NC AGW Hut! Hut! Huts! 11-Year-Old

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A “school resource officer” – the euphemism for an armed government worker embedded in a government school – has been caught on video Hut! Hut! Hutting! an 11-year-old kid inVance County, North Carolina.

The video shows the AGW grabbing and slamming the child to the ground, then picking him up and doing it again before yanking the child up and continuing to walk down the hall.
“It’s obvious that the child was assaulted,” Jason Spriggs, Henderson City Council member, said in a Facebook Live video. Henderson is the county seat for Vance.
“To see this is just horrifying,” Spriggs said. “It’s a rough video. I can’t imagine my child going through something like that.”
The AGW has been placed on paid leave pending an investigation, Sheriff Curtis Brame told WRAL on Friday.
Vance County Schools released a statement following the incident:
“We are deeply concerned by the actions that took place. School and district officials are working closely and in full cooperation with the local authorities to address this matter consistent with school board policy and state laws,” the statement read. “The safety of our students has been and continues to be of the utmost importance to our district.”
If so, then why resort to armed government workers to perform what used to be the job of unarmed hall monitors?


  1. So we’re up to two school “resource” officers per middle school now? Gosh, how many must be in the High School? Before you know it all schools may have their own AGW forces like the colleges. And one day those of us who don’t choose to be an AGW will have our own AGW officer minding us 24/7, body slamming us when we show the slightest hint of non-compliance.

    • Glad I live in a county without the resources to have so many LEO’s although we have too many. For nearly my entire life there was a DPS ossifer, a sheriff and a deputy. That was more than enough and still would be if we didn’t live in a police state.

      This child never moved after the first slam and was obviously unconscious. I feel the same way. The ossifer would go on his way and I’d do nothing for a good while but I’d make sure I always knew where he was. When I next saw him, I might even give him a better chance than he gave the kid and let him have the chance to draw. I don’t still have my fast draw rig but I bet I haven’t lost that much. A knee shot would be perfect. Maybe another in a few minutes. He’ll bleed out. Time for the 3 S’s.

  2. I would not investigate that at all. The video shows all I need to know.

    That cop would die slowly at my hand and very painfully if that were my kid. It would take literal days and every little bit of begging would put a smile on my face.

    I’d assist anyone else whose kid that happened to as well.

    AGW’s are angry, little people who don’t belong in that capacity if they can’t control themselves.

    It’s going to come to a head.

    • No, don’t do it slow and painfully. Make is short and quick like you would livestock. Let God take it from there. But yes, if I were the parent. That guy would be dead.

  3. Paid leave? Seriously? He should have been immediately incarcerated, without bail. I’m surprised the child was conscious after that. The first body slam was a criminal act, the second even more so. Either could have easily been fatal. I’m afraid if this happened to one of my grandchildren, I might now be engaged in an active hunt, enforcing an actual law.

    • JWK, when he grabbed him by the shoulder and hauled him off, the kid was limp. He didn’t move a flip after the first slam. No doubt it won’t mess his mind up too. Nothing like going into a seizure from just seeing a cop. Sumbitch should have been jailed with no bond.

    • The officer has been fired. And the State Bureau of Investigation is deciding whether to press charges (not sure why there’s a delay…)


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