Mandela Sings: Kill The Whites

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I wonder how come this video was not replayed on network news coverage of Mandela’s death?


  1. The ANC is the best foreign example of “niggers” in the world.
    What they have stolen from the white (Dutch, IIRC) Afrikaners is lying in ruins… Yet somehow it’s Whitey’s fault.

    I think maybe the US should keep its goddamn nose out of other people’s business. ESPECIALLY other countries.
    Maybe we need to have a “discussion” with our government. Make the point good and hard…

    • Why, after Mandela, many Afrikaners fear a Boer bloodbath

      S. Africa evac plan: White Afrikaners fear genocide upon Mandela’s death

      No tears but grudging respect for Mandela in white Afrikaner enclave*

      *Reuters is based in England. The UK is well versed in lying and slanting the truth in ways Americans fail to recognize.

      • Any whites who are still in South Africa are either beyond stupid or resigned to their fate. They should have seen it coming and left back in the ’80s.

        Of course, the future may say the same about us.

        • Eric wrote:

          “Any whites who are still in South Africa are either beyond stupid or resigned to their fate. They should have seen it coming and left back in the ’80s.

          Of course, the future may say the same about us.”

          While the genocide in SA of whites is an abomination and the reactions of collectivists in the “west” to Mandela’s obvious involvement are somewhat ironic, none of it should come as a surprise to anybody paying attention.

          There is a significant difference, however, between SA and the USSA. It is true that the propaganda against liberty supporting individuals remains fierce, but people speaking the truth on the Internet does a remarkable job of poking holes in the assertions of the would be tyrants and their supporters. Yes, we live in an unbearable police state here in the USSA. Yes, making things right is going to be a tough and bloody challenge. But somehow, I don’t see the overwhelming masses of Amerikans putting up with millions of their fellow human beings being massacred in their homes. It can be spun on the small scale but when the numbers reach a tipping point, we will see a reaction that will define the third Amerikan revolution (the war between the states being the second). I believe that the PTB are smart enough to not frame the coming revolution in racial terms, so an obvious genocide of a majority of Amerikans may not happen, but it could well morph into that. Observe the Euro-supporters of the ANC’s stated policy to kill whitey. The genocide in SA actually gores the ox of the black people there. The Afrikaners were efficient and effective farmers and once they were obliterated, SA’s food shortages began in earnest. Once again, collectivists hoisted on their own petards. The irony brings a smile to my face. In any case, I ramble. 2014 will, I promise, be a very interesting year…….that said, Happy Saturnalia, or whatever your preferred winter solstice (northern hemisphere) happens to be…..

  2. The Xhosa-esque song is Spear of the Nation.

    Hamba Kahle Mkhonto (Xhosa)

    ‘Go well Spear of the Nation
    We Umkhonto cadres are
    Prepared to kill the Boers’

    Umkhonto we Sizwe ANC Choir 1970s

    Somehow the Brit Jew vampires have twisted tribal tradition of the Xhosa to being one of kill the Boers/Capitalists/Producers. You know the Germanic farmers, ranchers, industrialists who made South Africa prosperous. The ones who had half of their children holocausted by Britfags as a negotiation technique.

    In his youth, Nelson was a herder and cattle-boy. But as an adult, he was a non-working community organizer. Why is it, once anyone wins political power, they never deviate from the British Colonial template? Sit in meetings and pose for cameras as a figurehead. How in the hell does a member of Xhosa royalty end up lounging about in a parliamentary palace just like everyone else?

    The first holocaust of the 20th century, where 80% of the Boer race died, is far worse than the 35% of the Jewish race that died at the hands of the Nazis. Also, the Nazis killed farmer/merchant Jews, the wrong ones, instead of the predatory London Banking Jews who were the real problem.

    How the fuck the Xhosas feel any pride on account of Nelson’s parasitic fake ass and his fat ass bridezilla wife Winnie is beyond me.

    Hard to say who is more embarrassing. Urkel Mandela fag dancing in dockers, or the “white” Commonwealth Jew Fucks singing along, like the song isn’t going to one day be about them too. Zio-morons still playing both sides of the white/semite fence, and begging for crumbs of banker’s bread instead of becoming self-reliant and sufficient.

    Way to stick it to whitey, Africunts. Nothing says emancipation like taking your marching orders from London Bankers as part of the Commonwealth. Zimbabwe South, that’s where you’re heading, if you allow the Brit/Jews to continue their wealth extraction and nationwide emasculation transformation.

    Just thinking back to all the propaganda crap about Apartheid. It’s the same play from the same playbook everytime. We’re benefactors from London. Take this money no obligation, you are liberated now. You are no longer victims.

    Engladers will plunder the evildoers who have oppressed you, and give you 10% of what we take. The other 90% will go to our offshore banking havens, but you needn’t worry about that. Your riches will be extracted, and what remains will be hypothecated and overpledged, even to your grandchildren’s grandchildren. Such is life, enjoy your new human rights. And permanent deficit. Cause Suzerain is painless. It brings on many changes…

    A Normal Xhosa Guy

    1992 Spear of the Nation (with Mandela present)

    “Hamba kahle mkhonto we Sizwe, Tihna Abantu bomkhonto Sizimisele Ukuwa bulala woma lamabunu”

    —We members of Umkhonto are prepared to kill all the Boers.

    “Khwela phezukwendlu Ubutshele umanishaya Ibhunu umama vyajabula”

    —Get on the roof and tell them that when I hit the Boer, my mother becomes happy.

    “Amabhunu ahlupha abazali Ekhaya bathi ziphi Izingane zabo Sizbashaya nge Nge bazooka”

    —White Boers are troubling our parents at home: we are going to hit them with our Ak-47’s and bazookas

  3. Has anyone actually verified the translation?

    Mandela was responsible for more torture and murder of innocents than Charles Manson. Maybe neither actual physically held the knife or placed the burning tire around the neck of their victims but they were still responsible. If Mandela became the man of peace they say he did then why did he support murderous tyrannical communist leaders right up to the end.


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