Religious Freedom . . .

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The First Amendment articulates the freedom of religion. Which implies the freedom to be free of religion; to not be compelled to join any faith movement or be compelled to obey the tenets of any faith.

This includes faith in the Holy Rag and the tenets of the Sickness Cult, which is a religion by any rational definition.

It requires belief that anything – literally, anything –  that covers the face is effective as a barrier against sickness, which is the same as believing that a cracker and some grape juice becomes “the body of Christ” – literally – when a priest performs the necessary unctions.

It requires belief in the assertion that a person who isn’t sick can get people sick – which amounts to the same as belief in the assertion of demonic possession and propagation.

No offense meant. A point is being made, that’s all.

People ought to be free to join any religion they wish and adhere to its tenets, however unsupported by facts – so long as adhering to their adherence to the tenets causes no harm to others who want no part of it. A Jehovah’s Witness should be free to Witness.

But it becomes an intolerable affront when any person is forced to believe – and to obey. The Witness marches into your house; makes you hand over money and buy a subscription to The Watchtower.

The First Amendment was written specifically to address this issue. Before there was a Bill of Rights, it was the general practice for the state to enforce belief. One had to join the Church of England, as a for-instance. And before that, one had better be in good standing with the Catholic Church.

Many of the people who fled this sort of oppression – which cuts to the bone of a human being’s right to decide for himself what he believes – insisted on formal, legal protection against being made to believe anything – or be made to pretend to believe. This is the origin of the First Amendment’s specific affirmation of religious freedom, which must include the right to not believe in any religion at all.

The Sickness Cult – and its fervent insistence that any old rag serves the Holy Purpose of making people believe they are safe from a virus – directly assaults this right to not believe by demanding everyone wear a Rag.

Literally, a god-damned rag.

That is enough to get you through the door and into the store; to stave off the Holy Lictors of the Sickness Cult. To be allowed to go outside your home, even, in the more fervent areas of the country.

It does not matter that a rag – or even a “mask” – doesn’t stop the spread of disease (though it certainly exacerbates mental illness). What matters – shriek the Cultists – is that one believes. Or at least, shows that one is pretending to believe.

As by – if you happen to be Amish – growing a long beard and wearing black outfits. Which is actually ok, if you’re Amish. If you chose to become Amish. If you haven’t been forced to grow your beard and wear all black outfits.

But what if the Amish somehow acquired the power to force all men to grow ZZ Top beards and wear 19th century funeral director clothes? People would probably object to this, even though it is no less a matter of faith than being forced to wear a Mouth Burqa or perform various strange rituals that amount to the same thing as dancing around a totem pole so as to not anger the gods.

We have a Bill of Rights to protect us against such things.

Well, we did.

And that was a long time ago.

What’s going on now isn’t new. It is just more obvious. Every right in the Bill of Rights has been under assault – for generations. It is now mainly a mopping-up operation, much to the apparent surprise of people who thought they still had rights.

They now have a new “right.” It is the right to do as they are told and – more so and much more loathsomely so – to believe as they are told. They must reject the judgment of their minds, the evidence of their eyes.

A man in a dress must be addressed as “she.” Is “she” – because “she” says “she” is.

The wearing of any old rag “stops the spread.” People who aren’t sick actually are because they could be.

Reality is what we – the priests – say it is.

And you’d better believe all of it.

Or else.

. . . .

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  1. My police story of the day:

    Okay, this is my second run in with LEOs in under two months. Note: I have only become a rebel as I have gotten older (would never have dared this in my 20s or 30s).

    Heading back into town after picking up my kiddos lunch today going about 77 mph in a 55. Yes, well over the intended speed (which is typical driving for me). Sitting in a median was a county officer. I slow down and shout out “Shit”. I look back in the rear view mirror and see blue lights on and the officer is pulling out.
    My teenager daughter is in the back (rolling her eyes, saying “Not again, Mom.”

    I pull over on a side street and have my usual stance of 10 and 2. The officer is completely decked out (bullet proof vest, camera, weaponry up the yin yang, etc.). I would accept this ensemble at the airport in Beirut not outside my little town.

    I put down my window and smile and say “Hello, Officer.” He asks me if I know why he pulled me over. I smile and respond, “Yes, sir, I was speeding 72 in a 55.” The officer is somewhat taken back. I was not going to admit my odometer was reading 22 mph over either. He looked at me and laughed and said, “Close enough, it was 73/55.” Obviously, my odometer needs to be calibrated.

    Of course, I acknowledged that I have a CCW to him. He thanked me for letting him know and asked where it (I call her Betsy) was. I told him on the floor in my purse. He asked me how my driving record was. I stated, “Excellent, the last time I received a speeding ticket was ten years ago.” This is true. He asked to see my DL. My wallet always sits next to me in the console (for reasons such as this or just going through drive thru). I hate having to dig through my purse for something, especially since my purse is the size of Rhode Island. I handed it to him.

    He came back in two minutes (may not have even been that long). He stated that he was going to give me a warning since I was very honest and told me to have a great day, but to slow down. I thanked him and and we went our separate ways.

    The moral of the story: honesty and a smile still works. It may be more beneficial if they come with a set of Size C boobs, but it still succeeds. 😉

    I thought the site could use some happy news (since the rest of the news is really crappy today). Some police are okay (yes, even those that pull us over, not everyone is out to get us, and I don’t have an extra 4 points on my driving record). BTW I also found a lucky penny at the drive thru at the bank, before this happened so win-win.

  2. The very notion that government, aka Psychopaths In Charge, is a good thing for those it rules, is a religion in itself. It has no foundation in fact whatsoever. Based completely on faith and belief. Belief fostered by the very government it promotes. It even has a Sunday school, called public education. Every college is a seminary. It insists it has the authority to determine what is a sin, using its own existence as the primary justification. It routinely engages in inquisition, called courts, and hands down penance, which includes money, incarceration, or execution. Apostacy is a crime, punishable by death at the hands of its enforcers. Not only is it a religion, it is the very worst form of one. We are not given a choice regarding acceptance.

    • Excellent point.

      One of the points made repeatedly during the so-called “War on Terror” was how those “disgusting misogynist religious fanatics” made their women cover their faces in public!! The indignity!! Even “Mad Dog” Mattis said it was “kind of fun” to kill the towelheaded bastards because of they way they treated their women!

      Now that we’ve killed scores of THEM, we’re forcing OUR women to cover their faces in public.

      Makes sense, huh?

  3. Only one chick! So disappointing. Kudos to you Ms. Taylor-Green (not crazy about your Q-Anon theories, but you have balls).

    I noticed they didn’t mention the Democratic Congress people that Nancy brought back to help re-elect her Speaker of the House that were already COVID positive (ahem, Ms. Gwen Moore). Couldn’t have gotten it from her, huh? I noticed during the people’s invasion of their own house Ms. Jayapal was seen hiding behind a wall with no mask on. For some reason that picture has disappeared. Why ever would our media do that?!?!

    • Hi RG,

      It’s a measure of the madness of our times that people are flipping out about catching a cold. That’s all this is – if it’s even that – for 99.8-something percent of the population. Just a year ago, if you’d shown a video to people of their soon-to-be-Diapered futures, most would never have believed it. Over a cold? Really?


    • Hi Jim,

      Yup. And – they “tested positive” … on tests that have debatable diagnostic value; so? A “positive” test does not mean sickness, much less death.

      Of course, such facts are irrelevant to the Faithful.

      • “A “positive” test does not mean sickness, much less death.”

        This ^^.

        I hear “there were 10,000 new cases yesterday!!!!”.

        me – “Of those, how many of those had any symptoms? How many will get any noticeable symptoms? How many will die?”

        Blink, Blink, confused look: “what? they all have it!”

        me – “get the shot”. (deletes contact)

  4. Oddly, I’ve noticed that I’m seldom hassled for refusing to wear the beast mark. I suspect part of it is my full beard and suspenders make lots of light thinkers assume I’m Amish or Hutterite.

    RE religion- beliefs like transubstantiation are relatively harmless. The beliefs in human perfectibility, in Communism/Socialism which have come to fill that vacuum are deadly dangerous and evil. When you smash and belittle harmless and good systems like Christianity or even Islam, a vacuum is created where those things can flourish. And suddenly, here we are, at the gates of hell.

    • My post above is incomplete- most of the evils associated with Christianity and the Abrahamic religions are actually results of heresy allowed to flourish. The puritans/yankees were English troublemakers basically allowed/encouraged/forced to leave England due to their heretical belief in hatred of human joy and belief in perfectibility of humans through their own acts of self ascribed virtue. The same goes for the Inquisition and the catholic church- Jesus never told anyone to torture or convert unbelievers.

  5. Puritanism meets fundamentalism meets idolatry, guided by false prophets. No humanity is permitted and this is to be minded by busybody adherents, and enforced by an Inquisition. I am not a member of and won’t join Our Lady of the Filthy Rag. So there.

  6. ‘The First Amendment articulates the freedom of religion. Which implies the freedom to be free OF religion.’ — EP

    Item: ‘In fiscal year 2019 the US Holocaust Museum will receive $58 million in tax dollars.’

    That’s pretty remarkable for a museum detailing events committed by Europeans against other Europeans in Europe … and whose board of directors is indistinguishable from the leadership of a synagogue.

    Like the Amish, adherents of Judaism aren’t going to come knocking on your front door to convert you. For that, at least, they deserve our respect.

    Instead of expending shoe leather they went big, sucking a $59 million stipend out of the US Treasury to promote what Norman Finkelstein calls ‘the Holocaust industry’ in his 2000 book arguing that the American Jewish establishment exploits the memory of the Nazi Holocaust for political and financial gain, as well as to further the interests of Israel.

    $59 million is small change within the over $3.6 billion in annual tribute extracted from US taxpayers for Israel, a state which unlike the US has a state religion. But the Holocaust Museum stands as the purest example of constitution-busting obligatory support to promote the secular interests of a particular religion.

    Not one member of Congress dares to speak out against this flagrant First Amendment abuse. Indeed, the current cancel culture directed at Members who dared question the Electoral College tally is inspired at least in part by how the Lobby canceled former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney when she failed to toe their line on Israel. Now that tactic too is ‘going big,’ to our detriment.

    • Wait till the search for the real TRUTH about the so-called “holocaust™” is criminalized, as it is in many countries. The so-called “holocaust™” can be proven to be a hoax by utilizing basic engineering principles to refute and prove false the claims of “holocaust™” promoters.
      From an engineering and logistical standpoint, NONE of the claims made by holocaust™ “survivors” and promoters is credible and are easily proven false.
      –Killing jews with “bug spray” (Zyklon B) is not only impossible, but is laughable on its face.
      –Transporting jews to “camps”, utilizing scarce energy sources, transportation and logistical difficulties only to kill them is not only problematic but impossible as well.
      –Tattooing camp inmates only to kill them is also problematic.
      –If the “camps” were truly “death camps” why would medical facilities, recreational facilities, brothels, movie theaters, swimming pools and other amenities be needed?
      –“Gas chambers” with non-sealed wooden doors and the lack of ventilation systems for such facilities, once again, disproves the claims made by holocaust™ promoters. Doors that “swing the wrong way” would make retrieval of the bodies impossible. Ordinary light fixtures, rather than explosion proof lighting fixtures are claimed to have been the norm.
      –Claims by holocaust™ promoters that gassed bodies were blue or green (rather than bright red) from poisoning are totally false.
      –Claims that the inmates could tell when jews were being cremated by the color of smoke emitted from the crematoria chimneys are patently foolish and false.
      –Let’s not forget “lampshades, wallets, soap and shrunken heads” (oh, my) made from jews is also laughable.
      –Crematoria running 24 hours a day, without “downtime” for maintenance on the muffles and flames “visible out of the crematoria stacks” are also impossibilities. Crematoria are designed to burn “clean” with no visible smoke and definitely no flames outside the stacks would be possible. Not only that, the claims that thousands of bodies were cremated daily are a statistical impossibility as it takes approximately 1.5 hours to cremate a human body. If cremation were used on “6 million” jews, the cremation process would have been operating into the 1950s.
      –The lack of depositories for bodies and ashes is more proof that the “camps” were not “death camps” but rather “work camps” for the German war effort.
      –Anne Frank’s “diary” partially written with a ball-point pen which was not invented till the 1950s. Time travel, anyone? lol
      –Anne Frank’s “family” was composed of smugglers and black-marketeers, NOT “innocent jews” (Is there such a thing?)
      Germans were (and still are) excellent engineers and would not have engineered the grievous errors that are claimed by holocaust™ promoters.
      Follow the shekels…

      • Good afternoon, Herr Jew. Still railing against your own kind I see. Tsk, tsk.

        Of course it’s the usual pantload of tired old lies and distortions from one of the usual suspects here, and as usual trivially disproved by anyone who bothers to do any research.

        Of course when Annie goes on these hate-filled vomit fests he conveniently ignores the extremely checkered history of his own tribe. The perfidy of the white christian race is well known and well documented. They have even gone on killing sprees among their own kind for not worshipping the “Prince of Peace” in quite the same way. (Is there even such a thing as an innocent white christian?) Not to mention how inferior white christians must be, and the Jews the superior master race, if the latter have achieved half of what these nut cases claim. LOL!

        • oh there you are. my brain tends to automatically skip your drivel. Notice you dont refute a single point. Weirdos never can. Your non zio dick suck posts are often pretty good. Odd,

          • Oh, there you are Markie, I’ve been expecting you. I leave the specific refutations for people to find with their favorite search engines. I could spend hours typing them in of course, but it’s not going to convince you morons. It’s like trying to convince a flat-earther that the earth is (roughly) spherical. Like them, you will never accept facts, instead twisting them and turning them on their head to fit your addled worldview. No, I’m simply recommending that people who run across this stuff look into it for themselves to discover what a bunch of lying assholes you guys are. We wouldn’t want anyone to think that your views have anything to do with libertarianism. Other than that I really don’t care what you or any of the other bigoted peckerheads that show up here think.

            In point of fact it is you and the other nut cases that crawl out from under your rocks who are the one purveying drivel here. Notice that not only do you not refute anything I say regarding the perfidy of white christians, you do not even refer to anyone being able to find anything that refutes any of it. That is because it is true, and trivially proven even without taking you guys as a case in point. That is really the point after all. White folk are not intrinsically better than the Jews or anyone else for that matter. Some say they are worse. (I met Russel Means years ago when he was still around. He had some choice words.)

            And to give you your due, your non bigot suckoff posts are often pretty good as well. Odd, that. Perhaps there is hope for you yet.

            • Hey Jason Finders, your favorite “nut case” has but a few questions for you…
              1. WHY have many countries criminalized those who dare to investigate claims made by so-called “holocaust™” survivors (most of whom were too young to have been in the “camps”)?
              In fact, Germany has incarcerated 80-year-old women for merely questioning the holohoax (oops, I mean “holocaust™”). Look up Ursula Haverbeck and Monika Schaefer, both elderly women who were incarcerated for “holocaust™denial”. A lawyer who defended those who were prosecuted under these “thoughtcrime” laws was incarcerated for attempting to provide a proper defense by introducing evidence that countered “holocaust™” claims. In fact, the kangaroo courts who run these “holocaust™ show trials” have declared that “rules of evidence do not apply” and that “the commonly accepted narrative” even if false, is sacrosanct.
              Look up Sylvia Stolz, an attorney who was charged with refusing to deny the TRUTH about the “holocaust™ ” in open court.
              This judicial abuse was also evident in the Ernst Zundel trials in Canada, until their “supreme court” slapped down the government.
              TRUTH abhors censorship and malicious prosecution.
              Your religion, (holocaustianity) “holocaust™ cash cow” is going down in flames as we speak.
              2. WHAT are you holocaust™ ” promoters afraid of?

              • It’s not my “religion”, Annie, nor am I a “promoter”. In the normal course of a day with normal people, going about my business, I don’t even give it a first thought let alone a second thought. I just love pointing out the lies and distortion of hate-filled bigots such as yourself.

                Of course those characterizations are just more of your many delusions. While we’re at it, why did you lie about knowing of and participating in the notorious Daily Stormer BBS hate site? I’ve been very open about my having a Stormer account. You pretended not to even know about it when I originally mentioned running into you there. Now don’t be coy – same screen name, same word-for-word rants? Come now, own up to it. No one’s saying you don’t have a right to be a member of that rabid community. I’m a member of it myself, though likely not for the same reason that you are.

                As far as the rest of it, the ludicrous and over-zealous prosecution of people who want to purvey such ludicrous opinions is of course wrong. However it does not “prove” at all that those opintions are “TRUTH” no matter how many capital letters or parens you want to use. It’s amazing how little it takes for you and yours to shout “TRUTH!” More like “TROOF!” (Did you ever get that secret decoder ring sorted out, by the way?) Of course a good part of it is in reaction to people like you. That’s the irony of it, it is the hate-filled rants of people such as yourself that keeps the holocaust in the limelight.

                As I said to Markie, show me someone who was there that you guys have convinced that it “didn’t happen”.

                • You cannot answer my simple questions as you would be forced to admit that the so-called “holocaust™ “is based on lies and fabrications, nothing more.
                  The “holocaust™is indeed “the hoax of the twentieth century”, admittedly the most successful hoax ever perpetrated on mankind…
                  As to your “tribal instinct”, you are using your “tribe’s” favorite tactic of misdirection and accusing others of doing what you are doing yourself.

                  • I have answered them. You have not answered anything. You are the one using misdirection, and your insistence that I am a member of the group you characterize as world-conquering supermen is flattering but just another one of your delusions.

                    SO I ask again, these simple questions:

                    1. Why did you lie about being a member of the Daily Stormer BBS.

                    2. Have you convinced anyone who was there that the holocaust didn’t happen.

                    These are very simple questions and should be easy to answer. Even for you. The latter questions only requires a yes or no answer – your waffling around it tells us what we need to know.

                  • Oh, and just to point out, I know you will never be convinced. You are way too out of it, way too warpped up in your own delusions. Like Bill Clinton you actually believe your own bullshit.

                    I only point our your lies and the ridiculousness of your “PROOF” and “TROOF” for the benefit of people who might happen upon this site and think you represent libertarianism. You do not. You are also not a Christian. Not by a long shot. You are a phony through and through, and are fully representative of the type of person who accuses others of what you yourself, and people such as yourself, have done and continue to do. Pathetic.

                    • In other words – you are unwilling or unable to answer my two simple, straightforward questions. (I will take the liberty of asking them again from time to time as you appear on this board.)

                      On the other hand, I answered your question. You might not like the answer or accept it, but I did make the effort to answer.

                      You, however, refuse to answer. You simply continue your hate-filled diatribe and have only assumptions, innuendo, and circumstance – nothing that rises to the level of real evidence or truth.

                      Just for the record I will repeat those simple questions:

                      1. Why did you lie about your association with the notorious Daily Stormer BBS hate site?

                      2. Have you convinced anyone that was actually there that the holocaust “didn’t happen”?

                      Your refusal to answer even these very straightforward questions (as opposed to yours that are framed in hate-filled diatribes), tells us all that we need to know about you. (Those out in the peanut gallery can of course make their own judgments.)

                      I will also have my Jewish friends look in, as I usually do, when we have these little exchanges. Rest assured, Annie, that there will be Jews laughing at you tonight.

                    • Morning, Jason –

                      I apologize for this business cropping up every so often here; I let it go because I believe in that odd thing the Old Ones called “free speech.” That said, I understand it gets tiresome – especially on a libertarian site. Of all places, you’d expect to be free of speech that collectivizes people. It is an indication of how deep this ugly instinct goes.

                      It saddens me that people who nominally oppose collectivism often support it – thereby undermining their supposed opposition, in the manner of “conservatives” who support theft and coercion when it accords with their feelings about what “we” need.

                      Are there politically powerful lobbies/organizations that exert undue influence? Of course there are. Money is the common denominator there – not race or religion. And even if these lobbies/organizations were peopled entirely of members of a certain demographic it does not impugn (or profit) all members of that demographic.

                      This is inarguable – and it destroys the argument that “the (insert collective here)” control whatever it is they’re said to control.

                    • Hey, Eric, nothing to apologize for. If anything I probably push things too far myself but I think it gets the point across. (Guys like these will never recognize that of course. They are consumed with hatred. None of this is for their benefit.)

                      These kind of malicious loons are indeed the price we pay for free speech. They tend to infest anyplace that they discover won’t toss them out. Better to have them out in the light of day than festering underground though. I would not want them censored.

                      As I’ve said my only real concern is that people who are looking to find out about libertarianism will run across them here and conclude that their kind of sick, twisted and collectivist hatred is part of libertarian philosophy.

                      Another concern these days is that the new regime and its corporate sycophants might classify this as a “hate site” because of the hate-filled ravings of vile individuals such as “anarchyst”. It’s going to be hard enough to keep a freedom-oriented outlet going in the dark times ahead – the problems you’ve had with Google and youtube I’m afraid are merely a foretaste. Hopefully vocal opposition to such malicious bigotry when it shows up here will help.

    • I would invite anyone to debate me on the holohaux. Flinders you around? WW2 and the myths around it were the final nails in the coffin of what was originally a promising country. Now communism is here

      • Been there done that. Last time you issued that “challenge” you came out with some laughable bullshit about a book Winston Churchill wrote where he didn’t mention the holocaust. Some “proof”. By the way, regarding that old “proof” of yours, it just took me about 2 seconds to find this:

        That’s what I mean when I say that anyone who wants to can quickly see that you are living in a fantasy world. (Of course you will no doubt claim that the above site is part of the Conspiracy.)

        Likewise at one point you claimed that Einstein was full of shit but could not provide any specifics. As I recall, I was the one who had to tell you what his failings were. (Presumably you accept quantum mechanics since that was was developed by white guys and Einstein rejected it.)

        You simply have nothing worth “debating”. The problem is you are too late. Back before information was so easy to research you guys had a much easier time peddling your nonsense because of the time it took to ferret out information. Today – forget it. You’ve got no chance. As I said before, anyone who can formulate a search query can look into your claims and quickly find they are bullshit.

          • You think that’s “proof”? I really keep hoping for some glimmer of critical thinking from you, Markie. That link offers no “proof” at all that the holocaust “didn’t happen”.

            In fact, I am going to ask you once again a question that you keep dodging. (At least I have never seen you answer it.) Have you ever convinced anyone who was there at the time that it nothing happened, that it is all a hoax? Please note that all that is required here is a simple “yes” or “no” answer. If you fail to answer, or start weaseling, that tells us what we need to know.

            (Of course you would probably claim that the few people left are so old they are senile. Not all are senile, I’ve known people in their 90s that were still sharp. However you and others have been peddling this nonsense for decades. So I extend the term “you” to mean have any of you making these claims that “it didn’t happen” manage to convince anyone who was actually there?)


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