Death Looks Back

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Old people reminisce at the end of their lives, reliving the good times, the great moments. So do dying cultures – like ours.

It’s not mere laziness that has prompted the rehashing of literally every conceivable “classic” TV show (or movie) by Hollywood – from The Day the Earth Stood Still to (coming soon, reportedly) another Conan. No coincidence that the latest Conan reboot will feature Arnold. There are few new action heroes – and none that have the universal drawing power that Arnold (or Sly or Bruce) once had.

America – the old America – is reminiscing.

Because America is dying.



  1. This post gives me an idea for a movie sequel, The Fountainhead II. This time around they could take more liberties with the plot. He’s a maverick who insists on building sustainable buildings out of recycled materials. Make it more about his being unbelievably rich. Maybe the maverick Architect has a talking animal and also a streetwise partner who’s an over the top black guy.

    They would go to the strip club. Get in a car chase. Mayor Bloomberg, Arianna Huffington, and President Obama could all have cameos. The love scene would be a comedic one, because Howard Roark is Gay.

    At the end, this time the workers and the black guy blow up the skyscrapers and then utter some catch phrase like “You didn’t even build that shit, we all did!”

  2. Hollywood ran out of ideas by the early 60s. Now everything is a rehash of old stuff with the added twist that the praetorian class must be worshipped at every opportunity. Unrelenting praise of praetorians is, to me, the most poignant symbol of a dying state.

    • Thinking more about the Biz….I can name a few great films from the 70s and early 80s but these were films about social decay in the USA! Taxi Driver and also The King of Comedy, both DeNiro films, come to mind.

  3. I disagree that meaningful are not being made. I only have my experience as a guide.

    I will agree that the junk outweighs the number of good films by a wide margin.

  4. Comrade, do you disparge the glorious Afro-Saxon paradise/no white baby left behind/shoot the Boer(farmer) NWO?

    If you want a preview of 2013 America, check out the last few independent businessmen/farmers in South Africa. The One-Heid is already in full force there.

    Private farmers are disarmed and awaiting the killshots. 3000 are already slaughtered, many have fled, including Charlize Theron’s family. They are at Level 6 of the 8 Genocide levels. America is catching up.

    Unlikely any meaningful new movies will be made.
    The American movie industry has been on deathwatch since 1934. There’s such a slew of regs that you need giant studios to navigate through the minefield to get the picture approved.

    America is moving up the ladder of genocide watch levels. Soon the plain individualists here will be extinct.

    I’m busy preminiscing about how to cope with the likely future.


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