A Tale of Two Letters

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Two things came in the email the other day, each at odds with the other.

One was another bill for “services” I neither asked for nor use nor approve of, such as government schools and the “work” done by various government employees who can force me and others to pay them via the government, which sends me these bills every six months. They are styled property taxes and if I fail to pay what they say I “owe” then the government will seize my property – which for that reason obviously isn’t really. It is merely the house I thought I paid for – and which I am allowed to pretend I own. The one I am forced to pay rent styled property taxes to the government to be permitted to occupy – in exchange for the “services” I don’t use, never asked for and don’t approve of but which the government insists are “essential.” By which is meant those who control the machinery of government deem them to be essential. So much so that others – who don’t want them and don’t use them must be forced to pay for them.

The second thing that came in the mail was a request for money for a service I would like to pay for – because it might be useful to me – but which I cannot afford to pay for, having been forced to pay for “services” I do not want to pay for because they are of no value to me.

It was a letter from my local volunteer fire department. I italicize “volunteer” to emphasize the irony.

Here is a service I would happily pay for – because it is worth paying for. It is also what you might call an essential service and yet, it is not paid for by the exorbitant, endless property taxes I am told I “owe” to pay for such things as government schools and the army of government workers who perform no services of any value to me.

I italicize the latter to emphasize the point that any service is a subjective value – something that may be of value to you but of less or no value to others, who for that reason ought not to be forced to pay for them.

Take away the forcing and what you have are services paid for by those who do use and value them – and by no one else.

Isn’t that the way such things ought to be arranged?

It is the way other things are arranged. If you value the services of a plumber, you are free to contract with the plumber for his services at a price agreeable to both. You are not – yet – forced to pay for the services of a plumber for your neighbor, who values a remodeled bathroom and thinks you ought to be forced to help pay for it.

This is however exactly what happens when government decides what’s of value – and who’ll be paying for it. It is why people who not only don’t value government schools but consider them to be of negative value because they indoctrinate rather than educate and so produce  a new generation of people who cannot think – and who think it’s legitimate to force others to pay for what they value – are forced to (in Jefferson’s words) furnish money for the propagation of ideas (and values) they consider to be detestable.

It is also why people have less money available to pay for the things that are of value, to them. Such as the services of a volunteer fire department.

Ironically – and tragically – it is also why many people cannot afford to be charitable. Or less charitable than they otherwise would have been in a position to be. The result is a meaner society – in which self-preservation is the primary occupation, much the same as it is when a ship sinks and there are only so many lifeboats.

Instead of temporarily helping out the neighbor who is down on his luck, the neighbor is out-of-luck, because his neighbors have been forced to hand over so much money to pay for the salaries of government workers, leaving not much to help people who are actually down-on-their-luck.

Unlike the government workers, who are able to help themselves to as much of other people’s money as they believe they are entitled to. In italics to emphasize the insufferability of people who not only have the power to force other people to pay them but haughtily regard themselves and the “services” they provide as essential. It never occurs to such people to ponder the incongruity presented by the fact that they are obliged to force people to pay for their “services,” which – if they were regarded as essential by those who are forced to pay for them – wouldn’t require forcing people to pay for them.

Of course, most government workers are themselves the result of government services, such as the government’s schools – which propagate this business of forcing people to pay for services they do not want or use and even despise.

Leaving them less or even unable to pay for the needful services they would otherwise happily pay for, such as the local volunteer fire department.

. . .

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  1. There is a substantial Amish community near where I live. I recall a news article in the 1980s about an Amish man who left their community and wanted to join the Coast Guard. But to join the Coast Guard, you have to have a high school diploma or equivalent, and the Amish only go to the 8th grade. So he took the GED exam and passed it, WITHOUT studying.

    This tells us that the Amish learn as much in 8 years as kids in government schools learn in 12, and at much lower cost. My understanding is that Amish schools operate much like the old one-room schoolhouses.

    All of the government schools’ bloated bureaucracy is unnecessary, the buildings and buses, the multiple levels of administrators with their six-figure salaries, all of it.

    • I believe it. Kids just need the basic instruction: reading, writing, and arithmetic. They are inquisitive by nature and as long as someone doesn’t snuff that out of them they will learn willingly. My homeschoolers rarely sat around a kitchen table. We did for a couple lessons here and there, but it was when they were younger and we teaching them to read or working on math sheets. Everything else was taught on the run: Earth Science/Geology taught outside, Economics was taught by purchasing stocks and watching world events, Animal Husbandry by dealing with livestock, History by traveling and visiting various sites.

      I don’t know how being assigned to sit in a jail cell eight hours a day is proactive in education. Kids don’t just learn between the hours of 8-3 Monday through Friday.

    • Hi SLH,

      Yup. I’d wager any 12-year-old home-schooled kid of average intelligence could pass the GED test with ease. As an aside, I am reading a biography of Robert E. Lee and in passing it mentions George McClellan, commander of the Federal Army before Grant took over. The former entered the University of PA at the age of 13.

      • Speaking of the Civil War era: recall the Ken Burns series on the Civil War? They read the letters and books written by the soldiers and other observers of that time. How literate they were! And most were the products of the one-room schoolhouse.

        Compare that to today, where the products of the vastly expensive government school bureaucracy don’t know the difference between ancestors and descendants, or between too and to, its and it’s, or there, their, and they’re.

        • George Washington’s formal education stopped when his father died and he had to run the family farm…at 11 years old. Lincoln had one year of formal education. Andrew Johnson had none. He didn’t learn to read and write until his teens.

          The President with the highest level of education…Woodrow Wilson, who had a doctorate. Also, one of the worst Presidents ever.

          • Oh man, my baby-brother & his baby-momma were all over me in The Before Times when I suggested homeschooling their kids. They knew a couple who did that & their child (was a bit shy, I’m guessing) as they saw it, that child, “Wasn’t socialized”.

            This is, ‘the absolute’, for the University class, being, “socialized”.

            [Insert image of today’s classroom, here. Complete with chair throwing/knock out the teacher.]

            ..Psft, I stopped there. Perhaps, I shoulda mentioned how past Presidents, scientists etc.. were home schooled… “socialization” didn’t play a role, ‘er something.

            Anyway, I thought of you & your Raider’s/Packer’s Monday Night Football comment when I was watching Patara in her Tennessee hat & sweatshirt as she talked about dressing up possum with imitation Chick-Fa-Lay breading to intice the young-un’s.

            …I might be okay in a football watching crowd like that? Idk.

            ‘Stay Strapped!’

            Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara


            • Hi helot,

              Well, that’s a bit freaky. I just finished watching Patara’s recent podcast where she was talking about the dream she had a few nights ago before I saw your post.

              I view sports like watching a movie or reading a book of fiction…it is a diversion for a few hours. Let’s be honest, there is little to no happy news ongoing in the world today. I am not a woman that can continuously digest that the world is going to shit. Some people can, I am not one of them. If I can carve out a few happy moments (or at least blank out for an hour or two) that assists in my ability to keep going. Does it always have to be sports? Of course not. We each have our way of deflecting from the world’s problems. I am not going to discourage any one from doing that. It doesn’t mean one is ignorant and doesn’t know what is happening, just that they need to escape to maintain their sanity.

              • Morning, RG!

                I will amen what you’ve just written. Watching football doesn’t do it for me, but I love watching Star Trek (over and over). It’s a pleasant distraction for me – and I need that, too. We all do.

  2. i had an altercation with one of those forced government workers in the form of a county ditch mower. it is a big tractor with a huge mower on it. they mow the sides of the road and they mow down my fence by the road every year. it lets out our animals and we asked them not to do that. begged them not to. even stood in front of his tractor and mower and said….look your hitting my fence knock it off! and they told me to ‘go back to your house! ‘ this is COUNTY PROPERTY. arrogant beyond belief!

    when we refused he fired up his tractor and would have mowed us down with it had we not jumped out of the way. my spouse couldn’t move that fast and ended up on top of the deck mower. or would have been under the mower.

    we filed a police report but as all the good ole boys club stick together. they stuck together with the county and did nothing.

    he tore down my fence again and we had to put it back up…nothing happened to the goon with a tractor and mower he was using as a weapon. we are out the costs of yearly repair. same thing year after year. a forced destructive service that we have to pay to have done. we pay them to destroy our fence and then have to repair it our own cost.

    yep. that is government for you…a service at the point of a gun!

    • How could they not pay for damage to your fence? Was it on county property? There are easements which cede the government a slice of your property, which is a taking that has been upheld by the courts. There are property rights groups that will help out land owners in these types of disputes. You should check it out.

    • Hi Highlander,

      Maybe next time add a couple of large rocks or large chunks of concrete where they mow. If nothing else, it will take them longer since they will have to replace the mower deck.

    • Hi Highlander,

      It seems to me that if he tried to run you over with farm equipment you’d be within your rights to defend yourself. As far as the rest, I’m betting they will say they have an easement. But if your fence was not over the easement for the road, I’d consider hiring a lawyer to sue the bastards for the damages.

      • we did defend ourselves…hence the altercation. came to hand to hand. they did claim an easement but in this county there isn’t one! not a legal..implied. and we advised that mower of that fact and he was shocked that we KNOW IT…..THAT is a little known secret counties and states won’t like people to know about…it isn’t a legal easement in many places but people act as if it is and they make it easy for the county to do whatever they want…they did NOT do a taking when the road we put in…the took over the roads that existed and called it an easement….lots of legal jungle gym taking place that they can’t actually stand on.

        ..and we tried a lawyer and all they will do is refer us to small claims court because the damage isn’t tens of thousands of dollars. it is a barbed wire fence to keep animals in..they hit it and pop 2 or 3 strands every year….not much option for us but i am vindictive enough to say i know the man is injected and his time is short! of that i truly hope! in fact you can see it in his face he goes beserk when challenged..not rational behavior…and his skin turns red….i hope he pops from the clot shot. you have to have a lot of money for a lawsuit here we tried. and we tried the property rights as well and so far we haven’t had much success. though a lot of neighbors have the same issue and problem so maybe we can find a solution that will stop the county from their yearly destruction crew.

        i like the person who said rocks and concrete….THAT IS AN OPTION and rolls of old barbed wire in the ditch to wrap around the blades….and one that might save the situation. our area we mow ourselves. we keep it weeded so the fence stays clear. the ditch mower is going to do his JOB….as he calls it….no matter who is in the way! even if it is clean and doesn’t need done. he is going to follow his program and no one better step in his way.

        like eric said another forced job we don’t want or need done! a result of forced taxation.

  3. Don’t worry Eric, the Tyranny in Charge is in big trouble. Did you know Russia has only 282B in external debt? Think about that and compare to USA’s 33 trillion, over 100 times higher. California has 4x the debt of Russia.

    What Russia is to the west is financial solvency, if they could only topple the Putin regime and take it all, for themselves, and bail their sorry asses out. But that can never happen, because Russia has the world’s biggest nuclear arsenal, which is on high alert, and now fielding the giant Dongus Humongous Satan 2 missile, which can have up to 15 hypersonic MIRVs.

    Amerika is being gutted by special interests, and is in an epic death spiral of Biblical proportions. How this nation ends is great theater, but it is ending, and the death spiral is increasing in velocity as every turn gets tighter, and eventually it will auger in. And oh do they love Ukraine, known for it’s parliament’s fist fights, and IMO is coming to our House of Communists soon:

    Fistfight Breaks Out In Ukraine’s Parliament, Again | NBC News

    I know you all think that is a wild prediction, but I don’t, the ousting of McCarthy is a sign in the heavens from the gods. We are losing it, and our elected whores know it, and things are getting desperate – because interest rates are going exponential, the interest on the debt will soon soar through a trillion, and that is a whole lot of cash they want for other things, like to buy off your votes with some freebie handout, like tax breaks for EVs.

    How many people right now are aware that interest rates could easily go back to the 1980 highs, or even higher, like they are in 3rd world shit holes? This is happening right now and very few are aware of how bad it is going to get – that could result in fist fights in the House of Elected Bought and Paid for Whores.

    It will be great entertainment for sure, I hope they beat the shit out of each other, because our Congress needs to get the shit beat of itself for what they have done to us – endless inflation and taxes, cars that cost over $50,000, endless wars for Ratheon and Lockheed Martin and Israel, and now the worst thing possible, these lunatics are promoting LBGTQ tranny as the highest moral virtue.

    Fuck them all, I hope they all die horrible deaths for all the harm they have caused our people and all the other peoples around the world. In fact nothing would make me happier then to see them all swinging from ropes down Pennsylvania Avenue or even better – their heads lopped off French style by le guillotine.

    And oh yeah, why oh why does your property tax keep going up, each year they want more – because of the endless money they print to cover their god damned deficit spending – which they have no right to do – for all of their criminal wars started by their false flags. Who gave those loons an open checking account to spend money they do not have? Back when we were on a gold standard, they had to balance the budget. We had no debt until after WW2.

    What Matt Gaetz needs to do is shut the government down permanently. Approve no budget unless their is zero deficits – which the pedo perv lunatic Biden will never go for – which means this is a fight to the end of our nation – and I predict fist fights in the House of Commons is coming soon. And like I said, I hope these bought and paid for immoral bastards beat the shit out of each other – because that is what is needed.

    • I agree with all you’ve written here,Jack –

      It cannot be sustained and so won’t be. It’s just a question of how it all comes undone. Hopefully, it devolves relatively peacefully (peacefully being impossible). But it is not going to be easy or pretty. The piper insists upon being paid…

      • I was hoping you would agree, because I am a radical free thinker, and a freedom lover, and I do not like what these murdering criminal scum are doing to other nations, and what they are doing to us.

        Most people have not wrapped their minds around the level of criminality of our (s)elected criminal class. How many people has the USA killed since 911? A false flag terrorist event – we did it to ourselves to give us permission to launch endless wars in the name of national security.

        Dr. Kevin Barrett, who was a professor University of Wisconsin, Madison, lost his professorship for merely questioning 911 – and telling his class some real politik, estimates that we have killed 20-50 million. That is a lot more than anyone would guess. But it is admitted that 500,000 children died between the Gulf Wars from our embargo of medicine on Iraq.


        We instigated the war between Iraq and Iran, which killed at least a million on both sides. We bombed the shit our of Afghanistan and Iraq. NATO destroyed Libya and put it into chaos. Damascus in Syria is leveled, and Gaza is a shit hole because of us (USA). We fund every bomb dropped on those defenseless people – who live there before the Jew invaders showed up. Every week a US built and paid for F-16 drops bombs on them, that is like NYC bombing New Jersey.

        If you get out a map of the Middle East, note how all the countries next to and around Israel got bombed by us – we are the stupid war mules of this Zionist movement.

        What we have done is an outrage. But most people are asleep from the non-stop state propaganda spewing from the TalmudVision. Jews own the media and have put a huge mind spell on the populace, to cover their crimes – and to keep your mouth shut – they threaten to slander you with “antisemitism hate speech’ if you dare to tell the truth about them.

        And this is all approved by the 538 representatives, who take loyalty oaths to Israel – yet only Cynthia McKinney – a black Congresswoman – had the courage and honesty to tell us!

        So if you understand the real crimes of our government, the least we could do is hang them all right down Pennsylvania Ave. Furthermore, why do they get paid? They don’t do their job, they are required to pass a balanced budget and have not in decades.


        So you all out there should call Matt Gaetz and tell him to shut it down. Shut down the damn government. SHUT IT DOWN!

    • Excellent post Jack!
      Speaks volumes of the corruption in the USSA that the only thing they’re upset about is not being able to send even more of our money to Zelensky.

    • I have to disagree with your post. I think it would be better to hang them from lamp posts then guillotine them, that way they can serve as a visual reminder to the next regime.

      Someone asked me “isn’t it horrible what happened on Jan 6th?”. I replied yes, they should have barricaded the place with Congress inside and burned down the building. I think I was on the opposite side of the issue.

  4. How to minimize the property tax, and stop feeding the parasite: move to a rural conservative township, which is unincorporated, build off the grid. In Oregon, if you build a COB home without using any factory made materials, you are not taxed for that structure, but your land will be. Some people even put their homes on wheels, because RV’s are not taxed. A teepee or wigwam is not taxed.

    You can also move to a nation with no property taxes.

    Another way to beat the system is put all your wealth in gold then go sign up for free housing. Keep your gold outside of any bank with no trace that you bought it, like online.

    Get some brown stain and paint yourself into a Mexican color with a fake ID like Jose Sanchez then illegally cross the border, or say you did, and go to the Health and Welfare and sign up for free food stamps and $2,200 a month stipend, be sure to tell them you hate whitey, and they might even give you a law enforcement job at DHS.

    What I did was move to rural Idaho and built a home with cash off grid. I had firewood for heat and supplemented much of meat from wild game and fish. I had chickens and a steady stream of eggs. My year property tax was half price, because I was a resident living in my primary home, it was about $550 a year, which I paid just for the snow plowing which was many months of the year. With the county plow and summer road grading, I would be stuck in my shangri-la my-private-Idaho cabin. I also bought used cars for cash, so I never had any mortgage or car loan to pay. Life was easy, I spent much time at the local coffee shops talking politics, and much time at the library researching how Jews did 911.

    Only recently, after reading ‘Alien Interview’, by Lawrence Spencer did I learn that I am a domesticated chymera hybrid slave on a prison planet, that religions and governments were set up by aliens to control us, lie to us, and keep us asleep as to our real origin. I could choose to believe God made us from mud, but I am too mature to actually believe that, I now know that a human can only be made by genetic engineering and not by natural selection. That is why I do not have fangs or fur and why I am dependent on technology just to survive.

    Earth is hell. Once you realize that then go from there. I am glad I do not live in Jewkrainia which is sending all the white men to their deaths. For that I am grateful. I have this strong internal moral compass which says kill all government officials, especially when they tell you to charge the Russian fortified front lines.

  5. Government/socialist schools – forced to attend and forced to pay.

    “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of
    ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

    “In America we don’t want the government running Sunday
    school, and we don’t need it running Monday school, either.”
    – Marshall Fritz

    Separate School and State

  6. Once you pay, you need to keep an eye on these F-ers.

    In my little town of 960 people, our town council has been getting themselves neck deep in trouble.

    They are defending against a sexual harassment suit, passing ordinances due to their personal grievances, shuffling money in questionable ways.

    Then they complain when we show up and bitch about their behavior.

    Power corrupts…

  7. Property taxes….

    The Least Affordable Mortgages in History
    Factoring in wage growth, home prices, and mortgage rates, homes are the most expensive ever.
    It’s actually much worse than the chart indicates because…… property taxes….. and insurance are not factored in…

    How The Fed Destroyed The Housing Market And Created Inflation

    How Much Are Homes Overpriced?
    If the 12-year trend of home prices rising with average hourly earnings stayed intact, the home price index would be 211, not 308.
    From that we can calculate home prices are ((308-211) / 211) percent too high,…… roughly 46 percent too high

    The same home that cost $150,000 in 1988 now costs $678,366

    Through massive and totally unwarranted QE, foolishly hoping to create more inflation, the Fed suppressed interest rates to record lows and mortgage rates followed.

    Anyone with an an existing mortgage could and did refinance at 3.00 percent or below.

    This increased “affordability” and we now have two classes of people courtesy of the Fed: winners and losers (existing home owners who refinanced low and those who want to buy).

    “As a result, mortgage applications ground to a halt, dropping to the lowest level since 1996. The purchase market slowed to the lowest level of activity since 1995, as the rapid rise in rates pushed an increasing number of potential homebuyers out of the market.

    34 Percent are Screwed….Well, don’t worry. Only 34 percent of the nation rents,


  8. After you paid your property tax…if you have cash left over….check out this auction….

    56 Rare Porsches Head To Auction Despite Classic Car Bubble Bursting At This Week’s Sotheby’s

    One X user posted at a Sotheby’s auction on Wednesday night -detailed in a series of posts – that blue chip cars were selling well below Sotheby’s price range.

    The X user showed a 1931 Cadillac 370-A V-12 Roadster by Fleetwood that was forecasted to fetch $250k – $300k but only sold for $187k – well below the range offered by the auctioneer.

    Taking a look at the classic car bubble, Hagerty indexes show American Muscle, Blue Chip, British, and Ferrari automobiles peaked right before Covid. Many of these vehicles are popular with boomers and shunned by millennials. Some of these vehicles may have peaked for good as the younger generations want no parts of these cars

    One 924….
    1977 Porsche 924 ‘Martini Championship Edition’
    $40,000 – $60,000 USD
    Offered Without Reserve


  9. If you want to know why we have government in the first place, take a journey down the rabbit hole that will leave you black pilled permanently. The very information you need to know will render you paralyzed.

    By black pilled, I mean that there is no way out of this problem. And what problem is that? Humans are artificial creations – a genetically engineered specie gone rogue on the planet’s surface. And even that is another black pill, forget space travel to Mars, humans exist in a thin band around the planet, in the biosphere, a few hundred feet below the surface to a couple of miles up. That’s it. Walking on the moon is utter bullshit, a NASA hoax.

    That’s One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For….

    Humans didn’t evolve on earth, maybe our ancestors did, but some alien force (Elohim, Ancient Aliens, Anunnaki) came to earth and created us – as slaves – using their own DNA. That is why Genesis says we were created in the image and likeness of the gods – the so-called “gods” were space demons, who made us using their own DNA.

    And so here you are, a naked “ape” on an ice age planet – yet unable to figure out who or what you are, stuck paying taxes to a criminal government just to have a place to sleep. Well Virginia, you are the only ape that needs a house, and to shop at the Piggly Wiggly. Reason? You are a domesticated slave specie, who needs outside help just to exist.

    The Bible talks of Original Sin, and then pegs it on you – but that is a lie – the real original sin was the creation of the Adamic race that led to you. The Anunnaki created us for slaves, we were their pets, they interbred with us, and then one day, they packed up and left. They tried to wipe us out with a flood, but some of us survived – and went feral – and here you are, a tax slave in Amerika.

    And why did they create us? Because an ape will not dig a ditch. A gorrilla is a very powerful animal, it can pick up a shovel, but it can and won’t did a ditch. The gorilla lacks language, and vocal chords to make words that motivate you to dig a ditch. Want some food? Get to work. Want a place to sleep? Pay your property tax. But notice, the gorrilla pays no tax, pays no rents, and will not work. Why? The gorilla is wild, it is wild and free, and you – you are domesticated and enslaved.

    And once you wrap your mind around what I am saying, try not to fall into hopelessness. So what most people do, is not come to grips with reality, they believe in some myth, so that they can cope with day to day existence. Most people pray to God, just to get by, and once again, no other animal does that.

  10. Where I live, there is a yearly subscription to the local volunteer EMS service. You pay $60 per individual and $90 per family to subscribe to the EMS service. If you don’t do so, you could have to pay $1000 per ride—which your health insurance may not cover.

    In my opinion, EMS service is something that is worth paying for—yet why don’t my local taxes cover it? You’d think that your local taxes would.

    • Bryce, in our neck of the woods the local taxes DO pay for EMS. However, EMS also charges upwards of $800 per call. They complain about people not paying the 800 but, why should they? County taxes pay for EMS, why should there be a Per Call charge? Oh I know, they’re greedy parasites…that explains it.

  11. If I plant a crop of sweet corn or some potatoes, grow them for distribution, anybody who buys corn, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers should also pay a royalty each and every year so the farmer can remain solvent.

    It’s called agricultural subsidies, the USDA has the funding. Your tax burden of all kinds will be a pipeline so ag industries can rake in billions from dot gov, your money is what pays for it. ArcherDanielsMidland and BNSF are paid more money from the USDA, Walmart does the SNAP thing. The USDA pays Walmart taxpayer monies.

    If you own a couple of hundred thousand acres of farmland like Bill Gates does, dot gov will lend a helping hand.

    Saudi Arabia has land in California to grow alfalfa to ship to Saudi Arabia to feed milk cows. The Saudis do it in Arizona. The leases from the State of Arizona and California have been cancelled.

    Water is the issue.

    If you don’t pay your property taxes on the property the government owns, not you, you’ll be evicted.

    Take a hike, go someplace else, get out of here. you no good filthy swine.

    • ‘GM Has at Least 20 Million Vehicles With Potentially Dangerous Air-Bag Parts.’ — Horst Muhlmann

      Despite Big Gov having mandated this defective, dangerous technology, when the whip comes down with dead drivers and disastrous recalls, it’s nowhere to be seen.

      Mary, Mary, quite contrary
      How does your cash flow grow?
      With touchscreen bells and cockleshells
      And unsold cars all in a row.

      — Mother Goose

  12. Washington State & counties push special tax levies for what should be funded by the first “normal” tax dollar collected. Example King County “Medic One” which started in the late 60s for specialized medic response instead of the local fireman or cop. Funded by special prop tax levy voted every few years. Decades later, we were still voting on this, by then a really useful core service. Course we never got to vote on the lefty give away programs city/county/State dreamed up. Oh no, all that pork and feather bedding never mentioned and our lefty press never questions anything government does.

    Open the books dot com is very useful if you need specific salary info for your parasites in government.

  13. If I could think of a fool proof way to scam or steal from a gov parasite or agency twice a year to cover property and income taxes, I’d do it in a heartbeat with no moral qualms whatsoever. Not even looking to come out ahead, just to balance the score back to 0.

  14. Typically property taxes follow a biennial rhythm, rising less in election years for state and municipal officials than in the year after.

    Mine popped 15 percent in this off-year, after being held flat in the run-up to last year’s election.

    This cynical game demonstrates that there’s plenty of flexibility to hold the line on spending. But they choose not to.

  15. I can’t think of any tax more diabolical than property taxes, except maybe the income tax. It’s the nearest thing to perpetual motion man has ever attempted to create. And it supports by far the largest group of blood sucking govt parasites the world has ever known: cops, firefighters and teachers along with their supporting cast of useless administrative types. Those who work(?) for govt enjoy outrageous pay & benefits, unbelievable job security, and a whole shopping list of residual benefits which is absolutely impossible to find in the private sector. It’s a group of people so enormous and so ravenous for your tax money that those who are forced to support them should be considered their indentured servants.

    Yes friends, slavery is alive & well in these here united states.

    “Anyone in the United States today who isn’t paranoid must be crazy.” – Robert Anton Wilson

    • Amen, Dave –

      I’ve argued for years that of all taxes, the property tax is the most pernicious because if it did not exist, it would be possible to live reasonably well on very little income; the only necessary things being such basic things as food and utilities and so on – all of which could be easily paid with the income that otherwise goes to pay property taxes.

      • Amen Eric,
        At least the income tax is proportional to your income – or lack there of. That’s the situation I’m in being retired for about twelve years now, income stays the same while food, utilities, and other necessities go ever higher. The property tax is the absolute worst, fattening all the govco parasites while our lifestyle slowly gets gimped to basic survival mode.

        • The police are a for profit corporation….a corporate branch of another corporation the foreign owned and controlled corporation that calls itself “the government”…the taxes they collect ends up in offshore accounts…..

          who owns it?…the vatican/jesuit/freemason owned city of london….


      • I had a friend in Russia who since left in 2021, but for years, she had a good job and was making $400 a month and still was able to do month long European vacations from her home town north of Japan. She was not a short flght from Moscow, it was an epic 11 hour flight with connections. Interesting the change in economics, but the lack of opportunity and corruption was the reason for leaving the country. Must have been bad since she chose the EU instead.

      • In effect, it makes the County the “Lord of the Manor”, who, if ye pay not your ” rent” (property taxes), will throw you and your wife and children off the land, to starve…”. So lamented Angus McFadden’s version of Scottish King Robert the Bruce, commenting it was that fear that caused his subjects to fight for him, instead of the inspiration that William Wallace commanded, in “Braveheart”.

      • To prove your point, my son and his family live in the house I used to live in, I live in the trailer. He pays the property tax, I live comfortably on SS benefits, and save while doing so.

  16. After Parkland and Uvalde and the Supreme Court codifying the fact, the police are under no obligation to protect the public (unless you are under arrest), then the dumbass cops wonder why the Marxists are promoting a defund the police movement (Chaos is the Marxist profession). The cops are playing right into the Marxist hands. After seeing their cowardly behavior under full display, I don’t want to fund these idiots with my property tax dollars.

  17. At the risk of being accused of flogging a dead equine, those of you who live in Texas need to be aware of what is involved in the property tax “reform” which the RINO Governor and Legislature have placed on the November ballot this year along with some other gimmies to certain already wealthy special interests, including a gas generator slush fund for Capo Gecko.

    If you don’t pay attention, you may be in for quite a shock when the 2026 trim notices get mailed out.

    God forbid the state simply take the $17 surplus and send a check to every resident as of a certain date.

  18. Ironically, I got my county property tax statement yesterday. They magically increased the market value of my house, hence, the amount of property tax to be collected.

    Like others here, I don’t have school aged children nor use the school system. Nor do I draw from the public welfare trust. Ditto the veterans trust (even though I’m a veteran). Maybe something from the general fund, but who the hell knows.

    What I do know is the county commissioner expects me to cut a check and hand it over. If I don’t, I’ll get visited by costumed thugs and have a lien put on my property. All for shit I don’t want and don’t use.

  19. When “conservatives” complain about Welfare Queens I point out that the Queen is not the problem. In fact, they are actually slaves to a system run by copious parasitical bureaucrats that take down many times her income.

    A couple years ago a couple upper-level employees of the local Health [sic] Department were fired for reasons not disclosed. What was disclosed was the fact that these two hirelings were each taking in ~$125k each in salary. This in a county where the average annual income is ~$30k.

    Eventually parasites kill the host. I expect our society will not stray from this path.

  20. About 80% of my property tax goes to fund public school. Which I don’t use, and neither does my son and his family, who co-resides on the property, and homeschools my grandchildren. I would not voluntarily pay a dime for them.
    One could teach their children to read and write, and do basic math, and turn them loose, and they would be better educated than by a public school.

    • Hi John,

      I think it’s similar here. And equally off-putting. A child of normal intelligence can be taught to reason – at home – by the time he is eight years old. The rest is simply a matter of using that capacity to reason to intergrate information. Government schools teach disjointed memorization of information – like shoving books on various topics into a closet – with the putative end result being a person who is “educated.”

      • The public schools are thoroughly useless. Have been since the 1970’s when they began introducing that “how do you feel” crap into the curriculum. As well as a dose of that ecology and recycling bullshit into class.

        When I was in the first grade, for the 1971 earth day, the second one when I arrived at the school, everyone was crushing aluminum cans. I thought it was unusual and asked why. The teacher said something about recycling and the earth. I kind of turned away and went to crush cans. I thought it was dumb.

        Mine was the first generation where they eased up on academics in favor of that. I didn’t mind in a way since I was by nature, lazy.

        By the 1990’s I was well out of that, but I hung out with this chick who had a kid. She had the kid on Ratalin and was showing me a government approved list of crap to buy. Toilet paper, paper towels, pencils, pens, paper, etc. This was stuff that was provived by our tax money prior, and now Wal Mart was handling out lists for every school district brat? Corporate welfare.

        At that point, I questioned the need for the existance of these instittuions.

        Now, they turn out an entirely shitty, confused product. Time to shut the whole show down. Fire the administrators, the teachers and demolish the buildings.

        I think today’s kids would have a better chance if they ran wild in the streets than they are getting now.

        • RE: “everyone was crushing aluminum cans. I thought it was unusual and asked why. The teacher said something about recycling and the earth. I kind of turned away and went to crush cans. I thought it was dumb.”

          I remember crushing cans in the 70’s, too.
          Only, we did it because you could fit more in a bag & they were worth a Penny each. A whole Penny!

          I think it may have been the first stream of income I made. …Then came along can return deposits of 5 Cents each & the adults started keeping the cans themselves instead of throwing them away.

          …Anyway, I like the way you think. FGood comment.

          • Here in the Free State of Floriduh they bill for each item but you pay the total. We have a volunteer fire dept. It’s listed on our tax. Haven’t seen a fire but watch them go on car accident calls with their purdy new engines or in the local stores buying steaks for the daily cook out.
            Haven’t a child in the useless skrew system yet I pay for that as well. Oh,,, a new one called the “Childrens Trust”. Have no clue what it does or doesn’t do yet they claim my money. I suspect it is another inequality and racism thing.
            They could have done the sales tax thing but I guess holding homes hostage are guaranteed funding.
            Couple years ago the cartel decided we needed to add a device to our well plumbing. A well that provides emergency water during a hurricane.

            Even though there are 2 shutoffs and a check valve isolating the systems we were “forced” to install the device at a cost of about $500 and then to maintain it,,, and test it biannually. The cost for testing is now hitting $250 for the 10 minute test. Only a ‘licensed’ plumber can do the test. Oh,,, the plumber also gets the $65 call out fee. The well was dug for emergency during a hurricane.
            The only way to eliminate the device and cost is to destroy the well.

            But we are doing well compared to others in different parts of the country. The country is going down the shitter soon. Let’s see how those millions of blood sucking tax parasites are going to survive then.

            May a Pox be on them.

        • Amen, Alfred –

          I had an unusual experience growing up in that my parents sent me to a very good private school through fifth grade. Then we moved and I had the great awakening that came from attending a government school. I was so far ahead of my grade in such basics as spelling, grammar and writing coherently that I very quickly became bored and then contemptuous of the way my time was being wasted pretending to learn what I already knew . The fulsome scurvy truth is I could have gone to work as a writer by the time I was middle school-aged. This used to be the general practice before government schools perpetuated childhood well into adulthood. A kid who wanted to be a lawyer or a journalist or whatever would apprentice to one – and be one by the time a few years had passed.

          Government “schools” are daycare centers for people who are forced to work – both parents – to pay the taxes that support government schools…

          • I remember trying to learn math. I was really excited about it, because I was into computers and electronics and all that stuff is just math with physical parts. But I’m mildly dyslexic and had trouble. The teachers were old enough to be my grandparents and had enough of this world, but continued to teach because they got more retirement the longer they stayed. So they went through the motions and it wasn’t their job to teach. So I fell behind and was told I was stupid and lazy, even though I tried and failed. So I decided I wasn’t good at math but continued to write programs, some of them fairly complicated, and built little circuits.

            When it was time to go to college I majored in music because that was the only other thing I was any good at. Except that musicians are an odd bunch, they’re only happy when they’re playing. I didn’t have that drive at all, just talent, so I ended up dropping out, and transfering to a school that taught audio/video production. I got straight As except for maybe one B the whole time. Classes were easy and fun, even the “business math” class required for accreditation. The instructors were from the industry, not trained teachers, so we actually were encouraged to do projects and learn on our own. The dropout rate was high, but as I learned no higher than colleges, so less than half the class graduated, but we all knew what we were doing. I worked with plenty of college graduates who knew nothing about production other than how to write a script (which I learned by reading a few books from the library and reading movie scripts).

            Children are natural learners, it’s something that’s instinctual. The state tries to short circuit the natural order and take credit where its not due.

      • Schools are very important part of the control group’s brainwashing agenda….to turn children into obedient, compliant, stupid, slaves for the ruling control group to rob. They are taught to love the so called government….which is actually a foreign owned corporation set up to rob the slaves…..a foreign owned corporation run by a satanic cult….

      • The purpose of a curriculum of actual *education”, aside from the fundamentals (“reading, writing, arithmetic, history, geography, geology, and biology”), is to teach what the late Rush Limbaugh deemed ‘young skulls, full of mush’ HOW to learn further, and imbue a DESIRE to learn on one’s own.

        The educational system has degraded into a glorified day care and indoctrination system, and whether a deliberate goal or not, to produce the COMPLIANT.

        Innovations, not only of products, but IDEAS, seldom arise from the “compliant”.


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