Missing Uncle Much?

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Do you miss the government much?

It’s going on a month now since the “shutdown” of “nonessential” government services began and – from what I can tell – this has only confirmed just how non-essential these “services” are.

I put “services” in quotes to emphasis a point, which is that a service – legitimately defined – is defined by one’s willingness to pay for it.

Otherwise, it is a mulcting, extortion – theft.

Whether the thief gives you something you didn’t want in return in no way changes the fact that a mulcting, a theft, has occurred. Imagine a street mugger who – after having relieved you of your wallet – hands you the remainder of the sandwich he was eating as he backs away from you out of the alley. 

A better analogy is the Squeegee Man. He also provides a “service” you didn’t ask for – but are under duress to pay for, the duress being the implied threat to your car’s paint job and perhaps to yourself as well if you fail to pay up.

If the Squeegee Man disappeared, we’d all be happy – and even better, no one would still be paying for his “services.”

The government continues to mulct and extort, of course. That very essential function continues unabated.

What hasn’t continued is the providing of some of the (heavy cough) “services” the government provides in exchange for the money it mulcts from us – and which millions of us don’t miss in the slightest.

This seems like an uneven deal.

We are forced to pay not only for “services” many of us never asked for and don’t want or use but now aren’t even getting those “services.”

This is like being made to make payments on a car you don’t drive.

You don’t miss the car – hell, you never even sat in the damned thing –  but you definitely miss the cash taken to make the payments on it.

Given that – by the government’s own admission – these “services” are not “essential” (and many of them – like for a instance marriage licenses and passports – are only “essential” because the filthy government makes them so) why not put them on a pay as you go basis? If you desire a given “service,” you pay the going rate for it – just as people who want cable TV pay the fee.

But people who don’t want cable aren’t (yet) forced to pay the monthly bill for those who do.

Why shouldn’t the same reasoning apply to government “services,” especially in view of the fact that they are defined by the government as “non-essential”?

If the government is going to deprive anyone of their liberty – which is  done whenever anyone is deprived of their property – then surely it ought to be only for essential reasons?

In fact, it’s not the “services” we’re being mulcted for.

We are mulcted to pay for the salaries of legions of government make-workers, who are now howling about not being paid. These make-workers (I use the term to describe anyone engaged in an activity others aren’t willing to pay for but are instead forced to pay for) are afflicted by a disease of the brain which leads the sufferer to believe he has the right to use force to compel other people to pay his salary.

The “work” he does is the mental trick used to assuage whatever vestigial guilt may pain him over being a thief; it is the means by which he convinces himself he is something other than a thief.

After all, he is providing a “service,” not merely collecting a check paid by people forced to hand over their money for his benefit.

But he is a Squeegee Man, nonetheless. I wish he’d take his greasy rag and bottle of Windex and just leave me alone. I wish him no ill – I just wish I didn’t have to pay him.

The same goes for the millions of government make-workers currently kvetching about not being being paid to not make-work. They are non-essential.  How many businesses, lacking the ability to force people to pay for their services, have non-essential employees?

Electricity, for instance, is pretty damned essential.

I freely and even happily pay for that service.

It is well worth the exchange of say $70 each month to be able to turn on the lights at night – and so I do pay, without anyone sending me threatening letters, followed up by threatening men.

Government “services,” on the other hand . . .

I don’t miss them much at all. But I’m still being forced to pay for them anyhow.

And so are you.

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  1. when the topic arises i always make it a point to interrupt and remind that the shutdown is a PARTIAL one and a FULL 75% of the “workforce” is at their desk and doing whatever the fuck it is they do when they are at their desk. LET’S ALL RESOLVE TO IMMEDIATELY CORRECT ANYONE CALLING THIS ANYTHING OTHER THAN A PARTIAL SHUTDOWN. just stop them before they perpetuate the myth. here’s a fun story…i was able to call bullshit too recently when i was in Borrego Springs CA with a 14 foot dump trailer on my way to the dump. i decided to have a swing by anza borrego state park and take the garbage “over flowing trash cans” i keep hearing about. hell, i’m already going to the dump and i got plenty of room in the trailer…might as well be the good guy. good news folks, there were ZERO overflowing cans and my desire to be hero was dashed by the ability of people to make 1 and 1 equal two…apparently folks had decided to take their trash out with them. in the immortal words of jerry garcia, “if the horse don’t pull you gotta carry the load”. i read also that the regulars are volunteering at joshua tree to clean up and keep an eye open for douchebaggery. let it go on long enough and things will sort themselves out. it’s fucking trash people…take a bag and poach a dumpster and we can let the non essentials find work where they are essential. abraham maslow would approve

  2. It looks like the TSA workers aren’t showing up to work because they aren’t getting paid.

    Of course, they will never just shut down the gate-rape system while they are furloughed and let you travel unmolested.

    People might get way too used to travel without the TSA ‘protecting’ us.

    • The most, possibly only, effective action taken after 9/11 to prevent highjacking was to lock the damn cockpit door. Even better is the tacit agreement amongst fellow travelers to not put up that shit and bum rush the terrorists, but that’s not anything planned by Uncle.

      • Hi RK,

        I disbelieve there were any hijackings. I realize typing the following will cause some to think me tetch’d in the head – but after you read what I type, check into it, consider the physical facts:

        Whatever hit the Pentagon was not a 757. The maneuvers described/attributed would likely have resulted in a 757 coming apart in flight, for openers. Next, it is implausible bordering on the miraculous that – as we are supposed to believe – a 757 could fly feet off the deck for a significant distance without actually hitting the deck. Not even grass was mussed immediately adjacent to the Pentagon wall point of impact. Which showed a hole too small to fit the fuselage of a 757. With no damage on either side or above from wings or vertical stabilizer. No video or photographic evidence of said “757” coming in… with thousands of people with cameras and video recorders in attendance as an audience and looking for such a thing, having knowledge of what already happened in NYC. Not one picture or video image of a 757 flying in the area, on track to the Pentagon. It beggars belief.

        WTC impacts: Something very fishy about these impacts. Airplanes made of light/thin aluminum being absorbed by a heavy steel structure. Something impacted, obviously. But was it a 757? Or something that was made to look like one, just prior to the impact? See in this regard systems under development about holographic projection… yes, really.

        We’ve been had. And more is to come.

        • had indeed. bldg seven was a textbook controlled demo, the pentagon was hit by a missile and the two towers BOTH fell at free fall rates. my junior college physics covered gravitational acceleration and falling objects, my big boy college physics confirmed them. i’ve queried 2 pilot friends to inquire if they could hit a building with a plane after a 270 degree turn…both said yes but it’s NOT NOT NOT something a novice can do. one pilot had 200 missions in viet nam and a career with aloha in hawaii doing dozens of approaches and take-offs and touchdowns weekly, the other flies jumbo’s still. both said it’s HARD to thread a needle like that without hundreds of flight hours in the file. our “terrorists” had several hours in a piper cub. bullshit.

          let’s have a look at the debris field in pennsylvania…nothing bigger than a hubcap. bullshit

          three high-rises have been felled by fire in the history of man…all of them were in new york on sept 11. we had the first interstate building in LA burn for days.

          they claim jet fuel made it down to ground level before igniting…bullshit

          one needn’t be a conspiracy type to decide this was an inside job

          • The BBC woman announcing that WTC7 had collapsed, with it still standing in the background of the shot, 30 minutes before the building fell at free fall speed into its own footprint.

            Clearly ‘pull it’ was the plan. She read the script a bit too early.

            Oh, and of course the major evidence that this was an inside job, cui bono?

            TPTB were relying on the fact that 90% of the people would be too stupid to even question the official version or recognize the obvious inconsistencies and that the 10% would be labeled conspiracy nuts. They were not wrong.

            The one thing that is absolutely clear, the 19 Arabs did not do it. Especially the ones still walking around alive today, despite their indestructible, conveniently-found-immediately in the tons of rubble passports.

            • i forgot about that…their ID fluttered down and lit conveniently at the feet of the “first responders”. you can’t make this shit up and yet the american lumps eat this shit like cake!

        • Not to mention that any supposed “hijackers” would have had to have known that war games were being played at that very day and time; and would have had to coordinate their activities to coincide perfectly with those games, in order for the “stand down” order to be given to leave the “hijacked planes” alone- Something that would not have been possible at any other date and time.

          So even if some poor mentally deficient person really believed that the events of 9-11 were the result of foreign terrorists, at the very least, they would have to acknowledge that there had to be collusion between our government/military and the “terrorists” in order for them to pull off such a stunt.

          But people don’t want to believe the truth. They want to believe that there god- the government- is benevolent. I always knew that most people felt that way- but it was really hammered home to me after my best friend[at the time]’s brother witnessed the downing of TWA flight 800. He told us what he saw that afternoon. He talked to the feds that night. He never spoke of the incident again. He now works for DHS. My own friends and relatives (as well as HIS) seeing how this guy (Who was just a kid at the time, working a low-paying blue-collar job) was bribed to keep his mouth shut, and how by doing so qualified him to work in position of authority and carry a badge and gun, and have the ability to cage, kill, and generally ruin the lives of others; seeing that this is how a traitor to humanity is rewarded by our government in exchange for not outting them….and they STILL refuse to acknowledge the depravity of government!

          • Hanlon’s razor: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

            The buildings were built by mobbed-up NYC contractors, working for the bankrupt NYC Port Authority (part of the overall bankrupt NYC government), made from dumped below cost Japanese steel. Oh and using a radical design that swayed so badly that it made people on the upper floors seasick on windy days. WTC7 had tons of debris fall on it from the towers.

            But this is all armchair speculation and I’m not an architect, engineer or really all that interested in going down that rabbit hole again. Even if the truth were to come out at this point I’d say only about 10% of the population will even care. “We’re” too far along to go back now, is what we’d be told.

            Sorry I brought it up.

            • The government’s theory as NIST put forth requires a building that -exceeds- what the design was capable of by considerable margin.

              A crappily built on the cheap building would not fail in the way the government says. In other words if you are correct the government is still lying.

        • The day before 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld announced there was a $2 trillion deficit the pentagon could not account for. The area that was demolished held all the records that the pentagon holds.

            • Hey Eric and Joe,

              ….and how so many federal workers didn’t show up for work that morning at their offices in the WTC…

              And how Uncle confiscated all the surveillance videos from around the general area of the Pentagram, which would show evidence of “a plane” heading towards it…and have only released, what, 10 frames?- because of course, if we were to see the vids,, it would mean game over immediately for the bastards.

              Etc. etc.

            • Watch that video of that Trans Asia flight 235 caught on taxi cam. It’s wing clips a concrete barrier at ground level and disintegrates. Wonder what happens to it when it hits steel. Or even worse, a duck!

          • Hi Handler,

            Indeed. I have related this before, but once again – because it’ worth repeating as often as necessary:

            I lived in DC when the “attack” occurred. Had lived there since I was a kid, so I am very familiar with the Pentagon and environs. It strikes me as incredible – given the literally thousands of tourists outside on that bright sunny Fall day, probably at least half of them with cameras or video recorders – plus the hundreds if not thousands of fixed government security cameras all over that area – that not one photo or video recording of the “airplane” exists.

            Remember: The NYC attacks had already occurred; so everyone was on high alert. If an airplane came into that airspace, flying low and erratically, all eyes – and cameras – would have been upon it. Where are the thousands of people who should have seen this airplane?

            Also, I saw the hole in the side of the Pentagon after the initial impact of whatever it was that hit it. It was almost perfectly round. Windows on either side intact. No damage from (nonexistent) vertical stabilizer of a 757. No damage from wings and a pair of enormous jet engines.

            We were sold a lie. I’m not buying it.

            • Eric, people’s willingness to believe the official fairy-tale and ignore the obvious and overwhelming evidence to the contrary, ties in perfectly with “Why Conservatives Are Liberals”. They want to believe, because if not for the god of State, who or what would they believe in?; Plus they might have to admit that they have been fed a bill of goods their whole lives, and have participated in a system of organized crime, or at least enabled it, and have raised their kids to believe, as well.

              Just like Calf-licks. Your name could be Father Moe Lester, and it probably wouldn’t deter one person from coming to your ‘church’, or from having their son dress up in a gown and pose with ya……

              • Hi Nunz!

                Yup. Remember The Matrix? Most people could not handle being unplugged and would fight to the death to stay within the Matrix.

                That movie was magnificently subversive …

                • Ah, Eric! I may have to watch that movie one of these days! (I generally won’t watch anything made within the last 50 years…but that could be a worthy exception!)

                  Sounds like the way people are with smartphones and FaceCrook!

                  Hey, look- it turns out that even Andy Asshol….I mean Warhol was right. Now, thanks to Youtube and such, everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame…..

                    • Hey Ya, Mike,

                      I had to look that up- I was thinking you might be right (I always quote McLuhan’s “TVB is a vast wasteland”!)

                      But,….turns out, ol’ Weirdo Warhol did say the 15 minute thang… (I was wishing it’d been McLuhan; then I wouldn’t be embarrassed to quote it! :D)

            • None of it makes any sense. If there was indeed a plane, how could a novice pilot make those kind of maneuvers?

              • Hi Handler,

                Yup – and I’ve mentioned this before as well, but here again – because it bears repeating:

                Friend of mine is an older guy who was a carrier pilot (F4s, Vietnam era; he hated the airplane for reasons I found interesting, but that’s another story). He told me, shortly after The Event, that he could not have executed the maneuvers attributed to the pilot of the “757” which supposedly flew into the side of the Pentagon after flying just feet off the deck at several hundred knots. Forget some dude who could barely solo a single engine prop plane. And that regardless, the maneuvers/fight path supposedly performed/taken were beyond the airframe’s capabilities.

                • Have you read about the cab on Washington Boulevard? A light pole allegedly hit the car. The windshield is knocked out, but there are no scratches or dents to be seen. The car was pictured in two different locations…..

                  We’ll never know how it was actually carried out. All we can do is point out the oddities.

    • Would love to see air travelers finally get fed up with standing in line for hours to be molested and just go stomping through the checkpoint (a police state term if there ever was one) onto their flight. I remember flying the Eastern Airlines shuttle in the 60’s, you just walked onto the plane and paid onboard. Glad I’m old, kids growing up today will never know what “freedom” really feels like without Uncle’s meddling.

  3. ” I’ve already found a great deal of peace by just forgetting about women,”

    Ditto! And aint THAT the truth!

    Before long, you get used to this peace, and then the mere thought of disturbing it becomes abhorrent- to the point where you realize that there is not a women on this planet worth giving it up for, because no matter how seemingly good the prospect, you know you’d soon come to resent her for what you had to give up; and what we’d have to give upcis a valuable commodity which extremely rare these days.

    Most of what enamors us about women, is in reality a self-constructed illusion which has little to so with the actual woman; but is more about what we are hoping to find in them; and what we are hoping to find in them has been extinct for quite some time, because the social engineers have destroyed the very potential in women which was once the key to their value and desirability.

    This is another can of worms that the powers that be don’t want opened- as can be seen by the purging of virtually all MGTOW channels from Youtube.

    • Nunz, I didn’t know nearly all the mgtow channels were purged. I used to follow many regularly, but I got tired of them only talking about women. I liked the channels that talked about growth, adventure, finance, living, etc. I also thought TPTB wanted the mgtow reaction, as destroying traditional relationships was part of the goal.

      • Hi, Brabdon,

        Nah….traditional relationships were long ago destroyed. That is exactly what TPTB wanted- the destruction of strong traditional families, because such is the hardest demographic to control, and being strong and self-sufficient, has little [read: no] need of the state for it’s existence.

        The bastardized shack-ups; illegitimate kids; single-parent households, and divorce-em-faster-than-ya-change-your-underwear relationships are exactly what the state wants, as they are weak and dependent and easily controlled.

        MGTOW is essentially destroying the latter. It’s like: We all realize that the former is not really possible these days- so MGTOW is like a big warning not to get entangled in the mess that is the latter, because there is no benefit to it- only detriments.

        But I agree- some of the channels were fun to watch once in a while, just to hear the truths we already know, but which are not being acknowledged elsewhere- but it’s not like you want to watch them constantly. But having that content there was great for those who may not have yet figured things out yet on their own- especially the young’uns.

        Someone in their late teens, with good intentions, may be clueless about how the laws today are stacked against them, and how a woman can unilaterally wreck his whole life and take everything he has, and make a virtual slave of him, even if he has done absolutely nothing wrong; just because the bitch decides she likes someone else better, or :isn’t happy”, etc.

        Imagine growing up today, where tramps who spread their legs for half the town are portrayed as though they are innocent victims when they have a sprog or two; a “needy single parent”; as if they are noble. I’ll bet a lot of young’uns get swept up in the mentality that they should be the noble saviors of such tramps, and not “judge them” and all that….and before you know it…POOF! They’re spending the best years of their life being a patsy, and a few years later, the dingbat is gone, but the obligations remain for the next 20 years…..

        I mean think about it: One could promote homosexuality, or the playboy lifestyle, etc.- all detrimental to traditional family relationships- and no one cares….but mention MGTOW, and the radicals and leftists and snowflakes and feminists and censors go crazy. To these controllers, anything that smacks of truth is like kryptonite is to Superman!

  4. “Given that – by the government’s own admission – these “services” are not “essential” … why not put them on a pay as you go basis?”

    Because if you can opt out of a “service”, and either not use it at all or go to a competitor, and the competitor isn’t hamstrung, and the government “service” isn’t subsidized — it’s no longer government.

    The USPS is only a government service because its competitors are hamstrung with regulations and prohibited from delivering letters at all, and the USPS has its losses subsidized with money stolen via taxes. Get rid of those two elements, and there would likely quickly be no USPS — they’d go out of business.

  5. If you subscribe to cable but don’t want ESPN, you still have no choice about paying for ESPN for everyone else, and, as cord cutting spreads, the price you pay for ESPN rises.

    The same is true for a lot of other channels on basic cable, but ESPN and local channels often get their own category on your cable bill, “Sports and Broadcast Programming”. What’s your number up to these days?

  6. Reminds me of a thought experiment that I have used with people who claim the necessity of government mandated ‘insurance’ programs such as ‘health care’.

    Imagine, in the not to distant future, that we are all forced to pay into a government run food insurance program and then we are given a chit for x amount of groceries at the store…no more, no less. Arguably, food is even more essential than healthcare, certainly it is a citizens ‘right’ to be provided with such, and therefore within the governments responsibility to provide. You can imagine all of the arguments for such a program, shouldn’t be hard to do, all of those argument already exist in the form of the government run programs already in place. And yet…the average citizen will say that the hypothetical food insurance system is a bad example, blah, blah, blah, Overton’s window, blah, blah. Come to think of it though, actually, the sad thing is, statism has progressed so far that many of this population would readily agree with implementing such a government mandated food insurance system:(

    And of course why stop there, government run ‘insurance’ programs for car repair, yard care, eating out at restaurants, dog grooming, whore house?, etc, etc, etc. This thought experiment is also a great way to explore what happens to the pricing of these services when the state injects itself (ha ha, look at the cost of marriage and divorce!). All of this discourse, of course, is useful if you actually believe that you will get through to any of them in a meaningful way…I for one have realized that these societal cycles will not be affected or altered by me. Fibonacci will rule the day. Therefore I shall sail away on my Pirate Ship.

    • Another fun one, when someone claims they are living in a free country, ask them to list all the things they are free to do, specifically. Actually thing they can do free of interference and regulation by others.

      I won’t spoil it with my experiences but let’s just say it takes quite a long time (often never) to get to the point where they will even try to honestly answer. The self deception and denial of reality becomes obvious.

        • a govt run whorehouse? that might be a GOOD idea

          i’m from the populace…now YOU bend over. we can have pelosi lookalikes, maxine waters lookalikes…just give ’em the high hard one up their turd cutter while they blather their lefty bullshit. therapeutic!

          I’M IN!

          • “Hi, my name is Hillary, and I’ll be with you tonight” (straps on 5′ long dildo, and tosses unopened tube of lube out the window).

            “If you tell your friends that you vomited; or what I did tonight, you’ll die of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the back…”

            • Reminds me of the reporter who exposed the CIA selling cocaine in the US to fund the Contra Rebels in Nicaragua. He ended up “committing suicide” 7 years later with 2 gunshots to the back of the head!

            • you kiddin me? i’d gladly pay to shove a fat dry one up pelosi’s ass. these would be “patriot” boo-foo’s…i’d be doing it for god and country. call it PAFTA…Pelosi Ass Fuck Team-building Assignment. who’s got secondsies? we all do stuff we don’t want to but the deed must be done. sometimes we take one for the team…you’re welcome!

              • Mike, it’s called “giving back”. After taking [it] for so very, very long, I’d feel it’s my obligation to give it to those who have been giving it to us for so long.

                It’s just the right thing to do. And in keeping with their environmentalism, and not wanting to waste oil, of course I’d oblige to keep the prod au-natural for them.

                I hear that they love back-door politics!

                Only thing is: How do you tell which side is the back? Be darned if I can tell with most of ’em!

                It’s like that time Pelosi asked me if I had a match, and i said “Yeah, My ass and your face”.

                • so then, nunzio and i are “helpers”. that might be our problem…we care too much. i’m still claiming firstsies. nunz, you’re welcome to use the lube of your choice…and good for you for thinking of the environment. i dub you Eco-Nunz, the sustainable helper.

                  after consideration, i’ll be going with brown lard so as to avoid any reactions due to incompatibility.

                  • Mike, wouldn’t sticking lard back in them pigs be sorta like cannibalism?

                    Naw, but I’d never patronize one’a them places. It’s strictly the automat for me; that’s the only place ya can find a good woman these days!

                    • Making sure we dont have an unpleasant reaction so as to prolong their pleasure. No need to be inhumane while delivering their Patriot Boo-foo

    • A government run whorehouse has been tried. When the feds took over the Mustand Ranch in Nevada some time back for unpaid taxes, they tried to run it. It managed to lose money. As an associate of mine once said of an inept salesman,”He couldn’t sell pussy in a lumber camp…”

  7. I like how they threaten our food will be unsafe the longer government is gone. Well hot damn what was the government doing when the ecoli lettuce outbreak made it to millions of grocery stores and people’s tables? Looking at porn while on the clock, drinking booze (both active things in the AF per my buddy).

  8. I say the “Union of Public Contributors” (that’s us, btw) should send in “scab” labor to run Congress while the fat-ass bureaucrats are striking! Maybe 10 dozen small business owners to start…..that should improve things right away!

  9. BTW E, Good Morning! I really need to start practicing some ettiquite if want to make a go at all this, but then, I could do so for my own sake, eh?

  10. You know, as much as this stuff gets to me, all I really think about is whether or not Red has any real interest in me still. Man, this “attraction” issue can really be distracting. I’m now thinking out loud on your car-page, Eric, lol! Honestly, this feels like a lot like my first obsessive crush, which was the one I had for my Uncle’s ’67 Honda Dream. As you know Eric, that love affair has stood to this day, and she hasn’t left me yet, hahaha! he has been pretty consistent in letting me know just what behavior she finds acceptable, and what she simply will not allow, not without giving me a wake up call, leastways. Why can’t a woman communicate as well as my motorcycles? Maybe I just need more “language” lessons (sigh)

    • Morning, amigo!

      I feel both blessed – and cursed – that I am currently not enamored of anything female. What was it the not-so-good Docktor said? About life being many blossoms, many thorns… and a dark grave?


      • Eric,

        As president and founder of the BLM movement, I invite you to join the brotherhood.

        Brotherhood of Lifelong Misogynists.

        “They took away our bowling night”-Al Bundy

        We can all work together to end women’ suffrage.

        • Hi T!

          I humbly request membership… I’ve already found a great deal of peace by just forgetting about women, to the extent possible. I don’t talk to them. I try not to look. I go home, turn on Hulu and watch Star Trek reruns to ease me off to sleep.

          And sleep well, again.

        • Al and his friends founded NO MA’AM, the “National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood”. Its purpose is to fight the increasing power of women all over society (and to bowl and drink beer of course).


          BTW, Misogynist, Racist? Nope. I just hate everybody equally to start, adjusted for individuals accordingly, based on their actions.


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