AGW Hut! Hut! Huts! 11-Year-Old

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A New Mexico armed government worker was caught on camera Hut! Hut! Hutting! an 11-year-old girl who “took more milks from the cafeteria than she was supposed to,” according to local news coverage.

This story isn’t new in terms of the gratuitous, excessive force used by the AGW; that sort of thing is now depressingly routine. What’s new – and interesting –  is that other adults who witnessed the Hut! Hut! Hutting! almost intervened.

The sixth grader apparently walked out of the cafeteria with more than her ration of milk and dared to step outside the school. These are, of course, heinous crimes that must be curb-stomped immediately.

The AGW screeches the usual “Stop resisting!” after body-slamming this kid into a wall and forcing her to the ground. Unusually, a school administrator feels compelled to tell the AGW: “She’s not a threat to yourself or others.”

The AGW indignantly replies, “No. She is.”

Of course, she’s not. Unless you consider an unarmed 11-year-old girl a “threat” to a grown (and armed) man.

I use the term loosely.

The administrator tries again: “Sir, we are not going to use excessive force to get this done.”

“We’re not excessive!” the AGW screams in response.

Watch the video; see – and decide – for yourself.

The AGW – Zach Christensen – also lied about what the girl did to “justify” the assault. He claimed she had “assaulted” school staff but “this proved not to be true,” according to news coverage.

Christensen quit before he could be fired; which means he’s eligible to “serve” as an AGW somewhere  else.

At some point, people watching the next Hut! Hut! Hutting! may do more than verbally object. There may be no other way to stop all this Hut! Hut! Hutting!

And it’s got to stop.

Whatever it takes.

. . .

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  1. The DA’s office will not press charges against the officer……

    This is exactly why these thug police are doing this. And if the family wins the lawsuit (which they should) the citizens are on the hook,,, not the perp or the perps bosses (using the Mafia term).

    This is getting tiresome…..

    • Morning, Nunz –

      Yup. This one set me off, too. This AGW was having fun. He was itching to tune up someone – and picked a 6th grade girl. Kids are being beaten down for walking out of school . . . for their “safety.” It’s disgusting.

      Had something like this happened when I was a kid in the ’80s, it’d have been national news – and the whole country would have been disgusted.

      What the Hell has happened to us?

      • Well-said, Eric!

        Interesting thing too: Where is the mediea’s usual narrative of “racism” since the pig is white, and little girl whom he beat-up is black? OHhhh….they only do that when the victim is an “aspiring rapper” with a long rap sheet and a history of violent felonies (Are they picking on the kids of such people now?)

  2. The teachers and staff are careful not to put their hands on a child because they are being disrespected and their instructions ignored. If a student in a middle school refuses to physically remain in the school, so be it. The punishment is a bad grade or suspension or whatever. Call the parents and tell them their child is uncontrollable and is walking down Pine St. If the parents want to call the cops, let them. Although they in fact are, public schools should not be prisons or day care.

  3. Where is the father or brother or uncle who will set things right? Why have the townspeople not strung this “man” up from the tree in the town square?

    If that was my daughter….

  4. Morning Eric,

    Sickening, but the inevitable result of near total unaccountability. This despicable thug is a criminal, and were he not a praetorian guard, would be arrested and held personally liable for the inevitable lawsuit.

    Kind Regards,


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