Diapered AGW Wants Sexy Time With 14-Year-Old

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Here’s video of a Diaper Enforcing armed government worker who got caught requesting “sexy” bikini pics from a 14-year-old girl. The AGW was confronted – outside of the school where he works with children – by the Uncle of the girl.

Though you can’t see the AGW’s face – being Diapered – he has little to say.

You know my 14-year-old niece,” the angry uncle asks the AGW. “You know, the one you want sexy bikini pictures from? The one you wanna wrestle and meet at her parents’ house when her mother is not home?” 

Cue muzzled mumbling.

The man reportedly attempted to get the AGW’s superior AGWs interested, but they weren’t – leaving this pederast (no mincing words about alleged since the texts are not contested by the AGW) free to mingle with other potential victims.

“Serve and protect” has many meanings.

After the video above was publicly posted, the Clay County (FL) School District Police Department and the Clay County Sheriff’s Office “took action,” according to local media coverage of this sordid affair:

“The Clay County District Schools Police Department is aware of the allegations made on social media posted by a citizen on December 8, 2020. The Clay County District Schools Police Department Officer referenced in the post has been placed on administrative leave indefinitely pending the results of an internal investigation by the Clay County District Schools Police Department and an outside investigation by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office,” said Nicole Young, Clay County School District spokesperson.

“The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is aware of the allegations made on a social media post by a citizen on December 8, 2020. The CCSO is working with the Clay County District Schools Police Department and is investigating the allegations,” said CCSO.

But if you don’t wear a Diaper – or try to open your business- don’t expect such kid-glove treatment.I’ve got a 2013 Hyundai Elantra with 170k miles.  I’ve never changed the automatic transmission fluid.  I have a mechanic I’ve been using for years.  He does good work.  He couldn’t say for sure if it was a good idea to change the fluid or not at 150k.  The car runs well.  I don’t feel any slipping or anything else to indicate transmission problems.  Most of the miles are highway driving.  What is your opinion?  Should I change it?

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  1. Hi Eric. I have no personal experience with the Hyundai transmission so take that into account. The transmissions I have the most experience with are one from Mercedes. Those usually reacted well to a transmission service even when done for the first time at higher mileages. As long as there’s fluid in the torque converter, you usually don’t risk too much. It’s the power flushes that usually cause issues. I would say a fluid and filter change will do you good as long as you stay with OE approved fluid. Wrong fluids usually cause the most issues.

  2. I would like someone to explain exactly how the current US government, and most of the local governments, are in general dissimilar to that of East Germany 40 years ago. It should be a short explanation, since there is little difference to explain. True, there are a few websites like this one allowed to exist that are critical of the tyrannical powers that be, but how many do they reach, and how long will they exist? We are a very short step away from their abolition, or their criminal prosecution. I fully expect the US to gain further similarity rather than less. Quite possible it will exceed the sins of East Germany. This incident is just one of many that indicate our eminent downfall. I have no idea whether there will be civil war, or secession, but I will bet a years income that if neither occur, we will in fact be enslaved. Too bad there will be no sound money in which to collect that wager.

    • You’re right that it will probably end up worse. Right now the few places still allowed to exist like this website are really the only good things. There are actually plenty of things that are worse. The commies of old at least understood fiscal responsibility. Working was also required.

    • Some do but, I doubt this one does. He’s probably a “School Resource Officer” aka SRO with the county sheriff. It’s the envy of all other positions…unless you are a psychopath wanting to be Rambo then SWAT is the place to be. You get the same pay as other AGWs plus, the schedule of a school teacher. No nights, weekends or holidays.

      However, some do have their own police forces…Charlotte/Mecklenburg School in NC for example…

      Heck the “school-to-prison” pipeline doesn’t even bend.

  3. I’ll bet you a face diaper that he’s on PAID administrative leave. Free vacation before he gets to resign and move on to more unsuspecting pastures. These vermin know how to work the system to just continue their preying on the public.

    If I were in Valdosta or Brunswick Georgia I’d be on the lookout for this predatory perv.

    • Guaranteed it’s paid leave. He will be “allowed” to resign so he doesn’t create a paper trail and record. He will then get a new job in some unsuspecting community in short order. Of course the hiring managers will not look for anything on the internet, so even this video will be unseen. He will then find a new victim.

      In the public school system it’s called “passing the trash”. Same thing happens with a criminal teachers as well. Or any public “servant” for that matter.

    • No. Rank and file are too stupid to “work the system”. Their union bosses, however, live that life, and can find whatever path they need in order to protect their “brothers” (as long as the brother’s union dues are up to date). Because nothing says “brother” like “paid in full”


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