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Many employers require their employees to get the latest flu vaccine. If they don’t comply, they are terminated.

I’m not in this situation yet. Plus, I still get sick even when I get these vaccines, so I stopped taking them four years ago, but the Ebola thing has me thinking.

Will you get the Ebola vaccine when it is released? Do you trust them (that is, the practice of getting vaccinations?)

I have observed how some here feel about vaccines (or vaccinations, shots, etc), but I’d like more opinions.


Thank you.

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    • it was interesting, ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N. I think maybe it’s only 1/3rd the true story. As i read it i kept thinking about an old man there who made a comment (I think it was on Jon Rappoport’s blog) about how a stream they used to drink from was made toxic by Firestone.

      “Firestone has turned the tide of infections, offering a sanctuary of health”

      Somehow, I think maybe it’s only 1/3rd the true story. “a sanctuary of health”? It’s kind of like the freshly grilled free steaks a company in my hometown served to the guys they fucked over in a big way. …Most of those guys wouldn’t eat the steaks.
      They knew.

  1. “Will you get the Ebola vaccine when it is released?”

    That’s not just a no, it’s HELL, NO!

    I’m not against all vaccinations, I’m sure they can be beneficial in some circumstances. (I remember all too well when kids in leg braces and iron lungs was a common sight.) At this point though I do not trust any damned thing that our government ‘masters’ want us to do ‘for our own good’ and would certainly not trust any hastily-designed and largely untested Ebola vaccine that they want to push on us.

    I don’t get flu shots either. Being in business for myself I don’t have to worry what an employer wants.

    • Odd thing I read, there are four strains of ebola. Three are deadly to humans; one doesn’t infect us, but we still test “positive” for the disease.

      This implies an easy “vaccination” solution: Mass-release / mass-immunize with the one that the body doesn’t die from. Inject it into healthy people, who then process that strain, and become immune to ALL strains.

      Maybe it’s an over-simplification, but it seems logical…

      • It’s logical Jean, but care must be taken. It seems Ebola hasn’t learned yet how not to kill its host, much like the common cold killed thousands just a few hundred years ago.

        I think the only way they could come up with a “cure” for Ebola or other highly virulent diseases is many years of experimentation, but even after that I’d like much evidence if its efficacy before submitting my immune system to it.

    • RE: “I’m not against all vaccinations, I’m sure they can be beneficial in some circumstances.”

      Dang. Did you read the Jon Rappoport links and the LRC link below?

      And, have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s not the germ, it’s the terrain”?

      Yeesh, “kids in leg braces and iron lungs”? Yet you say, “At this point though I do not trust any damned thing that our government ‘masters’ want us to do ‘for our own good”?

      I sense some conflict in your mind there, Luke.

      Did ya ever wonder that maybe… Ah, nevermind. What’s the point? You’ve made up your mind already like other countless millions have.
      The Blue Pill – is – powerful.

      In the background, the ship slowly sinks, back into the mud.

    • “Will you get the Ebola vaccine when it is released? Do you trust them (that is, the practice of getting vaccinations?)”

      Wait……these are trick questions, right?

      • Yes, Ed, just like the one about who you’re gonna vote for come Nov. I know what I’ll be doing that day if I’m still above room temp. I’d like to say “fishing” but that’s a slim to none thing. No, I’ll be operating some diesel powered thing…….or I might be working on the damned thing trying to make it operational. I hope it’s the former. I can assure you though, I won’t be “making my mark” on a piece of paper or picking one or the other on a computer. I think this is where YOU say Fuck em and feed em fish heads.

  2. The appalling bottom-line is that each of us is working for more than two days every week to cause immense damage to ourselves and our neighbors.

    What the government does; % of your income you pay. Generate Poverty 11.2%. Create Injustice 2.5%
    Wage War 4.5%. Warp Young Minds 4.2%. Hurt the elderly 9.3%. Plunge all into debt 4.7%. Everything else 8.6%. Total you provide govt 45%. Available left to Spend 55%.

    Process of degovernance, transcending political grids

    Etienne de la Boëtie:
    “I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer. Then you will behold him, like a great colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces.”

  3. Wake me up the first time medical science has an administered cure for any virus. Only your body’s immune system is capable of dealing with a virus, if at all. That is what health is really all about. Not weight loss or cholesterol counts.

    Ask any real pharmacist what he has on the shelf that can “cure” any disease. If honest he will laugh and tell you there are none.

  4. Vaccine Information Statement –
    Inactivated Influenza VIS Current Edition Date: 8/19/2014

    Science is the process and the product of the vaccine itself. And nothing more. The process that imagined and brought to fruition, something that didn’t exist before – vaccines.

    Market is the social mechanism where each of us trades and exchanges with others to get things we want. It is what we do with things produced by science, and with ordinary labor and industry. Some of us, rightly or wrongly, might value vaccines, and make the effort to exchange something for a vaccination against some disease or illness or the other.

    Government is an anti-science. It is a violent forceful process that seeks to weaken our overthrow the market. It seeks to prohibit reasoned and scientific processes. It wants to create scarcities, fear, and desperation. So that it attains power. It consumes the surplus and wealth created by science and the market.

    Philosophy and religion are our guides to action. What mix of principles we operate under. And what our hierarchy is as far as science, market, and government.

    If science goes beyond advocacy, to teaming up with government, it ceases to be science. I’m not sure what the history of vaccines is.

    It certainly seems impossible to find a useful unbiased source. A source that merely says vaccines, smoking, and using drugs are bad, doesn’t sound very scientific. It sounds like an appeal to fear and superstition. It sounds closer to government than science.

    A source that says many things that say they are science, are not in fact. They are hidden government and deception. That sounds like a serious accusation to consider. It is difficult to get to the bottom of this, to be sure.

    Though I think science is your best bet. The market and voluntary action is of higher importance than science, I would say. You certainly have a right to reject science for any reason at all. If you’d rather embrace primitivism. Or prayer. Or anything at all really, that is certainly your right. And in the long run, free will is part of science.

    This freedom to act, is part of life being a series of ongoing experiments. Who is coming out ahead? Vaccine takers. Vaccine avoiders. Abstainers from smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Prayerful people of faith. Only time shows the outcome. Nothing is known for sure in advance.

    Science needs the free market and individual capacity to act, or it cannot exist. Science is never a group of people in authority using some process to decide what’s best and then enforcing that decision. That is government. That is what we all detest, and are seeking ways to avoid.

  5. I wish I could find a link to charts regarding most vaccine data that I had a few years ago. They had almost every epidemic disease that there has been.. I can recall that every disease that was charted was falling drastically in the U.S., UK and Whales before the vaccines were released. There was one that actually had an increase in incidents after the vaccine was released. There were also a couple of diseases that were totally eradicated without a vaccine ever becoming available.

    Polio vaccine in Africa is currently the largest contributor of polio cases.

    I have never seen anyone with the flu vaccine be healthy for the flu season.

    The answer to Ebola virus is the same as the answer to any virus. High doses of vitamin c. Vitamin c kills viruses. If you have enough, your body will create antibodies that will protect you from Ebola. If you abuse drugs, alcohol, smoke or use antibiotics, vitamin c is sapped from your body. That doesn’t bode well for catching Ebola.

    • I was thinking, The answer to Ebola virus is…

      Not to be conned into getting wrapped up in the hype about “Ebola”.

      See this:

      … And, yeah, I’ve read that about polio, too. RE: “every disease that was charted was falling drastically in the U.S., UK and Whales before the vaccines were released.”

      I imagine the same was likely true about things like smallpox, as well.

      See this, for example(s):

      “This quote is from a summary of his original arguments against mandatory use of the smallpox vaccine in 1889: Vaccination: Proved Useless & Dangerous. (Wallace wasn’t one for mincing words.) The 1889 work was an epidemiological study which showed that smallpox rates in London and the rest of England were not reduced at all by the mandatory use of the vaccine. In fact, other illnesses increased during the time that the smallpox vaccination was forced on the population suggesting that the effect on immunity was negative rather than positive as vaccination proponents kept asserting. […]

      one of the most stunning antidotes to the idea that smallpox was eradicated due to mandatory vaccination is the Japanese example. The practice of “revaccination” was prevalent there (and in the British Navy) until their vaccination rate exceeded 100%! In spite of this, Japan faced huge smallpox epidemics. All told, the Japanese lost 48,000 people to smallpox, most of them vaccinated at least once. When the government stopped the mandatory vaccinations, the epidemics were finally arrested. Were the smallpox vaccination truly effective as a prophylactic, such an example could not exist. Unfortunately, there are dozens just like it all over the world. […]

      The reduction in infectious disease has been attributed to sanitary improvements or natural immunity and natural disease cycles, not vaccination. ” …

      • You got me there, Helot…..but should you contract Ebola, like the few unfortunate who have, don’t take their antibiotics. Take vit c.

        • People with Ebola would probably be better off if they did that. Antibiotics do nothing for virus diseases, unless by sheer coincidence there happens to be some other bacterial infection that should be cured to lower the burden on the body’s defences, and they can throw off the good bacteria balance in the gut and so make the burden worse. Vitamin C could well help with general resistance and would certainly cut down any separate bleeding from a deficiency of it.

        • ancap, I got on the vit. .C thing about 18 months ago. I haven’t been really sick since drinking my lemon water every morning….been injured, but not sick….

      • There’s something fishy about vaccines. The reason I say that is one cannot look at vaccines objectively without being viciously attacked from all angles.

        Anyone here read Wakefield’s paper? I did. It is an oh-hum paper that says maybe it would be better to vaccinate slower, later, and separate the MMR back into three, and more study is required if I remember it right. The guy’s career and name was destroyed over that. For saying we should look into this deeper.

        Polio. I heard something interesting on this in a radio or internet show interview. Polio is supposedly caused by a virus that harmless & helpful digestive track bacteria destroy and prevent getting beyond that point. The guy being interviewed theorized that polio’s rise was due to antibiotics killing the helpful bacteria.

        Anyway vaccines… I think the basic theory works. What I don’t trust is the manufacturing process and all the additional ingredients. The tweaking and so forth. Also so damn many of them sounds like a bad idea as does treating people like they are fungible. Also having listened a bit too closely to what our utopia builders want to use vaccines for and their third world ‘accidents’….

        But saying that in most places would result a fury of responses insulting me and calling me names and worse. For what? A bit of objective questions? Saying that it’s not risk free? That’s what makes me wonder most of all. Reaction like that usually is because the people reacting have nothing behind their view but faith.

    • Autism’s parabolic rise is another “curious” CO-INCIDENCE with infants & kids getting the machine gun vaccinations from a few days old until kindergarten.

      • It’s more than a “curious” CO-INCIDENCE, Garysco.

        Did you read on Jon Rappoport’s blog how a top scientists at the CDC admitted to being a part of omitting the links to MMR vaccines and autism in a major study?

        It’s absolutely sickening how the mainstream media ignores it.
        It’s par for the course though, eh?

          • I literally cannot stand to be in the same room with a TV one. The commercial assault by itself is insufferable. During any given show of say 30 minutes’ duration, probably a third of the time will be commercials. Repetitive commercials of the most annoying sort (“ask your doctor about” or the “strumming guitar background music ones with cloying/politically correct fambly “messages” suffused throughout)…

            • eric, I haven’t watched tv in years. If I’m in a retail establishment that has one on….or a friggin doctor’s office, the worst, I just tune out and read about some gynecological problem I’m glad I won’t have. Just one tiny bit of the sound of Dr. Phil’s voice and I need to be somewhere else. I”m not above saying When you need me just yell out the door, I need some air….or call my phone since you have my number. Oh, you don’t, well, just holler.

              A common comment, Was that You that called? I didn’t recognize the number. It’s not the one I have for you. So that one’s no good?

            • I was watching a movie between commercials on a friends DirecTV the other night.

              Holy crap – it only took one movie to find out what a medical, bad eye sight, 4 hour hard on-less, joint pained, balding, bed wetting and cholesterol ridden human I am. But as long as I am willing to risk death, blindness, bleeding internals and asphyxiation from the medicine, my doctor has the fix. If I only ask for it by name.

              • I am so sick of the medical services/products commercials. I swear these things conjure the problems into existence. I’ll change stations on the TV and radio when they come on. If the stations want me to listen they can refuse this business.

                • BrentP wrote, “I’ll change stations on the TV and radio when they come on.”

                  For me, anymore, the “change button” is the OFF switch. …Or, the ‘PLAY’ button.

                  Side bit:

                  I know this guy. I met him in the early 1990’s. He’s been paying for cable TV since then at the tune of $130 per month.
                  That’s around about $15,000 just for the privilege of watching TeeVee.

                  … I Just_Don’t_Get_It.

                  $15,000 freaking Dollars. For watching TeeVee!

                • This society is obsessed with illness – “health” in current lingo. It’s startling. At least, to those who recall when people – most people – did not constantly go to the doctor. Were not taking pills every day. It’s got to be another diseased outgrowth of the neurotic Safety Cult…

        • Mainstream media ignores…
          Eric Holder’s Dept. of Just-us attorneys engage in criminal activity….er, ah and some prosecutors quitting…er, ah a Federal Judge taking the case away from all Federal Judges in his California district because of official fraud and lying…and er, ah ABC, NBC, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, and NY Times see nothing here to report to the public.

          But the new IMac is #6 most trending right behind Catherine O’Hara as reported by Yahoo News…

          October 19, 2014
          Stunning federal corruption case moving forward with almost no media attention
          By Thomas Lifson

          Corrupt federal prosecutors presenting false evidence in order to shake down a blameless corporation and bring in tens of millions of dollars seems like a pretty dramatic story. Especially when former prosecutors support the charge and a chief judge acts on the allegations and takes dramatic action. Yet the media silence is deafening. Eric Holder’s Justice Department is implicated in a dramatic and shocking case of alleged corruption that is so bad that the Chief Judge of the Eastern District of California has taken what can rightly be called the “nuclear option” and recused all the judges in the district from the case because they may have been defrauded by the DoJ prosecutors. So far, aside from the local paper, the Sacramento Bee, it is only Sidney Powell of the New York Observer, writing in the opinion pages of that publication that has paid attention to what should be a prominent national media scandal…

          • But the gaaaaaaaaaame is on!

            Thursday Night Fuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttball... on top of Monday Night Fuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhttttball.

            Then, it’s Sunday. And time for the gaaaaaaaaaaame!

            • The US goose is pretty well cooked for sure. Now we just have to store some food, have a beer, ride a bike and wait until the last page of Atlas Shrugged.

  6. Vaccines – Pros and Cons

    The strongest argument in favor of the scientific method is that it gets amazing results. Far better results than ancient and tribal superstitions, government, nationalist, or socialist force, or religious institutional force.

    Science can land a spacecraft on Mars, and can predict the exact time of an eclipse a thousand years in the future. Closer to home, the smallpox virus — which killed hundreds of millions of people over 10,000 years — was eradicated in 1979 after a successful vaccination campaign, the culmination of centuries of scientific effort. We often take such things for granted, but until the beginning of the 20th century, human life expectancy was only 30-40 years. It’s now around 80 years in the developed world.

    The last naturally occurring case of smallpox (Variola minor) was diagnosed on 26 October 1977.

  7. Brandonjin,

    RE flue vaccine: If one is in a situation where they will be in contact with a high likely-hood of exposure to the virus, it is worth getting the vaccine. (ie school setting, hospital, etc.). If one determines that their immune system is suspect, then it is probably a good idea to get the vaccine.

    Otherwise, if your immune system is strong enough, you could go without the vaccine. (Of course, this might just be a matter of taking advantage of having enough other people getting the vaccine.)

    Last time I received a vaccine was about 6 years ago.

    • ” If one is in a situation where they will be in contact with a high likely-hood of exposure to the virus, it is worth getting the vaccine. ”

      Yeah, and if I’m in a situation where there may be some rats in my environment, it would make sense to take some rat poison. Shit, who DON”T know that, right? Any hyooman bean in the world knows THAT.

      Seriously, old bean, how can anyone believe that shooting a cocktail of killed virus, aluminum, mercury and random floor sweepings into one’s body might protect one from an active virus of another strain?

      “Otherwise, if your immune system is strong enough, you could go without the vaccine. (Of course, this might just be a matter of taking advantage of having enough other people getting the vaccine.)”

      Oh, hail yayuh, the old ‘herd immunity” theory. I hear that’s really well received and thoroughly believed by TV watchers and sundry other retards.

      I know you’re only joking, Mith. You deliberately spelled ‘flu’ as “flue”. That was the giveaway.

      • The last flu pandemic was the Spanish Flu in 1918. People were stressed, mentally and physically, from the World War.
        Anybody else on here remember the Hong Kong flu in 1968-69? I was a freshman in college. School closed a week early for Christmas because so many students and, more importantly, instructors, were sick. But how many died? Not many. I got the sniffles. And I was eating cafeteria food, not the ultimate in nutritiion.

        • Some years ago when pig and bird flu were (supposedly) rampant, my ex called me so I could take my son, where her new bf was (again, supposedly) infected with pig flu. I couldn’t because I was working 100 miles away.

          My son and I were never infected, neither was my ex as far as I know. Maybe it was a ruse of hers to take him off her hands so she could party. Often the case as I discovered.

          I never received a flu-vac. I even refused in my last job, considering we would be getting jabbed annually. Nobody had the right to fire us for refusing vaccination, so nobody got fired, nobody contracted the flu either. Pig and bird flu? Hmm.. Follow the money.

          The last actual influenza I contracted was in ’93. I was unconcious the entire weekend. I had been working out hard in the gym for 2 years so my immune system was probably low enough to contract it.

          Hong Kong flu? I was born here in Oz in 1968.

      • Yep, that’s what the deputy sheriff said to me this afternoon….You’re immune system is suspect(not really what he said but it sure sent my immune system into a tailspin). Hell, I knew they’d try to pin something on me. And here I’ve been counting on that lupus and MS vaccine, a two-fer so to speak.

      • Ed,

        And I thought flew would have been over the top. 😉

        Sometimes it is hard for me to tell whether one is serious or not over the net. (I miss the verbal context clues that I would notice in person.)

        The real fun with the vaccine is when one still gets the flu. (oops you got another strain)

        • Mithrandir wrote, “Sometimes it is hard for me to tell whether one is serious or not over the net. (I miss the verbal context clues that I would notice in person.)”

          Ah, you can say that again.


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