Unhappy Piggy

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This is from CopBlock.org:unhappy oink

Every morning during my commute to work in the subway I encounter a variety of violations of peoples constitutional rights. From NYPD’s racist stop and frisk policy to their unconstitutional bag searches of peoples personal belongings. NYPD also deploys a half-dozen officers with assault rifles to stand around and terrorize subway riders. As usual, I take their picture. One of the officers turned their back to me while I took their picture and then another officer got in my face today and demanded I stop taking their picture. I informed him of my legal right to take his picture. He then got up real close to my face with his teeth clenched and said “Yes, but I’m asking you to please not take my picture”. So then I took this real nice close up of him. I ask that all of you remember this face. This is the face of oppression, racism and human rights violations.

Submitted by Richard J. Marini


  1. You know… I don’t see Al-Qaeda or other so-called terrorists infringing and “hating” my freedoms. It took congress, cops and their cohorts to do that.


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