Freedom on the Roads

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Noob who feels like going on a rant.

I’m a bit of an old timer who remembers the days of relative freedom on the roads. Yep we had a quarter mile strip out of town were we tore it up. Back when Regular gas meant what it said. Catalytic converter??? Seat-belts optional, but hey not a bad Idea, same for helmets but then again it’s your head. Insurance was that you paid if you messed up.

Now freedom means paying the State everything including your first born child (well they think they own them already). First they passed the mandatory insurance (prices went up) then it was seat-belts (they couldn’t pull you over for it, that’s how it passed) that didn’t last long, now they have checkpoints or places were they sit and watch and the next cop pulls you over.

Registration for everything. I am looking at a $600 a year up front fines just to put my toys on the road. (not including guns,property taxes,SSI and on and on) Cars, boats, snowmobiles, 3 wheelers (no longer made, unsafe) trailers etc etc. In the USSA you have to pay to play.

My state’s newest atrocity is the “driver responsibility law” It’s an extortion racket pulled off by the Michigan Department of Treasury (theft department). If you sneeze sideways you get a ticket if you get a ticket you pay your local fines and then you pay the theft department hundreds or even thousands more or loose your license, ie you can’t even pay to play anymore.

I would like to think that my record speaks for itself. Decades of driving without an accident, heck if you added up myself, wife, parents and kids it would be centuries without an accident. However, somehow I am not a “Responsible” driver. (responsible means paying them money)

Here is an idea. Why not give me back my money for every year that I have driven safely? Now that might promote “Responsibility”. After that just leave me alone and if I mess up let someone sue me for damages.

Best Regards, Just a Guy, longing for the days of freedom.


  1. What kind of three wheeler do you have?

    It’s amazing we give the government so much money and they just throw it around. We are about to raise the ceiling 4 trillion more dollars. That will be 18 Trillion in debt! LOL

    • I have a few different sizes but they are all the old Honda ones. They are great for getting around in the woods. However, if you want to drive them on a county road you have to have it registered.

      As for the debt, what a bunch of scam artists they are!! Talk about chicken little. The sky is falling, if we don’t put ourselves even more in debt. Somehow they even act as if we are not already in default. Paying with phony money should be condidered default, right?

  2. Amen – me too!

    Like you – like most of the people here – I have several vehicles (cars and bikes) including several that are rarely driven/ridden antiques. Yet to comply with the law, I must maintain insurance year-round and also pay registration fees/property taxes on each of them. it amounts to a lot of money – and it amounts to a punitive tax on anyone who owns more than one vehicle.


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