Today’s Clover: The Slow-Motion Virtue Signaler

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Here’s today’s Clover – the slow-motion virtue signaler! He wants to show the world how extra saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe he is! It snowed yesterday – and it’s 56 degrees today – but that’s no reason to drive the speed limit.

Better drive at least 10 MPH below it.

Not just for saaaaaaaaaaafety – but to show everyone else how important you think saaaaaaaaaaaaafety is! 

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  1. Perhaps the person was driving at a speed that they were comfortable at. They should definitely pull over, but there are people that are not comfortable driving at a higher speed, and I don’t want to push them to exceed their capabilities. The courteous thing to do however is to pull over and let faster traffic pass.

  2. Hey Eric! That’s the first time I’ve heard you use that word, trundling, and it’s funny because I say it ALL the time when I’m driving in this area. That’s because this is what 90% of the drivers, regardless of vehicle, do around here, TRUNDLE. My loving name for them is Trundle-Trash (a version of trailer-trash). They inevitably do this crap on 220, 42, 8, 114, basically every 2-lane highway in the region. The ONLY time they increase speed is in marked passing zones in order to prevent anyone passing them. The majority of them are doing this deliberately, probably because it’s the only passive-aggressive way for these sheeple to feel like they have any control of anything. They will swerve and speed up to prevent passing them, just like that asshole in Texas that side-swiped the bike and his girlfriend intentionally. They all want to be “civilian road patrol” officers, to compensate for their own “insecurities”. I trace it back to the American attitude that used to be advertised on TV with car commercials like “The Great American Road Belongs to Buick”, and other such selfish bullshit. A cor can’t just be sold on it’s own merits alone, & hasn’t been for over 3 decades. Marketing has targeted peoples selfishness with pride and egocentric superiority as the defining selling point of anything on wheels, cars, trucks, and bike alike! So is it any wonder you and I have to deal with this crap constantly on the rural roads where the lack of volume traffic isn’t even present to hinder us? All it takes around here is 1 selfish prick to turn a 15 minute ride into a 45 minute ordeal.

    • For those of you not familiar with this area, the distance from Christiansburg to Floyd on the 55mph 2-lane route 8 is 21 miles. it should take no more than 25 minutes to traverse, yet it is almost always 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours, due to 1 or 2 cars that insist on not exceeding 40 mph! Even at it’s busiest, I’ve never counted more than 55-60 automobiles going both directions. To add to this aggravation, all but 2 “legal” passing zones have been painted out, and these 2 (one in each direction of the same hill) are only on the “up” side of a 30 degree incline, and each is only about 300 yards long, if that. So with only 300 yards of legal passing zone each way, on a 21 mile stretch, makes plenty of opportunity for clovers like the one above to drag traffic to a crawl.

  3. Worst is they hang in the passing lane doing the speed limit or close to it (Jersey everyone cruises on it around 80), and they don’t budge if you honk/flash at them to move

    Of course, with my Ram, 9/10 times they move, but always that one ’tistic clover

    • No one, that’s what I was about to comment. He’s pacing almost perfectly the semi speed and with double yellows when might he get a chance to pass? If it were west Texas where you can often see into New Mexico, it would be a drag but he’d have so much traffic built up behind he’d go on and pass when he could.

      Since nearly all roads are 75mph posted speed limit, it’s not common to find the slow traffic on them. I did get behind a new Chevy “smart car” or something about that size. He wasn’t speeding up for anything nor pulling over. We call that incompetence and rude. He’s probably been holding up traffic his entire life.


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