Double-Diapered Meltdown, Almost

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Here’s proof that mass resistance works.

A large number of sane people gathered socially – and sans the Holy Rag – to watch the Super Bowl and participate in normal life, by not manifesting hypochondriacal terror of sickness.

This afflicted a reporter from CNN to such a degree that she double-diapered while moaning about the mass refusal to participate in mass insanity. “Fears Grow of a Superspreader Event,” the cutline read.

Well, too bad about your fears, Freak.

We’re going to live.

This is how we restore normalcy. By making it effectively impossible for these sickness psychotics to impose their psychosis. It is very hard to forcibly Diaper thousands or even hundreds of people – or even 100 of them.

Twenty might be sufficient.

A group that large goes into a store – or goes for a walk. It is hard to for a store to deal with that many, as it could get ugly – for the store. Also for the armed government workers the stores sic on the Unholy. Six of them vs. 20 of us is dicier than six of them on one of us.

Mass resistance is happening – though the acolytes of the Faith are doing their best to suppress coverage of it and to shame those who partake of it (e.g., characterizing them as “superspreaders” – though this is losing its punch, too since previous “superspreader” gatherings haven’t lived up to their billing because not enough or even any people have been dying).

So, enjoy – and consider joining. Show your face – and if need be, get in the face of the Faceless. Let them wear their double diapers over their quivery lips – and we’ll be glad to let them.

But let’s stop letting them tell us to wear the loathsome things – in numbers!

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    WTF. Just tell people to seal a plastic bag over their heads and be done with this stupidity. I am ready to start doing it as a service for the mask wearing paranoid morons.

    Another ‘extension’ to the mask mandate, anti-social lockdowns here. This is the third time and nobody has even hinted at an exit plan for this fucking bullshit. They either intend for this to go on forever or they are entirely fucking clueless but need to be seen “doing something”.

    Two weeks to flatten the curve…..52 weeks ago and still no goddamned plan other than to double down on everything that has been proven to be a failure for an entire fucking year.

  2. Some good news:

    I entered the WInco Foods yesterday, which is one of those stores which threatens you will not be able to check out if you’re not wearing the Codpiece.

    I did my shopping, experienced no trouble, and was bid “Thank you! Have a nice day!” by the clerk on the way out.

    Also, I’m told that use of the Codpiece is decreasing in more, shall we say, “conservative” parts of town. Not seemingly where I am, unfortunately, but hopefully soon.

  3. Here’s the latest from Clown Fauci: “If everything falls into the right place and we get this under control, you might be able to pull back a bit on some of the public health measures as we get into the late fall of this year.” There you have it out of the clown’s own mouth, masks aren’t coming off this year.

    • Hi Jim,

      Fauci’s no clown. He’s far from funny. He and his troupe have succeeded in weaponizing hypochondria. How this ends I do not pretend to know; I do know I will never pretend I am sick for the sake of people sick in the head!

  4. “A large number of sane people gathered socially – and sans the Holy Rag – to watch the Super Bowl”

    No, the above statement is self-contradictory…… paradoxical, like Catch 22.

    Sane people didn’t watch “The Big Game.”

      • If they would only remove all the nationalism and propagandizing and state worship and corporatism from the sport, then it could just be a sport again, some positive escapism from day-to-day life..

        • Moose,
          I get what you’re saying. I remember before the internet. ESPN had NASCAR broadcasting rights. I would get up on a Sunday morning to watch the the race, Bob Jenkins, Bennie Parsons, Ned Jarrett would come on the air, they would give you the starting lineup, and that’s it! No national anthem, no bullshit for the “front line workers”, none of that crap! I still like racing, the thing is, I can record it now, I can fast forward through all the crap!

          • What are you talking about? Every NASCAR race I went to while living in the south during the 1990s played the national anthem before every singe race.

            • Bill,
              No doubt they did, but the broadcast on TV didn’t show the anthem. When the broadcast came on the air the cars were just leaving pit road for the warm up laps. Back then there was none of the crap, just the race.

      • Didn’t realize this would generate so much commentary. Personally, if someone is commenting on a libertarian forum, I’m giving the benefit of doubt and assuming that person isn’t the stereotype of sofa-all-day sports worshiper. Also keep in mind that fandom, like pretty much everything in life, is on a spectrum and not a binary operation where the only options are hating sports or brain-dead addiction.

        For me, I had to ask who was playing in the Super Bowl that morning. I like the sport, played pick-up football when I was a kid, but don’t follow it or use “we.” If I wasn’t invited to a viewing party, I wouldn’t have watched.

        I do follow ACC basketball though (again, no “we” there). Before 2020 I played basketball with friends 2-3 times a week. Watching a college game was a cross between scouting report, training video, and just plain entertainment. I could use much of what I saw in my own games.

        People are generally more complex than the stereotypes out there.

    • I’ve always found the sports-watching scene pathetically juvenile and NPCish.

      Concussionball fans are the most repulsive out of the bunch.

      • Fortunately, we are all grown ups and have the ability to watch and enjoy what we want.

        I, personally, love football. I love the tailgating, the plays, the players, and the camaraderie that I share with other fans. I realize most people don’t get excited sitting in a 60k seat stadium, sipping a cold beer, listening to AC/DC’s “Hells Bells” while your favorite team runs onto the field, but it is a huge adrenaline rush for some of us.

        We may disagree on the definition of fun, but “repulsive” may be a bit over the top.

        • Morning, RG!

          Speaking just for me – though I may be expressing the sentiments of others: I have no issue with watching any athletic contest, per se – although I rarely if ever watch them myself because I’m not especially interested. What is a little freaky to me and perhaps to some others is what appears to be fanatical/obsessive interest in athletic contests.

          The weird – to me – association of those watching with those playing, manifested by the use of such terminology as “we” won. The endless, monomaniacal talk about “the game” – to the exclusion of more substantive topics. Which leaves grown men (and women) with little to talk about except “the game.” The social pressure to pretend you share this interest – especially for men.

          The way athletes, even illiterate or thuggish ones, are deified and practically worshipped – especially in educational settings such as colleges and universities.

          The way professional sports has become another vehicle for rent-seeking and propaganda (e.g., the obnoxious military fly-overs and general flag humping).

          Events like the Super Bowl have become almost religious experiences. Many people are in a good or bad mood depending on whether “we” won – or lost. Which is like getting emotionally involved in the outcome of an episode of Jeopardy and speaking in the plural about the person who won, as if the person watching had something to do with it.

          Excelling at running or throwing or catching a ball is fine; I can appreciate athletic excellence and the work that goes into it. But it’s just a game and “we” didn’t play it!

          • It is an escape, or at least it once was, before politics entered the field.

            I get the same enjoyment from a good music concert that I do out of a good football game. I didn’t write or sing the songs, play the drums, or set up the stage, I guess therefore, I should not enjoy the presentation of such an event either, right?

            Honestly, most men confuse the hell out of me, especially on this forum.

            Several men on here talk about how men are no longer masculine, soy boys I believe they are called, what is not more masculine than sports, I ask?

            Most guys produce a chemical called testosterone. As boys and young men sports was one of the fundamental aspects of exerting such energy, whether through baseball, football, basketball, or hockey. This also provided young men the ability to work as a team and build relationships with other guys.

            Many of those guys have now aged, can no longer play (without breaking a bone or two), but remember a time where they could and were part of something bigger than themselves. Why can’t they seek some satisfaction watching other guys play a sport that they once loved and were a part of?

            Instead, we get posts with “Eew, such thuggery, or these men are Neanderthals.” Good Lord, I feel like I found my way into some bitter women’s book club.

            There is nothing wrong with people wanting to escape, to savor a few hours away from life’s daily grind. I don’t care how they enjoy it – travel, music, sports, reading, etc.

            I am tired of knocking guys down though for being guys. It is bad enough when women do it and scream about male toxicity, but when it comes from other men, we then wonder why the boys of today are who they are.

            • Hi RG!

              Watching and enjoying isn’t pathological. I was referring to the people who seem to identify with “their” team and believe “we” won. Who are angry or happy depending. Who are obsessed with “the game” and practically worship those who play it. Who incessantly talk about the players and what they did and seem to have no interest in any other topic. They way it is expected – especially for men – to show interest in other men playing a game.

              It’s weird – to me.

              As far as the rest:

              Sure, playing sports and being athletic is healthy – and fun. I work out – a lot. I also played sports as a kid (hockey and baseball). But as a grown man, I don’t have any skin in “the game.” It’s just another form of entertainment, arguably overwrought – and I certainly don’t consider it “manly” to watch a game. Nor to gabble about it.

              I think it’s a lot more actually manly to hit the gym, or go for a run – or actually do something manly.

              Anecdotally: My football-obsessed friends are all Dad Bod couch potatoes who watch “the games” – plural – for hours every weekend during the season. My middle-aged ass still fits in the same waist-sized pants I wore in high school (32) and can run 5 miles without it killing me and can bench press close to 300 pounds.

              Probably Because I don’t watch “the game”!

              • I used to go to the semi-pro football games here in town. We bench warmers could get nuts and holler for “our team”, all in good fun. I even supported them with donations for equipment and such. It was a lot of laughs for those in the stands. The players got perhaps a stipend for travel, but nothing more than being semi-famous in town.
                It was good fun. I never went to an NFL game and do not watch, although the radio people are superb in description of the plays. I cannot recall the last time I watched a whole game without going to sleep for most of it.
                The Packers won the Super Bowl a few years back. I was programming and running machine tools on that weekend so the radio was my link to the great cultural event of Wisconsin.
                In the past I won tickets for basketball and football games but gave them away to those that would appreciate the mess as I do not like crowds. I only ask that the recipients of my generosity give something to the local team expenses.
                Go Racine Raiders!

            • Nothing says ‘manly’ like a bunch of guys in leotards running around grabbing each other…… SMH

              Manly men who beat their baby mommas, can’t read, have three page rap sheets and the IQ of a turtle? Not what boys should be aspiring to.

              And what Eric said. Manly men do things. The rest watch other men in leotards grab each other.

            • “Many of those guys have now aged, can no longer play (without breaking a bone or two), but remember a time where they could and were part of something bigger than themselves. Why can’t they seek some satisfaction watching other guys play a sport that they once loved and were a part of?”

              Because when we grew up we put down childish things? Should I still be playing with my GI Joe’s too?

              • Bill, if you enjoy your GI Joes, yes, then you should play with them. Who am I to tell you how to live? Who is anyone to tell anyone how to live? If it does not trample on others personal space or rights you can play GI and Barbie all day long.

                Why is it wrong for someone to enjoy themselves? How is shooting a couple hoops with your son or attending a basketball game with your daughter juvenile?

                I thought for years libertarianism was about the ability to allow others to make the choice that is best for them. That was one of the great things I loved about the movement. Live and let live.

                It isn’t though. It is garbage just like every other movement. It is about people thinking the same and acting the same and if they don’t they aren’t really “libertarian.” The movement is no different than the Dems or the Republican Party. Think like us or move along.

                Thank you for clarifying for me.

                • Hi RG,

                  Please note that I’m not suggesting anyone hasn’t got the right to do whatever they wish to do with their time, with their lives (assuming it causes no actual harm to others).

                  I was merely explaining why I personally think it’s a little odd that some people are that interested in “the game” and use language suggesting they believe that by watching/cheering “their” team that “we” won – or lost.

                  People should also be free to wear two or three or even a dozen Diapers over their faces as well.

                  • Eric,

                    The entire thread became a shit storm.

                    CJM mentioned he attended a Super Bowl party and you would think he announced that he was switching over to the Communist Party.

                    Seriously, so what if some guy or girl wants to watch a game or two or is a major, obsessed fan that never misses a game? Why throw dirt on them?
                    Seeing one person being attacked by ten others because someone doesn’t agree with them?!?! It is like a mean girls clique in Middle School.

                    We have gone from watching a sports game to football linemen beating up their girlfriends and boys playing with GI Joes. None of it which makes a bit of sense.

                    It was a thread meant to embarrass, guilt trip, and humiliate for someone being “different.” I would expect us to be better than that. Is the Libertarian movement about live and let live or not? All of us on here should know better. Most of us here are ostracized by the mainstream since we don’t toe the line on their belief system (anti mask, anti vaxxers, personal responsibility, freewill, etc.). If nothing else I would expect to come to someone’s defense for allowing them the way (and right) that they choose to live.

                    I would do the same thing if the position was reversed and it was one person (anti sports) against ten people (pro sports). It doesn’t matter that I believe in what they are doing or not, I (as we all should) defend their right to enjoy what they want when they want to.

                    • Hi RG,

                      I think there may be a miscommunication… I explained why I think the extreme, arguably obsessive interest some people have in “the game” is weird and also off-putting to me. I never said people haven’t got a right to be obsessed with “the game.” But I’m not going to pretend I think it isn’t weird – and being able to say so, even if others don’t like or agree with what’s said is the very essence of libertarianism. You yourself have noted that people are almost pathologically sensitive!

                      People think I’m weird, too – and they’re free to say so 😉 I’m a big boy. I can handle a joke at my expense.

                    • You must be fun at parties….

                      Did your feelings get hurt?

                      Do you come here looking for some kind of validation for your preferences?

                      Seriously, so what if someone else has a different view? You feel the need to take it personally?

                      Do you get a rush from being indignant or something?

                      Take a deep breath and remember, you come here voluntarily. If we are so horrid, think about what you are doing.

                    • RG wrote: “CJM mentioned he attended a Super Bowl party and you would think he announced that he was switching over to the Communist Party. ”

                      lol, I’m used to it. It’s a common trait for libertarian types to see things as black ‘n’ white or “binary” as I described above. I certainly did when I was younger.

                      And it’s ok for folks to have a zero-tolerance purity test for whatever the Q of the D is, and judge the heck out of folks. Freedom can be messy.

                      But hey, I’m comfortable with who I am and rather than look out on the world as a bunch of morons, I try to see them all as pre-libertarian and my job is to help them along that path. Not deride them for where they are now.

                      That being said, addicts of team identities (sports, politics, religion, whatever) are truly the toughest to reach.

                    • Hey Eric,

                      Tom Brady was criticized for not wearing a mask at some point leading up to the SB, so I ended up rooting for him and his team. Not so much a team-identity thing as schadenfreude towards the maskies criticizing him.

                      I applauded, however, all excellent play regardless of team and depending on how we measure “care,” I can say that I didn’t care either.

                • The definition of libertarianism as per Mr. Libertarian, Murray Rothbard:
                  Libertarianism is not and does not pretend to be a complete moral or aesthetic theory; it is only a political theory, that is, the important subset of moral theory that deals with the proper role of violence in social life. Political theory deals with what is proper or improper for government to do, and government is distinguished from every other group in society as being the institution of organized violence. Libertarianism holds that the only proper role of violence is to defend person and property against violence, that any use of violence that goes beyond such just defense is itself aggressive, unjust, and criminal. Libertarianism, therefore, is a theory which states that everyone should be free of violent invasion, should be free to do as he sees fit except invade the person or property of another. What a person does with his or her life is vital and important, but is simply irrelevant to libertarianism.

                  • Then you are insinuating that libertarianism is the movement against violence, not the acceptance of how others should be able to live.

                    Then you are right and I am wrong, because I always believed libertarianism was about accepting others as long as it did not evade someone else’s property or thoughts and how they conducted their own life.

                    Thank you for your insight.

                    • An interesting article, Hat. I thank you.

                      I guess it is a wake up call (at least for me) that I am not a libertarian, but I am also not a liberal, conservative, a Republican, or a Democrat, which kind of leaves me out yonder or part of the Independent Party which is a bit of everything across the board and isn’t an established movement.

                      I guess I have some soul searching.

                      Thanks again for the read.

                    • Hi RG,

                      Based on what you’ve posted previously, I think you probably fall into the “conservative/limited government” camp. This camp has some overlap in general terms with libertarians so the two can ally – but there is a fundamental difference over principles. Libertarians consider all acts of non self-defensive aggression to be morally wrong; they also regard the individual as the sole of owner of himself. What follows from this is that libertarians reject as immoral all non-voluntary impositions upon the individual – such as involuntary taxes (being forced to hand over money) for any reason and any attempt to restrict or punish what an individual chooses to do with himself and with other freely consenting adults, unless and only if what the individual does causes actual harm to another person.

                      Not might. Not “because society” doesn’t approve.

                      These are admittedly absolutist positions but they are principled – and thus defensible in a way that “limited government” isn’t – “limited government” having no precise meaning and thus open to almost any interpretation.

                      My own position combines the libertarian principled position – and advocacy – with a willingness to work with and support “conservative/limited government” people to the extent that they support the principles libertarians support, even if imperfectly.

                      We may not agree on everything – but we’re not mortal enemies and can find common ground.

                      But the Left is another story. It is the enemy of anyone who has the slightest inclinations toward “conservatism/limited government” – and forget libertarians!

                    • Hi RG,

                      I’m curious, what about that article made you conclude that you are not a libertarian?

                      Kind Regards,

                    • Hi Jeremy,

                      It wasn’t one article or even one episode, but I have had a nagging feeling for awhile. Reading the Rockwell article it kind of made me realize people with my views is not what the party wants to stray toward. That’s cool. The Libertarian Party doesn’t want to dive deep into certain topics which I believe is necessary for the party to reach more people. Most voters need structure and a plan. Why should I vote for your party? What is the party’s focus? How will your party fix it? The LP borders between anarchy and and a lack of tenacity to jump and expand their base.

                      Maybe I trend a bit more to the Reform Party. I want business out of politics. I want a balanced budget. A complete overall of Social Security and Medicare. I am pro American manufacturing jobs, but I also believe we need to stay out of foreign countries. I do believe in personal freedom and responsibility, lesser government, but I also believe some type of central structure may need to exist. This puts me at odds with the LP.

                    • Hi RG,

                      The LP is arguably not libertarian but rather another species or variant of Republicanism. Libertarianism is a moral philosophy with political implications. It offers no “plan” or “structure” other than urging the individual be let alone to divine such things for himself. It is not “anarchic” in the sense commonly accused; i.e., “no rules, chaos.” Rather, no coercion. No harm – no foul. Live – and let live.

                    • I think the lack of violence one disqualifies me automatically for the LP. I am pretty much eye for an eye, very non LP. 🙂

                    • Hi RG,

                      Libertarians opposed aggressive violence – put another way, the first use of force. Defensive violence is absolutely legitimate; it is an elaboration of the idea of holding people accountable for the harms they cause.

                      But only if they actually do cause harm!

                    • Hi RG,

                      I wasn’t referring to the LP, but the philosophy. Many libertarians don’t support the LP, which is certainly not synonymous with libertarianism.

                      Kind Regards,

                    • Hi Eric,

                      I am for limited government, but I also want a government that works. I want my vote and every US citizens vote to count. I never considered myself a Republican because they are no loyalty or fight. My views aren’t entirely conservative. I am not religious. I believe people should love and marry who they want. Yada, yada, yada.

                      Right now I am kind of in purgatory.

                    • Morning, RG!

                      I agree, actually. It’s why I supported and voted for the Orange Man, even though he failed in so many ways. He was still overall preferable to the alternative. I do not see this as incongruent with principled libertarianism. One can work toward and advocate an ideal without refusing to accept that which moves us closer toward that ideal but isn’t quite ideal. This is what I meant by libertarianism overlapping to some extent with what is generally characterized as “limited government conservatism.”

                      I absolutely agree with you in re people being able to love and marry – and freely associate – with whomever they want. This follows logically – and naturally – from the concept of self-ownership. If I own myself and you own yourself then we each have the right to do as we wish with ourselves without interference by others, the alternative being to accept that others have the right to interfere in which case it is the same as saying they own us to some extent – control being the thing which defines ownership.

                    • Hi Jeremy,

                      If the LP doesn’t promote libertarianism then how do philosophers of liberty get their message out? How will government change?

                    • Hi RG,

                      Libertarians get the message out by writing articles, books, speaking about libertarian ideas – and so on! It’s not about changing the government so much as it is about changing people’s minds. Then government will take care of itself. Imagine if a working majority simply opposed taking other people’s money on principle. At a stroke, it would render harmless talk of “plans” and such. Politicians couldn’t sell voters other people’s goods.

                      Just one example.

                    • Hi RG,

                      “I think the lack of violence one disqualifies me automatically for the LP”.

                      Again, the LP is not the same thing as libertarianism. There is no prohibition on violence in libertarian theory, there is a prohibition on aggression, which is defined as the initiation of force. Defensive, even retaliatory (to redress a wrong), violence is acceptable.

                      Kind Regards,

                    • Hi RG,

                      I didn’t say the the LP doesn’t promote libertarianism (sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t), just that the party is distinct from the philosophy of libertarianism.

                      As for reaching people, Ron Paul did more to promote libertarianism, running as a Republican, than decades of LP activism. Government is unlikely to change, certainly not unless a dramatic cultural and intellectual shift takes place. To that end, no matter how futile it appears, blogs like this, the Mises Institute, the Soho forum, countless podcasters, interaction with friends and acquaintances, etc… do more than political activism.


                • Hi RG,

                  “I thought for years libertarianism was about the ability to allow others to make the choice that is best for them. That was one of the great things I loved about the movement. Live and let live”.

                  It is, so long as that choice doesn’t cause direct harm or impose forced obligations on others.

                  “It isn’t though. It is garbage just like every other movement. It is about people thinking the same and acting the same and if they don’t they aren’t really “libertarian.” The movement is no different than the Dems or the Republican Party. Think like us or move along”.

                  I hope that you don’t become hardened in this position. I value your input here.


                  • Amen, Jeremy!

                    I’ve tried to be clear to RG and generally that whatever I like (or others like) or do not like is irrelevant in terms of sanctioning state (or individual) action – other than opting to not participate in whatever it is. I have no doubt some regard my having a garage (and office) full of old motorcycles and a Quadrajet on my desk is weird, even obsessive. I also have had as many as nine cats in my house at once.

                    I don’t care for football – or any other organized sports-watching. I explained to RG whey I don’t care for it. I never advocated it be banned or action taken against those who wish to spend their time and energy on it.

                    Live – and let live.

                    That’s libertarianism!

                    • At some point one realizes that they are being extremely clear but the recipient lacks the ability to comprehend.

                      Like explaining geometry to a German Shepard.

      • Morning, Handler!

        I have never “gotten it.” The way so many people practically live for “the game.” Everyone has the the right to spend their time and money as they like, of course. It’s just not for me!

        • They “live for the game” because their real life has been extinguished, and it’s much easier than reclaiming their real life. Which requires effort and substantial risk to any life at all. One may find oneself disposed of by the Psychopaths In Charge, simply for being “deplorable”. I was myself guilty of such several years ago. Until I realized the NFL was a public relations business working for the Military Industrial Complex. It’s embrace of the Snowflake SJW Wokester faction adds to it’s sins, if not multiplying them.
          One of the major components of the psy op is the fact that a great deal of money stolen at gunpoint is invested in public school sports. Because it “develops character and teamwork” for the handful that get to play anyway, while at the same time exalting those who play well as if they had really accomplished something important to the rest of us. I did play HS sports, and was quite good at one of them, and did benefit from the exalted status. Adolescents are easily influenced in this way to accept the state as necessary. Without the state there would be no such game. Except there used to be. School sports have existed for a long time. Early on they were athletic clubs which were voluntarily financed by club members and patrons. Then the state discovered a way to profit from them, and here we are.

  5. Masking, double masking, triple masking, social distancing, lockdowns, injections with experiment mRNA drugs are all means to an end.

    “Truly, whoever can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. If the God-given understanding of your mind does not resist a demand to believe what is impossible, then you will not resist a demand to do wrong to that God-given sense of justice in your heart. As soon as one faculty of your soul has been dominated, other faculties will follow as well.”

    – Voltaire

  6. CNN is laughable PROGRAMMING for the deluded.

    This last summer, I watched as they repeatedly condemned Kyle Rittenhouse, while only showing the end of the video so you couldn’t see the miscreant thugs attacking him. Even the “anchor” was confused about where the rest of the video had gone.

    That same night, a hurricane was moving up through the South. They had demarcated an area the “Unsurvivable Zone”. Lo and behold, they had placed a reporter in the “Unsurvivable Zone”. Surely he would die, right!? No, he would make his escape before the hurricane hit, right?! Then, the reporter assured the audience that there was NO escape, and he was stuck in the “Unsurvivable Zone”. The horror! He said the area in which he stood would be under 15-20 ft of water in mere hours! He also said they had some protection from the winds because of the big building around them. There was no building.
    The whole thing had me guffawing heartily.
    There were no reports later of any drowned CNN reporters.

    • I live in extreme hurricane territory. About 10 years ago, things changed to every storm predicted for multiple weeks to be a Category 6 and “everyone’s gonna die!” It never is and if a storm does make a direct hit, while someone might suffer some property damage or suffer a heart attack, storm related injuries and deaths are incredibly rare. They also developed the limited “emergency law/rule by dictator” using the excuse of hurricanes and perfected it into perpetual with WuFlu. The psycho-political resentments and vitriol people direct at coastal residents during hurricanes is exactly like the maskers treatment of non-maskers.

      • Hatteraszek,

        I do see that phenomenon from afar, but thanks for your account.
        Especially with the experience of COVID-1984, I can now connect the dots between people who have reasonable grounds to believe they’ll endure these storms unscathed, and the “Officials” who decree that they need to EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY and abandon all they own or they will SURELY DIE, and all the self-righteous NPCs in between.
        And this particular connect-the-dots exercise quickly can be seen to be a picture of bald-faced tyranny, although outlets such as CNN inadvertently give this face a clown nose and wig.

    • BaDnOn, I have no doubt CNN is a deep state funded propaganda outlet. It is nothing to do with news anymore. Even Larry King said they’re no longer news! With their overheads, theres no way they can stay in business with a prime time viewership about that of slightly successful kid on Youtube. Yet they seem to have so much money – they used to PAY airports to show them! can you imagine…. if that doesnt make it obvious that it’s propaganda, then what else….

      • Good point, Nasir.

        Profitable enterprises pay the gov’t Piper through taxes. Special scrutiny should be given to unprofitable enterprises that remain, as they are likely paying that Piper through servitude.

    • There were no reports later of any drowned CNN reporters.

      The reporters wouldn’t be reporting on anything if they drowned.

      Just had to point that out.

  7. I know its a bit evil to even think this – but it would be funny if the double masker is the one who gets it first !! (And I kid you not – so many people I know who took this so seriously and the day they started stepping out – they got it !! I suspect its because of depleted vitamin D levels or the fact that the immune systems basically gone on holiday given that they are living in such a sterile and predictable environment for such a long time!!)

    • Hi Nasir,

      I agree, depleted Vitamin D is a pretty big cause. I usually take 2000 IUs in the Spring, Summer, and Fall and take 5000 IUs in Winter. I am surrounded by little old ladies (mother, grandmothers, aunts) who constantly work outside in their gardens from mid March through early November. Have any of the little old ladies even gotten the sniffles? Nope. A recent medical survey (not quite sure if they really do those anymore) shows that 89% of COVID deaths were the result of a deficiency in Vitamin D. A sane person would think “Hey, I need to get out more or maybe I should start substituting some extra Vitamin D into my diet.” Nope, we are seeing the majority of people out campaigning for an untried and untested vaccine.

      The other culprit, I believe, is mind over matter. When the body is stressed or depressed the brain sends signals to the endocrine system, which is the body’s messenger. This in turn tells the glands/cells what is going on. Has does one fight this? Mediation, exercise, eating right, and staying away from toxic people.

      Hundreds, if not thousands, of years of science has been tossed out the window and very few question this change of events.

      • Vitamin D is so important. So many studies (all hidden by the mainstream media) have shown very strong links bw low vit D and a poor Covid outcome (again from places where they still do proper studies). Ive been telling everyone about this. Interestingly – not sure if you follow but St. Fauchi also accidentally admitted on the side (not ever in a press conference, its nothing too important) that he himself takes vitamin D!!

        I learnt about vit D about 10 years ago. Started having a pain in my joints about 5 years after I moved to the UK, from Karachi and then Dubai. Dr did a bunch of tests – one day called me and told me that I need to start vitamin D immediately – gave me the strongest pills known to man via prescription, and told me to follow up in 6 months. I didnt think too much but on the follow up had a long discussion with him. Luckily hes one of the few doctors in the UK who uses critical reasoning rather than just the box ticking most do these days. Even after that long course I was still low ! he told me that he normally never calls patients but told me its the lowest vitamin D hes seen in someone who’s still alive, and told me to continue regularly. He told me then that as im of Asian origin, my skin actually blocks sun more than say a white guy, as we’ve evolved to probably be out in the sun in the dessert or something. Now I sit on a computer under tube lights all day doing spreadsheets…. On the flip side he told me I’m less likely to get melanoma !

        Another funny fact – back to Pakistan, Covid is more considered a rich guys disease. So many in my family (including my dad) had it – but the workers we have at home – none of them get it !! The labour class getting it is unheard of. Again the theory is that these guys are out in the sun, getting their vitamin D, while the upper class live lives in air conditioning between houses, malls and offices – often with curtains pulled (it can get crazy hot and humid there).

        Today its criminal the way they hide it in the western media. There has apparently been more deaths per case amongst Asians / Blacks in the UK – and the media instead of asking real questions – just goes on and on about how its due to racism and deprivation (apparently the virus is racist). Consequently they should be nice and offer us the holy Jab first!!!

        • So right in all you’ve said here, Nasir, though I didn’t think to try and compare occupational “classes” before. What’s funny is that it’s almost reversed here in the US, is it not? Most people (especially when you’re older) spend their days working indoors, growing pale and miserable. People (“white” people) go to tanning booths and whatnot because, in my opinion, it makes you appear healthier (imagine that!), regardless of the threat of skin cancer. It also makes you appear that you might be in the “upper” class: those who are able to take vacations in sunny places.
          Also, I knew your name sounded familiar! I knew a guy a long time ago named Nasir, who was Pakistani. Took a couple of sparks to light my memory. 😉

    • Just another of the abundant flaws in the Medical Industrial Complex that to this day still clings to the notion that supplementation of vitamins is only needed to prevent specific symptoms. In the case of D3, just enough to prevent rickets is considered enough. With C just enough to prevent scurvy. With B1 its rickets. Curiously, B1 deficiency has symptoms very similar to the never proven to exist virus. Anyone who finds themselves hospitalized and eats a couple of meals there is immediately aware that “modern” medicine is completely unconcerned with nutrition as a health factor, while it’s more likely the most important.

  8. The unmasked post college championship game celebrations never ended up with mass deaths much to the chagrin of the plandemic big pharma low life scumbags. Protest, protest, protest!

      • I monitored the South Dakota data for some time, as well as the German data after their “Tag Freiheit” event. Nothing happened. In fact, nearly every supposed “Superspreader” event had no correlation to increases in “The Cases!”, save for the George Floyd riots, though I think that might even have been largely coincidental.

  9. Whenever a reporter says “critics say” or “there’s a lot of concern” or “a lot of people are upset,” you can be sure the “people” she’s referring to is actually herself. Not one person behind her looked upset or concerned.
    Didn’t get to hear the police response to her Karenizing. I hope they told her to pull the stick out of her ass and have a beer.
    Sorry I missed it actually. We have family ties in that area and could have stayed for free. I don’t care about the game but the party in Ybor City looked fun.

    • haha – good point Amy – when the media says stuff like “lots of concern” i always wonder who are these people – why have I not come across any such people….

  10. Ugh, the double masker….do they look in a mirror before heading out? Because, I don’t believe they do. Maybe it’s me, but double masking looks like wearing a pair of short shorts with your underwear showing. That is what it reminds me of. It just looks silly. I can’t look at someone wearing two or more masks and see a sensible rationale person. These people are loony. In my 40+ years on Earth I never realized how many mentally ill people I have cavorted with. I guess now we can see everyone for whom they are.

    By the way, should we check on Nunz? Is he okay? Has he headed to Patagonia yet and didn’t tell us? He is MIA, which is very unlike him. I am a bit concerned.

    • Hi RG,

      Yes! This is why Face Codpiece occurred to me. Male or female, the wearer looks like a bulging crotch-mouth thing. It’s gross…

      PS: I agree re Nunz; I have his number and will give him a shout…

      • Nunz is just taking a break from the internet for a while. He has been pretty bummed out since God Emporer lost the democratic election fair and square. We all know what a big fan he was of Trump. Never seen a more faithful fan than that guy.

        • Hmm good to know Nunz is well – was wondering where hes been. A break from the internet is definitely healthy. Hoping do the same this summer (if our dear leaders allow – just go somewhere in the middle of nowhere where theres no internet and lay low for some time…. )

        • LOL.

          He may be taking a break, but I guarantee it has nothing to do with Trump losing. If anything he rejoiced that the forever Trumpers now have to face reality.

          I was just concerned. It isn’t like him not to post for several weeks.

          Seriously, who am I supposed to argue with?

    • My experience was that I did recognize that they were mentally ill..and I guess that was fine, I just never realized they were so retarded that they’d go along with literally anything that the talking heads demand of them. People need to tighten up!

      On a side note, feels good to be able to drop the ol r-word somewhere I can trust it won’t be removed 😌

    • Ha! I commented earlier on farcebook that those fitted cloth masks with the seam down the middle look just like the pocket they put in the front of mens undies for the package.
      I guess that’s appropriate. We are a bunch of dicks if we fall for this crap.

  11. This kumbaya karen was selected by the communist news network exactly for her reaction to the site of maskless heathens not bowing down to the sickness cult. How dare these people enjoy themselves! Look at those smiles! They are talking and drinking and eating and not living in fear!!!!!! Oh the humanity!!!! Who do they think they are? Don’t they know there is a plandemic going on and if they catch it there is a chance only 99.99% will survive? Where are the agws to beat these people into submission to our dear leader president select? These are the kind of people who would justify a drone strike on these “biological terrorists.”

  12. I’m usually the only non-masker when going out. Occasionally I’m with a second. Got together with six other non-maskers this past Sunday. It’s a little work to find them, but they’re out there and they share your values on this topic. Time to make new friends, folks!

    • Amen, cjm!

      I need to make myself get out more; sorry I missed you the other day,by the way. You should have just stopped by. We were home piddling with the chickens and the coop 🙂

      • No worries, two of the six I visited with were from Floyd county, so I suspect I’ll be in the neighborhood a little more regularly. Next time!

    • Indeed, SM777 –

      But isn’t she a pathetic figure? People like her would have been put into a hospital – a mental hospital – hardly more than a year ago. But today…

  13. Heard a portion of the Teevee news yesterday, a rare occurrence for me. Do they never get tired of uttering the same flaccid jargon, headlines, and utter nonsense? It’s been a year, if we were all going to die from convid it would have happened by now, don’tcha think???

    Have to visit our local courthouse tomorrow to pick up paperwork. It is available at the security door. Not sure what to expect as I have not visited a courthouse or other gubmint building since this insanity began.

    However, I’m planning to go as a normal, uncovered person, as has been my practice from day one. My response, if challenged by the AGWs, will be “I don’t understand,” “I don’t stand under you,” “I don’t have to give you that information,” “I will not make a contract with you,” “I have no questions,” …

      • Will do!! It has been amazing over the past year how simply going about one’s business has resulted in much less hassle than I expected.

        I pray, then gird up my loins.

    • Following as well…

      One other thing about the teevee is their voice inflection, cadence, and syllable stressing are ALL THE SAME.

        • vocal fry = deal breaker

          An immediate insight into the type of person you have encountered. Almost guaranteed to be a ‘style over substance’ NPC.

    • So my trip to the courthouse was a nothing burger. As I walked through the courtyard, I noticed to my surprise that the statue of a local founding father was still in place, not spray painted, etc. As I approached the front doors I saw a sign that said “by order of Judge —– masks are required to be worn in all areas of the courthouse.” Never mind that this judge is issuing an unconstitutional order, and the officers of the court see nothing wrong with advertising it!

      I noticed that people are no longer allowed to simply walk in, then go through security. There was a glass-walled (I assume bulletproof) service area where people who want to get into the courthouse must stand OUTSIDE in line before being vetted to go in and go through a metal detector. I saw 2 AGWs, one had no mask on and the other’s was below his nose. Good on the first one, at least. As I walked up, both pulled masks up. SMH. There is bullet proof glass between us (how much of my tax $$ paid for this apparently permanent fixture?). I doubt the mighty and mysterious convid is so invincible that it can go through glass. Asked for my paperwork, received it, and on my way.

      Another side note, I visited a local IRS office while I was in the area, located within an office suite building. The sign on the outside of the building says “MASKS REQUIRED” in red letters. As I was walking in, uncovered (of course), I was met by another patron on her way out. Held the door for her, no eye contact. Then I walked down an endless hallway past many suite office doors with similar threatening signs till I reached the IRS office. The usual security guard that has been inside the door for years wasn’t there, again to my surprise. I’m pretty sure there was also a sign on the door, but I walked in anyway…a lady was gathering up blank tax forms to file her taxes. I then felt a pair of eyes on me and noticed in peripheral view that the guard was seated behind a wooden barricade. Eyes stayed on me the whole time, but never said a word to me.

      Live free or die.

      • Glad it worked out but I have to confess I was really curious to see how the understand/contract line was going to fly — especially at a courthouse where the AGWs might know what you’re talking about. Anyway, congrats on the nothingburger!


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