Preparing for the Diapering

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It is still possible that Sickness Psychosis – and the attendant Sickness Kabuki, including the wearing of the Holy Rag – will dissipate, if the media-anointed “president” doesn’t become that in about three months from now.

But if he does, it is likely to become extremely difficult to avoid the wearing of the Holy Rag, the symbol of submission to Sickness Psychosis. The warning has been issued, much in the manner of Hitler’s warning to the Jews given in the Kroll Opera House on January 30, 1939 about his plans for them.

The “Jews”of our time being those who refuse to pretend they’re sick to assuage the weaponized hysteria of those who fear sickness.

A national “mandate” to wear the Holy Rag could mean a choice to wear it – or not eat, if you haven’t already made provisions for eating, for long enough to weather what seems to be coming.

No more Kroger or Safeway for you, if you refuse to efface your face and pretend to believe in the tenets of the Sickness Cult.

It may not even be possible to get food by having members of the cult bring it to you curbside – if you don’t want to use electronic money to pay for it.

Shopping online means not using cash – another agenda item that’s very much in play. Even if they don’t formally outlaw it, if they make it impossible to buy things with it -without donning the Holy Rag – then your choice will be to put it on the card or find some other way to put things in your belly.

One way you can do that is to put things away, right now – while you can still shop without submitting to the Cult of the Holy Muzzle and without using a card to pay for it. If ever there was a time to spend-it-forward, that time is now.

Buy as much of everything you will need to not be at the mercy of the Sickness Cultists, who are using the same strategy used by Stalin – starve the opposition – in order to eliminate the opposition.

If you can’t eat, it’s hard to resist.

Six months’ worth of food is a good start. A year’s worth is better. The more you’ve got the more time you have to make provisions for supplying yourself after your supplies run out. By growing or raising it yourself. Or by making under-the-table arrangements to barter for it with people you know and trust, who likewise refuse to be converted.

Have enough of everything you have to have at home to avoid having to bend knee at Kroger or Safeway or wherever you won’t be able to shop a few months from now.

Buy seeds. Get chickens. Make plans.

The pressure to join the cult is going to become irresistible for those who have not.

The psychological effect of this will be devastating. People will surrender their integrity for the sake of a meal. Just as people have already been hard-nudged to surrender it for the sake of a paycheck.

A good friend of mine is a nurse. Three kids to support. He knows the Holy Rag is just that – a religious artifact. He wears it nonetheless because if he doesn’t he loses his job and there are three kids to feed. It’s demoralizing, which is also part of the agenda of the Sickness Cult’s leadership. A whipped man is a man who won’t resist. Give him his pittance in exchange for his surrender.

The only way out is not to submit – and the only way to avoid submitting is not having to.

As regards the paycheck, by finding some other way to earn one. There is always a way. It may not be as much pay – but if you can manage to pay for the necessary things without paying for it with your soul then it is a cost well worth paying.

As regards the food, by buying enough now so that you – and your family – will not have to don the Holy Rag in order to eat later.

It won’t be easy. Which is why it is so hard for people to come to terms with what will be necessary. Americans – especially middle class Americans – have never known real want, never experienced anything like what is happening.

Nor what is coming.

But wouldn’t it be better to not burn with self-recrimination – as Solzhenitsyn put it in his classic book about life under Stalin – over what you could have done before it got to be too late to do it?

. . .

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  1. I think it was Frederick Douglass who said, and I paraphrase because I don’t have the quote at hand, “What tyranny you are willing to accept is exactly how much you will get”. There is, and always has been, a psychotic tyrant, or a gang of them around eagerly seeking an opportunity to use their skills. If we open the door, they will walk right in, invitation or not. Tyrants don’t create tyranny, submission does. Masters don’t create slavery, slaves do. It’s a simple choice. Are you willing to submit to survive, or are you willing to die to retain freedom?
    There is no middle ground. We have submitted to a great deal, while retaining a semblance of freedom. That semblance is about to disappear. Choose.

    • Thank goodness all the bands and singers I like are either dead or too old to perform, otherwise, this may bother me. If Led Zeppelin or AC/DC were to unite I would need to find some idiot to lend me his phone to get in…which would cost me greatly not only for the tickets, but the Black Market surcharge I would have to tack on.

      Really stupid Ticketmaster. I hope this costs them. I also hope artists won’t perform at this venue and fight back. Unfortunately, most Americans would line up, shrug their shoulders, and say “this is the new normal.” Idiots, all of them.

      • Hi RG,

        For almost 20 years I’ve been expressing dismay about the willingness of most Americans to perform Submission Kabuki at airports as the condition of being allowed to fly. I argued that if they accepted it, there, they would accept more, elsewhere. And they have – and they will.

        I truly hope the 4th of July is cancelled. The idea of celebrating “our freedom” and “independence” is embarrassing and depressing.

        • Hi Eric,

          It is depressing. This upcoming 4th of July should be interesting. I always considered myself very patriotic, but for the first time ever I took down my American flag. I don’t have the same love for my country as I once did, and that doesn’t sit well with me. I never trusted my government, but I always loved what the country stood for, freedom and opportunity. Now, it is just a mirage.

          I read about the sacrifices that the original colonists made breaking away from England and how Washington’s army literally had nothing, but internal strength to bring down what many considered the strongest military in the world, at that time. I read how a country divided by an interior war was able to unite again as one country. I look at pictures of those that immigrated through Ellis Island looking for a better life for themselves and their family because America was the land of New Beginnings. I talk to those who fought during World War II and the Afghanistan War knowing their homeland was attacked and they left their loved ones for a cause more important than themselves. Now I see a society with no fight and no endurance who is willing to trade liberty for what they believe is security. It makes me sad.

          • Amen, RG – hugely so.

            It is a big challenge to not just give up, head for The Woods and every man for himself. I stick around out of a mix of hatred for the people who are responsible for what is happening and a determination to fight them – as well as a sense of obligation that I must stand my ground simply because the good life I’ve had so far was good only because others stood theirs before me. I don’t have kids but when I see the poor things all Diapered up and the abuse being visited on them it drives me batty with a desire to do something.

            Besides which, I’m a stubborn bastard! 🙂

              • Fauci is a fraud. He is quick to sell America out for the right price.

                Like most doctors he is a pill pusher. They (and Big Pharma) have no desire to cure anything just create a pill or a vaccine to keep those dependent on the system.

                I always thought it was ludicrous that the judicial system always went after street dealers, but the biggest drug dealers (the doctors) a blind eye was turned. I guess one can’t have too much competition, especially when turning a profit.

                • Hi RG,

                  I grew up around doctors; my dad and grandfather were MDs. I noticed, as a kid, that you’ll find some of the most unhealthy people in this profession. Sedentary and overweight. Reliant on pills, as you say. When I hung out at the hospital as a kid, I became aware of this – as well as the fact that so many of the people coming in for treatment were also unhealthy (overweight, obviously out of shape).

                  I made the logical inference: Stay healthy and fit and you will greatly reduce your need of hospitals and doctors. Many chronic conditions are the result of serial abuse of one’s health – even so, these chronic conditions can be greatly ameliorated by simple lifestyle changes. But rather than that, many people simply pop a pill.

                  PS: My shoulder shows signs of improvement. No surgery or pills. I haven’t got full range of motion back, but – and this is weird – I am now stronger than I have ever been (in middle age) … which may be due (again, weirdly) to going heavy (with good form) on the bench, alternating with high reps and light weight. I dunno. It was not done with any plan, per se. I just did it and now I’m able to easily rep 225 12 times, which is pretty good for over-the-hill!

                  • Not to mention the preceding mental health status: anybody who joins (or doesn’t figure it out & get out) a cartel tells the whole table what’s in his/her hand…& what isn’t.

                    Or buys any cartel line (codependent enablement-enoblement, in partial shrink-speak, also cartelized). The pep rally brochures, & their proselytizers, wrapping themselves in false flags, don’t say ww2, afghanistan were/are scams, for example.

                    No triskaidekaphobia here, but no shortage of alethophobia out there. People who aren’t young anymore but still believe anything TPTB say, or even apparently-ostensibly do, are deep in that ale, & almost certainly ain’t ever drying out.

            • I vary between sadness and anger now. I really try to remain optimistic, because that is how I have always viewed life, take the bull by the horns and forge your own path, but I veer between wanting to fight and wanting to escape in these new times.

              I agree with you, the kids in masks REALLY bother me. Little kids don’t understand what is going on and I don’t understand why these parents can’t be strong for their children. They (the adults) are so tuned into their own fear they don’t realize they are sacrificing their offsprings own feelings of self worth.

              Thank you for having this site. I know most of us think similarly, but it is nice to bat around ideas and solutions with people who perceive things like I do. It keeps me sane.

        • I have not celebrated July 4th for many many years, at least not as “independence day”. Fireworks are available, so I may buy some. The weather is usually fairly nice, so we party outdoors. Bratwurst are cheap, and I happen to love them, so I get some. Essentially, I celebrate Summer. Why would anyone celebrate the Declaration of Independence after we have crapped all over it for 160 years? That’s how long ago we had the Omnipotent Central Government War, aka the Civil War. After which the States no longer held the authority to enforce the Constitution by threat of secession. Leaving the fox in charge of the hen house.

        • Hi Eric,

          I figured out how to get around the airport….if you don’t have a kid, rent one. An old person will also work. TSA won’t allow kids under 12 to go through the cancer screen (they call it the X ray machine, but it is the same thing). They allow you to go through the gate with the kid. That is why we had two, hubby took one, I took the other. The downside of course, is that you do have to take the kid(s) on vacation with you, but you also get to board the plane early, if it helps.

          I can’t do this anymore since they are older, but it doesn’t look I will be traveling anytime soon with the mask and negative COVID tests that are required.

      • **” If Led Zeppelin or AC/DC were to unite I would need to find some idiot to lend me his phone to get in…”**

        Hence the coming implants….. I’ve long imagined that these implants will be like wearable SIM cards- only you can never detach them. Whatever phone, payment scanner, ID-checker, medical records, etc. etc. will all be tied permanently to your body.

        Thing is, it’s not just the state we have to fear for inflicting these tyrannies; not just the state’s children (the corporations)…but all of the people around us who willingly accept all of this BS and who will give up their most basic rights for mere frivolities- such as to save a few hours by flying on a plane, or watching some nasty drug-addicted weirdos stumble around on a stage.

        • Hi Nunzio,

          It will probably eventually come to that, but do you believe most companies will be able to afford the cost of a program like this? I know government is doing their damnedest to kill small business, but they will not take out every small business, at least this year.

          How long do you think it would take the DMV to implement a program like this? The state and federal governments are at least a decade off. Large business may be able to, but many if us would just stop shopping there. You would also have to round everyone up….328 million people….may take awhile, and not all of us are going to be cooperative. Not to mention the amount of people that the government would have to hire to do this.

          • RG, It’s basically already here and implemented- only the data (SIM cards) is currently on people’s phones (I don’t use one, myself)- and every agency and business is already using software and apps and scanners that integrates with people’s phones. The only thing that remains to be done, is to make the “identifier” associated with one’s phone non-portable, non-transferable, non-removable.

            The few hundred million syringes that the gov’t has recently stockpiled, purportedly already contain the provision to accommodate a chip. And the current administration has championed the erection of the 5G network to handle all of the increased data (Thanks, Donald!).

            • Hi Nunzio,

              Maybe the large corporations can integrate with peoples phone, but I find it hard to believe small and medium sized businesses have this technology. I know my business have no apps, hell, I don’t even have a website and I use a landline phone.

              Also, not everyone is going to line up for this shot. My 90 year old grandmother has never used a computer and still uses rotary phones, how are they are going to track her? I have a cell phone, but I never use it nor carry it with me, most of the time it sits dead on the coffee table. I am also not going to be visiting my doctor or the local Walgreens to have a vaccine and a chip implemented in me.

              You are right, I may never see another concert at Ticketmaster, but I guarantee the guys 15 miles up the road that meet every Tuesday night to play banjo won’t require a chip to hear them play. I may never visit Lowe’s, but the local 89 year local supply house that still writes tickets by hand will sell me a vanity and all of the tees and elbows that I need to renovate my bathroom, the large grocery store chain may require it, but the local farm won’t. There will always be alternatives. If I have to live on the cusp of society that is fine. Big Brother doesn’t have eyes everywhere. The lack of phone towers and internet in my area tell me that.

              This chip is for people that can’t think for themselves and who wishes for societial change, that is their choice, but I see no reason to strike fear into those of us that don’t need modern technology to survive.

              • Hey RG,
                Ahaha! The Mexican guy who mows my (remote) friend’s lawn has an “app” on his phone that allows him to take credit card payments. Every business already has an electronic cash register/credit card scanner/EBT machine/internet connection, etc.

                It’s all here already- just a matter of making some small changes to the software or installing a different terminal.

                My 95 year-old mother doesn’t have a computer or a credit card or cell phone either- but her Socialist Security has long been deposited electronically, and she is essentially cut-off from most commerce already- and virtually ALL anonymous commerce, as that electronic SS payment is tied to her checking account- and once cash is discontinued, people will be forced to comply or not participate in any commerce. Most elderly people I see already have the stupid smartphones.

                Instead of going to the store and paying with cash or a check, I’m sure all they’ll have to do is scan your chip- no phone required- and even what tiny businesses are left after the scamdemic, will either have to get a terminal…or likely even be able to accept payment and read a chip via a phone app or laptop- just as they can read credit cards and scan bar codes already with them. Not that the tyrants care though- I’m sure their attitude will be to any business “Comply or perish”- just as they don’t care about the destruction of millions of small businesses via their COVID mandates. In fact, that may be one of the vry goals of the mandates- to get rid of all of the very small businesses- and hence why the big corps support the tyranny.

                It’s here…literally all that remains is for them to issue a few decrees and flip a switch. Start with cards and phones…then just slowly move that same data to the body (Or perhaps it will just be something that works in conjunction with one’s phone- and just acts as a personal identifier to tie whatever phone one is using to their ID/data. And all under the guise of a “health passport”.

                • Which extends paper passports, that extended titanic citizenship o’ state, that extended slavery & family feudalismarchy, & all of that junk accretion was here before I was.

                  It was always here.

                  Wherever-whenever you go, there they are, too, the common lawyers laying bricks of precedent, the libido dominandi hierarchies, the revenge of the nerds (but only in their own shortsighted minds), the self-defeating a la Fight Club schizo Weus!

                  The good old daze is a head injury that mistakes reach exceeding grasp as Lake Woebegone proof, when all it proves is grasp of reality is exceeded.

                  Laura Cox, frenchic virtuoso (see some of her other vids), with a Friday13 tune


                  A long way from Say Anything, Cusack‘d himself:

          • Actually, it’s already quite quick and easy to do. The weakness of RFID and quantum dot systems is range. But if you pair a micro RFID for a penny or two each with a cell phone (flip or smart, doesn’t matter). And they’ve been building the infrastructure for the 20 years I’ve been watching it. Don’t think we have time to prepare- we did in 1998 or so, but those of us warning were tinfoil hat conspiracy kooks. As we still are, of course.

          • RG, it is in fact a matter of logistics. Many of these insane ideas have been proposed with no thought at all as to the consequences and costs. While thats all too typical of the types involved, in a time of declining tax base, and endless money printing, the down sides are going to become obvious MUCH sooner than they had been expected to.

            Personnel for that isn’t a problem at this point. Look at all of the self appointed Stasi types (Karens and Kevins) that are already flocking to the “Contact Tracing” nonsense. But once that position starts to become more “challenging” I’m betting they will have many fewer
            people willing to risk themselves, for what ever funny “money” the State may be using at that point.

            By the way, in regards to your name, are you a raider? If so, what is your favorite raid? I have to admit that I’m long out of it at this point(getting too old, and lacking the time). But I must say that I spent much more time in Molten Core, than I’d ever want to admit to. ^^

            • Hi BJ,

              My name is a combo of my two favorite things.

              I love professional football (started watching when I was 8) and my favorite team has always been the Oakland (now Las Vegas) Raiders. I also love Viking history and reading about the raids on England and Normandy, hence, Raider Girl.

        • “Hence the coming implants….. I’ve long imagined that these implants will be like wearable SIM cards- only you can never detach them. Whatever phone, payment scanner, ID-checker, medical records, etc. etc. will all be tied permanently to your body.”

          Can you say Mark of The Beast?

          • Precisely, MM. Back in 1985 when I first started reading the Bible, I’d read of the Mark and think “How would that even be possible?”. Now we see it all around us. And considering that the majority of those around us fall for whatever BS is being promoted, and the government’s long practice session of squashing black markets via their “war on drugs” and “anti-terrorism” thuggery, there will not even be a black market or underground economy in any place where the technology infrastructure exists. Our only hope for the time being, is in “the wilderness”.

            • Bewilderbeast Ahab’s hopeoon was in the bewilderness. He turn’t the other leg, not to mention all his other bits & pieces, too…& his “our” as well – the crew — but for one. “our”oboros forever ∞.

              Jeremiah Johnson, made his way into the mountains, bettin on forgettin all the troubles that he knew…


              But wherever he went, there he was, as was fuzzywuzzy the bear/s.

    • Damn nunzio. Just today i was talking to a buddy who I go to concerts with – about when Metallica would be back on tour, annoyed at having spent the first summer in ages without going to a gig….. and now this…

    • A viable personal solution, if you have the necessary skills. Not viable for the general population. Here in Missouri, 100 years ago or so, the deer population nearly went extinct from commercial hunting to feed St Louis. Even as a young boy 50 years ago, if I found a deer track, I would gather my friends to see it, since they were still quite rare. Now they are a pest, but not for long if they become a staple again. The wild is not a significant food source for 350,000,000 people.

      • Darn! I had no idea such was the case in MO. JWK. Here in KY. I see them all the time from my bedroom window and front door. Even on Long Island they were quite common. My sister in PA. has them running through her suburban yard every day. What the heck happened in MO?!

    • Of course there isn’t. Nearly all of them are by executive decree, which is a blatant violation of the Constitution. But so is asset forfeiture.

      • Even if they are enacted by a legislature “correctly” they violate pretty much the entire bill of rights. No government under the legal authority of the US Constitution has the authority to tell you what to wear (mask, seat belt), practice a religious rite (mask wearing, seat belt wearing) or force the use of a medical device or procedure. As a practical matter, though, it does cost money very few of us have to fight for our rights in a heavily rigged system and prevail.

        • The U.S. Supremes would probably disagree if a mask-mandate case ever made it before them. They’ve already greased the slope with Obamacare decisions. Justification for “public health emergencies” doesn’t seem like it’ll be much of a legal argumentative leap.

          The current question I suppose would be the validity of the emergency power laws that proliferated lately (curiously all around the country in just the past couple of years, I don’t believe in coincidence). They surely have to have a limit in scope and duration.

          Many of them require nominally a renewal every 30 days but it can’t be indefinite even with such a clause. These laws are so full of holes about what defines an emergency that a governor can claim just about anything as a public health emergency. Like, say, perhaps car exhaust…

          Eventually a legislature and judiciary has to come back into operation and if they pass laws those I assume could be challenged on specific merit.

          • By the time the senile old dicl…err…Joe could even establish such a decree, this Corona BS will have been going on for a year…. Just how long can they keep declaring that the flu is a national emergency? How long can keep imposing masks and lockdowns as a preventative to the flu, while still citing “the cases! The cases!”, before even the average sub-70-IQ knuckle-dragger realizes that if these measures were effective, the “pandemic” would be over? How long can they convince people that a pandemic lasts?

            Then again, considering that the average person seems to believe whatever the TV mesmerizes them into believing……the above points are likely moot.

            • Nunz- answer is indefinitely. Did you forget that 73 million people just voted for a demented pedophile and seem to want him to “follow the science?”

              No one could seriously challenge his decree and, even if they did, our corrupt courts are highly likely to side with the demented diaperer. Minimally, the appellate courts would. Supreme Court won’t be the savior, and even if they would step in it would take a year to grant a cert petition and another to hear the case. Nope, only way out is economic collapse, foreign intervention, or insurrection. So you see, we are just going to have to wait it out.

                • Nuzio, one can “encourage” the right thing, by making the alternative worse… Mules and judges can both be influenced, if approached in the proper manner… ^^
                  Lets let the process work its way out. They have never had to deal with anyone like Trump before. Its bound to be at the least entertaining.

                    • Eric, its not even close to over. Are you listening to the corporate mass media again? You should really switch to One America News Net Work.

                      As for your local War Lord, thats only to be expected. Progs always lie, they always double down, and they always project. You could also try Citizen Free Press. They are what Drudge once was, before he was compromised. I’d link it but multi URL’s tend to get held for moderation.

                      Given the massive amount of evidence thats coming out, entire states could end up being flipped. Not to mention that the Progs lost another senate seat and another house seat.

                    • Hi BJ,

                      I wish I could share your optimism. I don’t, because just like the cases! the cases! facts about the election don’t matter. What does matter is what the apparat which controls the public mind tells the public mind to think. The cases! the cases! New lockdowns, mandatory Diapering. Biden is president! – and so he is.

                      What does it matter that the WuFlu does not kill 99.8 percent of the healthy population when the cases! the cases! ?

                      What does it matter that PA continued to count “votes” contra election law in that state when the media says Biden won?

                      We live in a technocratic police state managed by a consolidated media/government apparat which rules by consent because it controls a working majority of the dumbed-down, reflexively servile and emotionally incontinent population.

    • Eric, this system isn’t controlled by one faction. There are multiple factions fighting for control. The shadow war has just broken out into the open. Really, who cares what the corporate mass media says? Or what the herds howl about? What matters is who controls the power system. Thats what all factions are fighting over. The general public is only useful for cannon fodder in their evil minds. More than 72 million people voted for OM. What I’m saying isn’t optimism, its based on calculation of the power dynamics. You REALLY need to stop watching/listening to the corporate mass media. They are toxic, and ment to be. Giving up at this point is what they want. Its what people have always done in the face of their hysterical propaganda. We don’t have that luxury at this point. Hang in there.

      • Morning, BJ!

        I haven’t given up – on myself and like-minded people who are coming to realize we may have to fight – else submit. What I have given up on is that Biden won’t be enthroned as president – not because he stole the election – but because not enough people care that he did or even know that he did.

        Knowing the truth is one thing. The truth being generally known and acted upon another thing.

        Most here know that wearing a “mask” doesn’t serve any valid medical purpose. And yet, almost everyone out in the world wears a “mask” – because it has been ordered and because they believe it does serve a valid medical purpose.

        What does it matter that 2 plus 2 equals 4 when “the party” says it equals 5?

        • Eric, it doesn’t really matter what the masses know or think at this point. What matters is control of the system itself. The Trump side has some VERY good legal talent (people who have spent their lives gaming the legal system). Also keep in mind that Trump has appointed more than 200 judges to the various locations. There are on going legal battles, based on enough evidence that even Prog judges have to be careful, or they will just be over turned. This is very likely going to end up with the Nine Riders of the Bench. Then we will see which side Amy is really on.

          Since you use word press, this is a FYI… A very well know conservative site is being deplatformed because word press turns out to be Prog (what a surprise…) Given your activism, its something to consider.

          • Don’t forget about Fellowship of the Minds! They were on WP, and WP wiped ’em out in August, 2018. Even though FOTM has rebuilt, they lost many important articles when WP nuked ’em.

          • Eric, whatever you do, START BACKING UP ALL YOUR POSTS NOW! Since you’re on WP; since you’re not establishment; they’ll probably nuke you like they did FOTM. It’s not a question of if, but WHEN. Please prepare for the inevitable…

            • I STRONGLY second that, MM!
              It’s getting to the point where if one desires any freedom of speech on the web anymore, and doesn’t want to have to jump from host to host, they’re most likely going to have to find a host based in Malaysia or some such place, ’cause freedom of speech is quickly going extinct on the continents….including America (I thought those mercenary blow-hards with M16’s were killing all the brown and yellow people to preserve that…LOL! Looks like they should’ve been training their guns on the scum who were commanding them, in DC, and Norfolk and Albany and Sacre-demento, et al)

      • Guys! Guys!
        What does it even matter?
        Most states (D & R) have already imposed Biden-esque measures. The political machinery of this country (both parties), and more importantly the people are already onboard with tyranny/communism- and the only political action that could stop it would be if a true defender of liberty with many like-minded political allies would take drastic action to defend our basic liberties- and Trump is certainly not that man.

        And it is doubtful that even the above scenario could be successful as long as we are under the thumb of the Zionist media and the censorship of the technocrats of Silly-cone Valley.

        Having hope in statist politics is to have no hope.

        The 99.8% of the masked people we see out and about are going to get the government they deserve…and nothing is going to change that.

        • Hi Nunz,

          As I’ve told BJ – I’m about done with the Orange Man. He needs to act – not Tweet. And if he does not act then his a twit and I’m done trying to defend him.

          • Hi Eric and Nunz,

            Yes, DT is still president. He could, in the likely short time he has left, inject some sanity into the most crucial issue facing us, Covid hysteria. Instead of merely tweeting to the faithful, he could invite Sunetra Gupta, Jay Bhattacharia and Martin Kulldorff to the White house for a press conference. He could introduce them, describe their credentials and qualifications, and let them make the case against the disastrous, anti-scientific and harmful policies being pushed by the likes of Fauci, et al.

            There are many, even some on this blog, who opine that he couldn’t act because he was concerned about reelection. What a crock! He ran as an outsider and, very improbably, won the presidency. If he were truly an outsider, he would have at least considered that he may not have a second term, and acted accordingly; used the only time that he was certain that he had to meaningfully challenge the “swamp”, as he called it. The fact that he did not, proves that his “outsider” status was a sham from the start. Again, a true outsider would have considered meaningful action now to be vastly more important than securing reelection in the future. Ironically, had he shown himself to be a man of character, a man who pursued actions without regard to reelection, he would likely have won a second term. Trump is, and always has been, a swamp creature.


            • Precisely, Jeremy!

              The very idea that someone would think “I’ll lay low in my first term so that I have a possibility of being re-elected so that I can accomplish my goals if re-elected to a second term” is utterly ridiculous. Why not just do what one can to accomplish those goals while they have the opportunity to do so?

              And the opportunity he had was massive, and virtually handed to him, time and time again- and he threw it away! He could have seriously done some major Swamp cleaning by “locking her up” and pursuing charges against the Clinton Foundation for all of it’s crimes; he could have cleaned house even in his own administration; He had the Epstein thing virtually fall into his lap- and could have used that to cleanse DC and the states like nev er before; He could have worked with and beatified Assange- instead, he persecutes him!

              Instead, he signs his country into bankruptcy, economic doom, and the hands of the bankers; threatens to administer a vaccine for the phony phlu via the military; pursues regime change in VZ, ; militarizes the police even more so than Obozo did…..yada yada….

              That being the only thing standing between us and the overt communism of Mumbly Joe and the Kommie Kamel….is like a sheet of tissue paper being the only thing standing between us and a well-aimed 7.62x39mm bullet…..

              Biden is supposed to be the feeble one- yet look at the plans for ACTION he is making before even legally being acknowledged as the winner! Why can the “good guys” never do that?! (Maybe because they’re not so good, and they’re workimg for the same guys as are the bad guys)

          • Eric he IS acting. This isn’t about surface illusions. Its about the use of the underlying power system itself. Don’t fall for the enemies mass media propaganda. This isn’t going to be decided by the corporate mass media, or either sides howling mobs. This is going to be decided by the courts and state legislatures, and ultimately the US supreme court.

        • Nunz, when you get done dancing with that strawman, please put it back on the rack. Thanks… ^^

          What does it matter? Trump for all his faults (which are legion…) is still a nationalist, and actually looks at what he considers best for the country and its people. Creepy Joe and Commie Harris have long since sold us out to the highest bidder (China and the tech giants). They would destroy whats left of the country, in the pursuit of their mad utopian delusions. Under their One Party rule, the only real choice most people would have is submit or die.
          The key phrase there is most people. Given that the Empire hasn’t been able to actually win a war for generations (against low tech enemies), you actually expect them to be able to win one against people who speak their own language, and have as much access to high tech as they do? Pull the other one, it has bells on it… ^^ Endless war for endless “peace”…

          • BJ, it’s Nazi Germany vs. Soviet Russia. Neither option is desirable. Maybe it’s best just to let things take their course and let the system eat itself. Trump has not given us any relief in the past four years….and in fact, like all his predecessors, has just furthered the deterioration. Yeah…I’d rather see him and the slightly slower handbasket-to-Hell than the express version…but either way, it’s not going to make a huge difference to anyone who values liberty, and we will have to resist and fight no matter which puppet is on the stage.

            As I’ve often said, it seems like the most damage gets done when the more decent folk think that their ally is on stage, ’cause then they just roll over and give him a free pass- nay, even cheer-on the destruction, as long as their supposed ally uses the right words…even when he does the very same things that their enemy would do.

            We’ve lost more liberty under Trump’s watch, right down to the most personal level that affects our very faces- than we have under anyone else in my lifetime- Trump initiated some of it…and did nothing to stop the rest of it. So really, what does it matter?

            • Hi Nunz,

              I agree with you as regards the OM’s “state of emergency” fatwa. He could lift that, even now as he is still the president. But he doesn’t. So screw him and his tan booth. I begin to hope the anointed Diaperer-in-Chief locks him up.

              I tire of the Tweeting and other pathetic flailings of the obese orange turtle, on his back, flippers akimbo.

              • Hey Eric,

                What really irks me, is that Trump really had an unprecedented chance to REALLY make a huge difference…..but did nothing.

                That is what is so tragic. The lost opportunity- our national last hurrah- and just handed to him….but he colossally blew it.

                Even I had a little hope when he was running for his first term….but the handwriting on the wall became pretty clear before he even got in office.

                It really is sad…and maddening. And to put things in context, he was the closest thing we’ve had to having a real chance of reform in our lifetime….or even the last 100 years.

                Kind of puts things in context as to how screwed this country is. And now we just have a bunch of Neocons, RINOs and sycophants in the House, Senate and courts and state capitols and legislatures ready and eager to fall in line with The Kamel.

                • He’s controlled. He’s in control. Which is it?

                  He’s in control of taking directions? That’s about as close to your contradicting proposition as it gets.

                  Savior syndrome oughta be a sin…but at least it’s a sign…all neon & flashing, like the main drag in Sin City.

                  • Be nice Ozy, its not as if the controller is sane after all… ^^
                    Control is one of the inherent illusions, that mirrors internal/external binary unity. Does the song sing the singer? Or vs versa? Or is that entirely the wrong question/world frame/time line? Cin should be a Sin as well, but lacking Balance means lacking Justice.
                    Out damn microdot! Oh what a tnagled Web we weave, when we practice to receive…

                    • When in Nice, do as the Niceans do? yeah, one definer of insanity was backsassing Thomas Szasz, but millions of others are Nurse Wratched types. 96:4 is insane odds, microdot, on the yellowbrick road, or not. If an illusion is inherent, is it inalienable, too? Constitutionalists, what say ye? The best singers, it does, the song sings ‘em; motocrossers, too, is motocrossed; everything else, same too, doer’s done by. So how does that reframe best vs all the rest? Balance sounds poised…but then again 96 specks with balance beams in their eyes does the ox bow incident make against any four they can get their nooses round. He threw the gold upon the waters when he said it, or it said him, or a speechwriter said was said by it: extremism in defense of libraries is no vice (so watch out youse farenheit 451’ers!), & moderation in pursuit of judicial activists is no virtue (catch ‘em & release ‘em…to Elon’s space colony would be good).

                      I haven’t given up, but I never beat live horses, let alone dead ones. But a dead one with orange hair I’d be tempted to take to the taxidermist.

              • Eric, for ever action/inaction there is a consequence. Sure, he could do all of the things that you are looking for. But at what cost? If he over turns Lord Fuci’s dictates, and attempts to return the country to some semblance of “normal” what does he do when the vast majority of the War Lords (state and city) ignore him? Sure he could host some of the various medical professionals, who actually use logic and reason (and hard data/facts) to shred this nonsense. Do you really believe that the corporate mass media would broadcast it? One America News and some of the small ones would. But it would be ignored by the tech giants. In the modern world, unless its on corporate mass media TV, it doesn’t exist in the general public’s “mind”. I keep seeing all of these things that he “should” be doing. In very few cases does the person advocating that approach, understand the realities of power, and the consequences of the policy they are advocating. He can’t just wave his Mighty Wand of Ultimate Power™ and get what he (and others…) want. We should ALL be thankful of that.
                Here is a different take on the legal actions he is currently taking. I doubt it will make much of an impression, on those who have already given up, but others might find it of interest.

          • Hi BJ,

            Yes, agreed – but when will Orange Man do something? I mean other than Tweet. I see no sign – nothing – of the selection being reversed. I see no effort by OM to combat the outrageous renewal of lockdowns and forced Diapering because the cases! the cases!

            I grow tired.

            So what are we carrying water for?

            • It is estimated that Trump is anywhere from half a billion to a billion dollars in personal debt. The borrower is servant to the lender(s). No one gets near the WH unless they are controllable. Case closed.

              It is only the people who could really do anything…and they are indebted and dependent on the pols, and controlled by the skools and the media- hence the hatred expressed by so many towards Trump when he is even remotely perceived as an upsetter of the system- even though in reality he is not.

                  • Wow, I thought he was in better financial shape that that! Are you sure that’s his personal and not corporate debt? IOW, doed DJT owe that, or is that The Trump Organization’s debt?

                    • It’s probably not an easy thing to unravel. Also don’t fall into the sensational trap. It’s claimed he has $1 billion in debt but also $3.67 billion in assets, which makes him worth roughly $2.67 billion. The implication in the headline is that he’s $1 billion IN debt, meaning he owes more than he has. He might have liquidity problems but he’s not necessarily bankrupt.

            • You grow tired Eric? I’m so far past tired that I can’t even see it from here. But tired is one thing. Giving into despair and letting it dominate ones world view, are quite different. Do you see a better alternative? The OM is just about as good as it gets at this point. He will likely buy us some limited time to prepare for whats coming. Thats better than no time. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather delay (if not entirely skip) any dramatic Last Stand (with us in the starring role). It makes compelling drama, but tends to ruin the rest of your day…

              • Anon please don’t bring reason and logic into a good OM bashing session. Thanks… ^^
                I’ve looked at that myself. Its a typical hit piece thats based on the idea that the vast majority of the people who read it, will not think beyond the surface of the article. As in understanding the difference between personal and corporate, or the way business is conducted in the large scale restate business.

                • I’d say with most of Trump’s assets being in real estate and businesses which are dependent upon public accommodation (Hotels, casinos, resorts, commercial RE), and that those assets are in states which have onerous COVID restrictions, and whose commercial RE values are plummeting, that his assets are probavly now worth quite a bit less than they formerly were- hence why the very rich keep such assets heavily leveraged and mired in debt.

              • You guise [ 🙂 ] keep speaking of “time to prepare”- What more can one do that they haven’t already, to prepare for the communistic exclusion from all commerce and social life, other than to prepare for an exit?

                Even if Trump wins [which he should]…he is not going to postpone the inevitable any more so than he has thus far- it’s only going to get worse- maybe just a little less worse with Trump. So what would you guys do to prepare?

                • I ain’t one of those guise. Time is up. The clock stopped at conception. But this time slot’s still available (which is not the same as possible):


                  the BBC assets are all in a magazine article tabulation, ya think? Presidente trump has skimmed more from the frontrun than any magazine will ever know about…maybe it was that doublefisted skimming what kept him so busy he only had enough time/energy toss tweets out to all his adoring fans.

      • My damned state of Colorado just passed an amendment that directs the legislature to enter an interstate agreement to throw our Electoral College votes behind the national popular vote.

        • Oh, that’s awful. That means the people of Colorado have no say. Did the amendment go to the voters or was it just legislature approved?

          • It was on the ballot last week. Colorado has 9 EC votes so we weren’t a major player to start but at least as a swing state a presidential candidate had to visit, make some speeches, do some advertising. IOW at least give lip service. And even though it’s lost politically as pro-Democrat it still took time and money to keep it in the fold. Now it’s basically a guaranteed and we’ll have zero electoral voice. It’s part of the plan and our damned governor was part of the organizer (the so-called Gang of 4) to undercut his own state, a Manchurian Candidate if there ever was one.


            • How is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact not considered unconstitutional? As you stated A, it gives Colorado no voice. It allows the coastal elite towns to determine who will be the President of the Nation over and over and over again. How CA and NY votes goes the nation. The urban centers will control the Executive Branch, there is no way around it. Those who live in rural and suburbia districts will have no say in what happens on the federal front. How could the people of Colorado actually vote for such a travesty?

              I know this passed the VA House of Delegates in February and the Senate has pushed this to the 2021 legislative section. If this passes the VA Senate and goes on the ballot I will knock on every damn door in Virginia to make sure this does not pass.

              • It’s not really a compact, which in the U.S. Constitution is akin to a treaty between States. These exist and aren’t questioned. For example Colorado is already a party to the Colorado River Compact. This was done actually to head off a Federal imposition to divide up the Colorado River water between the 7 states that use it. That compact had to be approved by Congress as it would do with an international treaty but by its existence it preempted the USGS, Corp of Engineers or Bureau of Reclamation from imposing an allocation on us.

                What the national popular vote does is use the provisions in the Electoral College itself that gives the individual states the authority to assign electors however they see fit. So it’s not a Federally binding agreement but by putting it in our state constitution it does make it pretty difficult to fight.

                Colorado has a citizen’s amendment initiative that circumvents the legislature sort of like a state-level equivalent of a Constitutional Convention. Normally it’s been used to do things politicians won’t. When have a thing called TABOR (Taxpayers Bill of Rights) that for about a decade was able to handcuff the state budgets by tying them to inflation and GDP growth. It’s also how marijuana was legalized, again end-around the legislature’s inaction. Legalization for all its many faults has long been opposed by the tobacco and alcohol lobby and to some extent medical lobby, so politicians never shy about being bought never would upset those benefactors.

                They’ve been able to slowly erode TABOR over the past few years by more astroturf “citizen initiatives” to make exemptions for the schools and transportation. TABOR worked great in the 1990s to keep Colorado from blowing up too fast during booms only to fall flat in busts. But now it’s an empty shell with no bite left.

    • I doubt Democrats would go for it. They would lose too many of the electoral votes in the big blue states vs what they would pickup from urban areas in red states.

      Democrats would probably lose over half of their big states votes. For example they would probably pick up one of Indiana’s, but lose 9-10 of Illinois’.

    • There is no Constitutional requirement for a popular vote for POTUS at all, except as put forth by State legislatures, who have sole authority over how electors are chosen. They can use chicken entrails and astrology if they so choose. Even if they legislate a popular vote they can throw the result out and choose electors themselves. The current theater certainly justifies such action. That’s the purpose of the electoral college, to prevent democracy. This is not a democracy, in spite of the constant caterwauling that it is, and thank God for it. Gang rape is democracy in action, and I want no part of it. Besides, I don’t keep KY in the house since my lunatic ex-wife left.

  2. Utah is a tough one. Very red, very pro-FedGov but also full of full blown leftist environmentalist (distinguished from conservationist-minded people who don’t want everything bulldozed but also don’t feel guilty for existing).

    Anyway, they don’t even try and hide that a key piece of the domestic spy apparatus is there – the place where all our vacuumed up electronic data is stored and analyzed. The NSA Utah Data Center is just one egregious statist installation. There’s Hill AFB, Dugway Proving Grounds.

    The State of Utah has been for a few years trying to reassert control of some of the Federal land within its borders and there’s State-level support for it from both parties. Utah (65%) is second only to Nevada (84%) in Federal land ownership, followed by Idaho (62%), Alaska (61%), Oregon (53%), Wyoming (48%), California (46%).

    Utah seems like kind of a schizophrenic politically, sometimes pro-state, sometimes anti-state. I’d say the population was until a few years ago fairly solidly skeptical but they are becoming Californicated pretty badly, like Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Oregon have.

    It’s also ironic IMO because Utah was settled in the first place by Mormons tired of being abused by the U.S. government and non-Mormon citizens.

  3. Face diapers are a red herring. The coming lockdown is our most existential threat in our nation’s history. They are talking 4-6 weeks (it will be continually extended, in semi-perpetuity, but making you think, like a crazed gambler, that we are almost there just a bit longer…), expanded in scope (affected businesses and people) well beyond what we saw this past spring. It will be draconian, see U.K. and Australia, with distance restrictions, curfews, massive fines, jail time, you name it. It will have heavy-handed enforcement, courtesy of your local police force. House arrest, effectively. Crime of presumed sickness, and attempted grandma murder. Deprivation of life and liberty without due process. Because they follow Science (whatever the hell that means; but something akin to some government MD tells them what they want to hear, with no counterpoint presented or considered).

    People, this is coming. The economic destruction will be untold. Maybe it will be your job, bank account, and future this time. Bought and paid for with government cheese to be sent, only to some, and state and corporate bailouts to cover their losses but not yours. The Great Reset is weeks away from perfection.

    What’s it going to take for people to wake the F*ck up?

    • Don’t hold your breath waiting for people to “wake up”. If the Wuhan hysteria shows anything it shows there will be no awakening. Unleashing the tyranny of the “health” establishment to control populations was and is shear brilliance. Many expected political or military controls over populations, but how many anticipated tyranny from “science”? In retrospect, the “science denier” label has been setting the table for the coming reign of scientific tyranny. The Wuhan is just the beginning, climate change hysteria is next and will require “sacrifice” from everyone. You may not have realized it, but your lifestyle, your over consumption, your very existence is killing the planet. “Science” has determined that earth can only sustain 500 million human inhabitants, if you do the math, that means about 7 billion deplorables must be sacrificed. The “science” demands it, and “science” is never wrong.

      • Sickening, that science, which is actually a process of hypothesis-driven empirical testing, has been perverted to ipse dixit. But it’s real, doncha know.

        But thats alright, cuz any day now, those patriots and gun owners are going to rise up and stop this. By waving flags, honking car horns, and believing Trump will prevail in the US court system and swoop in to save us all.

      • What’s ironic is that there’s PLENTY of land and resources for everyone on the whole planet! If you’ve ever flown across the country and looked out the window (I have), you’ll see that there are wide expanses where there are few, if any, people. If the entire world’s population stood shoulder to shoulder, they could fit within the city limits of Los Angeles. This BS is just a MacGuffin, and excuse, for TPTB to foist their psychopathic plans on the rest of us…

        • So true, MM. I once drove with my uncle, from his place in the Sierras of eastern CA. to a place in NV. -A four hour drive. We passed a handful of other cars, and no structures other than a few roads and a couple of overpasses. If those places weren’t under the jurisdiction of the extreme communisdts who would show up at your door within days of you buying a few acres and setting up a homestead there, I’d be living there, happy as a clam…in wide-open spaces, with views of mountains on the horizon.

          • A lot of this crap is being pushed by people who have never lived anywhere but crowded cities. Anything else is inconceivable to them and ignored. They want to force everyone to live that way, but of course in tiny Soviet-style apartments rather than penthouses reserved for the elites. Thus the term “flyover country” used by the political class.

    • Any chance of ‘waking up’ died with the children at Waco.

      What few militias remain are also quite aware of how well the US military is at squashing lightly-armed infantry, and have no desire to be target practice for a drone pilot.

      • Moose, yes we’ve seen how well the mighty US military does against light infantry, in Vietnam, Iraq, and of course against the Afghans (to name but a few)… They are really great at killing people and breaking things, but *winning* 4th gen wars doesn’t seem to be one of their specialties.

        As for drones, they are great for killing people and breaking things, but the target intel used to apply them tends to be rather lacking. But they are great for racking body counts for reports, and media briefings. They are also great for radicalizing people, that wouldn’t have been motivated to fight, otherwise.

        Lets just hope matters don’t get to that point. A 4th gen war in a high tech country, would make the last few of the Empires wars look like a kinder garden party.

        • Hi BJ,

          I don’t want it. I think most people of good will do not want it. But if this fight is thrust upon us then we must fight it with ruthlessness and no-quarter-given.

          God help us.

          • May our God help us all. We are truly in Historic times. We are seeing the results of generations of inaction on the part of “conservatives” when confronted with the subversion and undermining, of critical institutions through out the western world.

            They have been so timid and inactive, that one wonders what they hoped to “conserve”. Certainly not our peoples traditions, customs and history. Nor the basic philosophy that has allowed western civilization to advance for centuries.

            They have allowed the Progs (the self proclaimed enemies of all we hold dear) to control the so called “educational” system, the mass media, the tech giants, and many other critical parts of our society.

            Now, faced with the destruction of what remains, they are caving in, yet again, rather than standing and fighting. But all is not lost. Many are starting to resist, and that resistance is growing. Of course the Progs corporate mass media is not covering such. But groups like One America News and others are.

            The hour is indeed late, but we have not lost yet. As long as there remain people who will fight, the flame of liberty will not vanish from the hearts and minds of our people.

  4. So here in Las Vegas the governor has asked us to stay in for the next 2 weeks and if the numbers don’t come down he will issue a lockdown. We just ordered a freezer to stock up food on food! And I guess I will have to eat frozen fruit and veggies for awhile too. I am curious to see what states like Florida and South Dakota do – and I am prepared to move if I have to – I work remotely anyway. But what I am realizing is its best to move out of the big cities into small towns. My travels this summer had shown me that people in these small towns ignored the mandates – I was in a small town in Nevada for a few days doing some nearby hiking and I didn’t have to wear a mask anywhere, people were dancing in the bars (which was not allowed in Vegas), it was a really good feeling! I still can’t believe so many people are willing to let the gov’t destroy their lives

  5. The diapering obviously doesn’t work for the stated purpose. It’s been mandated since June in NC and the propaganda of increasing “cases” never ceases. Since the grotesquery seems to only increase as well, constant “testing” may be next, including becomIng the new condition to enter grocery and big box stores those being the only ones left after anything smaller is choked out by the national lockdown being promoted by Plugs’s gang. Please step over here sir so Shaniqua can insert this 12” probe covered with God knows what into your nose and up into your cranial cavity. Otherwise, no food for you.

    • You hit the nail on the head. The purpose of this whole charade is to destroy small bushiness and then the only place we can shop is the company store. Of course, we could just put on our BLM attire and loot the store with out fear of prosecution or having to wear a mask.

  6. I’ve been going maskless at the grocery store for months now. If Creepy Joe is seated as POTUS and we have a national mandate; if it’s enforced more than the state mandate has been; what I might do is just wear it to gain entry, then remove it once inside. What I also might do is pull the blasted thing below my nose. I’ll still be defiant, but in a more covert way.

    While I have about six months of food on hand, I’d like to save it for a real emergency; I’d like to save it in case the food stops coming to the grocery store at all. With the way national events are going, that may happen regardless-espcially if Creepy Joe is seated. There’s talk about a trucker’s strike to protest is proposed fatwas; if the strike lasts more than couple of days, the grocery store shelves may very well be bare!

    • I drove OTR for around a year. Back in the day a truckers strike could be a reality because there were a lot of independent truckers and the local teamsters had a lot of power. Today there are very few independents and the teamsters are a shell of what they used to be. Most are company drivers and many of them are new immigrants.

    • Sitting on your good cache sounds like the NRA’s argument they exist to push back on tyranny. Exactly when will it be bad enough to do something? What in your mind constitutes a “real” emergency? Will it take the power being cut off and your door being kicked in? Perhaps actually having tanks rolling down the streets? It’s a lot easier to push back now me thinks.

      • What constitutes a real emergency? A hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or wildfire would qualify. An EMP attack would qualify. If the trucks stopped coming in and the grocery store shelves were bare, that would qualify too. As long as I can still procure food on my own, I won’t dip in to my supply.

    • Don’t know what happened to eightsouthman, but I am pretty sure he would tell you a “trucker’s strike” is highly unlikely. All the independents have been run out of business by bureaucratic regulation. The trucking companies won’t strike and the truckers are almost all employees. The whole damned thing is ripe for the evil to triumph.

      This is not small or simple or easily defeated. The puzzle pieces have been put into place for 100 years and often more. The only things which will prevail are courage, faith, and integrity- standing firm and refusing the evil. Just caught on the local talk radio that some major chain (Wally world?) was going to strictly enforce diapering next week. No health exemptions. I warned everyone that this would come- temporary dodges won’t work this time- you have to refuse on principle. That comes down to religious grounds. What your religion is, is entirely up to you.

  7. I go maskless, but our governor dewine just doubled down on his mask order and threatened to shut down restaurants and bars in a week if “we” don’t bring the number of cases down in a week by wearing mask. He is creating a new unit of retail mask cops to boot (pun intended).
    He’s pushing store owners to be mask police also or be fined. Where does this end?
    It’s a no win situation for me because I’m tired of seeing these masked idiots so I don’t want to go out, but they don’t want us to go out so they are winning. Doesn’t seem like a way to fight this and it is becoming very depressing.

    • Unfortunately, their game plan seems to be to completely crush independent companies and small businesses by sabotaging the economy. Biden has promised us a “long, dark winter” ahead and I fear he’ll carry it out.

  8. Red states are already going back into the scam. Utah on Sunday night. Idaho will be next. That’s without creepy fucking joe declaring a mandate. It’s on Trump’s watch.

    I wondered how they would get away with a second lock-down, then viola, election turmoil. That’s how. It has been firmly established that the deep state and it’s organs do exactly as they want. It doesn’t matter who is president. The only question now is what do they have planned for the single holdout in the whole deal in SD? The one single woman that tried not to be an organ of the apparat? Every other governor acted just like the creep if he were governor.

    Fuck the governors. Fuck everyone that enforces these evil dictates against their fellow man. I will not mask. My wife and children will not mask. That’s not a life worth living. Better to die attempting to live than trying to eek out a meaningless life.

    I guess we’re about to find out how much the blue in our respective states hate those of us that won’t do as we’re told.

    • Amen, Ancap –

      I have been building networks with fellow refusniks who – like you – will not Diaper, ever. Period. It is difficult for me to do as I’m a quiet/homebody workaholic but I am trying to get out of my shell more.

      Right, CJM?

      • It’s like herding cats. People who you thought could be counted on acquiesced in droves. The problem is the constant TV programming has melted the brains of 99.5% of Americans and the ones left with enough firing neurons that might be receptive to skepticism and building a circle are quite effectively disorganized. They all complain that Corporations are killing this country but only believe Corporate Medicine, Corporate Media and Corporate Government.

        There are no outlets to get the message out. Then there’s a lot of “preppers” who sit on their food and ammo wanting a war that will never happen. We’ve already substantially lost the war and a shot was never fired. All that’s left is for the SWAT teams to come around.

        I won’t willingly submit and I know most people here won’t. But that just means we’ll be dead and no one will notice. It won’t spark a push back because most of the people in our families and friends AGREE with the narrative, believe the lies. They won’t hold candlelight vigils, go on TV screaming about how the jackboot thugs took their daughter and son-in-law and permanently disfigured their grandchildren (now orphaned wards of the State). Your neighbors will just complain that “Why doesn’t someone tear down that anti-government nut’s burned out house down the street.”

      • Indeed, Eric. Strength in numbers. As you noted in a previous article, the dating scene is tricky with lockdowns, but the silver lining is that you can better tell if a prospective partner shares your values from across the street in the mask-mandate world. And as Zeva notes above, “People who you thought could be counted on acquiesced in droves.” Time to review one’s preparations and take a hard look at one’s network. With curfews and quarantines on the horizon, the mask mandate serves as a unintentional test of our “circles of trust.” Time to get out there and meet some new people!

    • Hi Anon,

      I especially like this “diagnostic” metric:

      Violation of the physical or emotional rights of others.

      Emotional rights?

      In other words, someone else’s fear – their hysteria – imposes a moral obligation on me to assuage it by pretending the fear/hysteria is legitimate. So Michael Jackson had the right to insist that others indulge his illness.

      This is from a psychiatrist?

      Of course, Stalin had such shrinks in his employ, too.

  9. Good stuff, Eric. This topic (prepping) is so vast that I’m anticipating it becoming it’s own category on epautos before the end of 2021.

  10. The World Economic Forum declares your ‘affluence is the biggest threat to our world’.
    They say that in place of affluence, by 2030 ‘Ýou’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy. Everything you want, you’ll rent.’
    Who owns what you rent?
    ‘You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.’

    • What a bunch of horseshit. Our Betters want to return to a feudal system with us a serfs. I’ll die on that hill!!!

      Put me on that ‘effin list you sumbitches. I’ll never bend the knee to you. Ever.

    • They just didn’t say the last and most important part. “Welcome to 2030. You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy. Or else we’ll kill you after we burn your kids in front of you.”

    • Unfortunately, it has become apparent that with cooperation of the major media outlets and a corrupt educational system you can fool damn near all the people damn near all the time.


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