The Slow Driving Non-Clover!

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Here’s a video of a slow driver who’s not a Clover; a counterpoint to the Two-Wheeled Clover video I posted earlier this week (see here).

Notice – I’m talkin’ to you, “Anonymous”- that no opprobrium attaches to this slow-driver, who isn’t a Clover – because he moved over!

And, PS: Orange Man good!

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  1. Using Anon’s criteria, I’d be dead and if not, would have scads of dead people piled up behind me if I just put on a turn signal and came to a stop because other traffic was oncoming to block my left hand turn going to my house. It’s a busy ass highway and everybody’s doing at least 75. I give a right hand signal and hit the shoulder and use a lot of brake so everyone else can safely go by me. I hate to think about what would happen with a line of traffic coming both directions and me, stopped in the middle of the road with my left signal on…..or not. With that signal on I’d be right…..right? No matter a dozen people in front of me and behind me might be killed…..I’d be technically correct….if I were that stupid. It’s not even a matter of being courteous when you are about to get killed.

    • Apply this logic to a non-driver, however, and everyone loses their minds.

      (Yes, I did as a matter of fact find more invisible shoulder walkers tonight… add that to the pile with the dressed-in-all-black, no-lights-or-reflectors bicyclist who almost got someone else into a head-on collision a few nights ago, and the ped who almost got hit at a crosswalk because he was wearing all black, and, and, and…)

        • Oh, now there’s a great idea. Wal-Mart even sells parkas with high-visibility tape already applied – almost bought one years ago when I worked at a grocery store and needed a high-vis jacket for doing cart runs.

          Too bad no one around here seems to be aware of any of this.

          People here just love to make excuses for annoying road users as long as they don’t have an engine, but based on my experience I would say that… well, a significant quantity are either completely oblivious to the danger they are in or outright selfish and think drivers should automatically be willing to bend over backwards for them in all times and places. The former honestly seems more common than the latter. (An exact percentage would be hard to tell as the ones who aren’t either oblivious or selfish are by definition mostly unnoticeable – but in a good way).


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