Shopping Amongst the Diapered

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I went shopping at Kroger today; everyone but me was Diapered. It’s unsettling not seeing so many faces. So many people afraid of the Bogeyman Virus – which isn’t going to get 99.6-plus percent of the healthy population.

But the peer pressure to pretend it is going to be the death of us all is incredible. It doesn’t affect me, though. And if it doesn’t affect you, then two things are probably true about you.

One, you’re not worried about what other people think – or feel.

Two, you act based on what you think – using your mind.

These are the qualities that are under psychological attack. The Diaper Pushers want you to feel awkward about not joining the cult by making it appear as though practically everyone is a member of the cult. By scaring the herd and pressuring the herd to wear Diapers wherever they go – even in their cars.

Which brings up a possibility – for a new game, a variation of the old one headlight game many of us use to play as kids. Instead of “calling it” when you see a car with one headlight, “call it” when you see a fear-addled buffoon wearing a Face Diaper inside their car.

The game is fun – and sad – because there are all-too-many occasions to call out the sight of a Diapered Driver driving all by himself.

And they ask me why I drink…

. . .

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  1. We are out here, but we are few. Hasn’t that always been the case? So be it.

    “Give me liberty, or give me death” – Patrick Henry in Richmond, VA 1775

    That statement is starting to give me chills because I can finally feel what he was trying to say in such a simple statement. History has ditches lined with our ilk. I am grateful be one of few. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  2. Eric

    So is your complaint that people are actually choosing to wear masks?Clover

    I think you also have complaints that private businesses are exerting their control over their business to mandate masks?

    • Clover,

      My objection is to being pressured – required – to wear a Face Diaper. As I have explained repeatedly. If people want to publicly display evidence of mental illness,by all means. The issue here is the image of general illness being created by the forced/pressured Diapering of the entire population. This creates the impression of a crisis which doesn’t exist.

      As regards “private businesses.” This has also been addressed. How would you feel about a “Whites Only” sign on their door?

      • I’m confused how this crisis doesn’t exist. If 10k people have been hospitalized for Covid-19 in VA alone, is that not a problem?Clover

        The whites only sign is not an appropriate comparison. The sign would have to say “All those with contagious illnesses do not enter.”

        • Buttercup,

          But I don’t have a contagious illness – which is the whole point. You assert I might. That is an insane standard. Lots of rapes happen each year. Must every man be regarded – and treated as – a presumptive rapist to ease the fear of women who dread rape?

          In re the number of “hospitalizations” – In the first place, the numbers (“hospitalizations,” “cases” and even “deaths”) are hugely unreliable; there is abundant evidence to indicate they’ve been inflated and misrepresented. For example, elderly people who died from . . . old age classified as having died of the WuFlu. And “cases” being reported absent symptoms and conflated with serious illnesses/deaths. “Hospitalizations”? People who go to the hospital for a variety of things are counted. For example, an 89-year-old woman with COPD who is “hospitalized.”

          But even accepting your 10k figure. VA has about 9 million residents. Do the math. Subjecting the entire population to these lockdowns and Diaper Decrees is grotesque because it has no justification.

          I’m neither stupid nor irrational. I don’t take stupid risks. If a dirty bandana served to protect me from a bug that stood a good chance of killing me, I’d not only wear it, I’d stay home. But because I am not stupid, I know that a dirty old bandana will not protect me from anything – and will make me look stupid. The same goes for the disposable Face Diaper. Read the box. It is no more medically useful than putting a literal diaper over your face.

      • “As regards “private businesses.” This has also been addressed. How would you feel about a “Whites Only” sign on their door?”Clover

        How about a sign that says “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service”?

        Do you think someone can put on a shirt alot easier then they can change their skin color?

        • Clover,

          A shirt/shoes aren’t health hazards; Face Diapers are – physically and psychologically. People are being browbeaten to pretend they are sick – and by so doing, lend credence to the idea that everyone is a suppurating leper. If you can’t see that, there’s no helping you.

          I note, furthermore, that you haven’t responded to my last attempt to engage you in a reasonable discussion. To wit: Why not leave the Face Diapering up to the individual and not force it or pressure it?

          • “To wit: Why not leave the Face Diapering up to the individual and not force it or pressure it?”

            Well maybe you need to start a Libertarian colony. Form a little settlement, set your own rules. Build your own infrastructure, stores.Clover

            I hate to break it to you, but stores get to set ‘terms of service’.
            That includes dress codes and conduct rules.

            It still seems like you should rally all your corona denying libertarian friends together. Hang out at the bar and sing songs and drink a few rounds. The stats say fewer then 20 people have died in Floyd county,
            so it should be a nice low baseline for you to test things.

            • Clover,

              You once again dodge the issue. What is the problem with leaving it up to people – and businesses – to decide for themselves?

              The Diaper Decrees issue from the government. They are forced on everyone by a literal handful of dictatorial Gesundheitsfuhrers.

              You then eruct – again – the “dress code” thing – which I have already answered. A Face Diaper isn’t “dress code.” It is an attempt to coerce speech (agreement with WuFlu hysteria) suppress dissent and demoralize people. It also has no medically useful benefit – it says so on the box. And a dirty old bandana doesn’t even come in a box.

              How about a store demanding that blacks wear ankle cuffs while shopping since they might shoplift and blacks do steal more on a statistical/proportionate basis?

              I’ve been running the experiment you suggest for going on a year now. I interact with my friends in the county, several dozen people. Not one of us has gotten sick. Just as no one at my gym – hundreds of random people interacting every day without a Face Diaper, breathing heavily in close proximity, has either.

              You seem frustrated by the fact that none of us are dead. Why not ask yourself why we aren’t? Why 99.6-plus percent of the healthy not-elderly population has not died as a result of not contracting this “highly infectious” and “deadly” disease?

              Does it not bother you at all that literally everything the government claimed would happen hasn’t happened? Not millions of dead. Not even hundreds of thousands. No hospitals “overflowing.”

              Do you enjoy playing sick?

              • “Why 99.6-plus percent of the healthy not-elderly population has not died as a result of not contracting this “highly infectious” and “deadly” disease?”Clover

                I guess the question to ask is how many people need to die?

                There appear to be 15 thousand some people in Floyd county. How many people need to die before
                you would consent to wear a face mask?

                BTW did you file that 2411 form with SSA and opt out?

                • Clover,

                  Where to begin? How about no one “needs to die” because of me… because I’m not sick – ergo, there is no reason for me or any other person who isn’t sick to wear a Face Diaper? Is this point really that difficult for you to grasp?

                  Your fear doesn’t impose obligations on others.

                  If you are afraid that “someone” – or even everyone – might be sick, then stay home. Or wear a Face Diaper, if you feel it protects you.

                  Speaking of that…

                  How does a disposable “covering” that – read the goddamn box – cannot prevent the transmission of viruses keep people from getting viruses? How does a dirty old bandana do it?

                  Finally: There is no “opting out” of SSA. It is “fraud” to claim a religious exemption from their theft.

                  • This diapering BS is even more ridiculous than the ‘second-hand smoke’ psychosis.

                    Hey Eric,
                    You could become Amish to get that SSA exemption- just be permanently on “Rumspringa”!

                    • Morning, Nunz!

                      I looked into it; it’s pretty onerous. You have to demonstrate membership in an “approved religious community” – i.e., actually be accepted as a Mennonite or some such (the Amish aren’t accepting applicants).

                      The Clover/Pat, of course, thinks that I have a “choice” to not “contribute” to SSA… by exchanging being in thrall to the government for being in thrall to a cloistered religious sect.

                    • Heh, Yeah, I know, Eric.

                      It’s absurd- They’re essentially saying “If you’re a member of a formal group that practices some form of voluntary socialism, we’ll exempt you; But if you as an individual just want to be left alone and take your chances, you8 can’t, because we are obligated to support you because of the laws we passed which say we are- so if you don’t pay to support ‘recipients’ today, we won’t mulct people to pay for you 20 or 30 or 40 years now. Wouldn’t that be terrible?!”.

                      What a sick system/society. We’ll never be out from under until it collapses from it’s own dysfunctionality and evil.

                      Hey, why don’t ya just do what I do- keep you’re income under taxable level? No need to file….you’ll no longer be a “client” of the IRS- No worries about the Obozocare mandate when it or it’s replacement is reinstated…and you likely wouldn’t have to lower your income much to “qualify”.

                  • “No one needs to die”…
                    Well, i suppose the 200 thousand who have died of Corona may have an opinion of infection control measures.

                    So if 200 thousand isn’t enough, what about 2 Million?

                    You tell me the number first.

                    • Clover,

                      You shriek like a hysterical woman incapable of understanding facts you don’t like. Like the fact that a person who isn’t sick can’t get anyone sick. The fact that a disposable “mask” doesn’t stop the spread of viruses – it says so, right on the box.

                      Is it even necessary to make the same point about a dirty old bandana? Or the fact that a literal diaper qualifies as a “face covering”?

                      Your opinion about “infection control measures” is irrelevant. Or do you think my opinion (if it were my opinion) that wearing a vial of gypsy tears around your neck wards off wizards obliges you to wear it?

                      And: “200 thousand” have not “died of Corona.” Most of those died of a sickness they already had, or of old age – with Corona.

                      There is a difference.

                      Very old/very sick people are vulnerable to sickness. All of them, including the common cold – which can and often does become pneumonia in the old and already sick. This is what routinely results in the death of elderly/already sick people. But they did not die of the common cold, or the fu or the WuFlu. They died of old age/COPD/heart disease and so on.

                      The rest of us aren’t likely to die from the common cold, the flu or the WuFlu.

                      Is it your position that the 99.6 percent of the healthy population that aren’t going to die from the WuFlu live as though they have the same risk of dying as the less than half a percent of the population who are?

                      If so, then why not also force the entire population to adopt similarly draconian “PPE” to make sure those with severe peanut/car hair allergies are also “kept safe”?

                    • **”Most of those died of a sickness they already had, or of old age – with Corona. “**

                      If they even really hyad Corona…. Just testing positive doesn’t mean they had the actual flu, any more so than one testing positive for rhinovirus has the common cold if they don’t have cold symptoms.

                      Imagine if everyone who was sick/dying/in a hospital o0r care facility were tested for rhinovirus, and then consequently were listed as dying from “the cold” though they had no cold symptoms, and though it wasn’t the cold that killed them, but rather their other existing degenerative health issues!

                      I doubt that anyone has legitimately died from the flu. SOME, who were already in bad shape and already dyinhg, may have had their demise hastened IF they really had flu symptoms.

                      Like everything else that proceeds from Uncle, the numbers are all lies….as is the whole narrative. Their “science” is nothing but sleight-of-hand.

                      But just like Pat B., most people are fooled by “The math! The math! The numbers! The numbers! Do the math! It all adds up!” (Sure it does, as long as the apples one is counting are defined by those who are trying to deceive you- just as with all of the other “sciences”.)

                • Pat,

                  There are many questions. How many people need to die from the lockdown before you question your limited and anti-scientific beliefs? How many excess deaths, suicides, drug overdoses? How many small businesses forever shuttered, how many broken families? When will you, and people like you, take seriously the enormous harm being caused by the lockdown? When will you question your ignorant virtue signaling? When will you understand that those who disagree with you are not motivated by hatred or selfishness? When will you abandon your glee at the imagined death of your supposed foes?


                    • Hi William,

                      Thanks, I cannot fathom the moral depravity of those who remain unconcerned about the enormous harm this is causing.

                      Kind Regards,

                  • Can people get regular sick anymore? I predict a surge in “cases” following the coming months. (Ya know the months of typical sniffles and coughs)

                    I submit, for review, my job’s current policy on cold/flu like symptoms. I paraphrase, any person who presents with coughing/sneezing/fatigue/fever is to quarantine for no less than two weeks. Positive Covid test not required for special paid leave. This “special paid leave” is not taken from earned PTO balance and may be used for up to four weeks per employee per incident of illness or (and get this) potential exposure to illness. All this to say, four weeks paid leave for a sniffle, or being exposed to someone with a sniffle, proof not required.

                    So many of my colleagues have fallen ill. You guys wouldn’t believe the amount of cases in my office. Some of these people quarantined all the way to myrtle beach. Which is so virtuous to go out of town and isolate in a hotel room so far from the office. One of the side effects of covid must be increased levels of melatonin. Folks are coming back to work so tan. ‘Nother side effect seems to be decreased depression, likely resulting from the sudden increase of unearned income and free time.

                    Glad my company is so proactive with their efforts to stop the spread. Profitability can wait until everyone is well rested and tanned. Signal virtue. We’re in this bankruptcy together. Tans.

                  • Nunz, the bells on my leg are ringing again… I don’t suppose you would have any idea why? ^^

                    Science (as we’ve gone round and round about…^^) isn’t a religion. nor is it a political system. It is simply the human process involved in the search for the truth about the universe and ourselves. It is from science that technology, creates most of the goodies that have moved us away from the caves. I don’t know about you, but I’m rather fond of some of those goodies. ^^
                    But as with any human activity it can be abused and misused.
                    The same applies to Mathematics.

                    Try not to blame science, for the antics of those abusing it.

                    • Oh dear goodness, BJ!
                      You’re talking about the idea of pure science- i.e. that which can be observed, measured, described, reproduced…..

                      What is proffered as science, almost universally these days…isn’t.

                      Do you believe the “science” of:
                      Global Warming
                      Diet [Eggs, butter, and salt are bad! Partially-hydrogenated oils are good! No…wait…now eggs, butter and salt are good…and partially-hydrogenated oils are so bad they must be banned!)

                      Are they right now? Or were they right before? Or neither?

                      If 98% of what is called science today were honest, they would simply conclude that they don’t know/can’t determine.

                      Science has just become a means of propaganda by which by which agendas are legitimized and affections are won.

                      If there were truly science being practiced, then we hear all sides of an argument, and the participants would work to resolve divergent observations and conclusions- since an accurate understanding can not be obtained if different observers get different results- but what we do see, is certain people who arrive at a particular conclusion, promoted, while those who observe results which do not support a desired narrative are dismissed and ignored.

                      THAT is the antithesis of the scientific process- and as long as such exists- be it due to political, financial or social motivations, no honest science can truly exist.

                • Pat, you ignorant slut. How much damage to people’s lives needs to be done before you question your limited and anti-scientific beliefs?

                  There are MANY studies, and doctor’s opinions, concluding that masks don’t do a damned bit of good and may do harm in some circumstances. Yet ignorant poltroons like yourself regurgitate the propaganda being fed to you by power-hungry politicians and their mainstream media cheerleaders.

                  The number of deaths reported as being caused by the China virus is highly suspect. Tests give an alarming number of false positives and nowhere have we seen evidence that a significantly higher number of people have died over the last 6 months than would have ordinarily done so.

                  I for one am certainly not going to live in fear of a disease that has a fatality rate in the range of 1/2 of 1%.

                  Oh, and while I am well past the age when one can collect from the SSA pyramid scheme and have Medicare steal from others’ pockets I have not signed up for “benefits” from either. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Clover.

                  • Hi Jason,

                    “There are MANY studies, and doctor’s opinions, concluding that masks don’t do a damned bit of good and may do harm in some circumstances”.

                    Problem is that the numerous studies, conducted over many decades, that show the uselessness (and possible harm) of masks, are randomized case control studies. In the new normal, rushed together, poorly constructed observational studies are deemed of higher evidentiary value than RCT’s.

                    Get with it man!


                    • Morning, Jeremy!

                      The fundamental idiocy here, in my view, is the assertion that healthy people must Diaper. Even if Diapers worked, that would be an irrelevance if the wearer isn’t sick. It is the equivalent of insisting that people who haven’t got broken legs wear leg casts. Of course, the Sickness Psychotic will warble that broken legs aren’t communicable! True, but neither is a virus you haven’t got.

                      Then they fall back on, “But you might be sick!” – i.e, seemingly healthy, with no signs of sickness must be presumed sick, perpetually. This evil doctrine is the one that will be used to push the vaccine on people since the only way to “be sure you’re not getting people sick” is by inoculating them against the sickness. It does not matter, of course, that the vaccine will not be 100 percent – or probably even 70 percent – effective and it matters even less what the side effects (or worse) are.

                      Just get Needled. Else you are “selfish.”

                    • Jeremy , please try not to confuse the Clover with facts and logic. It falls outside of the dogma of their Cult. The Branch Covidians only respond to the emotional approach. Which is why the corporate mass media uses that route.
                      Their God (the State) requires blind, absolute obedience to ALL of its dictates. One is not allowed to question those edicts as those who issue them, are doing the Will Of The People (which is why they are wearing the Funny Hat). It is only in this fashion that the Greater Good can be appeased. Some heretics have asked if we can just throw politicians into volcano’s for that appeasement, but what else would you expect from heretics?…

                    • Hi BJ,

                      I’ve noticed it as well. The Branch Covidians, when confronted wth a fact that assaults their dogma, fallback to a another dogma, then another, ad infinitum. They do not want the hysteria – and all that attends – to end. The are enjoying it.

                      It gives them meaning – and power.

                      There is something in some people that thrives on drama. We used to call them Drama Queens. Now there are Drama Kings, too.

                  • Nunzio, to me (and many of those I know and respect) there is only “pure” science. It is one of the few things that unites us. We have nothing but contempt, for those who have made science a religion, or who are using it for some agenda. Science is, and will always remain a very human activity.

                    Science is also a process, not a destination. You’ve heard me say several times, that in some areas we simply don’t know.

                    But we are working towards that. It takes time, insight and some wisdom.

                    But blaming science for the antics of those who would abuse it is foolish, and thats something I’d not expect from you.

                    • Hi BJ,

                      I’m not a scientist, but I respect the scientific method – something that’s being deliberately forgotten, in order to render people susceptible to religious thinking. I do not mean to insult religion; but there is a world of difference between that of fact and faith.

                    • Unfortunately, BJ, it is often (and almost exclusively) the scientific community which abuses science- largely because entry and participation is guarded by those who control the agendas, through academia and the grant (subsidies) structure and control of access to the cool toys.

                      For several hundred years, we actually had some real science going on- from the 17th century until the early 20th- when there were independent scientists who weren’t on Uncle’s dole; and when the universities were actually places of high learning and the pursuit of truth.

                      As mentioned elsewhere, if you’ve never seen Ben Stein’s film “Expelled”, it gives enouigh examples of what I am talking about to take the words right out of my mouth- Although it is mainly concerned with one branch of “science”, what it illustrates is applicable and even more so to virtually every branch.

                      Ditto some of Edward Griffin’s videos about medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

                      Yes, I know what you will say: “But that’s different because science is being perverted by greed and control….” -but that is just the point; science has become a closed system, in which only those who come to the proper conclusions are given any credibility or ever even heard- and thus, there can be no true, honest science, because honest inquiry and faithful reporting are no longer the primary goals.

                      Of course, there may be some actual science still going on in the purely mechanical fields….but that’s not really what we’re talking about.

        • So long as it is not an edict of government businesses who put up restrictions on who may be a customer face the consequences of lower revenues.

          That’s why maskers and racists and so on have the government make edicts and worse. So no business can benefit by serving the people those in power want the society to discriminate against.

          • Nunzio, you are as usual right, and also wrong. (odd how that happens… ^^). You are quite right, in terms of the current *system* that has adopted the mask of “science”. You are wrong, in that there are many thousands of real scientists still at work, and in close communication with each other. Science isn’t something that requires some “official sanction”. Some of the best scientists don’t have any “official” position (hell, some of them don’t even have degrees). But that doesn’t prevent them from doing wonderful science.

            Do you remember the old patron system? It is alive and well. But very much in the background. What is funny, and tragic, is that the real science that is circulating in parts of the so called Dark Web, is more advanced than the government/corporate funded faux “science”.
            Many parts of science do not require tens or hundreds of billions to conduct. Those involved in such projects are more politicians than scientists. Real science, is and always will be, the product of human minds, engaging the wonders of the universe, and our place in it.

            • Yes, BJ- the patron system- or just those who voluntarily collaborate and sustain themselves by selling merchandise/videos/conferences, etc. -We see lots of that in things like the Creation Science movement- which brings up another issue though: In many fields- pretty much anything that involves the study of anything that can not be observed and recreated, really, all that can be honestly ascertained is the possibility of something having occurred according to a given thesis- which is not the same as proving that something did happen that way; and often there are so many variables that it is impossible to explore all of the possibilities, or to establish a meaningful control group, which is why we see constant flux in such things as diet and nutrition science. And if such be the case with things we are intimately familiar with, and can touch and observe and track and alter, imagine the absurdity of the mere theoretical sciences- especially given their propensity to dispense with any data which does not coincide with favored views and objectives!

              And I don’t disagree that are legitimate and sincere scientists in many fields- but often, regardless of their best intents, their observations are abused and misused. This is especially common in the biological/medical sciences, where some study is done- which is usually anecdotal- but even if it isn’t, it is almost always used to infer that correlation is causation.

              My point though, that absent a sincere, honest, independent system which honestly considers all findings and not just those which support a given narrative or come from favored sources, it is pretty much impossible to have anything useful and in which one can have any trust, even if there are a good number of honest and competent real scientists.

              We are seeing these very things being illustrated pertaining to Corona. While there are those who are making correct observations and coming to the right conclusions, their information is disregarded by society at large, and only given credence by those of us who are already in agreement with their findings. They will be forgotten by the history books, while the popular but dishonest narrative will remain as indisputable truth, and as if it were the only rational narrative, and that those of us who rejected it were obviously “unreasonable, crazy, and unscientific.

              Again, it comes down to who one chooses to believe.

              • Nunzio, I understand your concerns. But none of us are doing this for the history books. Our observations, findings and discoveries are shared, and maintained among ourselves. They are passed on from generation to generation in the old tradition. The current methods have been adopted because they are more effective. We also interact with craftsman societies, and some of their advances in the use of three D printing are truly amazing. There are many different types of societies. The advent of the Internet has changed many aspects of human interaction (but as with any tool, it can be used and abused).
                You may find this of interest.

                • By the way, this is just one over view of DAO. This particular group has a warped sense of humor, and picked that name to troll fundies. Try not to take the bait. ^^

                • Sad thing is, BJ, you of course are well-intentioned and honest….but what usually happens, is that the work of even the most legit scientists often ends up being used in a narrative for which it’s authors never intended- and thus often end up supporting things diametrically opposed to the original intent.

                  And like it or not….THAT narrative is what ends up as the “truth” in the history books.

                  • Nunz, there is damn little truth to be found in history books. What truth exists, is the product of critical thinking, personal research and experience. I suspect that you are all too aware, of the abuse of your holy works, in the pursuit of various human agendas. Why should science be any different? We all do what we can, and what we must. As for history, it is a tale of fools, told by cowards.

                    • Morning, BJ!

                      Nunz’s point that science can be – often is – political is valid but it doesn’t invalidate science. Which fundamentally differs from faith – as you know, of course. The core principle of science is precisely that it does not rely upon faith. The “because it is written.” Science requires objective back-up; support that is independent of opinion and feeling, which transcends faith. One does not have to believe in celestial mechanics but not knowing makes it hard to accurately plot orbital paths!

                    • Exactly, BJ. What do the history books say about Polio? “It was wiped out by the Polio vaccine”. Which, as I’m sure you are aware, is BS. But that is the desired narrative, and so now we see society-at-large believing that, while the actual truth is ignored.

                      Same with 9/11. Any doubt that the “social studies” books in the schools say that the towers fell because they were hit by planes piloted by some primitives who took a few lessons in a Cessna? That the steel melted and everything vaporized ‘because jet fuel”? -While the observations and research of any who (No matter how well-credentialed) to the contrary are ignored and dismissed as ‘tin-foil hat conspiracy theories’.

                      It will be the same with Corona. A scientist’s voice is only valid and recognized as ‘science’ if his findings support a preconceived agenda; all else is discarded, ignored, and or discredited.

                      So yes, of course there can be actual science- but since the overall narrative is usually tightly controlled, be it by the Cath-O-lic church in the 16th century, or Wurshington DC and Hollywood today- how or even if that science is used effectively controls what is promulgated and believed, more so than the actual work of the scientist.

                      And that is with things within our realm, which may be touched and examined. When it comes to more nebulous things built upon speculation and theory- it is even worse!

                      In an honest world, Keppler’s and Copernicus’s theories and experiments would be presented as well as Airy’s et al, to portray an accurate picture that “we” simply do not quite have everything figured out- but of couirse, in reality, rather than presenting such a realistic picture, only the work which supports the preconceived narrative is promoted, while the rest is relegated to the scrap-heap, not because it is invalid, but because it does not support that which was chosen as the accepted “truth”- even though it’s very existence illustrates the inadequacy of the “accepted truth”- and that is illustrative of the fact that those who control the narrative are not concerned with objective truth (The very aim of science) but rather thay are concerned with establishing faith and authority, by creating the illusion that they know everything, and that they should be believed because their actions are predicated upon superior knowledge which we “just don’t understand”- so we must all heed the “experts”….because ‘science’- But true and honest science would consider all relevant findings; not just hand-picked bits and pieces which agree with a given scenario.

                  • Morning, Nunz!

                    Science has been politicized; but this is a relatively new thing. If you were to travel back in time 50 years or so, science was respected – and politicized science abjured.

                    The point here is that science, itself, is something magnificent and that its politicization doesn’t detract from that. Also that the problem isn’t even politicized science but rather the politicization of the public mind. If people respected science – which is to say, the scientific method – then things like we’re experiencing now could never have happened.

                    • Top O’The Mornin’ To Ya, Eric!

                      What you say is of course true- but it is nothing new. The politicalization of science, and it’s use to control the minds of people is ancient- be it the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Catholics, Jews, or DC.

                      I was enamored with science when I was very young. What a great thing, in elementary school when the teacher would whip out some thermometers and scales and Pyrex dishes, to foster our understanding of the world around us, and it’s physical processes.

                      Sadly though, it wasn’t long until that science was increasing replaced, as one progressed, by speculation. “It could have been”, “Maybe”, “it is likely”, “Since it is possible that x could have occurred, then it follows that y also would have had to have happened, and since a laser beam does z when pointed at xyz, assuming the speed of light is constant 8 trillion light years away, and we discard atmospheric effects, it could prove that x may have happened; and now that that has been established as fact, you must conclude when doing further research that anything which contradicts that fact is erroneous, and therefore must discard it. You see, this is hoiw we know it is all true, because this shit is peer-reviewed, by others who are in perfect agreement with this ‘scientific process’.”.

                      “The prophets of Baal are all saying the same thing, therefore let your words be the same as theirs”.

                      Notice, in the former illustration, how we are led from actual provable repeatable science, to speculative correlation under the same name, so that we equate both as being equally valid- much the same as in the latter illustration, where religious pretext is used to achieve the same result.

                      (I would say more, but I’ll save it for when I get back to our other similar discussion under Diapering Under Duress- so as notr to keep two discussions about the same topic going at once).

    • Pat actually makes a valid point here (For once!).

      The REAL problem, is that so many sheep willingly comply with the absurdity of diapering, instead of boycotting the offending stores and taking their business elsewhere.Not that that’s possible in most places, since the diapering decrees come from the overlords, and the so-called “private businesses” are powerless to resist- but if it were at the business-owner’s discretion, wouldn’t we Libertarians support their right too?- and merely vote with our feet(and wallets)?

      The real problem is that so many sheep see nothing wrong with diapering; and that the overlords promote and even mandate such BS.

      My veterinarian, and now my bank have now adopted policies which go above and beyond the overlord’s decrees. So be it; F%&* them! I just take my business elsewhere. I’m GLAD that they do it, ’cause it is a blinding sign as to whose side they are really on, and thus a sign that I shouldn’t be doing with them, since their loyalty is not to their customers, and they make poor decisions based on fear-mongering.

      (((What is it with BANKS? Throughout this scamdemic, and other than my former vet, I have only had issues with several banks for not diapering. Another bank I sometimes use has had it’s lobby closed since this scamdemic began, and is now “drive-through only”- and is virtually the only business in the town where I shop to do so! Are they afraid that we’re gonna get germs on their filthy lucre?)))

      • Hi Nunz,

        I agree; if an individual store owner wishes to require Face Diapers – or refuse service to blacks or whites or anyone, for whatever reason – that is their right, even if I think their attitude is idiotic and vicious.

        But that is not the issue here, as regards the Face Diapering. It is purely a function of government/corporate power. Neither government nor corporations have the moral right to impose their decrees on anyone as neither is a living human being and rhetorical constructs and legal entities don’t have rights in the way that human being have them. Moreover, no individual – in the form of a government official or corporate official – has rights superior to any other individual and thus no right to abrogate rights.

      • in a business’s defense the mask pressure is usually coming from the employees who are the usual brainwashed sheep. Its tough. Real tough.

            • Sure they can. But then they aren’t employees any more… One should be careful who one hires. People are the most vital part of just about any business. Great care should be taken in their selection and training. Role management is also vital.

          • and I dont mandate anything. Im doing nothing different myself. But if they want this ppe stuff and our customers to wear masks I have no choice. I really dont. The worlds gone insane.

  3. I think we’ve reached stockholm syndrome level 9.95 here. At this stage people have me convinced they’ll wear those ridiculous things to the grave “just in case.”

    It looked like things we’re improving a week ago, now I’m not sure.

    I was telling my wife it was like being back in high school again. Felt just like the new kid in black leather, long hair and a slayer t shirt in hallway full of Nike windbreakers and eastlands, everybody looking at me like what the hell is wrong with this guy?

    It’s easy to forget some people actually give one damn about what others think of them, a lot more than I thought.

    The whole thing is very weird. I can’t imagine how long this can continue. Maybe indefinitely.
    They still have people walking through strip search scanners and being sexually molested in airports “cuz muh terrorusts” and think literally nothing of it.

    • Ha! With you Switchblade.

      I compare going into the stores now to being the kid that’s late to recess and walks into everyone playing some pretend game you’re not interested in playing. Then some of them yell at you for not pretending like they are. So you just endure the yelling waiting for the pretend game to end, yell back that their game is stupid, or leave.

  4. This is what happens when you live in a “representative” system where the “representatives” make all the decisions for the entire population — it attracts all the Batman villains of the world to take over, and now all of the “representatives” are traitors (ppl committing treason). (Treason means basically waging war on the people.) The only solution is to start running our country as a majority-rule system, whereby the people vote on everything (and voting is 99% definitively fraudproof) and everything is transparent. Maybe that’ll happen when people stop protesting in the streets and actually start organizing & doing something.

  5. Yep.
    Two months ago: The entry-sentries at Walmart would say something to me as I’d enter without a mask.
    A few weeks ago, the entry sentries would say nothing as I walked by.
    A few days ago, no entry-sentries were even present- yet virtually everyone in the store except myself were masked.

    “Compliance” is now so high, they needn’t even bother.

    Americans are dumb sheep. So much for any of you optimists who are expecting any rebellion. The only “push back” will be against us…not the tyrants.

    • It depends on what part of the country you are in. Around here, there is very little compliance outside of the larger cities (with a high percentage of liberal freaks). Eat at any restaurant in my town and there are very few diapered.

      Saw a story from the local TV station complaining about a bunch of OU students got together and had a huge tailgating party, not one of them wearing a mask. The point of view of the story was “something should be done about this!”. Unfortunately for these Karens, the comments on the story were absolutely astounding. 99% of the comments were “Let them be kids!”.

      The compliance percentage in this area is extremely low.

      • Seems to have worked for them so far, BJ! Where’s that push-back against the IRS, TSA, BATF…..?

        ‘Mercans are afraid of letters! 😀

        • Some are. Just about anyone with common sense, wouldn’t provide an overwhelming force with a plain target. You continue to think in terms of numbers, and actions that are covered by the corporate mass media. Collapse, like resistance is a process, not an event. They feed on each other. Sure, its good to be the King. Until it isn’t.

  6. I hate when say that I am selfish for not wearing a face diaper. But I am not sick! How about all these people that get negative tests? Why do they think they can infect anyone. I went into 2 different grocery stores yesterday sans-diaper. I am the only one without one on. It’s really hard to do – I understand why most people just go along to get along. I’m really scared this isn’t going to end for several years – I can’t live like this – and of course I am not looking forward to having some vaccine forced upon me. I have never taken the flu shot and I never get sick. I eat healthy food, I work out.

    • Amen, Jen –

      It’s disturbing. It’s become a cult – in the literal sense of the term. People wearing an outfit, to show they belong – on faith. Because they feel pressured to believe.

      I won’t live this.

    • You’re selfish for not wearing a face diaper but they’re *not* selfish for demanding that you wear one for their sake? What kind of logic is that? If those tools thought their diapers really worked then they’d believe that their cloth protects them regardless of what you do. They’d believe that the germs can’t distinguish between their diaper and the one you’re not wearing. They wouldn’t think that cloth works only one direction. So you have two possibilities: They’re lying sacks who don’t believe diapers work but want to see you submit because they can’t stand the sight of an independent mind; or they’re really as stupid as they’re making themselves out to be, and they think cloth stops viruses. They’re evil or stupid, but either way, giving in to them is fatal.

    • I’ve gotten told I am selfish too, Jen. Most recently by an old bag wearing a mega-mask, coke bottle glasses and yellow dish gloves. She was like a character from a comic strip.

      I think most people are just doing it b/c standing out in a crowd is hard. Especially when government and mass media has turned it into a virtue signaling activity and you run the risk of being verbally assaulted by the self anointed high priests/priestesses of the diaper cult. “DON’T YOU CARE ABOUT MY GRANNY AND POP-POP?! I don’t care if you’re not sick! You could be raging with illness inside like a Trojan horse spewing your droplets of death about you like a Willy Water Bug sprinkler!” Never mind the fact the CDC’s own guidance advises that you need to be “within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes” before they recommend testing for wuflu.

      The screaming zealots are small front lobed automatons that have never questioned anything from “authoritative voices” but at the same time lack impulse control. So they lash out at us heretics. State worship isn’t a leftist only activity but the wailing harpies of state worship tend to be on the left, imho. If you’re undiapered you’re assumed to be a Orange Man supporter so they can use this as an opportunity to pour out their four years of frothing hate on you.

      Stay strong! Look at all the like minds you’re seeing here. Know there are more. Let’s all thank Eric for be a public voice and providing an internet speakeasy space for us vent about this insanity. Stick to your guns and you’ll look back one day and know you did your part to fight back and provide an example to others less confident that they can make the same choice; no matter the next chapter in this dystopian tale.

      • Hi LW,

        The Extreme Diaperers are mentally ill people. They would have been generally recognized as such before Sickness Psychosis became the “new normal.” I am sorry that some people – even millions of people – suffer from extreme hypochondria. But their sickness doesn’t impose an obligation on me or any other healthy person.

        What we’re dealing with, essentially, is perhaps 150 million Michael Jacksons but without the grace to not demand we “accept” their sickness and emulate it.

        I may begin wearing a traffic cone on my head to protect me from meteors – and demand that everyone else do the same as well.

  7. Orange Road sign on the way into Manhattan: “Wear a Mask to show Respect”. So it’s about respect now? And back up to 90+% diaper compliance in NYC.

    For a society this far gone, for a people this mentally weak, our only hope may be that President Harris pokes Putin in the eye and he decides he’s had enough of us.

        • Hi Frank,

          This is the one thing about the Diapers that’s positive. But it’s also deceptive. The Diaper mandates were issued precisely to make it appear that almost everyone buys this idiocy. When Diapering was optional, only about a third of the general population did so. These are the low-functioning sickness psychotics … who are now hidden among the general pop, all Diapered up.

    • “Wear a mask, show respect”…..”My mask protect you, your mask protects me”………Liberal, Jedi mind tricks. Not for me. I’m too intelligent to come under their spell.

      • Hi Frank,

        Amen. I never asked for the “protection” of the Diapered’s Diaper. My immune system and working brain protect me just fine! As far as protecting (neurotic) others: Look, you idiot – I am not sick. A not-sick person cannot get anyone sick. The fact that you worry I might be sick carries no weight. You might like to fuck little boys. I don’t expect you to act as though you do because I worry you might.

        Get therapy.

        (Note: The above is directed at Diaper Pushers – not Frank!)

  8. There is a bit of good news. A judge in PA has determined that such edicts are indeed in violation of the Constitution, and there is a similar case pending in OH. It is disturbing that such litigation took so long to start. I’ve only read the Bill of Rights a few hundred times, but I don’t recall an “except for plague” clause attached to any of them. The sad part is that while such tyranny may be stopped, the perpetrators are unlikely to suffer any direct consequences for their crimes. Like the prison time they deserve.

    • Hi JWK,

      Indeed – and in re “except for plague”: Some of this might be acceptable if it were a plague. Instead, it’s a sickness so mild most who have it never knew they did. The irony – the question never asked – is of course that if a real plague were to erupt, it would not be necessary “lock down” anything. Sane people would do that on their own. But it takes a lock down to cage sane people – and to force them to wear a Face Diaper.

  9. Yes, it’s incredible indeed. Around here virtually 100% compliance everywhere. Being the only unmasked one is a surreal feeling. I went to the post office the other day and there were at least 10 people in line. All masked and all standing at least six feet apart. Small post office so the line stretched virtually the entire length of the building. Shocked, I asked them all if they were waiting in line for the counter, they replied “Yes.” I shook my head, laughed at them, and walked right out.

    The corporate world is moving forward with the next phase of medical martial law. Phone apps for employees to verify “health” upon entry to work. Right now it’s “voluntary” but we all know what that means.

  10. All of those mask wearing slaves drive me to drink.

    Time to start drinking… again.

    Went to a Walmart, I needed some Fast Orange with pumice, the local Walmart had two one gallon containers of Fast Orange with pumice.

    I ordered the product at, had it delivered to my car at a pick up stall, was on my way in less than three minutes.

    Didn’t have to park the car, enter the building, be subjected to the Walmart HVAC air, didn’t have to walk all the way to the auto section, didn’t have to stand in line at self checkout lane, didn’t have to look at Walmart customers walking around like idiots, beats shopping inside the store by a long ways.

    “People ask us why we drink. We drink because we’re alcoholics, that’s why we drink.” – Grace Slick

    Maybe not the exact quote, but she said it on tv many years ago and I didn’t forget that one.

    • That is one good thing about all this. More companies are delivering right to your car if your order online. A couple did that before this year, but most didn’t. Without the context of this year, you can be certain they wouldn’t have “had the resources” or bothered to implement such a thing. But pretending we’re in a worldwide plague has costs, and means you have to play the part. Even if that sometimes benefits the proles. Now I can waste less time in the store.

      • Heh, yeah, Brandon. I’m not worried about getting Corona-ed by shopping at Walton’s World Of Weirdos & Third-World Bazaar- but by the looks of what you see waddling around in there, and their spawn with their booger-encrusted fingers and drooling mouths, I am worried about getting cooties!

        [I WILL get back to our emails this weekend!]

        • Hi Nunz!

          I’m no MMA dude, but I will defend myself if some Corona Kevin or Karen attacks. Self defense is a morally legitimate thing. I’d do the same if accosted by a schizophrenic squeegee man – and that’s essentially what we’re dealing with here.

  11. This mask use by the sheep is wearing thin on me. Just how long can this hoax hold up before the “light bulbs” start lighting up in people’s heads? Going off subject, the picture of the Greaseman brings back fond memories of my high school days. Every morning, it was a ritual of myself and other friends who drove to school tuned in to DC101 and hear what the Greaseman had to say. Man did West Virginia Ever catch the brunt of it!

    • Hi Allen,

      Amen – and also in re The Grease! Many great memories of driving to high school listening to him; then later in college. The guy was epic. I once won a You Look Jus’ Like a Hog! t shirt, too. I wish I still had it.

      • He is still around, I live in Edgewater MD and he keeps a boat here and we have some mutual friends. I hope to be in your neck of the woods soon for a bit, know a guy lives in Woolwine, beautiful country!

        • Hi VV!

          Cool beans! If you ever happen to meet up with Nino, please let him know how much I appreciated him when he was on air. They guy was a huge part of my youth!

  12. And not just driving. Can’t believe the number of morons i see out walking or jogging, by themselves, wearing a diaper. Even saw a guy the other day, in his driveway, washing his car with a diaper. Wife gets plenty pissed off at me, but as often as I can, I like to yell at them as I’m passing by, “take the mask off you fucking idiot!!!”

  13. Hey Eric, good job sir.

    The mask hoax is even worse than just perpetuating the COVID19 lie. Symbolism is the language of the subconscious, it is used extensively by the globalists. These masks are a symbol of submission to the New World Order cult. The wearing of these masks voluntarily is choosing to partake in the cult initiation ritual which then leads down the path of Agenda 21 into global enslavement. The cult has announced for decades that they were coming for us. That is the way these dark cults work, they must tell you what they are going to do to you and you must ‘choose’ to comply. Much like the vampire’s code that the victim must invite the vampire in.

    The vaccine is the endgame (at least in this phase of enslavement). This is why it is very important to the evil doers that people ‘choose’ to take the vaccine. Sadly, so many will. This is a spiritual war for our souls, in this war it is required that we give up our own souls to them. At all costs, DO NOT GIVE IN. Once you decide to stand your ground, everything becomes much easier and full clarity can be attained. If you stand your ground, you win, you make it through. Eliminate fear, eliminate fear of death. Why give into the darkness? Not necessary. Stand your ground, this is a very simple test…Stand your ground and you win eternal freedom. Give in, and your soul may very well be damned, or worse yet, lost forever.

    • Amen, Pyrate!

      I have a small crew of people in my area – including some new friends – who aren’t cult members and don’t intend to be, come what may.

      I still cannot “compute” the passivity of the populace; that so so many are so willing to humiliate themselves in this manner. I suspect many of these Diapered People would wear a leash if they were told to.

      • The explanation is quite simple. Public Schools. For some time the primary subject taught there is submission and compliance. To the point now where “violations” might be met with AGWs handcuffing, tasing, and physically assaulting the “criminal”child, for such “crimes” as sharing a breath mint (might be drugs). I graduated High School in 1972, and went to work a month later. I learned two useful things in school, to read and do basic math. Both of which were largely complete by the end of elementary school. Thereafter, the only real benefit I got from school was suggested subjects or topics I might wish to learn more about. Fortunately for me, the Federal Department of Education wasn’t created until several years after I graduated.

        • Government schools have made it all possible. There should be a complete separation of education and the state. “Thinking men cannot be ruled,” and the state has a vested interest in perpetuating itself, which means producing one illiterate, unthinking prole after another. Well, mission accomplished.

  14. Nice monologue in your video. Thanks for mentioning Media Bear. I had already seen one or two of their videos, and now I’m going to check some of their other ones. I think you’re right about ridiculing them being an effective strategy.

    • Thanks, Greg!

      I try to keep a stiff upper lip; some days it’s harder than others. Just having to see these herds is depressing – and angering. I have to fight the urge to just stay home, where at least I can see the faces of my chickens and ducks! But then, I remember that if people don’t make the effort to fight this, then a time will come when it won’t be enough to just stay home; they will not leave us alone – even at home.

      We are fighting a psychological war unique in the so-far history of humanity. But it does share things with previous episodes in human history, including the pogroms against Jews, the persecution of heliocentrics and “witches” . . . to name a few.

      PS: I lost track of the meetup; thought it was last Friday? We were home… did we miss you?

      • No, it’s next Friday (9/25). I’ll send you an email in a couple of days.

        I think the fact that some days are harder than others is one of the reasons your website is so important. Without hearing from other posters, it can seem like you’re all alone, and it’s reassuring to see other people who think like you do and who are fighting some of the same battles.

  15. Dude, you need to get outta there. There are places in this country where a lot of people are not sheepishly obeying.

    If I see a young healthy looking person with a mask on, I immediately recognize him as my enemy. Sounds like you are surrounded by them.


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