A Clover Sings

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A Clover wrote me a note this morning and I thought I would share, along with said Clover’s email in the event any of you “AI” posters out there might wish to send him a note!

Here it is – unedited and distilled:

Subject: Big brother article
My Question:
Your no car guy your articles are total propaganda you’re nothing but a writer. If you were a car guy your little brother article. Are you a chicken shit to call out the manufacture I think so! As far as the comments go they’re all AI generated. What a phony fake way to make a living. Car guy my ass
res ipsa loquitur
And, Joe – if that really is your name – I would not be surprised to discover that “your” a “hero” or some other variety of government worker.


  1. If you’re going to write a rant, have the courtesy to make it articulate and clear. This guy can’t even punctuate. Sigh. I’ve devote more effort in reading that he did in writing it.

  2. Basalt Joe:
    Do you troll much? If you do, then I feel sorry for you. It is hard to troll and argue when your words reveal that your wit is much like cold tar–thick and slow. Really? Calling names in place of making an argument is not that convincing. It says more about you than it does about Eric or his arguments. It actually helps paint the picture of your inability to think, or argue, or even do anything intellectual. The most rich and amusing irony of your email is your signature, the thing speaks for itself! And look at that! If I am an AI, then I just passed the Turing test!

    For every thinking (non-AI) reader out there:
    “Oh dear, I think you’ll find reality’s on the blink again.”
    — Marvin The Paranoid Android

  3. While Americans and the West race to the bottom, China is busy turning all of Asia into Europe.

    Chinese middle class are drinking wine eating the finest meats and cheeses to be found anywhere. They have fully embraced right wing capitalism and they are laughing heartily at the clueless Americans still howling and chasing after the forgotten ghosts of Stalin and Mao.

    Twenty Chinese cities on Eurasian rail freight network

    How China’s Belt And Road Sparked A Renaissance Of Transportation Innovation

  4. Real scientists help extract resources. Invent new methods. They add value.

    US shale oil production over 6 million barrels per day

    Daily oil production – bbl/day
    1 Russia 10,551,497
    2 Saudi Arabia (OPEC) 10,460,710
    3 United States 9,515,817
    4 Iraq (OPEC) 4,451,516
    5 Iran (OPEC) 3,990,956
    6 China 3,980,650
    7 Canada 3,662,694
    8 United Arab Emirates (OPEC) 3,106,077
    9 Kuwait (OPEC) 2,923,825
    10 Brazil 2,515,459
    11 Venezuela (OPEC) 2,276,967
    12 Mexico 2,186,877
    13 Nigeria (OPEC) 1,999,885
    14 Angola (OPEC) 1,769,615
    15 Norway 1,647,975
    16 Kazakhstan 1,595,199
    17 Qatar (OPEC) 1,522,902
    18 Algeria (OPEC) 1,348,361
    19 Oman 1,006,841

    This is what powers the world. Not globalist slogans and unicorn farts.

    • Amen, Tor!

      Even funnier – even sadder – is that these louts can’t construct a complete sentence free from spelling and other errors that their betters learned to avoid back in 5th grade…


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