Neidermeyer’s New Job as an AGW

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Some of you may remember the Animal House – a movie about college in the ’60s that was made in the ’70s. It’s funny as hell and also interesting to watch today because it shows how very different people’s attitudes once were – and how very different America once was.

There is a character called Neidermeyer. He’s the breeches-wearing, chromed helmet-festooned leader of the ROTC – and an object of universal contempt who is (according to the movie) subsequently sent to Vietnam, where he is shot by his own men.

In fact, Neidermeyer has a new job… as an AGW:

Look at this geek – with is body armor and multiple mags and at-the-ready beatdown-down baton. The only thing missing is the chrome helmet and white charger.

Neidermeyer, of course, didn’t have a gun – and all he could do was bark orders. Otter – in the movie – was able to whack him with a golf ball – and not get Hut! Hut! Hutted!

Unfortunately, today’s AGW Neidermeyer has a license to kill.

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  1. John Landis and Harold Ramis (also Neil Peart, Larry Gelbart and Tipper Gore), probably had more to do with me becoming a libertarian than Murray Rothbard and Tom Woods.


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