What’s Coming for Our Cars

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We still don’t know who won the election – but now we know what will happen to the car industry if the one the consolidated corporate media says won the election is eventually certified as the winner when the Electoral College meets in December.

The Man in the Mask has announced his picks to run the two federal bureaucracies – the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation – that decide on our behalf the parameters of new car design.

How “safe” they must be.

How much gas they’re allowed to use – and emit.

How much we’ll pay for it all.

The people he’s chosen are: Patrice Simms for EPA. He is an “environmental attorney” at a something styled Earthjustice, which sued the Trump administration over its attempt to dial back Obama-era federal fuel economy fatwas that would have – and looks like they will, again – require all new vehicles to average 50 MPG or more within the next five years.

If the fatwa is hurled, it won’t be illegal to build and sell cars that don’t average 50 MPG or more.

They will just become much harder for people who aren’t rich to buy – as their prices will rise by thousands of dollars, to include the fines (tripled-down) applied to vehicles that don’t average 50 MPG or more. The existing fatwa – and fines – applied to vehicles that don’t average about 35 MPG is why large sedans are too expensive for most people to buy and why most people are forced to buy small (and small-engined) crossovers, like the micro-sized Hyundai Venue I reviewed recently.

But even this one uses “too much” gas – and produces too much gas (C02) for the liking of the Man in the Mask.

Other lawsuits were filed when Trump tried to derail California’s “zero emissions” mandates, which had the effect of imposing the mandates everywhere – due to the size of California’s market and the difficulty for the car companies of building “California” cars for California and another batch for the rest of the country.

Easier to build “California” cars for everyone – which means lots of electric cars as they are the only kinds of cars that meet the “zero emissions” standard – and charge everyone for them, even if they don’t actually buy them. The price of other cars goes up to make up for the cost of building the “zero emissions” electric cars.

The Man in the Mask has also selected other sic ‘em (on us, since we’re the ones who pay) Obama-era EPA lawyer-bureaucrats such as Joe Goffman, who was general counsel at the agency as well as Obama-era EPA enforcer Cynthia Giles.

Expect more “zero emissions” mandates, nationally.

More cash transfers to Elon Musk – and his fellow travelers at the other car companies, who will be forced to build electric cars you can’t afford.

The Man in the Mask has also promised to erect a network of plug-in portals to juice them up. Since the market isn’t paying for that – as it does gas stations – the Man the Mask will make you pay for it. Expect to see the surcharge on your electric bill, even if you don’t have an electric car.

The cost may also come in the form of no electricity, Third World-style – when there isn’t any available because the wind died down or the sun did.

That being the only way to produce “zero emissions”electricity.

Over at DOT, Philip Washington – who comes to Washington from the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Where he worked to discourage transportation  . . . other than that run by the government.

He will be abetted – if the banana republic “election” stands – by fellow-non-traveller Polly Trottenberg, who is New York City Transportation Commissioner. New York City being to privately owned transportation what sugar in the tank is to your car’s engine.

There is also Therese McMillan, former Obama decider at the Federal Transit Administration. And finally – the coupe de grace for coupes and sedans – will be former “climate policy advisor” to Elizabeth Warren and Forced-Diaperer Gesundheitsfuhrer Jay Inslee of Washington state, Maggie Thomas.

Sue Binez, a “key architect” of the Paris Climate Accord – which Trump pulled the U.S. out of – has been appointed to head the State Department transition team – which will transition the country toward a “sustainable” future in which driving a car isn’t.

The car is now officially in the crosshairs. The affordable, you-decide-how-much-gas-it-uses car. Instead, you will be nudged toward electric cars – and very small cars, which will be the only cars you’ll still be able to afford.

And that goes for gassing them up them, too.

The Man in the Mask will make you pay more for gas – in the name of reducing the gasses emitted by cars. This was a key element of the Paris Climate Accord, which Trump nixed but which is on its way back, courtesy of the selection of the new El Presidente.

If this Third World “election” stands.

Perhaps it won’t. We’ll soon see.

If it does, it’s over. And not just for cars.

. . .

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  1. Thanks for that article. At least I am not alone. In canada here, Quebec, we learned yesterday that we will ban gasoline car sales in 2035. They are crazy in the head, and nobody revolts.

    I, too, don’t know how much of that I can still stand. Cars, road trips especially in the USA are my number 1 passion, and thought to live my retirement with my wife between canada and florida, but little by little, the dreams I worked so hard on are being shattered little by little into communism and totallitarism. God bless and thanks again for the article, let’s do our best to wake up the most we can do.

  2. Wait, wait….
    They’re constantly preaching this Green New Deal BS, and trying to keep everyone locked-up in their hovels, and discouraging commuting….but now they’re proposing to levy an additional 5% tax on those who work from home when there no longer is a “pandemic”?!

    So the sheeple are taxed for using the roads, and discouraged from doing so…and then punished further for complying?!

    And yet few still seem capable of seeing the BS!

    I’ve long known that the overlords are psychos…but now they’re schizophrenic too!

    I hear that in Australia, they’re planning to tax EVs to make up for the lost gasoline taxes, too!

    Holy crap! WHEN are people going to wake up? If they can’t see through this…there is truly no hope.

  3. I recall Jay Leno had that sphincter Biden on his show. I guess Biden has a Corvette.

    That asshole (Biden) never was a car guy. It was part of his phony tough guy, punk presentation.

    Leno, you going burn that episode?

    • Hi Aljer,

      Biden is a thug. Literally. As a politician, of course – i.e., as a man who brazenly regards himself as the arbiter of other people’s lives and the distributor of their wealth to his preferred clients. But also personally. He loves to talk about how tough he is and how he likes to beat up people he doesn’t like. This is revelatory because it reveals his narcissism and (arguably) psychopathy in a way he probably doesn’t realize. But those of us who do realize it have cause to worry. Not because the feeble old pedophile is any personal threat to anyone not in a wheelchair but rather because he has an army of thugs at his beck and call.

      • At least with Clinton and Obama there was a modicum of decency in how they campaigned and then presumed to rule. There’s been no “decency” at all with this entire farce of the Harris-Biden campaign, and if Trump’s challenges don’t succeed, which, unfortunately, I believe they will not, then we’re faced with the incredible irony of praying that this crooked phony at least retains enough gravitas, let alone his marbles, to fend off what appears will be a likely attempt by his Veep and the radical elements of the criminal organization known as the Democratic Party to force the senile old coot out…either via the 25th Amendment process; OR, “lead poisoning”. Don’t put the latter past these bastards, and don’t assume they won’t reserve a few rounds for the likes of you and I…else, why do you think they strive so hard to deprive us of the ability to SHOOT BACK?

  4. The networks interrupted President Trump addressing the nation and continued the news broadcast explaining the asinine reason why they did.

    Yellow journalism right there in front of everybody and God, not allowing anyone to speak is not ethical, it is disgusting and despicable to do such a thing. It is more of a psychological warfare stunt than anything, an assault and battery on the psyche; deliberately traumatizing the noosphere. Somebodies want the entire population of the US to be permanently psychologically damaged and they’re doing a damn good job.

    Whatever agenda is being propagated, it is hidden for sure.

    The deplorables are now the ungovernables, as they now say. Will never accept a Biden presidency, not gonna happen.

    The insurrectionists are not going to give up, they’ve been at it for a while and I doubt it will stop. Biden is worthless to them as well.

    Biden needs to stop his mealy-mouthed mumbling and wake up. Not. Going. To. Happen. lol

    During the Great Depression, 35 cities across the US voted socialists for mayors. Ella Reeve Bloor was running around all over the place in the middle of America inciting mayhem and chaos, like every good socialist worker does.

    The Industrial Workers of the World were here way back when. Farmers back then had different words to describe the IWW, ‘I won’t work’ is what was said. Heard it with my own eyes forty years ago.

    If you have ever been on I-80 through Iowa heading over to Chicago, you know trucks move a great deal of cargo. The huge number of trucks on I-80 going through Idaho never stop. No trucks arriving in Chicago for three days, some folks will get the message.

    The Union Pacific has a double mainline heading to the coal mines in Wyoming. Coal is shipped by rail over to Omaha so Warren can make billion dollar decisions without worrying about how to stay warm.

    You don’t want to find out what it will be like with no electricity. The rioters would have to have torches, so there is some money to be made in the torch business when there are blackouts. Always an opportunity no matter the circumstances. Torches would make it all go from bad to worse in a hurry.

    Have to keep the electricity on so the rioters can see what they can wring through the wringer, see what they have wrought.

    What are the rioters going to do after everything is burned to the ground and they have nowhere to go? Go get something to eat? Good luck with that. har

    Haven’t watched nightly news broadcasts since the idiots at the networks insulted the President. That’s over. Never again.

    • Drumphish,

      I like how you think – cut off the supply chain and create mass chaos. All the socialists will know is their avocado toast and $5 coffees aren’t available and will turn on the very government that is supposed to care for them. The military’s electric tanks will probably only be able to go about 150 miles before they have to be recharged, shutoff the electrical grid and that takes care of that.

  5. Something we all need to do:

    #1 Calculate about how much gasoline your car(s) use in a year. This is the reliable minimum time that stabilized gasoline lasts in storage. It MAY last up to three years, but that’s a ‘maybe’, and most of us don’t have the space or cash to buy 3 years worth.

    #2 Buy PURE gasoline – the stuff with no ethanol in it. Reason being that ethanol is hydrophilic (a.k.a., water-loving) and accelerates fuel contamination because it sucks water out of the air like a dindu-nuffin sucks malt liquor out of a bottle.

    #3 Buy small, separate fuel canisters (the familiar red ones) if you don’t have property space for a bulk storage tank. Enough to accommodate #1 if possible. If at all possible, pay for your fuel purchases with cash or cryptocurrency. At the very least DON’T BUY IT ALL AT ONCE – just in case the wrong person (or government goon) notices your purchase.

  6. what a clownshow of a presidency. from gross kushner to crying ivanka – his useless sons – to fauci nikki haley and john fucking bolton? WTF. its always been a shitshow. And trump murdered people. And continues to, Oh welll communism here we come.

  7. Come on, Eric. You know that even if the Chi-Com Joe and the Camel Toe show takes the throne at Mordor, we still have a republican majority in the senate to hold them all back, right? I’m sure you trust them as much as I do?

  8. Great gilligans clip. Well its finally time our country learns their vote doesnt mean shit. And president harris will be the most hated in history. Small pluses but still.

  9. Thank you, Eric, for your illustrated catalogue of villainry. An open question is whether this egregious rogues gallery of SJWs was actually picked by the senescent Man in the Mask … or instead by the REAL power lurking behind the throne:

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — In the Biden White House, the first lady wants to keep her job teaching. But
    the second gentleman plans to quit his law firm to support the vice president’s career.

    Doug Emhoff, the 56-year-old husband of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, will leave his private law
    practice by Inauguration Day to focus on his role at the White House.

    Emhoff will be the first Jewish spouse of a president or a vice president, and he was a prominent
    liaison to Jewish groups and donors.


    So many Democratic stereotypes, so little time.

    First, the fetishization of identity politics: not only the de rigueur female empowerment, but also the bald-faced ethnic hustle of Kamala’s ‘I’m one of you’ appeal to African-Americans (actually, she’s not), while
    hubby Emhoff works the well-heeled Jewish crowd who pony up 60% of the party’s funding.

    Then, the signature Democratic marital pathology of two-lawyer political couples. We all recall another
    notorious two-lawyer power couple: Bill and Hillary.

    Lawyer Hillary promptly went to work, visiting no less than six Congressional committees to tout a nightmarish HillaryCare bureaucracy. But not a single committee reported out a bill. Then in the Nov 1994 midterm election, outraged voters delivered a savage smackdown, overturning the Democrats’ 40-year House majority to punish the unelected activist first lady.

    But Democrats are patently incapable of learning from history. So Lawyer Doug, picking up the stinky pink
    gauntlet dropped by Lawyer Hillary when she stumbled on the stairs, plans graciously to share his exquisite
    political enlightenment with those of us mired in our dingy rejectionist netherworld of gun-ridden, beer-sodden, IC-engined hillbilly ignorance.


    * expertly pops another brewski while burp-croaking ‘EFF EM ALL TO HELL’ *

    • There’s a slew of Democratic Goyim that I’d be worried about too. Just focusing on the stereotypical “J-O-O-s” that are “dirty” lends one vulnerable to charges of Anti-Semitism. There are plenty of Jews in Trump’s Administration and his inner circle, including family members, that want no part of this socialist farce, and many respected Jewish commentators out there in the blogosphere, like Ben Shapiro and Dennis Praeger, for starters.

  10. The Pedophile Assclown isnt gonna be president, there’s too much evidence and Gorsich, Kavanaugh and Barrett were lawyers in Bush v Gore

    Im certain the future will be bright for us

      • Hi MM,

        I disagree. Trump made it harder for their globalist agenda to take root. He campaigned on nationalism. Biden’s campaign slogan was “Build Back Better” the rallying cry of the WEF. A senile old man is going to take America down, the awful part is he doesn’t even know it. Biden’s Presidency gives the large corporations the ability to issue in the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

        You can already see the propaganda playing out. Once of Biden’s transitioning team members (Zeke Emanuel?) actually stated that it would be best to have the vaccine be given to third world countries. What do many Americans do – start shouting that they should get the vaccine first! If this isn’t Psychological Warfare I don’t know what is. Not only that, but it is Republicans and Democrats alike. Neither party has any brains. I voluntarily offer my vaccine (as well as my family’s vaccines) to anyone who wants it; whether it be a fellow American or a third world country. I will take my chances and hope my immune system can keep up.

          • If Buy-dem is given the presidency, I will defy every action of every government agency. I will act against every company who supported Buy-den and any other left-biased person or organization. ANY AND ALL.
            I will not file any more forms.
            I will remove all significant assets from their reach.
            I will only do business with American small businesses, and only purchase necessities. I will only act for my own best interests and that means not trading with my enemies.
            I will not give any business to leftist propaganda outlets of any kind. Die Hollywood! Die networks. Die Netflix. Die Amazon. Die banking cartel.

            • Hi John Galt,

              I love the name!

              I started this back in May when the BLM went berserk. Yes, fundamental changes are needed in policing, but when every large American conglomerate started spewing utter non sense that had nothing to do with the unjust attack on Floyd and all of a sudden white people were “privileged” and evil, I voted with my wallet. I cancelled Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Sirius. I stopped doing business with large corporations and found many small businesses online. I also got rid of my store credit cards.

              I took all of our money (except about $1K in small stocks) out of the Market and paid off the house. When the bank offered only .4% on my bank CD I pulled it out and paid off our truck.

              I began putting together a prepper pantry in March and loaded up a freezer with about 80 lbs. of meat and seafood that I have been circulating out along with frozen veggies and berries. Hubby and I put together a small garden of blueberries, strawberries, various tomatoes in our yard and I have been buying most of my food from local farms and farmer markets since March.

              We are working on putting up a greenhouse, but that may not be until later this winter/early Spring.

            • “I will act against every company who supported Buy-den and any other left-biased person or organization. ANY AND ALL.

              I will only do business with American small businesses, and only purchase necessities. I will only act for my own best interests and that means not trading with my enemies.
              I will not give any business to leftist propaganda outlets of any kind. Die Hollywood! Die networks. Die Netflix. Die Amazon. Die banking cartel”

              This is a good plan, but you should do these things anyway, regardless of who wins. Just because they might lose this one doesn’t mean they aren’t still your enemies. One should not give them money at all. Every single one is in on it, all playing their part. Best you can do is just buy what you actually need. Buy used. Work on growing your own food and removing yourself from dependence upon them. Etc. Plenty of leftists to buy their other “stuff” to keep the system going.

        • Trump is no champion of liberty, free markets, or personal responsibility. Everything is going to get worse, far worse, before anything gets better, on a national social/politico scale. Biden is the race car, Trump the bicycle, but they are both on the same track.

          Only a national calamity of unimagined intensity will provide the reverse trend. Kind of like what WW II did to Germany and Japan. That level of calamity.

          Until then, it does not matter in the least what or who you vote for: voting is the final insult.

          • Hi Andy,

            True, Trump is no libertarian, he is a moderate old school Democrat. I think most on here who voted for him knew that he was not going to provide us a free enterprise and a capitalist market, but he lowers our taxes, deregulates industries, was willing to go head to head with China, and generally, just got the hell out of our way.

            Honestly, that is all I want – allow me to keep more of my hard earned money, make my own decisions for myself and my family, and leave me alone. I don’t want government assistance. They can take my SS and Medicare payments (my generation will never see it anyway), stop penalizing me for not having health insurance (or any insurance for that matter), and let me take care of me and mine. I am happy to even pay tolls if I did not have to contribute to a cumbersome, over wrought, do nothing, tyrannical government that thinks they know what is best for me. At least with a user fee or a toll I am at least paying for what I am using.

            • Ditto, RG –

              I will never cease advocating libertarian ideas and aspire to their fulfillment but, like you, I just want a normal – if imperfect – life back. To be able to do my thing without having to deal with mass hysteria and its attendant etiologies every single day, everywhere I go. To not have to think about how much food and ammo I have, to be able to think about normal things again.

              I cannot understand the mass acceptance of this life-killing insanity. I have many quirks, but masochism – and sadism – are not among them.

              • Eric, there’s an old saying in military circles…any officer can win battles with the Army (or Navy) that he WANTS…the great ones win with the forces they HAVE. Right now, as much as I’d rather see Jo Jorgensen as the projected electoral college winner (fat chance), the Orange Man is the best bet we’ve had. Realistically, he’s the ONLY bet we’ve had, hence why I voted for a GOPer for the first time since 1988, even though in the once-Golden State it’d make no difference, electoral vote wise, serving only to add to “The Donald’s” otherwise meaningless popular vote tally. But I could have just as easily voted FOR Ms. Jorgensen with the same results. There’s much I’d fix about the whole damned mess, including making the House of Representatives a body of UNPAID (and no pension, either) members who per diem to the District of Criminals for a Constitutionally-limited 90 day session per year is paid by their respective states, as is the expenses of their staffs, and the Congressional districts would be about 250K population each, making the total count flexible and LOCAL, which is what the “Founding Fookers” had in mind in the first place.

          • In re calamity, Biden may provide just such a vehicle. His lockdowns will facilitate economic collapse. Or he’ll extract Hillary’s revenge on Putin or bite the Chinese hand that feeds him. Something is in the cards, as the US as we knew it has to be pushed aside. We are already softened up and ready for the final kick in the balls. The only question is what happens after that.

            • Hi BAC,

              Anarchy. That is the only thing that remains after a civilization falls.

              Those who are smart and strong will find like minded people and construct a small community to live off the land and provide protection. The not so smart will either starve or steal. Most will join another civilization or wait to be conquered by outside invaders and the cycle begins again.

              • Hi RG

                I could imagine we could end up with the French Second Republic, Perestroika, or a Phoenix. We will have options! 🙂 Sad, though, as it needn’t come to this. Most of us just wanted to live our quiet lives of desperation. Me? I’ve decided to deepen my relationship with Jesus. There’s peace in that.

            • God help us if these deranged fools provoke an unneeded war with the Russian Federation. Some eighty years ago, the PTB pushed for a war where white people ended up killing other white people, and nothing was resolved. Today, their heirs want to in effect force the same thing, between a country that’s been forsaking God versus one that, after it threw off the shackles of Communism (not that’s it’s been all “rose and unicorns”, of course!), is FINDING God once again.

          • Hi Andy,

            I think it does matter, in the same way that it mattered whether Danton – or Marat – became the lead figure of the French Revolution. Trump is the lesser of two evils. But he is not evil. Biden – and those around him – are. They are inhuman monsters determined to impose a monstrous Sickness Regime on the country that Trump, baffled and incoherent as he has been, isn’t itching to impose. That is is an enormous difference and one worth fighting over as the cost, if Trump loses, will not be just higher taxes and more regulation but the literal death of this country.

            • Eric wrote: …f Trump loses, will not be just higher taxes and more regulation but the literal death of this country.

              (Channeling Jedi Grand Master Yoda): “Not if anything to say about it, I have”. And I’ll let my Rugers, Mossberg, and Bushmaster do the “talking” if necessary.

  11. You’re overlooking the tolling projects underway in many parts of the country. Oregon received permission to toll the freeway around Portland with two pilot projects, and New York City is moving forward with their scheme to toll the surface streets of Manhattan. *Actively* moving forward as I type.

    And don’t forget about California.

    Keep an eye on the Kapsch company’s North American operations.

  12. All of this is kind of in line with their two main goals. 1. To reduce the world population down to 2 billion people and no more. 2. To create a country called the North America Union. In order to accomplish #2 they first have to get rid of the USA. To do this they have to destroy the US economy, which they have almost succeeded in due to the covid-fraud, get rid of the Bill of Rights and to permit the massive third world immigration of people with a slave mind-set. (ie, it’s the government’s job to take care of me because I am an obedient little slave).

  13. 10,000 boomers retiring every day. Unemployment numbers are becoming difficult to measure because even though the overall number of people working is low, the number of people who are looking is even lower. They’re retired and not coming back. Owning commercial real estate is like owning pets.com in the 2000s. The commute is probably the number one use of automobiles in the US. Take away commuters by creating a home-based workforce and you drop CO₂ emissions, save fuel and get more life out of existing vehicles. In 4 years they’ll be running for re-selection touting how their new fatwas reduced CO₂ while still “maintaining” the centrally planned economy. Meanwhile anyone who bothers to put some thought into the claim will see the truth.

    I hear the new Messerschmitts are really cool!

  14. The good news is all their plans for “sustainability” are inherently unsustainable. It won’t work because it CAN’T work.

    Heck, even Michael Moore, Leftist Extraordinaire, sees how “green energy” is a big fat loser. His movie, Planet of the Humans, eviscerates not only electric cars but, “green energy” in general. Perhaps others will wake up, as has Moore, on this subject.

    One thing I don’t understand is how California can maintain their dominance in auto sales. The state is bordering on being a 3rd world hellhole with massively rich oligarchs and an impoverished underclass of servants and serfs. Maybe Ferrari and Rolls Royce will sell there but, the rest of the population is heading the way of Cuba with 1980’s Hondas and Toyotas as the prime source of transportation

    We are, however, in for a bumpy ride should Harris/Biden put their hands on the tiller of the ship of state.

    • Michael Moore championing common sense…literally “FAT Chance!”. However, it’s already been one damned weird year, so why not?

  15. Quite contrary to their claims of “working for the people” they have no intention of doing so. The Fascistic/Socialistic system they prefer won’t work unless they have total control of the people, and they can’t acquire that control if you are driving where you want, when you want, and they don’t know and don’t control where and when you are doing it. Which is the fundamental purpose of the COVID psy op, the most fact free we’ve ever been subjected to. For the sake of CONTROL!


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