EVs and “Vaccines”

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Electric cars and “vaccines” are similar in that both have delusional defenders – believers who are immune to reason, hostile toward damning facts – who cling to their beliefs with a devotion that is cultic.

It does not matter, for instance, that the “vaccines” – as they are styled – do not do the one thing that has heretofore always been the thing that has defined a vaccine, which is to provoke an immune response in the persons who take them.

It does not matter to people who defend EVs that they are – objectively, factually – not “clean,” if by that term one means their manufacture and use results in the emanation into the environment of less of the stuff that is asserted by some to be responsible for imminent, catastrophic (their word) “climate change.”

Notice the similarities here, too.

The same asserted catastrophism. The same exaggeration and misrepresentation of the supposed problem – so as to justify the “cure” for it.

People were hectored abusively about a “virus” that turned out to be orders of magnitude less of a threat than they were told – with onerous certainty – it was. The threat was exaggerated relentlessly – by hourly reporting of “case” counts, which those reporting them knew were not indicative of the actual threat.

Of a piece is the reporting of the “climate catastrophe” – which millions now believe is real, just as millions were led to believe there was a “pandemic.”

Many still believe it.

When it is pointed out to the believers – in the “vaccines” – that they do not “work,” in that they do not immunize the person who takes them – the believer will simply shift his ground and talk up the supposed palliative effect the “vaccines” have; i.e., that those who take them are less likely – supposedly – to become seriously sick.

Observe that there is no acknowledgment on the part of the believer that what was asserted at first – that the “vaccines” will immunize – has proved to be an utterly false assertion.

Observe that this fact does not shake their belief even a little.

Similarly, the EV believer will sidestep factual observations about the fact that a “fast” charge means waiting at least six times as long (i.e., about 30 minutes) to achieve what can be done quickly (five minutes or less) when not driving an electric car. The absurdity doesn’t register. They will begin to talk about “charging overnight” – and when you ask them, but what if you need to get somewhere right now? – they will begin talking about something else.

It is like playing whack-a-mole.

The believers in “vaccines” do not want to hear about their known dangers – nor the fact that these dangers have been deliberately suppressed – by the very people who are profiting, both financially as well as politically, from the “vaccines.” It doesn’t bother them at all. Rather, it bothers them when the facts are pointed out.

Similarly, the facts regarding the dangers of electric cars, including the much greater danger of them catching fire, whether as the result of impact forces in a crash or as a consequence of overheating during a charge. These facts would bother them if the cars in question were not electric. Just as there was bother, in the past, when it became known that a drug was dangerous – and hell to pay, if the danger was known before the drugs were put on the market, as has been established as fact regarding the drugs styled “vaccines,” which do not provide immunity.

In both cases – EVs and “vaccines” – it doesn’t trouble the believers that billions are being made as a result of government interventions. That money is being made via coercion rather than convincing. That there is a massive profit motive behind the push to get everyone into an EV – and “vaccines” into their bodies.

Ordinarily, this degree of rent-seeking greediness would raise questions all by itself about the true motives of those making billions via rent-seeking, who claim they are only doing what is necessary and – more than that – absolutely essential.

But it raises none, even when the element of coercion is added to the mix.

It is very strange – and very interesting, psychologically speaking. Most people would question the motives of a car company that used government to coerce people into buying its products, in part by using government to withdraw more efficient/lower-cost (and fundamentally safer) alternatives from the market. Just as – until rather recently – most people questioned the motives of drug companies aggressively pushing drugs and making billions doing it.

EV believers don’t want to hear about the cost of replacing electric car batteries – or the cost of EVs, themselves. They will insist the cost is going down, even though there is no evidence it is – or will, ever.

“Vaccine” believers don’t want to hear about the cost of all-but-eliminating civil liability for the billion-dollar-cartels making billions via the coerced injecting of hundreds of millions with their “vaccines.” These same people would probably never buy an electric car that came without liability protection.

But reason is an ineffective counter to belief. You might as well have tried to reason with a member of the People’s Temple about to drink the Kool Aid. The cultist wants to drink it.

And that would be ok, if they didn’t also want you to drink it, too.

. . .

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  1. A couple of houses in my North MD area have had all the required insignia displayed:
    Black Lives Matter
    We’re all in this together
    I contributed to herd immunity
    Gaia lives here
    Change climate change
    And now of course
    Stand with Ukraine.

    These people seem to be competing to see who, come the revolution, will be the first ones through the wood-chipper.

  2. When he was in prison in Germany after returning in 1939 from Union Theological Seminary in NYC to oppose Hitler, the German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote the following from his prison cell before he was executed:

    Against stupidity we have no defense. Neither protests nor force can touch it. Reasoning is of no use. Facts that contradict personal prejudices can simply be disbelieved — indeed, the fool can counter by criticizing them, and if they are undeniable, they can just be pushed aside as trivial exceptions. So the fool, as distinct from the scoundrel, is completely self-satisfied. In fact, they can easily become dangerous, as it does not take much to make them aggressive. For that reason, greater caution is called for than with a malicious one. Never again will we try to persuade the stupid person with reasons, for it is senseless and dangerous.

    By stupid he did not mean that such people lacked intellectual ability, for they were often very smart, but that they had fallen under the spell of public power and lost all independence of mind. Thus he adds, “He is under a spell, blinded, misused, and abused in his very being. Having thus become a mindless tool, the stupid person will also be capable of any evil and at the same time incapable of seeing that it is evil.”

  3. Covid, Climate, Cars, and Communism. Eric is right, belief trumps truth. As Patrick Moore wrote in his book about catastrophes, it’s always something either invisible or so remote that we can’t observe it ourselves. Think the Artic Circle or Polar bears.

    CO2 is currently a mere 4 parts in 10,000 in the air. A century ago it was only 3. It is claimed that this is a dangerously high increase, and is the cause of all current bad weather.

    The latest evil molecule to be condemned by the climate priests is Nitrogen. The Dutch want to ban that too. At least their farmers are putting up some resistance. What’s next, Oxygen? How dumb can these people be? But N2 is invisible.

    What is not invisible is water vapor that forms clouds. And anyone with eyes knows it’s colder on a cloudy day. But that 1 extra CO2 molecule trumps sunlight and clouds. NASA understands this, and so is busy changing the weather data from the 1930’s since at that time the CO2 hadn’t risen much yet, and it was much hotter than now.

    NASA has become the ministry of truth’s climate section. In the book 1984, all history was stored electronically. This made it easy to modify; that was the main character’s job. Today all data is stored on computers. Any data from the 1930s would have to have been digitized and converted. Any changes by NASA are now called “corrections”.

    Tony Heller, on Rumble, has old newspaper clippings (or pictures of them) which show what it was like in the 30s. Back then the NYT didn’t have a bias about weather, and told it like it was. And of course the threats of a new ice age, that NASA was forecasting in the late 60s, have been tossed down the memory holes by their Winston Smith’s.

    In fact, the idea about CO2 causing warming was first suggested as a remedy to save us from an Ice Age. When that didn’t get any funding, they reversed course and here we are today led by genius bartenders who’ve moved up to the priesthood. But AOC might be correct, if we don’t stop this insanity, we might only have 10 years left. But it won’t be the planet that dies, it will be the dumb humans.

  4. Most people have lazy minds and do not think for a minute about questioning much of anything. This has been the case for all time. Eventually vaccines and EV’s will die a very hard death because in the real world, despite the current holy mantras, corruption eventually meets its match when it is no longer able to be supported by crumbling foundations which have little in common with reality.

  5. Vaccines have been a cult for decades. This medical intervention was never needed by the time it was invented, except of course in the name of profit. And having gone from 2-3 vaccinations at older ages for children in the early 1970’s to more than 50, reaching even 75 for those ‘on schedule’ it has become an irrational and dangerous cult. To so meddle in immune function in children whose immune system remains immature, is going to turn out to be the greatest act of criminal medical negligence in human history.

    • Hi Rosyln,

      I agree with you – because the evidence supports the contention. RFK, Jr. has done tremendous work exposing – correlating – the association of modern/serial “vaccination” with the odd and alarming massive increase in autism in children as well as other maladies. There is also the ugly reality that it is naive, if not simple-minded, to trust the “health care” industry at all, given how it has become a mercenary, corporate leviathan in cahoots with the other leviathan, government.

      • Eric, I know antivax people who cite all kinds of materials, but they vax their pets. They tell me about how the vax makes children autistic, cause cancer etc, but they got all of the shots for their dogs. And I wonder how unvaxxed animals would behave. I notice that small dogs are especially wierd and wonder if its because they get the same dose as a 10x bigger dog. But its not a one off case. I dont know any unvax dogs or cats.

        • I did vaxxinate my children before they were five years old because I was ignorant of the effects of vaxxines at the time, Later in life when I had a dog I did give her vaxxines because I was still ignorant of what was really going on with them. I watched a documentary on the truth about vaxxines but before that my dog had a very hard time with a rabies jab and I decided not to give them to her anymore. The point being we have been lied to about the effects of vaxxines for decades. I got them when I was a child and I didn’t believe I was harmed by them, however the harms could come many years later. This is the reason the powers that be don’t want these other voices being heard on social media, but people are seeing in real time the effects of these Covid jabs and this Covid jab might just be the vehicle that actually destroys the vaxxine industry for good. All we can do is tell everyone about movies like vaxxed by Del Bigtree and about Robert Kennedy and the Truth about Vaxxines then let them make their own decision because at the end of the day that is true informed consent which I don’t believe I ever received when I gave vaxxines to my children or my pet
          because if I had know that a vaxxine could potentially harm either one of them I wouldn’t have done it. Today I’ll never get a vaxxine or give one to my children or another pet I might acquire in the future because I have seen the truth about vaxxines and now I truly have informed consent. So do all you can to save those you can reach.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Vaccines have never been proven to work and never will. It makes you wonder how poor, poor humanity survived for thousands of years without any vaccines and living under somewhat drastic conditions at times.

  6. A Sunday morning thought. Perhaps the “true believers” are such because they have nothing else they believe in, and were looking for something when “climate change” and the “pandemic” showed up. They had no moral foundation, or ethical standards until Greta and Fauci gave them a cheap imitation of some. Which can be back tracked decades to a great deal of political activism as well. Both left and right. Koolaid, proof that if you put enough sugar in nearly anything, it tastes good.

  7. I wonder what the difference is between the new vaccine definition and Coldeeze, other than cost, side effects, and administration. Both are supposed to reduce the severity of an illness, neither say they’ll stop the spread, although from experience Coldeeze actually works. Perhaps Coldeeze should market their product as a over-the-counter vaccine.

    • germ phobia (that would get you put in a nut house in the recent past), was pushed 24/7 for two straight years

      they relabeled a mild flu to a deathly bat germ disease

      the official narrative was it came from a bat mating with an armadillo in a wet market….lol

      the fear mongering never stopped, we are all going to die was pounded into people’s heads

      • Faucci foresaw a severe flu, but that was late March 2020 before he was clued in to where the money was and needed a plague:
        ““On the basis of a case definition requiring a diagnosis of pneumonia, the currently reported case fatality rate is approximately 2%. In another article in the Journal, Guan et al. report mortality of 1.4% among 1099 patients with laboratory-confirmed Covid-19; these patients had a wide spectrum of disease severity. If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.“


        • According to a study the esteemed “Dr.” Fauci conducted approximately 4 years ago,the major cause of deaths during the “1918 flu pandemic” was bacterial pneumonia, NOT influenza.
          The common denominator was the (forced) wearing of masks. Those who wore masks were being buried by those NOT wearing masks.

        • Fauci was clued in long before March 2020.

          See Event 201 (October 2019), death of Dr. Kary Mullis (inventor of PCR tool) in Aug. 2019, etc., ad nauseam.

          He may have pretended to be “led by the science” but that was part of the act.

          This is a satanic scam.

  8. At least flying is safer now….

    “Safety on board a plane is no longer guaranteed, because most of the flying crew is now vaccinated…This will turn out to be the biggest crime on humanity.”

    In short, the vaccines may well destroy the airline industry, exactly as Clif High had predicted over a year ago, in June 2021, when he had also told us that, as far back as 2003, his Web Bots had predicted the premature deaths of 1.24 billion people.


  9. I was just thinking some today about how The Kool-Aid Man impacted me while growing up. Man, that guy was in-between a ton of TeeVee shows I watched as a child. It was Impossible not to be influenced by that cheery fella.

    Fast forward, I’ve been listening to the A.M. radio in the day (it’s surprising what the guys are saying on The Farm Report, it’s a bit like listening to The Internet – some people really Do understand what inflation is & why it occurs! Sadly, some others view lower prices from any expected deflation as a disaster, I suppose on the producer & asset holder side that might be so, on the consumer side and the young people wanting to buy real estate side, … Anyway, I digress).

    The kind-of actually 1984 thing they are doing with ABC news on the A.M. dial: they have been re-playing the Exact same “news” segment over & over & over – for days!

    The top lead is about how a reporter is on the scene (for five days?!) at the July 4th shooting, “the authorities are counting all the bullets, every round” … followed up by how the basketball dyke is writing the President from Russia with forget-me-not love.

    Over & over & over they play the Exact same news segment, every. single. day.

    1984. …meets conditioning Pavlov’s dogs?> Idk.

    … On a plus side, the statin plays some really soothing songs from the 1950’s & 1960’s … it’s kind of amazing how/the contrast to today’s music, back then it was all about Love & such,… today, it’s all about,… well, you know.

    It sure ain’t about the “meaning crisis”:


    Hope you guys are trying to have a good & productive Summer in spite of all the B.S..

  10. Last night’s phone call convinced me to the bone that vaccines are killing and hurting a whole generation of young people. It had been 2 years since I had spoken with my friend… a welcome call which I had thought she had excommunicated me, because she is an ideological liberal. She told me her oldest daughter had a stroke. Her daughter might have guillain barre syndrome. She didn’t have to tell me her daughter had been vaccinated…I know they were likely first in line. I have total sympathy for my friend and her family. I don’t blame my friend, she is a very smart woman. It would be easy to blame her that she got swept up to trust her ever-loving big government. I blame the evil that is within our own country and ourselves for allowing this to happen. At least my friend is starting to see the light…her comments were in the direction that something had caused this. He wouldn’t say it was the vaccine, but she was on the right track. I hope she and her family does not suffer any more of this perpetrated evil.

    I am even more committed against what has happened, and this is a crime against humanity that has yet to be fully exposed and those who perpetrated this to be held accountable. Including the Orange man for running around telling people this is the greatest thing since the moonshot.

      • Hi Bile,

        I can understand people being scared and confused – at first. What astounds me is that – going on three years into this – there are still a lot of people who fervently wear their Face Diapers, lineup for their next “vaccine” and believe there is a “pandemic.”

      • I tend to think that closing the schools didn’t “stop education,” in fact it may have just begun the education of many children (and adults).

        We have homeschooled for 12 years, and this observation is one of the many reasons.

  11. “What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” ― Mark Twain

    People like Fauci and Bourla pushing vaccines on everyone is an imposition of will, coercion; what we know for sure.

    You are a mark, you are at risk, Fauci will just keep pushing and pushing, crying wolf until the cows come home then after that, no one will pay any attention.

    With any luck, the wolf will be at Fauci’s door and soon. What he says he knows for sure that just ain’t so will cause him a lot of trouble.

    A lot of fuss and bother for nothing, should furrow his brow and worry his troubled mind.

    The Georgia Guidestones got toasted by lightning, there must be a God.

    • drumph, re: the Guidestones

      I have a working theory that Yahweh “toasted” the Guidestones, much as He would a pole of Ashera or an altar of Baal, to demonstrate his unchecked consummated dominance over Earth, and to make clear that the global system of Noahide cyber-slavery that Yahweh has in mind for the goyim ain’t gonna have none o’ that namby-pamby harmony-with-nature faggy shit. He wants us to know it’s going to be naught but lamentations, babies’ skulls crushed in wine-presses, and the torment of forcible child-sex-slavery in favor of His chosen Levite caste.

      The useful-idiot (largely gentile) technocrats who envisioned the kinder, gentler New World Order of which the Guidestones were emblematic have now been shoved aside and phased out, and their more-or-less tasteful monument has been smashed along with the rest of the idols of the goyim. Now, all that’s left on the menu are the plagues, pestilence, and cities of carbonized flesh that Yahweh truly craves…

      • That’s a … quite the comment F_P.
        The divide between the old & new Testaments Is large.
        You don’t seem to care to bridge the gap.
        I wonder if you’re straddling the two horses at the same time, going opposite directions, preferring one, over the other?
        All from an old Testament viewpoint?
        I dunno. … Not sure it even matters. To me, anyway. Yourself, on the other hand,… playing with fire?

        … “If there are objective truths (things we can embrace without question), there are binaries – either / or: either black or white, either male or female, either good or evil, either an unborn human being or a clump of mush.

        If there aren’t objective truths (i.e., we each get to make up our own truths), there can never be conversation. And without conversation…well, look around us.

        Do Christians (or those who are after liberty) always have to keep butting their heads against a wall of obstinance in conversation?” …


      • The news is not all bad, the western globalist’s dreams have crashed against the reality of the Russian military and Chinese economy.

    • Not true. The Elberton police have video of the person planting the explosives. The Georgia Guide Stones were really a way to attract attention and advertise the area as the granite capital of the world. A bit mysterious and interesting, they drew tourists and had nothing to do with satanic or new world order conspiracy ideas.
      Note the sentence that has many all bent out of shape.
      “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”
      It does NOT say kill everyone off. It says ‘maintain’, as in it’s already happened as a post-apocalyptical landscape would indicate. It does NOT say anything about worshipping ‘Gaia’ either but living in balance after the fact in context, which is not a bad thing.
      The guide stones were nothing more than an advertisement that was actually more clever than the average roadside billboard, not unlike Mt. Rushmore.
      I live in the UpState and Elberton is just down the road. I hope they are rebuilt and the suspect captured, charged, convicted, and sentenced to 20 years or better. Pretty sure God did not tell the person to commit this crime either, just their wacko conspiracy brain.

      • Hey Manse:

        The involvement of a human vandal is not necessarily exclusive of Yahweh’s will.

        Yahweh uses humans as Its instruments, by (for instance) blackmailing them by threatening to expose their internet-use profile, or (more likely in this case) brainwashing them by algorithmically manipulating their internet signals.

        Here, Yahweh’s Algorithm very well may have convinced some militant Qtard or gullible Christian that the Guidestones were “Satanic” by filtering the dupe’s search results to play on his preexisting judeomaniacal fears and superstitions. The principle is the same as the manchurian-candidate brainwashing the government perfected with victims like Sirhan Sirhan and Mark David Chapman. Impressionable goyim get led down a rabbit hole of delusion and deranged micromythology by their computers until they experience a psychotic break, and voila, the computers have programmed a little militia of crusading bombers.

        Anyway, it’s obvious the Guidestones will not be rebuilt. The power structure wanted them gone. The speedy manner in which the “authoritahs” finished the job is indicative of the official attitude toward them. They were seen as an embarassment and a liability, by the technocratic middle-management, and an idolatrous abomination by the Levite inner circles.

      • Unlikely. The guide stones were financed by shady people who used fake names. A journalist who traced the money about 12 years ago found that the most likely source of the money, and the design of the stones, was a small group of rabid eugenicists/racists/’conservationists’. The words of the guide stones were deceptively benign, but read through the prism of the eugenicist ideology, they are chilling.

    • For instance, the great likelihood that Mark Twain never originated that (though it could well have been originated by his near contemporary, Josh Billings).

  12. You can’t fix stupid, or talk sense to cultists of any stripe, they remind me of how kids will cover there ears and shout lalalalala to not hear any facts.

  13. “Cases” are up again, now that the outdoor “climate” isn’t 70º F. Indoor spaces are full of conditioned (recirculated) air. Once again, the masking is on the table. Once again the newest variant is in the news.

    What might have been if instead of blaming individuals for the spread, the onus were placed on the sealed up tight buildings, thanks in no small part to Energy Star building codes? Tuberculosis patients were routinely sent to sanitariums where they slept in open air porches while they healed. Those who could afford to do so got out of the city in the summertime becuase they knew there would be outbreaks, and escaping to the cooler countryside estates meant open windows and fresh air. In wintertime a wood or coal stove would draw air in from cracks and gaps in the buildings, maintaining a constant supply of fresh air. By removing interrior spaces from nature they become fantastic places for virues and bacteria to lie in wait.

    The fix is to install heat exchangers and HEPA filtration. Or just use open loop cooling systems. But that costs money and there aren’t enough HVAC contractors as it is. And it puts the blame on something that I imagine isn’t given much thought in the epidemology world. No, better to blame the patients.


    • Ya gotta love the genius behind wrapping a house in a plastic bag and encouraging condensation by creating a temperature differential! Probably brought to you by the same fine folks that market OSB sheathing/subfloors and the wonder of masonite siding. Heres a great idea, lets slave our whole lives away making payments and repairs on a rotting oversized immovable object with a design lifespan of 50 years. Profit!

      • Great points LiveFree,
        Our house was built in 1865, a Victorian style with 12 foot ceilings. When we bought it in 1974 we had insulation blown in, added storm windows, and weatherstripped wherever we could, but you can still feel drafts on windy days. I regularly get letters from the gas company scolding me for using more energy than my “more efficient” neighbors, but they’re comparing apples to oranges. I’ve noticed the new houses being built with that crapola particle board; a friend who’s a builder said they expect the houses they slap together nowadays to last about forty years. Our house has real 2×4’s, 1” boards for sheathing, and a slate roof. It will be standing long after those other buildings (and me!) have rotted away.

        • Hi Mike,

          I have a friend who’s a builder, too. He says the same.I also have had the opportunity to look at the “bones” of some new-build houses and all I can say is… why not just buy a double-wide and save $400k?

          • Mobile homes are generally made better. They’re constructed on an assembly line and have to withstand the stress of being transported on the highway. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of crawling under one you’d know their steel frames are serious sh*t. Unfortunately for the general consumer most banks won’t allow a mortgage on a property with a mobile home. This makes their resale value low since people have been convinced debt servitude is the american dream. Add to that the deliberate stigma that all mobile homes are low class dumps many get neglected until they’re unliveable well before their time. I also believe the thought of people figuring out they could sell their land and relocate their house scares the crap out of the real estate scam beneficiaries, the tax assessors especially.

            • LiveFreeOrDie, thanks for opening my perspective on mobile homes. Never thought about the build quality thing since they have to be transported. But how will they hold up against tornadoes/hurricanes? I’ve always been deterred from them for the worry of them being uprooted in a significant wind event.

              • Brandonjin, mobile homes can hold up quite well to high wind events like hurricanes (I speak from experience). It takes pretty much a direct hit from a tornado to demolish them. The problem is that BlackRock, et al, have figured out that people are starting to migrate toward cheaper mobile homes and they’re “moving in” on the mobile home market, if you know what I mean.

                • Jim: In many ways, as an owner of a double wide for 16 years, I have to disagree.

                  I like the fact that most repairs are affordable compared with other repairs to stick built homes and that I can do many myself. However; it was not built well. Cheap materials. Substandard insulation. Thinner walls. Thinner studs. Plastic sinks, showers, and tubs. Indoor doors that can be beat down by an 80 year old grandmother.

                  Caveat Emptor

                  • J,
                    Having spent 25 years of my working life in construction, I’ve seen many a wood frame house with similar shortcomings in build quality, cheap materials, substandard insulation, thinner walls, plastic sinks showers and tubs, and doors that are easily broken down.
                    I’ve been living in one a couple of years now, and I will say that with proper installation, in mine high winds are not even noticeable unless you look out the window. Not so 60 years ago when I was raised in one.

                  • Agreed J, the only thing structurally strong about trailer houses is the steel frame on the bottom. Thin walls and lower end everything. Some houses may have similar things to a trailer, but living in one shows you their inefficiencies. Poor R value allows baking in the summer and freezing in the winter.

                    Trailers have their place, but they don’t match up to very many stick built homes outside of the poorest quality home you could possibly find.

                    Since 2020 I’ve also seen the prices of trailers come close in price per square foot of stick built homes. In my opinion, a trailer needs to be 50% of the square foot cost of stick built to be worth it. The 15% difference that I see in my area doesn’t make up for their deficiencies at all.

            • LiveFreeOrDie, I’ve been in basements and crawl spaces of manufactured homes. They all have a big steel beam running down the spine. Much better than engineered I-joists (although that’s what’s in my home, along with very large LVL beams). And added bonus of making it impossible for the electrician or plumber to drill a bunch of holes that will compromise the beam. As long as they’re bolted down to a foundation they should last a very long time.

          • There sure isn’t much difference between the bones of a “cheap” house and an expensive one anymore from a production builder. Some seriously low end crap. A granite countertop does not make a high end house, but for most that’s what it is today.

            If I build someday, I want plaster walls, actual wood trim, cabinets and floors. Metal roofing, mason built fireplace. If i spend serious money I want the real stuff.

            • You are completely right. I have a cousin who has a McMansion. Inspecting their “bones” would be in bad taste, but when I lock myself in the bathroom to use it, I don’t see much difference in the craftsmanship of my double wide and this “expensive” home. Of course, the materials are bit better than in my home but it appears the same people built it. On the clock, with a quota.

          • Hi Eric, M-i-B, et al,

            I’ve spent a good bit of effort studying modern construction technology and the concepts of “green building” are mostly just conserve materials, use inferior materials and who cares because crap is what the market “desires”. It helps, IMO, to analyze the market in terms of what fiat dictates. The word fiat comes from Latin for let it be done…..e.g. by command. The fiat currencies in effect dictate that everybody piles up mountains of debt to procure fiat housing, fiat food, fiat medical care and so forth. In the housing market people are paying for shoddy quality with shoddy currency. The current economic machine demands that it continue this way until the wheels fall off (soon, IMO) because that’s what keeps the plates spinning. Meanwhile, houses truly have a twenty to thirty year useful lifespan, appliances last less than ten years, if you are lucky, and we are expected to bow to absolute tyrants. To quote the greenies, this is simply not sustainable. I actually highly recommend a book by Safidean Ammous called The Fiat Standard. Interesting read. Oh, and just FYI, I did get the dreaded C19 and it’s not nearly so bad as some things. I had been supplementing for years with zinc, quercetin, vitamin D etc so perhaps that helped. Low grade fever, extremely tired, sore throat but seems to be almost resolved in a week. It’s no joke, as it was designed to take out a lot of the “useless eaters”, but the FLCCC iCARE protocol with ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine seem to have worked well for me. The wheels may be coming off the whole charade as the evidence is overwhelming how much corruption was involved in the whole clot shot process. That said, I don’t expect any coming red wave in November will result in a draw down of the tyranny rampant in the west. The most effective thing possible might just be a lot of heads on pikes…..just kidding.

            • You had the flu with a side of a bunch of red herring(s). Fake fake fake! The renamed flu scam is so fake and “fiat” but you just ate it up.

        • Hi Mike

          The pre 1960 houses in some areas are built from high quality old growth timber, the new houses are built with lower grade lumber, the quality of the wood went down because of government silva culture methods….when the government manages something, it gets worse…

        • that is horseshit. even with particle board houses will last 100 years. your old house has iron pipes bad wiring. most of what is in your walls has to be replaced. I framed new houses fixed up old ones for 50 years. I did the work not subbed it out

    • My family still owns the lake cottage (Michigan) my great grandpa bought over a hundred years ago. It’s been a retreat for the family in the summer, especially those stuck living in the heat of the city. We wouldn’t be allowed to build it in it’s present form today.

      It has no insulation, no h/ac/vac system of any kind. It had a non-permanent space heater in the past, but that was removed as we don’t want to risk a fire (since we can’t rebuild in it’s present form). It only has very basic plumbing and electric and no drywall (it has beautiful redwood panels). It’s on a pier foundation and large french style windows that open completely (they fold inward) for air circulation.

      Even being on a lake its always bone dry. Unlike one of our neighbors with his four million dollar new house that is plagued with mold problems and other nasties. Modern buildings cannot be close to the water like the buildings of old could be because you can’t keep them dry (modern codes prohibit them that close so partly because of that).

  14. Speaking of believers who are hostile toward facts, here’s a statement from the ACLU about Missouri’s abortion ban (italics mine):

    “In Missouri, radical politicians took away the right to bodily autonomy forcing women and people who can become pregnant to carry a pregnancy against their will.”

    • Just how many persons with vaginas are being forcibly inseminated in Missouri anyhow? Is there a rape epidemic (outside mens prisons) that the media’s failed to bring to our attention? The my body my choice crowd have been spoiled, homicidal brats. A fetus IS NOT their body and THEIR CHOICE should have been contraceptives or abstaining from vaginal intercourse. The fact that these soulless hags believe murdering their children is preferable to being mothers or giving the child to a loving family should disqualify them from participation in society. Bring excommunication back! Surely theres somewhere in the world we can ship and shun these disgusting dirtbags.

    • I saw a good meme the other day, a blue hair was up against the wall, facing the firing squad. She asks the soldier “When do I get my free college?”

      These people clearly aren’t studying their Chinese history. One of the cornerstones of Mao’s cultural revolution was the elimination of the intellectual class. This wasn’t because the intellectuals weren’t liberal enough, but because they wanted to have a debate over the correct amount of communism. Mao couldn’t have a bunch of free thinkers questioning everything he did, so he shot ’em. But only after a series of struggle sessions to send a lession to everyone else, of course.

      One of the big disappointments (of the elites) from the opening up of China was the lack of western media permitted. The CCP run entertainment industry outputs stories much like Top Gun, promoting extreme nationalism and military might. Or “historical” set pieces about the virtuous underdog taking on the mighty and corrupt. This sort of thing also happened in the Soviet Union, where the New Soviet Man was a productive happy worker and the New Soviet Woman was a baby factory.

    • Hi Roland,

      “People who can become pregnant”…

      In a way, I kind of like this – the Left’s aggressive embrace of nonsense; of insanity. It is causing more apolitical/average people to see how insane these Leftists are.

      • That’s my point Eric. The left will eat itself, it always does. Unfortunately that only happens after they get total control. It happened in the French revolution, it happened under Lenin, it happend under Mao, it happened under Castro. It’s the playbook. Use the masses to gain power then eliminate them. Then placate the right with nationalism and faux traditional values.

        I think the only reason it didn’t happen in the United States is because the revolution was more like a coup d’etat by the landed gentry. The ideas came a little later but with a jaundiced eye toward central authority and power.

      • In the bigger picture of life it is a good thing these imbeciles are not procreating. The fewer the better.

  15. Not to worry Jim, they have a glorious new war to end all wars in the works. Every problem under the sun caused by our dear leaders malfeasance will be briskly swept under the rug in a flurry of patriotism. When the dust settles and all our outdated sprawl is laid to waste Cottoneye Joe and his ilk can build it all back better in the form of soulless soviet style apartment blocks and a fake meat or adrenochrome factory within walking distance. When the second dark age arrives there will be a low enough population and demand for energy that “renewable” energy and EV’s will be feasible. Amongst the chaos of war, famine and social unrest the sheeple are unlikely to connect the dots and realize just how many will have been killed directly or indirectly by these lethal injections.

    • Hi LFOD

      the globalist/communist/wef planned future
      for the few remaining useless eaters, after their 7 billion cull.

      turning people into appliances plugged into an all-seeing internet, more transhuman robots than people, dutifully following orders but unable to produce anything beyond what is programmed into their quantum microchips, bereft of the sparks of inquiry, innovation and joy in a electric panopticon that’s sterile and joyless, you are better off dead.

      they implant an operating system in you and connect you to the grid, they also connect an AI robot to the grid, this is so you can train the robot to do your job. you won’t be needed then = soylent green.

      the dissenting and disenfranchised will find themselves branded as “terrorists”, gathered up into the box cars, and shipped away to be disappeared by the millions.

      Clean, efficient, cheap elimination, sustainable and always environmentally friendly. And it will be at that point, in these cramped box cars, within these hot and stinking quarters during that collective silence where time is suspended between repeating clanks of iron on iron and the hypnotic rhythm of the carriage roll, it is here where “of the people” will ponder upon why they did not wake up, why they did not wise up, and why they did not rise up.

      And so these thoughts go, box car after box car, train after train, day after day. And as the trains slow into the camps, “of the People” will finally experience the epiphany of just how few individuals there were who ruled over the world, but will also discover too late just how few bu…ll,,,,,ets would have fixed things early, how little blood need be shed to derail this Road to Zero.


      • ‘discover too late just how few bu…ll,,,,,ets would have fixed things early’ — Anon

        Setting aside the ethics of shooting Shinzo Abe (NPR called him ‘divisive’ – inverted high praise), what do we see in gunner Tetsuya “Tommy” Yamagami, an unassuming man in wire-framed glasses with a Beatles mop cut?

        In a nearly disarmed country, Tommy put his ingenuity to work constructing a crude and short double-barreled shotgun. Both the grip and the barrels (thick as a quart milk carton with their 1″x3″ board undercarriage) were wrapped in black duct tape. The trigger mechanism appears to be electromechanical, with two shiny silver caps where the firing pins should be.

        A photo shows Tommy in nondescript gray and tan, standing with hands clasped, a bottle of water casually stuffed in an exterior pocket of his cargo pants. A wide black strap of the shoulder bag concealing his weapon crosses his chest. As a face in the crowd, Tommy’s about as noticeable as a piece of lawn furniture.

        Swinging into action, aiming from behind at perhaps 30 feet away, Tommy whiffs the first shot at Abe in a medieval cloud of gunsmoke. But then he connects to the neck with his fatal second discharge: quite impressive marksmanship with a homebrew short-barreled weapon.

        As Two-shot Tommy is tackled by a trio of Abe’s security detail, three women look on from the sidewalk, all holding white-fringed black umbrellas – aping the umbrella man in Dealey Plaza one melanic bright day.

        Events like this were common enough in 19th century America – gaunt old Ape Lincoln at the Ford Theater; Garfield at the Baltimore and Potomac terminal in DC; McKinley at the Temple of Music in Buffalo. No more, though, with saturation security.

        But how hard will it be for the next Tommy Yamagami to fashion a killer drone from readily available components? As the US fedgov casually, crassly murders figures as such as Qasem Soleimani, it never occurs to our democidal rulers that drone tech inevitably will be turned against them.

        Some are reaching for the gun
        Some are searching for all the sun
        And love, love has found a way

        – Spirit, Love Has Found a Way

        • This is a reason why there is a “war” on petroleum products in the USA. Not only can gasoline make an effective “weapon of mass destruction”, there are many other hydrocarbon products that are just as valuable.

          • Anarchyst,
            Once upon a time I was pulled over for speeding. The LEO got around to asking me if I had any weapons in my truck. To which I replied, “Sure. I’ve got a tire tool, an axle jack, several hundred pound of tools, and enough gasoline to blow up the sheriff’s office.” Which got a chuckle out of him, and a warning instead of a ticket.

        • Hi Jim

          Some direct action in Sri Lanka

          Everywhere Spring coming……

          The Sri Lankan crisis carries the potential for an Arab Spring-style eruption across other countries that could quickly morph into an “Everywhere Spring” as people worldwide are angered by high inflation and shortage of food and fuel. This eruption in unrest could eclipse the revolution seen in 2011 that spread across the Arabic-speaking world due to high food prices.

          Everyone’s favorite permabear, SocGen’s Albert Edwards, first warned about the consequences of central banks injecting record amounts of money into the global economy in late 2020 and how it could spark soaring food prices, similar to 2011, where social unrest and revolutions were seen in many Arab countries.

          this guys a head of the curve, bailing with suitcases of bat germ hoax bribe money before the rest of the world knows what’s going on

          The backlash there couldn’t partly be about the bioweapon injection deaths/injuries and people figuring it out…….??


      • Anon,
        I think these epiphanies will be few and far between. America has over 2 MILLION incarcerated individuals yet you rarely hear of a prison break or mass uprising. Just look at how many sheepishly allow themselves to be executed by “officials” in the bizarre spectacle of capital punishment without at least fighting to their death with honor. It’s as if the human animal, through generations of selective breeding or by our makers design, are programmed to be servile to “authority” even to the point of a resigned and calm execution. The consumer society that served our so called betters to enrich and entrench themselves no longer serves their needs. As the peoples purpose in life turned to consuming mass quantities the overlords know the only way to stop the eventual clearcutting of the earth is to totally liquidate the whole operation and start anew under a gaia religion with the priesthood of white coated boffins at the helm. Welcome to the early days of the techno dark ages. Perhaps in the future people can find something more fulfilling in life than being trash spewing self-propelled beerbellies because this boil we call society desperately needs to be lanced.

  16. Not to mention that ALL of the vaccine makers have paid out billons in criminal and civil judgements. They are in no way reliable.
    The Psychopaths In Charge are doing their damnedest to make sure you drive an EV, or don’t drive at all, by outlawing the ICV. You could prove to them that an EV is more than likely to catch fire and burn up before its battery had to be replaced. It would not change a thing to the regulators in power. They don’t like anything they don’t have control over. Including you.

  17. “Vaccines” – as they are styled – do not do the one thing that has heretofore always been the thing that has defined a vaccine. — eric

    In its June 2020 “Guidance for Industry” document, the FDA mandated a covid vaccine efficacy of 50 percent (page 14).

    Initial results of the Pfizer and Moderna trials showed close to 95% efficacy — touted by a cheerleading press as a spectacular home run for MRNA injections.

    But it didn’t last. A large study using Veterans Administration data showed that efficacy faded to below 50% after eight months. If it kept sinking, could efficacy actually go negative?

    Now we know the answer: Yes. Data from multiple countries shows that those who received MRNA injections are now MORE likely to catch omicron BA.5, a variant that developed by evolutionary pressure to evade ‘vaccines.’

    Big Pharma lawyers would argue that the initial 95% efficacy estimate met the FDA’s criteria, qualifying these products as ‘vaccines.’

    Whereas any lay person with a lick of sense would point out that an injection which makes you more likely to catch covid is not only NOT a vaccine, it’s patently worthless and dangerous.

    The ‘authorities’ have dug in their heels, doubling down again and again, to the point of exposing themselves to future Nuremberg II mass murder prosecutions when the facts finally overwhelm their untenable stonewalling.

    Meanwhile, the climate changers are in chaotic retreat. Their green agenda has smacked the wall, as Europe desperately pivots to importing LNG and coal to avoid freezing grannies this winter.

    How badly can the ‘authorities’ screw the pooch before accountability is demanded … or even forcibly imposed?

    • Hi Jim

      The politicians running the government are already working flat out to cover their asses…lol…they knew the bat germ scam was 100% bs……

      Governments Have Directed Liability Onto Business Owners, Police and Doctors For The Covid Scam And Vaccine Genocide



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