Illinois Heroes Confiscate and Kill Old Man’s Bees

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Terrence Ingram, a world renowned naturalist who once saved the Bald Eagle from being on the endangered species list, was recently met by the Illinois Agricultural Department which seized his privately-owned bees. The department seized his bees that were ‘resistant to GMO pesticides’ and killed the remaining healthy queen bees in his beehives.

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  1. That’s so insane it boggles the mind. The only reason they did that is BECAUSE they were resistant. Mustn’t have a cure for a deliberately manufactured crisis.

    • Exactly.
      We should manufacture a few crises of our own.

      And then exacerbate their shortages with some selective reduction, or a Reduction In Force.
      These have become the charicature of the Evil Villian’s Henchmen.

  2. What

    We need to kill HUMANS, not BEES. Dammit! You NEED the bees to be resistant to pesticides! Otherwise THERE’S NOTHING TO POLLINATE THE FIELDS, YOU F*CKING MORON!!!!

    Can we just go have a chat with these @$$hats? It’ll only hurt (them) for a moment…


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