Raising the Jolly Roger

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Most people don’t know that the term, politically correct, has its origins in Stalin’s Soviet Union. Back then, it meant more than just excommunication from the Party. It often meant excommunication from this veil of tears – a la Trotsky, via an icepick to the head.

Well, it may come to that here as well.

It is certainly headed that way.

Of all things – and of all places – the car business has become hag-ridden by politically correct orthodoxies and while the penalty for running afoul of these is not yet NKVD thugs bashing in your skull, it is serious enough.

About  year ago, I wrote a column (here) lambasting the fact that a major automaker – General Motors – actually had a vice president of diversity. An in-house, full-time (and six-figure, maybe seven) Jesse Jackson.

Racialism ensconced!

Because – third rail time – as we all know perfectly well but must never say openly , “diversity” means the promotion of and focus on certain racial groups (and sexes and sexual preferences) to the exclusion of one very specific race and sexual (spare me talk of “gender”) preference.

It means bean-counting people not according to who they are as individual human beings or what they bring to the table in terms of individual merit and achievement but according to their hue and reproductive equipment and bedroom inclinations.

Thus, embarrassments such as African Americans on Wheels (yes, really) and GayWheels.com (the relevance of the latter will shortly become clear) and of vice presidents of diversity at a major automaker.

The original race hustler…

Being a car guy, I figured car companies were places where cars and engineering mattered – as opposed to skin pigment and claspers or not.

I wondered – in print – about the oddity of seeking a color blind society by focusing on . . . color.

And why any of this should be the concern of a major car company, whose business ought to be designing, building and selling great cars – which GM has often done in the past as well as currently.

Is African Americans on Wheels any less noxious than Aryans in Audis – or Jews in Jeeps? Do gay people base their car buying decisions on who they sleep with? Or is it that they object to not having specifically gay people  designing – and selling – them?

God, it makes my teeth ache.

I wrote in goodwill, as a journalist and one of the few such remaining not hostile to the car industry – and as a Libertarian, who loathes the PC cant and the denial of individuality and individual merit which inheres in categorizing people by group, according to their racial or ethnic origins or because of their sexual equipment and what they do with it.

Within two weeks of the publication of that column –  just by coincidence – GM decided it would no longer allow me to test drive its vehicles for purposes of reviewing them. Which I had been doing without interruption – or complaint, as my reviews never slight a car based on feelings or some other non-rational consideration . . . you know, such as race or sex or sexual orientation –  for more than 20 years, up to this point.

The denial of access to press pool cars is the equivalent, for a car journalist, of Don Corleone kissing you full on the lips. It means death – or at least (for now) the next-best thing  . . . from their point of view.

Fredo gets the kiss of death from Don Corleone…

By kicking me out of the press pool, they hope to prevent me from being able to write about cars – at least, their cars – which is a major problem for a guy who writes about cars for a living.

It is a purely punitive measure – like taking away a White House press pool reporter’s credentials for asking too many uncomfortable questions. It is ugly. Thuggery.

And that’s the point of this column.

GM has every right to deny me or any other journalist access to the press fleet. They are not my cars, after all.

But the dishonest reasons for denying me access are despicable and I have every right to publicize them.

In order to understand, you need to know a little about how it works. Or rather, how it used to work.

Media access to new cars is determined – was determined – by objective criteria such as which publication(s) one wrote for, how large an audience one had. They didn’t loan cars to just anyone. You had to be an objective someone. Legitimate.

I’m pretty legitimate.

I began to get access to new cars to test drive way back in the mid-1990s when I became a columnist for The Washington Times in DC.

As my audience grew (I began to write for national level publications such as the Detroit News and Chicago Tribune as well as major online sites such as cars.com and The Car Connection) I got full access to every major automakers’ vehicles.

It has been so ever since.

Well, until now.

Until that column appeared.

At a stroke, I was persona non grata, which struck me as both odd and suspicious, given two relevant facts.

The first fact being that I have a very sizable audience and write for several national-level publications, have a syndicated column, run the largest, widest-read Libertarian car site on the Net and do regular radio spots all over the country. My audience today is larger than it was when I was merely a columnist at The Washington Times – and also a columnist for major online media such as thecarconnection.com and cars.com and AOL Autos (I was once the car columnist for AOL).

The second fact being that I know for certain that GM has not pulled the press privileges of much lesser journalists – in terms of the size of their audiences and the pubs they write for.

In other words, in plain language, I have been singled out for sonderbehandlung – special treatment. Some will know the reference.

So I inquired, as follows:

Hi Terry (Terry being Terrence Rhadigan, a GM vice president – albeit not of diversity)

I’m hoping someone will tell me why – specifically – GM has decided to rescind my access to press vehicles.

As I wrote previously, it doesn’t make sense given the size of my audience, the national-level publications I write for regularly and the fact that my car reviews are syndicated by Creators Syndicate, which also syndicates Pat Buchanan’s column, among other heavy hitters.

My point being: I know for a fact that several journalists whose audiences are not nearly as large as mine, who do not have a nationally syndicated column or write books, as I do, and who do not appear regularly on major league radio news programs (as I do) are granted access to GM’s press fleet. I was getting GM cars until earlier this year – and had been getting them, regularly, for more than 20 years. My audience is, if anything, larger now than it was a year ago – when I was still regularly getting GM vehicles.

It seems there is some sort of personal problem at issue here. Perhaps with Joe LaMuraglia (this is the guy who defrocked me, more follows belowwho has been unprofessional and dismissive toward me, for reasons that elude me.

In more than 25 years as a working auto journalist, I have never had anything like this happen with any other automaker, or with GM.

The whole thing is baffling. Unlike the majority of journalists out there, I am not antagonistic toward GM, love cars and driving. I don’t think I have ever written an unfair review of a GM vehicle. My op-eds tend to favor the industry rathe than the regulatory apparat; I defend you guys…!

I’d like to know why – for the record.

Because absent some resolution, I plan to write about this situation. Because I have to. It is odd – and embarrassing – that I’m not able to review GM vehicles. My readers will want to know why.

I am hoping you will be able to help me explain it to them.

Hope to hear from you soon.


I did hear back from Terry. But I got nothing in the way of substantive answers. Instead, this:


Specifically, this is a business decision, and is not intended to be personal. We are faced with the challenge of doing our jobs with fewer resources than ever before, and with that comes circumstances like this one. You are not alone.  Other journalists have also been declined access to the fleet.  We regret that we’re not able to cover the landscape like with did when budgets and fleets were larger. We can keep lines of communication open in the future, in the event that circumstances change.


I replied – burning bridges style – as follows:

Hi Terry,

Yes, but a “business decision” based upon what criteria?

If I am not “big” enough to merit press car privileges, how “big,” exactly, does one have to be? It would be helpful to know. A bar to strive for. It is not an unreasonable question. And some known standard for all journalists seeking access to press cars for purposes of writing reviews would eliminate any hint that certain journalists were simply being excluded – punished – for reasons other than the size of their audience.

I mention this because there are some journalist who are not as “big” as I am – in terms of audience size, national reach and so on – who are still receiving GM press car loans while I am not.

Keep in mind I’m not the new kid on the block. I’ve been at this since the early ’90s and have come to know a lot of people in the business and they know me, too.

It simply does not make sense . . . if the criteria are the legitimacy of the journalist and the size of his audience.

Thus, I strongly suspect I have offended some politically correct orthodoxy. Being a non-corporate guy, I am not chained by such considerations.

Joe – whom I have never met nor even spoken with, by the way – probably took offense at a column I wrote earlier this year critiquing what I style the Diversity Cult. I say this because of his background and because of his dismissive and unprofessional conduct toward me and because my access to GM press cars was pulled shortly after that column appeared; literally within a week of its publication.

After literally 20-plus years of uninterrupted regular access to GM vehicles.

To be very clear: I don’t care at all what a person’s ethnic or sexual background is; whether they are black or blue or refer to themselves as “we” or “they” or what they do in the bedroom or whom they marry. Decent, fair-minded people simply don’t give a damn about other people’s skin color or sexual orientation and want to deal with them as individual human beings, defined by their achievements, their work, what they do, whether they are of good character (and so on) … unless race and sex and sexual orientation are forced down their throats.

I’m a Libertarian. I don’t have any issue with the “gay community” or any other “community” except insofar as they insist on identifying and defining in terms of a collective based on skin color – or whom they sleep with – and make those things the focus of conversation, with genuflection not only expected but demanded.

Most of us just want to deal with other people as people – not as black people or gay people.

Such tripe ought to be irrelevant – certainly when it comes to writing about cars. I care about whether a car is interesting, useful, makes sense, is fun to drive – hits the sweet spot.

And that is all I care about. Not whether the guy behind the wheel – or the guy who designed the car – is “of color” or gay or likes strawberry but not chocolate ice cream.

Joe seems to care about such things a great deal. And if you don’t share those cares . . .

It’s a shame. I’m one of the few remaining people on my side of the fence who isn’t reflexively anti-industry. Who isn’t an air bag-snuggling, “safety”obsessed, ride-sharing-is-the-future, anti-car zealot with pictures of Joan Claybrook and Ralph Nader pinned to his wall.


I appreciate your position – believe me – and thank you for getting back to me. But absent something more substantial than “business decision,” I have to conclude GM has excommunicated me from the press pool because GM isn’t happy with my writing, not that the size of my audience is the problem.


I did not get a reply.

But I did do a little research. I discovered that this Joe LaMuraglia character – who is now oberbefehlshaber of GM’s press fleet – has a very interesting background. As follows:

“Joe founded GayWheels.com and made it successful because he had the vision to see that, although LGBT Americans are some of the country’s biggest car buyers, they had been totally ignored by automakers. He set out to change that – and did. A computer whiz and former employee of a major auto manufacturer, Joe founded GayWheels, a site featuring knowledgeable auto reviews by gay writers, and – a first – a ranking of which auto companies are gay-friendly, and which don’t deserve LGBT customers. This mission, and how well Joe achieved it, was unique among all the pitches I heard as Executive Editor of The Advocate, the national LGBT magazine. I hired Joe to provide our magazine with accurate, timely, and well-written auto reviews. He would call and schedule several reviews in advance; deliver them on time, with the appropriate art; and provide fact-checking information. I found him highly reliable and, also important, a great guy to do business with. And PS: Joe is now Social Marketing Manager for GM. They got lucky!”

Us straight white males not so much.

Notice the verbiage. ” . . .reviews by gay writers” – because you can’t just be a writer anymore. You writing is less relevant than your sexual interests – which must be not merely advertised but define you as a writer.

Like “African Americans on Wheels.”

One can’t just be a car journalist. One must be an African American journalist. Or a gay journalist. But never a white male journalist. That is one color of the rainbow no longer wanted. And if one had the bad taste to launch something like the aforesaid Aryans in Audis, it is doubtful one would receive fawning treatment by vice presidents of diversity, much less access to press cars.

Ah, and this brings us to the piece d’ resistance.

No one even reads Gaywheels.com. I mean that literally.

Have a look, see for yourself.

The first thing you’ll see is zero comments – and no page view counters.  Because no one is viewing these pages. And yet, GM is loaning cars – presumable – to “gay writers” such as Casey Williams, who reviewed the Cadillac  Escalade (here). Note, again, the lack of even one comment and no “clicks.”

Joe LaMuraglia, founder of GayWheels.com and now Diversity Gatekeeper at GM.

Contrast the above with the recent article of mine about the Chevy Volt (here). Almost 9,000 clicks and 183 comments.

And that was just from EPautos. This column appeared in multiple other outlets, including Lew Rockwell’s site and The American Spectator. This one article looks like it got more eyes – and clicks – than the entire portfolio of GayWheels.com.

Pretty much every article on EPautos.com is read by thousands – and many generate hundreds of comments.

But wait, there’s more. According to  Google Analytics, ericpetersautos’ current ranking is 97,460 (see here) while gaywheels is way back there, number 1,232,916. It’s like a drag race between a Prius – an old one, with a tired battery pack – and a new Corvette.

And – mind – ericpetersautos is merely one of my outlets.

But I am unworthy to get GM’s press cars. While the “gay writers” for gaywheels are – notwithstanding no one seems to be reading their gay writing while there is no question people are reading my writing  . . . irrespective of my sexual proclivities.

Perhaps because no one cares who I fuck – why would they? –  just that I write a decent review.

It is embarrassingly obvious what the deal is here. This Joe LaMuraglia guy does not like me. He is annoyed by my failure to genuflect before the totem pole of “diversity.” Now, I don’t mind that he does not like me. What I cannot abide is that GM is allowing the politically correct agenda of this guy (who is merely one of many, who’ve infiltrated and infected every major corporation) to determine what ought to be – to use Terry Rhadign’s own words –  a business decision.

If a writer – straight or gay, hermaphrodite or caprophagic tepischfresser – has an audience, then he (or she or it or they) ought to get cars, period. The numbers ought to be the only thing that matters.

The fact that they are not – that other considerations are given greater weight – says a lot about GM and its problems as a major automaker. A less major one than it used to be, incidentally.

Another shot of Joe, this time with GM director of diversity communications Jocelyn Allen.

When GM was not hag-ridden by political correctness and not scared shitless of diversity hires such as Joe LaMuraglia who owe their positions solely and only to race (and sex equipment) hustling, they had 50 percent of the entire North American car market. One division – Chevrolet – sold more cars than all of GM does today.

I hate to air dirty laundry, but they’ve left me no choice. And – for the record – I will not gratuitously slam GM as such – or its vehicles – many of which, as I have already mentioned, are outstanding. I will continue to review them on the down low – because I still have friends in low places.

But I will go to the mattresses over this diversity scheisse.

Because someone has to – and I am probably one of the very few independent journalists who can do it.

One of my favorite writers – who never made an issue of his skin color or his sex nor gave a damn about the skin color of others, nor their sex or sexual interests but only whether they could write and had something worth writing about – said that a time comes in every man’s life when it’s time to raise the Jolly Roger.

And so, I have.

. . .

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        • As Henry Makow said: “All porn-O-graphy is gay porn-O-graphy”. Now they’re just making it obvious.

          Gotta love it- all these businesses- from JC Penny to Playboy are jumping off the cliff to appeal to .01% of the population. Let us know how that works out for…. What a great time to kick all of these now snowflake-run businesses to the curb, as they drive their own customers away in droves- thus giving new little guys a great opportunity to replace these dinosaurs who seem to think that they can politicize and dictate the tastes of their soon-to-be former customers.

          • They are lagging the government which has been catering to the wealthiest .01% of the population that pays their bribes for as long as it has existed.

    • Well, when a president illegally replaces a CEO, something only the board and stockholders have a right to do, then you’ve pretty much passed the point of ‘anything goes’. I quit hoping things like “Well, when Obamar is gone” and other such dreams like I’ve had before and got swatted good and hard for even thinking things would get better. I actually had the temerity to think that “Anybody but Bush” could only be an improvement. I won’t make that mistake again and feel the fool at my age for thinking such……and man, Bush was pretty fuckin bad…….

      • Any corporate officer refusing to carry out directions from the board of directors of any corporation would be their last act there. The board hires and fires the corporate officers.

        • A little Van Morrison For Van Bill

          I’ve been searching a long time For someone exactly like you
          I’ve been traveling all around the world Waiting for you to come through.
          Someone like you makes it All worth while Someone like you keeps me satisfied Someone exactly like you.

          I’ve been travelin’ a hard road Lookin’ for someone exactly like you
          I’ve been carryin’ my heavy load Waiting for the light to come shining through.
          Someone like you makes it all worth while Someone like you keeps me satisfied. Someone exactly like you. I’ve been doin’ some soul searching To find out where you’re at I’ve been up and down the highway
          In all kinds of foreign lands Someone like you makes it all worth while

          Someone like you keeps me satisfied. Someone exactly like you.
          I’ve been all around the world Marching to the beat of a different drum.But just lately I have realized The best is yet to come.Someone like you makes it all worth while Someone like you keeps me satisfied. Someone exactly like you.

      • Right, 8! It should be obvious to just about anyone by now, that every successive administration is guaranteed to be worse than the one which preceded it. It just keeps getting worse; wars, welfare, injustice and tyranny- the only thing distinguishing a “good” admin from a “bad” one is the language that is used, and which side of the political spectrum they try and appeal to- but they all DO the very same things- each building upon their predecessor’s evils.

        Even I held out a little tiny bit of hope that somehow Trump might be a hair of an improvement. Boy do I feel foolish now. Thank God I don’t vote!

  1. We actually wanted Dollar stores in this area, the old country Folk had a time with something as fast-paced and intimidating as “wally world ” however there are real Dingbats that work there at times and aisles are so crowded, one store has 3 registers (one open and manned if you are lucky) a lot of the prices have verged on the ridiculous, when you are basically the only game in town, you take it or leave it.The” dollar tree” on the other hand actually has a few bargains and most of the stuff is a dollar or less.

    • Hell, Kevin, that’s the way it is here. Dollar Tree has some fair prices but Wally is cheaper on nearly everything than the other Dollar’s, however many there are. Gotta hit Wally today, dread it.

      • I seldom see anything in small quantities at Walmart as are routine at dollar stores. Dollar stores have always sold small quantities of everything, and Walmart’s pricing is set in Bentonville, Arkansas, far from any dollar store. The closest that Walmart comes to shopping the competition is an omnipresent price match when proof if provided.

        • Well Bill, I guess there’s some truth in that. I DID have to buy 2 screen door latches they nailed me for $1.67 for both and Dollar store had them for $2 each(nobody but Dollar Tree has items for $1 now and Dollar store has no screen door latches). Wally sells me a new DVD for $3.74 and Dollar General sells me a used DVD for $3…..well used….

          Dollar Tree is taking the rest of the bunch to the cleaners(I love their dollar bottles of cleaners)on cleaners.

  2. You sound surprised, Eric. If you want to truly understand, begin by grasping that you are up against a decentralized, fatwa-based religion that preaches hatred and aggression against unbelievers, depends on a huge network of madrassas for propagation, and explicitly aims at and institutes theocracy. Its one weird trick (TM) involves preaching that it’s against all religion, which shields it from being properly evaluated as a movement of church ladies and religious fanatics.

    There are 2 simple books that offer both dissection of key methods, and actionable advice. The most recent is:


    It’s a turbocharged follow-on to:


    Finally, discover who and what #GamerGate was. They are the template for your fight. Bit-Tawfiq!

    • Hi Ahmad,

      Good stuff! An interesting thing about SJWs (we call them Clovers here) is they’re generally soft as individuals and their aggression is passive until they wheedle themselves into a position of power; not their power – but the power of a corporation or of government.

  3. Most corporations have embraced cultural Marxism. You’d have to move to Amish country in order to boycott the corporations embracing it. As for car companies, I know for a fact Ford is just is bad or worse than GM when it comes to PC orthodoxy, especially if you take a look at what the family’s foundation has funded over the years.

  4. Raise the Jolly Roger? You do know that gays are mucho into the “pirate” theme? Don’t know why but they are. Anyway, you got fagged for speaking your mind. The diversity thing is big in corporations. Lesbians, trannys, it’s a cornucopia of weirdness. Want really weird? Watch the Wendy William show. I swear that’s a man but don’t tell anyone or Dish Network will cancel your service.

  5. I mused on a recent Facebook post, that modern PC culture is very much like Nazism, with it’s obsessiveness over race. And it is quite ironic that they refer to conservatives and liberterians as Nazis, simply for wishing to believe that all people, regardless of physical characteristics, should be given a fair shake. Life seems kind of backwards.

    • Hi Henry,


      The tragedy is they do have some very good cars; I am a big fan of the current Corvette and I’d like to get seat time in the new Equinox diesel as well.

      I am hoping that, eventually, saner heads will prevail…

  6. Update: The VW Tiguan review at GayAutos (posted on 10/11) has exactly TWO comments. I suspect a couple of Clovers read Eric’s article and decided to break the 0-for streak.

  7. Libertarianism loses against liberalism.

    There’s nothing new there. If you don’t know yet, you will. Principles are nothing against power.

    Car companies, universities, newspapers, virtually all corporations. They are all pozed. They have no diversity and everyone must be liberal.

    You may not be interested in race, but it is becoming very important. And the vast majority of libertarians are white males….why is that?

    • Viktor, good take except to say that race has always been important and always will be. Nature trumps fantasy.

      As to your question the answer is that Libertarianism is based on reason and honest virtue. Very few people of any class or race desire to have let alone possess these two things. They are the domain mostly of White men.

    • Assuming that your last line is a rhetorical question, libertarians are at least a couple of standard deviations above mean in intelligence.
      Males skew to the right on IQ curves (or rather tend to have bifurcated curves with fewer at the mean and more far above and far below.
      Whites have/had cultural advantages coming from a superior civilizational paradigm in decentralized Europe. Lots of competing powers make for cultural ferment and a safety valve for the capable to go where they are wanted or at least not despised.
      Also, principles are nothing against power- is true in the short term. In the long term, principles are everything. Principles are how you build a superior civilization, or at least avoid hell on earth.

    • Hi Viktor,

      God, I hate to not be able to argue with you. It goes against every instinct I have to surrender a principle for any practical reason. But I grok what you say.

      I just hope there is still time – and sense – for people of goodwill (of all persuasions) to realize that zero sum games rarely have winners in the long run.

      But then, in the long run, we’re all dead anyhow.

      • We’ll all be dead for a long time, which is why I want to know what it’s like to live free for a few years, again. I knew it when i was a child; the old world still existed to some degree then. I think back and wonder “Why were those years so good? Why was it so special? Why can my experiences not be replicated today, even though I have everything I really ever wanted, and have a great life?” and then I realize it’s because no matter what our present circumstances, we know the reality of the world outside of our gate; and it’s ever-encroaching and getting worse by the day; and a lot of the things we might have routinely done 40 years ago, we wouldn’t dare do today (Whether starting a business, or having a campfire in the woods). We realize that we are not free. What ever degree of freedom we had 20, 30, 40 years ago, we no longer have, and it isn’t coming back, unless we go to a place far away.

        I want to go to that place, because I remember what that greater degree of freedom was like, and i want to experience it again; because life walking on egg shells when you haven’t done a thing to deserve that, but just by reason of the fact that we happen to inhabit certain political lines drawn on a map, sucks.

          • Bill, or we could simply live on in another – for lack of a better word – dimension. A higher level of conscience without any physical form, if you will.

            • It is called non-locality by cosmologists, and well explained in a book named Beyond Biocentrism: Rethinking Time, Space, Consciousness, and the Illusion of Death by Robert Lanza and Bob Berman.

            • Or a resurrection to judgment, in which one is either transformed to a superior plane….or incinerated. (This is what the Bible actually teaches- but most “Christians” these days don’t seem to believe it; they instead believe that all have eternal life, and that one either floats off to heaven, or goes to Hell, where they also “live forever”. )

              • Morning, N.
                I suspect that incinerated is not quite right. More like dissolution into nothingness. With you on the mainstream Christians, though. Any established religion gets corrupted by politics and human pettiness, and the dumbing down necessary to propagandize the average and less than so. Not to say that they have no value, but they all need to be viewed skeptically.

                • Exactly, Ernie!

                  That is why, too, I do also have respect for Libertarians who may at times express hostility towards Christianity- because in many cases, they are actually practising many tenets of Biblical morality- more so than many professing Xtians- and their hostility only exists as a result of what has been falsely represented to them as comprising Christianity, by it’s practitioners. So in reality, what they are really hostile to, is corrupt organized religion and it’s doctrines which are in reality not representative of the Bible- and I can’t blame them for that, because i am opposed to those same things.

              • The overwhelming majority of near death experiences indicate that we all go the same place with the majority of the same 22 factors present. Most of the exceptions are those who die expecting to go to the Christian hell, but they learn better, as well. Have you read anything by Dr. Raymond Moody?

        • I saw him speak in person one time in the late 80s. He said that he wouldn’t run for office as a libertarian until the LP stopped masterbating in public, but I never figured out what he meant by that.

          • Hehe, yeah- a Libertarian running for office is an oxymoron. I hate to even use the term “Libertarian” when speaking to the general public anymore, because of the LP, and their cast of idiots, like Gary Johnson.

            “Anarchist” sounds good to me, but gives the public the wrong idea, since the news media always refers to violent communists and people who iniate terror plots as “anarchists”; and “Voluntaryist” makes it sound like I’m gonna sign up for the Peace Corpse[sic]!

            So I’m just a “me”.

            Hey, put Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell together, and that would make for some good listening! (Or if not, just give ’em a quarter to fight each other! : D )

            • Whenever anarchism comes up, the reference is the Haymarket bombers.
              Unless one of them is really good at debating, Williams and Sowell would produce a cat result.

              • At least now that “terrorist” has become the preferred buzzword, they don’t seem to say “anarchists” as much. (Then again, maybe in the MSM/on TV they do? I wouldn’t know).

                But yeah, Bill- everything from the Haymarket bombings, to the c.1979 Wall St. bomb was always blamed on “anarchists”.

                And that is how their brainwashing works; just afix a name or label to something, incorrectly- and it can be used to smear the legit possessors of that name who in reality would abhor the acts and groups to which that name is being wrongly affixed.

                I mean, I’ve essentially been a Libertarian/anarchist from childhood- but having figured out the principles of such on my own, I did not know that such labels applied to me- I thought I had discovered something unique!

                I thus always associated “anarchists” with random violence and bombs, from always having heard the term used thusly in the media when I was a kid (I used to watch a lot of news when I was a kid. Thankfully, the news back then was not yet dominated by liberals; we still had real local reporters; and one could actually get some useful info out of it. And ya wouldn’t see BS about celebrities on “the news”- unless they died or something )

                • The people involved in the Haymarket bombings called themselves anarchists, and they had a lot in common, philosophically, with people like Thomas’ Paine and Jefferson. They were guerilla fighters before the word applied to battle.

                  • That’s part of the problem- a lot of people also mis-use labels…. Like today, some of these communists/anti-capitalists call themselves “anarchists”.

                    • The same problem exists at both ends of the left-right spectrum, especially among republicans, who object to being called fascists even when they act like them and are their neighbors on the left-right spectrum.
                      Must of the problem in mislabelling is in misunderstanding what that to be labelled actually is.

  8. GM lost me years ago when it declared bankruptcy. My Mom’s stock went to zero, and she received no bailout. High level people got money though. GM lost me there, from EVER buying, or renting, a GM vehicle, new or used, nor will I purchase ANY used vehicle from a GM associated dealer. With the addition of GM’s V.P. of Diversity, GM continues to keep the sore open. ‘Diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ are words that force exclusion and intolerance to exist where it did not exist before.

              • I was lucky that my ex-wife grew away from me quickly enough that she never lost the weight she had promised to before we got pregnant, which would have ruined the next two decades of my life. She was Jekyll and Hyde, before and after we were married. Before, if she made a mess, she cleaned it. After, I was a butler. She left after making a verbal agreement to send me a power of attorney for the house we’d bought in Denver, I sent her one for the mobile home we’d bought in Wyoming next morning before I went to work. She never sent one to me. She was a chronic promise forgetter.

                • Chronic promise forgetter or liar?

                  If my exes have taught me anything, it’s that you can’t really be yourself (Happy wife, happy life?). Sometimes that means swallowing the impulse to demand reciprocity when it comes to chores, and sometimes that means staring blankly when the resident commie at a dinner party starts talking about the “marketplace of ideas.” Flying the freak flag of freedom turns off most city women, and the good country gals are already, rightfully so, shacked up with higher testosterone men. The whole enterprise is sickening to me and I sincerely dread the generation of monsters being “parented” by my contemporaries as we speak. These will be the little bastards that send us fossils to the glue factory when we complain about the 95% tax-rate in 20 years.

                  • The only time I have been able to be myself is when I am with people with whom I share philosophies who are willing to consider that my point of view is, at least, equal to their own.

        • That reminds me of the old joke:

          An Injun goes into a whorehouse one day and says “Me wantum girl!”. The madame asks him if he has any experience, to which the Injun says “No. No experience.” Madame says: “Well, these are high-class girls who only want to deal with guys who have experience. Tell ya what, Chief; Go practice on a hollow log for a few days and then come back and we’ll see what we can do”.

          So the Injun comes back 2 weeks later and says “Me wantum girl! Me have lots of experience!”. So the madame sets him up with Bambi The Hooker, and they go to a room, and get naked, and before they get into bed, he bends Bambi over and kicks her in the ass.

          Bambi says “Oww! What was that for?!”
          Injun says: “Checking for bees!”.

          • My kind of humor Nunzio, short and to the point.`Reminds me of the doctor jokes: Doc, it hurts when I do like this. Doc: Don’t do that.

            Or like the steer who wooed a heifer by saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

  9. Sounds like a bad business decision. GM is only shooting itself in the foot by abondoning you and your vast readership.

    Sadly, if they get in trouble, uncle sam will probably be there with our tax $$$$ to bail them out again.

  10. Great article, Eric! Thank you for spreading the unvarnished truth about the PC crowd. And proper use of the English language. I particularly appreciate your disdain for the use of the word “gender”. It’s “nails-on-blackboard” when I see it misused. I learned in Latin class that words have gender, with a specific meaning. I learned in electronics that connectors have gender, with a specific meaning. I learned in biology class that people had sex, with a specific meaning. And that sex could be determined by examining chromosomes, NOT by asking someones opinion. Sex “is what it is” and cannot be changed by medical procedures or persuasion. “Gender” has become an amorphous word that is being used to commit all kinds of atrocities.

    • Actually, electronic parts come in sexes just like people – male and female. Words have genders – masculine, feminine, neuter and sometimes additional ones as well. Sex is immutable, while gender is not. Sex describes a physical attribute regarding how something mates with another. Gender describes a characteristic and is rather arbitrary. For example, why is one word masculine while another is feminine?

      The change in the English language began back in the 80s as best I can tell. The change was introduced as to adopt people to the idea that people’s sex is arbitrary, not fixed to a physical fact – just like the gender of words. This has been admitted by an LGBT columnist in recent times. Obviously, the term was misappropriated to apply to people’s sex in order to normalize the LGBT agenda.

  11. Well, I’m a Jew in a Jeep and you are clearly getting geschraubt. I hope GM might reconsider. If they don’t, f*** ’em. I hope your audience grows tenfold. And since Asians are leaving the rest of us in the dust when it comes to income and achievement, how about Asians in Alpha Romeros…

    • Well Lee, I knew there’d be a few. But I’ll stick by my original statement that you’re a rare breed indeed.

      And I’d guess that Asians in Alfas would be at least as rare.

      More common would be Asians in Acuras. Or considering China’s fetish for one particular GM brand…Asians in Buicks. 🙂

      PS. “Some of my best friends are Jewish.” Know what they drive? Benzes.

  12. One thing about EPAutos, best comments section on the web. Literally always good for an LOL. Eric, keep fighting the good fight.

  13. Thanks, Skunkbear, I remember Art Bell quoting that saying one time, I would imagine He has to put up with an awful amount of Drek.
    My take on this boloney is, respectable Gay people, don’t make an issue of it and Tor, I have been wondering a long time, who is that Avatar you have on your posts?
    Funny thing about Ol’Art, He was experimenting with pulling electricity off aerial wires about the time He made a run for the Philippines( wonder if there was any connection?)Seems the PTB would love to have us renting their petroleum forever. I remember one time devising a motor powered by permanent magnets, the trouble is that pesky 3rd law( it would run down in no time flat)

  14. You are a fool, Eric.

    It was never going to stop at “the car industry.” You are too smart for this faux-outrage.

    The Affirmative Action crowd HATES straight white males. Especially ones who aren’t pozed or converged.

    ANY company promoting affirmative action or equal opportunity would do the same. It is part of a war against white men.

    You’ll have to choose, because of them, not us. Either be a proud white man, or tow their line.

    • Hi Viktor,

      I like to think that most people aren’t supportive of this stuff. That it is a belligerent, active minority we are all being manipulated by.

      • Eric, if most people weren’t supportive of this shit, they wouldn’t be sending their kids to government schools to be indoctrinated with it; wouldn’t be paying tens of thousands of dollars to send ’em to these filthy colleges; wouldn’t be paying $150 for cable TV; and wouldn’t be working in cubicles where they have to watch every word they say and everything they do for fear of committing a “micro-aggression”….

        They would be rebelling.

        But they’re not rebelling; They’re participating and perpetuating and accommodating and falling in line, because this stuff has been going on for decades now in academia and the media and government agencies and corporations; and people have been programmed to view it as normal and moral, because they have been relieved of all vestiges of true normalcy and morality.

        Now it has been so fully ingrained in the newer generations, that it’s just become more obvious and out in the open. It has become so accepted and so normalized that they no longer care who or how many normal people they offend or outrage by openly shoving this garbage in our face, because we now represent such a minority -between all of the people from other cultures they’ve imported; and all of our fellow countrymen who are now onboarc with “the program”- that there are no longer enough of us left for them to worry about.

        Those who comply; who view this PC BS as normal and moral, are now the majority. They’ve been fully programmed. The rest of us don’t count, because we’re too few to matter; or simply too old or stupid to even realize what’s going on. We can be ignored; and if we ever get to the point where we start making enough noise to be even a little concern, we can be neutralized, like the Jews in Nazi Germany.

        We need to get out of here. The whole system is stacked against us. They are being taught to hate us and view us as the enemy. You may not be a Christian, but many (if not most) of the principles which you advocate are the same Biblical principles which makes “them” so hostile towards anyone who practices a Biblical ethos. (They have propagated that ethos out of virtually all mainstream Xtian churches). I wish that more Libertarians would realize this- as we are mutual allies with mutual enemies.

        • Hi Nunzio,

          Yeah, I hear you.

          Most people, in ages across time, prefer to keep their heads down and go along to get along. I understand this and don’t condemn as harshly as some might because I know how easy it is to become enmeshed and how hard it is to become unmeshed. Imagine, for example, that you are a married guy with a mortgage and have a wife and kid and they depend on you to earn the money necessary to keep things afloat. The pressure to truckle and pretend to agree with the corporate PC agenda is severe.

          I escaped – but I am wily and also an outlier. Like most here. I simply could not abide it; the truckling and kow-towing, I mean. I had an opportunity, years ago, to go work as an editorial writer at The Wall Street Journal. I din’t take the job – knowing it could have made me wealthy and possibly famous – because I knew the price and wasn’t willing to pay it. But also because I knew I could survive – perhaps not be rich or famous, but survive – as I have been, on my own.

          Many others simply can’t do that. They have to work a McJob of some sort to keep their families – themselves – fed.

          I don’t think most people are bad people. I think most people are caught up in a bad system – a rip tide that carries them along.

          Meanwhile, out in front of GM’s offices today…


          • Hmmm…. On the one hand, Eric, I realize that I was very lucky to have been in a position and have had the capacity to figure this stuff out when I was very young, so that I never got entangled.

            On the other hand….so I’ve had to live my life since adolescence much the same as the 45 year-old who just figured it all out and who must do something about.

            I guess in the long run, it all kind of evens out.

            I think in the past though, people would not have tolerated the degree of insanity which has become our world. Today, through propaganda and the media, people are more easily fooled.

            As Larken Rose says, if just 10% of the population of the US would stop obeying; i.e. stop paying taxes; stop complying with licensing and permits; etc. the tyranny would crumble, as they couldn’t put that many people in jails, nor control them, nor execute them without the rest of the population catching on. [Much like what I’ve been saying about “Just stop participating”!]

            Trouble is, there aren’t 10%. Probably not even 1%.

            I think it all boils down to a question of morality- and the keystone of which, is: “Do you believe in initiating violence against those who have not used nor threatened violence against you?”.

            A lot of people might answer no to that, but in reality, they believe and practice just the opposite, as can be seen by their voting; their willingness to be mercenaries for the state and or to support the same; the things they support; their willingness to comply; etc.

            Some people don’t realize; some don’t care; but few are willing to live lives in which they knowingly are working against their own interestes and those of their children- as so many are today.

            I know someone who’s been there- in her late 40’s, having spent her life acquiring degrees and working in academia- finally, as “director of multicultural affairs” at a state university making 6 figures, she caught-on. She jumped ship. Her degrees are worthless outside of academia, and she can not bear to work in academia anymore, as it would just be more of the same garbage which made her quit; can’t get a decent job anywhere else. She’s living on less that $20K a year now….but she’s happy! She suffered miserably for years, seeing all the BS in academia.

            The real kicker is: She’s black! The racism AGAINST whites she saw at the university, and more so against straight male whites, made her sick. And other blacks hated her, because she didn’t go along with the program….

            She’s starting all over again at 50. (Has a daughter and is divorced); I guess I never really got started, as I had to start with nothing, in the tyrannical and uber-expensive environment of NYC, and buck the system and slide under the radar, and manage to stay afloat till I could scrape a little together to get out. Way I see it, we’re even.

            Ewwwww!! The Village People! They make me want to initiate violence! : D

                • I refused all attempts to give me a study hall in junior and senior high, and exited high school three weeks into the second semester of my senior year, while taking a two-period-a-day class that was supposed to take both semesters. I would have finished the class and had a chance to win a 4-year scholarship to the college of architecture at CU, but my instructor had died about a month before, and they had replaced a guy who had built a general contracting company from scratch with a guy that I’d taken mechanical drawing and electronics from, who knew nothing about architecture. A week later I started a job as a wireman at a Western Electric plant, making $800 a month. I was so relieved to be out of the day prison system, I never bothered to take the SAT until 7 years later, in 1979.

              • Exactly, Bill!

                The whole paradigm of “Work hard and make a lot of money so you can buy your dreams” is faulty.

                People who chase that carrot on a stick never seem to catch it, and before they know it, life has passed them by.

                A better paradigm is to live modestly and maximize your time.

                You learn more reading books and getting real-life experiences than you do in any college, because that way, you only pursue that which is relevant to your life, and you get a diversity of opinion, rather than just one point of view; and you see the way things are vs. what some liberal douche wants to make you believe is reality.

                Funny, too: Even for people who are into money, among those I know, the ones who have the least formal edumacation, make the most money; including one guy I’ve known for 30 years back in NY- He was in the slow classes in school- only went to HS- and is quite successful…mainly just for “showing up” at the jobs he worked at when younger, and being the one to get things done.

                Most of the college grads I’ve known, either never made much money, or went bankrupt at least once.

                For me, dropping out of HS the DAY I turned 16, was the best decision I ever made! Talk about choosing freedom! Everyone was against it! They all warned me. “You’ll die!” “You’ll grow up to be a miserable old troll who sweeps floors all of his life!”. I knew they were wrong. I wouldn’t have cared if they were right- that was the seminal decision; the crossroads- I either choose freedom, or acquiesce; and once that compromise is made, the next compromise is set-up, and it just gets easier and easier to compromise.

                • Nunzio,
                  The paradigm is installed by advertising and college counselors, and fastened into place by the delivery of credit cards and student loans to non-working college students.
                  The continual inflation since 1913 prevented the capture of the carrot.
                  My autodidactics have become more successful since the development of the Internet, because I have never been fond of reading material I didn’t care about, which made school difficult, but I maximized my schedule to minimise my time in class, and got out of HS almost a semester agreed of my classmates with a letter from the principal saying I’d completed the graduation requirements and would get a diploma after they were printed. I’d been working full-time since before my senior year began.
                  Money has never been as important to me as free time. Since I’ve always been a manic saver, my incentive was having enough cash to pay for whatever I wanted or needed, and the rest got saved for emergencies, which were very rare.
                  Most of what I think of as freedom is based on not being forced to do things as a result of past mistakes in decision-making.

                  • So true, Bill!

                    I was a “good student” when I had a class which actually interested me or had some relevance to my life- which was rare, except for art; shop; and lunch. Rest of the time, I just didn’t bother doing the work; reading the BS; or doing homework. (If the worst thing they could threaten me with was writing the letter F on a piece of paper for not having my homework, they were barking up the wrong tree- I couldn’t care if they’d write a Z or 5. ‘Course, the grades I’d get for the few classes I’d actually do the work in, would somehow make up for those F’s, so I’d manage to get passing grades on my “report card”).

                    The internet has been a real boon, as books were expensive, and not having a comment section, were just too one-dimensional. And spending time in libraries was a pain; and even the newest books were already rather dated.

                    And now that I live in the sticks, where the library sucks (I HAD to check it out, just to see!) I’d be up the creek without the interwebz.

                    To be able to keep growing and learning- and building on past acquisition of knowledge, is something that we may take for granted now- but which was not very common to most previous generations.

                    How sad is it to see kids in their teens and 20’s who have already stopped acquiring knowledge; even stopped learning how to think and reason, because they’ve been raised in a time when the main goal of “education” is to acquire a piece of paper which may help entitle one to a position in the rat race?

                    And yes, I too have always been a saver. Thankfully, saving and paying cash, are things I was raised to do- and it is something, that, no matter what your income level, makes a HUGE difference in life.

                    Heck, my millionaire friend once had to borrow $4K from ME- a veritable pauper- for a short-term loan! THAT illustrates the power of saving.

                    • Nunzio,
                      Negotiable instruments and academic credentials crossed with each other during our lifetimes. Pieces of paper have become worth more than precious metals whose places they have taken, and with the dumbing down of academics, possession of a credential is no longer credible evidence of a grasp of the subject.

                    • Right-on, Bill!

                      In fact, more often, possession of a credential only means that one has accepted the “current thinking” on a given subject- which of course, usually turns out to be terribly in error down the road.

                      And this system of having to blindly accept the current thinking in order to obtain the credential which is now mandatory to engage in many trades/professions/positions, it actually stifles any real achievement or weeding out of error or inferior knowledge/practices for those which are better, because the practitioner merely must do “what the protocol calls for”-and even where stuff is “peer reviewed”, if it doesn’t conform to what one’s peers have been taught as truth, it is dismissed.

                      This is how we end up with 40 years of “Butter, salt and eggs are bad for you”.

                      Everyone’s been taught the same things…and no one will listen to anything different until such time as it becomes glaringly obvious to all that that metric isn’t working.

                      My friend who worked for the university had this exact problem. Doing her doctoral thesis, she knew what she was saying was BS- but they wouldn’t let her do what she wanted- as it didbn’t conform to their agenda and “current thinking”- so she just had to write what she knew they’d approve, in order to get the slip of paper. She now realizes what an utter waste of time and money it all was- “utterly worthless” as she puts it.

                      So she gets to call herself “Doctor”- but the prescription to every educational and administrative ailment must always be “More diversity; affirmative action; and ‘it be de ebil whitey’s fawlt’.”.

                • Nunzio, “For me, dropping out of HS the DAY I turned 16, was the best decision I ever made!”

                  Ok, now I have even more respect for you!

                  God how I hated high school. I wanted to drop out the same as you but my Dad was seriously old school about “falling in line” so he would not let me do it.

                  But one of the proudest days of my life was the day my 17 year old son just got up in the middle of one of his high school classes and walked out. He called me at work and said that he had had enough of the bullshit that is high school and that he was not going to waste his time there anymore. I told him it was his choice and that as far as I was concerned he was now a man in every sense of the word. Brought home some beer and liquor that night after work for us to enjoy. And we did.

                  • Oh-ho! I know what you mean, Skunk!

                    I had been saying it since elementary school: “The day I am legally able to, I am quitting school”. I had been counting down the years and days.

                    Needed my mother’s signature- which was going to be tough, since, when she saw that I was serious about what I had been talking about all of those years, she was mortified. You’d think that quitting government indoctrination camp was the worst possible thing a person could do in this life! She probably would have been happier if I had turned queer or something, instead!

                    But what made her cooperate, was the fact that she new that I was rarely actually going to school (I’d use my school transit pass to take the subway or bus and go exploring some far-off corner of NYC- Now THAt was an edumacation!)- and I got picked up by the truant occifers a few times….so I told her “It doesn’t make any difference if you don’t sign, I’m not going to go, anyway”. Hated to have to be in that position, but it worked.

                    At the time, it just seemed like a technicality, since I had been planning it for so long- but looking back, I now know that it truly was a pivotal moment- The day I chose freedom!

                    That, and then leaving the NYC metro area (eventually), were the two defining moments which enabled me to live what I believe and cherish, as opposed to just thinking about it. Leaving the USA will be the next step.

                    I guess this is part of the reason why I have no pretensions about trying to change our world. It’s a formidable task just to secure a little freedom for oneself; and takes a lifetime. And I think it’s proper that we do that first, and live what we advocate, -which, if we all do, in reality, would probably do more to change the world than any evangelism.

                    Ah! But the memory of that day when I was 16. Nearly 40 years ago!

                    And kudos to your son, too!! That he had the sense and fortitude to do that! And it’s probably even harder today, when the propaganda and social pressures are so much stronger.

                    I hope that he will remember that day as fondly as I do mine! (Oh! That glorious day!)

                    • Nunz, I hated scholl from the first day of 1st grade. I did the same as you, I dropped out as soon as the rules permitted. In SC back then, I think the rule was that you could drop out in 10th grade, but I was almost 16. Being born in the fall, I started 1st grade while I was still 5 and turned six a few months into the school year.

                      I always hated school. I learned to read from my older sisters before I started school. My dad taught me math and the teachers didn’t like that I wouldn’t “show my work” because I did it in my head.

                      They never had anything to teach me that I wanted to learn. Fuck’em and feed’em fish heads.

                    • Amen, Ed!

                      I think the main purpose of school is to break outr spirit, and to get us used to the routine of being subservient.

                      I sold a piece of farm equipment to a guy named Charlie Brown a few years ago- he was a few years older than I, and had NEVER set foot in a school in his life! Nice guy, and I enjoyed talking to him more than I did anybody in a long, long time.

                      He didn’t appreciate the value of having escaped the brainwash though- he thought that he might have faired better materially had he spent 13 years learning how to not think.

                      I tried to explain it to him…but I don’t think he believed me.

                    • I feel you, nunz. BTW, have you ever noticed what a humorless retard old Bill is? I tell you, that boy has issues that supersede his issues.

            • The best version of YMCA

              It’s a cool place and they say it gets colder
              You’re bundled up now but wait ’til you get older

              But the meteor men beg to differ
              Judging by the hole in the satellite picture

              The ice we skate is getting pretty thin
              The water’s getting warm so you might as well swim

              My world’s on fire, how about yours?
              That’s the way I like it and I’ll never get bored

              Well, the years start coming and they don’t stop coming
              Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running
              Didn’t make sense not to live for fun

              Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb
              So much to do, so much to see
              So what’s wrong with taking the backstreets?

              You’ll never know if you don’t go
              You’ll never shine if you don’t glow

        • They are supportive of laws that will take their children away from them if they don’t comply, and put them in jail if they resist?

    • Victor, “You’ll have to choose, because of them, not us. Either be a proud white man, or tow their line.”

      An excellent understanding of the situation we Whites are in.

  15. I question weather the auto CEO or board members personally political correctness. When they say it is a business decision they really are concerned about the bottom line. When a government gets half as big as ours it pays to anticipate the will of Uncle. Just ask Volkswagen or Tesla how much the will of Uncle matters. GM was dead to me when it was bailed out. Ford is the only one that might -might- be half decent. Naaa. I have guilt when I buy Jap cars, not because they are not American, but because I suspect it will hurt the Japanese.

    • Hate to burst your balloon regarding Ford, but in the late 1990s their CEO — an Arab named Nasser — ordered nearly all the white engineers fired and replaced with incompetent minorities. Ford quickly went from 1st to worst in product quality & customer satisfaction. Eventually the Ford family moved in and sacked Nasser, but the damage was done — and those white engineers were not rehired.

      • The late 1990s and early 2000s were the time when rank and yank, the GE method was popular. This method was designed to purge companies of their higher salaried engineers who were usually also the most talented and productive. From the executive offices and HR people are fungible human resources and there is no difference between anyone with the same title. But they can’t just fire people, they need a reason. Hence the rank and yank system.

        Talented people usually don’t spend their days developing political protection networks at the corporation. They spend their days doing work, coming up with new products and solving problems. Rank and yank is done by voting. It’s a popularity contest essentially. No political network of protection you get a bottom 10% score and you’re on your way out the door.

        • Well, I’ll be damned! That’s what happened to all the good engineers in my division in 2004. You step on a lot of upper management toes when you actually want to get something done. None of the do-nothing “process” boys were fired. They sent me out of town to set me up while I was gone, then even tried to have my unemployment denied for “cause”.

        • BrentP, you are so right. I don’t see how the big corporations remain…..and they sometimes close shop and get various pieces sold.

          But GE and their outing of great CEO’s started long ago. I recall my father speaking vehemently about their tactics to save money. In the early 60’s their CEO had done wonders with the company and they were innovative in many areas, leading the entire world as it were.

          The president(don’t recall having CEO’s then) gets close to retirement and they sack him? He had made members of the very board who fired him multi-millionaires many times. He had a good contract that concluded with big interests in the company when he retired.

          I have no idea if he knew it was coming. He did such a good job to his last day I suspect it was a close secret. TPTB don’t want to share shit, even when it comes to people who made them a buttload of money.

          I’d hate to think of the political process in any big corporation now and what it would take to remain for long time. I doubt it can be done…..except by some “minority” who they dare not sack.

          Well, I’m used to being the enemy. I’ve had some job offers with job description it was obvious it was too much for one person so there would be some sort of heirarchy and I’d be just another schmuck collecting the shit rolling downhill else why would they be looking for a replacement.

          So I continue to drive a truck and do construction work. The boss describes a job and asks if I need further direction. Generally, it’s a No, I can take it from here. He never called yesterday, a good thing for me and him both.

          • Seems like every corporation of any size is just hastening it’s own demise.

            I just ran to the local dollar store in the closest town (pop. 300) to pick up a few things for Mater, as I’ve been busy this week and so hadn’t had a chance to go to the bigger town to go shopping.

            These dollar stores have sprung up in EVERY little teeny town. In the town in the next county (pop. 12K) there are EIGHT of them! It’s like Starbucks- they put one on every corner….and then the next week have to close half of ’em.

            But that’s not all. I noticed today that the prices, are not even close to a dollar anymore! They’re really no better than any other store; and half of the dollar store brand shit is being replaced by name-brand shit, because there’s so little price difference now.

            The bill came to $50. I said to the cashier “Kinda ludicrous to be spending this much money at a dollar store, eh?”.

            The guy behind me had a can of car wax. He wanted to know how much it was. Cashier scans it and tells him, and asks “Do you want it?”- to which he replies “No. I just wanted to see how much it was. For that price, I’ll just go to [the shopping town] and get some real wax!”.

            I say, at this rate, another year, that dollar store’s gonna be shuttered.

  16. I have designed and/or developed in whole or in part numerous products in my career and never once did I have to be concerned with the skin color, sexual orientation, or gender of the customer. Height, weight, hand size, etc I have had to consider for ergonomic reasons but that’s all. The next closest thing is the environment in which people use the product.

    The idea of the left’s groupings of society determining their product preferences is simply well a fabricated political division of people for political purposes.

    • Morning, Brent!

      Yup. It’s also despicably hypocritical. As obnoxious as Black History Month – a month dedicated explicitly to race-based history. This isn’t about being “color blind.” It is about being color-fixated. And denying it in way that is either delusional or incredibly cynical or both.

  17. Hi Eric, keep it going, you’re one of the best auto journalist out there, reviewing cars as they are meant to be. Sad to see the state of the so called “free and fair” media in the west, but surprised it has even affected something like auto journalism!…. best of luck.

    • Thanks, Nasir!

      I will not bend knee to this stuff. It runs contrary to my nature, offends my sense of right and wrong and – besides – I no longer give a damn…

  18. One day these pricks are going to suffer the same fate as ZED in Pulp Fiction. Somebody’s gonna ass rape the wrong guy, and he’s “gonna get medieval” with their sorry ass. I just want to be there to see them get theirs!

  19. Here is my Non-PC-compliant contribution:
    WAS: Mel Brooks’ “Jews in Space”.
    Now it’s:
    GM Fudge-Packing-Four-Wheelers! Ford Fag-Mobiles, MinCooper Gay-Ghias.

    Remember decades ago when comic book heroes had an “opposite” evil nemesis? Reverse-Flash, and so on?
    Now WE have PC, which is just Reverse Racism, and its shoved down our throats and up our asses fast and hard, as if to retaliate for all the past sin’s that I never personally committed!
    No matter…now we all get to suffer from this Reverse-Perversity!

    • And don’t forget:

      Trannies that can’t decide- whether it’s hunting between 7th and 8th gear….or which restroom to use! : D

  20. You can probably find many “Aryans in Audis.”

    But “Jews in Jeeps…?” Betcha they’re rare indeed..

    Hey, if Mr Muraglia were ever to leave GM, perhaps he could start a publication called “Homos in Hondas.”

    • Hi Mike,

      My bet is Joe doesn’t even drive. He appears to be a Noo Yoik City Boy – which dovetails nicely with his new role as purveyor of politically correct Transportation as a Service!

      • If you like cars, you for sure don’t live in NYC. The city government hates cars and is doing their best to make life for car owners as hard as possible.

  21. I believe this situation you’re facing is happening where I work, too. I find myself wondering what it is we’re designing, manufacturing and selling–multiculturalism or weapons of war–and who is really pushing this ill-conceived agenda across corporate America?
    Good luck in your fight, EP.

    • Thanks, Gone…

      I never thought I would see it happen to the car business… but it has. I suppose that, like the Black Death of the late Middle Ages, there’s not much stopping it once it’s started…

      • Collectivism is a evil meme which simply has to burn itself out. You won’t find many fans of any flavor of Marxism in the former Soviet Union. I only hope our denouement is as peaceful as theirs was.

        For the moment we have hell to suffer through, and our tour of tyranny will be worse because:
        1. American propaganda is technologically far superior to the statists of the 20th century
        2. The American people have no institutional memory of tyranny
        3. The American people have lost their tradition of ignoring and disrespecting the “law”, the rules of the not-quite-smart-enough crowd in power because of (1.)

        There is no stopping it. All we can do is help it burn out by our actions and our inactions.

        • “Collectivism is a evil meme which simply has to burn itself out. ”

          It has been at least six thousand years now, it’s not going to burn out. The USA is regressing to the mean of human history, that’s all.

  22. “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats” – H.L. Mencken

    Those “tempted times” seem to come along more and more frequently and with much more vigor, for me anyway.

    • “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards. On the road to tyranny, we’ve gone so far that polite political action is about as useless as a miniskirt in a convent.” — Claire Wolfe, “101 Things To Do ‘Til The Revolution”

      The “awkward stage” is rapidly drawing to a close. Fortunately the 2nd Amendment is on our side.

  23. GM had private investigators shadowing Ralph Nader over his accusations regarding the Corvair (Unsafe at Any Speed). Part of the intention, at that time, was to uncover evidence which could show Nader to be gay, as a way to shut him up.

    What business savvy, or morals, does this company possess?

    • Hi Liberty,

      I wish I’d thought to add that. About their attempt to “out” Ralph. Not very inclusive is it? And it might even “trigger” Joe, if someone mentions it.

      • And Ford’s Harry Bennett, was any different from this Joe LaMuraglia character?

        Perhaps LaMuraglia doesn’t carry a firearm, but a punk/thug is a punk/thug.

  24. “One” of the things that really get me about “joe” is his doing his best to make sure we know he’s gay.

    I could be a steer fucking, bronc sucking truck driving buckaroo but my appearance doesn’t advertise it. Well, maybe I”m wrong. Steer fucking, dangerous and mess, bronc sucking dangerous and dirty. Well, I did crawl out of a truck today looking like I had been rolling in the dirt(several times)and had nasty stuff high and low…..and worst of all, I rode in in the bitch seat with another trucker cause I left my own truck butt-fucked and inoperative on it’s own. OK, I admit it. I woulda rode in nekkid in another truckers rig if my own rig would have just moved under it’s own power. Probably we’d have wrecked with the other driver taking pictures. That’s ok, as long as my truck wasn’t sitting 100 miles away and wrecked.

    • Morning, Eight!

      Yes, exactly. These people say they want a world in which skin color, sex and so on aren’t issues – and then proceed to make them the issue. What GM and much of corporate American doesn’t get is that almost no one worries about this shit anymore – except corporate America (and government) – and they’re the ones making a Big Issue out of it!

    • “One of the things that really get me about “joe” is his doing his best to make sure we know he’s gay.”

      That’s EXACTLY the point. Libertarians frequently make the mistake of thinking that everybody else will adhere to the “live and let live” philosophy. Not so, and nowhere is the more true than among gays. The entire purpose of the gay movement has never been to let them do their own thing in private, it’s ALWAYS been to shove their gayness down your throat (no pun intended). NEVER cross the gay mafia, they’re utterly ruthless with their smugness, arrogance and their sanctimony.

      Advancement of the gay agenda ALWAYS occurs simultaneously with restrictions on other rights, such as the rights to free speech, free press and free association. It’s also no accident that state that have advanced the gay agenda — CA, NY, MA, CO — almost simultaneously restricted gun rights.

      These people are not interested in being your friends or your equals, they’re interested in being your gay masters.

      • X, you are correct but it is not just gays. It is every other group other than straight White men. None of them want tolerance (defined as “live and let live”). What they all want – what they all DEMAND! – is absolute acceptance with no exceptions. Reasoning with them is futile. This is why (sadly) Libertarianism is folly and will never work in the world today.

  25. It would really be funny if Joe was outed as an actual hetero who pretends to be gay in order to get the privilege that goes with it. Looking at the pics of him it’s very unlikely, I know, but it would be funny.

  26. Eric what you are facing is what every “white” man in America is now saddled with. Excommunication before extermination. There is no place at the inn. You needn’t give them an excuse, they don’t need one. Giving them any excuse just paints the target on your head in day glow and pulsing lights (like a gay disco).

    Welcome to glorious hopey changey future that was promised. Isn’t it wonderful? We are fast morphing into Stalinist Russia on blue ice meth and steroids.

    I truly feel sorry for any white man earning a living in this system as anything they do at any time can mean financial ruin with only the siren call of cheap alcohol and imported heroin as salvation. Smack is the new opiate of the white masses, religion proved too problematic.

    • PS – I hate GM and would never buy anything of theirs. Perhaps enough “white” men should read your plight and boycott a conmpany that discriminates against us. 60% of the population refusing to purchase from a company that is openly hostile to them will affect their bottom line and bloated pension system that President Trump would not bail out.

      I only wish my father would kick his 70 year old Cadillac habit.

      • Hi Thought,

        GM has made some great cars; I will never deny this fact. Hell, I own GM cars. The company has a great legacy – which is why it’s so sad to see it come to this; to seem them become a kind of college campus diversity sit-in thing.

        I probably “triggered” Joe when I mocked it!

  27. Geez dude,
    As a demographic oddity myself, I hope you do okay. The GM corporate folks chase everyone but “flyover” people. The people chased by GM would never be seen in a GM product.
    They are blind, stupid and determined to tilt at windmills.

  28. Give ’em hell Eric. I think your new car reviews are great. Even though I always buy used, I read them regularly because they are so well written and informative. And entertaining to boot.

  29. I like the graphic on the screen behind Joe & Jocelyn in the last pic. I’ll speculate that they mean it as an homage to gay pride and not being afraid to stand up and proclaim who you are. Most who would read it, however, would see it in a different light. Actually, it illuminate’s GM’s current downward glide path.

    • These Blue State hustlers have been hiding behind Uncle and using him to loot working men and women they’d never dare try to steal from themselves.

      They’re the worst kind of cowardly parasites. They have nothing to be proud of, but rather more to be afraid of than ever.

      They know their scam is over with and that no one will help them when the hungry mouths of their vast underclass turns on them and eats them alive as they always do.

      They richly deserve everything that is going to happen to them.

  30. I think too many corporations are looking at demographics instead of sales. They see that even though whites are the majority, there are enough minority groups (especially when you introduce kink into the mix) to outnumber whites. What they fail to see is that the only reason for this shift is because of latinos, a group who are traditionally catholic and straight.

    But of course the gay/lesbian/kinky people tend to gravitate to careers in fields that are high profile and highly compensated, fields like advertising, sales, and marketing. So they not only have a lot of money to spend, they spend it in a conspicuous way. It helps that a gay male couple doesn’t usually have one partner drop out of the workforce to raise children, or that they have to budget for children for that matter. So they have a lot of economic (and increasingly political) clout.

    As usual, Uncle is the cause of all this. From hate crime laws (if you kill someone they’re dead, no matter the motive) to race and gender questions in the census, to tax breaks for married couples, there’s no end to the special treatment for some and not others. It means we should all be trying to carve out our own minority status. In fact, I’m a minority, a middle aged man who’s never been married. Where’s my government cheese?

    • re this: “latinos, a group who are traditionally catholic and straight”

      Perhaps you meant “traditionally catholic and intolerant of gay people?” I would be surprised if the percentage of gay latinos varied significantly from any other ethnic categorization.

    • “I think too many corporations are looking at demographics instead of sales.”

      What they’re completely blind to is that the demographics they’re pandering to don’t have any money. The #1 goal of any business is: first, keep the doors open. You can’t keep in your employ a diversity hire if you don’t bring in the cash. Middle class, white people have money. But these companies shit on that demographic left and right, like they assume that market will always be there. Well, the NFL, Target and ESPN are figuring out that’s not the case anymore. And when the white, middle class dollar goes away, the doors will have to be closed.

      When you live in a society where the almighty dollar is king, the wallet is mightier than the sword.

      • They assume we’re all in their camp. Can’t move the needle on a replacement business model. Have to get new business in the door to get Wall Street to notice. The Ford -vs- Chevy truck buyers aren’t going to go to Toyota, at least that’s what their market research tells them. They’re going to keep on buying Ford and GM. If the ad buy works out right they won’t ever know about the “outreach” being done by the other model lines.

        Again, not saying this is how it is, but it is how these people think.

      • Oh, I would differ from you in that the gay, hipster, city-dweller, $$ maker has a lot of money to spend. But like someone earlier said here, they wont spend it on any GM product. If they were to buy a car it would far likely be a Prius (for a lefty-green car) or BMW/Lexus (for fancy cars). I doubt many flamers buy Silverados, Impalas, or Cruzes. That’s not their style. Oh, but who does buy those models? Now, like you said, it’s the middle class guy (who is either white or black… but more likely white since there is a physically large number of white individuals in the US) To mean a guy that has to *drive* to work everyday!!!


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