Hey, Restoration Pro!

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Your thieving – your stealing other people’s work – has been reported far and wide. I just contacted Salon to let them know you’ve been stealing their articles, too.

Maybe you’d like some more porn? MInd, I haven’t posted these delightful images on your site. I posted them on mine – and you/your bot stole them and reprinted them on yours.


I can produce more such posts for your site to steal and reprint. After which, I will remove them from my site. Leaving you with the gay bukkake pics for your customers to enjoy.

Look, dude. I resorted to these measures because you forced my hand. You set loose a bot that grabs every got-damned article I write, in its entirety and without my byline, to fluff up the content of your site… which would otherwise be empty. You apparently think it’s cool to steal other people’s work and use it to help your business.


It’s not.

Stop doing it, now.

Or expect more gay bukkake.



    • That is a capital idea!

      And: Yes, we have an RSS feed; but I can’t figure out how he accessed it. Guy’s name is Sean O Roberts.

      • Accessing your RSS feed is simple — I pulled it just today for my home PC (Had it on my work laptop for a while).

        Go to your webpage in chrome >> hit F12 (developer tools) >> click the “Elements” tab at the top >> hit ctrl + f (find) >> Type “RSS” or, even better, “Feed”

        The “find” box is at the bottom of the screen. Use the arrow buttons to move through the matches until you see your RSS Feed.

  1. To go beyond being a content consumer. Try Maxthon web browser. Especially click the magnifying glass – resource sniffer – to see beneath the hood of a webpage. These are all parts you can copy and use to customize and modify your own hotrod website. Also use the WebKit that comes with it.

    Not any harder to use than Safari after a while. You can even visit RPs site with it and see what all he’s working with. Cant do so currently but i might stop by there later and stress test his domain. A rigorous security audit might do him some good.

  2. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition or the GB white out that ol’ Restoration Pro will soon find his site plastered with. Gonna need his hazmat suit for remediating all those vital fluids. Might have to -Cue Peter Sellers and George C scott from How I Learned to Love the Bomb.

    As to autocorrect prob, Had a Pakled moment earlier I guess. Click on settings gear icon. Then general. Then keyboard. Flip auto-correction slider to off and then exit settings.

    I is smart I can make this iPad2 Mini go all the way to Mondor now.

    Now I had help to make things go. I can help myself when I am far from home. We are smarter than we look.


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