Noo Joisey Government School Sics Heroes on Nine-Year-Old

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.. over politically incorrect speech: 

New Jersey parents say their child was “traumatized” and “intimidated” by police after he made a harmless comment about brownies.

The 9-year-old third grader made the remark on June 16 while the treats were being served at an end of the year party at William P. Tatem Elementary School in Collingswood. Another student told teachers that what he said was “racist.”

According to the boy’s parents, school staff responded by calling local police who questioned the child and then unbelievably referred the case to the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

It is not exactly clear what the boy said. His mother, Stacy dos Santos, said that she was furious that her son’s comment, which he claimed was only about the brownies, warranted a police and child services investigation.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time the school has over-reacted and called police on students. In fact, it appears that the entire district has been nothing more than a mini-police state for children during the last month.

On May 25, the Collingswood Police Department, school officials, and representatives from the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office held a meeting where school staff was stripped of its authority to investigate any incident involving students that could potentially be deemed a criminal violation.

Instead, Collingswood Police Chief Kevin Carey said that it was stipulated in the meeting that even incidents “as minor as a simple name-calling… that the school would typically handle internally” should be reported to police and child services.

Since that meeting, Superintendent Scott Oswald said that he has estimated that on some occasions, officers have been called to as many as five incidents per day at schools in the district – which contain only about a total of 1,875 students.

“We were told that if we were deemed to be interfering with an investigation there would be potential criminal consequences for us,” Oswald said. “When you threaten professionals with that, they’re going to play it safe.

In response to the increased police interactions with children, outraged parents launched a petition calling on the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office to “stop mandated criminal investigation of elementary school students.”

On Tuesday, Collingswood Mayor Jim Maley said the May 25 meeting was intended to “reinforce the applicability” of New Jersey’s Memorandum of Agreement Between Education and Law Enforcement Officials, “not to expand its terms.”

Under the MOA, the school district had only reported incidents it deemed serious, like those involving weapons, drugs, or sexual misconduct. Maley called what occurred at the meeting a “misunderstanding,” and said he has now worked out “a reset” of the policy – but not before the “racist” brownie caper.

“He said they were talking about brownies,” the boy’s mother, Stacy dos Santos said. “Who exactly did he offend?”

Dos Santos said she wants an apology from the school for blowing the incident out of proportion. She claims her son was “traumatized” after a police officer questioned him harshly about the incident, and that he spent his last day of third grade at home.

“He was intimidated, obviously. There was a police officer with a gun in the holster talking to my son, saying, ‘Tell me what you said.’ He didn’t have anybody on his side,’ she said. ‘I’m not comfortable with the administration [at Tatem]. I don’t trust them and neither does my child.’”

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  1. earlier vid posted by the guy killed during autopilot

    ‘He was watching a movie’

    Frank Baressi, 62, the driver of the truck and owner of Okemah Express LLC, said the Tesla driver was “playing Harry Potter on the TV screen” at the time of the crash and driving so quickly that “he went so fast through my trailer I didn’t see him.”

    “It was still playing when he died and snapped a telephone pole a quarter mile down the road,” Baressi said. He acknowledged he couldn’t see the movie, only heard it.

    Joshua Brown’s published obituary described him as a member of the Navy SEALs for 11 years and founder of Nexu Innovations Inc.

  2. Chuck Baldwin posted an article on LRC today or maybe LRC linked to it. Whoops! My bad it was Reprinted with Permission from

    In any case, the article is probably the worst piece of horse shit that I’ve ever seen come from the mind of a religionist.
    Here is an example of what I am referring to:
    “There are too many professing “patriots” who seem to have no honesty or objectivity whatsoever. To them, everything the government does is bad whether it is or isn’t. And, of course, they, the so-called “patriots,” can do NOTHING wrong.”

    Doesn’t this dipshit know that anyone that is part of government is in violation of his God’s law? By virtue of them being part of the government and enforcing the theft of OTM, they are working for the evil one the Judaeo-Christian bible calls Satan. It is not without cause that during the temptation of Jesus in the New Testament that Satan offered Jesus dominion over all the kingdoms of the world. Doesn’t that tell you straight away that all governments are the agent of evil plain and simple?

    And another:
    “Everything is not a conspiracy. Every policeman or federal agent is not a Jackboot.”

    Yet every policeman and federal agent will murder you and other people to ensure the money they receive for being hired killers continues unabated. You can’t make this horse shit up!

    You really have to wonder why LRC, a supposedly Libertarian web portal would post statist crap such as this. I like reading most of the articles I find there but by the Creator, I am getting fed up with LINO individual’s articles being posted on LRC.

    I find myself totally ignoring Gary North merely because many of his statements don’t make any sense from a NAP standpoint of view. Yet, he professes to be a student of Mister NAP “Murray Rothbard “. The same with James Ostrowski & Walter Block. Maybe it is just me and I am becoming an old crotchety fart (I secretly want to marry Illana Mercer! My Gosh, she is hot & smart. What a combination!) but I find myself spending more time on EPA and CopBlock than I do with LRC. Many days there is nothing on LRC of value to me as an An-Cap NAP follower. At least here articles are posted that show the state at its very worst, which is how it should be, so the readers of EPA can be informed.

    Keep up the good work Eric not Erik the RED! 😛

    BTW do I get one of those shiny new magnets?

    • Hi David,

      I also don’t get why LRC posted that article by Baldwin. By definition, law enforcers are “jackboots” given the laws they enforce are “jackbooted.” Whether they are “nice” about it (provided of course you submit and obey) is entirely beside the point.

      The point – if you’re reading this, Chuck – is that any person who voluntary chooses to enforce evil, tyrannical laws is himself evil and tyrannical.

      That is, a jackboot.

      This runs the gamut from the seemingly trivial (e.g., seatbelt/helmet laws) to things much more serious but all of a piece. All sharing the same principle that you do not own you – the state does. That it is legitimate to boss you/control you and punish you not for any harm you’ve caused or damage done but solely and only because you have affronted the state and its enforcers.

      On the magnets: I will get some out to you right away; please e-mail your mailing address!

  3. I thought they said that anything that could be construed as “illegal activity” would be a reason to call the police. Well, I dunno, but I don’t think being a racist is actually illegal. Stupid, maybe – but that’s not illegal either.

  4. What ever happened to minors not being subject to questioning w/o a parent or guardian present? That would eliminate a lot of this.
    How many different ways do we need to say ‘police state’ before Clover starts to listen? What if this was her kid?

    • Phillip, that was before America had fully morphed into Amerika. The totalitarian state knows no such limits.

      Someone over at LRC (embarrassingly, I can’t recall who it is) says that sending your kids to public school is child abuse. I’m inclined to agree.


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