Undercover AGW Sold Buds…

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This video is a cheery one for a change!

An undercover armed government worker poses as a buyer of arbitrarily illegal drugs (maaaaan). He ends up buying a bag of buds, all right.

Flower buds.  Not buds.

The AGW does his best Ghetto Boy karaoke – but he’s as obviously fugazzi as the “diamond” ring Al Pacino showed Donny Brasco.

The AGW parts with $10 for the “buds” – and is now the laughingstock of YouTube!

Of course, the fact that no “buds” were bought doesn’t prevent the Hut! Hut! Hutting! As the man returns to his car – having done nothing illegal – he is faced with AGWs, their loaded guns pointed at him, with the usual murderous intent.

That part isn’t very cheery.

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  1. Conspiracy to sell flowers, lol! That is a real class act huh? I’m so glad to see our stolen money being put to such productive end, ahahaha!