This Interview Could Save Your Life: “Consider This Your Last Wake Up Call”

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Mac Slavo
October 17th, 2014

There is no shortage of potential worst-case scenarios that all seem to be converging. The Ebola crisis has been at the top of the headlines as of late, but though they’re not being talked about in any serious capacity, we are still facing other threats to our livelihoods elsewhere – mass migrations of people and criminal elements across our southern border, a military face-off in Europe, terrorist armies in the middle east, and the real possibility of an unprecedented economic collapse on a global scale.
In a recent Daily Coin interview Survival Blog founder James Rawles suggests that this may well be our last wake-up call. Consider, for example, that there are hundreds of thousands of Americans out there right now with no idea what to do should this virus spread. They assume the government will soon have the contagion under control, and even if Ebola can’t be stopped, people are banking on the notion that emergency responders will be there for them when they need help. Assuming the hospitals don’t get overwhelmed and that food doesn’t get stripped from the store shelves in panic buying, then yes, things should be just fine. But what happens if the worst-case scenario does play out, and Ebola continues to infect more people across America?

According to James Rawles, this is exactly why you need to have a long-term larder capable of sustaining your family for up to six months. Moreover, if you haven’t already, it’s time to consider what your lock-down plan might look like in the event you need to isolate yourself from the rest of the world.

As is always the case, the How To Survive The End of The World As We Know It author takes a pragmatic and well balanced approach to his preparedness planning.

In addition to his thoughts on how and when to implement social distancing parameters, Rawles provides ideas and considerations that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Take, for example, what you’ll do with those packages you might be ordering online because you’re in lock-down mode. How will you disinfect them, considering that the mail carrier could be infected? Rawles suggests having spray bottles with a Lysol solution or putting your mail in the microwave to ensure decontamination.

Or, what if you need to evacuate your home for a safer location because military martial law operations have begun in your town and the entire city has been encircled? Taking your car or walking out may not be an option, so Rawles suggests using a vehicle that most people wouldn’t suspect, and one that would be prolific during a widespread Ebola disaster. Ambulances will be everywhere.

Take the time to listen to his latest interview with Rory and Mark at The Daily Coin. It could well save your life.

It behooves everyone to be well prepared. Consider this your last wake up call.

You need to be prepared to hunker down for an extended period of time at home where you’re going to have virtually no outside contact to wait for this thing to burn itself out.

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  1. Whoops, left out the most important thing…the US Army has biological warfare labs in Sierra Leone and Liberia.
    Another note, the strain currently being mentioned was given by the German government to the US Army with the stipulation it would not be weaponized. LOL! dumb ass Germans…….
    Please note, these are the two west African countries where the so called out break occurred. Another fact is the strain of the virus is from the Congo area, which is on the other side of Africa.
    Also, please note the US Government has a history of purposely infecting people, without their knowledge, living in regions of central and south America intentionally and with the knowledge of the governments of said countries with Syphilis. What makes you think they wouldn’t do that to a few (forgive me DOM) coons in Africa?

    The government the people of the US live under is so evil it boggles the mind that sane people can tolerate said government’s actions. G’Lovers I call em. The iron fist in the velvet glove.

    David Ward

  2. I have but one thing to offer on this ebola issue, the article Tor referred to is mistaken. The NEJM has stated the virus that came into the US via Texas is a weaponized agent created by the US Army and is airborne. IE it can be transmitted via breath in closed spaces like say the passenger cabin of an aircraft….

    David Ward
    Memphis, Tennessee

    BTW, NEJM is the New England Journal of Medicine and the article was quoted by Paul Craig Roberts in a LRC article a couple of days ago. Just sayin….

  3. The question raised in the Walking Dead premiere is: what are you prepared to trade off to see another day?

    The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere review, “No Sanctuary” – The Toronto Nerd

    The Talking Dead after-show brought up a great point about the type of evil that Gareth and the Terminus people had become. It’s one thing to kill in the heat of battle, when your life is at stake and hesitation isn’t an option. It’s quite another when you willingly choose to codify your killing under the guise of helping you and others to survive. Institutionalized murder is what you end up with and history is littered with examples of them. [like meriKa, for example]

    Seeing the lead-off hitter guy practising his head-capping swing was both disturbing and ironically amusing, as was Gareth’s idle ammo count inventory during the butchering. What seems like barbaric murder to us is just another routine day at Terminus: [in meriKah] it’s the fast-food prep counter, zombie apocalypse-style. Would you like some people-fingers on the side, sir?

    In “No Sanctuary”, Glenn has taken up the battle standard for what it means to be a human in these bleak circumstances. It was handed to him from Dale’s (and later, Andrea’s) hands. When Rick, Daryl, Bob and Glenn escape the human slaughterhouse, they hear cries for help in a locked train car/food pantry. While the others want to bolt, Glenn insists that they try to save them. It’s still who we are, he says.

    Tyreese’s “anything to contribute” maxim always had qualifications in past seasons. He wouldn’t kill other humans. He wouldn’t pit walkers against the living. He wouldn’t let Karen go to the isolation block for infected, despite the risk of spreading the fatal zombie flu. He was a capable contributor, but in terms of his own mental preparation for doing what needs to be done to survive, he was often found to be lacking. Carol has called him out on it.

    In this episode, he was confronted with a stark choice when he and Carol captured a Terminus lackey while they were wisely taking an off-rails circuitous route to Terminus. When Carol went on her one-woman rampage at Terminus — her coolness factor ramped up exponentially after multi-tasking on her compound raid and killing off Mary (Sorry, Tasha Yar!) — Tyreese was left to protect the baby and guard the prisoner.

    The lackey was amoral and without a sense of purpose beyond self-preservation, which he revealed when he caught Tyreese off-guard and threatened Judith’s life if he didn’t march out of the cabin and to likely certain death at walkers’ hands. Tyreese had his own butcher-or-cattle moment and, like a bear defending his den, he barged through the door and sent the Terminus weasel to his maker. I found it much more chilling that Tyreese’s act of killing the Terminus scumbag was kept off-camera, where you could only hear him doing it. It was a good call.

    Rick saw the “smoking room” where they leave the cadavers to tenderize — what, they can make ’em Montreal-style and Tex-Mex BBQ too? — and decides, in this moment, that no one on Terminus is to survive. He would be the Hand of Justice that would smite the followers of what could be the last frontier in an apocalypse: the eating of other human beings. If everything is up for grabs (and justified) in the name of survival, then little separates us from hyenas, vultures and roaches that devour what life leaves behind.

    Rick and his band free the others from the train car, who use their homemade weapons to break out of the Terminus compound and into the woods, leaving Terminus and its citizens to the mercy of fire and hordes of walkers. They barely escaped with their lives — but Rick still has justice to serve. He wants to go back into this hellhole to deliver the death sentence he believes the Terminus people so richly deserve. Abraham objects out of concern for their own safety and, let’s be honest, he’s afraid his own timetable for delivering Eugene to Washington is way off schedule. (Eugene actually explains his idea about how to stop the walker virus in its tracks and eradicate it, so it’s not a fanciful dream.)

    “No Sanctuary” was one of the most action-packed, disturbing and dramatically intense season premieres of The Walking Dead’s run.

    This is a series, more than most, where viewers must identify with the main characters and feel a stake in their fates. Otherwise, it would be a melodrama with bunch of people waving machetes and guns at zombies.

    They’ve used flashbacks wisely to put current events into context. I think they will need more to provide more insight into Abraham’s messianic mission to bring Eugene to Washington and to further explain what led Gareth and the others to make the leap from merely surviving to preying on fellow humans for food. The “Termites” could have chosen to be just another band of wandering scavengers or plunderers — they chose to be a human Venus fly-trap. Their choice was more insidious because it’s coated in procedures and platitudes.

    This premiere covered all the bases: action, drama, moral quandaries and framing the season around the parameters of the butcher-cattle code.

    Carol was amazing in this episode: warrior, explosives expert and law enforcer all in one. Other highlights in a well-crafted episode include character growth for Tyreese, the use of flashbacks for Gareth, and Glenn reiterating the need to cling to some semblance of humanity.

    first issue walking dead comix

    [no need to accept the false dialectic, of course. we need neither be the butchers, nor the cattle. if we use our wits, we can get free of this prison and move on to something better, IMHO {in my harebrained opinion}]

    • Dear Tor,

      TWD. Was that great, or was that great? I second you evaluation.

      I left a comment on S05E01 at Not as in depth as yours. I’m leaving that for later.

      Seldom have two episodes meshed so perfectly
      By BevinChu, Moments ago
      The final episode of last season, tne the pemiere episode of this season meshed perfectly. All the setups in the former, were paid off in full this season. The two episodes featured perfect continuity. They interlocked with each other like matching gears. Even the then and now flashbacks and flashforwards in both episodes meshed perfectly.

      This is what TV can be and should be — instead of a vast wasteland.

      Carol’s perfectly executed rescue was especially spectacular. She was unquestionably the MVP in this episode. The Dirty Dozen could not have done better. Rambo could not have done better. The Expendables could not have done better. To cap it all off, Carol’s reunion with her friends left me with a lump in my throat.

      Verdict: A Perfect Ten.less

  4. What you can do to bring back monarch butterflies

    Besides making govt thugs and parasites unwelcome on the roads and in our neighborhoods.

    We can easily take better more effective charge of a great many “conservation issues” and cut another metastisizing govt umbilical. Fish and Wildlife. Department of the Interior.

    If it is really possible to form a voluntary society. It should also be possible to form voluntary relationships with land owners. Farmers. Hunters. Ranchers. Landowners. Scientists. Non-profits. Environmentalists.

    It is obviously a formidable task. You’ll be dealing with cynical land owners, local experts, local businessmen, hostile land owners. Parasitical socialist environmentalists. Know it alls in science and in government all around.

    Everyone is always the expert. And knows just why the status quo must never be upset, no matter how poor it is. And how quickly it is further degrading. You’ll have to be able to stand on your feet. Know what you’re talking about and doing. And have a way to get things done. With or without complete permission and sanction of all concerned.

    If you get good results, over time you’ll be respected and taken more seriously each battle you enter. You can learn on the job, and become a true expert and protector of the natural market, if you’ll just learn to keep your rationality about you. And to always take the time to really observe and get to the bottom of what is going on. And what is the best outcome that is possible, given the situation and constraints.
    It need not be a matter of figuring out “who is to blame.” And the gaping holes in the libertarian “let the market figure it out.” should be obvious to all. If we are true, productive, courageous advocates of voluntarism and the market. We can really make a difference in all kinds of ways that help society and all of us.

    Regardless of how many cronies and clovers that exist in the population. In the long run, the wisest, most focused, and most determine group will eventually win.

    We’ve raised awareness of police militarization. We might also consider raising awareness of planetary degradation and the absolutely psychotic actions of local, state, federal governments, as well as crony large corporations that are all to happy to destroy the earth as long as they earn enough economic rent from their government stooges.

  5. One thing that would be useful? Get the beaver workforce in the US back at sufficient strength.

    This is something most of us could contribute to. Just do it and don’t tell anyone about it. What’s necessary, is for the right things to be determined and then accomplished. Nothing else matters.

    Discussing ad nauseam what shouldn’t be done and who shouldn’t be doing it reaches the point of diminishing returns fairly quickly. You don’t fly to Africa and yell at the apes in the wild there. Why spend your time yelling about the apes in domestic authority here? Both will have the same effect.

    Call it science, being stewards of God’s creation, practicing natural philosophy, whatever you like. But find something useful to do, and get it done.

    This world can easily support all of us and all we want to accomplish, if only a few of us take the time and have the courage to think and act rightly for the long term.

    The US and Europe are drying out. The Middle East, Muslim world, and Northern Africa are in terrible shape. China has always been dry, and is getting worse.

    Just this one creature, the simple beaver, has more to teach us than we yet know in every single subject matter combined. Create a habitat with them. Raise populations of them and release them into the wilds. Get in the water and build dams with them. Live in your own dams next to them. Be just a humble student of them. Become a learned natural disciple and fellow world engineer.

    • Tor – You started out on a good track about stewardship. Then made a good point about not wasting time, although sometimes I think it’s good to come someplace like this and get some encouragement.
      But toward the end, I think you lost you ‘dam’ mind.

      • Maybe so. Seems to me a few of us would could live in human style dam cities. The Castorians, we might call ourselves.

        Why not learn to slow down the waters. Natural water childbirths. Start kids out at the youngest of ages working the sticks, stripping the .Keep the earth well hydrated. What is the advantage to paving everything. Spraying poisons on everything. Living in defenseless resourceless taconite shacks?

        Why not learn to build advance tech homes on streams. Rivers. Lakes. A race of hydronomists. Eventually out on the open oceans away from govts. The ice caps too. Then off planet.

        You guys get how stupid fuhhtball is. That’s the gateway thought. Now consider how limited and stupid everything about your social life is.

        Where is the meaning in holidays. Rituals. Titles. Brand names. Place names. Stats like how warm it is. How tall you are. How old you are. Paying rent or mortgage pmts. Paying for your land. Carpets. Furniture. Kitchens. Bathrooms. It’s all superficial tedious idiocy, really how can you even stand to be a part of any of it?

        In a way, I feel sorry for you all, I guess. Hopefully, a few others will get to where I am, and start grokking it too. Nietzschean Superman that transcend Homo Sapiens and all their antiseptic cavemannerisms. There’s always the grok blockers, saying “yer crazy” and all that. I never pay no heed.

        Cause I will go on shining, shining like brand new. I never look behind me. My troubles will be few. Goodbye Strangers, it’s been nice. Hope you find your cartoonish political paradise. I’ll keep stoppin by. So long and thanks for all the sticks. But I must be movin on.

  6. Other than hospital workers, I don’t think we have much to worry about. Far more people die from far more mundane causes every day than have died from ebola, even counting the outbreak in Africa. Its a good thing, too, because if we DID need to rely on the government to save us, updating the will would be the first priority. In fact, if ebola does somehow start to spread uncontrollably, government action will be the likely cause.

  7. The worst case scenario already happened as a consequence of WWI. Before this war, if you had the means, you and your family were able to immigrate anywhere in the world, without getting the permission of governments.

    Now it has become difficult and expensive to travel freely internationally without official permission. If you honestly think having militarily secured borders is really in your best interest, what are you even doing here?

    How can you possibly think living in a world where each nation is a tightly controlled prison yard is something that benefits you?

    How to Overcome Fear When Facing Real Danger – StormCloudsGathering

    Ebola in a free society

    Gunshot to the head after firing at police in 3 cities

    • “travel freely w/o official permission”?
      Either you can travel freely, or you can travel with official permission. If you need ‘permission,’ you cannot travel freely.
      A LOT of evil resulted from WW I.

      • Listening to “champions of democracy” yammer on about how “free” they are in the “advanced Western nations” with “liberal democracy” always makes my gorge rise.

        It is obvious they are nowhere near free just from the fact that they have customs and immigration agencies alone.


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