Site Maintenance 9/25/21

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I wanted to post an advisory that, sometime over this weekend, the site will be offline for 30-45 minutes (you will see a “maintenance” page during this) while EPautos’ new computer guy updates the site, which should correct all of the glitches we’ve had to deal with lately, such as the “ask Eric” button not working, readers not receiving email notifications of replies to their posts and my being unable to update the pie chart on the main page.

It turns out that we have been using a very out-of-date “theme” and that has caused compatibility problems with various “plug ins.” I place these in air-fingers quotation marks because I have no clue what these things are much less how they work. But I have found someone who does!

We will also be able to make upgrades – including  (I hope) a new area similar to the old Forum, where people can start their own threads, independent of the article I write (currently, all comments are tied to existing articles). My object is to provide a . . . forum for people to communicate among themselves, about anything they’d like to discuss. I think it will greatly improve the site as a gathering place for the exchange of ideas as well as information.

So, stay tuned. And – a huge thank-you to everyone who has supported the site recently, especially Van, whose generosity is a big part of why this is all happening!

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  1. Something to remember (and tell your new IT guy) – MAKE REGULAR BACKUPS! You wouldn’t have lost years’ worth of messages if your old one had made backups for you. Good luck!


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