The Enemies of Freedom

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They’ve struck

You know… the enemies of freedom (as they are styled, post-Chimp).

In fact – and this is surefire NSA nacht und nebel stuff – they hate us for our government. The government that sends B52s and depleted uranium rounds and drones and McDonald’s and much worse to their “homelands.” This is no apologia for the religion of Islam – which is more than usually violent and demented but only because it is still taken literally by many Koran readers while the Bible’s most demented portions are generally ignored nowadays.

The point, though, isn’t religion.

It’s policy.

The West is under attack because it attacked the East.

In other words, we started it.chimpy

“We,” of course, meaning the handful of meddling no-good-niks who control the government.

You and I had nothing to do with any of it – but we’re softer targets, so we get pipe-bombed. It is much harder to reach the responsible parties.

So, they are not reached.

But we are told we’ve been pipe-bombed because they “hate us for our freedoms.”

And most of us seem to buy it.

The solution presented is less freedom.

That has been the solution for 15 years now. And yet, they still hate us, our ever-diminishing freedoms notwithstanding.

It makes one wonder.

Well, it ought to.

But, it probably won’t.Karl Rove

Prospective Dear Leaders Trump and Hillary will be united in their just-as-bloody ululations urging retaliation. Neither will pause even for a moment to wonder whether maybe it might not be wiser to return “the troops” (and McDonalds and all the rest of it) to the “homeland” and accept that it’s a good idea to not go where you’re not wanted, much less where you’ve been asked to get the hell out of.

There have been very few – if any – assaults upon the freedoms of the Swiss (or the Mexicans or the Uruguayans or the Brazilians or the Cambodians or the Indians).

Could it possibly be on account of their minding their own beeswax?

But, tell it to Washington.

Of course, they don’t need us to do that. They are not stupid, evidence of which is that stupidity is rarely consistent and Washington’s actions regarding the accumulation of power and the use of power to dominate and control are as predictable as Pravda during the Brezhnev era.

The “fight for freedom” serves a very deliberate agenda.

Which has absolutely nothing to do with protecting our freedoms….

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  1. The Whites have carried to these colonial people the worst that they could carry: the plagues of the world: materialism, fanaticism, alcoholism, and syphilis.

    Moreover, since what these people possessed on their own was superior to anything we could give them, they have remained themselves.

    The sole result of the activity of the colonizers is: they have everywhere aroused hatred.” -Adolf H.

    • Hi Tor,

      Lots of gems in MK. It’s why it’s on my shelf.

      PS: I hesitate to post this publicly, but I want no secrets between us – me and you, the people who have helped me keep this site going.

      I may have touched a nerve somewhere. All of a sudden, the radio interview requests have completely died off. Also, some of the big name sites that almost always picked up my columns (and have done so for years) are suddenly not doing so.

      It is very, very odd.

      • Ya think? Could it be not fawning over Hillary? Maybe not being “Patriotic”? People get edgy when someone says “Your kid is ugly!”. Especially if he really is.

        Even true friends will cave to enough pressure from sponsors and station managers. They’ve got bills, too.

  2. I have far less a problem with killing them over there – that’s what armies are for. It is the bringing of millions of them here to kill us so that we have the excuse to kill them over there – THAT I have a problem with.

    • Maybe I’m misunderstanding you. I hope so. But that sounds like a variation on “We’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.” To which I say, the only reason they are over here is because we are over there… and have been for 100 years.

      • PtB
        “It is the bringing of millions of them here to kill us so that we have the excuse to kill them over there – THAT I have a problem with.”

        This is a legitimate concern and threat. The Muslim population in this country is now in the tens of millions and there’s no vetting process.

        When you have only 10 million furiners of any specific religion/ethnicity that’s so far from the “live and let live” view we were raised on and the country was basically founded on you have big problems. That many people and there’s not a few that are intent on carrying out the brainwashing they’ve had from religious zealots?

        Syriana was a good message for the “blowback” factor. Young men with no money or direction worked on by religious zealots. It’s worked that way in this country too so we can’t simply point a finger at Muslims. People I went to college who are religiously brainwashed Christians are the most vehement about killing Islamist in other countries. They can’t see the Jihadist are just the polar opposite or the flip side of the coin they were molded from with their Christian parents.

        I grew up on the new testament(Christian Lite) and got a good dose of the old testament(Christian radical). I can pick out a verse in these books to justify anything I want to do to someone else, morals be damned. I shrugged it off very early in life. I saw the backstabbing back deals done at the church and the courthouse, hand in hand. Got no use for any of it.

        Yep, I was one wild hare, still am, but I didn’t steal, or injure, something I can’t say for the good Christians I live around. The bankers are always the holiest deacons in any church I ever attended.

        • I’m not disagreeing w/you. My question arose from the first phrase, “I have far less a problem with killing them over there – that’s what armies are for.”
          If we weren’t over there killing them, there would be few (maybe none) of them over here.
          Armies, legitimate ones anyway, are only for defense. If they are ‘over there’ they aren’t defending me, because I am ‘over here.’

          • I understand that. If they were trying to make it out as defense, actual defense, then I concur. Hell, I concur anyway. 100 years of US and 200 years of European genocide and subjugating of the middle east is exactly the reason(esp, since it’s been ramped up so hard since the shrub)they hate the US.

            I spoke to a woman today who made a comment at the post office while I and a farmer friend were lamenting the quickly melting ball of wax about how the govt had become so powerful we had no recourse to anything we had foisted off on us. She told us the basic story of her life starting at age 26 when she was diagnosed with inoperable caner with 4 chilluns and a husband who checked out after the diagnosis. Hell, I was practically in tears and mad at the same time. Had she been a minority she would have had a much less trying time. The state of Tx. on her return even stole her old car. Her mother moved from one little town to another and washed dishes to support her and her kids at the same time blacks and any other “minority” could get a free ride. Now her insurance is to the point of being useless. My farmer buddy said his “deductible” of which he’ll never reach(divorced, no kids)unless he has a catastrophic malady, is $6500 this year. If he were some worthless, shiftless minority he’d get everything he needed including care for the headache of a south of the border boarder I had to wait on to get my thrice broken leg looked after in the ER. I still have to laugh when the doc asked me how long it had been broken and I told him the day before. He says “So, decided it wasn’t going to fix itself?” Hell, I was sweating bullets and broke out laughing. Seriously, a guy has to wait on a girl with a headache with a leg that’s so bad the foot was a plumb bob……something’s wrong with that picture. One of the major things wrong is if it were me with a headache, I’d do something myself but if I were stupid enough to go to the ER, I’d at least step aside for somebody with a dangling leg. I’m sure they didn’t ask too many questions about payment. Es muerta? Si.

              • Well, the Persians kicked ass for a long while. The radical church member of great britain got on their own jihad. Hell, the people I came from, the Palmers, derived their name from pilgrimages to the holy land. I don’t recall when the tide turned in the holy wars. At that time GB was a land of tribes for the most part too except when the Catholic Church gained the ultimate power. Back then “priests” were nothing more than non-Asian Samurai warriors and dispensed their own sort of justice as they deemed fit…..individually.

                I once felt sorry for the so horribly socialized English….and still do. But the difference between their situation and ours narrows every day.

  3. WWI – Entered by a Democrat

    WWII – Entered by a Democrat

    Korean War – Entered by a Democrat

    Vietnam – Entered by a Democrat

    Just want to keep things in perspective.

    Republicans suck when it comes to war. But Democrats suck pretty good too.

  4. One need only do cursory research into the Soviet-Afghan War and its effects in both Russia and the US today to understand why we are where we are.

  5. “There have been very few – if any – assaults upon the freedoms of the Swiss”
    Well, except for Uncle’s attacks on the privacy of Swiss banks.

  6. We had a very nice weekend, beautiful fall weather. Went to the ham radio club meeting on Saturday morning, then up to the repeater site to do some maintenance (and try out the new Jeep). Then Sunday over to Moab for a nice bike ride. About the worst thing to happen was when I opened up my web browser and saw the news.

    Move out to the sticks and you’ll never see a terrorist (of course it helps to have restaurants that celebrate the 2nd amendment too). Although the gypsies were moving through town the other day, working the grocery store parking lot. But they’re easy, just give them a $5 and they leave you alone.

  7. Back in 1916 when the bloody french found oil in Algeria. And brutally attacked the country. No oil, no attack. And it has continued ever since, much more so in the last 20 years.

    • Hi Joe,


      And then they (our Dear Leaders) eruct in outrage when a likely target attempts to acquire the means to defend itself…

      I am under no illusions or delusions about foreign Dear Leaders such as Kim in Korea or the Iranian one… but I absolutely grok why they want a nuclear trump card.

      It’s the only way to assure that our Dear Leaders will leave those Dear Leaders alone!

      • What gets me is how the war profiteers somehow manage to play both sides of a conflict. ISIS/ISIL/DASH is getting money from somewhere, and it isn’t by selling drugs (that’s the CIA’s off-book budget turf). It was said that Rothschild banking funded Europe’s wars. Who’s really funding the middle east conflict?

        • My dad and I were discussing the CIA drug thing years ago saying how heroin was going to be the next big push since we were now going to Afghanistan. I’m sure the current heroin epidemic is a coincidence.

      • “I am under no illusions or delusions about foreign Dear Leaders such as Kim in Korea or the Iranian one… but I absolutely grok why they want a nuclear trump card.”
        Especially Iran, being so close to Israel that does have a major nuclear arsenal.

        • Israel isn’t a member of IAEA as Iran is. There are no inspections by other countries or regulatory agencies.

          The English, French and Dutch made war on the middle east since the 19th century(Fuzzy Wuzzy). The US joined in during WWl so we’ve been murdering these people for a hundred years.

          It’s no wonder some take unkindly to this. That immigrant problem is easy to understand. A tiny percentage of people in any country want to make war so a country under siege from inside or out or both invariable sends the non-combatants where there is no war.

          The fact there isn’t open warfare in the US by no means implies it’s not possible. For the most part, I suspect the average person(what the hell average person may mean)will want to depart to some less war-like place.

          I worked with a guy from El Salvador. He said every morning in the town(less than 20,000)he lived in there’d be a couple dozen bodies. That would surely get your attention and the US was the closest place he could go and make a living and not be subject to death by hit squad every day. And we all know who started and kept that war going. I hired a guy once who was from Guatemala and had been in the army. He said he fought communistas, codeword at the time for the people who fought back against the US corporations there like Chiquita and sugar companies. He didn’t get along with crews since he wanted to be boss and knew less than everyone else. I’m surprised he wasn’t working for Monsanto or Exxon/Mobil or BP somewhere in S. America. They hire those types.

          There’s a movie called Killer Elite that is about a true story in the middle east involving GB and MI6. They were always playing one tribe against another to get the cheapest price on oil.

          Syriana is another movie that although isn’t based on a true story it does who how those fighting get their sophisticated American weapons.

          • “Israel isn’t a member of IAEA as Iran is”
            Exactly – I’ve mentioned this numerous times. Folks get their boobies in a wringer about even the possibility of Iran developing nuclear energy, let alone ‘The Bomb.” But, as signers of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, they have agreed not to develop nuclear weapons, but have the right to nuclear energy. This in contrast to both Israel and India, who refuse to sign, but are considered our ‘allies.’

            • Anyone who has a country they basically control wants a nuke for the simple reason to keep the US at bay. Everyone else gets treated like the non-nuke holders they are, 2nd class countries. We all know might makes right.


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