Will They Ever Undiaper?

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Do you remember when you saw your first Effaced Face?

For me, it was around January of 2020 – at the Sweet Donkey Coffee shop, where I used to spend a few hours almost every day with my laptop, working in what was then the pleasant company of other people, coming and going. The background sounds – and sights – of normal life, as it will never be again.

I can pinpoint the moment when that pleasant normalcy ended, probably forever. I glanced up from what I was working on and saw my first weaponized hypochondriac. This woman, wearing a device over her face that I had never seen on anyone’s face – other than Michael Jackson’s – outside of a surgical suite. I saw the fear in her eyes as she scuttled away from the counter, clutching her coffee – quickly exiting the shop. It amused and saddened me at first. On the one hand, this woman was clearly out of her mind with fear, such that she would walk around with a dust mask over her face. On the other, her fear wasn’t strong enough to prevent her from risking death – in her mind – by entering a plague den, to get a cup of coffee.

Textbook DSM hypochondria.

There went a mentally ill person, I though to myself. I never could have imagined, at the time, how quickly this illness would spread. Nor how intractable it would prove.

Today, almost two years later, there are tens of millions of such mentally ill people walking around – and driving around, alone in their cars except for their faithful companion, the comforting rag they wear, everywhere. Over and over, again. The effusions of their noses and mouths collecting in the nasty fabric. People don’t wear the same pair of underwear as long – and wash them more often.

But then, underwear is only holy to certain Mormons.

Facial underwear has become sacred to a whole new sect of believers. Who – apparently – will believe anything, so long as it comports with their normalized neurosis, their obsessive fear of catching cold. They believe in a “vaccine” that isn’t effective – and roll up their sleeves again, amen. Their belief in “vaccines” becomes more ardent the less effective the “vaccines” prove to be. No matter how dangerous the facts suggest they could be.

When they get sick after having rolled up their sleeves, they thank the “vaccines” – as in The Lords of Discipline.

Thank you sir! May I have another?

The worse it gets, the worse they get.

What will convince them to take off their Holy Garment? How do you get your kid away from The Moonies? Once they’re in, they are very hard to get out – chiefly because they do not want out. Membership in the cult gives them a sense of belonging and security, things many congenitally insecure people crave and once they find it, most won’t willingly give it up – no matter how deranged or perverted.

It takes the summoning of immense internal psychological resources, which most of the victims lack – hence their susceptibility to the cult – and absolutely requires the support network of a sane society outside the control of the cult.

What happens when the cult goes national – and its accoutrements perceived by millions as perfectly normal, like the yarmulke worn everywhere by orthodox Jews? When its rituals are routinized, like the genuflections performed by many Catholics before the cross? It is considered rude or worse to be less than respectful of these rites – and articles of Faith.

It will be no different, going forward, as concerns the new Faith.

Even if its spread is stopped. Millions are members, probably for life.

Even if the millions of unbelievers manage to hold the line and preserve their right to not practice the faith – including most especially their right to refuse the Holy Anointing – the believers will continue to wear their Holy Rags, no matter how times they have rolled up their sleeves. For – like the Devil – sickness is everywhere and eternal vigilance is the price of deliverance.

Those born after this all began – or not long enough before it all began – will grow up in a world populated by strange-looking people practicing odd rituals. But it will seem normal to them, even if they do not practice this Faith themselves. Just as it is perceived as normal by those who grew up after America became a “Homeland” in the wake of another awakening of mass hysteria to obligingly spread their legs and allow a government worker to place his hands in places that, once upon a time, would have resulted in a punch in the face.

It’s all perfectly routine now, to them.

But some of us will hold on to the memory of a time when the only person who touched your privates was your spouse or at least, someone you wanted to touch your privates – and when you could sit and have a cup of coffee without seeing people who had escaped from a psychiatric hospital at the counter, furtively ordering a latte  . . .

To go.

. . .

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  1. Biden to Receive Booster Shot on Monday: White House

    If I were Dr Kevin O’Connor (White House physician), I would advise my fragile geriatric patient to order that syringe loaded with harmless saline.

    • I’d have it spiked with a HUGE dose of Pentothal…trouble is, then we’d have to administer an acute “dose” of “lead therapy” to “Kamel-Toe”, “Piglosi”, “Chuckie-Boy” Schumer, and don’t forget about the “Turtle” (Mitch McConnel”) either.

      • I was once employed as a social worker for mentally and physically challenged people. You see crazy every day, some folks do not have control of their faculties, are in la-la land 24/7, believe me.

        A plethora of prescription medications to be dispensed was part of the job. Not too difficult to acquire psycho-active substances without much oversight, you’re the man in charge.

        One thing is for sure, you knew damn sure that those who were being drugged were for your protection, not theirs. They did receive the medications, otherwise, you might have the shit kicked out of you.

        There are people who are definitely insane and nothing can be done to change what it is, just the way it is. PTSD victims, and so on, handicapped to the point of in need of constant care and supervision. There was no escape.

        One full moonlit night, the entire group was huddled and entwined in each others arms wailing away for a good half hour.

        Their miserable plight was worse than any homeless poor soul could ever be.

        Where Uncle Joe is right now.

        I resigned my position not long afterwards. It was one eye-opening thankless job.

        • Y’know, of all people, the late advice columnist, Abagail Van Buren of “Dear Abby”, put it best: “People with mental illnesses suffer the torments of HELL.”

          I don’t blame you one bit for not continuing in that job.

        • ‘One thing is for sure, you knew damn sure that those who were being drugged were for your protection, not theirs.’ — drumphish

          Precisely what I saw when a former brother-in-law was ‘treated’ with the anti-psychotic Zyprexa.

          He spent his days as a marooned zombie, couch-locked with a thousand-yard stare.

          Zyprexa wasn’t intended to cure his condition, but merely to render him docile and helpless for the convenience of his caretakers.

    • Slow Joe is incapable of thinking for himself, not going to happen.

      Who in their right mind would act like a dog on a leash and go along with such nonsense?

      ‘Yep, on Monday, I get another shot’

      Who in God’s name would willingly take part of what is manifesting to be a dangerous procedure?

      Joe needs a new brain, the one he has ain’t worth squat.

      • If only ‘Joe’ had gone to Hahhhhhvid — oh, wait, no!

        ‘Harvard Business School is going back to remote instruction for all first-year MBA students courses after a “steady rise in breakthrough infections” among students.’

        “In recent days, we’ve seen a steady rise in breakthrough infections among our student population, despite high vaccination rates and frequent testing,” said Mark Cautela, head of communications for HBS.’ — Yahoo News

        It’s deja vu all over again — same thing that happened in Provincetown, Mass on July 4th weekend, with 74% of people vaccinated in a big outbreak.

        George W Bush went to HBS … and he didn’t learn jack shit neither.

  2. A triumphant email from the New York Slimes this morning:

    Covid gets redder
    In Trump country, deaths soar

    From the article text:

    ‘With the death count rising, at least a few Republicans appear to be worried about what their party and its allies have sown.’

    Translated into the immortal terms of Julius Streicher, Gauleiter of Franconia:

    The Unvaxxed are our misfortune.

    • Funny thing about ol’ Julius, one of the Nazi “Old Fighters” (e.g, a street brawler, a politically-motivated THUG)…

      He’d served as a Leutnant in the Imperial Germany Army in WWI, part of a Bavarian unit, like his later Fuhrer. He never held any governmental office, the most administrative thing he did was he was the Gauleiter of Franconia, a Nazi PARTY posting.

      What he was most infamous for was that he was the publisher and editor-in-Chief of a scurrilous rag known as “Der Sturmer”. Written on a quite “low-brow” level, and using a great deal of “graphics”, including stereotyped images, not ORIGINAL, BTW, of Jews and others’ the Nazi regime deemed “undesirable”, his “magazine”, as it was, appealed to the commoners, but the more cerebral in German Society, including most top Nazis, especially Hermann Goring, despised it, and the Reichsmarshall forbad his staff to read it.

      At war’s end, with the Allied and Soviet armies closing in, Streicher considered suicide, but instead, hi secretary and long time mistress persuaded him to reconsider, and to marry her. Streicher was arrested by soldiers of the 101st Airbrone, and handed over as one of the defendants named in the most famed round of the International Military Tribunal. Streicher’s defense, to say the least, was “colorful”, and often the judges had to forcibly shut him up. His fellow defendants more or less shunned him. Although there was no evidence that he’d participated in the “Holocaust”, and obviously he’d not served in the military to commit war crimes, either, he was found guilty of “incitement to genocide”, and sentenced to hang. Interesting that his activities would have been perfectly legal in the UK or the USA, and yet the judges of those nations found him guilty anyway. Streicher’s defense may have had a point in that it was “Semitic” ex post facto justice, but few, even among his fellow Nazis, shed any tears over his worthless corpse, which went down the gallows and later up the chimney.

  3. That first picture says it all! Many of these dildos abhor responsibility, and will attack and even KILL those of us who “dare” to exercise our right to autonomy.

  4. I think they may undiaper if Covid wanes and the flu is allowed to come back again. If the flu is not allowed to come back and the unique respiratory nastiness of the Covid weapon lingers they will not undiaper because the media will cover nothing else besides how deadly Covid is and how many “cases” they scrounge up. I will say this for Florida, where there are no enforced “mandates” and never were. I am encouraged to see how undiapered there are considering how bad the “delta” variant has been the last few months. From 1/2020-6/2021 it was almost like it didn’t actually exist. Then all of a sudden everyone knew of someone very sick or of someone who ended up in the hospital or dead. Yet, depending on where you are in the state diapering is anywhere from 10%-80% indoors and 5-40% at large outdoor events. Whereas, in May of 2020, with basically zero real Covid the blue cities were at 99% diapering. I find that encouraging.

  5. These diapered morons are becoming insufferable and I am becoming insufferable towards them. Had one today at quick check where as I opened the door I usually extend common courtesy and hold the door for the person coming up behind me. I glanced over saw a diaper on his face and let the door shut. I can’t handle it anymore. If after 21 months people still cling to their talisman they are never going to give it up. At this point the true believers are never taking it off. I would have said if their favorite celebrities told them to un-diaper they would buy no longer. If the outright hypocrisy of pedowood awards shows and highly publicized galas with undiapered celebrities who like to lecture the common folk on diapers and jabs don’t smack these people back to reality then nothing will.

    • ” If after 21 months people still cling to their talisman they are never going to give it up.”

      My thoughts exactly! As long as it makes the dildos FEEL better, then that’s all that matters. Reality be damned!

      • Morning, bluegrey!

        I imagine someday telling kids of a time when no one except doctors actually performing surgery = and crazy people living under overpasses – wore “masks.” It will join the roster of anachronisms, alongside paying cash for an airplane ticket without showing ID and boarding the flight moments before departure time, just as the door is about to close.

        It was incredible how free – and sane – this country was, as recently as the ’90s.

        • Indeed! While not especially free by my rather minimal standards, it was vastly free compared to much of the world. If not for 2A, I suspect it might now be one of the worst. Every tyrant seeks to disarm the population. Even back when all they had were blades and arrows. There’s a reason for that, and it’s why we are one of if not the only nation to have the right to be armed encoded into law.

  6. Bulletin from La-La Land:

    L.A. police, fire agencies hotbeds of vaccine opposition — and coronavirus outbreaks — Los Angeles Times

    What we have here is a cultural war. ‘Public safety’ personnel — believing their lying eyes — lean more conservative than the gen pop.

    Their apostasy is intolerable to leftist DemonRat regimes.

    So they simply will have to be canceled by vax mandates. The Newsom/Hochul Axis of Enlightenment has ‘thousands’ of foreign scabs waiting in the wings to replace these undeserving Americans (so they say).

    Let’s see how that plays in Nov 2022 …

    • I confidently predict the various communists will be losing in a landslide and then around 3AM will all have miraculous come-from-behind victories. I predict the conservatives and republicants will then mutter in their beer and grouse about how they have to obey their god, the state’s “law”. Even as they form lines on the way to the “showers”…

  7. At the start of this fiasco I showed up at a customers house who insisted I mask up before coming inside to fix his sink drain. We went back and forth about the diaper and if the sickness was even real. When I told him I would not be restricting my oxygen while working he went into a fit of rage and demanded I show some respect. He acted like he owned me and as I left the house without even going inside he screamed he would be calling my office and telling them what an ‘unprofessional piece of shit’ I was. The wife and I both got a laugh out of that, as she answered the crazy mans call and told him she is the owner, and will be firing me as soon as I return to the shop.

    I went to a customers house last week where both the man and women were diapered at the door. Its been many months since I have had to deal with this. The women asked if I had a mask as I walked in the door. I said yes, and then just went about my business mask-less as if I’d never heard the question. It was funny how uncomfortable they were. She never said anything else the whole hour I was there. The old man made sure to stand well away from me the whole time as he would point out what needed fixing.

    When I gave them the bill I decided to add 50 bucks just for having to endure their sickness kabuki. When the women asked me why the extra charge I told her it was my Covid relief fund. She wrote the check without blinking. I cant wait til she talks to her neighbor who is a great customer, not a covidiot, and never contributes to my ‘Covid relief fund.’

    The question you asked Eric, will they ever un diaper? I think the answer is not until hell freezes over and Dr Mengala shouts “All Clear.” By my informal observation, even out here in the sticks, at least half the people are mentally deficient imbeciles who are afraid of ghosts.

    • Same here, Norman – also out in the Woods. At the local Dollar General, a third of the people are Diapered up and look with alarm upon myself, always Undiapered. Related: I’ve had a Twitter back-and-forth with a Diaper-pusher who saith: “Any mask is better than none.” No, you imbecile – it isn’t.

      • Hey Eric, the ones who argue “Science” are insufferable. I feel like I have a better grasp of the science from my high school Biology and Botany learned over thirty five years ago than most of these new found experts.

        • And if you’re like me, you’ve probably read more randomized controlled trials about masks and respiratory viruses than most physicians have.

      • Eric,

        You’re not much of a Libertarian or liberty lover if you feel the need to scold others about their personal practices.

        They’re exercing THEIR freedoms.

        So you find this an ascethic affront ?

        Damn ! You are becoming a liberal !

        • Hi Jack,

          It’s perfectly libertarian to “scold” others – for whatever reason. What’s un-libertarian is to advocate the use of force against others. I have consistently scolded those who so advocate. But – please – spare me the liberal cant about not hurting other people’s feelings.

          People who wear Face Diapers are idiots, which is bad enough. But they are also dangerous idiots – because by wearing it, they propagate the most vicious lie of the past 75 years.

          • Social pressure is one of the very best means of directing society in the preferred direction. Without threatening to kill anybody. Without gangs of goons with guns roaming around.

        • Of course the dildos have every right to wear a mask. They also have every right to hop around on pogo sticks to “minimize ground contact” if they wish to do so. The problem is that THEY WON’T LEAVE THE REST OF US THE HELL ALONE! Why in God’s name should WE be forced to sacrifice OUR health and sanity just to make THEM comfortable?! How much longer until mandatory amputations become a thing because “He might be a serial killer”?

            • Everyone has the right to be offended. The issue is that NOBODY has the right NOT to be offended. If you’re a decent human being I will likely make an effort to be polite- but since the crazies have weaponized politeness against us, I’m making less and less effort to do so.

  8. Massachusetts purges witches state police:

    BOSTON (AP) — A Superior Court judge has turned down a request by the union that represents 1,800 Massachusetts State Police troopers to delay Gov. Charlie Baker’s state employee coronavirus vaccine mandate.

    Judge Jackie Cowin said in Thursday’s decision, “The public interest is best served by stopping the spread of the virus, in order to protect people from becoming ill, ensure adequate supply of medical services, and curtail the emergence of new, deadlier variants of the virus.”

    Judges, linguistically programmed by an unfounded belief that leaky covid ‘vaccines’ confer sterilizing immunity, are turning facts upside down.

    As Julius Ruechel explains in a l-o-o-o-o-n-g but worthwhile post,

    ‘The current crop of COVID vaccines … can neither stop you from catching an infection nor stop you from transmitting the infection to someone else. They were never capable of creating herd immunity.’


    ‘Both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are equally capable of producing new variants. The idea that the unvaccinated are producing variants while the vaccinated are not is a boldfaced lie.’


    Flat-earth judges are preaching anti-scientific gibberish from the bench, as they destroy careers and cripple public safety.

    • “The public interest is best served by stopping the spread of the virus, in order to protect people from becoming ill, ensure adequate supply of medical services, and curtail the emergence of new, deadlier variants of the virus.”
      I did not know one had to have a medical degree to be a judge. No where in this statement is the law mentioned, which is the ONLY thing she has authority to decide. Consequences are none of her business, as politics aren’t either.

      • ‘I did not know one had to have a medical degree to be a judge.’ — JK

        Hell, John, you don’t even need a medical degree to work at the WHO:

        “The longer vaccine inequity persists, the more the virus will circulate and change, and the higher the chances that more variants will emerge that render vaccines less effective,” WHO said in a statement Friday. — AP News

        Julius Ruechel [linked above]: ‘What has been done is to create a set of evolutionary conditions where a variant that is dangerous to the unvaccinated can spread easily among the vaccinated without making the vaccinated very sick. For lack of a better term, let’s call this a dual-track variant.

        ‘Thus, because the vaccinated are not getting bedridden from this dual-track variant, they can continue to spread it easily, giving it a competitive advantage, even if it is highly dangerous to the unvaccinated.’

        What does the WHO know or care about ‘dual-track variants’? They blame variants solely on the unvaxxed, to push boosters. Fake science. Lies. Gibberish.

  9. New York’s marauding governor ‘Ho’chul prepares to deliberately cripple the hospitals:

    New York weighs using the National Guard to replace unvaccinated health care workers.

    ‘Hospital and nursing home employees in New York are required to receive a first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine by 11:59 p.m. on Monday night.

    ‘As of Wednesday, 16 percent of the state’s roughly 450,000 hospital workers, or about 70,000, were not fully vaccinated.

    ‘Workers terminated because they refuse to be vaccinated are not eligible for unemployment insurance unless they provide a doctor-approved request for a medical accommodation.’ — NYT

    This should be quite the Third World clown show … like La Guardia airport a few weeks after 9/11, patrolled by camo-uniformed National Guard troops carrying rifles.

    At least you’ll be safe from terrrrrists in the hospital, even if your military nurse don’t have the combination to the narcotics safe. Probably your visitors can score some heroin on the street outside to tide you through. 🙂

    • It’s quite the coincidence that both Taxachusetts and New Pork are controlled by tolerant and inclusive communist regimes and yet their first reaction to any crisis is to use the military to solve their problems. Smells of the CCCP or NKorea. Of course the new pinko trash STILL believe those failed states aren’t real communism and it’ll be different if the USA gives marx a shake. Heres your answer collective retards! All I ask is please stay in your progressive noose of a commonwealth until the new iron curtain falls. Us dumb hicks don’t wanna see your faceless blue haired hogs in flyover country.
      Enjoy the ghetto!

    • And this from NY, published at ZH, along with my comment there.
      “What is looming for Monday is completely avoidable, and there’s no excuses,” Ms. Hochul said, pleading for those who have not done so to get vaccinated,”

      How dare you! How dare you even imply that refusing to take a vaccine that has been proven in Israel not to work at all, has had ZERO long term safety testing, has the very worst adverse event record of any vaccine EVER to be allowed to remain in use, is the cause of any staffing shortage. Follow the science indeed. Those you are dismissing for NOT taking this useless and dangerous “vaccine” should be the ones you are PROMOTING, since they obviously are the ones capable of thinking.

  10. Time to roll over and die, resistance is futile, you’ve been assimilated, everything is hopeless.

    7.5 billion useless eaters just have to go.

    My mother’s grandmother, my great-grandmother, got into a spitting match with the minister at her church. The argument continued, she told the minister to go to hell. She wasn’t going to let anybody push her around, I guess. Not a chickenshit by any means.

    She was Missouri Synod (Sinners) Lutheran, the pastors are more by the book than a rabbi in a Jerusalem synagogue.

    “Lamb, ram, mutton or sheep, who knows what it is?”

    When she died, the minister refused to bury her in the church cemetery.

    When Missouri Sinners go to heaven, there is a special place for them, they think they are the only ones there. har

    September 20th was Leo Strauss’ birthday, the stupid original Neo-con is worshiped like he is a god. **** him, frickin’ dumbass. The Straussians must cry in their beer all September long.

    Do a search, no use G word, on Rabbi Kook, the father of Zionism, it will open your lying eyes.

      • Ha! cute, and not undeserved. They are, however, excellent at educating not only their pastors but the kids too. The pastors within the lcms that take their jobs seriously are second to none in terms of theological knowledge, and I’ve found them to be quite down to earth people. I’m an adult convert, having been raised in the salad bar of protestantism – Mainline Presbyterianism and Methodism, mostly. Sad to say, soon after joining, the synod threw in with the rest of American Christianity and caved to the entertainment/charismatic-be happy-Jesus is your boyfriend style. So disappointing! Thought I had left that sheet behind.

        • Agreed. Way better on theology/doctrine than the ELCA. Unfortunately, also much less open.

          I grew up Methodist.

          Sadly, mainline Protestantism went off the rails years ago, never really recovered, and is dying out at an accelerating pace.

        • Hi Snap,
          There are still many LCMS congregations that have traditional, liturgical worship. Ours is one. And I agree that, with some exceptions, Missouri Synod pastors are first-rate. Ours retired a few years ago after 29 years serving us. He refused to take raises multiple times. He drove the wheels off his cars visiting the sick and dying. When someone you cared about had a medical emergency, he would sometimes get to the ER before you would. His replacement is equally dedicated. We’ll see if he declines pay increases. 😉
          As I’ve written in another comment, I have a lot of problems with Luther’s teachings about “two kingdoms,” but he got the important stuff right: We are saved by God’s grace alone.

          • Pastor Kenneth Klaus does have good things to say, has the right message. Pastor Klaus carries on undaunted and is indefatigable, an inspirational speaker, as it were.

            Listen to Lutheran Hour Ministries, he’s been around for many years.

            You have to believe, no other choice.

          • Hi Roland: so nice to hear that you are served by such a good pastor. You are right, I know that there are many out there, but it takes more effort to find them. Honestly, I think it’s a very difficult profession and those men that have a heart for it and pursue it endure many hardships, ex: parishioners that are never happy (constant criticism), low pay (amidst a culture that craves more and more shiny things) and just plain loneliness. They are held to a very high standard, and they know it. God bless the ones that truly serve.

  11. Eric, a FAVOR, please…can you take down the pic of the “Mormon” couple (no faithful member of the Church would pose for such a pic in their garments) wearing temple garments? While they’re hardly a “secret”, they’re worn as underwear for a REASON. Parading them like that pair of ex-members have is DISRESPECTFUL. Sure, the garments are THEIRS, but there’s a reason they chose to ridicule their former faith, and you shouldn’t be a part of their disrespect. I realize you meant no such harm.

  12. Yes, some wear it because they are programmed to wear it. But others wear it because they enjoy perpetuating this hell. And want to visually signal what “side” they’re on.

  13. Took the younger boy to the local ball field to practice his hitting and fielding. There was no one else around. No one even walking in the neighborhood yet we saw a fraudchi disciple riding his bike around the neighborhood dutifully wearing his facial diaper. I will never understand these people. My 94 yr old grandmother doesn’t even wear the diaper unless forced.

    • I saw a guy wearing one while mowing his lawn. Outside. By himself. It’s astounding that all it took was a simple download to destroy these people forever. Blank hard drives that run whatever is installed upon them. All the old programming, experiences, overwritten. They run the latest script and nothing beyond that. Can we really say they’re the same as us? I’d say these types have the same sentience as a hard drive running a program. That is to say, none.

      In 2019 I thought, yes, many are brainwashed NPCs, but I could have never conceived that all it would take is the TV saying something, for these “people” to completely surrender everything for the sake of the program. I thought it would take them some effort, but they were able to do it so quickly and easily. I can’t even really articulate thoughts on this.

      • On point, Brandon. I lament this exact realization below in this very thread.

        I never would have guessed that the state psychologists had so precisely located the factory-settings-restore button for the human mind, but apparently, it’s tell-them-there’s-a-virus. That’s it!

        • To be exact FP, it’s not so much the human race that responds to “tell-them-there’s-a-virus.” That gambit has been tried before for many years with mixed results. The biggest responders to the “factory-settings-restore button” you mentioned were Millennials, who were raised to be afraid of their own shadows. The scamdemic was first and foremost a call to arms for Generation Snowflake, and they succeeded in sucking in all the other generations with them.

          • “The biggest responders …were Millennials”

            Not even close. Both parents and both in-laws are the worst of the worst I’ve seen.

            The materialistic, aging Boomers are the key target of this PsyOP.

            • The Boomers are afraid to die because many have “moved beyond” the religion which comforted their parents’ entry into death.

              The Boomers beat Level 1 and thought they beat the game. Their new god became Government.

              Now obsessed with fiat numbers on their screen and trips to Costco to “save.”

              • Hi Michael,

                I wish it were just one category of people as it would then be easier to deal with. Unfortunately, sickness psychosis affects people of all ages and both sexes. I regularly see young women – and men – wearing the Holy Rag. Even though there is no “mandate” or even a sign on the door demanding it. They love their Diapers like Linus loved his Blankie.

                • Well it is just one category of people, they just don’t happen to fall into a well established demographic. It’s the category that cannot imagine how to live without someone telling us how to do so, at gun point. They have little imagination or curiosity, and barely read at all. If it ain’t on CNN they know nothing about it.

                • Well said, and you’re correct. I just like to pile on statist Boomers. The soffffffft Millennials scarfed this one down too and are militant in their enforcement of GloboHomoCovo dogma.

      • Hey, on the lawn mower guy….. Don’t be hatin’! I wear an n95 muzzle when mowing/weed wacking to keep some of the dust/pollen/etc out of my lungs, particularly on dry dusty days. I feel 95% better later that night anyway.

        And the funny part is I STILL cough up a tiny bit of muddy stuff with the 3m n95 muzzle! To think that a wuhan-special blue surgical mask blocks viral particles is hysterical.

        • Exactly, while my allergies could still be pretty bad I used to wear an N95 mowing the lawn and such in the worst weeks of the season. It only made things much better and pollen and such are HUGE compared to a virus.

        • Yes, David, I have been using N-95 respirators for more than 30 years – for what they’re designed for. When I take one off after sanding or grinding, I can see the proof that it works right there on the surface of the mask. You are smart to use them for mowing; I should too.
          What’s maddening is that the local Sisters O’ Mercy medical conglomerate scolds people for buying N-95s. So I’m not supposed to have them to use as they are intended, but then they want me to wear a useless joke of a rag if I want to see a doctor. Stupid.

      • Hey Brandon,

        I’ve been wearing one for years whenever I get on the riding mower. The times I forget, or don’t have one, sneezing and wheezing ensue for the rest of the day.

      • Your point is well taken. However, the guy mowing his yard with a mask on might be an invalid example. I have often worn a mask while mowing, for many years, because I don’t like sneezing for hours after I’m done.

      • Wearing a dust mask while mowing the lawn or doing other things that kicks up dust makes sense. But if conditions aren’t dusty, or you don’t have allergy issues, then why bother? It just reveals IGNORANCE about what face masks can afford in the way of protection, which is MINIMAL.

        There was once an episode of the old cartoon show, “Underdog”, where once of “our hero’s” foes, the mad scientist, Simon Bar Sinister, campaigns for office. The creepy little guy is known for giving commands prefaced by, “Simons says! : “. I swear in REAL LIFE, somehow, he WON.

  14. There is this paper being spread about all over Az MSM:


    It states that “…The odds of a school-associated COVID-19 outbreak in schools without a mask requirement were 3.5 times higher than those in schools with an early mask requirement”.

    Also they claim “Crude and adjusted logistic regression analyses with 95% confidence intervals (CIs) were performed in Stata (version 15; StataCorp) and adjusted for school county, enrollment size, grade levels present, Title I status, and 7-day COVID-19 case rate in the school’s zip code during the week school commenced.”

    Of course, they don’t seem to show any of those calculations and know that you probably don’t have their proprietary statistical software, so just believe their results…

    But when most of the 480 maskless schools are obviously larger (89% are >850 kids) than the 210 early-mask-required schools (52% are 75% of the population lives in these, and they left out all of the smaller and more rural counties. I wonder why…

    • There seems to have been some issue with my post… Let me try again.

      It should read “But when most of the 480 maskless schools are obviously larger (89% are >850 kids) than the 210 early-mask-required schools (48% are >850 kids), it would seems that there would be some heavy bias.

      That is, even if there would an equal concentration of infections and equal propensities for spreading infection, the larger schools would always have more “outbreaks”, as outbreaks were defined as “the occurrence of two or more laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases among students or staff members at the school within a 14-day period”.

      Also, they only analyzed Maricopa and Pima counties, stating that 75% of the population lives in these, and they left out all of the smaller and more rural counties. I wonder why…”

      • I am suspicious of any mask study – regardless of the findings – that has been done since this was dragged into the sewer of politics. There are plenty of earlier ones that were predictive of the real-world results that chart after chart after chart now show: they make no difference.
        But the faithful believe they do because of a Facebook meme they saw in April 2020 with backlit pictures of people spitting at each other.

        • I’m not suspicious of any study that has the CDC’s paw prints on it, I ignore it as propaganda bought and paid for by Pharma. I don’t care how effective or ineffective masks may be IF WORN PROPERLY, because kids will NOT wear them properly. Most adults don’t. If a kid wants to pick their nose, they will pull their mask down to do so.

      • Hi BadnNon,

        Kids need masks, like a fish needs a bicycle.

        One of my grandkids goes to a screwell in Las Wages that has face effacement as its official policy. Mostly ignored by the teachers and students because its private. Yet the admin is scared to death of the state coming down on them. According to my SIL most parents threatened to remove kids if it was enforced.

        That video last week of that kid Mason shows just how evil these people are. Face diapering is child abuse. Its not surprising that the biggest perps here in AZ are in Maricopa and Pima. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near those filthy shit-holes when the dollar drops. We’re seventy miles away, and beginning to think we are to damn close. Hope your escape is proceeding successfully.

        • Hey Norman,

          Still on schedule. Still much to do, unfortunately, but slowly and surely we’ll get the hell out of here. 🙂

          And yes, trying to face-diaper kids would be laughable were it not so abusive and detrimental in a number of ways. My GF is a kindergarten teacher, so I get to hear about the antics of children in COVID times. The face diapers come off as soon as they walk into class, and keeping them “properly” on the kids is a fool’s errand. Kids are kids, and they do things like lick the damned polycarbonate shields still around their desks.

          Of course, like others here, when I hear of a CDC mask study, I’m immediately highly skeptical, just like in this case. There is no way in hell masks in schools are effective at anything other than being a pain in everyone’s ass, and likely causing social, mental and health issues.

          • Glad to hear you’re making progress. If your ever in the Verde with some time to kill, don’t be a stranger, ask Eric for my E-mail and look me up. I think I have an idea of the general area of your doom stead from your past descriptions. Of course Az has so many places to hide out, it bogles the imagination

  15. Hello Eric et al,

    I’ve noticed a lot of Christian churches have supported lockdowns and face diapers, and are now encouraging vaccines as “loving your neighbor”. They also point to “obey the governing authorities” passages in the Bible (which I believe they take out of context; if blind obedience is the way to go, why did Jesus get crucified, the apostles imprisoned and martyred, etc.? Seems like they “disobeyed the authorities” to me…🤔). I also feel, as Eric has pointed out, the whole “Corona culture” *is* a religion and a faith. For example:

    – you must *believe* Corona to be an unprecedentedly deadly disease;

    – you must *believe* only the government can save you from it, by following *exactly* what they say;

    – you must *believe* in the “science” that is anything but scientific; that face diapers and vaccines “work”, despite evidence to the contrary;

    – those who don’t *believe* must be avoided and don’t even deserve to exist (e.g, denied medical care, banned from shopping for food, etc.)

    It’s most assuredly a religion, but a secular, humanistic one, definitely not Christian. In fact, it’s been one lie and distortion of fact after another, and isn’t the devil supposed to be the father of lies?

    Besides, is it “loving your neighbor” to enable them in believing the lies, and fostering fear in them instead of reassuring them? Would you “love” your alcoholic neighbor by picking them up a 12-pack on the way home?

    So why do churches not only refuse to oppose all of this, but actively promote it in many cases? Do they not really hold to the faith they profess? It’s very puzzling how Christianity seemed to go from being “apart from the world” to “complying with the world.” 🤔🤷‍♂️🤨

    • One of the first things I did when the sickness psychosis began was to write to a Christian pastor whose church I attended when growing up. I respected his opinions and thought that if he could show me from the Bible that mask wearing was biblical, I’d consent. I was shown 2 Corinthians 3:18, which strictly forbids mask wearing by Christians.

      The bottom line is that true churches led by real Christian pastors don’t practice sickness kabuki; only the fake ones do. And unfortunately, most churches in America today have long been infiltrated and are fake.

      • Thank you for that reference- I had overlooked it. Everything says the mask is an evil thing and a lie. 2 Corinthians 3:18 will now be a small addition to my spiritual armor.

    • Agree with your points. Have heard the “love your neighbor” and “obey all authority” many times, to my sorrow. One of my arguments I made to our pastor, who admittedly was new to the position, was to ask him how the world would view a church who is meeting outside and/or masked because of a “virus,” but who claim to have the answer for one’s soul’s eternal destiny?

      Glad he realized the truth of the matter.

      PS – good points about defying godless authorities. You mentioned several examples, and there are so many – the Hebrew midwives who refused to kill the babies they delivered (made excuse that the babies were born before they got there), the refusal by Christians to give a pinch of incense and proclaim Caesar “Lord,” etc. In a modern context, it is easy to see how an evil gov’t. is now expecting neighbors to turn on one another (and likely to beat or kill one another). Obeying this type of edict is the opposite of Christianity, I believe. It is not only foolish, it is evil.

      Christianity involves discernment, not blind obedience. God didn’t make us robots.

      • Have these shit-for-brains “pastors” ever read the Gospels, where Satan tells Jesus that ALL THE KINGDOMS OF THE WORLD belong to him, and are his for the giving?

        • Pastors, like all of us, are fallible, sinful people. They have been called to a position of trust, yet they can be susceptible to deception.

          I can respect anyone who is willing to entertain the truth, and apply it, when he was tempted to ignore it. Admitting one is wrong is a virtue.

          It’s the ones that double down on the evil that really bother me.

          • The epistle of James warns that being a teacher (ie, pastor, rabbi) carries great responsibility and will invite higher scrutiny. We are all fallible and sinful, yes, but people in the position of religious trust should take care in the messages they preach. I’ve often wondered about whether many of them have ever deeply thought about the scripture or the gospels, because their message frequently conflicts with what Jesus, Paul, Peter, James, and John actually taught, and often (the Romans 13 mistranslation from Greek comes to mind) just parrot boilerplate.

            • I scrolled down to the pic. Infuriating. As I scrolled, I skimmed some of the articles (err….propaganda).

              Couldn’t stay on the page for long, as my blood pressure was starting to rise.

              • Hi Anonymous,

                That makes both of us.

                I especially enjoyed the article on Page 9 “Vaccinations + masks = love of God, self, neighbor” and the Letter to the Editor requesting the Bishops declare a mask mandate for all houses of worship and the bit of climate change that was narrated on the front page.

                I have not been to a church service since I was 8 years old (except for a few family weddings that I have attended over the years). I am flummoxed by what the church has turned into. I get the same feeling of nausea and utter contempt reading this newsletter as I do when I see CNN playing in a store or restaurant that I walk into.

                The church has become a sounding board for the “woke” in this nation.

    • Many of them are wetting their pants at the though of their 503(c) status being revoked by the IRS if they don’t go along with the “narrative”. Roger Williams, where are you when we NEED you?

    • I fully expect that when the Mark Of The Beast is soon imposed, that these state-worshiping servants of Caesar mistakenly labelled ‘pastors’ will invoke their misunderstood and misquoted “Obey the authorities” spiel to justify it and their compliance, and the insistence that their [dumb]sheep also comply with it.
      As a long-time practitioner of Biblical Christianity, I’ve long noticed a unique thing about most of what is called “Christianity”- That it’s promoters and adherents typically advocate and practice the diametric opposite of most Biblical doctrines- to the point where all that is left in most of these 501c3 corporate ‘churches’ are the names and Biblical terms.

      • Morning, Nunz!

        I think part of the problem as regards many churches is their tax exempt status – which is used to suborn their compliance. I am not a Christian, as you know, but if I were, I would get together with others (if I thought it needful) in someone’s home or even in a park – which can be a “church” just as much as any tax-exempt building. But one free from government control.

        • Once again Eric, you illustrate a case of an agnostic exhibiting a more Scriptural ethic than most professing Christians!

          And that it is exactly the way it was in the days of the Apostles- The church met in people’s houses or other spaces where they could.

          For just a couple:
          1 Cor. 16:19: “Aquila and Priscilla salute you much in the Lord, with the church that is in their house.”

          Acts 16:13: “And on the sabbath we went out of the city by a river side, where prayer was wont to be made; and we sat down, and spake…”

          Could you imagine the Apostles forming a 501c3 corporation, which would not only make Caesar the ultimate head of their organization, as well as bringing them into subjugation of laws which squelch their natural rights- and which they would not otherwise be subject to- but would also force them to give an accounting to Caesar of their affairs, and keep official records which would be open to Caesar’s scrutiny without warrant, of every person with whom they interact, and every paperclip they buy, and virtually everything they do?! -And all just so that the congregants could get a slight discount on their dealings with the iRS- so in effect making all other victims of the IRS de facto subsidizers of their worship…..

          Eric, it’s ironic- it’s like you’re a step away from being a Christian- in that you practice much of the morality and philosophy of Biblical Christianity; you just haven’t acknowledged God yet- whereas it is the opposite with many professing Christians….who acknowledge God, but don’t practice the morality/philosophy enjoined in Scripture.

          • Hi Nunzio: Yes! Eric is more spiritually sensitive and astute than most people I know, regardless of whether they are ‘religious’ or not.

            I’m most impressed that he did not fall for the face-rag demands early on in this disaster, something I cannot say for many, many Christians and other religious people including the disgraceful leaders of the major denominations in Christendom or leaders of other faiths in this country. It’s just pathetic – and painful to observe.

            • Hi Snap,
              Well-said! And I find what we observe to be true of many Libertarians.

              We come to a site like this, and actually see some sanity. Sad thing is, such sanity is too often lacking among professing Christians. They’ll be the first ones to throw us under the bus; to take The Mark; to fight against Christ in the armies of AntiChrist….just like the Jews threw Jesus under the bus, and begged the Roamns to off Him, and then persecuted the Apostles.

          • Thanks, Nunz!

            In re the rest – about acknowledging God: I would if I could do so, honestly. But I have too many questions – and too many doubts. I am acutely aware of my own intellectual limits and how poorly equipped I am to apprehend the infinite. I feel awe in the face of it, however. I just can’t quite pin down what it is – and whether there’s a consciousness motivating it…

            • And I give you respect for that, Eric! I hope that you come to recognize God one day soon….but since you don’t, at least you’re not a hypocrite, as many ‘religious’ people are, who ultimately worship a god of their own making. And at least you practrice what you do believe, and have apparently discerned the precepts of natural law which God does say are evident to all (But certainly not practiced by most).

          • There is only one rule that needs be followed to completely embrace the teachings of Christ, and that’s the Golden Rule. Which Eric understands perfectly.

          • As Thomas Jefferson observed, Christianity provides an excellent moral/ethical foundation but the “miracles” it portrays are beyond reason. He stated “I have examined all the known superstitions of the Word, and I do not find in our particular superstition of Christianity one redeeming feature. They are all alike, founded on fables and mythology.” Jefferson continued, “Millions of innocent men women and children since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined and imprisoned. What has been the effect of this coercion? To make one half the world fools and the other half hypocrites; to support roguery and error all over the earth.”
            This inspired Jefferson to create his own version of the Bible, retaining Jesus’ philosophical teachings without the supernatural elements.

            Similarly, Benjamin Franklin stated “I have found Christian dogma unintelligible. Early in life I absented myself from Christian assemblies.”

            That pretty much mirrors my own view, that while the moral philosophy of Christianity provides an excellent foundation (“Do unto others…”) the supernatural aspects of it are so much gobbledy-gook as with any other religion. It’s hard to fault the teachings of Jesus – but it is also hard to fault the teachings of the Buddah.

            (Before you even get into The Revelation as “proof”, there have been many other times throughout history where people thought, “this is it, the end times, let’s gather on the mountain.” A “mark” required to conduct commerce can be almost anything. Even if we accept the view that The Revelation is specifically describing events transpiring today that would be evidence of time travel, which as crazy as it sounds is less difficult to believe than conventional Christian dogma.)

            • Excellent synopsis, Jason. Personally, I view religion (completely different than spiritually) as a form of controlling the masses. One will usually obey if you believe someone is looking over your shoulder, watching your every move.

              I have always been perplexed by those that sin six days a week and ask for forgiveness on the seventh. Why not be good all of the time? The books of yesteryear were written by mere mortal men. Did they practice what they preached? None of us truly know. Death always seems to be a transmogrification for many. One is always held in higher esteem when they perish.

      • Churches were supposed to take care of those who could not. “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” and all that. But after Uncle took on that burden the churches decided it was more important to send donations off to third world missions and focus on evangelizing in an attempt to compete with Rock & Roll and the NFL. People quit going, quit donating and generally were embarrassed by the new “born again and let God take care of everything” message. Now the buildings are shells, carried on by their endowments and old ladies’ wills. What a shame.

        • Which is why the ONLY charity I give to is the Salvation Army, because that’s all they do is help people, and their officers still do take a vow of poverty. While I’m sure some to cheat. They wouldn’t be human if they didn’t.

        • Hello RK! You write:

          “focus on evangelizing in an attempt to compete with Rock & Roll and the NFL. People quit going, quit donating and generally were embarrassed by the new “born again and let God take care of everything” message.”

          Are you referring to churches’ emphasis on entertainment, to compete with music, sports, and other mass media? I’ve noticed many churches now are basically entertainment centers, with celebrity pastors, rock-band “worship teams”, Jumbotron TV screens, and coffee bars, rather than places to gather and learn about and share one’s faith.

          Also, I think it’s easy for these church members to just drop a few dollars in the collection plate and be told it’ll go to an unseen “mission organization” overseas, then they can carry on with soothed consciences while society goes to hell in a handbasket around them.

          Is that what you were referring to about people not attending and being embarrassed by the message? Feel free to correct if I’m reading your response wrong! 🙂

      • Hey Nunz!
        The passage these so-called leaders need to reference is Acts 5-29 “We must obey the laws of God and not men”. Too bad they’ve replaced God with government.

    • Hi Chris,
      This is one thing that I think Martin Luther got very wrong. It was he who first posited the theology of two kingdoms (or realms): heavenly and earthly. Luther taught that although God rules both, he has given authority to some humans to rule us in the earthly realm. We are to obey them unless they overstep their authority by trying to dictate matters of faith, salvation and eternal life. In short: obey the government, always and everywhere, so long as it doesn’t step into the spiritual realm.
      Needless to say, this doctrine has been used to justify all sorts of tyranny over the past year and a half. But when politicians forbid us to gather for worship, are they not stepping into the spiritual realm? How about when they force Christians to practice the mask superstition – including in church, of all places? If there were a drought and they ordered pastors to do a rain dance before every sermon, should they comply with that as well?
      I’ve long had problems with this doctrine. Now more than ever. We are to hate and oppose evil. The bastards who sustain this hysteria are pure evil. They’ve driven children to suicide, for crying out loud. If that’s not evil, what is?

    • Any religion is dangerous if it gains enough power. Be it Catholic inquisitions, or COVIDIAN forced masking and jabbing. They tend to claim the power and authority of God for themselves.

  16. I wish harm to no persons. All lives matter. Period.

    Globalists’ Plans For Depopulation May Backfire

    For decades globalists have openly expressed goals for depopulation (Agenda 21 etc.). We also know that deaths related to the so-called Covid ‘vaccinations’ stand at 14,506 and growing at an alarming rate. (Note). Also, harmful effects to reproduction, including sterilization, menstrual cycle changes, and erectile dysfunction, seem to be surfacing. Now that I’ve got your attention, read on.

    If the longer-term consequence of the so-called ‘vaccinations’ is depopulation, who will be eliminated? Globalists are finding their greatest success jabbing ‘their choir’. As a result, the percentage of God-fearing, Liberty-loving, more rural/self-reliant, independent thinkers who refused to submit will increase significantly.

    Data released 9/24/2021 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that between Dec. 14, 2020 and Sept. 3, 2021, a total of 675,593 adverse events following COVID vaccines were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The data included a total of 14,506 reports of deaths — an increase of 595 over the previous week.


    • Mr. Guy,

      I have thought the exact same thing myself. This is a hard one, because the truth must be told but who want to interrupt the enemy while he is making a mistake? I suppose that few if any of the enemy will listen to the truth anyway.

    • I’ve been thinking about this too. Maybe this is the plan. Kill off the sheep types and keep the strong minded, self sufficient types. In the chaotic aftermath of a mass depopulation event the latter will be much more useful than the former.

      • Skittish horses are not “more useful” to ranchers than docile ones.
        That’s why they are isolated and broken. That’s why there are “mandates” with severe consequences being aimed right at the “strong-minded” and “self-sufficient.”

        Nobody refusing the shot will live to see 2026. The remaining Herd will be gradually thinned, but the resisters will feel the full brunt and wrath of the state, whose deep-fake simulated figurehead is just now “lossssssing hisssss patiensssssssssssse.”

        • Don’t shrug off Anon’s pondering so easily.
          The so called elite do pull people from the masses that show promise. It depends on which faction we are looking at. The company town faction understands the value of such people. The communist faction does not.

          Much depends on who wins the infighting among collectivists. The bug doesn’t come from the communists. It comes from the company town types. The communists are taking full advantage of course.

          • If any pureblood is expecting a pat on the head from the Dark Lord as a “solution” to this problem…well I just can’t sympathize with that on any level…

        • FP,

          I would be willing to take that bet. I believe many of us will still be here in 2026, maybe a bit worse for wear, but still standing.

          How is $50 in silver coins? US liberty dollar or Canadian maple leaf?

          Do you want to base it on today’s dollar value or the that of 2026? We could be trading Yuans by then.

          • “Nobody refusing the shot will live to see 2026.”

            I wasn’t certain that F_P had given up, … until I read that.
            I had hoped otherwise. Unless it’s way serious sarcasm? If not, might as well curl up in a ball & give up already?

            Yeesh. Pussy.

            • Amen, Helot –

              I’ve grown weary of FP’s serial defeatism, too. I’ve asked him why he even bothers to post – unless it’s simply to spread his defeatism, which I won’t have here. I wonder, lately, whether he is some kind of agent – sent to spread defeatism. It would explain his serial posting here. If not, then I don’t understand why he doesn’t just eat a bottle of sleeping pills and go gently into that good night he apparently considers inevitable. Regardless, I am tired of his relentless hopelessness and suspect many here are as well.

              I’ve told him he’s welcome to his pre-emptive surrender. But to spare us his assertions we share it – or are fated to.

              • starting to think of F_P as what was once referred to as a “concern troll,” or “eeyore troll.”

                “All is lost, woe is me, WE should all just give up…”

                HOGWASH. The battle belongs to the strong.

              • Agreed, Eric. I fully support a decision, if you choose to make it on your website, of cutting off defeatism. I already had the same suspicion about FP.

                • Hi JL,

                  IMHO, I don’t believe FP should be swayed to go or even be “censored.” I disagree with much of what he preaches and the defeatism can be off putting and downright depressing, but I don’t believe we can afford to live in a bubble. We need people with alternative views. They make us stronger, because out in the real world we have to live amongst these people. We need to counteract with someone with a different perspective than ourselves.

                  There is no doubt FP is a highly intelligent person from the posts that he writes. Maybe being on this site a bit longer he will begin questioning his own views and may see a light at the end of the tunnel…..or at least, move out of CA. 🙂

                  • Roger that.

                    Look, there are frequent posters that for various reasons I disagree vehemently with, like Jason F (and he knows why). But that being said, I’d disagree even MORE any move to censor him, for several reasons:

                    1) That’s what Lefitst nitwits, not coming to grips that they’re not really sure of their positions, resort to….y’know, “Safe spaces”…

                    2) By hearing what the opposition says, I learn what the “Basthuds” think.

                    3) A spirited debate, as long as it doesn’t degrade into ad hominens, can serve to TEACH…BOTH ways.

                  • Ol’ Free_Phi managed to step on a raw nerve in our host, it seems.
                    This is perplexing, since epautos.com has been a go-to for me to lurk since mid-2020, specifically because the commentariat here is so simpatico with my fatalistic attitude! Having lurked so long in this haven of gruff bitterness, I thought I was just joining in the fun!
                    I find it downright surreal that JLaffery above suggests banning “defeatism” on this board. I don’t know who would be left!
                    Mr. Peters’s sudden nominal commitment to “optimism” is quite puzzling to me, since it doesn’t seem to flow or follow from any of the themes or threads his essays address, or to the tone of the comments section.
                    Oh well. I’ll probably go back to lurking mostly, so that I can enjoy the rogue’s gallery of defeatism on display…without being accused of being the “agent” responsible for it all! Lol.

                    • Hi FP,

                      I don’t want you to go away. I want you to not give up – and to stop (as I read it) urging others to. It is the dreary fatalism that annoys. You are trapped in a prison of your own making. You deride small town lawyering. Well, your big town lawyering sounds like Hell to me. And why continue to lawyer, if it’s so awful? A smart guy – heck, a moderately bright guy – can find other ways to earn a decent living. Why not pursue that? Why live in the big town unless you have to live there? Most do not have to. They choose to – a different thing.

                      In my area, you could still buy a nice little place on five or so acres for around $150k. If you have say $50k in equity in what you have now, such a place could be yours for around $750/month – and you’d not need to lawyer to support that.

                      I am not, by the way, armchair quarterbacking. I have done the above myself – though not a lawyer (but the principle is essentially the same).

                      You can, too!

          • R-Girl,

            I have no doubt that you will see 2026. This is precisely because you will take the shot.

            I know I know. You think you won’t. You tell yourself…now…that you won’t. And you’ll bitch and moan and rationalize. But the fact is: you have minor children. You will find that you have no tolerable choice but to get the shot. Very soon. And before you realize that, you will be forced to accept that your children will have absolutely no future if they don’t get the shot. And once you have accepted it for them, accepting it for yourself will be easy. Natural. Inevitable. Small price to pay for perpetuating your family name or DNA or whatever.

            So, no, I will not make a bet with you that you’ll still be raiding come ’26.

            (Now…you wanna bet that you won’t take the shot by 2026????? That’s a horse of a different color! I’ll put some denarii down on that bet!)

            • Hi FP,

              You are entitled to your hopelessness and pessimism. Others don’t have to share it. Don’t presume to know what others will do just because you will do it. I assure you, there are people who will do everything necessary rather than submit to this.

              You are obviously a bright guy – but I wonder about your motives. Why do you waste time shitting all over everything if you are certain there’s no point, that we’re all doomed? Why do you bother?

              The people on this page are here to encourage one another and to discuss strategies for dealing with this mess. If you wish to give up, by all means. It doesn’t mean we have – or will.

              • “You are obviously a bright guy”, and the flaw in that is that such “bright guys” tend to believe their conclusions are final. Obviously NOT! The universe is ever changing. Conclusions today are fantasy tomorrow. One can be over enamored with their own thoughts. Been there, done that.

            • I am happy to accept your bet FP…..I will not take the shot nor will my children, until they are able to make the decision when they come of age. I WILL NOT TAKE THIS SHOT WILLINGLY.

              I can only assume you will do so since you admitted you would still be here in 2026.

              Name your price.

            • This part, very much reminded me of what the character Winston went through at the end of the book ‘1984’, “You will find that you have no tolerable choice but to get the shot. Very soon. And before you realize that,…” And, perhaps stuff Darth Vader would say in the first Star Wars flick.

              It was interesting, even-though it was a bit depressing & disheartening, to read how he channeled what seems to be the thoughts & drive of The Power Elite & their useful idiots.

              I do much rather prefer this line of thinking:

              “…Covid was supposed to be the “big one” and the globalists were going to use it to rush the vax through, which will likely cause a host of side effects. The problem is something changed and the virus was not as deadly as they expected. I think though that they will try another crisis event, either economic or a terror attack. They are going to need a distraction soon. Also, half the population is apparently vaxxed, and if those people start dropping like flies or exhibit symptoms of infertility, the globalists will blame covid instead of the jab. This will be a long struggle, I suspect. At least a decade before the fight can be won, but I do believe that we will win it.”


              • I agree with you Helot, and with the lines being drawn about 50-50 now, time is not on their side. I think the whole scheme was already gamed out for many different outcomes. Most probable imho is a slow, grinding attrition against anyone who refuses to comply.

                ‘In the end there can be only one.’ The problem for us is we are in no hurry. Most who want to be left alone don’t need to convince others as we are solid in our convictions. The other side has a need to feel justified, thus their incessant attempts to jab everyone.

                I do get disheartened knowing that the trend will never ever turn around. After all you cant be un-jabbed. You’re either pure blood, virgin veined or a mud blood. The numbers of jabbed slowly creep up, a few here, a few there, until in the end I believe we will be 5-10% of the population. Which is just fine by me.

        • Say the sociopaths in charge hit their guidestones goal. They’re now surrounded by 500 million alive and 7 billion dead bodies. Which is more valuable? Rule followers or problem solvers?

          Sociopaths are idiots. They couldn’t think their way out of a wet paper sack. They have one skill: manipulating others to get what they want. Idiots or not, they know sheep types will be baaaa baaaaaing at them to tell them what to do.

          • RE: “they know sheep types will be baaaa baaaaaing at them to tell them what to do.”

            They need re-directed? Like any herd.

            Problem seems to be, they know the voice of their shepherd, and they follow it.

            …While we follow the voice of truth.

            I only wish it were as simple as standing in their path with a wide horizontal board to turn them from their current path as is done with most livestock.

          • “Which is more valuable? Rule followers or problem solvers?”

            Dick-suckers. Foot-rubbers. Sphincter-lickers. Obeisant toadies. Worshippers. Supplicants. Devoted lackeys. Slaves. Humanoid puppets with an injected kill-switch who will have absolutely no choice but to debase themselves in service of the vilest and cruelest wishes of their omnipotent Masters.

            That’s what’s valuable, and that’s what this is all about.

            • Dick-suckers. Foot-rubbers. Sphincter-lickers. Obeisant toadies. Worshippers. Supplicants. Devoted lackeys. Slaves. Humanoid puppets with an injected kill-switch who will have absolutely no choice but to debase themselves in service of the vilest and cruelest wishes of their omnipotent Masters.

              …don’t last very long when the power is out and food supply is broken.

              Gee whiz, F_P. Pull yourself together.

              • Hahaha. Yes, I’m sure your grid-maintenance skills will earn you a seat at the table after the 4th Industrial Revolution, and you have nothing to worry about. You’ll be fine, “anonymous.” All is right with the world.

                • The assumption that their own conclusions are final is a trap many intelligent and thoughtful people fall into. They aren’t. “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.”― Bertrand Russell. The value of wisdom trumps that of intelligence.

            • Hi FP,

              You write:

              “That’s what’s valuable” … to whom?

              Not to the people here. Not to the millions who share our views, our determination not to accept the defeat you have and seem to embrace with an ennui that would do the Vichy French proud.

              I tire of it. If you have no hope – if you think it’s over – then why bother? Why not just go get your Jab? We won’t.

              • FP has on occasion referred to perhaps millennia old planning for such an end. At which point I stopped taking him seriously. Though I do enjoy occasionally digging at him.

              • “Why not just go get your Jab?”

                Precisely because that’s a fate worse than death.

                Like I’ve said many times, victory will come in the form of dying with humanity and free will intact. It might sound like a humble, even “defeatist” aspiration, but I assure you, it will not be easy to achieve. Not by a long shot.

                Sorry to hear you’re not entertained by my bleak tidings. I for one enjoy trawling the morbid depths of the English language. My impressions are addressed only to those who take a kind of comfort in knowing things really are as bad as they seem. It’s not you. It’s the World.

                • Morning, Fp!

                  Yes, things are bad. But they are not hopeless. That is the fulcrum point of our disagreement. It is critically important to any prospects of wining that we not concede the inevitability of defeat. It is not inevitable. It may get very bad. It is likely to get very bad. It may also get very good, eventually. If we persevere. Now is the time to hold fast. To bear up. Everyone one of us is worth ten sheep. Remember that!

                  And: I encourage you to think seriously about getting out of the situation you’re in. Find a way to earn a living that doesn’t tie you to The Machine. Find a lifestyle that enables you to do that. There are still areas of the country where $150,000 will buy you 5-10 acres and a nice house. A land/home in that price range does not require a six figure income or even a $50k income to support. Once paid off, you can live comfortably on $1,500/month and survive on $500/month, if times get tough. You would be able to grow your own food, further reducing your cost to live. And you’d be around more like-minded people.

                  I speak from experience. I used to live close to the very heart of darkness itself – Washington, DC. I used to commute into the city. I used to live in a house I couldn’t afford, paying unaffordable taxes. And then I got out from under it.

                  You can, too!

                  • The smaller your footprint, the less your needs. The less your needs the less your need to comply. The less your need to comply, the more freedom you have. We’ve been through this before, many times. Believe it or not, the economic situation was far worse in the late 70s. Unemployment, inflation, and interest rates were ALL in double digits. At one point the prime interest rate was 25%.

        • Re: we won’t see 2026.
          Maybe you should read about the North Pond Hermit and Barefoot Bandit. These two individuals basically fisted society and could have dug in deeper with some changes to their M.O.
          If the whole country gets assimilated by Borg nanoparticle injections and seek to destroy me what have I got to lose by waging a one man guerrilla war on them? Nothing! It’s better than the technomed hell these parasites have planned for us. Hell, it’s even better than living to old age under the old paradigm of more taxes, more cameras, more computer logging and control of everything and of course ever more hate on the white man for inventing a miraculous technological society.
          If this comes to pass the only thing that will sadden me is all the Stalingrad pork will be tainted and I’ll have to eat their cricketburger patties rather than consuming their delicious demonic souls.

          Freedom philosopher… What a gas!

    • The proportion of liberty loving people is not likely increasing with the border open and no requirement for the influx of people to be jabbed. We can hope that the proportion in those people is greater, I suspect it is not, but it could be. That’s the only way a gain occurs.

      • Most of the “migrants” look like card-carrying members of the Free Shit Army. I think you can count the number who have even heard the name “Thomas Paine” on one hand.

        • Hi Michael,

          Flooding the country with “migrants” serves the dual purpose of creating more chaos as well as more government dependents. It also highlights the hypocrisy of the tyrants who currently rule this country. You and I – citizens, who pay taxes – are expected to show ID for cough syrup; “migrants”
          can vote without establishing their right to. You and and I cannot travel without Proof of Jab or Diaper (or both). “Migrants” can travel without either.

          By what right do they rule us? By what obligation are we bound to submit?

          • By the right they are allowed to. Patrick Henry and Malcomb X. There are two names one may not readily associate with one another. Malcomb X – “If you are not willing to die for it, remove freedom from your vocabulary”. Patrick Henry – “Give me liberty or give me death”. The point being, this is not a new concept. Tyranny IS death. Far more have died under it than have opposing it.

          • Eric and Brent, maybe im being a bit more optimistic but Ive started to think a lot of these new migrants may be the ones who will show the way in the west. In the UK, there are a huge amount of migrants all receiving various handouts from the state. Most of them are on the side, hustling and working for cash. Many of them know exactly how to game the system to get the most out of it. And many are also genuinely working hard.

            Initially – I was really against this, especially when guy like me has traveled and worked in numerous countries always taking the correct route… having spent over my life 10s of thousands in visa and legal fees for this….

            but what was the point – when now we are the ones who they are looking to enslave…. and the guy who walks across the border doesnt have to worry about anything. He knows how to make multiple ids for his benefits, one for his work or bank account. , rent and hopefully for his vaccine passport…. Maybe its us who need to learn how to game the system

    • Montana, you underestimate the intelligence of the Cabal. They didn’t get THIS far by being stupid; They are clever- fiendishly, devilishly clever. If we think they are stoopit or that there is a glaring flaw in their evil plan, it is because we are stupid and or can not imagine the depths of evil which they embrace.
      One possible scenario: The jab will kill off the weak, the old, and the huddled masses. The ones who remain of their choir will be the ones they can use in their “New World Order”- who are strong enough to survive, yet obedient and fully dependent. They can just execute us good rural folk who resist. When The Mark is fully implemented, there probably won’t be many of us to worry about. Just think how rare we are- compare how many true Libertarians you’ve encountered in your life vs. the general population. We are a decimal of one percent.

      Another scenario might be that after having used the choir as useful idiots to destroy the old world, they are now getting rid of them, as they are inferior and good for little else; and they intend to populate their New World Order with more functional people- i.e. those who have had the fortitude to resist- and all they would have to do after the choir is gone, is dial back the tyranny, and 99% of the good people who remain will cheer and say we’ve won, and happily pay their taxes and submit to whatever….

      And to tell you the truth, I tend to think that the latter scenario is the most plausible.

      • Nunz,

        They can try. They probably will try. If they try, they probably will achieve partial success. They may kill a lot of people—that’s on them. But they probably can’t kill all of us, and they probably can’t make us all submit either.

        There is always a way out. We have to be patient, and smart, and look around for opportunities.

        • Hey, Pub…I guess on the positive side, they’ll be a lot more space in the world for us self-sufficient types who prefer solitude. If we make it, it might be kinda nice! (Although the memory of the atrocities *they* committed to create such a world…won’t be so nice.

  17. “Will They Ever Undiaper?” In a word, no.

    Re: underwear – something funny, horse racing jockeys have a superstition. When riding in a big race that they feel they have to win (e.g. – a horse in the Belmont Stakes with the Triple Crown on the line), they wear their underwear inside-out. An interesting piece of trivia.

    I used to be very religious, a long time ago. Fundamentalist Christian. What broke that spell (and my apologies to any fundamentalists reading this, but it is a spell) for me is first, the scandals in the 1980s (I’m dating myself, but Jim/Tammy Faye Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart scandals) made me question why someone who is supposed to be such a leader would be so corrupt; and second, using logic (if the old testament is supposed to be literally true, then why is there evidence such as starlight and radioactive decay that shows the universe is much older than they say?). Those led me to study and find the contradictions and inconsistencies, and after a couple of years I pulled myself out. But that was something that came from inside, not something given to me by someone else. Probably the best we can do is to plant the seed of doubt in their sickness cult and hope it sprouts.

    • Look at your underwear. Do you prefer to wear the seam against your skin, or the smooth side? There is no better demonstration of our vanity than the fact we DO wear the seams of all of our clothing against our skin.
      Do I believe there is a mostly benevolent divine presence? Yes. Do I believe any one has any notion of it’s goals or what it looks like? No. Religions are an assumption of that knowledge. Far too often with dire consequences.

    • Jim,
      HAHahahaha! That bring back memories! I had an aunt- a former Calf-lic, who was into Jim & Tammy, Pat Robertson, et al around the time I was just starting to study Scripture. She even “invested” $10K in some shyster who was buiolding a “Christian” amusement park (LOL)…and of course, lost the $10K (and that was a lot of money back then!)

      How anyone who has ever cracked open a Bible could equate any of these fools with Christianity, is beyond me….but then again, that is the problem- most Christians only carry a Bible…few actually read it- at least in it’s entirety- and what tghey do read is always filtered through the lens of what they are taught by the charlatans…instead of T’other way around. I had rejected all of those jokers before I had even read through the Bible my first time….. or maybe I just missed the parts about preachers with private jets and air-conditioned dog houses…. 😀

  18. I’ve been hearing a lot of Amy Grant lately. Makes me think religion is making a comeback. I’m not religious but I can’t blame people for looking for some hope. I think it’s a good thing. We’re living in dark times and I expect things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

  19. In the group of tourists staying across the street from me this week there was an older woman (late 50s/60ish) who seemed fit and very active. Daily jogs, several dog walks, etc. Around mid-week I was looking out my kitchen window and the woman is walking her dog on the front lawn at about 8 am. Next thing I see, she falls down. Face down in the lawn. Someone in her family who was also out notices immediately and attends to her. Several others surround her for a few minutes and she slowly gets up and goes in the house not to be seen again outdoors till her family left today. I’m seeing this kind of thing in the news periodically with jabbed celebutards passing out and or dying in public. Wondering if I saw the same thing…

    • Another coworker died unexpectedly this week. This is like the 3rd or 4th in the past twelve months. I don’t know details of any of them. But the rate is through the roof compared to previous years. Something is definitely very wrong.

  20. The only thing that will break the evil wuhan spell will be catastrophic health consequences from repeated jabs. There seems to be a growing realization that the wuhan is not only a respiratory disease, but also a vascular disease, with the spike protein doing the damage.

    If after 3/4/5/6/7/8 “clot shots”, suddenly heart attacks, stokes, kidney failures start killing millions of vaxxed while the unvaxxed remain unaffected, the propaganda media will no longer be able to maintain the “safe and effective” mind control narrative.

    A grim scenario, but it’s hard to see another way out.

    • No, Griff, they’ll never make the connection between the ill effects of the shots and the diseases they cause, just as the majority up to and including now have never made the connection between all of the other vaxxes and the various diseases they cause- but instead attribute those conditions to something else (Because that is what they are taught in the government conformity camps K-12, and what the actors on the TV newscasts say).
      Some woman who lives in an apartment in Manhattan will and has a cat which has never set foot on dirt or grass nor been in the presence of another animal, will vaccinate that cat for rabies and various other things, and then when the cat manifests the very same diseases which have become so common among humans (But which were uncommon 100 years ago when people did not routinely get a plethora a vaccinations from infancy), like various cancers, she will never make the connection….because “there are no studies showing a connection”- And she’d be absolutely right- NO studies were done to specifically test such a theorum- but yet if you plot the ever-increasing number of vaccines routinely taken by most since from infancy, and the rise in a plethora once-rare degenerative diseases, the sharp upward curve on the graph of the former will be identical to the one on the latter, with about a 1 generation lag.
      Their belief in the words of the professional liars is more unshakeable than astrophile’s belief in the words of a gypsy fortune-teller. The people who own and interpret the microscopes and telescopes andcell-towers and TV nutworks are the prognosticators of our time.

      • Nunzio,

        You may very well be correct, the mind control is incredibly strong. The lack of curiosity about the virus itself, the government response to the “pandemic” and the “clot shot” by otherwise intelligent people is incomprehensible. Fear truly is the mind killer.

        • I just heard from a relative who had taken the shot. She casually mentioned that she “avoids being around any people” and pretty much just stays in her apartment “because that Delta strain is very contagious, and you never know who has it, and although I’m vaccinated, I don’t want to take any chances”!
          So she risked her life and health and took the jab….and yet she has no confidence in it’s ability to protect her (At least she’s got that part right- unknowingly) …and of course, it can’t protect them, but somehow if everyone else takes it it’ll work…..
          There is zero logic to it….but they all “believe” because everyone around them believes, and it’s what the TV says…. And the world wants to make war with those of us who can see clearly and exercise logic, because, as George Orwell so accurately observed: “speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act”

          • Hey Nunzio, its not just ‘what the tee vee said.’ I have a friend who doesn’t watch tee vee. He is a true believer though, and it all comes down to what NPR said.

            • Hey Norman,
              Meh…TV, radio, Facetwat…it’s all the same- media broadcasting their brainwashing. Same messages…different conduits. The censored, Google-ized internet is becoming the new TV. Even the alternative news sites are being stealthily used.

              Remember when this flu BS was just beginning, just about 2 years ago? We were seeing headlines on the alternative sites about people catching a deadly virus and just dropping in the streets, with blood coming out of their mouths. It’s hard even for the honest journalists to distinguish propaganda from reality these days. I think that the disinformationists just throw stuff out there and see what sticks. Thus sometimes even our allies get used to spread BS…so how much the more entities which are trying to do that or simply don’t know or care?

              • Hey Nunzio, I remember when this friend used to be fearless, back in the day. Now he is a mid-wit who spouts NPR talking points with a fervent certainty as if there is no debate, If NPR says then the science is settled.

                It is maddening as I feel that bonds long established shouldn’t be cast aside for transitory reasons. I noticed his change when Trump came in, he caught a case of ‘Orange man bad’ which apparently degraded his mental immune system to the point of being susceptible to ‘just the flu bro.’

      • many things are deliberately not studied and when someone tries to study them the studies are deliberately sabotaged or stopped by the status quo believers.

        This is why we will never know the true power of cheap things like vitamin C, vitamin D, various minerals, baking soda, and other things as simple and more complex that don’t offer the system power or profit. In fact they hurt both.

        Rockefeller corporate medicine which now dominates the world even when run by a government was pushed along with eliminating all other forms of medical care. It will never do a study of the vaccine schedule for children or anything else which may reveal its failures.

        • So called “modern medicine” remains deeply attached to its snake oil roots. It assumed its position largely as a result of castigating any and all alternatives. A committee of the AMA formerly called the committee of Chiropractic changed its name to committee of quackery back in the 1930s i believe. It’s always been its SOP. It will even pooh upon it’s own previously held “beliefs”. The FDA was at one time the Department of Chemistry, or the Chemistry Department, I forget which. Which means if it ain’t chemistry, it don’t matter.

        • **”many things are deliberately not studied and when someone tries to study them the studies are deliberately sabotaged “**

          Sol true, Brent! -or, probably more often, they are just counted as “not credible sources”.

    • Which is the reason for the desperate attempt to eliminate the control group. Meaning us. As long as there is one, there sins are bound to be exposed.

  21. I regularly see the face diapered morons on my morning walks, either outdoors or alone in their cars. Ugh! At this point the face diaper has become a talisman, they need it to ward off the evil virus much like wearing a garlic necklace to ward off Dracula. Equally effective 😆

  22. I took my son apple picking today. The farm required diapers to ride the tractor to the orchard, and there was a lady handing them out. So we instead walked along the path with no issues. I also just walked past the diapers required sign in the farm store, and bought some cider donuts without incident – the ladies were friendly and didn’t say a word about my facial nudity. But seems that nearly everyone else seemed content to wear a diaper outside to ride a tractor to pick apples. Will they ever undiaper? No. No they won’t.

  23. “But some of us will hold on to the memory of a time when the only person who touched your privates was your spouse or at least, someone you wanted to touch your privates” EP

    Some of us will hold onto the memory, until there is none of us left with that memory. Freedom will be but a memory. A story passed down from a grandfather to his grandson. “Come here Johnny, I got a story to tell you. Do you know there was once a time when you could get on an airplane without those TSA agents fondling you? Its true my boy, when I was your age, we could board a bus, ship, or plane without anyone violating us. We also had vehicles we could drive whenever we wanted to, to wherever we wanted to go. All families had one of these vehicles, not just the congressmen, and president. It was a glorious time I tell you!”

    Johnny slides off his grandfather’s lap and goes to speak with his father. “Da, dad, I think its time to give grandpa his meds. He’s talking crazy things again.”

    • Rush – so sad it is… but there are so many such things which are now just memories in the minds of our elders. I remember stories from my dad, who started driving in the new country of India when he just reached double digits in age…. it wasnt a big deal, nobody cared. There were no cops. And he drove as fast as it would go….. forget seatbelts.

      Its a world we cant even imagine today….

      • My late father, born in 1930, never took a driving test. His first drivers license was simply purchased, like a hunting license, and then renewed thereafter. Not that a driving test is any test at all of driving skills. Speeding tickets were unheard of. One was expected to drive per conditions, which at that time did not include high volume traffic. And still doesn’t in rural areas such as I live in. Where “law enforcement” is “call us if you need us”, as it should be if we insist on having it. It’s not all a memory. Sometimes simply geographic.

        • Them “Flivvers” didn’t go all that fast, either. Top speed in a Model T was about 40 mph, and that’s IF the rutty dirt roads that were what most of America travelled on ca. 1930 were in good enough shape to allow it. I recall seeing a Depression Era ad for a Cadillac, which was touted not only for its luxury, but its dependability, and that it could cruise all day…at SEVENTY-FIVE miles per hour. Some 85 years later, my now traded-in, quite forgettable 2014 Ford Focus went EIGHTY-FIVE, still only turning 3,800 rpm, off that nothing four-banger, and still had more to give, but I was in no mood, even in the Nevada desert, bombing down US 50, the “Loneliest Road in America”, to become “cop bait”. Its successor, my 2020 Fusion, I’ve gone (in clear, dry conditions, temperature just barely above freezing) from Ely, NV to Delta, UT, a distance of 153 miles, in 97 minutes…do the math. And it too wasn’t even “winded”.

          Finally, I recall a sign from about 100 years ago, which stated, “Attention, Motorists…Fresno County has no speed cops…please drive so they won’t be NEEDED!”. Back from when common sense and a desire to just leave folks ALONE prevailed, How did we mess that up?

      • I know right? I remember age 12 visiting a cousin in Pennsylvania at a family picnic in a big park. He had a small motorcycle and let us kids around my age drive it on this dirt track while he rode on the back just to give us a thrill. I drove it! My grandparents were only a little worried. And of course in college we drove there and back up and down California like it was nothing. In LA traffic! To Mexico for a visit. Sometimes in broken down old cars. Duh! Now my a 18 year old niece describes her college not allowing freshman to have a car on campus as a good thing because she believes 18 year olds are not really responsible enough to drive cars! And we wonder why kids seem slower to mature. Brainwashing and lowered expectations?

        • Don’t get me started on how society now seems to INFANTILIZE young people…in 1944, there were quite a few of these “18 year olds”, storming Utah and Omaha beaches, being shot at by 18 year old GERMAN kids. The average age of a FIGHTER pilot then? Twenty-One! Why? In part, b/c it was believed that was the peak age of a pilot’s eyesight and reflexes, and, of course, you have to be strong and have a lot of endurance to fly those old crates! For example, the famed VMF-214, The “Black Sheep Squadron”, was first command by the famed (and COLORFUL) Greg “Pappy” Boyington, who was THIRTY when he took command of that Marine squadron. “Pappy” was appropriate, as he was about ten years OLDER than most of the men he led. The casting of the TV series about this unit, “Black Sheep Squadron”, which does feature one of Robert Conrad’s daughters, Nancy, as a Navy nurse, is a tad off, as Robert Conrad was 41 when it premiered. Furthermore, among the “Black Sheep” is noted actor John Larouquette, who was 29, almost “Pappy’s” age himself.

    • And with those stories will be grainy washed out color images of OJ Simpson running through an airport. Oh who am I kidding there won’t be any air travel for the masses.

      • “OJ Simpson running through an airport.”

        Yup. I remember that.
        It is a bit sad that so few have no idea what that time period was like.
        It’s especially sad that those who do remember that, and embrace this sheet today, …

  24. New York City schools head for deliberately induced chaos next Tuesday:

    Some city schools could lose up to 100 teachers and staffers next week due to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, union officials revealed Friday.

    The Department of Education has said 13 percent of city educators remain unvaccinated and face removal from payroll Tuesday.

    The Department of Education has said 80 percent of its total workforce of 130,000 — including essential kitchen and custodial staff — are vaccinated.

    That would leave more than 28,000 employees facing removal next week.

    In addition, as many as 60 percent of 4,300 school safety agents have refused the jab and could soon be off the job, officials warned.

    Roughly 10 percent of city principals have applied for religious or medical vaccine exemptions and few are being approved.

    “We’re ready,” [Mayor de Blasio] said, noting that the DOE made steep hiring increases last year due to COVID-19 needs. “Even to the tune of if we need thousands. We have thousands.


    We have thousands‘ — yeah, right!

    Show us your invisible legions, Mr Mayor — as the nation’s largest public school system crashes and burns.

    Got popcorn?

    • No self respecting credentialed educators would step in to fill these voids in the NYC ghetto shithole. I’m guessing the Haitians and Afghanis have found themselves a new career.

      • ‘UFT president Michael Mulgrew also pressed City Hall for an accounting of chronically absent students this year and estimated that figure to be as high as 150,000.’ — NYPost

        What if they opened public schools … and nobody showed up?

        When people massively reject ‘free’ services, you’ve got a fatal quality problem.

    • I think this the beginning of the end of public school education. I am not upset about it. These teachers who refuse to “vaccinate” will be able to find work in other districts or become private tutors. Private school and charter school enrollment is expanding. Once again the liberals have proven that they are willing to destroy the very people that they crow about saving. When will the people that continuously re-elect these morons wake up and realize this?

      • “These teachers who refuse to “vaccinate” will be able to find work in other districts…”

        How many “districts” could there be that have fewer than 100 employees?

        “… or become private tutors.”

        This is grossly unrealistic.

        “Private school and charter school enrollment is expanding.”

        Most private and charter schools have even more draconian injection policies than the public ones, at present. (Very soon, there will simply be a universal policy.)

        “When will the people that continuously re-elect these morons wake up and realize this?”

        If you think “elections” have anything to do with any of this, you are simply not paying attention.

        • Thank you, FP. You are absolutely right. There is no ray of sunshine and nothing can save us. All we are faced with is a tyrannical government with oncoming death and despair. We should not fight. We should not look at the end of the rainbow, because there isn’t one. Let’s continue to live in our misery knowing the enemy has won. I will begin preparations for the next Hale Bopp comet.

          • If anybody survives the global Cyber-Storm, of which forced hydrogel injections are just a preliminary step, it will not be by making marginal, conservative little adjustments and workarounds.

            Nobody will be able to maintain this “middle-class,” consumerist lifestyle if they disobey the command superstructure. If there are any survivors, it will be because the will be capable of abandoning all material comforts and trappings of what we think of as civilization.

            Life for the survivors (if any) will be brutish and barbaric: skirting starvation by meager subsistence farming, while defending (with improvised salvaged tech) against a merciless onslaught of AI-directed drones, robo-dogs, and hive-mind-enabled super-soldiers.

            Anyone unwilling to embrace that destiny is just high on hopium, waiting for the men to come and usher them onto the boxcars. For safety. (But maybe you can vote on the color of the boxcars! Red or Blue? Whuddleitbe?)

            • wow FP- thats grim ! There must be some hope!! Do you really not think there is any chance it can fall apart before it happens ? Personally I think its just going to be a test of nerves…. will get tough but if you can hold the line – we should be able to come out better than before….

              • Unfortunately, I’ve been way too right about way too much for way too long to think somehow some deus ex machine is going to halt the cyclone.
                What we’re going through now I’ve fully expected ever since the “swine flu” feint-hoax of 2009. I just never thought it was going to happen so soon, or so swiftly. (I never saw 2011’s predictive-programming film Contagion, so I was not aware that hex-spacing was a plan, let alone a feasible one, but I knew an oversold “pandemic” would be used as an excuse to implement a universal program of poison-injections. I did not appreciate that people could be reprogrammed with such totality that they would overwhelmingly beg and plead for the shots.)

                I knew that it would happen in my lifetime, but sort of figured I would be “grandfathered” out of the worst of it, and resolved not to have kids, who otherwise would clearly be nothing but fresh-meat-pin-cushions. In short, it turned out I was far too optimistic.

                The precipitous, cataclysmic pace of the liquidation of humanity has exceeded my expectations to a degree that is so astonishing as to be revelatory. When I first saw people voluntarily hex-spacing, and applying disinfectant fluid like leg-wringing insectoid drones, I realized that the Intelligence running the Operation had reduced human psychology right down to its most essential core. I understood that 9ll had used fear to terrify people into submission and compliance, but only with this grandiose PsyOp did it become clear that the Masters had decoded humanity completely, and discovered the psychological trigger for a 100% command-control mode. People were, overnight, rendered blank slates, upon which the Humanity 2.0 program is now being imprinted. Convincing people that they are under threat of an invisible, internal “germ” is (apparently) a crystallizing “Reset” button for the human psyche. That button has been pressed, and it cannot be un-pressed. I knew we were doomed even before I knew the Masters held such a perfect skeleton key of the mind. The Herd has been hacked and weaponized. There is no escaping Them, because They are legion, and there’s nowhere to escape to.

                • So why don’t you just end it all? What’s to live for? Have a pleasant journey. I’ll take a different path. One I’ve taken before. The state is NOT omnipotent, and is often and largely ignored by many. If anything, it appears that’s getting easier rather than harder.

              • Gotta ride this job out for as long as possible, eric, since I am now unemployable, and this is the last job I will ever have. (You have no idea how committed legal professionals are to the mask-and-vaxx-agenda. The only reason I’ve gotten away with not wearing a mask and not getting plugged this far is that my current boss knows how valuable I am. Nobody else would, and 100% masking and a vaxx-requirement are now de rigueur in the industry.) Also, small-town law is an incestuous, insular cesspit. I’ve had some cases that brought me out to the sticks, and the corruption is right out in the open, and the home-towners detest city-slicker carpet-baggers, and do not try to conceal their bias against outsiders.

                • RE: “Gotta ride this job out for as long as possible, eric, since I am now unemployable, and this is the last job I will ever have.”

                  Imho, it’s your choice that, “this is the last job I will ever have”. What I hear you saying is, “I’m a whore, I won’t work for less than I’m being paid now and I won’t stoop to doing any other line of work.”
                  Are you in debt up to your eyeballs, or sumthin?

                  According to Austrian Economics thinking, you’re not “unemployable” no one is.

                  I agree with Eric, you need to get out of the office… & out of the city!
                  Get dirty. Muddy. Sweaty.
                  Use up your vacation points. You’re gonna loose them anyway, eventually.

                  It’s likely true that in most cases, “small-town law is an incestuous, insular cesspit”… either: fight it.

                  Or, ignore it as best you can & do something else. Lots of carrier, ‘yes men’ have blazed a trail ahead of you.

                  …It’s up to you.

                  The home-towners where I am haven’t shown bias against outsiders. They’ve all been really cool. I imagine that’s the case in most places. It’s not like I haven’t lived & seen things, too.

                  You seem like a smart guy. When one door closes, another opens.

                  • I don’t know why, after I posted that, I thought I’d add, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.

                    Also, you’re not the only one facing what you are.

                    • “you’re not the only one facing what you are”

                      That’s exactly my point.

                      We are all motes, being swept away by a storm that dwarfs anything we can even imagine. I’m just unwilling to delude myself and think “I’ll be okay.”

                      I won’t. And neither will you. Nobody will. Our species is being exterminated.

                      Act accordingly.

                  • Haha all the Mexicans sweating in the fields of Camarillo that I see every day…
                    are all forced to wear face-diapers and I have no doubt they’re all vaxxed by order of the Big Man too.

                    Sure, I’m gonna be a mud slave instead of a city slave. Big improvement.

                  • Excellent, Helot!

                    FP is a lawyer, which means he is capable of doing lots of things that could earn him a living. The problem – as you’ve noted – is that he apparently needs to earn a certain living, which only being a lawyer in the city will support. And that is his choice. Others have made different choices. He feels doomed because he has locked himself into a prison of his own making. I have tried to explain that he holds the key. I used it, myself, some 20 years ago. Like him, I once worked in the city and was dependent on a big-company paycheck to support a suburban life. I said sayonara to that – and now live Diaper (and Jab) free. He could, too. He just won’t.

                • Then don’t be a city slicker carpet bagger. Of course local politics are corrupt. All politics are. The difference being a thing you actually alluded to. It’s out in the open. Disposed of if it gets to egregious. In LA it just keeps growing.
                  It appears you’re addicted to your income. No sympathy here. If you love money you will be betrayed. He who has nothing and wants nothing has everything.

                  • Well said, Eric.
                    A member of the bar could certainly set himself up in business if he chose.
                    I haven’t had a “job” since 1996. What I have had is a moderately successful small business (just me, no employees) providing a specialized service to a particular type of business.

                    I guess some people just need a “daddy” to tell them what to do, and dole out a weekly, biweekly or monthly “allowance” for doing what daddy tells them to do.

                    Those of us who are more independent minded are quite content to have many bosses, otherwise known as customers.

                    Keep your customers happy, you get paid. Otherwise not. There is no daddy, there is no Santa Claus, and there is no Easter Bunny.

            • FP, many of us already are (and have long been) living largely apart from the statist system/economy- and it is not brutish and horrible at all, as long as you have prepared to do it. In fact, it is quite wonderful- basically living the way people throughout history have always lived. Sure we may enjoy a few of the perks, like the interwebz for the time being…but I have often thought of giving that up even before being forced to, because quite frankly, I like the simple old-fashioned “unconnected” world a lot better than their system- and the freedom living in such a manner enables is something most people only dream about.
              It’ll just be a hellish nightmare for those who have never made any provision for living that way- i.e. those in apartments, and in cities and suburbs and densely populated areas where they have no land nor the freedom or knowledge to live any differently than as a ‘consumer’ at the mercy of the corporate-statist system. Just one blip…like cutting the electricity, and they’re screwed.
              Much like during the Great Depression- those on small farms, who weren’t just obsessed with having a huge cash crop, and all of the debt such entails, etc. did quite well…barely even noticing, because they could provide easily for themselves and weren’t in debt nor reliant on employment income to provide their necessities.
              Sad thing is: For those who didn’t see these times coming, and who thus failed to position themselves, it is likely too late.

              • RE: “Much like during the Great Depression- those on small farms, who weren’t just obsessed with having a huge cash crop, and all of the debt such entails, etc. did quite well…”

                I grew up hearing those stories from people who lived that way. And, about the men who stopped by asking for work. Any work.

                I also heard from those during that time who were shooting rats inside their house with BB guns in the city of Pittsburg.

                Big contrast.

                Also, imho, it’s not too late. I imagine it’s more like: those who have given up, or who embrace the attempt to shove The Devil System upon all, have cast their lot.
                After-all, a person can still buy an RV or something similar & flats of canned green beans. Maybe a slab of dirt somewhere?
                The clock is ticking, tho.

        • “This is grossly unrealistic.” Spoken like one of the Sociopaths In Charge. Your opinion as fact. No evidence required. Just as it’s “grossly unrealistic” that we can survive the plague without vaccination.

      • ‘Once again the liberals have proven that they are willing to destroy the very people that they crow about saving.’ — Raider Girl

        You can bet that the 60 percent of 4,300 school safety agents who have refused the jab skew heavily African-American and Hispanic.

        When the social control agenda conflicts with the racial justice agenda, minorities will just have to be sacrificed … for the greater good. /sarc

        • My local Burlington in central Jersey always has a long line for checkout. With few exceptions, the Indians are masked, the Latinx are not. The first does not surprise me, the second does not disappoint me. Yay Hispanics!

          • You would think if there actually was a ‘pandemic’ that *they* would mandate that stores have enough cashiers working so as not to create those long lines, eh? But of course, making people’s lives more pleasant is a poor use of tyranny/psy-ops…it jujst wouldn’t have the impact if you went to the store and got out in 3 minutes and said “This is great!”- So instead they mandate things that engender misery and humiliation to give the sens that “This is real” and to make people want to do stupid things (Like get injected) for the false promises, like “Then this can end” (Who’d want no-lines check-out to end?!)

    • I’d like to see the stats for Long Island schools- where the ‘teachers’ make over $100K a year. Bet they’re not going to quit- How would they pay their $15K a year property taxes? NYC will probably just request more newly-printed funny-money from Pedo Joe, so they can induce such loyalty too…..

  25. Please take the quick, fun, and revealing quiz below:


    I sent it to one cultist, a highly successful criminal defense lawyer. He only responded with how many days he missed the target by, which wasn’t why I sent it to him to take. It has graphs showing caseloads. I then asked how he could POSSIBLY conclude masks work after seeing the graphs.

    His reply? “The experts say they do”

    No one weighs empirical evidence against narratives any longer. Authorities speak, and the followers swallow it. Amazing, especially since criminal defense lawyers use witness credibility, or lack thereof, to break apart a prosecution’s case.

    Oh, the irony.

  26. Agreed.
    “Belief” is accepting something as true withOUT verifiable factual support.
    “Knowledge” is accepting something as true WITH verifiable factual support.

    Thus, my maxim:
    On the Railroad Track of Truth, Belief is the First Step Off The Rails.

    From every angle, the govt’s and big media’s claims about “covid” can only be accepted by BELIEVERS. Investigation shows there is no verifiable factual support for their claims. A “deadly virus” — when no such virus has been proved to exist: no government has isolated, purified samples to be had by honest scientists. A “PCR test” — when PCR is not a test but is a process for duplication. Deaths “by covid” — when there’s always another, valid, reason: pneumonia, cancer, traffic accident, etc. Yes, even crash victims have been labeled as “covid deaths.” Even the term “pandemic” is a blatant lie since year-by-year death totals show that there was no leap in total deaths last year.

    But sheeple will be sheeple. We, the minority of our own people who truly think, must get done what must get done.

    • The WHO changed its definition of a “pandemic” just before COVID appeared. Serious health implication and deaths were REMOVED from the definition. So now, any infection, regardless how harmless, can be declared a “pandemic”.

      • What gets me at times, is the abrupt change of many long standing medical practices and recommendations. They just changed overnight in some cases. And why people don’t question those changes very much. People really don’t question things very much IMHO, and they need to.

        Why any government has any credibility is something that gets me too. They are so wrong on almost everything, but yet, that’s what people seem to trust and look to for guidance. WHY??????

  27. The diapers are growing in size and complexity. They are headed in the direction of the plague mask in that the proboscis is large enough to start filling with herbs and spices to ward off the evil CLOVIS. All one can see beyond the floral printed germ-pads is the beady little eyes of scared wretches with no critical thinking ability. Only lifting the filthy rags to stuff their needled up pie holes. The only desire is for Uncle Sugar to fill their bank accounts with more fake money and their arms with the elixir of safety. Oh Uncle Sugar, what shall we do next? It appears that he wants us all to die, but hey, who’s paying any attention when it’s foopbawl season.

    My patience is also wearing thin.

  28. “What happens when the cult goes national?” Millions of people die horrible deaths at the hands of the state. The adult involvement in the cult doesn’t bother me nearly as much as what they’re doing to their children. The adults are a lost cause. These kids are going to grow up terrified of a naked human face.

  29. A religion it is indeed.

    Though I believe some are tired of attending services. I have conversations with the congregants that show the cracks – esp when it comes to the concept of never ending shots.

    There will be those who hold the faith forever, but those are the worthless ones that look to govt as a parent. They would support any policy about any subject, because it’s for the common “good”

    The rest of us must keep non-complying. We are the examples of freedom those who are just going along with it will see and long to be like.

    It is starting to crack.

  30. ‘When they get sick after having rolled up their sleeves, they thank the “vaccines” – as in The Lords of Discipline.’ — eric

    Thousands have been sickened or disabled by the pseudo-vaccines, according to the VAERS database. But most of them are folks without political pull.

    Unusually, a 64-year-old physician named Danice Hertz, incapacitated with neurological symptoms within minutes after her first dose of Pfizer BNT162B2, managed to get her group of 80 victims in contact with top officials at the Food & Drug Administration: Janet Woodcock, acting FDA administrator, and Dr Peter Marks, manager of a unit within FDA.

    A long article in The Defender describes what happened after Dr Hertz elevated her group’s cases to the top of the bureaucracy: missed meetings; no follow-up; pointless suggestions from underlings to fill out forms and initiate contacts that she had already done months before.

    I am a physician, not a moron,’ Dr Hertz wrote after a particularly frustrating exchange with a federal official.

    Then — for those victims still able to work — came the crowning blow:

    ‘Now there are vaccine mandates and people like us cannot get vaccinated again [because of previous adverse reactions].

    ‘Many in my group are physicians [who] cannot go back to work until they’re fully vaccinated. [So] they can’t go back to work and it’s not easy to get an exemption.’


    One size fits all, when it comes to the US fedgov’s mindless Procrustean bulldozing on behalf of Big Pharma.

    If articulate, politically-connected physicians can’t get through to Biden’s Stalinist health commissars, then a lot more of us need to join the fight.

    Every day, I’m going to come out punching.

  31. The religious analogy is a good and useful one, but it only goes so far. If YOU want to make the sign of the cross, wear the holy underwear, wear a yarmulke (or, for that matter, a swastika) fine, go ahead! Just don’t force ME to do it if I don’t want to.

    And therein lies the problem. You want wear a mask? Knock yourself out. As Anthony Fauci said, it won’t do anything but maybe make you FEEL good. Just don’t use the power of government to make me do it, and don’t send armed government goons to assault, cuff, and arrest me for not doing it.

    The Founders forbid the government “establishment” of religion for good reason. We would be horrified if people got arrested for refusing to take communion on Sunday. But the COVID hysteria has become a de facto state religion, because enough of the idiotic people in “our democracy” have converted to the faith.

    Intelligent people from Plato to Madison understood that a “democracy” was just as oppressive — maybe more — and more detrimental to individual rights than a monarchy, an aristocracy or an oligarchy.

    We’re seeing this unfortunate truth play out in real time.

    • Gang rape is democracy in action. The 51% forcing the 49% to go along, at gunpoint if necessary. At least they aren’t burning people at the stake, yet, as the Catholic church has been known to do.

    • “Democracy” is not necessarily conducive to FREEDOM. The word ‘tyrant’ came from those Athenian strong men who were ELECTED into power, and like Palpatine of Star Wars infamy, didn’t relinquish it. The “Founding Fookers” established a REPUBLIC to keep the newly minted Federal “Gubmint” subservient to the several states that established it, and the PEOPLE. Didn’t work…as like Lord Vader…”once it was the ‘learner’…now it’s become the MASTER.”

  32. Let them eat cake! So sayeth Bush appointee David Bunning of the US Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, when asked to decide if healthcare workers can refuse a vaccine mandate over concerns about its safety. Our judge friend so opines that:

    “If an employee believes his or her liberties are more important than legally permissible conditions on his or her employment, that employee can and should choose to exercise another individual liberty, no less significant – the right to seek other employment.”

    So there you have it, folks. Don’t like it, tough. Find another job.

    • Well, BAC, so it is. Let them build cities without brick. The hospitals are so short on staff as it is, I hope these workers DO quit.

      What is so often missing is some resourceful person or organization to seize the day on these issues. Why, what a perfect time to staff your previously un-staffable neighborhood hospital endeavor with a whole bevy of experienced healthcare workers, and knowledgeable and courageous ones at that!

      Also, what a time would it have been for a small microchip manufacturer to take advantage of the chip shortage, perhaps hiring those who would refuse the jab at so many larger corporations.

      Even when things are going to hell, life offers us so many opportunities. It’s a pity that there are also so many of us who are clearly not in any place to seize them.

      • ‘What is so often missing is some resourceful person or organization to seize the day on these issues.’ — BaDnOn

        No prob, step right up:

        “There has been a seismic shift of workers from retail and restaurants to cannabis,” said Kara Bradford, chief executive of cannabis recruiting firm Viridian Staffing, where she has fielded as many as 500 applications for one opening. “There is a sense that this is a booming industry that’s fun and interesting, with a lot of opportunities to move up quickly.” — msn.com

        … soon to include fired nurses and doctors. Why slave away in a germ-ridden hospital, when you can be a bud-tender in a casual, unvaxxed workplace?

        *blows a lazy blue smoke ring*

    • Addendum:

      I was listening to Dan Bongino the other day, who said he used to believe that the free market would solve problems such as what we are experiencing. He then said that he was wrong, and gave Parler as an example. He then weakly suggested that government must be the solution to this problem of forced jabs, diaper mandates, etc.

      No Dan, you weren’t wrong. The point is that there is NO free market here. It is so ruthlessly regulated, controlled and otherwise coerced, it is utterly laughable to call the market “free”.

      Simultaneously calling the government the cause and solution to these problems reminds me of Homer Simpson’s thoughts on beer.

      And Parler, like many other companies, chose poorly when it came to their web hosting. Gab never suffered such issues. So many alternatives have sprung to life over the seismic emergence of this corporate-government Cthulhu. Now, what is needed is the DELETION of so many regulations, systems of “kick-back” etc. that plague government-business relations. It is the removal of governmental influence from business and “healthcare” that is needed, not additional strata.

      • The “Tech Lords”, in order to make billions off Government sales (and not JUST the US Government), have prostituted themselves into being deputized as the accomplices of the Loony Left. Most of the sandal-wearing “Free Thinkers” are of that same ilk anyway. They’re all for being “progressive” and “caring”…until THEIR bottom line is threatened.


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