“Zero Emissions Zones”

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The Chimp turned free speech – the idea that people had a right to speak their minds anywhere they liked, or at least, anywhere in public – into a conditional privilege people were allowed to exercise in zones.

Speech was thus corralled, in the manner of cattle.

California appears to be on the verge of becoming the first state in the United States to do the same to cars – and driving.

If you do not drive a government-approved EV.

These – and these alone – will be allowed to proceed into (and transit through) Zero Emissions Zones, which will be anywhere the state’s regulatory apparat says:

“These zones could be at the city level involving all vehicles or focused on and encouraging the adoption of zero emissions delivery trucks through localized green loading zones that preferentially allow zero emissions deliveries or green logistic zones that restrict internal combustion delivery trucks at certain times and locations such as those in effect in Shenzhen, China.”

Italics added.  To emphasize the Chyna model that the California Air Resources Board used to promulgate the regulations that will be used to out-regulate vehicles that aren’t government-approved EVs. These are the only vehicles that qualify under the regulations as “zero emissions,” even though their manufacture and use generates more “emissions” in the aggregate and far more resource-wastage (viz, the massive quantity of raw materials that must be extracted from the earth and then refined and made into such things as the massive battery packs that store electricity in an EV).

Never mind that.

The thing that matters (in terms of the regulations being floated by CARB, which will no doubt be copied by the regulatory apparat of other states, just as many states have already done with regard to other regulatory fatwas issued by CARB, such as those pertaining to adopting “California” standards for the vehicles that may be sold in those states) is the excuse.

Only vehicles that qualify as “zero emissions” (irrespective of their actual aggregate emissions) will be allowed within the Zones. And that is how the regulatory apparat will get rid of every vehicle that isn’t a government-approved “zero emissions” vehicle. Not by outlawing those that aren’t.

Just as The Chimp did not actually outlaw free speech.

Rather by making it so you weren’t allowed to speak freely.

Similarly, you won’t be told you cannot own a non-electric vehicle, at least for the moment. You will be told you can’t use your vehicle, if it’s not a government-approved “zero emissions” electric vehicle.

What will be the point of keeping it when you can’t drive it to work or wherever else you’d like or need to go?

It’s genius.

It’s also something else. The CARB proposal goes on to state that Zero Emissions Zones “should be designed with equity considerations, to minimize the the exposure of sensitive populations to air pollution.”

Italics added, again.

“Equity considerations” – an interesting usage given that only affluent people can afford a “zero emissions” electric vehicle. As a practical matter, CARB’s “zoning” will mean only certain sensitive people will enjoy the privilege of car ownership.

That isn’t very equitable, is it?

As is almost axiomatic when it comes to Leftist etymology, a word used by the Left can reliably be assumed to mean the opposite of the commonly understood meaning. Examples include the recent use of “pandemic,” a word that most people have generally understood to mean a mass death event. A sickness that can and very probably will kill everyone who gets sick. Like the Black Death.

It was used to foment panic over a respiratory bug that didn’t result in death for just shy of 100 percent of the otherwise healthy and-not-elderly people who caught it.

Also “vaccine,” which most people take to mean that which immunizes the recipient. If Leftists had told people the truth about these drugs – that, at best, they might “reduce the severity of symptoms” but would do nothing to “stop the spread” – how many would have taken them?

“Air pollution” is another such example of etymological misdirection. Burning gas in a combustion engine does result in the “emission” of carbon dioxide gas, but this gas has literally nothing at all to do with air pollution. It is said to trigger “climate change,” another example of etymological legerdemain in that it means nothing, exactly – other than change,” whatever that means.

But to associate it in any way with air pollution is a deliberate and vicious lie.

Of a piece with “asymptomatic spreader.”

CARB also seeks “explicit authority” to “implement equitable pricing mechanisms that favor pooling and ZEVs in a way that meets the needs of priority populations.”

Certain “populations” are to receive special privileges. So much for the equal (as opposed to equitable) protection of the law. And it hardly requires dissection to comprehend what is intended by “pooling” and “meets the needs.” It means government mass transit for the “priority populations,” which means the no-longer-driving Proletariat.

That will meet the needs  . . . of the governing elltes.

Those who wish to continue driving their own cars that aren’t government-approved electric cars are to be de-prioritized.

This brings us to the other aspect of this, which is the warning shot fired in the direction of California residents who own old cars and specifically models made before the advent of computer-controlled (and so harder for the governing elites to control) vehicles.

They were set a “survey” about their cars and their driving habits and where they drive them. This “survey” is analogous to registration of firearms in that it is the prequel to regulating them – in italics to emphasize that the intent is to restrict them using regulations and thus effectively ban them without actually outlawing them.

“Approximately how many miles does your MY 1978 or older vehicle get driven in a year? Please specify.” 

“How often is your MY 1978 or older vehicle driven?”

California’s slick-haired governor recently imposed new regulations on guns – and massive taxes on ammunition. This serves to make it much harder for non-criminals to obtain a firearm and more to the point, increasingly pointless to own one, if you are not a criminal.  What is the point, after all, of owning a gun you aren’t allowed to carry practically anywhere?

What is the point of owning a classic car you aren’t allowed to drive anywhere? One you’ll still be required to pay taxes and buy insurance for as a condition of being allowed to keep it?

And that, you see, is precisely the point.

. . .

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  1. Biggest issue in next election?…..the banning of ice vehicles….

    The “irredeemable deplorables” (who buck the system) are getting restless about an all-out plunge into the uncharted waters of EV world – a world dominated by China and its forced laborers in Xinjiang and Congolese child laborers.

    Every day the dangers of total reliance on electricity generation and transmission at a level twice that of today are exposed. And every day these warnings are ignored by the media and lampooned by the Karines of the world.

    In Pakistan, lightning hits a warehouse full of electric vehicles and batteries causing a fire and explosions that killed a 15-year-old boy and injured 163 others.

    Five electric vehicles were destroyed at Sydney’s airport when a detached EV battery from a luxury vehicle burst into flames.

    Taxpayer-subsidized Proterra’s bankruptcy has left the entire eight-vehicle Jackson (Wyoming) bus fleet grounded for months. Parts are not available. Naturally, Jackson’s bureaucrats plan to buy more electric buses. Greenie points!

    British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a five-year delay on banning new gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles (till 2035), citing “unacceptable costs” on ordinary people.

    All across Europe the battle is raging over the “transition.” Unless “net zero” is modified, predictions are that “the base car market will either vanish or will not be done by European manufacturers.”

    Those “ordinary people” are speaking with their pocketbooks.
    Prices for used EVs have been slashed by nearly 25% “as drivers lose confidence.”……used EV’s slashed by nearly 25%….current stupid EV owners got screwed…lol….

    British auto insurer John Lewis Financial Services has “temporarily” paused issuing polices on battery-powered vehicles until its underwriter analyses risks and costs (and raises rates).

    Another insurer, Aviva, reportedly is refusing to insure Teslas, while other EV owners saw premiums go up 1,000% in just one year (up to £4,000 more)…..premiums go up 1,000%…lol…EV’s are way cheaper to run then ice cars….lol….

    • Costs for EV repairs have risen sharply, and there is a shortage of technicians with the skills to carry out repairs – meaning EV owners may wait weeks with their toy in the shop

      There is a 75% reduction in private vehicle ownership demanded by Klaus Schwab and his fellow gazillionaire would-be gods.

      Ford is losing $4.5 billion in its EV division this year despite President Biden’s welfare-for-the-rich scheme of massive subsidies for EV purchases

      EV mandates force tremendous losses of personal freedom. And our children are being taught that freedom – speaking out against government and the ruling class – is a bad thing.

      from zh comments….

      It’s 2035 and the hottest cottage industry is guys converting EVs to conventional ICE powertrains . .

      We are watching Ford and GM go down in slow motion. When the market takes a dump and they really go down, the government will give them bailouts but only for EV production

      Everything is going to be like 1990’s se asia with bikes, motorcycles and rickshaws. The wealthy (in 25,000 lb armored ICE Mercedes)will just mow people down on their bikes and motorcycles with impunity when they get in their way.


  2. The politicans are afraid of their own shadows. “Terrorists,” global warming, overpopulation, the scandal sheet press, free speech. You name it, they’re afraid of it.

    Makes sense, they’ve been peddling fear since the 1940s. Only now they’ve managed to convince themselves that the world is scary and dangerous. And for them, perhaps it is. The 1960s and 70s saw assassinations, first the politicans, then the pop stars. One of the biggest stories of the 1930s was the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. Being a celebrity is dangerous stuff. When Microsoft was growing exponentially, Gates and Allen used to fly coach, take cabs and walk around without security. Then some idiot walked up to him on the street and hit him with a pie as a publicity stunt. Not long after Gates started flying private, had security and started traveling in the shadows. He got afraid.

    Once you’re afraid of 99.99999% of the population it doesn’t take much to look at them as unhuman. And then you pull up the ladder behind you, ‘lest the barbarians infiltrate your castle. And you have to protect your castle too, and anything that may have a slight chance of destroying it has to be delt with.

    Doesn’t help that the 0.001% basically won the lottery. When you beat the odds by so much you’ll believe anything is possible. And you’ll convince yourself that it wasn’t a fluke, it’s only your superior ability, intellect and genetic makeup that matters. Even when you’re Gavin Newsome, part of one of the biggest crime syndicates ever.


  3. ULEZ powered by 5G…..

    Slave tracking device…..powered by 5G

    US Cellphone Radiation Tests Are ‘Rigged,’ Ignoring Long-Term Health Effects: Expert

    safe and effective…again….

    Cell phone towers…….Cancer Linked to Living Near Cell Towers

    Several bills pending in Congress give the telecom industry “free range” to put their towers wherever they want them, including “right by your bedroom window” if you’re living in an apartment building, according to Ms. Davis.

    A review of scientific studies published in 2022 found that most of the research found increased rates of cancer and radiofrequency sickness in people living within close proximity to mobile phone base stations. A recent study from Brazil found cancer mortality rose with population exposure to radio base station frequencies.


    • THE PERFECT CRIME by the Rome/Vatican Criminals – Romley Stewart

      The Administrator must kill the debtor before he becomes aware he was the creditor all along and that is why war was invented, to deceive the creditor into killing each other so the Administrator never has to settle the debts of the creditor because the true creditor killed each other without a Will.

  4. Eric,

    If it’s any consolation, London in the UK was trying to establish something similar called Ultra Low Emission Zones, or ULEZs. You could only drive EVs in these ULEZs. They were putting up cameras everywhere, so you’d be fined for even MOVING your ICE car! I’m not talking about driving it; I’m talking about moving it, say from the driveway to the street. The fines were to start at 12 British Pounds, or about $15 USD.

    Guess what? The Londoners PUSHED BACK, big time! They were tearing down cameras, taping them over, cutting the cables to them, and so on. There was so much push back that London mayor, Sadiq Khan, had to ease up on the ULEZs. Once the ULEZs were implemented, enough Brits woke up, pushed back, and put a stop to this BS-for now, anyway. I think that the Brits can teach us how to deal with this.

    • RE: “Guess what? The Londoners PUSHED BACK, big time!”

      Saw that. Loved it. Posted the video links.

      Had som,e similar thoughts,… just wondered, what’s gonna be the reaction of The State?

      Sawzall proof posts?
      Bulletproof Blimps?

      …Weird assed times we live in, eh?

      It’s like: our overlords & their useful idiots think we’re all their property, or sumthin’?

      “Yes Sir! Master.”

  5. ‘only affluent people can afford a “zero emissions” electric vehicle.’ — eric

    But too many posh folk still fall into the ‘can pay, won’t pay’ category:

    ‘The F-Series pickup truck continues to be the lifeblood of Ford, holding its sales lead in the industry and driving the third quarter, the automaker announced Wednesday.

    ‘Ford F-Series sales rose 13.4% in the quarter over last year on sales of 190,477 trucks. [Great! But wait:]

    ‘F-150 hybrid sales expanded 46.9% on sales of 12,311 trucks. Ford sold only 3,503 Lightning trucks during the quarter.’ — Detroit Free Press


    Although Ford doesn’t break out F-150 sales from all F-series sales, probably F-150s were about two-thirds of the total — call it 125,000 units in the third quarter.

    So hybrids were about 10 percent of F-150 sales, while the EeeVee Lightning represented less than 3 percent of F-150s. The Lightning factory was closed for six weeks for ‘quality checks’ (that is, warding off battery fires by cautiously beatifying the hair-trigger incendiary coffins with sage grass smudging and Ready Kilowatt voodoo dolls).

    Since last year, I have doggedly maintained that F-150 Lightning sales, absent forceful regulatory intervention, will NEVER exceed 10 percent of all F-150 sales. Ford shows no sign of proving me wrong.

    Indeed, Ford should flat-out cancel the cash flow sucking, pig-in-a-poke Lightning. “It’s dead, Jim!

  6. This is press release that just came in my email:

    IDEM Host Community Engagement Meeting in Indianapolis to Discuss Climate Pollution Reduction Grant Money
    INDIANAPOLIS –The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) is hosting the first of a series of meetings to hear from community members on how to best use funds awarded through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Climate Pollution Reduction Grant (CPRG) Program.

    My question: WTF is “Climate Pollution?”
    I’ve heard of pollution, which are nasties spewed into the air and water or seeped into the earth, such as gasses, toxic chemicals, etc. These are generally considered things that harm human health, make the water unlivable and/or undrinkable, seep into the soil, kill wildlife, flora and fauna or sometimes merely smell bad. A good example might be what happened in Mount Pleasant Ohio, which we don’t really talk about anymore.
    You can pollute water, air and dirt – the basic three components we have on this planet – but you can’t pollute a climate.
    Do they maybe mean “disrupt” the climate?

  7. The Zen of Zero Emissions Zones!

    You have to stop worrying, love the bomb or something.

    Washington, DC is a gulag, Putin has them all behind the eight ball, the right of conquest, it is checkmate.

    Can’t go on.

  8. One would hope that most of those classic car surveys ended up in the “round file” where they belong! Luckily, at least so far, the only mandatory gov’t survey is the census. All else can be crap-canned.
    As for the zero emissions zones, one way I can see for this kind of nonsense to be fought is by businesses that are located in these zones. Basically the gov’t is choking off customer access and therefore those affected businesses could likely have good legal grounds to sue said gov’ts.

    • “Luckily, at least so far, the only mandatory gov’t survey is the census.”

      Yeah, I wouldn’t even bother with that one either. The government doesn’t follow the Constitution I see no reason why the citizens should.

      My favorite lie from the Census collectors:

      “The data collected by the decennial census determines the number of seats each state has in the U.S. House of Representatives and is also used to distribute hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funds to local communities.”

      The House of Representatives has been at 435 since 1929. At that time a Congressman averaged 200K people, it is now a Congressman for every 760K people. Maybe that is why service at the Capitol is so shoddy…too many constituents, not enough hours.

      Even the distribution of funds is a lie. The top five states that received the most federal aid: California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Virginia. Yep, the wealthiest states receive the most monies back. Virginia receives the highest net per resident than any other state in the Union – approximately $10K. Why? Defense contractors. The money follows the corporations, not the people.

      • Hi RG,

        When the Census lady showed up here a few years back, I told her – politely – that two adults reside here. She then began to badger me about other things and I got impolite.

        • At least you answer. 🙂

          I look out the window and if I don’t recognize someone or they look like they want money or information from me I won’t even open the door. We don’t hide or anything – dogs are barking, music is blaring, etc. I just ignore them and pretend they aren’t there. I really need to install driveway gates.

          • My fantasy is a “driveway vehicle collector”. Some rig shows up unannounced/uninvited – hit the collector button, bollards instantly pop up fore and aft, steel netting deploys, totally envelopes and immobilizes the rig. Announcement “ remain in place sheriff will arrive and process your trespass “

            Something similar for the front porch, “bag ‘em and tag ‘em”.

            Couple slug rounds from the Mossberg thru the radiator would also get the point across.

            • I’ve considered driveway gates,… the, “driveway vehicle collector” is new one on me, …I’m more of a draw bridges & moats guy,
              but ya know, ALL those things scream: “I HAVE STUFF YOU WANT TO STEAL!” like a big neon sign.

              …No easy answer. I think.

  9. The people whom these policies are aimed at hurting are decent, good people. The policy makers know exactly who to victimize. Their victims will not take to the streets. They will not burn cities. They will go about their business peacefully as usual, because that’s what good people do in a civilized society. That’s why America was good for so long.

    Will it be too late when all of the good people realize a war has been waged against them? When they realize they are being chopped down in the name of equality?

    Personally, I will resist these encroachments by going about my business as usual, as I did during the “pandemic” as if not affected at all by the lunacy. I’ll drive my cars where I please. I’ll pay no penalty they issue to me. I will force them to take action against me, revealing the true nature of their business, which is the application of force, and nothing more. I’ll do this because that’s what good, decent people do.

  10. The only bright spot in this ass-clown show we call a country is poor little McCarthy from California lost his imperial gig to a small group of libertarian conservatives. McCarthy was a back room deal cutter. That was his talent. I’m sure when he signed the backroom deal to allow a floor challenge at any time, he was assured by Pelosi that she would protect him with a small group of safe district Marxists who would vote to keep him. McCarthy got BF’d which is good, because the road to freedom does not start by challenging the Marxists outright, we got to start weeding the traitors out of our side first. Who will replace McCarthy…only person worse than McCarthy is Mittens Romny but he is retiring from the Senate. We’ll see, could be another RINO but couldn’t be much worse and precedent has been set.
    Some more good news is the Marxist new leader in the House is an idiot. Pelosi would have extracted a couple more deals from McCarthy then saved him. This idiot joined the purge just to cause chaos. Maybe….just maybe, they regret this move with a new Speaker who will fulfill promises for (12) budget votes, single items bills, and an agenda that confronts Marxism at its core. We can only hope for the moment.

    Otherwise, restricted driving zones coming home to district near you.

    • I’m on the edge of my seat, waiting in gleeful anticipation of the next politician savior to grace the hallowed halls of congress!

      C’mon, man!

      • I think the brilliance for the libertarian side is that, as long as there is no Speaker, Congress does nothing, which is what they should be doing. Unless, of course, they would dismantle the alphabet bureaucracies and the Dark State, but they seem to have no interest in doing either, so halting the infernal machine is the best option.

    • Hi Hans,

      If Matt Gatez and Nancy Mace are libertarians than I am Paige Spiranac.

      I really don’t know how I feel about the McCarthy overthrow. I am not a fan of his. The last thing this country needs is another lifelong politician (especially from California). The new Speaker will likely be Jim Jordan, but I don’t think he is going to do anything differently.

      For fun, since Jordan is a former wrestler and wrestling coach, if a new bill is to be considered on the floor, I believe there should be a wrestling match against the sponsors of the bill and Jordan to see if it should be heard. It would bring a little entertainment to an otherwise boring institution and CSPAN needs the viewership.

      • Hi Raider Girl,
        I’m sure your husband sees you as Paige Spiranac, and that’s all that matters.

        Yep, I don’t trust any of the pollical class at all. Gatez has issues and so do all. I think in this instance, what Gatez had negotiated and was holding McCarthy to was modest; pass a budget like the constitution requires, have simple bills not BS tucked into the sheets, get some kind of sanity back into controlling spending.
        We may never get a secure boarder wall or anything else because the Marxists are dedicated to our defeat. When do we get leaders who are dedicated to the Marxist defeat?

        “All compromise is based on give and take, but there can be no give and take on fundamentals. Any compromise on mere fundamentals is a surrender. For it is all give and no take.” —Mahatma Gandhi

  11. ‘What is the point of owning a classic car you aren’t allowed to drive anywhere?’ — eric

    What is the point of owning a big mouth, if you aren’t allowed to stuff it with pie?

    The average US womenswear size is 16 – 18 (XL – XXL), according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, which is up from a size 14 a decade earlier.

    Likely, if HHS is meeting its DEI targets, the average womenswear size in the department is even larger.

    Food for thought, so to speak.

    Cool cherry cream and a nice apple tart
    I feel your taste all the time we’re apart
    Coconut fudge really blows down those blues

    But you’ll have to have them all pulled out
    After the Savoy truffle

    — The Beatles, Savoy Truffle

    • Go look for old Married With Children episodes where Al is in confrontations with fat women. What was considered obese in the 90’s is average today.

    • The average American male has a 40.5 waist size and a 5.3″ penis.

      Just saying.

      I don’t think either side should throw stones through glass houses.

      • ‘The average American male has a 40.5 waist size and a 5.3″ penis.’ — Raider Girl

        ‘If he were wearing pants, you might think our average Joe would be in a size 38, 39 or 40, depending on the cut. But, turns out, the top-selling pant/trouser size in the U.S. is actually a 34.

        ‘Where does the major discrepancy come from? For one, “vanity sizing.” Edward Gribbin says the waist measurement in a man’s pant is generally 1.5 to 2 inches larger than the stated size. (Or up to 5 inches, if you’re shopping at Old Navy.)

        ‘Secondly, guys with a waist bigger than 35 to 36 inches tend to have a prominent belly, Gribbin says. The more it sticks out, the lower men wear their pants.

        “They can wear a smaller size, and though the belly hanging over is not the most attractive sight, most men don’t care,” Gribbin says.


        I guess half a dozen cases don’t last that long
        Come tomorrow morning, it’ll all be gone
        Then it’s turn around, leave town, sounds again
        Like a B double-E double-R U N

        — Garth Brooks, Beer Run

        • About the same. Pants slide down all the time, there’s no more holes left on the belt,…where’s that leather hole punch?

          …Good to know I’m ~ better than average, anyway. ?

          And, I think Jim H is right, RE: “the top-selling pant/trouser size in the U.S. is actually a 34.”

          Try finding that size in underwear. Stacks of the other sizes, not often that one.
          Grab ’em while ya can, I guess?

      • From the National institute of health:

        More than 1 in 3 men (34.1%) and more than 1 in 4 women (27.5%) are overweight.

        More women (11.5%) than men (6.9%) have severe obesity.

      • The Commander was howling about M vs F weight double standard – I reminded her I didn’t make the double standard but as a guy I’m obligated to abide by it. Tapping that frying pan she reminded me “you have to fall asleep sometime!” Humm.

  12. Let’s face it, we’re being governed by the Iraq imperial model of government, i.e., the occupying elites rule from the “Green Zone” in which they can do whatever they want, and they are insulated and protected by mercenaries who will come out of their hive and no-knock you at 4 a.m.

    Anyone who does not have the credentials and ID to get into the Green Zone is a “terrorist.” The “terrorist” population is subject to 24-7 regulation and surveillance and if you are some guy just getting groceries and the cops mistakenly think you are a “terrorist” they will shoot you on sight just as they did to hapless schmucks at IED checkpoints in Iraq.

    Lest you thing this is an exaggeration, recall the troops and the actual armed checkpoints and the fencing in the streets of D.C. for six months in 2021.

    They do not give a fuck about you or your property or your family or your freedom whatsoever, they are completely insulated in their imperial bunker (where they hold their Pride Month and BLM rituals). Other examples of this type of rule include the Kremlin and the Forbidden City in Peking.

    The imperial rulers can issue an edict that you cannot have a classic car or a gun on a whim and you will have no say. If you violate the edict you run the very real risk of getting shot.

    • Which is THE reason for state militias they exchanged for the National Guard which is an auxiliary of the standing army that flies the LGBTQ flag.

  13. So following this “zero emissions zone” BS to its logical conclusion, you better take a deep breath and hold it while passing through since all humans “emit” CO2 when they breathe.

  14. ‘CARB also seeks “explicit authority” to “implement equitable pricing mechanisms that favor pooling and ZEVs in a way that meets the needs of priority populations.” — eric

    ‘Priority populations’ — a phrase that reliably precedes ethnic cleansing, itself a euphemism for violent expulsion.

    Who are the bureaucrats who will direct this premeditated regulatory pogrom? CARB’s rogues gallery of leaders, posted here, provides cold comfort:


    You’ve got your requisite black female lawyer as board chair — though sadly, she lacks the lesbian diversity distinction, having a (yuck) biological family and all.

    The progressive reader feels comforted by the eight-member executive leadership, of whom seven are female, with only one angular, y-chromosomal face marring the estrogenic diversity.

    Unintentional levity is provided by Annette Hébert ‘(A·bear)’, whose pronunciation guide assists perplexed graduates of California public schools. She’s in charge of ‘Mobile Source Compliance,’ probably meaning cars and trucks and trains, when translated to English.

    If men were still admitted, conceivably one might be labeled as Sean ‘(Shawn)’, though such a forename smacks unpleasantly of white privilege and gratuitous eurocentrism.

    Chanell Fletcher is in charge of ‘CARB’s programs designed to address disproportionate impacts from air pollution and climate change and associated chronic health conditions affecting Black, Latinx and other communities of color across the state.’

    Translation: dig deep in your pockets, whitey, because you are gonna PAY.

    • Hi Jim,
      Up here Hahvaad just selected a new president that checked all the boxes – female, black, and a lesbian. Maybe Yale can one-up them by finding one who’s a tranny.

      • One can only respond in the immortal words of George W Bush (Harvard Business School, 1975):

        ‘Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?’

        As Bush quipped about one of his profs, ‘He wrote a book. I read one.’

        Photographic proof: https://tinyurl.com/5kykp273

  15. OT but for the abject stupidity of it, it’s laughable:


    ““If you want to make [electric aircraft] viable from a commercial or military perspective, I can’t wait 24 hours to charge my airplane,” Maj. Riley Livermore, the squadron’s flight commander, said in the Air Force’s statement. “They need to do it in less than an hour.”

    But a fast charger like this requires a tremendous amount of power — enough to provide electricity for 250 homes, Livermore said. So the base upgraded its electric grid with a 1000 kW transformer to provide the high-power current needed to quickly charge aircraft at the 480-volt, 400-amp station, he said. The new transformer can raise or lower a current’s voltage and intensity as needed while keeping the electricity flow steady.”

  16. The screw on us are tightening ever so slowly but surely.

    One would think that our current population would be sufficient for our land mass but no Our rulers are letting in more and more people everyday. The USSofA population is currently about 330 million and calculated to reach 450 to 500 million in about 30 years or so. There are about 650 million people in Mexico, central America, south America and the Caribbean and most of them want to come here, the land of easy living, handouts and plenty of food and entertainment. These rulers of ours are committing suicide. We will eventually return to some form of peasant/serf society where only the top ten percent will rule us and tell us what to do. That will be a tough order here where many own weapons. Our state government wants us to register our weapons or else we will be become criminals. What a country the USSof A is turning into!

  17. zero emission zones…thanks to your freemason run government…freemasons a religious cult worshiping satan….

    “government”…actually a foreign owned corporation run by the globalist/communists..

    The political arm of the control group…the globalist communists…is the freemasons…when you vote you get to vote for one of two freemasons….lol

    • Today the power of Freemasonry extends its infuence through government, administrations of Justice, professional bodies, all levels of management, local authorities and sadly too, the church. The Royal Family has been involved in Masonic ritual since its foundation, the Duke of Kent holding the title Grand Master for over twenty-five years.

      In much of the symbolism of Freemasonry there are clear indications of Occult influence. We need to be aware of this danger as the following examples show. (See also C2.4.4.]

      The symbols and instructions of Degree 28 are said to be full of Kabbala and Alchemy. The Kabbala has been described as ‘a hand book of Hebrew occultism’ and Alchemy was originally connected with the Egyptian god Osiris and magical powers.

      Degree 32 brings a connection to the ‘all seeing eye’. This also represents Osiris, an Egyptian god whose annual death and resurrection personified fertility.

      God’s secret name in masonry is Jah-Bul-On which traditionally is supposed to represent Jehovah, Baal and Osiris the Egyptian sun God.

      To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the brethren… The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Lucifer in doctrine.

      If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay (the Christian God) whose deeds prove his cruelty, perfidy and hatred of man… yes, Lucifer is god, and unfortunately Adonay is also god… There is no light without shade… for the absolute can only exist as two gods… This the doctrine of Satanism is heresy and the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay, but Lucifer, God of Light and God of good is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of Darkness and Evil.

      When the Mason… has learned the Mystery of his Craft, the seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward he must prove his ability to properly apply this energy. – Hall, p.48.

      Freemasonry deliberately misleads the initiates of the lower degrees with false religious interpretations, even suggesting in some degrees that Lucifer is their light!

      Aleister Crowley was a mason and something he learned in the secrecy of a lodge led him and other masons to form an occult group called the Order of the Eastern Templars, or O.T.O.. Crowley became one of the most infamous Satanists of this century!

      In a book written in 1889 by Albert Pike, the Grand Supreme Pontiff of Freemasonry, he pinpoints its ultimate principle:

      “The true and philosophic religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonai (the christian god), but Lucifer, the god of light and of good,


  18. Zero emissions? We argue constantly that the emissions are simply moved to the generating station in the sky.

    People simply misunderstand what they really mean. Sort of like “Safe and Effective”. When we are at some point priced out of car ownership,,, at that moment we will truly be zero emission! They have stated no private cars after 2030 many times.

    So far it appears insurance will be the culprit. Insurance companies like State Farm has left Floriduh. Progressive is dropping 100,000 home owners home insurance. Citizen insurance is dropping 300,000 home owners. And the legislators are giving them all carte blanch charging whatever rate they desire just to keep the insurance company here regardless of rates. Auto insurance will be next.

  19. ‘[Commiefornians] were sent a “survey” about their cars and their driving habits and where they drive them.’ — eric

    ‘8. If you’re interested in joining a focus group session, please leave your email/phone number below so we can contact you directly:’

    *waves hand*

    Apuntame, por favor!

    I’ll arrive convivially drunk … then, half an hour into the staid proceedings, deliver myself of a blistering rant (secretly filmed by a confederate) that results in security being called and my goodself being physically ejected from the venue, while denouncing Governor Gavin for fornicating with sheep and pantomiming Sicilian cuckold gestures.

    Lord yes, sigh me up … 🙂

  20. Hopefully people drive their cars straight out of california.

    Unfortunately, this nonsense will likely pass court tests as a power of the state to “protect” the population or “environment”.

    An enterprising lawyer may be able to find the rule discriminates against poor people of color by denying them movement in certain areas.

    • Unless the boneheaded lawywers on our side properly introduce statistics that show how little of a problem Pre 1978 cars are “pollution wise.”

      What percentage of miles driven are by 1978 cars?

      Ah, it’s stupid to argue anymore.

      They can’t prove any damage that cars do period. Pre 78 cars don’t use any more gas than many made today. This is maddening.

      • Hi Swamp,

        Yeah, but ti doesn’t matter – because it’s not about the “environment.” The latter is the excuse. And the problem is that so many people are illiterate/innumerate hysterics who believe what they are told.

    • Yes the “disparate impact” blah blah in the government fiats is aimed at trying to mollify the minority populations that will be totally screwed with this type of legislation. I think a lot of this stuff is going to get cancelled because of that. Black people in particular are going to have issues transitioning to electric, both because the cost of the vehicles and the infrastructure are going to be difficult for poorer populations. And urban black folk typically have no problems with making their dissatisfaction known to the local government.

  21. California: The instruction manual on how to destroy a State.
    Sacramento does absolutely nothing that benefits California residents. Quite the contrary. The State in fact has a larger government debt than Russia. Yet spends as if that is of no concern. As if the Unicorn farts and fairy pixie dust created by their utopian fantasies will take care of everything. What is one to do if they have to drive through one of these “green” zones to get to work, and can’t afford an EV? They don’t care, as long as you aren’t driving a superior ICV in that zone. Even if CO2 was driving a “climate emergency”, such zones would have no impact on it. As Eric points out, EVs have a larger CO2 output. But let’s not be troubled by the truth. It might impact our Unicorn fart and fairy pixie dust output.

  22. We said, Eric. We’re living on a ticking time bomb that WILL explode at some point. This is just another milepost on the Road to Serfdom. Since totalitarian societies always collapse it’s just a matter of when and how ours will pass into the dustbin of history.

    I can only hope and pray that it is as peaceful as that of the Soviet Union and that we get someone, like Putin, that puts the people of the country ahead of the globalist grifters.

    • I should revise that. Maybe we will get a society built on peaceful interaction that doesn’t involve a Treaty of Westphalia government as its model. One where The Central GovCo is the end all and be all.

      But, that’s real fantasy thinking.

      • Hi Mark,

        Vladimir Putin recently warned that Klaus Schwab is a “Global terrorist whose days are numbered”. Global terrorist seems to be an apt description of Schwab given what he wants to do to people who aren’t psychopaths like himself via Western governments (including the U.S.) that he has infiltrated over the past who knows how many years. There’s video out there of him bragging about having infiltrated governments such as that of Canada, France, etc. At least one of his stooges is even a state governor who could potentially run for President next year.


        • As stated by Washington, the man, and seconded by Jefferson, peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations—entangling alliances with none.”[

          Putin seems to be on the same path with his Six Pillars.

        • I really like Vlad. Too bad he’s too honorable to initiate aggression- I really would appreciate a tac nuke in the middle of a Davos WEF conclave.

          And he’s been entirely too civilized in dealing with the rump government in Ukraine, but perhaps he’s just leading his adversaries to bankrupt themselves physically and morally supporting said rump government.

          It’s a dangerous game though, Heinlein advised never threatening a small man, and todays western “leaders” are the smallest of midgets.


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