Diapered at the Drive-Thru

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You know you’re dealing with a religious ritual when people wear the Holy Rag when no one else is nearby – or alone, in their car. Unless you believe you can catch the virus from your car – or spread it to it.

Or get it via the pneumatic tube at the bank drive-thru, as in the “case”of the woman in  this video I’ve uploaded to Rumble because YouTube won’t allow such videos to be  seen as it offends the Faithful.

I was behind her, in my car, waiting my turn at the tube. She got out of her car to get to the tube, which is understandable as the tube can difficult to reach, depending on the car you’re driving and also if you’re not especially flexible. What’s hard to understand is why this woman had her Face Burqa on while standing nowhere near anyone and so no one could breath the dread virus in her direction.

It is true there is air in the pneumatic tube and that air came from inside the bank, where it is possible asymptomatic super-spreaders might be breathing. But they are all exhaling through their Burqas, too – and if the Burqas “work” (in the medical sense, as we are told by the ecclesiastical authorities such as Pope Fauci XVII) then surely there is no need for the wearing of the Burqa at the other end of the pneumatic tube, since the air within has already been transubstantiated via the Holy Burqas within.

But, the “working” has a different meaning. It is the old meaning – when it meant something along the lines of casting a spell or performing a ritual. As in witches around the cauldron, toil and bubble.

Alone in her car. Well, not really alone. She has her Rag to comfort her – and protect her from the virus emanating from her car. Perhaps she is “doing it for” the car, to keep it safe and show respect.

It’s all for the common good!

In saner times, people such as the ones pictured would have been objects of pity – and of therapy. They would have been urged to seek help. In today’s times, the condition of these sick people is being normalized while sanity is being pathologized. The sickies do not regard themselves as sick and regard us – the sane – as dangerous.

This is literally like giving the keys to the nuthouse to the inmates. Worse, actually, because the nuts would just take off, like Big Chief Brombden in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Crazy though they might be, they were sane enough to know they were crazy and not insist that the sane share in their delusions, or else.

That’s what happens when sickness becomes a religion.

. . . .

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  1. We live in 80% voted for Trump Country (WNC). Cuck-A-Doodle-Do. At least 95% wear their Covid-Burqas like good Fatimas. Only in small Mom and Pops do I see anyone resisting.

  2. Yesterday my son and I went to a local middle school to use the track (actually shot put and discus, but that’s more complicated to explain). While we were there, there were also a group of middle school boys playing basketball on the concrete court.

    Mind you, this is Texas. There was a breeze. It was sunny. The temperature was about 60 degrees. In short, a very beautiful January afternoon.

    And all four of the boys playing basketball were wearing masks while they played.

    To be honest, most of the other schools around here have taken down their basketball hoops in panic, so perhaps these boys were doing their part to ensure that the powers that be don’t take away their ability to play basketball at all.

    • Hi JR,

      The handful of Diaper wearers at my gym are old people, women – and young (college age) guys. I openly shake my head at them and give them a curled lip look of disgust. Then again, these are the products of government schools and they have learned their lessons well.

  3. I finally experienced some sanity yesterday. Up here in the colony of North California, formally know as Washington State, the militarism of the diaper has been another level. I was at a bar with some friends. The bar was letting people in diaperless and allowing them to sit inside. People were having a good time diaperless, dancing and drinking. It’s just good to see some people living again. I won’t get more specific other than to say it’s in the city you would least expect it. Hopefully more places follow suit. If most places stood up to the governor’s Stassi they would loose their power, especially since they refuse to enforce any other laws.

    • Bravo and encore!

      But of course do it now because soon, in Patriot Act 2 – Domestic Terrorism (probably Bio-Terrorism, no mask) in a retail establishment.

    • I resolved as of January 1st that I would not wear a mask. And here it is 17 days later and I haven’t put one on yet.

      Most places just look at you funny, but they don’t say anything. But I am also picking my battles. I have yet to go into a store, or even try, where I know they will attempt to enforce it rigorously. In that case, I will take my business somewhere else.

      I suppose that if I go somewhere and they ask nicely, I’ll probably comply. But anyone who barks orders at me translated from the original German isn’t getting my business.

      • Hi JR,

        Excellent, sir! Though – if I may – I’d urge you to go further and never wear the damned thing unless it’s absolutely unavoidable (e.g., no other way to get food or a needed medical procedure, etc.).

        It sucks, I realize. But this won’t end until enough of us have had enough and no longer play along.

        • eric “But this won’t end until enough of us have had enough and no longer play along.”

          I agree. But.

          Have you noticed how many people LOVE their diaper? Even if TPTB said mask were no longer required today, my guess is that a vast majority would still cling to them like a terrified toddler to his mom. Even most of those who know the masking is BS will continue to play along and defend masks rather than admit that they were deceived.

          It is easier to fool a man than for him to *admit* he was fooled. (to paraphrase Twain)

          You are right, the only thing that will stop TPTB is if enough of us say ‘NO!’. Unfortunately that is not going to happen. The stupid frightened hypochondriacs have the majority and I see absolutely nothing that is going to change that now.

  4. The worst case of ‘Rona pathology I’ve seen was an idiot the other day riding a bicycle with a diaper on her face. Nobody anywhere near her. SMH

    • Morning, Mike –

      People such as the woman you saw are touting their religion. It’s that simple. The same as an orthodox Jewish person wearing a yarmulke only with the rancid insistence that you also wear the “yarmulke.”

  5. I’m wondering if theyve begun using them in place of scarves as face warmers, but there are definitely freaks out there making their whole family of kids wear them in the car.. straightup child abuse. Human abuse in general

    • I’m sure it doubles as a face warmer for the Northern Covidians, but here in the South they’re still wearing them even when it’s not cold outside.

  6. Ugh, just what we don’t need, something else obstructing peoples view as they “drive”.

    Masks should NOT be worn when driving. Though I suppose driving masked are the people that don’t look when driving anyway…….

  7. I saw a guy on a Harley going down the road at about 50 mph with a fearmask on. So much for the rebel, 1% mystique of the Hog. He’s just another sheep. I’m actually surprised it was staying on his face. Everything blows off on a bike. I lost count of the number of headbands and hats I’ve lost.

  8. If I had a dollar everytime I’ve seen a ‘tard with a Mask alone in their car, I’d be rich, especially at the bank, where it’s always some seasoned citizen.

    Worse is The Big Rotten Apple, where I can count with my one finger how many people I see on the streets without a diaper anywhere on their face every 20-30 mins.

    As the meme goes, “We’re reaching Autism levels that shouldn’t even be possible”. Smfh, there has to be an uprising or something to end this shit, tired of this nightmare

  9. Oh hell yeah. Masks, gloves, and face shields in the car. On one or two occasions I’ve seen people with all three. Honestly, it’s a shame that they are so terrified.

      • I saw this too. Why not three?

        Again, we need to convince people that plastic, like cling film, grocery and dryclean bags, is the only way to be absolutely sure that the virus can’t get in. But only if they are sealed tightly around the neck.

        Note: some dizziness may occur. Don’t worry, it will pass.

        • Be very careful, some of them will do it. And like the bimbo who told her depressed boyfriend to go ahead and kill yourself, the satanic courts will come after you…

          • You may be right, but, I don’t care anymore. I am old enough to be OK with checking out today. Won’t miss much as the next 15 years are definitely going to get harder and harder physically. No interest in being alive for the sake of being alive while suffering from decrepitude. Much less interested if it means living under totalitarian ‘rona stupidity.

            And, WTF can they do? Put me in jail? Already there thanks to lockdowns. This is not living, it is psychological torture.

          • What Ernie said…People find coercion plenty acceptable when the government does it, but in the event of a tragic domestic dispute, it’s suddenly criminal.

  10. People don the Holy Rag while walking down the sidewalk, here, alone, in broad, UV saturated, daylight. No sense or reason to their behavior. They’re just automatons executing programs.
    Also, Eric, you’ve stated the Rag is about as effective as a magic talisman, but truly, perhaps the talisman MIGHT actually be magic! Not so for the Rag. :p

  11. This is my first comment here but this one is a doozy. I live in the peoples communist republic of new jersistan and face diapering compliance is so widespread it makes me want to scream. Well had to take my oldest to the orthodontist for a wire adjustment on his braces. Naturally i have to find the rag of obedience so he can go in (he is old enough to go in on his own and i refuse the mark of the obedient) and not really carrying one on me i had to jump out of the car and rummage through the trunk,lest i have to drive home and back again. As i am doing this a minivan pulls up in the spot next to me. Mom and children already festooned with their facial diapers for the ride hop out of the car and head to the orthodontist office as well. Being this is the land of the obedient sheep i have become numb to the sight if diapered family members driving together. This time though what i saw in the minivan stopped me in my tracks and made my mouth drop. Mom… or dad, had errected a plastic partition between the front seats and the back seats as to not catch the scary virus of instant death from her little germ infested spawn. Me not beleiving my eyes then proceeded to look around the minvan figuring it had to be some sort of school vehicle, uber or lyft transport or something of the like. NOPE, just a normal everyday personal conveyance. These people are such believers of the faith of corona that they don’t even want to breath the same air as their own children. To me this kind of weaponized hypochondria is child abuse plain and simple.

    • Welcome, Antilles! And wow!
      That sounds to be unabridged mental illness and family dysfunction. It’s sad that those and so many kids will be brought up to believe that people are primarily disease vectors, not to mention those who may be unalterably scarred by missing the key psychological development which comes from the reading and understanding of human expression, emotion and communication.

    • Hi Antilles

      I live in CT, so I understand the displays of insanity and that they plumb ever lower depths. I have recently heard stories, unsubstantiated except that they have come from different and independent sources, that families in our local school districts have been literally isolating their kids upon a positive test (I now refuse to say sick, just positive). As in keeping them holed up in their room, away from other family members and bringing food to them, for the duration. Why this isn’t actionable child abuse I do not know. I can only conclude that these parents, as well as those who would install a plexiglass divider in their car, hate their children. Imagine – they hate their own kids as much as they hate us. There just needs to be a special room in hell.

      • Every time I hear of a “positive, asymptomatic” test result – I always ask, “WHY DID YOU (or your child) GET TESTED?”

        • I refuse to take the test unless work makes me. Funny, I just escorted my mom to an eye appointment. At check in, they asked her if she got the vaccine yet. She just said no, but her real answer would have been that she has no intention of ever taking their poison. She’ll be 89 in a couple of months. Go Mom!

        • I can’t explain getting a test when you are not sick, and even if you are – what are they realistically going to do for you except send you home and tell you to rest, drink liquids, and take pain relievers. You don’t need a quack or test to tell you that much.

          I figure the test is part of the religious experience. Many WANT to be positive, to get time off work or to experience the apotheosis of the Covid rite. The kids, for the most part don’t know any better or have no say – just strap them in and they’re along for the ride and the swab. Poor kids, I feel for them, as tough luck if born to dipshit parents.

          • I know of a few covid drama queens who seem proud or excited that they have a family member who has had “it.”

            Speaking of the children, I read where a 2 year old in Saudi Arabia (?) died bc the swab broke off in his nose. WTH would any parent with a brain allow this to be done to their toddler?

          • Bac,
            With the followers of this religion I think gettibg tested, you could seperate them into 3 categories. First categorie are the lazy group wanting to get their 2 weeks home from work. Second category are the group wanting to be able to claim victim status and being with the “in” crowd by saying they had the dreaded covid. The final category are the most dangerous, the true beleivers. They get the test not so much to want to test positive. Nah, they get it so they are able to virtue signal- “see, i really care! I could have it and be spreading it around and not even know it. I’m a good little disciple and am getting the test for others.”

            • And of course, they fail to recognize that even if they get a “negative” result, they could have been “infected” between the time they took the test and when they get the result! CHA-CHING for the test sites!!

        • Anonymous, regarding testing, back in mid Nov, i watched my oldest flip over the handlebars on his bike and land hard on the ground. I ran over saw his wrist was swollen, grabbed him and 2 facial diapers of obedience since i wasn’t having a fight with the medical staff in an emergency and rushed him over to a an urgent care. I pull in and there is a line out the door and around the back of the building on the left side and a small line on the right. I inquire what is going on and am told the left line if for “the test” and the right is to see a doctor for an emergency. We finally get in a room,get a pleasant nurse and i had to ask her what was up with the test line and if those were sick people. She said none of them were ill but some were there for employers requiring tests, some were people traveling getting required tests from airlines and most were just people who wanted the test just because. Once nj made it that you didn’t need a doctor’s approval to get tested they saw a huge jump in people getting tested. She told me some were coming in weekly, sometimes more often than that for their fear test. I thought maybe this is an outlier but when my sister in law came home for Thanksgiving she went and got a test at one of those popup national guard sites in DE. She was asked if it was her first test and the nurse was surprised when she said yes. Her being the inquisitive type asked why that surprised her and the nurse’s response was most of the people there had taken the test 5 or more times. I knew in the summer this was probably what was going on but it was interesting to get confirmation of my assumption.
          This is why i roll my eyes any time i hear the pearl clutching media screaming THE CASES THE CASES!!!

          • This ^^. I noticed when I was out and about during the day on New Years Eve that there was a long line coming from a testing site. I’m thinking it was the same demographics as you witnessed. SMH

            Hope your son is OK.

          • I wouldn’t object to getting tested just to satisfy my own curiosity. I suspected I had it in February and I suspect I might have it right now. But as long as my test results aren’t private, I’m not doing it unless forced by work, which fortunately, has not happened. I saw an ad for a place that would test for the antibodies. I considered that after my maybe-case in February, but it is also not private. My medical status is my personal business and I have no desire to be on the record as a disease-carrier.
            Since I think I might have the rona, I am trying to be a decent person and stay away from old people BTW. But if I have it, my nearest coworker does as well. We’re both sitting there coughing and snotting, so there’s no point in skipping work.

            • Don’t do it, Amy, especially if you have never been tested. I don’t trust the bastards at the CDC to not send DNA swabs to the NSA.

              Something about all of this doesn’t feel right and I think there is an ulterior motive (other than social conditioning) at play here.

              • Agree and I have no.plans to.do it.
                It’s odd: this thing is supposedly so contagious we can pass it on by merely breathing on someone as we pass in the grocery, yet to test, they need to go deepsea diving up your nose with a 4-inch swab.

      • If this were a real deadly pandemic, then some of this would make sense. If there was ebola or marburg spreading, physical isolation would be an understandable approach.

        But it just isn’t- a few people are dying because people die.

        This is a mass panic stirred up for a purpose and it’s neither amusing nor pitiable. What it is, is terrifying.

        • Agreed – terrifying that we are living under this jackboot.

          I’m going out on a limb here, but even if it was a deadly pandemic (like in the movies!), rational people would still want to make their own choices.

          I never stayed inside bc of ebola, asian flu, West Nile (spread by mosquitoes! How can we ever avoid it?), etc…

          If someone wants to lock themselves down, for any reason, be my guest! 🙂

        • That “purpose” was getting rid of Trump. They will be very clear with you if you read through the lines of news stories. Especially now that the inauguration is close.

          Problem is, they stirred up all fo this panic they can’t just snap their fingers and end it. Not because they aren’t shameless – they are – but because there are so many true believers who will cling to the vestments and the sacraments. So the democrats need to walk it all back slowly and gradually being the Covidians out of their trance. They need to “land the plane” in other words and not just crash it.

          Biden’s “100 day challenge” is part of it. Along with the vaccine and the warmer weather as we get further into spring. And testing is slowly being scaled back now, too.

          Unfortunately, this won’t be the last time this kind of thing ever happens. Now that the dems – and their running lackey republicans – know what they can get away with, they’ll ramp this up every few years to flex their muscles.

    • Whereabouts in the dirty jerz, Antilles?

      Folks up in north jersey are a different species than us hicks down south.. but this area still has its share of “obedience is a virtue, virus scary, the government’s word is gospel” yuppies. Running day to day errands is total hell anymore, was beginning to think my family were the only ones who understood what was up. Ain’t associated with friends in several months cuz I can’t trust em not to implicate me in their romanticized zombie apocalypse playtime. No amount of logic or reason can undo their faithful worship of the authorities.

  12. “We’re all in this together!” I just wish it was clear WTF “this” is, other than the path to absolute tyranny. Apparently nothing. There are certainly no facts demonstrating anything else. It looks like this may continue until the congregation of the faithful realize they aren’t’ going to survive “keeping every one safe”. Hopefully before it has reached a tipping point of general lethality. The perpetrators mean to enslave us. Close on the heels of our enslavement will likely come the disposal of surplus slaves. Such has Saint Gates decreed.

  13. I saw something equally stupid the last time I pulled up to the drive thru at CVS. The driver in front of me pulled up to the window with his muzzle on, handed something through to the person on the other side, then took off his muzzle while he waited. When his order was ready, he put his muzzle back on to receive it. WTF? First of all, if you’re going to muzzle up, just go inside, moron. It will make the drive thru lane move faster. Second, you’re perfectly fine exchanging dirty, germy paper and such with the attendant, but have to muzzle for someone on the other side of glass. Oh boy.

    • In the yard is understandable if they are doing something that kicks up a lot of dust or working with fertilizers etc. I’ll wear a mask in the yard when I am doing something that is kicking up a lot of dust or putting down solid fertilizer. Just don’t want to breath that. Of course N95 masks are made for that.

  14. Saw the same thing the other day. The teller servicing the drive through was diapered as well. I was using the slide box not the tube so, you know, extry dangerous. LOL. Mind control. The only explanation I can surmise.

  15. Yesterday, I had a bank teller ask me if I wanted any hand sanitizer before she sent the canister back thru the tube to me.

    I used to watch the TeeVee series Dr. Who. I think I saw that level of stupidity and ignorance in populations which were quite similar.

    • I got a free pen from the local Ford dealer because the cashier didn’t want it back after I touched it with my cooties. The paperwork I signed to purchase the part was just fine though. Maybe in the COVID book it says it lives on plastic but not on paper?

  16. ‘Normalcy is being pathologized’ — Eric, in the video narration

    So is political nonconformism to the United Socialist Front, which has taken its mask off (so to speak) for all to see its real face.

    Right on cue, the USF-front New York Slimes invokes ‘The Turner Diaries’ as the inspiration of Stop the Steal protesters, comparing the novel’s fictional Day of the Rope to the Jan 6th events at the capitol.

    The tendentious headline says it all: “How ’The Turner Diaries’ Incites White Supremacists.” Logical syllogism: all the protesters were white supremacists. This is actionable libel.


    For good measure, the NYT adds that ‘Since its publication, the book has been sold at gun shows.’ There’s your irrefutable guilt by association: all gun owners are white supremacists too!

    Years ago, I read The Turner Diaries. The author is a true hater, slagging brown, black and Jewish people for page after page with the same mindless fanaticism that the Mainstream Media (an inverted, dark mirror of The Turner Diaries) demonizes conservatives and Caucasians today. It gets real tiresome, real fast.

    For me, the sole redeeming feature of this otherwise dismal book consists of a couple of pages in which saboteurs blow up the WaPo’s presses, sending the giant inking cylinders skittering like bowling pins, thus silencing the giant factory of lies.

    Reader, I cheered in delirious joy at the destruction of the WaPo!

    • One book that has been overlooked by the leftist mainstream types is “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. It is a fictional tome with many good attributes, covering American history, laws, technical, cultural and social situations along with a reasonable storyline. It is a long read (approximately 800 pages) but is worthwhile, being a “how to” book in taking back government.
      This book was sold at gun shows, among other places, but was so vilified by those of federal government “letter agencies” that sellers were routinely harassed by FBI and ATF types.
      It is my understanding that “Unintended Consequences” is available as a free pdf file as well as being reprinted.
      Original copies are going for hundreds of dollars…
      Unlike “The Turner Diaries” “Unintended Consequences” has real value and utility.

    • I read it a couple of years ago. Really dated and REALLY vile depictions of everyone who isn’t a white guy. While I get the point, I think the point could have been made better. Also really poor writing and structure throughout, too, kind of like a gun show guy without any literary training decided to write a book, although the author, William Piece, was actually a highly educated person.

      Still, the plot is a little bit entertaining as a “thriller” novel, but all the other stuff gets in the way, especially the gratuitous racism. (And now here I am committing wrongthink by offering TTD a tiny compliment.)

      ALL THAT BEING SAID – what’s even more vile is the press’s attempt to slander conservatives and Trump supporters as being white supremacists. That’s beyond the pale.


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