The Free Shit Army…

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Is surely massing… any predictions as to where it will appear first after Frankenstorm makes landfall?

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  1. Lack of operating fuel stations is causing traffic issues. At most of the stations that are selling fuel there are lines of vehicles queued up waiting to get fuel. The queues are backing up onto neighboring roads, which are causing traffic congestion in the area.

    I went to a local food store that had power restored. All refrigerated/frozen food needed to be thrown out. On the plus side, there was food available.

    Eric, I think (IIRC) you spoke about the thin veneer of polite society. If the fuel issue (along with electric) is not resolved soon, things can get ugly.

  2. Does the FSA mean looters or people looking for gubmint handouts or both?

    I’ve already had one hurricane event this year so I’m really happy it’s not coming my way. I hope you guys make it through ok. Best of luck.

    • Could be both.

      example: I (and others) know that bad weather is possible along the Jersey shore. I wonder where might be a good spot to build? Right on the beachfront, since if there is a problem the gov’t will help me rebuild through relatively inexpensive insurance (that is usually not offered by the private sector or if offered is at a much higher cost).

  3. Hopefully not in my neck of the woods. If I were to guess, I would think in a bigger city (think NYC or PHL metro areas) where the people will quickly buy up the local supplies.

    I went to a local box store (in NJ) to get a 5gal gas can. Gas cans, batteries, generators, flashlights, etc. were cleared as if by locust. I assume it was similar at food stores.

    I have enough food and water to easily last 1-2 weeks. The only problem will occur if the power goes out. I can get by, but it will be inconvenient.

    Many people in NJ remember Irene from last year and some have taken measures (generators, food, water, etc.) to be ready. Many were not prepared in advance so I see the clearing of the shelves of needed supplies.

    (land fall expected between AC and Sandy Hook)

    • Thankfully, I only lost electrical power for only one day. There were no other issues for me and my family.

      AC and the rest of the Jersey shore was hit hard by the storm. I have seen many trees knocked over. One friend was fortunate that two trees missed his home. News reports showed signs of flooding and other damage along the coast, NYC and Long Island. Southern NJ received more damage (and rain) from the storm than northern NJ.

      Many people lost power and may have to wait many days for power restoration.

      Have not heard of any FSA sightings which is a good sign.


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