Unhappy Porker

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Its porcine primitive circuits get fried by cop-blocker!


  1. This is pretty much exactly what I was talking about earlier. The cop in this scene obviously has no respect at all for the rights of the cameraman. Instead he places himself above and says it’s “his job” to keep people from speeding. Nobody else has that job, just him. He’s obviously aggressive. He threatens the bystander. We’re left with the impression the cameraman barely escapes.

    Where is the Bill of Rights in this picture? Where is respect for the individual who’s doing no harm?

    • Coercive government is going to be monopolistic. Why shouldn’t it be when it can be coercive and thus achieve monopoly? If the cop can’t write tickets he doesn’t meet his performance objectives and doesn’t get promoted. If he doesn’t write tickets his bosses don’t see enough revenue and his job may be cut. What do you expect a cop to do about that? Use his coercive power in his best interests and get his ticket numbers up.

  2. Both methods get people to temporarily slow down. One takes money (often that people cannot afford to lose) from the public, one does not.

    • One way to warn your fellow travelers of a pork trap up ahead is to use hand signals. Bikers use a “tamping” motion to convey slow down. This avoids any hassles for flashing one’s brights.


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