Drunken, Automatic Rifle-Toting AGW

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Here’s video of a Hut! Hut! Hutting! SWAT team Tacticooled armed government worker blotto drunk while driving and in possession of a full-automatic rifle:

The AGW refuses to obey the orders of other AGWs, who don’t summarily execute him when he begins revving the engine as if to get away.  The heavily armed “hero” is not ordered to “Get on the ground, now!”

Note how kid-gloved this dangerous AGW was treated – as opposed to the treatment meted out to a harmless, unarmed but mildly argumentative teen boy (here).

Try to imagine how you’d be treated if found roaring drunk in a car with an automatic rifle… refused to “cooperate” and revved your engine, as if preparing to flee.

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    • Good grief !!!

      ” “Our conclusion in this incident was this was not a result of an act of negligence, carelessness or otherwise reckless behavior,” Lafayette Police Chief Patrick Flannelly said at a press conference Friday. “It was accidental.” ”

      Pointing a gun at another person (who you do not intend to immediately shoot) with your finger on the trigger is the very definition of “negligence”. A private citizen would be in jail for this.

      • Hi no one,

        It’s interesting how guns sometimes just fire themselves, “accidentally.” With fingers “accidentally” on the trigger; or because an AGW did a back flip and his weapon dropped “accidentally” and discharged, the bullet hitting a bystander….

    • Hi Rich,

      AGWs handle firearms recklessly – and criminally – because they can. Combine a sense of entitlement and general specialness with a system that holds them to a lesser, far more lenient standard of accountability when they do handle a gun recklessly or criminally and… voila.

      Any “civilian” who has a CHP knows – because it’s hammered into us – that we will face severe repercussions for any negligent/criminal use of a gun. I wish someone could explain to me why AGWs – who after all are “trained” (aren’t they?) so much more than we are – and who ought to know the law far better than we do – are held to a lesser, more forgiving standard.

      • I think most people would be shocked how little training (even people here) most heroes actually get. The average cop in an average place gets little or no training in an average year. Most departments no longer have a range to even practice at.

        A private gun range owner I know doesn’t like having heroes at his place either since they tend to be arrogant and more reckless then the general population. He was of the opinion that most range owners felt that way too, though no one will openly say it.

        • Hi Rich,

          My most fervent wish – well, one of them! – is that AGWs get training in restraint. Instead, it’s the opposite. They are taught to see “threats” everywhere, including the slightest reluctance to obey a barked order. And they are trained to escalate rather than de-escalate, which creates “threats” where non existed and could have been avoided.


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