Two Wheeled Clover!

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Not all Clovers slow-poke on four wheels! Here’s one on two – gimping down one of the best series of S curves in southwest Virginia at about 22 MPH… the speed limit is 55 and these curves are best taken at 65 or so… assuming you’re not a Cloooooooooover!

. . .

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  1. What gets me are the guys on their big ass Harleys cruising at well below the speed limit! They have machines that are capable of going faster, yet they don’t. I often ride on a 250cc Honda Helix scooter, and it’s pretty pathetic when I go faster than the H-D guys do…

    • Hi Mark,


      I feel the same when driving my ’02 Frontier pick-up – which is about as quick as an’86 Aries K-car. But I find myself having to pass Clovers in cars with twice as much power who won’t even drive the (underposted) speed limit!

      • When I started riding, it was a given that you’d start on a small bike. During the MSF course, I rode a Honda 125 and a Suzuki 250. After getting my license, my first bike was a Yamaha XS-400. Only after having that a year or so did I move up to a 750.

        Back in the day, a Harley Sportster was among the biggest bikes you could get. A 500 was considered a good sized machine at one time. Marlon Brando rode a 500 in “The Wild One”. Now, people get a Sportster as their first bike! I remember a time when that was one of the biggest bikes you could get. WTF?

        Back in the day, you’d start out on a 100 or 125; if you were big, you’d go with a 200 or 250. After cutting your teeth for a while, you’d move up to a 400 or 500 for a while. Then, once you knew what you were doing, you’d move up to a 750 or bigger bike. People didn’t start out on big bikes once upon a time…

        If folks want to be seen, all they need to do is-gasp-wear bright clothing! They make bright colored motorcycle jackets now. Before they did, you could get a highway worker’s safety vest and wear it over your jacket. Wearing a bright colored helmet is also a good idea. For my scooters, I have a white one and yellow one. Using bright colors makes it easier for others to see you…

        • HI Mark,

          You bring up an excellent point. There is a real dearth of smaller/mid-sized bikes out there and so people often start out on a 650 or 750. Which – as you say – were once considered pretty bike bikes and not beginner bikes. Like a lot of guys, I began riding on dirt bikes in the 200 cc range. My first street bike was a 550 Honda. Which was big enough and powerful enough to be a bike I kept for several years before moving up to a 900, etc.

          Harleys were the “big” bikes – from the beginning. Today, they’re also big priced. They don’t have much for the entry-level/new rider and their mainline stuff is out-of-hand pricey. All of my friends ride and none of them ride Harleys because none of them have $20k-plus to drop on a bike…

          • eric, if I had the money to burn on a Harley I’d buy something much faster, lighter and handles circles around one.

            I’ve seen too many old men that stopped at a light and got mashed by their Harley you could load the pep squad on. People are coming from all directions to get it off him, stand him up and tell him he’s ok and then get him started so they won’t be around the next time He lays it down.

          • Though there are fewer small bikes out there, they are still available. Suzuki has two 250s available: the GW250 & TU250X. Honda has a few excellent small bikes; they have the Rebel 300 & 500 cruisers, along with the CB 300 & CB 500. Kawasaki has the Versys 300. Yamaha has the Vstar 250 and SR400 for their small bikes. Is the selection the same as back in the day? No, but they are available. There’s no excuse for a newbie rider to start on a bike too big for their abilities and experience.

            • But…but…what are you gonna do with all that Harley bs you have to buy? And what will those other old, fat pussies think of you if you don’t ride a Harley?

              I’ve watched people with Harley’s my entire life go on bike outings like in Ruidoso. They always had a pickup and trailer going with them and almost always had to use it.

              • Though I always liked the look and sound of H-D bikes; though I like that they’re an American company; their products are way overpriced and don’t fit my needs. Hence, I never bought one.

  2. We should probably call these drivers “obstructors” more than slow pokes. Because that is what they are doing, obstructing the traffic flow. They make it worse by not being courteous and making way for those moving along faster. The worst of those are the ones thinking they need to stop “speeders”.

    Frankly they are far more dangerous than “speeders”. Too bad there will never be a study proving that.

  3. That reminds me of heading to work, half the time on the one road, you get clovers going 30 or under in a 35 and sometime breaking around slight bends like “OH GOD, I’M GONNA DIE!!1!”

    It’s only interesting when after they let me pass, Mr. Hyde comes out and they’re on my ass as I do 5 over and don’t slow up around turns, like “wtff? -.-”

    As far as bikes though, how many times have I been on the highway, and the fast lanes choked by a clover doing 5 over who thinks cause he’s on a Harley Quinn (can’t respect those sellouts), he owns it, even when you’re flashing and honking the asshole to move over.

    Clovers, scum of the earth indeed.

    • Hi Zane,

      Much as I rant about Clovers in cars, there is something even more enervating about a Clover on two. One expects a rider to have higher order skills than a cager. Certainly, more SA – Situational Awareness. This Clover either wasn’t scanning his six or didn’t care what was occupying his six… and both are equally bad conduct, indicative of low skill or poor judgment, perhaps both.

      I have to constantly reiterate: It isn’t driving slow that’s the beef. It’s using your vehicle to force others to drive as slow as you’re driving. And when you’re driving 20 MPH below the already under-posted speed limit (traffic is usually flowing at 5-10 MPH over whatever the speed limit is) it’s the apotheosis of obnoxiousness.

      • Exactly!

        I don’t mind if grandpa in the oldmans car (Town car, any non-suv caddy, buick, oldsmobile, etc.) is in the right lane on the highway cruising, its when he (or some ditzy young woman or some general dumbass clover) crosses into the speeding lane (because no one solely passes) and as you said, makes everyone slow down.

        what I wanna know is why they’re jumping into the speeding lane if they were comfortable cruising at 65 in a “65” (Because who honestly does that), like are they looking to get hit, or are they so miserable with their lives, they gotta spread it

      • eric, I was reading about a train hitting an abandoned car in Haltom City near Ft. Worth yesterday. Here’s a sentence from the article: “The man believed to be the driver of the car had been arrested on a public intoxication charge about an hour before the collision, Haltom City spokesman Eric Peters said.”

  4. 22mph on that road going downhill? Gravity alone would have me doing that alone on my bicycle. Simply picking up speed from the downhill slope. If I actually pedaled I would hit 25mph easily. If I put some effort in it would be 30mph or more.

    • Morning, Brent!

      Yup. 35 on this road is palsied – but according to Anonymous, I’m a “clown” for objecting to this person’s clogging up the road like a chunk of undigested gristle in Elvis’ colon…

      • I’ve been reading over your stuff. Pretty much every article and video of yours is negative. Who hurt you? Why have you made it your personal mission to spread that hate around? I feel sorry for your wife. People drive slowly for so many logical and correct reasons. I guess you make fun of the needy and crippled too. Damn, guy.

        • Hi Anon,

          But is it negative with cause? You imply – hell, you state – that I’m basically ill. That my complaint is rooted not in reality but is the manifestation of some deep-seated existential pain directed at some poor innocent person.

          Well, let’s see now.

          We’re discussing a person operating at least 20 MPH below the posted speed limit who doesn’t yield/get out of the way of traffic he’s impeding. This is objectively inconsiderate as well as objectively dangerous to himself and others. I explained why. I didn’t fault the paralytic slowness as much as I did his indifference to the effect of his slowness on other people.

          Your response is “damn, guy” and “who hurt you?”

          I don’t understand your argument . . . if there is one in there, somewhere.

          Is it your opinion that I – and others similarly impeded – ought to just be patient and not be annoyed by (much less pass) someone who is literally blocking the road with their car? What if a pedestrian decides to just take a walk in the middle of the road? Should traffic just be patient and queue up behind him, too?

          I see this as a question of both consideration and (yes) safety (not sssssaaaaaaaaaaaaafety). As I wrote earlier, I sometimes slow-poke, too. But the difference is, I keep abreast of what’s going on around me by scanning my mirrors and thus I see overtaking traffic before it overtakes and move off to the side and wave them by. I do this – as an example – when I am hauling a load of junk to the dump. I would feel like – I would be – a dick (a “clown,” as you put it) if I just obliviously crept along at 25 in a 55, not concerning myself about the people unnecessarily stuck behind me. I Italicize the word to emphasize the point.

          By simply pulling off/over and waving overtaking traffic by, the problem becomes a non-problem. But this person couldn’t be bothered to do that. Didn’t give a damn that I (and others) had to reduce our speed by more than half and either accept crawling for miles behind this person at that speed (because no legal passing zone) and waste our time or risk an illegal pass to get past this road toad.

          And you consider me the “bully.”

          The fact that I have to elaborate and even belabor such a basic point of driving etiquette is a kind of QED about the state of driving today… and why it is in that state.

          • You’re a bully. No arguing that. that’s so easy to be safely tucked behind a keyboard and computer screen. Typically only insecure people bully others, and being this insecure has to have some mental illness behind it.

            • Passing the rider isn’t wrong to do, fundamentally. Making fun of a person and putting them on blast on the internet is wrong, and downright unprofessional.

              • Hi Anon,

                You keep on missing the point! The person didn’t move over/yield. They just sat there, squatting in the road doing half the speed limit.

                It’s my professional obligation, as a car journalist as driving critic, to ridicule such idiotic and inconsiderate motoring conduct.

                • eric, I had done this too many times to count and I know it’s dangerous but somebody taking up my time….that’s on a goddamn logbook and generally something where people are standing around tapping their toes and often calling me needlessly(Well, where are you now? Oh, about 20 minutes close than when you called 20 minutes ago)I will move up and you’d be amazed at how the most asshat people like this will get out of the way in a hurry(people like this know what they’re doing….too often I see them eye to eye in their rearview)when the only thing they can see in their mirror is PETERBILT. Even the biggest a-hole will move over.

                • Hey Eric,

                  This wonderful song by Dennis Leary is pertinent.


                  The relevant lyrics begin at 1:30. Anon, unable to back off on his ridiculous argument, doubles down and just makes shit up. I don’t understand these people. All of us misinterpret the words, actions, etc… of others sometimes and say things that are false or irrelevant. In anon’s case simply saying, “Oh, I misunderstood your point, I get it now”.

                  Had he done so, nobody here would have thought less of him. But, clinging to an inarguably false claim and being unwilling to admit that he is wrong , provides cause for such a conclusion.

                  Anon identifies with the a-hole, and believes that the drivers behind him going insane, are the bullies.


            • Anon,

              I’m a “bully” … but a person who uses their vehicle to obstruct others isn’t?

              You have an interesting take on things! The very definition of gaslighting. Someone creates a problem and the person who objects to this is the problem . . .

              And in re “safely tucked behind the keyboard” – I use my real name and don’t hide who I am or where I live… unlike anonymous posters.


              • Nobody said you shouldn’t pass the dude. You probably have traits that you wouldn’t want others to exploit. Aggressive people, like you, want others to submit to your way. You tout liberty.. being left in peace. Well, you didn’t leave this rider alone. Personally, if I found I was starring in one of your poorly shot videos, without my consent, I’d be PISSED. I’m an excellent driver, but I get nervous when someone is driving aggressively behind me. This person may have been learning to ride. You should exercise a bit more patience and understanding. Get a damn dash mounted camera, speaking of professionalism. Wait, I forgot, your way is the only way.

                • Oy!

                  I left this rider in peace – and behind me! But this rider forced me to choose between “patiently” queuing up behind him at less than half the speed limit or execute an illegal pass and expose myself to a potential ticket.

                  But I’m the “bully.” For exposing his bullying-via-road-hogging to public ridicule! Amazing!

                  Then you go on about my “aggressive” driving! How so? All I did was pass this Clover… which you clearly object to, based on your prior statement. Note: I wasn’t tailgating; I didn’t honk or flip the bird. I just went around the Clover. This is “aggression” to you, somehow.

                  Learning to ride? Part of learning to ride is learning not to impede/endanger other traffic.

                  • Yeah. You’re a bully. In this conversation, you’ve been aggressive. I’m sure your behavior on the road is not different. You weren’t forced to make an illegal pass. You were impatient. You made to choice to expose yourself to a ticket. You don’t know why that rider was moving slowly. There may have been a damn good reason.

                    • eric, don’t waste your time. It’s that time of the month and nothing you can say will make it better.

                      I don’t take Valium but if I did, I’d try to send her some.

                    • Anon,

                      I’m “aggressive” for defending my point of view; or rather, for not acquiescing to yours? You sound like a triggered Soy Boy who equates disagreement with “hate.”

                      I made factual statements about operating at significantly below the speed limit and making no effort to yield, as common courtesy demands – which you’ve yet to rebut. Now your argument is I am “impatient” … for preferring not to be delayed by someone being a dick! And yes, it’s a dick move to drive half the speed limit and not yield when it’s evident you are obstructing the normal flow of traffic.

                      You’re right. I don’t know why the rider was moving slowly. It’s irrelevant.

                      What is relevant is that the rider didn’t yield – his obligation, given his (slow) speed).

                      How is it that you don’t get this?

                      How slow is sufficiently slow to justify passing? “Impatience”? If not half the speed limit, is it a fourth? What if he just stopped and parked?

                      Do you generally just stand in the middle of the road, too, and consider people who drive around you “impatient” and “aggressive”?

                      This is such a simple thing… such a basic common courtesy. If you are driving/riding below the speed limit/flow of traffic and you see others accumulating behind you, move over to the right/onto the shoulder and let them pass. You are impeding traffic. Your idea that its ok to impede traffic – and that those impeded should just be “patient” – is pretty much the same as arguing that it’s “aggressive” to take umbrage at a pickpocket. He steals your money; the traffic impeder steals your time.

                      Both are thieves – and both the aggressors.

                      But you gaslight the victims of these aggressors! You drape opprobrium over the shoulders of the person who is impeded by someone who could easily not impede by the simple act of yielding – because he objects to being held up by some dick who can’t be troubled to briefly pull off to the side to let the traffic he’s holding up get by.

                      Just amazing.

                      And they ask me why I drink . . .

                • People will despise and criticize you WITHOUT your consent, you left-coast crybaby. Get a life, and for that matter, you own web-page, where you can be the shining example to the world of what professionalism really is!

            • Say’s the whiny, cowardly left-tard hypocrite who, ANONYMOUSly, types his/her/ITS criticisms in exactly the same-said fashion, only worse. Those of us that actually live and drive around here know exactly where this takes place, and the hazard this shit-wit riding 2-up is being. Having been on the road on 2 wheel for just shy of 40 years, and having taught the skill of riding to dozens of others, if this is a beginner in the video, he has no place carrying a passenger for at least 1 year, or more.
              Conga-lining down this particular decline is going to overheat brakes, and someone will, at some point, lose them. Had Eric not passed this biker, someone would likely have passed Eric’s car, and, being unable to see the reason for the slow rate of speed, would most likely have pulled back in front of Eric, wiping out the biker & passenger alike! Extremely slow moving vehicles are not “safe” by any means in this type of situation, let alone one of limited visibility.
              So who, exactly, is bullying whom? Opinions are NOT hate crimes, and your attempt to regulate and criticize free speech qualifies as more than mere bullying, pinko!
              Recommendations: A: Get a motorcycle permit and 5-10 years of experience before opening you uninformed fly-trap. B: Identify yourself instead of making You-Tube-esque cowardly comments. C: What someone else “thinks or feels” is none of your goddamned business; there are enough left-wing politicians trying to make free speech a crime without your help.
              This Piss & Vinegar Rant was provided at the personal request of the above article’s author, so F.U. and the Politically Correct Electric Vibrator you rode in on!

          • “What if a pedestrian decides to just take a walk in the middle of the road? Should traffic just be patient an queue up behind him, too?”

            THANK YOU for calling out these people. It seems like most people’s idea of libertarianism is to obsessively make excuses for lowest-common-denominator idiocy because the people doing it aren’t teeeeeeeeeeeechnically causing any direct harm to anyone and so are perfectly within their rights. Kind of like pedestrians in the road. “Some people” here say I should just expect them. I say, no one should have to. You know, when someone could be going under the posted in the exact friggin’ center of their lane and still wipe you out with no time to dodge, I really don’t think drivers are the problem anymore at that point.

            It’s like the people who say that abolishing speed limits would make it more acceptable to drive slow, since people would be able to pass you without risking a ticket. No, it would make it less acceptable to drive slow, by making it more likely for someone to come along from behind and stack into you. But most people here, despite being “car enthusiasts”, would probably excuse the slow driver and blame the fast one.

            To me this even applies to bicycles and pedestrians in general. Were I to attempt walking or riding a bicycle on the road or shoulder, I would feel both an extreme sense of vulnerability from not being able to keep up with traffic even on a day when everyone has the slows (or even be seen from a decent distance on some roads), and an acute consciousness of the fact that even if I’m doing everything exactly right, I’m still a sudden, unexpected, incompatible presence which other road users must go out of their way to look out for. But in Bicycle World concepts like shame, consideration, common sense, and self-preservation don’t exist. They just start from the premise that they “have a right” and therefore, if they technically leave a car-width of usable space within the lane “when they have room”, then they’re already doing enough. It’s like Brent saying the Nurburgring would be a great place to ride a bicycle if the tolls were lower. If I didn’t know better I’d think that was a deliberate parody of the bicyclist mentality, but apparently there are companies dedicated to helping people commit this act of desecration so I guess Poe’s Law is in full effect here.

            • My pleasure, Chuck!

              To me, this is an obvious question of etiquette. Of consideration. I could cut my grass at 2 in the morning or blare loud music all night but don’t because I know it would annoy my neighbors and I try not be a source of annoyance.

              I’ve been arguing this point with Anonymous… who seems to think – who says – I am a “bully” for objecting to a guy riding his scooter 22-25 MPH on a road with a PSL of 55 … and not making an effort to yield.

              Italics to make the point.

              It’s not unreasonable for a person who is fearful or who is driving a slow vehicle or needs to drive slowly for whatever reason to do so on the public right of way. What’s unreasonable – and inconsiderate – is not making an effort to not be in the way of other people.

              I feel the same about pedestrians and cyclists. It’s the same etiquette that (I assume) most people understand and abide by when they are out walking. I move over to get out of the path of people who are walking faster and obviously would like to get by me. I don’t just stand there and expect people to wait until I decide to move again. Or expect them to walk at my (slower) pace.

              I make an effort to be aware of people around me, too – so that I can anticipate the need to move to the side, so that people who want to get by can get by.

              Basic stuff.

              But on the road, it’s apparently complicated.

              • You’re not a bully for objecting to the person riding slowly, you’re a bully for making a video of this and making fun of a person publicly. That’s a dick move. I’ve stated this point several times, in plain English. You’re still getting it wrong.

                  • So it’s the job of an automotive journalist to publicly ridicule others because they don’t drive as fast as you think they should. I noticed the rider had a passenger. Maybe she got scared and asked him to slow down some.. you don’t know the story. You don’t know why they were going slowly. For you to ridicule them is bad behavior. Worse than them driving a little bit slow.

                    • Anon,

                      You write:

                      “So it’s the job of an automotive journalist to publicly ridicule others because they don’t drive as fast as you think they should. ”

                      Italics added.

                      I said no such thing. I ridiculed their failure to yield; their obnoxious – purposeful – indifference to holding up others.

                      Using your logic, a driver who does 5 MPH in a 55 isn’t the problem. It’s the “aggressive” and “impatient” people who object to this obstacle and hazard and embodiment of inconsideration who are the problem.


                      So, if I feel the need to fart at the coffee shop where I work most days, should the people nearby just savor the flavor if I cut the cheese because it’s too much trouble for me to go to the bathroom – or outside? Or do I have an obligation – out of common courtesy – to break wind where others don’t have to smell it?

                      Their “story” isn’t relevant. Whether on the road – or as regards what made me gassy.

                      What’s relevant is their failure to yield to faster moving traffic given their much slower speed.

                      People used to be taught this. It seems you never learned.

                    • It may not be the job of the automotive journalist to publicly ridicule a slow driver, so let me help. Anyone driving that slow on a motorcycle should take the bus since he/she is unfit to drive, much less ride any kind of cycle.

                    • I don’t think it’s a big deal that the idiot was filmed and ridiculed any more than the court decision that stated you should have no expectation of privacy when driving a vehicle on a public road. When that court decision is reversed, maybe I will think differently. Until then, if you are going under the speed limit, get the hell out of other people’s way and no one will video.

                    • I’ve been following this whole discussion and despite the fact that I essentially live on the Internet and read all sorts of responses from all sorts of people you take the prize in being the most unreasonable PRICK I’ve come across in a long time.
                      The only person doing the “bullying” here is YOU!
                      Eric ignore this troll.

                • Anon,

                  “That’s a dick move. I’ve stated this point several times, in plain English”.

                  You seem to be the one incapable of understanding plain English. The objection is not that the driver/cyclist is driving slowly, for whatever reason. It is that they fail to pull over and let others pass. That is rude and inconsiderate, calling it out is not.


              • Sadly, it’s not just on the road. Have you ever been in a crowded grocery store? People don’t walk quickly, ever. They spread out multiple abreast and meander from item to item at the slowest speed imaginable.

                If you actually work in one, as I did once, you can except people to show up and park themselves/their carts right in the exact place you’re trying to work on, then stand there endlessly debating and comparison shopping while their kids spread out across the aisle to keep you from getting through to go do something else.

                If you work in fast food, as I also did once, you can expect to constantly get reamed out for unfinished secondary tasks as customers show up by the carload with no idea what they want – with the pauses between items indicating that most of the passengers in a given car don’t even start trying to choose their burger before it’s their turn to order. And then at the end they want to change the first thing they ordered, or they want to use a coupon, so you have to call in a manager, which is somehow also your fault because that’s how fast food works, and then if you’re REALLY lucky they’ll try to pay with a giant handful of loose change so DT times can soar and food can get cold while you try to count several dollars of nickels and dimes. And then complain to your manager that you were “unprofessional” because you weren’t grinning from ear to ear during the entire process.

                Again if you work in fast food, whoever is scheduled ahead of you will cut corners and leave behind a bunch of “clean” dishes which are still so greasy you can barely get enough grip to lift them; then you’re liable for both your and their dishes not getting done.

                In my current job, one task I had for a long time was restocking and maintaining eyeglass endcaps in a couple of grocery/department/general merchandise/whatever stores. People treated those endcaps like utter garbage and most days a large portion of my time on that task was spent finding and correcting all the random stuff that got left on the wrong peg by customers. Granted, having 3 or 4 different styles with similar looks and identical packaging didn’t help, but when people leave stuff on the wrong endcap entirely (different brands), well, there’s no excuse at that point.

                Back in Customer World, let’s say you get the midnight munchies and realize you can get to the store that sells ice cream bars before it closes, so you jump in your car and rush there. Really late at night, store is minutes from closing, should be easy to get in and out quickly, right? There shouldn’t be anyone in front of you buying a heaping cartload of school supplies that still comes out to over $150 even after applying every coupon in the known universe, right? Right…?

                It’s like the entire concept of moving with alacrity when out in public, or just plain giving a rip about anything period, is foreign to these people. There is a mentality some people have, which tells them they are entitled to take their sweet frickin’ time anytime and anywhere, and if it gets in everyone else’s way then that’s just tough. Most people, I’m convinced, don’t even really think about it in those terms, they just think slowly and move slowly and don’t really pay much attention to what’s going on around them.

                Granted, most non-drivers transcend unawareness and reach the level of active stupidity, but still.

                • I’ve noticed over the many years of shopping that it’s almost all women who take up the entire aisle and are practically looking right at you but aren’t aware or just don’t care. How can you not see me and my basket right in front of you when you scan down the aisle?

                • My favorite is the morons on the bus who wait till they get to the fare box to then fish around in their purse/wallet/pocket for the fare card instead of having it out and ready so the rest of us can get off/on

  5. You made an entire video, and posted it on YouTube, clowning a person behaving outside your standards. That’s not nice. Maybe there was a mechanical issue, or that person was taking in the view. They probably slowed because they didn’t want a dick up the tail pipe. Don’t blame em. Dick.

    • Hi Anon,

      When you’re going that much below the speed limit – 22-25 in a 55 – the obligation is on the slow poke to yield to faster-moving traffic, as by pulling off onto the shoulder. The dick move is to just squat in the road doing at least 20 MPH below the (underposted) speed limit and make no effort to get out of the way. . . like this Clover.

      You’re trying to gaslight me for the inconsiderate actions of this inept/inconsiderate and dangerous “rider.” Yes. Dangerous. It is dangerous to operate at speed that’s so much below the normal flow of traffic that others are forced to rapidly decelerate for no good reason – other than to avoid running over a road toad.

      All I did was pass this Clover when he didn’t move over.

      • You simply went around. This much is true. But without understanding the situation and posted a clown ass vid without that person’s consent. He/she isn’t in on the joke. That’s ugly, darlin’.

        • The “clown ass” move was the Clover’s – not mine.

          People who don’t use their mirrors and yield to overtaking traffic when they are operating at least 20 MPH below the posted limit are . . . clowns.

          And there’s no expectation of privacy in public. Especially when you behave like a clown in public. If I drop my pants and take a dump on a public sidewalk and someone films it and posts it online, that’s on me – not the person who took the vid!

          This isn’t about inexperience, either. It’s about consideration and etiquette. I’ve often had to slow-poke when hauling a load of stuff in my old truck. But when I do, I keep abreast of what’s coming up behind me and I move over before the person overtaking is forced to slow to a crawl and wait for me to do what I should have done already.

          In this case, it’s especially egregious because there was ample shoulder for a bike/scooter to pull off and wave me (and everyone else) by.

          Instead, this…. clown just sat there. And likely would have done nothing all the way down the mountain. He forced me to pass illegally (but safely) or else would have forced me to waste my time crawling down the mountain at his pace.

          The actions of a … clown.

      • eric, There’s rarely a speed limit below 70 in Texas and almost always 75. You’d get run over and/or cause a huge wreck with maybe several vehicles. It wouldn’t be pretty. But people would do that here. It would be suicide…..and rightly so. Nobody expects anyone to be going that slow.

      • Seems like you miss the point entirely. Who cares how fast someone goes as long as they don’t block the road. What he was doing created a dangerous situation as well as being a shithead for not moving over. That slow speed causes everyone to waste time and possibly be hit from behind since nobody expects a car(someone behind him)to be moving that slowly. There’s a word that’s maybe a bit kinder for what he was doing, being discourteous.

        • “Courtesy” is a fast disappearing quality these days. It’s notably missing from those entitled assholes that presume to tell everyone else how to live. If this virtue-signaling ntitwit on his putt wants to go out for a Sunday scoot with whatever is clinging onto his back, fine, but if you’re going slow, the LAWFUL as well as courteous thing to do is to be aware of traffic that is proceeding at the normal and REASONABLE speed, and PULL THE FUCK OVER! Probably some entitled asshole that during the week ‘earns’ his living by sucking off the taxpayer’s teat in one form or another.

          • Amen, Doug…

            My neck and shoulders literally began to ache yesterday as I tried to reason with Anonymous about this. She/he gaslit me for daring to object to someone blocking traffic; I was called a bully and worse for not being “patient.”


            I sometimes just don’t want to get out of bed anymore…

            • eric, you were being used. She wasn’t gonna stop till SHE didn’t feel like doing it anymore. When you’re my age(and if you keep getting bent, it won’t be a given), you just don’t have the patience for crap like that. Instead of my old “go fuck yourself”, I just ignore it these days. That entire thing was all for her pleasure to torture you. If it had been me, I wouldn’t have replied after a while or just stopped her comments. There is a point of it being ridiculous and it had been hit well before she stopped.

              It was like dealing with the old, original Clover and you remember what you did with her. It was akin to going out and debating with a fence post. I’ve had a conversation or two with a lot of fence posts in my life. It ends the same way every time. A stout chain and a 4WD pickup or the old tractor.

              • Amen, Eight . . . voice of wisdom there!

                I get sucked in because I have this weakness; I am fascinated by people who can’t see or won’t acknowledge things that are self-evident. It’s as though they are an alien species – with an entirely different frame of reference.

                • You can dish it, but you can’t take it. Classic bully trait. You’re the guy who makes fun of the slow kids in school, but cries to mommy when someone points out your flaws. Got news for you, guy, the world doesn’t and won’t revolve around you and your ideals.Clover

                  • Clover,

                    Now you’re making things up that you know nothing about to make a straw man argument. You assert I am “the guy who makes fun of the slow kids in school, but cries to mommy when someone points out your flaws.” But you’ve never even met me – I assume – and I doubt very much we knew each other back in school.

                    Ergo, your “argument” has no more substance than the fart I just cut.

                    Speaking of gas…

                    You continue to gaslight me for taking issue with the actions of another that created a problem for others. You don’t block traffic for the same reason that you don’t stand in line at a deli and just ponder the menu for five minutes at the counter. Order – or get out of line and figure out what you want.

                    Or are you one of those people who thinks it’s acceptable to make everyone else in line at the deli wait while you ponder what you want?

                    • I think this ‘anon’ is one of the ‘I’ll just be a minute’ people. You know the people who can’t park in parking space 10 feet away but instead park in the aisle and block others.

                      And of course tens of minutes or hours go by and their vehicle remains there.

                  • Clover,

                    You say: “…the world doesn’t and won’t revolve around you and your ideals.”

                    I expect people to not take dumps on the sidewalk and refrain from keying people’s cars – and using their cars (or scooters) to create an obstruction on the public right-of-way.

                    When they do, I object.

                    So, parenthetically, does the law.

                    It is illegal to impede traffic. Just as it’s illegal to take a dump on the sidewalk. Do think it’s being a “bully” to deride someone who takes a dump on the sidewalk? Maybe he just had to go, eh?

                    I expect people to be considerate of others – as by moving off onto the shoulder to let traffic get past when they’re driving/riding at less than half the posted speed limit and so causing traffic to bunch up behind them. If these sentiments make me a “bully” then being forced to hand over 15 percent off the top of every dollar I earn to Social Security is a “contribution.”

                    Use your mirrors; be aware of your driving and when your driving creates a problem for others – and act to mitigate the problem your driving created.

                    Argle bargle!

                  • Clover –

                    As far as: “You can dish it, but you can’t take it. ”

                    All I’m doing is pointing out the objective (factual) flaws with your “arguments” – such as they are. You appear to be one of these SJW types who equates disagreeing with you with “bullying” . . . because my arguments make you feel unhappy. They “trigger” you.

                    It’s bizarre.

                    I’m a very live – and let live dude. If you actually knew me, you’d know that.

                    I have (repeatedly) stated that it’s not the slow-poking that’s the problem, per se. It’s slow-poking and obstructing. When you’re blocking others with your vehicle it’s the same as blocking them with your body, as on a sidewalk. Both are . . . bullying behaviors.

                    But you circumlocute this into me being the “bully” because I criticized the actual bully for using his vehicle to bully other people!


                    PS: Orange Man good!

                    • Hey Eric,

                      All signs indicate that this guy’s a troll. Trolls don’t care about facts. They’re puerile, petty little things who take pleasure in hurling ludicrous insults at others and waiting for a reaction.


                    • “But you circumlocute this into me being the “bully” because I criticized the actual bully for using his vehicle to bully other people!”

                      It’s backasswards american courtesy. I’ve mentioned it before. See you’re supposed to politely ask the person who is blocking the road to allow you by. Because you didn’t play this stupid power game correctly that makes you the ‘bad guy’.

                      I have experienced this many times in many different situations. I eventually learned why I was the ‘bad guy’ because when someone did something rude or trespassed on my property or whatever I was suppose to beg them to behave properly. That is recognize that they superior to me for whatever reason.

                      I’ve also learned another odd thing. When I treat a person the exact same way they treated me they don’t like it much and again, I am the ‘bad guy’. But when they behaved like that to me, well that was just fine. Even third party observers have thought this. It boggles the mind.

                      Even in school, where there were actual bullies. The bullies had free reign to do as they want but if their target fights back then well now there has to be some action and punishment.

                      Backasswards. The whole thing is backwards and it’s on purpose IMO. A world run by assholes for assholes where the only crime is not recognizing their superiority or god forbid standing up to them.

                  • Eric, is it possible to BLOCK assholes like this? since they’re obviously either mentally unbalanced or are intentionally polluting up the comments section by being an intentional prick.
                    Some people just get their jollies by acting like complete assholes and bullies by derailing a thread with absolutely ridiculous statement that are completely undefendable.
                    The rest of us should not have to put up with bullies like this.


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