directed him to kill another person (non-believer) in the name of islam would he do it? Steven’s answer was; in a western country no he would not. But in an islamic country he would do as directed by his religion. So the guy who wrote *Peace Train* would kill on someone else’s orders. This is the mass psychosis of compliance to an ideology.
    You have millions who joined the vaccinated. Some now regret it like Eric Clapton. The mass psychosis of coming to realize a vaccinated person did something bad to himself (herself, Zeself, Deself, etc) is too much for most people to handle. They want more people to join their group as a ratification of their actions. This is not medicine nor religion but ideology at work. And Evil are all ideologies eventually become.

    In the Movie “A Man for All Seasons” Thomas More is pressured to state the King’s divorce was legal and his re-marriage is within the bounds of the church. He is pressured by his comrades who say to him to come over to their side for *fellowship*. More says “When you are sent to heaven for doing your conscience, and I am sent to hell for not doing my conscience, will you come along with me for fellowship?”


    • Hans, I realized very early-on to beware of people who always spout ‘peace and love’. Like John Lennon- who’d beat his wife and abandon his family, and scare old people for a laugh. The only ‘peace and love’ they want is the kind that is defined by themselves, and which everyone else must obey…and if we don’t obey. then we are ‘haters’. The real advocates of true peace desire that everyone have the right and ability to defend themselves, and thus advocate big guns and good fences. And those are the very things that the usual ‘peace and love’ crowd abhor….because they abhor the actual ways of peace and love.

      • anon 1

        The missionaries were the drug pushers when the english were pushing opium in china.
        In America the beatles were the pushers promoting drug use back in the sixties with their music.
        The windsors made a lot of their money from slavery and the drug trade, the elite nobility at the top still run the drug trade indirectly today.

        Big pharma makes a fortune off so called legal drugs today, it is a drug culture, so maybe people are more receptive to getting injected with all kinds of crap, they are full of prozac so could care less………

  22. You might be better off without this person a s a friend. Wife and I have lost countless long time friends and acquaintances over this spy-op. Just saying, it just strengthens the real friendships that remain. Besides everyone here still loves you.

    Came up with a song a few weeks back while listening to KZRJ Gulch radio. com. It broadcasts from high above Mingus mountain, down to the dirty verde below and into every corner of the open air, digital Gulag called earth. I came up with new words to Tom Petty, Jamming me.

    You got me, in a corner.
    You got me, against a wall.
    You’re giving me, no choice.
    It’s going down, winner take all.

    Take back your vaccine pass.
    Take back your health care plan.
    No one gets to live forever.
    Non stop lies in tee vee land.

    No jabbing me
    No jabbing me
    You aint jabbing me.

    You can leave me painted in a corner
    Cancel my existence, its still not over.

    You got me, in a corner.
    We’ll settle this in the cold dark night.
    I got no… where to run.
    It’ll end in a down and dirty fight.

    Take back, your filthy merchant.
    Take back, your lying hard sell.
    Take back, the Davos crowd.
    Send em all straight down to hell.

    Take back your sand fly puppy torture, and the blood in the old pedophile’s eyes.
    Yeah, take back your fake Kung Flu, where everyone you jab slowly dies.

    Take back, Kommiefornia.
    Take back your Pharmacological war.
    Take back, the digital Gulag.
    Your trying to build outside my door.

    No jabbing me.
    No jabbing me.
    Save your jabs for thee.

    • Great adaptation/upgrade of Jammin’ Me!

      Extra points for name checking the mighty 100-watt Gulch Radio — also upgraded from an original 0.1 watt.

      ‘We broadcast at that time with 1/10th of a watt power which pretty much covered Jerome during the daytime.’ — TheGeezer [owner], Feb 17, 2015

    • Norm and Jim,

      I know where Mingus mountain is! Never heard Gulch Radio, however. Going to have to check it out now, next time I’m up that way. And nice rewrite, Norm.

      I’ve often thought about creating my own radio station at or near my rural land. People up there certainly need one, as there are essentially 3 FM stations, and mostly 20-songs-from-the-’70s types at that.

  23. ‘Either “vaccines” do not “stop the spread.” Or they enhance the spread.’ — eric

    Ask the Spanish:

    ‘In the case of Spain, where more than 90 per cent of the target population has been vaccinated, a report seen by newspaper El País says the impact of Covid passports would be negligible, and warns that it may contribute to a false impression that vaccinated people do not get infected. Eight of Spain’s 17 regions are now using the system in some form.

    “We know that around 40 per cent of those vaccinated are susceptible to infection and transmitting the infection,” the report says.

    ‘The only benefits the experts see in a passport system is that it warns people that there is still danger from the pandemic and encourages vaccination uptake among the reticent.’ — The Telegraph

    Savor the breathtaking illogic of the final paragraph: a useless passport system encourages more people to take jabs that don’t work in the first place.

    Widespread empirical evidence indicates that ‘vaccination’ permanently damages the rational faculties.

    Take a sufficient number of boosters, and your intelligence recedes to the level of a nematode.

    Then you’ll have no remaining option but to run for Clowngress, where a whole claque of roaring retards reside. 🙁

    • For some reason your comment reminded me of a bit Gary North wrote about Yellow Fever in the 1800’s. He tied it to economics, however; it was interesting history I wasn’t aware of when I read it. In so many ways, it’s the opposite of The Covid Cult response, in others, it’s very similar in an odd sort of way.

      “On any road leading out of Memphis,” one survivor recalled, “could be seen a procession of wagons, piled high with beds, trunks, and small furniture, carrying, also, the women and children.” The male refugees walked alongside, either despondent or excitedly shouting to each other. Boats and trains were jammed. People forced open windows and doors and fought their way aboard. “The ordinary courtesies of life were ignored,” recalled John M. Keating, editor of the Daily Appeal and one of several who would write books about that appalling summer and autumn. “There was only one thought uppermost … an inexpressible terror.”


      • Interesting story. The exact opposite reaction by the masses compared to the COVID response because they were told it wasn’t a problem. Until it was. I wonder what the reaction might be next time there’s a public health scare?

        “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” – George W Bush

      • That pretty much describes EVERYTHING that happens in this country today- and the more so if the goobermint has any involvement. Ass-backwards imcompetence, lying, ineffective, deceptive, retarded, produces a result 180* of what it claims, harms instead of cures…..

        The national motto should be “We can’t do anything right”. (Which of course, is often by design…but even when it’s not….incompetence, bureaucracy, etc. have become so entrenched that they can’t even get it right when they try to!)

    • About that receding intelligence… Yesterday, I was chatting with a new next door neighbor mid-day. A middle aged guy with a coupla kids. Buncha money. Lives in the matrix. By the absolute prionic-ness, I am assuming triple jabbed. The guy was dropping out mid-sentence, couldn’t follow a topic or remember what I had just told him. Then he couldn’t figure out how to work his sail fawn. I’m thinking, you ok bruh? No odor of alcohol no overt stench of weed. Prescription pills maybe? Seriously strange.

    • warns that it may contribute to a false impression that vaccinated people do not get infected.

      My mother in law has recently been pressuring me to get our older son – 14 years old – “vaccinated” even though he has already had the covid and we have the antibodies to prove it. It took some discussion but I finally got her to admit that she thinks the “vaccine” prevents transmission and no amount of persuasion or evidence will change her mind. She is locked in with the narrative from Good Morning America. (luckily my wife who was similarly misinformed listened to what I had to say and now she agrees that he doesn’t need the “vaccine”)

      This presents a bigger problem in our country right now. The mainstream press doesn’t say explicitly that the vaccine doesn’t prevent spread – because they know it’s not true – but they have no problem implying that it does by cheerleading for the Brandon regime and uncritically reporting on vaccine passports. People who only get their news from those sources have no idea how ineffective the vaccines are because the gatekeepers of their news don’t tell them the whole story.

    • anon 1

      Dr jekyll


      from Dr Carrie Madej

      you can patent anything that has been created, modified, or engineered.
      The c,,v//1…9 v……..s are designed to make us into genetically modified organisms in the same way Monsanto has modified and patented their seeds.

      For example, Monsanto genetically modified various seeds.

      So transpose that to a human cell line that could potentially mean that we could be patented, or human cell lines could be patented. And if it’s patented, it has owners. Do you see a problem with this?

      What if our DNA is modified with genes from another species? Are we still human? Is this trans-humanism? And what if our DNA, our genome, is modified and thus can be patented and owned? This is going on right now, today.

      I will add that this type of DNA v……..e has never been used on humans before.
      They are now proposing to take something we have never used and in//j….ect it into everyone that will make them trans-human.

      They are not using good scientific methodology at all. They have no randomized placebo-controlled trials for any v……..e, They’re not following any sound scientific protocol to make sure this is safe for us, to make sure it would work for us, or to know anything about it—and they want to in//j…e,,ct the v……….e and DNA altering cell lines into the masses.

      The v…….e manufacturers, referred to as Big Pharma, were made exempt from product liability in the 1980s. Meaning that if a v,,……e causes seizures, paralysis, etc., they as a group are not liable.

      here is the big lie:
      Big Pharma just has to prove that the v……..e is producing antibodies.

      Just because you’ve got antibodies does not make you immune to something.
      the efficacy of every single v……..e is predicated on the idea that it induces antibodies and therefore immunity. This is the key assumption – and it is patently false.

      ATTENTION READ: there it is: based on an assumption = a belief. this v………e bs is just a belief = religion. this is being pushed by religious fanatics. the new co//v,,,i…..d religion.

      v………s are just a belief = a religion no science behind them: v……..e religion: an occult satanic religious death cult

      j//e…r,,,,m theory: never been proven, just a belief = a religion. now we have allopathic rockefeller nazi death medicine, a satanic occult death cult, run by witches.

      it is worse than that: and now we have more evidence of this in the form of certified pathologists stating that there is no proof of the existence of C//O,,,V…..ID antibodies as well.

      Without testing we don’t know for a fact if it would really work as claimed out in the population of people. A real study would show that it actually works, or doesn’t work, in the population of people. But they are not testing, saying they don’t have time.

      Another important fact to know about all v……….s is that many of them are using the MRC5 aborted fetal cell lines from the 1960s. This is an immortalized cell line. Immortalized means it does not die. In other words it’s a cell that has lost the ability to go through apoptosis—natural cell decay and death. A cell that cannot go through that death process is called cancer. That is a definition of cancer.
      So they are trying to use a lot of words to mask the fact you’re being injected with cancerous cells.

      Some of the v………..s that are using these cancerous cell lines from aborted fetuses are:

      MMR – measles, mumps, rubella
      Chicken Pox
      Hepatitis A & B
      Polio, etc.

      An Italian report backed by the government of Italy and a group of scientists called Corvelva They state that these v……….s have the potential to increase tumorigenesis, which means increased risk of cancers, increased risk of mutagenesis or mutant genes.
      anyone taking those v………..s would also have an increased risk of transmitting live infections. This is well known.
      SUPER SPREADER: read this…………..They would have an increased risk of transmitting live infections. so when you get the v……..e you will be a biosecurity terrorist. shedding spike proteins…a new zombie

      There’s new evidence that double-vax//xe..d individuals build up huge viral loads in their noses and sinuses, causing them to become super-spreaders, and infect others

      Israel is one of the most heavily vax//xe…d countries in the world, with nearly 80% of the population fully vac//ci..na…ted and almost 100% of the elderly. But now Israel is experiencing a massive increase in infections (and of serious cases), mainly among the fully vax//xe..d.
      sweden has banned people traveling from isreal

      The Co//v….i,,,,,,,d-19 v………..s will have a bacteria that’s a contaminant—mycoplasma pneumonias. It’s a very common bacteria used as a contaminant. This really has nothing to do with the v……….e itself but they have it in there. So you are getting an infection on top of the v………e.

      This stuff is so bad it has the potential to be used as a bio weapon. They are in//je…c,,,,ting cancers into your body along with very toxic substances, like mercury derivatives, aluminum derivatives and other things like that. In addition to the unknown effect of the combination or an accumulation of these v…….s together and the synergistic effect that happens. mixed together they could be 10 times as dangerous.

      “The Nazis had a phrase that covered all abuses by the State: ‘Für euer sischerheit’ —> ‘It’s for your safety’” these satanist witches are nazis.

      Auschwitz = Arbeit macht frei (Work will make you free)

      Earth 2020 = V……….e will make you free

      …..modified for algos…

  24. Eric: What if you are all wrong?

    Did you ever think of that?

    Maybe the social distancing and masking to prevent the spread does work and there would be many more dead if the social distancing and masking weren’t required.

    Just go get jabbed, get the vaccine passport, and your erstwhile friend will be your friend again, he won’t needle you anymore about the jab. Quit rocking the boat, sit down.

    Just pulling your leg, not trying to get your goat.

    If the vaccines did provide the protection and are efficacious, to cause a positive result, there would be few problems and little argument.

    If you are immunized for smallpox with the smallpox vaccine, you aren’t going to worry about contracting smallpox, you have immunity.

    Some victims of smallpox couldn’t handle the disfigurement, psychologically devastating, and committed suicide. A 33 percent fatality rate killed an estimated 400 million people throughout history.

    In a hundred thousand year timeline of human population growth, the Black Plague is a glitch on the graph.

    The vaccine works to prevent smallpox, people have no fear of being vaccinated, they don’t want to be a disfigured grotesque person who survived the disease and not die.

    Have to redefine something, the vaccine is only effective for the current strain, you need a new vaccine to prevent illness from the next scariant in the chute.

    If you want a die-off, just stop immunizing people for every disease, they’ll all return, you’ll get your population depopulated.

    Diphtheria, smallpox, tuberculosis, mumps, measles, anthrax, bubonic plague, leprosy, pneumonia, influenza viral strains, all will return to the human population. Nobody will be too happy about it, but that is too bad, that is the way it goes moving west.

    Bill Gates’ ethics in action right there. Bill doesn’t want any vaccines that actually work, obviously.

    A lot of resources will be spared.

  25. Over the last three days I have been parked on my family room couch. I have no idea what I have, but everyone in my family has it. So far, it seems to have hit me the worst, which I am thankful for. I do not want my kids or husband to get it this bad.

    Even when I got sick in June 2020 with the really bad sore throat, slight fever, and headache that wouldn’t go away I had the ability to function and even go to work. Not this. This sucks.

    Knock on wood I have been able to keep it out of my lungs and hope that continues. I have been taking Vitamin D and magnesium. My medicinal teas seem to work as well. I take a licorice root in the morning, a turmeric honey in the afternoon, and a combination of a peppermint and ginger at night. All three help with the lungs and coughing.

    Also, below is a recipe for a flu bomb. It helps to take it when you start feeling sick.

    In a cup add 1 tsp of minced garlic, 1\4 tsp of ginger (fresh ginger is the best, but ground ginger will work too), the juice from one whole lemon (lemon juice in a bottle isn’t going to work), 1 tsp of honey, and 1/4 tsp cayenne powder. Add 1/2 cup of warm to hot water. Mix well. You can drink it up to 2-3 x a day.

    I wish everyone good health.

    One day I will get my Christmas tree up. ☹️

    • You should look into nebulizing peroxide. I’ve lost a link to instruction, but you can find it at Mercola’s website. I use OTC 3% diluted at 1 part to 3 parts filtered or distilled water. It improves my respiration even when I’m NOT sick.

      • It is a real tree and have been sitting on my front porch in a bucket of water for the last 7 days since I haven’t had time to bring it in and decorate it.

      • But…but….what honors Christ more than dragging a pine tree into one’s living room every December? 😉

        “Blessed be the trees under whose needles the reindeer poop”

        -The Apostle Cletus

        • Next you’re gonna tell me a giant bunny entering your home in the middle of the night and hiding colored chicken eggs throughout it along with leaving baskets of chocolates and candies doesn’t commemorate the resurrection of Christ.

    • Hi RG,

      I’m sorry you’re feeling not-so-good and I think what you’re doing is wise. I’d like to suggest two more things:

      One, take as much vitamin C as you can handle (your body will tell you “enough” if you begin having the urge to Number 2 a lot; but no harm can come from “too much” vitamin C).

      Two – if you can will yourself to do it – get up and about; ideally, get up to some good/strenuous work that makes you sweat. As you know, I run and lift weights and both have cured me 98-plus percent of the time. Something about getting the body temp up, I think – which serves the same purpose as a fever.

      Sending good wishes for a quick turnaround!

      • Thanks, Eric. I will happily work on the Vitamin C, but as for working out…it took me two days to get enough strength to walk upstairs and take a shower. I had to lay on the bed after I got out because it was so exhausting. I have zero energy. I sleep and watch Christmas movies.

        • Hi RG,
          Hoping you kick this illness to the curb soon; seconding Eric’s advice to somehow work up a sweat. An elevated temperature is your body’s natural way of killing off germs/viruses. Usually works for me when I get a cold/flu, try to do push-ups, lift weights, etc. until I get sweaty. Of course if you can barely get out of bed that’s a non-starter so hang in there and get well.

          • Thanks, Mike.

            I hope tomorrow I will be able to get up and around. I am going to have to push myself to, but time is dwindling. Other than the blah feeling, the constant headache, and sounding like Lurch from the Addams Family I feel better.

    • Sorry you’re sick and hope you get better soon. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get into your lungs but hopefully the vitamin D will protect them. You didn’t mention if it’s covid but had similar symptoms when I got it in Jan 2020. Super tired and last night fever. The lemon ginger cayenne shots are awesome. addicted to a recipe that includes fresh pineapple juice.

      • Thanks RS. I am hoping it is just a nasty flu, but even if it is Covid I refuse to get tested. I am hoping another day or two and it will be over.

        If you could post the pineapple juice recipe that would be awesome. Always looking for something with a bit less garlicky taste.

    • Raider Girl,

      Like the others, I’m sorry you’re so sick! If it’s the ‘Rona, I think you’re young and astute enough to fight it off as we did. If you lose your sense of taste/smell, then you likely have the Kung Flu, as it is the most unmistakable and unique symptom.

      Good luck, and I hope you’re better very soon!

      • Much appreciated, BaDnOn. I have my taste and smell. Honestly, I think it is one hell of a nasty flu. My aunt who is in her mid 60s ended up with it first. She has had it for a week. Then my eldest had a fever and a cough for about 36 hours, then my youngest and I both had symptoms Wednesday evening, and hubby was the last to fall yesterday evening.

        As long as all of us can stay out of a doctor’s office and/or the hospital that is all I wish for.

        • I believe you will, but yes, the hospital is a terrible place to go these days. Do your best to steer clear of that.

          A week is mighty long battle with a flu. The Kung Flu affected us for about 10 days, though it took a couple weeks after for my smell to return completely.

          I think you’ll pull through soon, though. In fact, I hope you wake up tomorrow feeling like Wonder Woman, RG. 😉

          • Decades ago, in a number of Decembers or Februarys, I had the flu and clearly remember I lost my sense of smell & taste.

            I think perhaps there’s Much more being made out of this whole business of a lost sense of smell or taste than most people realize.

            • You’re right. I recently found an article online from the L.A. Times circa 1984 that made reference to flu symptoms prevalent at that time. One of the symptoms listed was “loss of taste and smell.” This has always been a common flu symptom.

              • Helot and Jim,

                I’ll tell you this: Never in my life have I lost my sense of smell like I did with the ‘Rona. I’m used to not smelling well due to allergies and perhaps a cold, but this was quite different.
                This was putting a jar of mentholatum right up to your face, taking a deep inhale and not smelling a damn thing. Not even being “stuffed up”, but nasal passages clear and cleaned with nasal irrigation. It was utterly surreal, and no cold or flu has EVER done anything like that to me. Not that it doesn’t happen with the flu, but most people I’ve know with the ‘Rona experience this symptom.

                • Loss of smell/taste is not “novel.” The extent can vary. You weren’t bleeding from the eyes or anus. Your limbs didn’t fall off. You got sick with a respiratory illness and recovered. You are ok. Why do you feel the need to bang the drum for the scam? Do you think that helps or hurts the cause of those under the thumb of it?

                  • Anon,
                    It was novel to me. And I’m not advocating anything that was done with these wildly tyrannical responses. I’m not advocating ineffective and socially and mentally deleterious face diapers, and I’m certainly not for forcing anyone to undergo ANY medical procedure with which they disagree.
                    But I’m not going to lie, either. I most certainly believe there was a novel, genetically manipulated virus released to the world.
                    I simply urge preparation: the sort that any individual can manage. No need to be terrified or alter your life greatly. Not a bad time to lose some weight or gain some healthy habits and knowledge, however.

                    • Different Anon here. I tend to agree that something is going on…I don’t think all that gain of function research went to waste.

                      Having said that, the PCR “tests” still aren’t testing for anything (per Dr. Mullis, their inventor), masks don’t protect against respiratory illness (having been proven over decades of RCT studies), and of course the newest trend in locking down the public (house arrest) and anti-social distancing also don’t do diddly squat, except create fear and mistrust.

                      I also think the jabs are helping to create or accelerate illness and death. The fog of deception is so thick it is hard to see straight. Therefore, I reject all of it, and as you advise, jealously guard my physical (and mental) health.

                    • Novel to you doesn’t equal novel. Now it’s a “genetically manipulated virus released to the world?” Links please. I’m not gonna lie either, “believers” like you are why we are where we are today. We never used to spend time “preparing” to get sick and I’m not gonna start today, notwithstanding your condescending unsolicited health advice.

                    • WTH? Why are you going after BaDnOn so nastily, Anon? He is talking about his first hand experience. How is he being condescending? Advising people to make lifestyle changes?

                      I think most of us on this site believe a new virus is circulating, likely hatched by the Wuhan lab. If you don’t want to believe that, that is your God given right.

                      Going after long time members who didn’t start any shit with you paints you in an unsavory light.

        • A long time member? Who GAF? Are you his protector? The commenter is making some assertions that fail logically. The commenter got sick for 10 days. Not unusual. Says loss of taste/smell is the unique identifier of convid. It’s not. Now he says it’s a genetically manipulated virus, which you add is from “Wuhan” and according to you “most” other commenters on here believe that? You speak for all of them? Asking for links and calling unsolicited, as you call it, “lifestyle change” advice condescending is “nasty”?

          You yourself have said on several occasions that testing for flu A or B is ridiculous. You know it’s the key to the whole scamdemic but here you are yelling at me out of some misplaced sense of commenter loyalty. And, yes, I start shit with people who promote and prolong the underlying premise of the phony scamdemic, belief in which has done more harm than any respiratory illness ever could.

          • RE: “I think most of us on this site believe a new virus is circulating”

            Count me out on that.
            Facts, logic, reason & the scientific method and all that, which our overlord high priests in white lab coats do not practice.

            Have you read all of Jon Rappaport’s stuff on this matter? If not, pardon me (I like A Lot of your comments) however; s.t.u. until you do.
            If you have, please enlighten everyone where his error is.

            • Nasty! By referencing J.R., you may have just offended another long time member who is on her friend list. First three letters of the alphabet mixed up. It’s real and isolated, bruh, despite the toxic soup and monkey cells. Look for the occult practitioner, er, scientist, esprit de corps to follow.

              • Yeah, god knows I wouldn’t want to listen to men and women who specialize in the fields of virology, chemistry, and engineering. Why would we want to do that when we could just take some Anonymous poster who has posted here for the first time and take their word on it. 😳

                • RG virology doesn’t exist! Its all a hoax! The virus concept is fake news!… (falls down laughing…) Sorry I couldn’t even keep a straight face when typing that. 🙂 People are going to believe, what they want to believe.
                  Thats not as bad as the people I’ve met who claim mathematics is fake, and doesn’t really “mean” anything.

                • 99.9% of those “experts” push the scam 24/7. Tell you to wear masks, get tested constantly and get your 3rd shot yesterday. But you don’t trust them about that.

                  • Most doctors are simply there for the job. They have a series of check boxes that they fill out, from the approved medications and procedures. Due to the insane nature of government/insurance regulations, not to mention liability they pretty much have to. Doing something that’s not on the check box list, exposes them to personal liability. Given the massive expense required to get a medical degree, most simply can’t afford to rock the boat. Yes, its an insane system. But its what is to be expected when you mix government and crony capitalism.

                    • By making school the only way to enter various careers the more schooling something requires the more people who are in that field that have no knack for it but are good at school. Provided it pays well of course.

                      Thus doctors are largely good at school. That is following what authority told them. Following procedure from authority.

                      Thinking for one’s self is something that’s not compatible with being good at school. Having a knack for something doesn’t mean one can get through the schooling for it. Thinking and knack have to find a way to make it through school.

                      Technocracy will never work because of the institutionalized set up of things and the traits, abilities, and skills they reward. The “experts” that are sorted to the top are generally inept at doing the actual work and finding solutions to problems.

            • What is s.t.u?

              Special Teams Unit?

              Short Term Update?

              St. Thomas University?

              Helot, no where did I insinuate that all of us believe the same thing or should believe the same thing. My characterization of many of us on here believe a new virus could be circulating is nothing more than reading several commenters post over the last year and making a general consensus.

              • RG,

                Well, looks like this spun out of control, haha. I have more to read below, but suffice to say that some people just like to be abrasive and argue for no goo reason.

                I believe most if not all of the regulars here are decent, conscientious and reasonable people. Anons, however, are a crap shoot. 😉

                • In case you didn’t notice, it was “helot” who said STFU to RG…but as you inadvertently point out, we are all anonymous here.

                  Just try not to pile on with the “Anonymous” bashing, it is not a good look.

                  • Actually, he said s.t.u. which I am still trying to determine the meaning of, once he responds.

                    Only the dumbest of the dumb would actually tell someone to shut the fuck up.

              • Rappaport would be the “virus was never isolated” guy, correct? Yeah, sometimes I’d like to see from him or his followers exactly what isolation and characterization protocol they would accept.

                If I were to go have some COVID patients spit into test tubes, centrifuge and isolate the viruses, then prep the viruses for transmission electron microscopy and isolate and sequence the RNA, and perhaps run Western blots on the viral proteins, would it matter?

                Or, would the TEM results just be “fake” computer-generated images, and the sequencing results would be fake computer-generated letters, and the Western blots just be “some stuff in some gel”, whether or not these results matched the reported data for SARS-CoV-2?

                • Different Anon here. I think we may be moving into strawman territory. I haven’t seen an argument that “viruses” don’t exist here, rather that an alleged virus called “SARS-COV-2” doesn’t exist. Isolation is only one part of the problem with it. Another problem for me is how viruses, which are not living, suddenly begin to develop an appetite to attack a “host.” The word “virus” translates to “poison,” which is not a living thing…

                  And then, if said nonliving thing is demonstrated to seek a host to reproduce (a function generally exclusive to living things), then is it the cause or the result of illness?

                  So for me the issue is not whether a virus (or this one) exists or not…that is an elementary strawman type of argument. The thornier question is, what is it? Is it a producer or a by-product of infection (or toxicity)?

          • Perhaps you would wish to define your terms? What do you believe? What don’t you believe? You are making a great number of assumptions, that may or may not be accepted by others.

            I suspect most people here are aware that this has been a plandemic. But details matter. There is so much FUD spread around, that many people are going to extremes when its not necessary. Some of this has evil intent. Most of it is typical human incompetence, and lust for power. Just exactly what are your basic assumptions?

            • Hi BJ,

              I think it’s very important to stick to what is easily demonstrable, if not self-evident, when discussing the “pandemic” as this serves the purpose of blunting the hysteria propagating the tyranny.

              For example, that 99.8-plus something percent of the healthy population is not dying. Inarguably true. The “science” (CDC) acknolwedges this. If this is acknowledged, generally, the “case” for mass hysteria and all attending it falls apart.

              It is also inarguable that wearing a “mask” of the sort most people wear – and how they wear it – has never been shown to have any meaningful effect as preventative measure with regard to preventing people from becoming sick.

              We know the “vaccines” do not immunize – another hugely relevant fact. Also that they do not “stop the spread” – which utterly destroys any moral case for forcing people to take them.

              Many more such facts can be adduced – and do not require specialized knowledge or a high IQ to understand and convey.

              • Exactly Eric. This has been the most extensive, expensive and damaging psych op in human history. It has been the perfect storm of mass media lies, social media censorship, and government over reach in our life times. The damage to peoples lives, families, businesses and the various economies is beyond calculation. On top of that, an entire generation of children has been scarred with years of endless fear and hysterics. No doubt those involved are waiting for the proper time to crash the market, and collapse the economy. All to be blamed on the Deadly Global Pandemic, no doubt. This is going to be a long difficult winter.

              • It’s also inarguable that the symptoms of this purported one virus are exactly the same as the flu. Mortality statistics were the same as well. Flu cases were non-existent last year. It changes but stays the same. It’s been isolated but no samples are available per CDC own docs and courts of law have not been able to garner proof of isolation.

                I find your implication that your readers are too stupid to understand these things and make a judgment, and should rather rely on experts who are known to be purposely deceptive about every other thing related to this whole scam, including all the things you mention, to fail logically and be condescending in the extreme.

                • Hi Anon,

                  Here we go… again.

                  Your imputation to me of condescension toward the readers is interesting… given I apply it to myself as well. I am a lay person. I don’t have the knowledge to speak authoritatively about the subject of the existence of viruses. You focus on this as if I were committing some egregious act when I am simply being careful about what I say and write.

                  This is how movements die, by the way. People on the same side bickering among themselves.

                  • Wow. The I’m stupid too rebuttal. Didn’t see that coming. I don’t believe you mean that, though. You observe evidence and connect dots all the time. Often very much in contravention of conventional wisdom, with no timidity at all. That you can’t or won’t form a judgment based on evidence in this instance doesn’t mean I or any other of your readers cannot. Or only “experts” can. Therein lies the condescension.

                    Don’t you say that if we all agreed on everything life would be bland? But now so-called bickering will lead to the death of the “movement”?
                    Come now.

                    At times you seem to hail the strategies of the Left as successful. Other times you seem to want to remain above the fray and be “better.” All I’m saying is you should think twice about giving an inch to them (the Left) by conceding anything, especially their foundational premise. They won’t concede anything you, nor even suggest they don’t know, and they’re playing for all the marbles.

                    • Anon,

                      This business of insulting people who oppose the Cult of Sickness – of impugning their motives – because they don’t exactly agree with you and exactly articulate what you think ought to be articulated serves no good purpose. I’m fine with you posting your thoughts regarding the “pandemic” and the “virus.” But stop it with the accusations and imputations of bad motives simply because I or some other person doesn’t exactly agree with everything you say. Or simply doesn’t say – as regards this or that item – perhaps because they might be leery of going too far as regards something they don’t feel certain about.

                      I have never given an inch to the Left. Or the collectivist Right. Or to coercive collectivism, period. I simply state that I don’t know everything – and neither do you.

                      Neither do any of us.

                      I stick with what I know. It does not mean you know less. Or more. Most of the people here are simply trying to make sense of what’s going on. Most of us are very certain – and consistent – about one thing, though: That this is a case of mass hysteria for evil purposes.

                      If that’s not enough for you, so be it.

                    • Quite so BaDnOn. That’s one of the reasons that the Libertarian party became such an ineffective joke. Not content to stick to principle, and develop more effective means to present them to others, they fell to bickering about this, that and the other. All the while being infiltrated and subverted by those who seek only political power.

                    • BJ,

                      Agree that the Libertarian Party is a tragedy. It could DO sooo much more and be far better and more effective. *Le sigh*

                  • Your last comment changed a lot from the version you posted originally. You are personalizing and generalizing at the same time. The issue is specific and clear. Not whether you or I or anyone knows “everything.”

                    Earlier, though, you mentioned a “movement”, which I understood, and correct me if I’m wrong, as a reference to a libertarian or maybe more broad based Ron Paul style liberty oriented political movement. Obviously, such a thing must be considered in the context of the “pandemic”, which has clearly been used by the Left to advance its agenda. Do you dispute that? What you are reading as an insult or imputation of bad motives is simply a call to consider the political ramifications of certain positions vis a vis the “pandemic” when there is evidence enough available to make a judgment, all in the context of political strategy. Maybe I’m going beyond the outrage politics and “just trying to make sense of it” and you just don’t want to go there. I know the libertarian strategy stuff gets less clicks.

                    • Yeah, Anon – it’s all about the “clicks.”

                      Everyone who doesn’t fully espouse the global view you espouse is a Quisling or a fool or lazy or some other such and worthy of (to use your word) condescending, derisive “correction.”

                      You appear to believe your friends are your enemies – or the friends of your enemies. Rather than just state what you believe to be true about “x”and let people discuss it, you salt what you say with snarky personal jibes directed at those who haven’t fully embraced your positions satisfactorily. This serves no good purpose. It’s the act of a troll. All it does is tire people of goodwill out and make them want to bow out. I’m asking you to stop it, for that reason.

                      And they ask my why I drink.

                • And so you understand my position, Anon, it is not that the common flu doesn’t, at times, cause a sufferer to lose their sense of smell or taste, but simply that it seems much more common with the Kung Flu.
                  All of the people I’ve known that have had what they believed to be a bout with this have experienced this profound sensory malfunction. We’re talking about people in their 40s and 50s who’ve never experienced such a thing. I think you’ll find that the rest of the experience is a bit different as well, should you fall ill with the ‘Rona.
                  Now, I do think cases of the flu were mistaken for COVID, deliberately or not, due either to haste or financial reasons, but I don’t believe the entirety of this illness and its ramifications to be fabricated, just that some nefarious people have used it to advance their purposes by light-years.

                  • Laying so much weight on a picayune and age old known symptom of the flu (I’m in the age group you mention and I remember 2 distinct instances, as well as flu illnesses lasting 15 days, one of which included visual and auditory hallucinations) just doesn’t make a strong case for your position. As for the tests, financial incentives for false positives, the % of fabrication, all I can say is the information is out there should you seek it. Nefarious people used it to advance political purposes by light years you say? Just a bad break for us liberty lovers, I guess.

    • Hi RG, sorry to hear about this. If you’re interested, the recipe for the nebulizer protocol that John K referred to is:

      1/4 tsp 3% hydrogen peroxide to 7 1/4 tsp saline. DIY saline recipe is 1 tsp unprocessed salt
      to one pint of distilled water. (We use a pretty good filter for our tap water; that’s what we


      Also, just for reference for what it’s worth: I had a flu experience as a young mother that smacked me down hard for 4 days or so. It was really weird, because I was in bed with no energy and my husband and two young toddlers were out in the backyard, playing – I couldn’t join in. So frustrating, but I recovered after that stint in bed. Never had anything like it since. So, maybe bed rest is what you need or maybe Eric’s method could be tried if you have the energy, but it sounds like resting right now may be the best thing you can do. Hope you feel better soon.

    • Sorry you’re not feeling good RG, hopefully you’ll feel better soon. Eric had good advice, sort of—be sure you drink/ingest some Vit C every day, but going overboard won’t help. Your body can’t store Vit C, what it can’t use, it’ll just flush out.
      Also, are you watching those Hallmark Christmas movies? If so, that could also contribute to your not feeling good. That was my first thought, but I figure you are watching the other type, Elf, Vacation, Home Alone, etc.
      Anyway, get to feeling better!

      • RE: “Also, are you watching those Hallmark Christmas movies? If so, that could also contribute to your not feeling good.”

        Ha! Ha! Ha! Those mega-chick flicks are very popular in my house. I think you’re right.

        • Helot,

          Haha, yeah… Those movies are reeeeaaallly bad. Those movies make me want to drink to put out the misery. Can’t take ’em for too long, but my girlfriend loves ’em.

      • LOL, Elaine.

        I can’t watch those movies unless I have trouble sleeping. Today, I watched “A Bad Moms Christmas”. 😄

        Personally, I think this is the universe helping me out. They say the average person gains five pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years. I have lost five pounds in three days. The Tea Soup Diet with a side of flu does wonders for getting through the festivities. 😜

    • RG – I will buck the narrative here and advise you that if you are actually sick, to go get tested for covid and so you can start treatments immediately if needed. I ended up in the hospital over the summer – it was as sick as I’ve ever been – because I waited too long to seek medical care. I just kept sitting on the couch thinking it would eventually go away and it did not.

      Not that I think ANY of the nonsense – testing healthy people, masks, “vaccines”, shutdowns – is necessary. My experience did not change my mind about that.

      But my experience did illuminate to me that covid can be a serious illness if one catches it. The potential severity of the disease is not exaggerated, even if the societal and political response itself totally has been.

      • Don’t know if you have wondered where “covid” came from, but consider this: if it is in fact man-made (e.g., gain of function), why should you trust your cure to those who created the illness?

      • Hi JR,

        I appreciate your suggestion. I have been watching my vitals and my oxygen levels have been stable throughout. I got my ass off the couch this morning. I am not out running two miles, but I am forcing myself to get the laundry put away, cook breakfast, and start decorating.

        Fortunately, I have the name and number of a doctor who will prescribe Ivermectin, if necessary. I hope it will not come to that. I think I am at the end of whatever I have. Crossing my fingers it is over.

        • It’s concerning to see a few folks on here accept the fundamental premise of the scamdemic, participate in it and continue to promote it, then say, “but I reject all of the measures that flowed from it.” Haha. Good one. I have even seen this with a small number of folks I know personally who I thought were stalwarts. They ran out and got “tested” at the first sniffle or after a couple days of having a cold. Some even expressed shame to me because they knew what they were doing was promoting and prolonging the madness. If folks on this board are doing this, imagine the multitudes of “normies” out there. Aside from all the incentives you mention, many of which have existed since day 1, Brandon wants them self testing at home now. Paid for by their health insurance. Tell me how this ever ends.

          • You are right, it’s not meant to end.

            The ‘viruses don’t cause disease’ theory is very compelling, and you might be right about that. What I know is that this is an engineered crisis, either a pathogen was developed and then released deliberately (I’m leaning away from this idea) or some toxin known to cause respiratory distress was released in certain vulnerable city population spots (Wuhan-a very air-polluted place, New York, Northern Italy-lots of oldies) and then called covid-19, the WHO and our CDC along with Fauxci then promoted the pandemic narrative.

            The shenanigans between our u.s. labs and China’s, I’m guessing, involved the development of this gene therapy technology, masquerading as a vaccine. No way, in my opinion did this ‘vaccine’ get designed with warp speed, the warp speed part was just getting all the parts in place at these pharmaceutical facilities in order to produce billions! of doses of the stuff. Wouldn’t be shocked if the basic recipe for the injection has been in the works for years.

            Most doctors out there still subscribe to the ‘viruses cause disease’ theory, and I can’t dismiss them, since they spend their lives treating sick people.

            I’ve just downloaded a copy of “Dissolving Illusions – Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History” by Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk. I’ve watched Dr. Humphries online and she seems credible. Hopefully I’ll have a better handle on disease after reading it.

          • Hi Anon,

            Everyone needs to do what is right for them. It is very easy for any of us to tell someone else how to live, what to say, or what to do or not do. It is something very different when we are the individual splayed out in a bed with a temp of 102, an oxygen level of 89, and we can’t breathe.

            For those of us who have gotten a mild case or who haven’t gotten it at all we should consider ourselves lucky, nothing more.

            For those that were not as fortunate we should be thankful that our peers are alright and held firm to the fact that they avoided the vax.

            • I didn’t tell anyone what to do. I made some observations. That being said, like many people on here and in real life, I have been economically, socially, and politically damaged by this scamdemic. If a person makes it known that they believe in or publicly promote it, any of it, I consider them at best a fool and at worst an enemy and either way definitely part of the problem, part of why we’re at the point where face diapers or a “jab” would be required to participate in society or “mandated” by a bureaucrat to work a job. I’m way past the kumbaya bullshit. And btw, can you tell me how this ever ends?

      • anon 1

        I try to avoid allopathic doctors for some problems, they are great at patching you up after you crash in your car, for chronic disease they are not good, they will give you drugs and vaccines which will destroy your health, look for a more natural cure.

        In the old days when people got sick they would look in a book on herbs to look for a cure, or use homeopathic medicine, rockefeller and the queen of england and her family use homeopathic medicine.
        A naturopathic doctor might help more, try to stay healthy through the food you eat and exercise.

        Unless a vaccine has been through peer reviewed double blind studies, (so far none have ever been), don’t take them.

        gates and other .0001% rich families don’t vaccinate their own children,

        gates, his wife and their children have never been vaccinated

        elon musk and his family will not be vaccinated


    • Hi RG- didnt see this earlier but hope you’re better by now… when I was down I had (along with some of your stuff) K2 with the Vit D, and also Zinc and Quercetin (with the Vit C). I also tried something new for the first time called Echinacea which is a natural antiviral. This will turbocharge your immune system, and hopefully help you get through to your usual duty of hopefully enjoying the holidays and Christmas. All the best.

      • RG, also did you do a rona test? It would be interesting to know. Then when you’re hopefully better – you can live to tell the tale (and rub it into the faces of all those faithful followers of saint Fauci). That alone makes it worth it 😀

        • Hi Nasir,

          No way in hell am I doing any type of test. Not quite sure how it works in the UK, but here we have to visit a doctor, hospital, or urgent care center to get one. To my knowledge if one is positive they report it to the health department and this info is forwarded to the CDC. Last week the House of Representatives passed a bill to setup a national vaccine registry. It will likely pass the Senate and be signed by Biden come early next year. My government has proven to be very untrustworthy so I try to provide them as little information as absolutely required.

          Personally, I think I ended up with the flu. Very little doubt I would have tested positive for Covid even if that is not what I had.

          • RG – Here in the UK – we can get a home covid test, i think its called an antigen test. I need to do one to go to work for example. you put it in your nose (by yourself) and then put the swab in a test tube, mix in a magic potion and then pour the goo that comes out on this strip thing.

            now in theory you need to report that to the NHS. Which then does the whole contact tracing, and makes you isolate or whatever for 2 weeks and whatever other drama they do. but fuck that.

            Theres another way to go – the PCR test has to be at a centre. I went for that too (the Mrs was worried i may get sick with it if I had it so she really pushed me to get it – but I admire her for using fake details to sign me up :D, so I went). that test came back inconclusive as by the time I went I was mostly better – so they called a guy named Nadim khan back for a second test. He never turned up….

            but as I say for me it was more the curiosity – wanted to know – is THIS what its all about ? And later I realised the added benefit when you get it- all the jabbed people you know are like “I told you so”… but when you’re out and about in about 5 days back to normal their heads explode…. makes it all worth it 😀

            • “so they called a guy named Nadim khan back for a second test. He never turned up….”

              LOL. We had 2 family members “test positive” (one had pneumonia in hospital so hospital did “test”, the other had sniffles and was pressured by a friend to get the “test”). Health dept called the house for the first one – politely took their phone number then blew them off. (did NOT tell them anything esp that the person in question was in the hospital, for obvious reasons).

              For the second (college daughter, out of state, who went to a walgreen’s for “test”), our state’s dept of health called me (she had wisely given them my number)…that was creepy as she had taken the “test” in another state. I answered and they immediately asked for her and her info, birthdate, etc. I said, hold on, I’m not giving out any info without knowing why you are calling (wasn’t going to give them info anyway, but…). They refused to even tell me why they were calling (I knew, though). They asked if I knew she had taken a “covid test” (I said she doesn’t live here)…then they asked for her phone number, and I refused to give it. (didn’t tell them she’s in college either as it is (a) none of their business and (b) they would have then tried to contact her college). Later got another stern message on my voice mail that she NEEDS TO CALL THEM RIGHT AWAY, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. (why – she wasn’t even really sick)

              Bottom line, she is a teenager, she had sniffles, and I wish she had never caved to get the “test.” (But at least she was wise enough to deflect them to me.) Colleges are making things hard enough on the unjabbed as it is.

      • Hi Nasir,

        Echinacea is a wonderful herb. It is a pain reliever. I use it when I get a sore throat. There have also been several studies that is reduces cancerous tumors, too. It also works great for teenagers who suffer from acne and adults that have eczema and psoriasis. It is one of those all around plants with many benefits.

        It is also very easy to grow. 🙂

        • RG – interesting. It was just recommended by the guy who does my vitamins, but not yet had the time to do much research. If its so helpful and easy to get – im sure they’ll ban it pretty soon!

          • They (The Western Medical Complex) has been downplaying the benefits of herbs and spices for well over a century. A medicinal herb garden is highly recommended.

            My top 5 go to herbs are:

            1. Peppermint
            2. Lavender
            3. Echinacea
            4. Garlic
            5. Ginger

            There are many others, but between these five you can pretty much cure almost any ailment.

            • Hi RG

              flexnor, rockefeller and pasteur made allopathic medicine the only legal choice, buried all the competition, all you get now are oil based drugs that cause cancer and poisonous injections, the dark ages of medicine right now……take a look at the covid hoax, forced lethal extermination injections……..
              it is green though: they say we are invasive species so exterminating it is the height of greenness for the GAIA satanic religious cult.

              • Hi Anon,

                I lay most of the responsibility for the erosion of natural food and medicines at Rockefeller’s door step. That he was the same person that established the American Cancer Society so the media would promote his narrative furthers his guilt in my opinion.

                I believe the American public will steer back to nature for ailments, cures, and relief shortly after they determine these shots are not what they claim to be.

  26. Related to today’s Diaper Report: Mass formation

    “This explains why so many have bought into a clearly illogical narrative, and why they are willing to participate in the prescribed strategy — “even if it’s utterly absurd,””…


    Also, it seems The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss’ ‘Yertle the Turtle’ as a descriptive cautionary tale indirectly pops up:

    “Since self-destructiveness is built into the totalitarian system from the ground up, totalitarian regimes cannot be sustained forever. They fall apart as they’re destroyed from within. But it can be hell while it lasts, as totalitarianism built on mass formation almost always leads to heinous atrocities being committed in the name of doing good.”

    In spite of everything, even being at the bottom of a stack of turtles a mile high & encountering Mass formation (relatives, even!) a quote I once heard on the TeeVee still seems true:

    “Every day above ground, is a good day”

  27. I frequently experience either rage or depression, or both, when getting information about how utterly stupid people are regarding this psyop. Most recently when my state health “officials” reported that 25.5% of children 5-17 in the State were vaccinated. How sick, or stupid, does one have to be to inflict such risk on their child to “protect them” from a lesser risk? The depression comes in when I’m called “stupid” for pointing out widely available FACTS. You’re right Eric, you can’t argue with this level of stupidity and religious zeal. It sometimes becomes hard to maintain my resistance, but maintain I shall. To the death.

    • anon 1

      Re: so called vaccines

      being called an anti-vaxxer is a political/religious thing, best to be avoided.

      ATTENTION: if a vaccine is safe and effective and has been through double blind peer reviewed studies, most people would be ok with it. NOTE: this has never ever happened yet in history for any vaccine ever.

      until this happens the people who believe in vaccine religion can inject themselves, for the others wait for scientific approval, not fake science.

      vaccines are not backed by science only by belief, so it is a religion only

      now they want to force you to join their satanic/leftist/occult/cult religion, you have to be injected with their holy water poisonous/lethal injection because you are filled with the germ (devil)

  28. I now know of 8 people who have died “coincidentally” within a short time (weeks or months) of the jab. All are in my close social circle, e.g, parents, in-laws, friend’s parent, even church members.

    I know of no one who has died of convid – unless you count one of the above, who was “fully vaxxed” and then “diagnosed” with convid, put on a ventilator, and dead within a couple of weeks.

    I count her death as more evidence of the intentional lethality of the jabs.

    BTW, the legal loophole being used (despite all of the coercion and puffing) is that each person is “voluntarily” allowing the poison to be injected into their body, so the manufacturers just shrug their shoulders…after all, the evidence is readily available to all who will look.

    • anon 1

      The 777-page book What really makes you ill by two non-doctors, (Dawn Lester is an accountant and David Parker is an electrical engineer,) challenges the germ theory to its very core, a theory which is the foundation of our current allopathic medical system.

      The two British authors spent ten-years researching and writing their massive book. They address every topic from small pox and polio to vaccines, the flu and the Black Death.

      But the central thesis of the book is their systematic attack on the veracity of the germ theory. They repeat often that there is no evidence that viruses or bacteria cause any disease.

      Chapter three is titled “The Germ Theory: A Deadly Fallacy.” After much research, the authors conclude that there is no evidence that the germ theory has ever been scientifically proven.

      Proposed by Louis Pasteur in the 1860’s, the germ theory of disease caught on and became accepted by the medical establishment of the day. By the late nineteenth century the idea that germs caused disease led to the introduction of vaccines to fight the various disease caused by the so called pathogenic germs.

      The authors conclude that the germ theory is a fallacy, that vaccinations, a source of healthy profits for the pharmaceutical industry, are useless and do not provide immunity to any disease and that Pasteur and Albert Jenner, … responsible for contributing … to the human suffering and misery….”

      The authors point to the case of German biologist Dr Stefan Lanka, PhD, and his work on viruses and especially on the measles virus.

      Dr Lanka… concludes that there is no virus that can be proven to be the cause of any disease.

      In a recent court case in Germany the highest court held, on appeal, that there was no scientific proof that a virus was the cause of measles. While he lost at the lower court level Dr Lanka defeated the pharmaceutical industry when the higher court found that the pharmaceutical industry papers failed to prove that a virus cause measles.

      So what are viruses and bacteria? The authors … say that viruses and bacteria are part of the bodily process of removing toxins from the body. The body contains trillions of viruses and bacteria. According to the authors none of these viruses and bacteria are pathogenic. Viruses and bacteria are essential to the bodily process of removing dead and dying toxins from the body. While bacteria are alive, viruses are not.

      In chapter ten of the book, Lester and Parker, offer four factors which can cause ill health.

      The first factor is nutrition. The human body needs proper nutrition for optimum health. The authors say that a plant-based diet is enough to provide optimum health.

      The second factor is toxic exposure. The air we breath, the water we drink and the food we consume need to be free of toxins.

      The third factor is EM radiation exposures. Cell phones, living too close to a cell phone tower, wi-fi technology and the new 5G are examples of possible radiation over exposure.

      The fourth factor is prolonged emotional stress.

      Lester and Parker recommend a plant based diet to achieve proper nutrition. They say that all the vitamins and minerals needed for the body can be obtained from a proper plant based diet. This advice by the authors should be revisited.

      Much research by medical authorities dispute the assertion that we can get our vitamin and mineral needs from diet alone. Dr Joel Wallach says that we need 80 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids every day to avoid illness and disease. Dr Wallach says we must supplement every day to get the proper nutrition because we cannot get the proper nutrition from diet alone.

      Humans, because of an ancient genetic defect, cannot produce vitamin C in their livers. Dogs, cats, cows, chickens and other animals do produce vitamin C in ample quantities internally.

      Two time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling made the case that heart disease in humans was a vitamin C deficiency and that we must supplement with vitamin C every day to avoid this number one killer of the population.

      Published in December of 2019 “What Really Makes You Ill?” preceded the current corona virus phenomenon. Lester and Parker address the corona virus issue on their web page at videos on this web page are must-listening to understand the current corona virus controversy.

      In over forty five videos, Lester and Parker expand their discussion of the failed germ theory and repeatedly call the current corona virus pandemic a hoax.


      • Yep, we coexist with millions/billions of invisible critters all over and inside our bodies. Why aren’t we continually sick? Well, as you summarize above, it depends on how in tune our bodies are through nutrition and environment. For example, I was surprised to learn years ago that strep bacteria live on us at all times. I used to get strep throat a lot…but now hardly ever. Nothing has changed. I still have my tonsils. I just try to eat better and get more rest, reduce stress, etc.

        There is so much about the convid thing that just doesn’t make sense. As a wise person once observed, “If it doesn’t make sense, it isn’t true.”

        Words to live by.

        • anon 1

          When this mess started in mar. 2020 I probably believed it, this started 1200 hours of research, it was good in some ways, part of the research covered germ theory, it is so deeply pounded into our mind from berth it is our most basic belief, making big pharma 100’s of billions of $$$$, the best business on earth, pushing drugs made from oil that give you cancer and poisonous vaccines, that cause more problems so they can sell you more drugs = big profits.

          In the old days this sort of germ phobia would get you locked into a mental hospital.

          In the distant past doctors used purification for healing, now they use cutting, burning (radiation), poisoning (drugs, vaccines), long hospital stays (more $$$$$), they used to say when the doctors went on strike the death rate dropped.

          The reason people get sick is toxins or deficiencies, if you have symptoms of disease you have to figure out, what the problem is.

    • Hi anon

      anon 1

      No one has died FROM the corona virus

      according to Dr. Stoian Alexov, a veteran and highly renowned Bulgarian doctor.
      Dr. Alexov has been a physician or 30 years, is the president of the BPA (Bulgarian Pathology Association), is a member of the ESP’s Advisory Board and head of the histopathology department at the Oncology Hospital in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia.

      THE STORY:
      More evidence is in: a Bulgarian doctor shares how many European pathologists state (after conducting autopsies) that Covid is not causing the deaths.
      (nobody else does autopsies, the WHO told them not to, they just say all deaths caused by covid).
      Additionally, they cannot find any evidence of a Covid (SARS-Co V, 2) antibody. read again…no covid antibody. the vaccine antibody story is a lie too, the vaccine is fraud..

      the satanist doctors released a cgi, computer generated image of an imaginary virtual fake virus, then they made up a story to go with the fake cgi virus image. china said someone was sick and blamed it on the fake cgi virus image.

      they use the pcr test, it wasn’t designed to test anything so it is deception, lies. it can be adjusted to fake a positive result with anyone tested, so it is the perfect tool for this hoax.

      attention: you can’t test for a cgi, computer generated image of an imaginary virtual virus.

      using the fake positive tests and a cgi image of a virus they commited their crime. based on the fraud they forced masking, social distancing, lockdowns and very soon forced injection.

      you can believe if you want, but that would just be a religion.

      attention: There can be no ” vaccine” for what is just a cgi, a computer generated image of a ” virus”

      I’m not sure what exactly Bill Gates is doing with his laboratories – is it really a vaccine he’s producing, or something else?
      injection : good opportunity for inserting chips, nano wires, nano particles, gene altering tech, etc..

      Dr. Alexov had some choice words for the WHO and Gates:

      The criteria are a set of conditions known as Koch’s postulates. They are:

      The microorganism must be identified in all individuals affected by the disease, but not in healthy individuals.
      The microorganism can be isolated from the diseased individual and grown in culture.
      (nobody has isolated, identified or photographed even one cv19 viryus yet, yes not even one virus, but they locked down the planet and destroyed the economy over a hoax, lie, bs, biggest crime in history )

      When introduced into a healthy individual, the cultured microorganism must cause disease.
      The microorganism must then be re-isolated from the experimental host, and found to be identical to the original microorganism.
      Firstly, the corona virus (allegedly causing the disease ) has not been shown to be present only in sick people and not in healthy ones.

      Secondly, the virus has never been isolated and identified which must be done with proper equipment such as electron microscopes and which cannot be achieved through CT scans (as the Chinese were using) and the flawed PCR test (more on this below).

      The January 24th 2020 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine entitled A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019 describes how the scientists arrived at the idea of cv19: they took lung fluid samples and extracted RNA from them using the PCR test.

      It has to be proven to cause a disease. They can’t even isolate and identify this thing properly let alone go to the 2nd step of proving it causes a disease.

      ATTENTION: It admits that the corona virus failed Koch’s postulates: “Further development of accurate and rapid methods to identify unknown respiratory pathogens is still needed … our study does not fulfill Koch’s postulates.”

      Covid: no proper scientific proof = just a belief, like a religion
      They don’t even know what they are looking at. The Chinese dug something out of somebody’s lung didn’t isolate and identify it properly then gave it a bs name corona virus, it was actually an exosome. This is an amateur hour effort, really stupid people.
      pcr test
      “None of these pcr tests detect the virus itself, nor do they detect cv19 particles,
      they are testing for anti bodies.

      ” They add that there are “more than 70 different documented conditions that can cause the antibody tests to react positive without an cv19 infection.
      if you run the pcr test to a high enough number of cycles it will make anybody test positive.

      test is fraud: the inventor of the test said: the pcr test can’t be used to detect disease, saying it can and using it for that purpose is fraud. the corona virus tests do not at all prove presence of a deadly virus in any patient. it is perhaps the greatest criminal fraud in medical history.

      • anon 1

        the greatest criminal fraud in medical history…..but based on that they will force inject your 5 year old child = satanists.


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