Heroes Kill Man to Save Him

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Guy climbs on his roof; cops Tazer and choke him to death:

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  1. BDBAH
    To anyone who is thinking about being a soldier or cop, I’d say “Billy Don’t Be a Hero” Not only that, but anything that is for this current state at this present time, Just Say No.

    Anything that in any slight way injures you or puts you at risk? Even anything that doesn’t benefit you or anyone you care about. Don’t do it.

    BDBAH is easy to remember and always good advice, unless something major happens, and America stops sucking.

    BDBAH- Paper Lace Sings Billy Don’t Be a Hero – 1974

  2. EweTube Comments:

    The State Media news anchor says: “Tough Call” “Split-second decision”
    These are thrown in as Perception Management.

    Don’t believe reality, don’t think, don’t analyze, we the State will do it for you.

    This is how you are being manipulated and programmed on how to react to overzealous cops who play god in a crumbling empire, dehumanized thugs that took several minutes ( not a split-second as the anchor claims) to brutalize and murder a man.

    Cut to: Oh cool Dexter is on tonight…

    Tx Akita 16 hours ago
    They saved that guy to death!!

    philateliceun 17 hours ago
    seriously how hard is it to get somebody down some stairs without killing them? How fucking retarded are these cunts? What do they put in their coffee for fucks sake? Strychnine?

    jonnyy40 1 hour ago
    Split second decision? When he jumped onto the landing they were on him like WOLVES.

    Blackjake Crull 4 hours ago
    Animals are treated better,that guy broke his neck from the fall and they bounced his head down the stairs so would it be ok to do that to a crooked wall st crook that steals billions rigging libor.

    turkishwarriorr1 1 hour ago
    The answered to 1984 is 1776. man up all you pussies.cause time is ticking. rock on these fucking bacon bits.fuck the police

    stupidsheeplestopNWO 1 hour ago
    Sick of the police state yet? NOTHING will be done about this because they WANT US DEAD so the NWO assholes can steal our country and pack us in FEMA camps…. wake up America

    William Strickland 4 hours ago
    Even if they were called to respond to that situation there is no excuse for dragging him down the stairs letting his head hit every step while they keep hitting the trigger on the taser and shocking the hell out of him. That’s fucking bullshit so use your fucking head or, it might be yours being slammed on every step in your own home

    William Strickland 4 hours ago
    That shit makes me sick. How many people have I seen killed by police on YouTube videos in the last 2 months. He was not acting aggressive and why can’t he chill on his roof ? I do the shit all the time. Cops love tasering people especially when they are in cuffs. I used to train law enforcement how to properly use their firearms and heard all their bullshit about fucking up unarmed people for fun. Somehow we need to put a stop to this kind of shit

    yzkid74 5 hours ago
    Dont worry we will all foget about this and the police will go back to killing us for our own safety…..im going to go poor a nice big glass of flouride water to calm my nerves

    89Fall 5 hours ago
    Crawl on your roof tomorrow morning and get back to me when the police show up for no reason.
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    in reply to VoteLib3rty)

    arodhalme 6 hours ago
    Another lawsuit we on the hook for. Crap the police are an expensive gang

    jjogiantsfan 6 hours ago
    No justice, no peace.

    Rob Dyrdek 6 hours ago
    Fuk the police

    DrDavenstein 7 hours ago
    If I ever see a cop having trouble, I’m just going to laugh and keep on cruising. Hopefully somebody else will come by and run his ass over as they’re “trying to help.”

    INCC74656I 8 hours ago
    you can only stand up to your peers when you as a person have a moral code that supersede that of the collective consensus and when the system is open to abstract thought. at present if you deviate from the ‘code of blue’ you are singled out and it is not uncommon for this to be seen as a betrayal. when the uniform is what you serve as opposed to the department is when things can change.

    swellnuts37 8 hours ago
    Thats it pigs! War is declared! I’ve seen too much police brutality in a time where we are supposed to act civilized and respect the law. But how in the holy fuck can I respect these motherfuckers? Who pull this shit and think they can get away with it?!! Either they all get tried for negligible homicide, or they will be marked for death by the cop killers who demand payback for this injustice! God, fuck police!

    exethosdrum 9 hours ago
    God Damn, they got something coming for them.

    spaceshipjessica 12 hours ago
    Police have Never stopped a crime, ever.
    All cops do is attack people after the fact.

    empyrealist 12 hours ago
    This is murder. Plain and simple. If the courts don’t hold these PIGS accountable, someone needs to shoot these fuckers.

    Kris Tal K 13 hours ago
    LISTEN Carefully! DON’T Ever call the police! You just increased the odds of a Murder happening. And I don’t care if you have a badge, This sht is MURDER!

    KrailBird 14 hours ago
    I’d rather fight for what I believe in and die in this meaningless universe, then sit back, stand idle to this bullshit and die content in my own fake reality. Wake up and open your eyes. Now tell me thats cowardice.

    KrailBird 14 hours ago
    Let’s overthrow the gov’t tonight. Who’s wit me?

    loadthisup899 15 hours ago
    Cops that are bunched up like that deserved to get blasted

    cloudranch 15 hours ago
    The State Media news anchor last words: “Tough Call” “Split-second decision” are thrown in as Perception Management.
    Don’t believe reality, don’t think, don’t analyze, we the State will do it for you.
    This is how you are being manipulated and programmed on how to react to overzealous cops who act like gods in a crumbling empire, dehumanized thugs that took several minutes ( not a split-second as the anchor claims..) to brutalize and murder a man.
    Cut to: Oh cool- Dexter is on tonight…

    Tx Akita 16 hours ago
    They saved that guy to death!!

    decadyne 16 hours ago
    This isn’t really a statistical view. Since terrorist-related deaths are much less frequent, because terrorism is much less frequent than police activity, a statistician would be interested in finding out how deaths per scenario as a function of frequency can be compared.

    wil ee 17 hours ago
    Why do people in your country stand idly by when a man is attacked on his own property like this.
    Do you think by saying nothing things will get better ? It could be you next.

    Pugmom53 18 hours ago
    Just read a report of police choking, suffocating and killing a downs syndrome man because he would not leave a theater seat after the movie was over. What the hell is going on?

    Captain Zelda 19 hours ago
    Aint no one or thing free in this world under the US regime.

    iservesocial 19 hours ago
    The newscasters are to blame here. If they would just do their jobs instead of being all calm and saying shit like “tough call and a split second decision”. That asshat talking head needs to be dragged down the fucking stairs on his head. That bitch too.

    Doug D 19 hours ago
    Hell we don’t need football or any other sport these days. Live and in color, watch a man murdered right before your very eyes. We are worse than the Romans, pretty soon we will have public lynching , beheadings. Tune in next week when we will get to see the Mad Dog Squad invade a house and taze and rape children. Lets give the police a standing ovation and a raise. Isn’t it great to be an American today?

    funkyshiz00 20 hours ago
    freehdum!!!! muricaa!

    sneaki602 22 hours ago
    well, I guess I can cross off USA as a place to settle down.

    e3ovuziotica 22 hours ago
    police are in many cases acting out mass hypnosis that they are under

    TimWhiteKnight 23 hours ago
    Cops are the biggest gang of them all. The few control the many. Open your eyes.

    obamasucksdick99 23 hours ago
    The problem is that this guy clearly had mental issues and the situation could have been resolved without any deaths. Doesn’t matter if the decision he made to take the drugs was his decision, he took them. Would you be saying the same thing if he was drunk or retarded? “Im sorry sir but your retarded son was on the roof so we killed him”. The real pussies are the cops for beating a man to death when he is literally already down.

    suryamp12 1 day ago
    corrupt LAPD’s son dies at corrupt PPD’s hands. Oh the irony

    inthelight1776 1 day ago
    Because they’re IDIOTS!!!!! Deliberate dumbing down of our citizens. Policemen! Aren’t you smarter than to think you need to act like, animals?!!!!

    pickles7640 1 day ago
    That cop was choking him as the other cop lifted up his legs which could of lead to his neck being snapped, that was straight murder and you can tell he’s dead once they start dragging his corpse down the stairs, that is just sickening. Those cops should of immediately pulled their guns out and arrested the ones that did that, but they went along with it. Which makes them no better than Nazis that deserve their heads blown off in my opinion.

    GreyMatter121 1 day ago
    Any cops are a joke, no matter what country. Anyone who wants to be a bully for a living is a backwards fuckwit. At least in the U.S. the government can’t use the military on their own people because we have whats called the “posse comitatus act”, which forbids that. In the U.K. they are allowed to use their own military to police their civilians, and it almost always leads to innocent civilian casualties when they do.

    kronikinsomniak 1 day ago
    “Tough call and split second decision” ?!?!?! WTF SHIT REPORTER!
    Yo let me help you off the roof with 50000 volts instead of using the god damn lift that we had time to bring all the way over here.

    pickles7640 1 day ago
    The maneuver the cop used to choke him out if you apply too much pressure you can actually snap a persons neck.

    Fatty McCubs 1 day ago
    What the fuck are you on about? This isn’t indicative of a police state? Really? When a bunch of raw bacon can murder a man for being on a roof and just go on with their lives? Pffft, one day you’ll get it unless of course your daddy is a pig, or you are.

    kastnmagic 1 day ago

    x4iparabola 1 day ago
    You my friend are as dumb as the cops in this video. There was a million other ways to handle this situation esp without a weapon or anyones lives in danger. Fuck the people who put themselves in that situation it was his property and other people called the cops not him. If you understand why these tase a man over and over put him in a headlock then let his head smack concrete stairs with that many of them there to pick him up, well you’re as slow thinking as they are…
    in reply to INCC74656I

    ObsessedCyclist 1 day ago
    Because maybe he isn’t an ass kissing fucking slave like you, you PIECE OF SHIT!
    in reply to S. A. Hunt

    INCC74656I 1 day ago
    you misunderstand me. I am not saying these actions were correct, they were quite unequivocally the incorrect actions to take. My point is that under our current system we lack the checks and balances required to build an honorable and uncorruptible police force. in more than one way this type of behavior is reworded. Our police are given little incentive to use less force and its human nature to over react and go along with it when in group settings. understanding and approving are not synonyms

    Mike Pk 1 day ago

    Mike Pk 1 day ago
    oh shut the fuck up all of you all you are bitches. boohoo. rip guy. i give you your respect but you bitches all crying bout police do this police do that. you dumb little shits stop crying bitches and do something about it. if they kill one of us normals kill one of them. they’re human just like we are. but human doesnt justify our occupation like we’re animals. go kill a fucking police. they die from bullets just like we do.

    INCC74656I 1 day ago
    i understand why cops do this. you get so sick of taking your time to deal with other peoples shit that you want to just end the situations as fast as possible and fuck the people who put themselves in that situation. The intrinsic problem with police is you must be an honorable person at heart BEFORE you get your badge. the badge will not change who you are. self restraint, rational thought, and a developed ability to resist escalating situations when in a mob is required.

    msizzles 1 day ago
    I grew up in Phoenix. Everyone knew that you just don’t Fuck with the Police there or the Sheriffs. They are a very scary bunch. One threw me down forcefully, at a high school party, long ago for asking him why he was coming in the house. They are a forceful brood and definitely not to be fucked with. Be wary of the PXPD. They are trained to attack and ask questions last.

    treedirt10000 1 day ago
    Fascist pigs!

    TremorTea 1 day ago
    Anger management? Who needs that when you can just join the police force and use people as your punching dummy

    Chris Gemoules 1 day ago
    Terrotists have it all wrong. If they really want to kill Americans, they just need to become cops.
    We’ll literally pay them to kill us, and then send them on paid vacation for their trouble if they make the news.

    furyofbongos 1 day ago
    These criminals, these thugs (cops), are completely heartless. They are obviously psychopaths. They are totally incapable of empathy. I feel so sorry for their spouses and children who are also innocent victims of these mentally ill and emotionally disturbed criminal cops.

    xpr3st0nx 1 day ago
    Murica where the cops can kill people, BS / Hide evidence, and then get a paid vacation until the story blows away. GG. No wonder everyone hates cops when everyday there’s a video of them acting like idiotic barbarians. U.S.A #1 Police State.

    japs2dope 1 day ago
    sad, but anyone else notice witness’s/family/friends etc… always saying “I’ve never seen anything like this!”. I’m i the only one who sees this on a daily basis? What the hell is going on in my country? thought we are encouraged to stand up to bullies now.

    ThePianospecial 1 day ago
    How long and how many more people are going to have to die, until there are changes to police behavior and actions?? How long until police will have to face the same charges for these crimes they are committing??? I just cannot understand the United States police force…… Fucked up SYSTEM! We need police like the police in the UK. No more tazers and guns. PUNISH ALL THE COPS INVOLVED IN CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY… they serve the public and well that simply is not the case anymore… RIP

    Sparkky McPuff 1 day ago

    Dillon Robinson 1 day ago
    And this is why, when a police officer dies, it’s never a tragedy. Ever. 🙂

    Tobias W 1 day ago
    Only in America, fucking screwed country. Believe in an invisible savior and kill innocent people at the same time.

    Kevin Mcgrath 1 day ago
    would be interesting to see him pull out an ak47 from the chimney, and see how fuckin tough they are! and he had the high ground.that would be a great bait maneuver though. they would get a taste of there own medicine, you all agree?

    BladeUtah 1 day ago
    This is what happens when the out of control federal government nutjobs like DHS train local cops to act like soldiers trained for urban warfare instead of stewards for their communities.

    ThePatriotMuckraker 1 day ago
    Just another day in the USSA, pigs on patrol.

    entropification 1 day ago
    I blame the person who called the police.

    tmcragg01 1 day ago
    It’s not murder when a group of thugs with a badge do it. Welcome to the police state.

    Wizhix 1 day ago
    pls execute these cops

    Cody Kwasniak 1 day ago
    I live down the street from there. My probation office is just around the corner. I can’t wait to get out of this shitty neighborhood. The west side is a shithole and its been reaffirmed in my mind that the cops don’t make it much better. Poor guy. 🙁

    ChaosCompass 1 day ago
    Fucking cowards.

    ChaosCompass 1 day ago
    Fuck these fucking pig pieces of shit. Someone needs to do all this shit to every last one of them. There is no excuse for these assholes’ actions. .

    xSUIJURISx 1 day ago
    Costumes dont grant extra super human Rights.

    746robin 1 day ago
    Freaking pigs…that man was unarmed.I hate to bring race up, but if he was black, black people would be rioting. So lets go white people! all people! stand up…

    dredge34 1 day ago
    Clearly he wasnt armed or any danger to the police. This sort of behavior is unforgivable.
    I mean even if the stun gun was deemed nessacary once he is off the roof, there is no need to choke him to restrain him. Its not even like he was putting up a struggle.
    Then the way they dragged him down the stairs, unconsious, disgracefull.
    The police showed absolutely no care for his wellbeing, to the point of vicious neglegence. Guy clearly needed help, not a brutal beating

    marajlize legaljuana 1 day ago
    what else is new?!??! this shit is becoming a weekly occurrence, I am just waiting for the revolution.

    Kampfknopers 1 day ago
    This is why obama wants the guns of all us citizens..

    AJ Bains 1 day ago
    Obviously nobody cares that much. I see a video similar to this almost every week. It’s not right, but you will forget as long you’ve got your cable TV and junk food you won’t care.

    Lori L 1 day ago

    Jim Strathmeyer 1 day ago
    Oh they’ve gotten away with murder before. If they don’t like you when you’re handcuffed face down on the ground, they’ll shoot you in the back of your head.

    ShomyoSK 1 day ago
    Where is your freedom emurica? Ha-ha you are just slaves of a police state.

    herbalist2993 1 day ago
    “This guy is going to kill himself so we better taze him, choke him out, and then drag him down the stairs while letting his head smash against every stair on the way down. Oh, he died? Well it was for his own good.”

    Eric Guevara 1 day ago
    fucking pig fucks.

    Johnny Sawyer 1 day ago
    same shit, different city.

    CanisLupusDesertMoon 1 day ago
    Comply and submit or die is the mantra of the police

    demon seed 1 day ago
    Killed him for his own safety. FTP!
    Fkn dk talking head at the end “tough split second call”!!! Fk you. These are suppose to be trained professionally. Trained to protect. Trained with OUR money!!

    duice1976 1 day ago
    Sure they wouldnt have any problem throwing citizens in the fema camps.

    F thePolice 1 day ago
    Lucky for them they have those badges. If not, they would be hanging from their necks as we speak.

    troyez 1 day ago
    What about the old WWII veteran who was killed by the cops last month in Chicago? Nothing there either.

    Rhand75 1 day ago
    how can you call that anything but a murder squad?

    Dan Overlin 1 day ago
    It boils down to this: A man who is dressed in official garb barked an order. Another man did not immediately comply to the order barked by a man dressed in stately official garb. The men dressed in pompous stately official garb were displeased. The men dressed in pompous stately ‘superior’ official garb let it be known that to the non-complying man they were displeased. A man died. The moral of the story: OBEY (even if you can’t hear, have mental impairments, can’t stand . . .

    MrMaxQuack 1 day ago
    Red blood on the hands of those in blue, as usual.

    freepress666 1 day ago
    Look Police are private contractors, they are not peace officers, they follow policy only, has nothing to do with real law, they are an agency who contracted to do a job for county or city or state, they are protected by a union, they investigate their own, and never convict their own, courts are contractors also, none are public officials, they are all private- acting like one.

    brocomeatmebro 1 day ago
    this is so much worse than a dog getting shot, it’s not even worth mentioning the dog

    James W 1 day ago
    2 weeks paid vacation for murder.
    Nothing to see here folks, this is ‘murcia!

    thatstheguy07 1 day ago
    Well shit, they had to get him off that roof…. he could have died up there!

    Dovah Bear 1 day ago
    “GET OFF THE ROOF OR WE’LL OPEN FIRE!” sounds like something chief wiggum would say given the circumstances.

    Papi ChulO 1 day ago
    Fuck these cops kill them all

    MyThIcaL343 1 day ago
    MUH FREEDOMS…god damn i fucking hate america so much

    pickles7640 1 day ago
    “Such leniency is reserved for those who are faithful in carrying out imperial crimes. From the perspective of those who control the Regime, committing war crimes is a duty, but reporting them is a felony.”

    calmingspeed 1 day ago
    Kill the cops…case closed

    marc scott 1 day ago
    The police are dead empty vessels void of any morality, their souls are destined for the cesspit.

    DownWith theFourEleven 1 day ago

    rhyno6 1 day ago
    Nothing will ever happen to the police. The only way to get kicked off the force is to blow the whistle on other cops.

    pickles7640 1 day ago
    Soon enough Whistle Blowers will be in the same boat as people like Bradley Manning, who is facing up to 35 years in prison for exposing the truth.

    pickles7640 1 day ago
    Further emphasizing the absurdity of punishing Manning, author and pundit William Grigg exposes several cases of actual war crimes that were given incredibly lenient sentences. In his recent article in a blog he calls Pro Libertate, Grigg examines the cases of Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins and Sgt. Ray Girouard, both of whom were given mere slaps on the wrist, including being rewarded with full military benefits, after killing innocent people. Grigg concludes,

    sc698 1 day ago
    it pisses me off how nothing will happen to these officers. Just like the ones like killed that guys dog.

    MassSwampPeople 1 day ago
    Welcome to the Nazi states of Amerika.

    Jeff F 1 day ago
    what safety????? That is not even bought. its more like “Those who would give up Essential liberty for danger and oppression deserve the danger and oppression.”

    pickles7640 1 day ago
    If I was there and I watched many officers dragging a dead body like nothing happened, I would simply pull out a gun and end em like they deserved to be. We all hold the key to our own happiness and if this guy being on a roof was what was needed for him to express himself then no one deserves the right to strip that away from him.

    Jeff F 1 day ago
    we just watched an execution. The running man comes to mind. It is for our entertainment. An murderous orgy brought to you by our heroes in uniform.

    Jeff F 1 day ago
    typical pig. bald head, fat stomach and pink skin.

    Rich Cream 1 day ago
    I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

    Zach B 1 day ago
    If you’re a police officer and you want to take a vacation, just murder an innocent father of 2. Paid leave.

    pickles7640 1 day ago
    I wonder if that officer applied to much pressure when choking him and snapped his neck, you can tell once his body starts rolling down the stairs he’s dead right away.

    chem712 1 day ago
    Since we’re correcting people, both of you are using that quote wrong. He wrote it in regards to lands being taxed extra to fend off indian attacks.. Purchase is used literally in that quote. It has nothing to do with this situation.

    pickles7640 1 day ago
    This is straight Nazi shit! Just watching his head roll off the stairs like that tells another side of the story, a side that many people refuse to see about what is becoming of the system in general. Like drones strikes, these people target innocent bystanders through labels. this is the new America, the goal was to strip the US of it’s riches just like Germany was stripped of theirs. Who better than anonymous figures controlling the perception. Now you are starting to see the true terrorism.

    popesnose 1 day ago
    It’s gotten to the point that the odds of being killed by a cop are much higher than being killed by a criminal, because you can avoid areas where criminals frequent and you can prevent criminal from entering your home. You cannot prevent a thug in blue from doing so.

    mrigiveratings 1 day ago
    no balls, gargantuan egos, abysmal IQ*

    pomarf 1 day ago
    ……so I can get killed for being on my roof now?
    I always knew there was something up there people don’t want me to see.

    ddshears 1 day ago
    When are people going to learn NOT to call the police for help. Call them when you want someone killed…

    uNtouchable1337 1 day ago
    Back in the day they’d tell him to get down, and if he didn’t they’d just walk away unless he was being destructive.

    JakeShunt666 1 day ago
    “Oh my god, they killed Kenny!”

    FutureLaugh 1 day ago
    commit a petty crime like graffiti? DEATH. want to kill yourself? DEATH. Dont obey an unlawful command? DEATH! Give these psychopaths in black costumes a medal for their brave work!

    Dre4dwolf 1 day ago
    The police just dont have common sense “sure lets drag him down the stairs while his head goes tump thump thump thump 35 times” thats a great idea 20 minutes later one officer says to another “I wonder how he got a concussion and a brain hemorrhage , he didn’t hit his head when he jumped, I wonder how it happened, maybe we should of tazzed him more to make sure he wouldn’t of hurt himself”
    The guy was just chilling on the roof soaking up sun shine? what happened?

    FutureLaugh 1 day ago
    0:40 HOLY SHIT homie easy on the coco butter

    Bellena Parker 1 day ago
    He DIDN’T FALL! He hopped down and was immediately grabbed in a choke-hold

    2mad2behere 1 day ago
    6 cops couldn’t fucking lift an at most 300 pound dude? What the fuck, how about lay off them donuts and use that money to get a dumbbell.

    Chris Evans 1 day ago

    UltraMonkeySapien 1 day ago
    judging from the change in his skin pigment I would think he was already dead from strangulation or heart failure before they drug him down the stairs.

    UltraMonkeySapien 1 day ago
    2nd degree murder for every officer that touched him!

    Mikhail New 1 day ago
    “Why was it a “split second decision?” Why was there any urgency at all? Dude just wanted to hang out on the roof.

    Kent Douglas 1 day ago
    These people watched a murder and its a murder on video. A FUCKIN’ STRAIGHT OUT MURDER.

    x7Deucex 1 day ago
    Time to revolt against our government. Put some GOOD people in office.

    Zenn3k 1 day ago
    Split second decision? Fuck that newscaster, fuck him in the face with a shotgun.

    Shaxuul 1 day ago
    If those cops didn’t step in, he’d still be alive…

    FEEL 1 day ago
    same with drugs. if i want to drugs (witch i don’t) i should be allowed too. we really need a libertarian in the white house.

    AlpineMusicSchool 1 day ago
    Sounds like a gang to me. NWO Gestapo.
    10 guys surround a man on the ground with his hands up and then choke him, electrocute him, smash his head against pavement, thus killing him. Sound like a gang? Or a non-resistant police arrest.

    iamKrixok 1 day ago
    We just watched a murder. Watch, as none of the people involved in the murder are arrested.

    theDarkblitz9 1 day ago
    Oink. Oink.

    Gjergjj Gjergj 1 day ago

    mitocondriac 1 day ago
    “Those who would give up Essential Liberty
    to purchase a little Temporary Safety,
    deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

    JiTae 1 day ago
    Exactly!! If I want to jump off a roof and kill myself, or drive without a seat belt (both of which I do not wish to do) I should be able to as long as I do not hurt anyone else. I should not have police intervention unless I put others un-willingly at risk. What a world we live in.
    in reply to RonPaulOrDie (Show the comment)

    AlpineMusicSchool 1 day ago
    Presstitute at the end says “tough call”. Guy won’t come off the roof so kill him “tough call”. I hate Presstitutes.

    EtyleN 1 day ago
    Reporter is smoking

    Evil Betty 1 day ago
    When police are called, people and pets die. They are nothing but jack-booted thugs.

    mzoboy25 1 day ago
    What makes me laugh is the number of people, especially Americans, who sit there and watch these videos on the internet and complain about how “disgusting” the police are acting and ask why they get away with this, yet no one does fuck all about it. They’ll comment about this then immediately move on with the lives and think nothing more of it until the next video appears. As long as it doesn’t effect you directly and means you dont need to get off your arse, I guess you’re not gonna do anything

    L0RDRHYM3 1 day ago
    So what are the cops gonna come around and start killing ppl for sun tanning on their roofz, wtf

    stu89w 1 day ago
    Absolutely fucking disgusting – HOW MANY times do the police in the USA have to get away with murdering innocent people before something real is done to stop it ?????

    Jeff F 1 day ago
    yes nothing like the 1950’s cops that would help white people. The best we had was the 1950 cops that helped only a portion of the population and even then they were horrible to the minorities. So this whole myth of cops ever being angels is just that a myth. Sure they were more tolerable then, but now they are plain murderous.
    in reply to marshsusie59 (Show the comment)

    DEDMON5811 1 day ago
    And one to taser to send the electricity to the bulb.
    in reply to itzmyquan

    theQiwiMan 1 day ago

    itzmyquan 1 day ago
    how many policemen does it take to screw in a light bulb…at least 10

    Chaz McIntyre 1 day ago
    How many people are going to be murdered by the police before something actually happens? This isn’t an isolated incident this is happening everywhere. I live in Utah where the West Valley Police Department has murdered so many people that they are under FBI investigation. And even that has done nothing. If something doesn’t change soon then eventually every single citizen is going to be a target.

    joshuame505 1 day ago
    Can’t wait for that police department to blame the death on something stupid like “he died when he fell off the roof” or from a “heat stroke”. Sheesh.

    Jeff F 1 day ago
    small dicks big egos and low IQ’s, a very dangerous combination.

    Guy LaVigne 1 day ago
    Police Agencies will actually deny an applicant to be a officer if their IQ is too high. The perfect cop is right below average. If you have an IQ over 125, you are too smart to have a badge.
    in reply to Jeff F

    Copsarescum 1 day ago
    You mean well with your uninformed comment but the truth is ALL, 100 %, of cops are career criminals. This is easily proven in fact and law. It isn’t possible to be a cop in 2013 America without breaking laws daily/hourly! They are required to violate people’s rights, the laws, and their oaths constantly!

    If good cops existed they would arrest the bad cops! Never happens!
    Read the Constitution,the supreme law of the USA and know the truth.
    People of character are required to repudiate police.
    in reply to Stefanie Lauber

    seththezombie 1 day ago
    So 8 cops are that scared that they can’t tackle this doode and subdue him, cops need to be more in shape so they can actually wrestle a guy not tase him and then choke him. This is just sad.

    Jeff F 1 day ago
    true the bald headed steroid freaks with small dicks, do not even have the strength to get him up, they love to display their courage and fake strength by choke holding you, have you hit the ground either by being tasered or shot. They are scum of the earth.

    wzrdmgk562 1 day ago
    Murderous pigs, how the fuck do these cops justify actions like these?

    Copsarescum 1 day ago
    These pigs could be video recorded murdering and eating babies and the most justice that would happen would be “paid vacation” for the pigs, aka “suspension WITH pay”.
    Why? Because pigs are the enforcer army for the political class and they know a-holes would never want to be their pigs if they were held accountable for breaking any of the 60+ million laws of the USA, not an exaggeration, like the serfs and peasants are!
    FTP and their collaborator copsuckers!

    Jeff F 1 day ago
    911 is joking your town. Fake 911 wears a fake crown.

    Jeff F 1 day ago
    they protected and served him

    Ticktacktoe2 1 day ago
    Unfortunately only the law… not the people.
    in reply to Jeff F

    Copsarescum 1 day ago
    ALL pigs are scum. You don’t think so? Where are the “good cops” when this crap is happening? Ever see cops arguing with each other because one pig wants to be a nazi and another pig wants to stop him? NEVER!
    Ever see pigs arresting pigs at a scene like this when one or more pigs is clearly breaking the law? NEVER. Because ALL PIGS are SCUM !
    When pigs are prosecuted and do PRISON time for their crimes this might start to change, not until then!
    FTP and their collaborator copsuckers!

    ellenvanhoose 1 day ago
    Autopsy results? What killed him? Was it the tazer? Was it a broken back/neck from the fall, which then was exacerbated by their treatment? Was it suffocation from the choke hold? He appears to either be dead or unconscious when they’re dragging him down the stairs. Answers would be nice.

    Stefanie Lauber 1 day ago
    There are good cops out there. These unfortunately are not police officers. They were not protecting and serving. They are disgusting wolves in sheep’s clothing. I respect true police officers, not this illustration of human scum in a a police officer’s uniform. Get it together Arizona.

    GabrielAGallant 1 day ago
    The second he landed on the front porch he was giving up and the “threat” was over. These criminal thugs aren’t your friends. Learn to handle problems on your own. Don’t call/rely on 911. They don’t care about you. They are a brotherhood that’s being militarized and they only protect their brothers.

    mwilsonUT 1 day ago
    Arrest these disgusting fucking people.

    dpemblom11 1 day ago
    They kill one of our citizens, for nothing…I’m going to start treating them like they do us. If I see something like this, I will open fire on all of those mother fuckers. If I see a fellow citizen’s rights being violated, I will open fire upon them from now on. You all might see me on the news

    Lloyd Smith 1 day ago
    And of course the cops will be acquitted of any wrong doing. Murica!

    Wu Tang 1 day ago
    United States of America… no surprise.

    William Martinez 1 day ago
    This is fucking absurd! Something needs to be done.

    Alex Macksey 1 day ago

    RonPaulOrDie 1 day ago
    so murder people who could hurt themselves? that gives them the excuse to kill everyone on the planet..

    Donald Cassidy 1 day ago

    Donald Cassidy 1 day ago

    nfoneo 1 day ago
    What a fucking disgrace. There’s a new video of police doing similar stuff every other week

    Ad Rock 1 day ago
    @ David Ross, You mean killed without probable cause. “No person shall be deprived of Life, Liberty, or Property without due process.” Or did you go to gov’t schools where they taught you to be a good sheep with no brains?

    bbruce995 1 day ago

    FreedomRebel 1 day ago
    goddamn fluoride nazi cunt bastards…i hope they and their families die a horrible painfull and slow death.

    Ad Rock 1 day ago
    The purpose of police is to defend innocents’ life, liberty, and property from bad guys who would deprive us of those. So if police are the ones depriving innocents of life, liberty, or property…then who are the bad guys?… and who is protecting us from those bad guys?

    ParagonEos 1 day ago
    There were how many cops? And they couldn’t take him down the stairs without killing him and knocking his head on every step? That’s blatently not caring on purpose. Wow!

    Anya Nonya 1 day ago
    Ah, the cops that did it will be suspended for a couple of weeks or months. With full back pay, of course. It seems to be a trend lately. And then everyone, including police chiefs, wonder why the cops are becoming more and more brazen in their brutality. The answer is that there is no real punishment for them! They are pretty much shielded from civil claims (not 100%, but pretty darn close) and instead of being fired as a result of the infraction they get a paid vacation. Does that make sense?

    chad conley 1 day ago
    Tough call my ass. Are they even human?

    Ryan Wissow WIBA 1 day ago
    Cops are losers

    jay keene 1 day ago
    Be the same thing here. None of those cops will have to answer to what they did to him. Even with his dad being an ex-cop. I hope he sues the the f^ck out of them.

    synergy021 1 day ago
    Disgusting. I hope the guy who put the killing choke hold on him is not only fired but faces criminal charges.

    Michaelstroud1982 1 day ago
    Yeah man they fucking murdered this guy.

    WoOrdleneim 1 day ago
    was he hurting anyone by being on the roof? or am I missing something?

    Ho Chi Minh 1 day ago
    This sounds a lot like what happened to Dale Cook in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Some of these idiots tasered him while he was sitting on a treestand. He fell and broke his back and is paralyzed from his waist down.

    marshsusie59 1 day ago
    police always go way 2 far these days.. they are murderers and thugs. nothing like the good cops we used to have

    max klein 1 day ago
    global extermination grid in action

    harry palm 1 day ago
    if u dont instantly submit, allow for illegal searches, stfu while being illegally detained, or otherwise do whatever you are told without question, you are an enemy combatant.

    bboychibi 2 days ago
    Seems like there are more stories of cops killing people every single day. Fucking sick of it.

    Bobby McGranahan 2 days ago
    Cops need to start DYING! This is rediculous and wont stop anytime soon.

    Ho Chi Minh 2 days ago
    I remember when that Phoenix pig richard chrisman murdered Danny Rodriguez. It was a clear case of murder but yet his police union buddies had the gall to hold a barbecue to raise money for him.

    offwiththefairies77 2 days ago
    Yet another retired policemans son murdered at the hands of his fathers former colleagues. Oh the irony. : /

    evilfurby1 2 days ago
    Oh no. Now the pigs won’t be able to extract wealth from him. I’m sure their bosses will be angry about it.

    Watchingyew 2 days ago
    Fucking brutes.

    Searching4Truth1 2 days ago
    So I guess children are no longer allowed to play on the roof of homes or buildings; if they do, they end up in jail or dead?

    CYBERWARRIOR 2 days ago
    Yeah, the split-second decision was to MURDER. Think twice b4 callin’ 911.

    DeathDOer01 2 days ago
    good job fags…

  3. What law was he breaking that would require that much attention from heroes? I didn’t realize we aren’t allowed on the roof anymore…

    • His “safety” was in peril, don’t you see….

      One upside to all this: It’s becoming obvious to a growing number of people that cops are not “heroes.” That, in addition to being bullies, they are also pussies.

      The two often go together, it seems to me.


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