Breaking Through

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Lenin asked, “What is to be done?”

The question facing liberty-minded people almost 100 years later is the same. But our answer should not be Lenin’s answer – violent lashing out.

I get e-mails from readers who are frustrated – rightly – about the state of things. About how Ron Paul was treated by the GOP apparat. About the seemingly relentless increase in (and brazenness of) state thuggery. They ask, “when do we do something?” “How much more do we take”?

And most of all: “What is the point of just bitching about things?”

Some urge action – taking the proverbial stand. But just as the time for action (physical action) had not yet come for our forefathers circa 1770, so also the time has not yet come for us. The issue, then as now, is whether intellectual action is to be preferred over (and as the necessary prelude to) physical action. Whether we – as isolated individuals – go out in the proverbial – and pointless – blaze of glory… . Or, whether we bide our time while we work to increase the number of people who get it – and thereby, increase the number of people who are on our side. Such that if it becomes necessary to act, we will not be acting alone – and not acting suicidally.

As in the 1770s, opponent of the current status quo have to have that critical mass of like-minded people on our side before we can hope for change we can believe in. Otherwise, we are just tilting at windmills.

We risk losing everything – to gain nothing.

No one can say for sure what the critical mass percentages are, but 20 percent seems about right to me. Five percent won’t do it. Ten percent might be sufficient. But we’re not going to get anywhere until enough people share our views – and far more importantly – reject the views that have led us to the current state of things.

And the only way to achieve that is by talking/writing about things from a liberty-minded perspective.

Bear in mind that the vast majority of people operate unconsciously on the implicit assumptions of collectivism and authoritarianism – because that’s all they’ve been exposed to since childhood. It is all they know. The state has been monstrously effective in programming people – or rather, logjamming their brains with statist preconceptions they never even think to question. Because they’ve been systematically brain-raped into not questioning anything. Many of these people cannot be reached. They’re either too far gone, or simply too invested in the system as it is.

But there are millions of people who can be reached. In particular, young people.

Think on this a moment. Never before (not in modern or even recent history) have so many young people been anti-collectivist. The hippies of the 1960s were exactly the opposite in terms of the premises they accepted. Though they preached peace and love, they worshipped the collective. And thus, authority. Charles Manson was no aberration. He merely took things to their logical conclusion. As also Hillary and Bill and that entire generation – or most of it. Their “help” – their “brotherhood of humanity” – always flows from the barrel of a gun. Today’s liberty-minded youth are not like this. They embrace individual liberty – and loathe the collective. They want to be left the hell alone, to work and live on a cooperative and voluntary basis – and not at gunpoint for the “greater good.” They sniff the stink of BS when they hear talk of “safety” and “security” and that it’s all for “our own good.”

It is a magnificent thing to behold.

For these liberty-yearning young people – most of them just kids when the trrr attacks of nahnleven took place – and the American police state took the place of America – have no personal recollection of the even semi-free America that their parents and older brothers and sisters experienced. Unlike Gen Xers or Baby Boomers, today’s 20-somethings grew up in a miasma of authoritarianism from childhood on – strapped like pint-sized Hannibal Lecters into “safety” seats and fed Ritalin and hectored to Submit and Obey to an extent literally inconceivable to people who grew up before.

Yet millions of these kids – somehow – have groped their way to ideas not current or even common for the past 75 years or more. They are sick and tired of being told what do – and (much more critically) have no interest in telling others what to do.

It is nothing less than a miracle.

And: How many liberty-minded web sites are there now? The count must run into the hundreds – if not the thousands. Several of them have huge audiences. Lew Rockwell, for instance. Alex Jones. Even this little corner of the Net (we are approaching 100,000 visits per month). The “alternative” press is growing with each month – exponentially so. Just as happened more than 220 years ago. The mouthpieces of the collective, the propaganda organs of the state – are being ignored into irrelevance. They have no credibility. They are dying. Because they are part of a dying order. They have reached the terminal stage of Pravda during the late Brezhnev years. An ossified joke. A decrepit mummy farting dust.

I think the powers that be are terrified.

They see the great awakening that’s taking place. It is no coincidence, in my view, that they have escalated to the point they have. Because they see they are living on borrowed time. The initiative has passed to us. Our ideas are gaining traction. We are winning. And without suicidal charges onto the ramparts.

So, have faith. As the Catholics put it, Sursum Corda – lift up your hearts!

The day is coming. And it’s not decades off. Most of us now alive will live to see it. They know this. And it’s why they’re scared.

We need not be.

Just, be patient.

Throw it in the Woods?


  1. @Eric: I agree with others who wrote that this one may be your best one yet – and that’s saying a lot.

    @Chad: I think that you might just find the answers to your 8 things here.

    As Eric expressed so well, many seem to think the choices are: suffer and gripe, or do something crazy… I wonder how many consider a third choice: to study and truly understand the Law to see if there is a way to beat these official criminals by using their own “laws.” This might be because the public schools and media give everyone the idea that no one but professional attorneys can understand the law.

    Here is an analogy: I once heard a story told about a young man who went to Vietnam in the army. He was smart and was on track in school such that he could enter the service as an officer – but – he was really afraid of public speaking, and he was going to have to give a short speech to his classmates to complete that program. Because of that, he dropped out, and had to go as a private. He was less afraid of dodging bullets, than giving a speech.

    Didn’t seem very wise to me. Likewise, some folks may have more guts (or testosterone) than common sense, and think that a revolution would be an “exciting” adventure compared to their currently boring work-a-day life, but the idea of sticking their head in a law book scares them more than “suicide by cop.” They might not be thinking through what consequences that would entail – not just for them, but for the whole nation.

    If/when “The System” collapses, even the mildest possible outcome scenario would be pretty stinking ugly. Even if there was not all-out shooting all over the USA with blood running down every street, just the difficulties of getting food/fuel/electricity in a systemic failure of the electronic money system, could result in many older, weak or sick folks dying of starvation or exposure – maybe even some of our beloved family, especially in the colder areas.

    My prayer for this nation is first for a spiritual revival, then for “We the People” to really learn how to hold government accountable to the original Law that it’s supposed to be following, and take our nation back peacefully.

    Reading the “alternative press” for a long time, caused a lot of questions to arise in my mind that the stuff I was reading did not answer. I finally found a set of facts that answered my questions.

    Here is a simple (some might say oversimplified) version of a few things that have happened in the Matrix we are governed by, and then those who are curious enough can look at the links, and prove to yourselves that I am not mistaken…

    *** In the aftermath of the “Civil” war, that the people running the government (that is, the actual government that was really formed by the Constitution of 1789)… wanted to do certain things that were… well, unconstitutional. They had a bright idea… “let’s form a new (private) corporation – an entity separate from the government, but (at its formation) owned by the government (Look up the “District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871). They then had their “subsidiary” carry out all of their cute little plans. For a time… those government people each had 2 hats which they could wear… i.e. the President of the United States of America, was also the President of that Corporation… and the congressmen and senators were… the Board of Directors – and… the “Corporate Charter” was copied almost word for word, from the Constitution of the United States of America (but minus the original 13th Amendment).

    Fast forward 40 years… that “quasi-government Corporation” had borrowed a Lot of money – that it could not repay. The bankers who were owed that money had a solution for that… we don’t need repayment of 100 cents on the dollar, just pay us back as much of it as you can… and by the way, we have this nice little bill you need to pass, called the “Federal Reserve System.” Just like that, they bought a big chunk of control over our country.

    Later (1933) that Corporation would declare bankruptcy; later still (1944) as part of the “Bretton Woods Act” the ownership of that Corporation was taken over by foreign bankers. That is the Corporation of which Barack Obama is the President. Have any of you wondered how all of the people who went into court challenging the election of Barack Obama on the basis that he is not a natural-born citizen, were slapped down by the judge, who told them that “you don’t have the right to pursue a lawsuit about this?” The judge didn’t bother to explain to them that “the United States Government is a private corporation, and you aren’t one of the owners, so who the President of that is, is none of your business” – he just dismissed their case and sent them away scratching their head thinking he was a really corrupt S.O.B. Well maybe he was, but not for the reason they thought.

    *** The effect of the Social Security Act of 1935: On application on an SS-5 form, the Social Security Administration creates a name and number and registers them in a database… they then print said name and number on a pre-printed Social Security card and send a package including the card to its recipient… the contents of the package (sometimes the card itself) plainly reserves that the card does not belong to the recipient; rather it is the property of Corp. U.S. The package also plainly instructs the recipient to activate the card with a signature if the recipient is willing to accept the responsibilities that go along with the card, which include the card is to be held in a safe place until such time as its actual owner wants it back. Corp. U.S. also reserves the right to request the return of the card at any time and that is about it.

    Looking over this relationship, one will discover all of the elements of a Revocable Trust (see Contracts, Trusts and the Corporation Sole) are clearly part of this relationship. Therefore, the Social Security Administration created relationship inherent with the acceptance of the card is that of a Trust that remains an agency of Corp. U.S. under Corp. U.S.’ direct control through Congressional acts.

    Therefore, all of the property ever acquired by such trusts remains the property of the trust’s beneficiary. In other words as a matter of law: Corp. U.S. holds equitable title to all property acquired with a Social Security number.

    … i.e. almost everything of value that you think you own, that Corporation thinks that they own it, and they’re just being nice guys to let you use it until you die – but they are not about to tell you that, you have to find that out for yourself. Ever wonder how they get away with no-knock raids, asset seizures, or any one of the other myriad things they do that cause Patriots to decide that the legal system is so corrupt and “justice” so impossible to get that they think it’s time to start shooting?

    All of those questions WILL be answered for those who make the effort to find the answers. Once you know the answers, you can prevail – but this isn’t for the intellectually lazy.

    Here are the best places to start that I know of: – look at “American History,” “Historical Outline,” and section 22 of “Patriot Mythology” – check out the e-books in the free downloads section – if you are a deep thinker

    • @Mike:

      I’ve explored this tack to a fair depth; and it’s not just plausible, it’s probably the truth.

      “America” is “THE UNITED STATES, INC.”; and everything we think we know is false. You’re chattel property, and under the 14th amendment all your “rights” are conditional privileges granted by the Corporation which OWNS you.

      YOU are the collateral for the loans.

      But so what?

      At this stage, the government–which is no longer “our” government, or even “the” government–is a wholly criminal organization hijacked by foreign banksters and acting completely without restraint.

      Do the powers at the very top believe in these magickal incantations? And, faced with a suddenly-knowledgeable populace in their faces saying “We KNOW what you did, we know the incantations, and we reject them, get thee behind me“–yes, perhaps a few thousand of the real initiates would play by the rules of their game.

      WE might not believe in the magickal incantations–“fuck you, you don’t own me!”–but THEY certainly do. And, by their own occultic rituals and rules, they must telegraph their intentions–such as the recent dozens of announcements that they’ve conquered America and own use (the banks do, that is).

      But here’s the catch: their minions are not so bound, and that is their secret weapon. They have played by their rules; but they’ve set up their minions in a position to gain greatly by furthering the corruption. The judges, the politicians, the crooked crony capitalists–some of them may practice at the fringes of the occult, but they certainly won’t play by the rules. Try telling the judge the whole story–you reject your CAPITALIZED STRAW MAN, you are not property of UNITED STATES INC., and you are sovereign…just before the bailiff hauls you out, he’ll burst a vein laughing at you.

      So I understand the arguments, Mike, and I largely believe them.

      But the way to win is not to argue the Magick–it’s to restore the trust of, and love for, LIBERTY in the minds of your fellows.

      Do that, and no machinations, no magick, and no minions will withstand the force of a wall of will like a tsunami washing away the armies of darkness.

  2. All the world is a stage and we are but players on it. Apparently we are all on stage. If their electronic sophisticated equipment is any indication.
    So write your own play. Write your own, “what you want them to hear.”
    Pulling their strings without getting arrested is the real challenge.
    The greatest enemy that these people fear is people peaceably assembling and changing things that they have already conquered. Or so “they” the government think.
    Right now as we speak, they are attempting to write a budget for this staggering government. 40 cents of every dollar is borrowed. The entire house of cards is close to coming down with “them” at the bottom of it.
    Don’t you just love pronouns! “Them” “They” and dozens more like it. You see “they” does not name names.
    But how about the Congress of both parties voting for legislation that limits our liberties, does away with “our” constitutional rights to a fair trial, and worse. How are “they” that represent you actually voting in “our” Congress.
    Maybe, “that” should be what we base our elected officials representing us, whether we keep them in office in future elections or not.
    The average citizen knows very little of how these representatives have voted. The average citizen has a memory life of three days before going back to their own mundane lives attempting to make a living.
    And “that” in a nutshell is the problem.
    When I look out there in the real world, I look at the housing plat where we live. The majority of people have more than one car. Usually two or more. Those cars are not paid for. But they “own” them.
    40,000 or more cars go down the main street of our little town every day. Where do they go? Is it to work to pay for those cars and houses? This is the mainstream of public domain. This is the mass of people out there.
    The majority of citizens cannot get a car in their garage! Why? Because they are using it to store all the junk they have accumulated. The junk their children going to school have accumulated even if they are in college and no longer living at home.
    This is the paper tiger everyone talks about. It is the mundane everyday people making less than $50,000 a year. A lot making $21-$28,000 a year. You have a subclass of people. Those are the busted marriages. Many women living with their children. Many men are living alone with what is left of their lives and salaries after they have busted up with the wife.
    Most are living hand to mouth. They have less than $10 left at the end of the week.
    A good percentage have lost jobs and are now on welfare. The problem is not big government to these people. The problem is no money to live on. No money to buy things for their split families.
    Yes, a lot of people have found a “gold mine” milking the system for everything that they can get. The problem is most of them are living way to close to being broke perpectually with out any relief in sight. Would they go to work if they could? I think a lot of them would kill for the opportunity to be independent of all the bureaucrats. To literally have their lives back.
    You want to see these “people”? Just buy a ticket on any Public Bus in your local city.

  3. Hopefully freedom and liberty will triumph sooner than later.
    Here is a list of things I am looking foward to:

    1. To own land without paying yearly rent.
    2. To travel without carrying my papers.
    6. Not having another entity feeling that they are entitled to the fruits of my labor first and leaving me with whatever happens to be left over.
    4. Not being harrassed whenever I am traveling, unless I have caused a tangible injury to another natural person.
    5. Not having to worry about permits, social security numbers, drivers licence, marriage license… those are all symbols of a slave.
    6. Not having my money stolen to pay for other people’s education, housing, food, etc.
    7. To not have my land stolen for some supposed “public good” whether it is a new road or power lines.
    8. To be free of government tax regulation that is designed to keep the middle class perpetually working for the good of the government parisites.

    There are obviously to many to list.

    • Not having to purchase expensive permission from an agent of the state to self-medicate or self-pleasure.

      The Drug War is a legal Persecution. Persecution is intrinsically criminal and the victims of a persecution are morally entitled to remedy. A strategic approach to enforcing respect for constitutional American liberty must begin with the lawful eradication of unconstitutional Drug Prohibition.

      Tinsley Grey Sammons

  4. Most persons want Liberty and Justice for Themselves and those they care about. They do not give a shit about Liberty and Justice for ALL.


    • I see this attitude all the time. I am OK with a law since I never violate it. The basic tenet is I’m OK with oppression as long as the oppression doesn’t affect me. LOL. An educated population we do not have.

      Recently the population of Bartlett, Tn., Millington, Tn., Collierville, Tn. & Germantown, Tn. voted to increase the degree of slavery all people that do business in their thug scrum areas are subject to. Do they think this is just? Of course they do. Why? Because they are illiterate.

      As long as the majority of people are like these so called conservative bastions of statism formerly known is liberty. We are doomed.

      Many will die before true liberty is realized.

      • BTW the first and foremost thing to remember is that the word tax is a fancy word for armed robbery by the thugs in power. No more no less.

        Like Eric stated in an earlier post. Let the opposition define the words in an argument and you lose. There is no tax. It is merely armed robbery by a group of thugs that is willing to murder you.

        This point above all needs to be given to the masses. Now me, I can’t do it eloquently. I haven’t the verbal requirements to do so. I am no Thomas Jefferson….

        However, I can spot the flaws. Sue me if you don’t like my assessment of the sit rep.

        have a great weekend all.

      • It’s not illiteracy…It is Infantilism.
        Demand for a strong and violent external authority.
        America has become a nation of retarded children more monkey-like mammal than human…They were made that way deliberately by their external authority terror statists…aka, Their Owners.

  5. I’ve been trying very hard to not succumb to such pessimism, but frankly, I’m fighting a losing battle.

    I often hear liberals say when dismayed about an election, “How do these people (read: Republicans) convince people to vote against their interests?” They have successfully made people regard their choice as selfishness and the responsibility to go with it, or freebies from the evil rich while living a care-free life. Romney knew it, and went down in flames for daring to voice it. Libertarians are regularly forced into playing the role of the Grinch, trying to steal Christmas from the poor voters.

    So I can’t help but feel the change will only come when a force of such magnitude upends the established order. The people in the West are simply not going to return to founding principles by a soft landing. They will demand the government keep the party going at any and all costs, for as long as is possible. If it means stealing their children’s future freedom, burying them in debt, and innocents getting a drone visit, so be it. They’ll give anything, take anything, and do anything to keep the mirage alive for one more moment. It reminds me of the old Kansas song: Now, don’t hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky..
    It slips away, and all your money won’t another minute buy.

    The Imperium WILL collapse. It’s inevitable. It will be incredibly painful, many will perish, and life will be monstrous for years, if not decades. Yet I can’t help but feel as if it would be welcome, a chance to wipe away Leviathan without violence, to watch the statists wail in agony over their false god’s demise. A forest that is too overgrown needs a fire to clear away the canopy so that new life, and a healthier forest, may emerge.

  6. This is the birthplace of the great liberty experiment, liberty can be popular we just need to hit the marketplace of ideas with our unique viewpoints. Study up and let your voice be heard, we’re correct, we just have to express it correctly.

    • I’ve been at it for more than twenty years now. Some of the material that I come across today makes me wonder if the author came across material I shared as far back as the early nineties. Hell, I even spent $5000 of my own money publishing what is known as a vanity publication. Unfortunately, all but about a hundred copies were destroyed by Katrina*. I have but a single copy.


      *It’s just as well.

  7. “What is to be done?”

    Secession is a great strategy because it pits the statist system against itself while giving the individual the protection of collective action in a move toward greater liberty.

    Secession is a non-violent way of dumping the top overlord. It leaves you, of course, with the lesser ruling powers, but it sets a powerful precedent of decentralization. It is exciting and thought-provoking. And even though you’re still dealing with states, it teaches people about the principle of self-determination in a functional way. The argument for more devolution of power ought to gain momentum. And political action ought to be somewhat easier in smaller societies.

    Secession allows anarchists to be political and political types to be quasi-anarchists in throwing off an unwanted overlord. So it’s good for everybody. : )

    Secession fits into many paradigms like few other big ideas do. It can appeal to the left and the right. It can be sold as progressive and democratic (small d)as well as libertarian and republican (small r). It’s all things to all men. The reason being that people can imagine gaining a stronghold for their views in a smaller political division. Everyone feels as if their pure views are washed out in superstates. And they’re right.

    Perhaps a wave of secessions would show people that they don’t have to live in perpetual strife if they will simply allow others to go their own way in peace. This is the point of true anarchism.

    Along the way, perhaps people will consider panarchy as a solution to the strife of politics and the fear of pure anarchy.

    Panarchy should be discussed more. What is it? Well, it’s a way of presenting a free society as an anarchy of self-chosen governments rather than a sea of scary anarchic individuals. It satisfies the “we need government” crowd as well as the anarchists in an interesting way. Let’s say we all agree that “we need government.” Great. Let’s then agree that everyone should be part of a government, but also that everyone gets to choose which one they want, and that no one is prevented from starting one, and that no government will be territorial or interfere with the structure of any other self-chosen government, but will work cooperatively should any cooperation be agreed upon.

    Panarchy is non-territorial self-government. It’s not statism, and yet not quite pure anarchy (in the idealized sense at least), but there are governments, and they’re called governments, because they govern. Obviously, in a pure anarchy, people would be free to create self-government anyway, but pure anarchy is incredibly hard for most to picture and fathom. It’s much easier to envision a transition to a free society as a series of orderly peaceful secessions within the present order and then independent (yet perhaps confederated) self-chosen governments at the end. I think this satisfies the primal need we all seem to have to know what’s what in our environment. We all want some structure at bottom that we can work with – right now!

    This way the commies get to be commies and have a commie government without interfering with the self-governing capitalists. Everyone is expected to support their self-chosen system, and the incredible multiplicity of choices should take care of free riders and outlaws. Since anyone is allowed to start a government, people can find what they want in this marketplace without everybody standing around in a pure anarchy scratching their heads on what to do next – if you know what I mean.

    It’s very likely that a pure state of anarchy (no pun) would not last long if people in general did not know what to do with it. Philosophically, we envision it as a marketplace and imagine that all governance services can and will be provided on a voluntary and peaceful basis if given the chance. But markets need time to develop, and we probably won’t ever get to a pure state anyway. Any devolution we experience will leave at least some existing familiar structures intact, and people will likely cling to them. If they are torn down, people will rebuild them.

    Panarchy says, “Ok, you all want ‘government’ because you’re afraid of the bogeyman. Go forth and create all the voluntary ones you want of every flavor, but don’t force anyone to join. We will do that too, and then there won’t be any scary anarchists running around without government. Satisfied? Can we all just get on with our lives now”?

    It’s a fascinating idea. I like it.

      Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 —)

      Words like anarchy suffer from the absence of a generally agreed upon understanding of their meaning.

      Anarchy is a popular scareword employed by persons on the profitable side of the Establishment Curtain, which is the major bifurcation in American Society that separates the politically privileged from the rest of us. It is used in response to expressions of disenchantment from persons on the non-favored side of the curtain, i.e., the private sector working folks who pay the bills. Those on the profitable side quite naturally prefer that the status quo be perpetuated indefinitely.

      The very nature of Man is intolerant of anarchy. Thugs, opportunists, and even lions and baboons will never allow a state of no rule to endure.
      Last edited: 5/3/11

  8. I think the characterization of ’60’s “hippies” and others is not entirely true. Granted, they (and I for that matter) were not philosophically consistent. However they were at least if not more anti-war and anti-authoritarian as today’s kids. There is nothing wrong with communal living or any other sort of living if it is not imposed on those who don’t want it.

    Also to characterize a whole generation is itself collectivist talk. People are individuals after all.

    On the question of when to fight, that may be more an individual decision than anything. When the state declares war on YOU, is your time to fight, no matter what others may be up to at the moment. Fight or submit, take your choice. Of course you may not survive, but as (I think) Jim Morrison said, none of us gets out of here alive, anyway.

    • I agree PJ. The real hippies were voluntary in their beliefs as far as I know. Collectivism isn’t bad when it’s voluntary. If some group can make voluntary collectivism work for them then they should be free to do so.

      I think the others were referring more towards the manipulators that came out of such things. The ones that pretended to be ‘hippies’ to one degree or another to get social and political power.

  9. I agree. I think it is a great time to be a libertarian. I am optimistic for the long run future and I think today’s libertarians are much better educated than the American colonists of the 1770’s. As you say, if we can get 10 to 20 percent on our side, then that will probably be enough to tip the scales towards liberty.

  10. @BrentP on December 8, 2012 at 4:50 pm:

    Yes, the host tables technique is definitely a workaround. I think the most vulnerable points right now are the domestic ISPs themselves (easily intimidated and compromised by rogue federal “law enforcement” agencies), particularly the DNS infrastructure. On the plus side, the DNS infrastructure is truly GLOBAL and has the redundancy factor in its favor. (Although there are only 13 primary DNS servers worldwide, they are backed up by hundreds of redundant instances scattered across the globe. This is why the famous attempt at a DoS attack on the primary domain services back in 2003 failed miserably. Although four of the 13 master servers, I believe, were comprised, the attack had no noticeable impact on the worldwide web due to a well-designed fail-over system being in place.) The biggest problem for us now is that just about everyone in Amerika subscribes to a domestic ISP. If it were possible (or feasible) to purchase the services of an ISP located abroad (as many people are now doing with data backup and email services), this might reduce the chances of a fed “take-down” of your local service.

    On a related note, I remember seeing something linked from either LRC or the LRC blog a couple of years back about a German engineer who had successfully experimented with data transmission through commercial electrical power sources (i.e., the outlets in one’s own home). I never got a chance to actually read the linked article, but will have to see if I can hunt it down. This might have real possibilities if it can be successfully, safely, and efficiently exploited.

  11. Eric, Love reading just about everything you write and I have read everything including all the comments on this article.

    My input here is just to say that this is not a group problem to solve. This is an individual problem and we are the only ones individually who can solve it.

    Looking at the USA Today pie chart from the last election out of 10 people eligible to vote, 3 voted for Obama, 2 voted for Romney and 5 did not give their consent. Think about that. Half of the voting public told those running for office to stuff it. This is where we should be starting. Stop giving our consent to them. Have we not been told that government comes from the consent of the people?

    Secondly, stop using credit cards. Do you know that by using them we are actually creating more funny money?

    They have made it so easy with so many nice toys for us to use, this is where they have us by the short hairs. We, individually, just do not want to give anything up.

    • But they way the media spins it, is that people like me did not vote due to apathy. I would love to see a ballot marked “none of the above”. Then I’d be there to vote.

      • I would love to see a ballot marked “none of the above”. Then I’d be there to vote.

        Believe it or not, such a ballot can be found in other “not free” countries such as Russia (I think the call it “against all” there). Needless to say, TPTB in the United Fascialist State of Amerika will never allow such a ballot here. That would be the equivalent of them providing the lynch mob with the rope with which to hang them.

  12. I have used the following for several years and feel it an apropo description:
    The Elite Ruling Criminal Class !

    Death to Tyrants !

  13. You are absolutely correct about the power of an idea called freedom that is spreading like wildfire throughout the western world, particularly among the young, facilitated by electronic mass communications while the MSM undergoes a slow death. Ron Paul is right. There is a revolution taking place that will shake western democracies to their foundations. And the speed at which this revolution can overthrow the ruling elite should not be underestimated. I well remember visiting the former USSR in the early 1980s, talking to mostly young people yearning for freedom, and coming away thinking that this system cannot stand, despite establishment views in the west that the USSR could last a 100 years or longer. Of course, in 1989 the USSR came tumbling down in the matter of days.

  14. March 3, 2011: Hillary Clinton states, “We are in an information war, and we are losing that war.”

    Of course the “we” she is speaking of is all of the globalist scum, their minions, and all of the other enemies of freedom, peace, and liberty.

    So thank goodness that this is a war they are losing!

  15. I found an island in Clover’s arms. A country in his eyes. Arms that bind us. Eyes that lie. I’m breaking through to the other side.

    You want to be the overman? Cloverman you must overcome. Make the scene. Will to power. Week to week. Hour to hour. The gate is straight. Deep and wide. For breaking through to the other side.

    I’m facing life as it be found Defiant and unafraid. No poison-mix socratic sound. No muslim-christian mobs around. I’m breaking through to the higher ground.

    Driving down your freeways. Midnight alleys roam. Sophia mother of Jehovah. Never saw an Aeon so alone. Are you a lucky little lady in a city of light. Or just another lost archon. I’m into your blue blue blue. City of night.

    I see your hair is burning. Athena’s hills fill with fire. Across galax abyss of blackhole briar. From beast to overman I cross the wire. Chase new Greek pleasures here. Bury old Christian treasures there. Can you recall the schools. Where once we tried. Breaking through to the other side. Breaking through make freedom come alive.

  16. The America we grew up in no longer exists. It has been taken over by an illegitimate government that arbitrarily enforces laws against one group, us, and not another, the oligarchy (i.e. Corzine), wants to force us to pay for the murder of unborn children and support sodomite marriage and unconstitutional wars, while violating every part of the constitution at will.

    To pay taxes to this anti-Christ government is to be complicit with it, and suffer it’s fate in hell. This is deadly serious.

    If you pay taxes, you are guilty.

    If your healthcare policy requires you to give $1 to fund abortion or contraception, drop that policy. Do not fund this! It is better to go without health insurance and even medical care than to suffer for eternity in hell.

  17. I am soon to begin my eighth decade and the only thing that has ever sustained me during this accelerating decline during my life was the point made by Leonard Read in a talk I heard him give in 1970; namely; “This is not a numbers game.” As a young, naive, under-educated, zealous, arrogant firebrand, I simply wanted to know how we were ever going to get 51% of Americans to agree with those of us who had all the answers. Of course, I had no earthly idea how little I knew but his point was made indelibly nonetheless. I’m guessing the number of educated true believers in 1970 was under 1,000 worldwide. Today, it might be in the millions. Still a tiny minority, to be sure, but at some point that there will be enough to tip the scales. I don’t expect to live to see that, but I believe my grandchildren might. And the coming cataclysm that the governments of the world have made inevitable will either cause the scales to tip at that point or hasten their tipping sooner then otherwise thereafter. I wish I could read a truthful history book written in the year 2100…


      Tip the scales? What does that mean? Where will that take us? I’d like to hear some specific input on that.

      What usurped power will be eliminated?

      Which unlawful laws will be repealed?

      Can remedy be won for Individuals injured by unconstitutional statutes? Will justice prevail?

      Remember Nuremberg!!!

      Tinsley Grey Sammons(1936 –)

  18. I’m going to take a page out of Hussein the annointed one’s playbook and use rules for raticals #5-mock, scorn and ridicule. This worthless POS government is near illegitimacy and insolvency. As for the republicrats they are going to go the way of the whigs and were always on the same big government team with the demopublicans anyway. Freedom is not a gift from some grifter bureaucrat or an imperial decree from emperor sobama.

    • Freedom is not a gift from some grifter bureaucrat or an imperial decree from emperor sobama.

      Indeed. Sadly, the Clover majority still don’t understand this.

  19. Good morning.
    Nice article, Eric.
    I get the sense that we probably should just turn our backs on the evil system in millions of little ways and keep pointing out, as pleasantly and coherently as possible, that the corpgov lies, cheats, steals, and murders. We can call a spoke a spoke, without making people angry or coming across as mentally unhinged. The point is to encourage folks to question and to think for themselves.
    I believe that powerful dissenting voices are silenced by the PTB at their most vulnerable point: In the face of moral credibility and even a spotless record.. threats to one’s family are the trump card.
    The PTB will continue and at times make good on their threats to create a public example, to their hurt. This reminds me of the speech of Chief Logan of the Mingo tribe, who said “There runs not a drop of my blood in the veins of any living creature. This has called on me for revenge. I have sought it: I have killed many: I have fully glutted my vengeance. For my country, I rejoice at the beams of peace. But do not harbour a thought that mine is the joy of fear. Logan never felt fear. He will not turn on his heel to save his life. Who is there to mourn for Logan? Not one.”
    Best regards,

  20. Another great article written by Eric! Man, this guy is on a roll. I actually read the article twice because it was so inspiring.

    He is absolutely right about the fact that more Americans, especially a good proportion of those young people, have been tuning out the TV news. The US govt. has commented on this recently, and the govt. criminals and the US military mass murderers have even hired hacks from the universities and ‘think tanks’ to counter ‘extremist-conspiratorial groups,’ with psych-ops, govt. lies, or propaganda – or whatever one wants to call it. Of course, we all know that they have failed in this regard.

    Like Eric stated in his article, look at how many sites there are like Eric’s on the Internet. I now have to pick and choose where I get my info from – and this is a real good thing. The more the American empire sociopaths talk crap on the media through their pathological lies, the more decent and honest people turn away in disgust. There are some bad people out there. In a country of 300,000,000 people, one is bound to find all types. Yet most Americans just want to survive and live out their existence with some dignity.

    Like I stated in a previous article, the glaring contradictions in the hegemonic empire of the US Empire are cracking everywhere. The absurd differences between the lying, sinister and degenerate politicians, judges, DAs, cops, generals, and corporate media bootlickers – and the rest of the population, or basically us, has become almost absurd. The job of the corporate media has been incessantly trying to catch up and hide the powerful’s nefarious and despicable actions.

    A relation of mine still watches the TV news religiously, but he was part of that baby boomer generation that believed in the whole ‘Great Leap Forward-Five Year Plan-New Economic Deal’ of the Kennedy BS. But even guys like him are getting fed up with all of the facho garbage and corruption coming out of NYC, DC and Holly-LA. He even told me recently that he was looking into buying land in British Columbia, Canada. Myself, well I have always been against the US govt. I learned my hard lesson after doing four years in the US military.

    The most important lesson of Eric’s recent article was that it was also historically correct. Let me put on my historian hat and explain. Revolutionary activity, or actually resistance to despotism, develops over the long term of history. Actual revolutions happen over the short term.

    What happens is that more sections of different social class groups end up delegitimizing the power of the evil ones that abuse their power over them. The turning point happens when a person who believed in the soundness of the system, has his/her eyes and mind finally wide open. The person realizes that it was not the different ‘enemies’ that were at fault for the frustrations in his/her life – but it was his/her own government – they were always the real criminals. Once the blinders are removed, no trick of propaganda, ruse, false flag event, can ever change over to the other side. The liberated person knows who the enemy is and becomes a permanent revolutionary in the most important area: his/her own mind.

    The problem is then the numbers game. Even with only 1% of the people awakened to the evil of the government, the tyrannical powers cannot murder all of them. They will have to make a few concessions and then meanwhile, murder some of them, or using the old carrot and stick approach to social control. But once the revolutionary group reaches around 10% of the population, then the state cabal of crooks is in trouble because the revolutionary group will have reached ‘momentum.’ Even the cowardly, the fence sitters and others that know something is deadly wrong, yet are fearful, will join in the revolutionary ferment. Human life is perpetually boring, and the revolutionary energy releases emotions, thoughts, and actions that had to remain bottled under the pressure of severe state repression and control.

    This fear explains why the US govt.-military hacks are so obsessed over ‘counter-insurgency’ crap both in foreign countries and in the US. This is how they think. They will do whatever takes to not reach that level. I repeat that they will do whatever it takes to not reach that level both internally and externally. Their achilles heal is that they believe their own lies, so no matter how many counterinsurgency manuals they have actually read, they are still blinded through their own mind tunnels. And their mind tunnels are weak and obscure.

    Eric is right about being patient because history also moves in absurdity and ‘bad fortune.’ All empires fall and decay, and their crumbling is not pretty. The more violence they do, the more bad wind they reap. Imagine what the American Empire will reap. They fall slowly and it is often an absurd chain of events that leads to the final destruction. Let me write of an important historical example.

    Before the French Revolution took place, the French Monarchy had continually been at war for over a hundred years, mostly against the British, but also against other foreign powers such as the Dutch, the Austrians and the Spaniards. The economy tanked badly after the French Monarchy spent lots of money helping the Americans get the British out of the colonies in the 1780s. The French slave colonies were also experiencing increasing African slave revolts in their death camp sugar estates in the West Indies. The British were still powerful in upper Canada and in the Caribbean however. The French treasury lived on credit and debt, the fiscal crisis was supposedly severe, and then King Louis XVI demanded even more taxes in 1788-89. There was a big problem in this scenario. Why did the King, a glutton fat bastard and his dolt wife – with thousands of other social parasite aristocrats, that had never worked one hour in their whole lives, need to live in a couple of hundred room palace, called Versailles, that was bigger than the measurements of the New Jerusalem of Biblical fame? Was the real reason for this increase in taxes simply to up the ante of their own profits, gambling crap and money hoarding? The King, believing his own lies, then went on a lavish hunt-party with his social parasite buddies on the grounds of Versailles. He didn’t think anything was wrong with his actions. He forgot that France, a mostly agricultural farmer country back then, had some terrible harvests recently, and the hunger murdered some little children and older people in the cities. It was generally covered up however. The King returned to his court and the rubber stamp parliament demanding a 100% approval for new taxation on the already harassed populace. Then suddenly, on July 14, 1789, a real hot and nasty summer day, thousands of Parisians stormed the royal prison in Paris called the Bastille and liberated the prisoners. The rest is history gentlemen.

    Like Eric stated, Patience. Until, the revolutionary minority is ready to see our social prisoners rotting in the American gulag for non-violent offenses, (the highest prisoner population in world history – even more than Stalin’s camps), as actual victims of the American Empire – then we will have to wait it out.

    Eric was right again: opening our eyes and minds, self-educating ourselves, becoming revolutionaries against our real enemy, and taking our little day to day actions against it – all lead to revolutionary momentum. Long revolutionary momentum times political-economic pressures, glaring contradictions, and the bad fortunes of empires leads to revolution. This is one of the laws of world history.

    • Thanks, Refco!

      It is enjoyable, isn’t it, too watch the major media outlets slide into the oblivion of irrelevance? They richly deserve to find themselves talking to … no one.

      I’m an ex-print media guy (newspapers) and saw it coming from the inside 20 years ago.

      Let’s all grab our favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy the show!

      • In size, New Orleans’ Times Picayune ( is but a shell of what it was pre-Internet. A definite improvement.

        Now, if they could just get rid of the sports reporting…

        Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

      • And if you’re in Colorado or Washington, light up your favorite libation!

        (Elsewhere too; but of course I’d never advocate breaking the “law”)

        Almost makes me want to indulge, myself, just to poke a thumb in Leviathan’s eye.

      • RE: “It is enjoyable to watch the major media outlets slide into the oblivion of irrelevance”. In my neck of the woods the NBC affiliate is giving away—-UMBRELLAS!—if you watch their six o’ clock local news and are the “lucky” winner. How enjoyable indeed to see the nightly propaganda blast reduced to the level of a struggling radio station.

    • The juris doctors and career office holders who now play a major role in mis-ruling and plundering Amerika are long on formal education credentials and unpardonably short on character.

      With the paper trail that exists today, it ought not to be difficult to bring the many criminals among them to post revolution constitutional justice with Informed Grand Juries employing Fifth Amendment Presentment Power.


      • The juris doctors and career office holders who now play a major role in mis-ruling and plundering Amerika are long on formal education credentials and unpardonably short on character.

        Which instantly recalled to mind something that I read right here on this blog and felt compelled to save for posterity:

        “The only thing that an education can do for an inherently unprincipled person is to make
        him more dangerous.” – Tinsley Grey Sammons

        TGS, my friend, if you are remembered for nothing else by this world (a highly unlikely possibility, I have to believe), it will be for this KEEPER of a quote. May it –and you– be as well remembered as Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken, Ambrose Bierce, and so many other astute observers of the human character.

    • The problem is then the numbers game. Even with only 1% of the people awakened to the evil of the government, the tyrannical powers cannot murder all of them. They will have to make a few concessions and then meanwhile, murder some of them, or using the old carrot and stick approach to social control. But once the revolutionary group reaches around 10% of the population, then the state cabal of crooks is in trouble because the revolutionary group will have reached ‘momentum.’

      Um… I know something you don’t, that even Gandhi realised when he acknowledged that his methods worked against the British but would never have worked against the Nazis.

      The thing is, even with a vast majority opposed, oppressors with suitable methods really can massacre or exile enough of those to get what they want. Their only problem arises when they are unwilling to use them or outside circumstances prevent that. To name but one, the Ottomans worked out a regular system for doing just that, which they used successfully for centuries until outside circumstances changed and stopped them.

      Why did the King, a glutton fat bastard and his dolt wife [they weren’t, actually, although they were limited by their upbringing] – with thousands of other social parasite aristocrats, that had never worked one hour in their whole lives, need to live in a couple of hundred room palace, called Versailles, that was bigger than the measurements of the New Jerusalem of Biblical fame?

      That was part of an entirely successful scheme to bring the aristocrats under central control, one that operated over several generations from Louis XIV’s time. This part of it involved separating them from their historical power bases in the provinces by bribing them into positions within the centralised system with luxuries and privileges they could only get at the centre. Versailles was a gilded cage that worked to pull them in. The whole point was to turn the aristocrats into mere parasites (on taxpayers) rather than potential threats (to the Crown).

      And the parliament that was called was no mere rubber stamp, but operated as the thin end of a wedge. The storming of the Bastille was separate from many genuinely more significant but less visible events on the way, some of which happened in or around the parliament. Paine and Burke cover much of it from different angles, which together offer perspective.

  21. When you love a thing, you never seek to change it or make it better. What could be be better than what you love? We talk about acceptance all the time, but we only look at that on an individual basis but not on a country basis.So do I love the people or try to change them?

    • It’s about people vs. their ideas. A sort of secular take on the old saw about hating the sin – but loving the sinner. You can love a person – a family member, say. But intensely dislike the views they have and seek to change their mind not by force or abuse but intelligent persuasion. For instance, my father in law is a good guy. I respect him and I like him. But I vehemently disagree with his left-liberal political views, especially his view that gun ownership should be heavily restricted. I therefore do all I can to change his views.

    • Someday people will hate each other simply because there are so many. –Philip Wylie (FINLEY WREN (1936))

      How true. People put considerable effort into distancing themselves from other people. As population increases like maggots in road kill on a summer day,it is becoming more difficult and expensive to do it.


  22. Eric, your most uplifting and encouraging article yet, I believe. I will be sharing this one. We will, I fear, soon be living in ‘Interesting Times’ in the Chinese proverbial sense. But what lies on the other side? Difficult to see the future is, as Yoda would say. But there is, at least, hope.

  23. They have already won. They are now going to do whatever they can to monger their “Fort Sumter” moment (Just attempting to disarm Americans will accomplish this for them) and start their global exterminations of belligerents (All those who refused to be owned) and useless eaters. They are not terrified…they are just in a greater hurry.

    • DD,

      Yes–they want to start a civil war. Pick your pretense; perhaps it’ll be the guns, or another massive false flag…perhaps a nuke snuck in by the government’s own tame terrorists, Al-CIA-duh.

      But they want civil war. First, exhaust the cops; next, the troops. They’ve not doubt actuaried the results and war-gamed it extensively. And certainly their conclusion is a stalemate at best, and probably a rousing defeat by the people.

      Then what? The country is in ruins, and the clovers–STILL idiotically dependent–will do what Henry Kissinger predicted:

      Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful.

      DD, they haven’t won by a LONG shot! There are roughly 6,000 real globalist minions, going by the Davos, G20, CFR, and UN higher-up sets. The real wealth–not billions, but trillions–are controlled by fewer than 20 families.

      All they have is a giant con-game. Reveal the con, and the game’s over.

      Their minions like power, but the petty puppet politicians are bullies and cowards. They will fold and run the moment they perceive the threat.

      The real battle is against the sleeping masses, and the paid enforcers they raise up from among them.

      Change their minds, and the 6,000 are powerless.

      • That’s why they want the Internet kill switch. They never grokked that it could be used to expose them, and now they are scared that their plans are exposed to anyone who cares to look. The Ron Paul campaign was just the beginning.

        • I worry about that, too.

          What is desperately needed is a truly independent net – a dispersed system that cannot be turned off. I often wish I knew more about computers so I could help with that. But I’m am old dog who grew up with corded phones and carbs – so I’ve got to leave the computer stuff to younger, hipper people!

          • The world governments have been meeting over the past week or so in Dubai. It’s said that some governments want to increase censorship and regulation of the internet. Thats the last thing we need.

          • Eric, people forget that this is actually what the Internet was designed to be – and in fact still largely is: millions of independent networks linked by hundreds of thousands of independent network long-haul backbones, something that makes the idea of a “kill switch” impractical. Indeed, the whole “kill switch” idea is pure fantasy, verbal masturbation by control-freak political morons without any technological understanding in their tiny, dysfunctional brains.

            The REAL danger, sez me as an IT professional, is the possibility of coercive force being used by agents of the State against ISPs to make them shut down large segments of the Internet, which can effectively “black out” large segments of cyberspace (although still not “killing” the whole). This can indeed have the effect of a “kill switch” on certain geographical areas.

            One of my long-term personal development goals is to gain a firmer understanding of the “guts” of networking from the engineer’s perspective in order to see whether some ideas I have for “inoculations” against Internet blackouts are effective (Project Tor is already a good start in this direction, on a very simple level). This, I think, would go a long way toward ensuring the continued free flow of information and ideas under even the most egregious of government assaults.

            And I won’t even get started on what flipping a “kill switch” would do to the State’s own essential information operations. Fucking morons…

          • The feds think they can get around the laws and avoid waking the population at large by revoking sites from the DNS tables at ISPs. Not shutting sites down, just not having their address available and making them unreachable.

            The result of course will be people circulating their own host tables. Every machine has its own host table it checks before it looks at a DNS.

            A hosts file is just a simple human readable text file.

            By banning something, they will give it more attention, especially from younger people. The host table that opens up the rest of the internet should become very popular.

          • @Brent and @Eric–

            re: hosts files

            Exactly; what they’re planning is the same as removing your entry from the white pages. No longer will the computer be able to look up “Eric Peters” and translate it to “713-555-1212”; in actual fact it’s just that simple, the computer looks up “” and translates it to your server’s IP address which is “”.

            The dictionaries that do that lookup for you are called DNS servers; and you can point your computer to any DNS server you wish.

            They’re arranged hierarchically; your ISP has one that gets its addresses from the next one up the chain, until they all aggregate to the top 12 “root” servers–which is what fucking Obomber just gave to the UN.

            But it’s futile.

            Can’t stuff that genie and his smoke back in the lamp–eat it, elitists!

          • I don’t know much about computers either BUT maybe we need a bit of OLD SCHOOL tactics matched to the genius of some young computer whiz.

            Perhaps a “mobile IP” website that keeps shape shifting and stays one step ahead of the “trackers” – somewhat like the old ‘pirate radio stations” operating out of a van on a local beach.

            Then find a MSM website and “POST’ the new site in a coded message in the comments or something – just like using the classifieds in the NY Times or WaPo back in the days of the cold war.

            Seroiusly – how do we continue to communicate with each other as we are all over the country?

            Food for thought, even if this website has a gobermint “bot” attached…

          • As others have mentioned Host files will take care of the small stuff. As long as your ISP is connected to the net and has a public IP a connection can be made to your server. I prefer having my own server at my location vs using a hosting service. Why? Because hosting services can be compromised. Even ISPs can be compromised which means a back up ISP is needed.

            All competent corporate IT departments have a back up link to the their networks. Usually one that is ultra-high speed and another that is on the level of ISDN. When the outage occurs the equipment is intelligent enough to sense it and make the call on the other circuit.

            Most individuals can’t afford this kind of fall back protection. However, if the liberty movement is serious about maintaining communication then this sort of thing has to be taken into account. Individuals will have to plan for goonberment having their primary ISP compromised.

            Much like the Nazi’s did in 1939 Germany using RDF, the modern freedom fighter will need tools to spoof IPs, connect to open nets and such.

            However, be careful, recently a man in a car was arrested, tried and convicted for using a aka free network.

            Keep up the good work guys.

  24. Eric — Ever read any of Claire Wolfe? One of my favorite quotes from her — “It’s too late to fix the system, and too early to shoot the bastards.”

    Just thought you might like to know 😉

  25. Great article – as usual.

    I’m starting to “not take it anymore” slowly. When I’m at an intersection at a government red light and there is no one coming, I stop, and then go right through the red light. The look on people’s faces in the rearview mirror is priceless. They are shocked.

    Trained rats we’ve become. Sick bastards the rest. I truly believe most people who would readily admit that I’ve done nothing even remotely unsafe would still like to “see me burn” for it.

    Try it – it is very liberating. I should have been doing this for years.

    The same watermelons who want to force grotesque flourescent light bulbs down my throat to “save energy” also want me to sit at a near deserted intersection burning gas and getting zero mpg for 90 seconds.

    Not doing it anymore.

    Everybody speeds (almost everybody), but this seems to be in another league. If enough people do it, the masses might see that sitting at traffic lights, especially at light to no traffic volumes, is completely irrrational.

    I can imagine an alien looking down upon the 2 people sitting at a red light at 3am and thinking “What the hell are they waiting for?”

    • Me too Blake. I’m not burning $3.50/gal gas just because a light bulb is red. I learned how to look both ways and safely cross the street in kindergarten.

    • Here in Florida they are putting those damn redlight camera’s all over the place – the official line being “too many accidents caused by red light running”.

      Reality however is that they have the yellow set at 3 seconds instead of a more reasonable 5-7 seconds. Just try stopping at 50 mph in 3 seconds and measure the distance and violent deceleration – it would result in an accident for sure if anyone was behind you.

      So I got my first camera based ticket several weeks ago, giving me 10 days to pay some company in Chicago (wtf??? I am in Tampa). So 10 days go by and aweek later I get a very threatening letter about how I need to PAY IMMEDIATELY and btw the fine is now $250 for being late.

      F’them – the letter is still sitting on the desk – at this point I am curious to see how it plays out….

      • We had this discussion a few months ago.

        At least in Texas–and judging from the out-of-state destination of your “ticket”–it’s a private company.

        They have no standing. There was no contract, hence no civil suit is possible. They are not the State, they are a private contractor–hence no criminal penalty is possible.

        In short, they’re fucked, you’re fine, ignore it.

        The warnings will become increasingly shrill and desperate; enjoy them! I certainly did; I posted them on the refrigerator door for me and my wife to enjoy.

        Then they threatened to disallow renewal of my registration; classic case of Leviathan vs. Leviathan, because the county is so desperate for revenue they allowed re-registration anyway!

        All in all, you’re in for a fun time. I almost wish they hadn’t taken them down in Houston so I could enjoy them some more.

        I never did get to take one out, either…

        • Check the state laws. In Illinois I can’t find anything more than technical holes where the actual implementations don’t meet what is required by state law and state transportation & road departments. Which are then ignored unless one wants to spend way more than the ticket to push it up through the courts.

          In Illinois, those in government are well skilled at the art. Not as sloppy and amateurish as they are in other states.

      • It is actually unlawful revenue collection. It has little or nothing to do with safety.

        Check the fines in your jurisdiction. Here in Ascension Parish LA an expired safety inspection sticker will get you a $200 fine yet few see it for the crime that it really is. It is just another unnecessary law yet folks continue to acquiesce in what is actually a monstrous legal crime.

        Just last week I watched as the the uniformed Traffic Thugs effortlessly nailed what must have been several thousand dollars worth of expired stickers. I wasn’t one of the victims but the helpless rage and intense hatred that I felt ruined my day.


  26. [ “…the vast majority of people operate unconsciously on the implicit assumptions of collectivism and authoritarianism – because that’s all they’ve been exposed to since childhood. It is all they know. The state has been monstrously effective in programming people…” ]

    Correct. But the primary tool used by the state to program people is the ‘Compulsory Government School System’ !

    Eliminate that tool — and you will break the strangle-hold the government has on every American.

    90% Americans attend government schools (propaganda day camps); the other 10% attend private schools strictly controlled by the government. Everyone is heavily indoctrinated in their most formative years.

    Truancy Laws are the backbone of such massive state control of education & children. No one gives them a second thought… but such laws directly violate the U.S. Constitution and every state constitution. Everyone (including children) has a right to personal liberty– you have no freedom at all … if you must turn your children over to government education-bureaucrats each weekday.

    Most here see the results of government ‘programming’ of citizens — but few see HOW it is done; the government disguises it as benevolent “education” in ‘free’ schools.

    Truancy laws could easily be challenged in courts across the nation– but it’s never been even considered because most are blind to the core problem.

    • Completely true, Brewster–

      But take heart!

      There are two movements about to shatter the stranglehold. Albeit in small numbers–but those people will be amazing force-multipliers.

      Home schooling–growing by leaps and bounds, there are now 1.5 million kids being home-schooled. You can only imagine the commitment that takes today; and it’s doubled in only twelve years!

      Un-college–young adults are getting wise to the scam that four-year universities have become. Some of the best programmers I’ve worked with have no degree. A committed, disciplined person can pick up not just a trade, but a well-rounded education as well…while earning a living and staying out of debt.

      I’ll consider that path for my kids, unless they’re hell-bent on one of the professions that require it…and then I’ll encourage them to do online university.

      • Amen on the college scam – especially for the non-technical “professions” (which is probably two-thirds of college graduates).

        Four years to acquire the skills necessary to be, say, a journalist? When I look back on it all, I can’t help but laugh. Then, cry.

        • Me too. I studied economics and took classes in a lecture hall with 500 students and took multiple choice exams that were graded by a bubble sheet reader. That’ll be $150/credit-hour please. Thank you very much.

          What a waste it all was. The teacher could have just told us which chapters to read and when to show up for the test.

        • I don’t think many Individuals understand that Education and Learning are not synonyms. For example, my formal education ended with the tenth grade.


      • A committed, disciplined person can pick up not just a trade, but a well-rounded education as well…while earning a living and staying out of debt.

        ABSOLUTELY. The hardest part is convincing people who’ve been indoctrinated, usually over the course of multiple generations, with the idea that only a college degree can guarantee a remunerative career. (The even harder part is convincing these same brainwashed people that engaging in one’s own productive entrepreneurial endeavors to build a productive and profitable business of one’s own while growing personally is preferable to spending a lifetime working for some monstrous, soulless corporation in which the individual is an anonymous –and disposable– cog.) The good news is that, given the horrendous unemployment rate among college graduates (most of whom, having been “educated” at government institutions of “higher learning” have no critical thinking skills anyway), the sheer nonsense behind the “get a degree and guarantee your success in life” mentality will be too obvious not to acknowledge.

        • The question that has to be asked of a degree is if it can get you somewhere sooner than without it.

          Does four years experience get you to the same place or better as a degree and zero years?

          That’s the question which must be asked that few seem to ask.

          • Unfortunately, yes.

            “Unfortunately,” because so many employers will not even meet with you unless you have the stupid piece of paper. For example, my profession. You might be a superb writer – and an outstanding journalist (capable of quickly assimilating and then conveying information to readers accurately). But if you haven’t got a four-year degree, forget it.

            Well, that’s how it used to be.

            It’s not that way any longer. Thank god!

          • I’ll be going back to school starting in a couple weeks at a local small state college. I’ll be turning 37 during my first semester and have absolutely no illusions about how useless most colleges are. This one does offer useless degree programs, but mine isn’t one of them fortunately. Sometime in about 2.5 years, barring apocalypse and total collapse, I’ll have my assorted shit together well enough to pack it up and get out of this country. While I’m still here though, I’ve decided that I’m going to try to ‘wake up’ at least one or two 20-somethings in each class I take. That way, if the whole place goes to hell before I get out, I’ll have a few allies locally and will have company during my final blaze of glory. If I make it out, I’ll have managed to spread some curiosity about the ideals of liberty to those who remain. Either way, I win and I make a tangible contribution to the good fight and the rebuilding that comes after.

            We shall see…


          Many decades ago after having made the highest score any applicant had ever made, I could not produce a high school diploma so I could not be hired.

          Hell, I had been an Automatic Tracking Radar instructor in the Air Force.


          • Yup –

            And similarly: Einstein (or Stephen Hawking) could not legally teach high school physics in a government school. Because neither holds a degree in “education.”

      • Actually, nobody can pick up a well rounded education just by himself, because of the way that we develop tunnel vision/blind spots and don’t even know that some things are there. It’s related to confirmation bias, the tendency to go with what backs up what you already know. Although theoretically the right sort of self discipline could help with that, though probably only in part, you can’t get that without being well rounded first – Catch-22. So the only practical way must use interaction with others, including those you disagree with even when they are wrong (worst case: you get to know the enemy; best case: sometimes they are actually right and you learn better, or you are both wrong in different ways that need a wider perspective to see, and you get the chance to fix your own error and maybe theirs too – if you can get through to them and still want to). Luckily that doesn’t take much more resources than individuals can put together, certainly not a full blown and institutional educational system.

        • Actually, nobody can pick up a well rounded education just by himself, because of the way that we develop tunnel vision/blind spots and don’t even know that some things are there.

          That’s true, and no one is saying that autodidacticism is the only way to learn. The point is that a traditional four-year-plus “college education” is, in most real-world cases, not at all essential to the ability to perform successfully in a “white collar” professional environment. Nor is it a guarantee of success, or, as more and more people who are the product of today’s Amerikan “universities” are finding out, even de facto proof of having been educated at all.

    • Truancy laws could easily be challenged in courts across the nation– but it’s never been even considered because most are blind to the core problem.

      Yes, it’s true that truancy laws can easily be proven to be transparently unconstitutional, as can also the government schools that they’re enabling. The problem is that the courts –at all levels, federal or state– are absolutely unconcerned with the issue of “constitutionality” of laws. Courts in Amerika today exist for no other reason than to rubber-stamp whatever legislative or executive fiats the president and congress (or state governors and state legislatures) hand down. Sure, they’ll occasionally issue a ruling in favor of liberty just to maintain the facade of the farce of “Checks and Balances,” usually ruling in favor of liberty in some minor matter that has no negative impact on the overall power of the State. Ninety-nine point nine nine nine nine percent of the time, however, whenever the liberty of the individual versus the power of the State is at issue, the courts will ALWAYS rule in favor of the State. The enabling of the Government Educational Establishment will guarantee such a rubber-stamp verdict from the courts.

    • You have correctly identified one of the pillars of the nation-state, Brewster. But I somewhat disagree with your strategy for taking it down. Changing truancy laws is certainly one way to attack it but I think we could also send in Liberty Commandos to sabotage it from within.

      By that I mean to educate our children with the core principles of liberty (individualism over collectivism, live and let live, no victim no crime, etc) then instruct them to intelligently and vigorously challenge their prison guards – I mean teachers.

      I did just that with my son when he entered gubment skool in his sophomore year. Long story short, he soon became “untouchable” by the faculty because they realized he could not and would not be indoctrinated. And I know his actions influenced a whole lot of other students as well.

      I was so proud of him when he told me one day after an incident in skool, “They can only control you if you let them”.

      If you have to send your kids to a gubment skool send them in as liberators…

    • I do agree the Dept.of Education needs to be disbanded. However,one big concern I have is the manipulated news media. I do not trust any of them as they are all deceivers and 95% of the media are owned by the same people that own the Federal Reserve.

      It would be nice if somehow a new news media opened up on TV and radio. I at least read The American Free Press and anything by Ron Paul and the likes. But since we have been lied to for so long,it will take some time to “re-adjust” our thoughts and the lies,to correct the lies in the history books etc. But,if people continue to watch the likes of FOX,CNN,MSNBC,the local channels and listen to blowhards like Rush,change will be too late.

      • The alternative media already exist and are, for the most part, easily accessible. The hard part is convincing the Amoricon majority (or the majority anywhere, for that matter) that this is where the truth is to be found. Weaning people away from state-controlled mainstream media, which most have been raised from birth to believe are the only legitimate sources of truth, is like trying to wean someone away from heroine or crack cocaine: difficult, time-consuming, painful, and not necessarily guaranteed of success.

  27. The Freedom Movement had even more momentum back at the turn of the century. Clinton’s Waco Slaughter actually fanned the flames instead of dousing them, as he had hoped. Patriots formed militias, defended the 2nd Amendment, and even promoted secession back then, too. Throughout America, there was a major backlash against the fedgov.

    So do you remember what happened? 9/11!
    Suddenly the Patriot Movement was replaced by the Patriot Act. Homeland Security, TSA, and evermore wars on foreign shores became the new causes.
    Everybody was flying little American flags on their cars. Instant reversal….., supporting the fedgov became “Patriotic.”

    Here we are again, “talking the talk” re personal liberty. Is this smart?

    The next 9/11 false flag attack will make the last one look like a day on the park. Can you imagine the impact if they launched it on Christmas?

    Might it be wise to keep a lower profile, so that we get more time?

    • Really? Low profile? These monsters are destroying our civil liberties, destroying our economy, and destroying the lives of millions of innocent people in foreign countries. Unless we speak up, protest and show that they are NOT in control, we are no better than the Germans in 1939 who “Thought They Were Free” and said nothing as they killed the Jews, then the gays, then the dissidents, then the Christians. Buck up and be a man!

      • Rog,

        You’re right, I have read that book.
        Sincerely hope they are wrong about the next false flag event being detonation of a nuke in downtown Phoenix on Christmas morning.
        But we know it is coming sooner than later.

          • The title is “The Most Dangerous Book In The World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual” by S K Bain. Theme of the book is that the people who brought you 9/11, for some reason, like to foreshadow and script their events in as much occult symbolism as possible.
            The second half of the book, presented as “predictive fiction” points out a lot of occult symbols, as well some very solid logic to suggest that the next 9/11 may occur with detonation of a nuclear device at the Az State Capital Building in downtown Phoenix on Christmas Morning 2012. Some of his arguments are far fetched; others very compelling.
            You might want to order it expedited from Amazon and decide for yourself.
            My point is that 9/11 type events will be the tool of choice for global tyrants to suppress freedom. So it would be smart not to attract their attention unnecessarily.

            • Hey Mike,

              That’s really creepy… but not entirely implausible. I’ve read a bit about the idea elsewhere. I will check out the book. I hope the author’s wrong, period – but especially about AZ. My parents live there.

          • @MikePizzo–

            Thanks for the earlier recommendation; I ordered it this afternoon.

            In re: “foreshadowing”–YES! They like to “telegraph” their actions ahead of time; it’s an occultic practice that requires them to tell their victims what they’re going to do in some manner before they do it.

            There was an episode of “The Lone Gunman” that very specifically foretold 9/11; in fact, there were a dozen “tells” ahead of time, if you knew what to look for. I didn’t at the time.

  28. @eric, @meth, @others – let’s take this offline. Can you guys send me a good email contact for you? And a phone number if you have one you don’t mind sharing to: qaoss at yahoo dot com

    Rock & Roll baby!

  29. @methylamine – you just gave me a great idea: coordinated events in more than just one city! That carries the added affect of it feeling like more of a national Zeitgeist – which it is.

    Houston, Atlanta …

  30. Off topic where this article is concerned, but, IMO, directly related is a topic brought up in the comments about another article last week in which the subject of “convert coercion” (for lack of a better term) was broached. Specifically, Rand Paul and SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts’ names came up. The question was raised: were these two political figures, who in the past had leaned heavily toward the side of liberty and/or smaller government, coerced into reversing themselves at critical moments?

    While I didn’t get an opportunity to chime in on this, I absolutely believe that it’s a reasonable explanation for both Rand’s and Roberts’ actions (it might very well also be behind the decision of VA Senator Jim Webb to suddenly resign his Senate seat a couple of years back).

    My nagging questions are:

    1. Who the hell ARE these people “making offers that can’t be refused?”

    2. What kind of threats are they making that are so credible as to scare otherwise courageous men (and no doubt some women) into silence and retreat?

    3. How is it that none of these people have been “outted” and dealt with accordingly?

    • Look at a guy like Alex Jones. He says he’s threatened regularly; but at this point, if they take him out, he’ll become Obi-Wan Kenobi…much more powerful.

      Why don’t these people, when threatened, go out immediately and contact alternative press, mainstream press, write it all up on their own blog…hell, go stand on a roof with a bullhorn and shout it all out?

      Especially a guy like Rand Paul, with a huge bully-pulpit.

      I suppose the MSM will shut it down after smearing them as kooks; then the promise will come true a year or two later, slowly, so as not to arouse suspicion; a fatal car wreck for the wife, an accidental overdose of something horrible at the pediatrician’s office for one of the kids, followed by…

      But these peoples’ power isn’t limitless. They can’t chase down every case.

      And I fear some things more than the death of my body–call it a soul, karma, whatever you want, but damn it, there are principles more important than my own life.

      I think the one threat that would shut me up would be a credible threat to my children.

      • Yup. A moral man may be brave with his own life but not so much with the lives of others. Unfortunately the opposite is true of the sociopaths.

    • Elections won’t fix America. A substantial number of the People themselves will have to cooperate in order to do that. The tools exist for them to do it if they would only learn to use them. For example: Grand juries that use their Fifth Amendment Presentment Power along with a well informed Association for Lawful Government in every jurisdiction. These two entities can obliterate the unlawful power now wielded by Lawyer Infested Government.

      Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

      • I fear that anyone, especially in large numbers as part of a trend, who actually puts to use the (lawful and just) powers that you describe will find him/herself visited by representatives of the “extra-legal powers” that I describe above. This, IMO, is probably what keeps more people from taking the course of action you describe. That and the fact that both grand and petit juries have been hopelessly neutered by government tampering (a.k.a. “voir-dire” and other less lawful practices).

        • Don’t worry, not enough Individuals will bother. Other than stupidly casting a ballot* for what they perceived to be a lesser evil, or if things get many times worse than they are now, stupidly shooting at their tormentors, they will do nothing at all.

          Mankind’s last intellectual revolution occurred in 1776 at the end of the Scottish Enlightenment. There won’t be another.

          Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

          *I’d rather watch hairy primates running wildly around their cages while screeching insanely and throwing feces.

          • @Me2–LOL classic!

            You know of course…a group of crows is a “murder” of crows; lions, a “pride”.

            But a group of baboons–the most vicious and petty of primates? Yeah.

            That’s called a “congress”.

          • Ah TGS! Why so glum?

            We are about to enjoy a massive, unbelievable shift in consciousness, not only akin to 1776 but a culmination, a refinement, of those ideals taken to the next level.

            Just you wait.

            Just like the years leading up to the Magna Carta, then the Reformation, and then 1776–each thrust forward to freedom carries more momentum gained from experience in the past.

    • Hi Liberranter,

      I was involved in the comments you are referring to. Somebody mentioned that Rand might have been coerced, and I chimed in with the musing that the same might be true with Roberts. Interesting that you bring up Webb: he has in the past come out strongly against intervention in Iran. It would be inconvenient for “them” to have a war hero (Navy Cross as a Marine officer in Vietnam) in the Senate who openly opposed their plans for hegemony in the Middle East, so he could have been pressured also.

      Who are these people? My guess would be the CIA and the highest levels of DoD. Very briefly, the historical perspective goes like this. Up to the eve of WWII, America had always maintained relatively small armed forces, except in times of big wars, after which they were quickly demobilized (except during the occupation of the South). After WWII, the country reached a decision point: return to normal, or leap headlong into empire? It chose the latter, and in the process created the CIA and a huge peacetime standing armed force establishment.

      Two excellent references on the transition to empire are John T. Flynn’s “The Decline of the American Republic” and Mark Ledbetter’s “Globocop: How American Sold Its Soul and Lost Its Way”.

      Fast forward to the early 1960s. Eisenhower issued a warning in his farewell address about the growing power of the military-industrial complex. Three years later, Kennedy had bucked that complex: refusing to be maneuvered into calling in military support for the Bay of Pigs invasion, firing the CIA director (Allen Dulles) and vowing to abolish the agency, and sending out peace feelers to Krushchev. It did not end well for Kennedy, and I think there’s plenty of evidence that the CIA was the cause. It’s amazing that a prime suspect in the Kennedy assassination, Allen Dulles, was actually a member of the Warren Commission.

      Since that time, I believe the CIA/DoD folks have continued to consolidate their power. It’s quite interesting that the last four presidents have had connections to the CIA. Makes me think that elections are now totally fixed and determined beforehand; campaigns are political theater to keep the clovers believing in the system.

  31. Speaking of 20 somethings… up here in Canada they recently polled the millennial generation and asked them what they thought made a good citizen… the overwhelming response was paying taxes! So yeah, I agree an entire generation doesn’t even know what its like to live as free as we once did

    Good article. I agree a critical mass has not been reached but hopefully a community will grow with websites such as this one.

    As a Canadian I don’t always agree with everything posted here but I respect the integrity of the posters (Clovers aside) and mostly applaud and condone your good work.

  32. Great article Eric. Many thanks. There are numerous things we can do to help effect change right now that aren’t suicidal. Most of us that gather here already do one key thing: we inform others. Through our writing and daily interactions we plant seeds. It’s true that a lot of these seeds fall on stones and poor soil, but some sprout. And a few do grow in the minds of those around us. You may not see it, but rest assured it happens. I went back to one of my former places of employment about three years ago. This is a highly secure, regimented facility populated primarily by veterans. When I worked there (over 17 years), I continually brought up the subjects of true Liberty, real money, the encroaching police / surveillance state, imperial warfare, Fed Res banking fraud / fiat money; the whole pallet we paint from here. “Back in the day” they regularly told me that I was nuts. But during my return visit after a decade long absence, some of these same people walked up to me and said “You were right. It’s all happening like you said it would.” and many asked “How did you know?” I told them I looked beyond the popular media and sought out truth and wisdom. You have to dig for it; it doesn’t just come to you through osmosis. Hence many folks don’t get ever either.

    Granted it took a while, but eventually the message sank in with these folks. To people who even nominally have to think or analyze moderately complex systems, manage projects and evaluate failure it becomes obvious there’s more to the systems’ problems than the pabulum the MSM puts out. Then they start to question. You can break the “conservatives” in gently with a few copies of the New American. Granted it’s not a bastion of Agorism, anarcho-capitalism or even staunch Libertarianism, but it’s a good Liberty leaning ice breaker for sheeple. You can forward epautos, LRC and other Liberty minded articles to any friends and coworkers that may be receptive at first, but curiousity will get the better of them. I’ve seen one staunch “Reagan Conservative” become decidedly libertarian in less than five years by my having done just what I describe. The truth has a resonance that is difficult to ignore even if they don’t agree at first. Many may cover their ears, call you a kook and change the subject. Some, the most ardent believers in the empire, become combative and may even try to shout you down. But there are always those few who will wake up, take the red pill and join the ranks of the remnant. Those are who we’re really after. They will be the ones to spread the message even further.

    Logic, reason and the truth alone have not and probably will never appeal to the unwashed masses. Working on the vanity and emotions of “mass man,” just as the PTB / MSM does, is how we will be able reach critical mass. As our ranks grow and our message spreads with more young folks, Liberty will become fashionable, trendy and popular. It won’t be cool to be part of the matrix anymore; quite the contrary. When that happens, we win.

    • Well said, Boothe.

      And Eric–a really excellent and timely article. It’s funny, there really is a zeitgeist–you can FEEL it, like the stirring of a breeze before a warm front comes in. Winter may be coming but it’s Spring philosophically.

      And Boothe–sure, 90% of people will never be driven by logic, principle, reason, and truth. But they WILL follow memes. I had an excellent political science professor who related this to “myth, power, value”–the myth (articles of faith like “live and let live”, “to each his own” etc) gives rise to a gestalt agreement. Power comes from this gestalt, of people simply accepting the meme; and value arises from the mass-following.

      Kind of reminiscent of those irritating 12-steppers–“fake it ’till you make it”–but it really works. Force the body to take actions and often the mind follows.

      So it’s up to us–the 10% red-pillers–to provide the framework memes so the go-along-get-along folks have direction…a.k.a. “live and let live”, “no harm no foul”, “to each his own”, “no victim no crime”

      Start now! I have stopped hammering away at things like 9/11 truth unless I have a willing listener. More often now I’m trying to boil it down to those simple sayings that resonate with something deep inside Americans–buried but not lost!

      • “Force the body to take actions and often the mind follows”

        I’m a seasoned improvisational actor – Chicago, Atlanta, NYC – and this is an improv concept.

        An improv actor “does” something with his body to begin a scene and his thoughts are inspired, motivated by whatever his body is doing and in his mind a character and a location for the scene are created and the scene begins. It’s a wonderful thing to experience and see when it’s done right. When it’s not done right, it’s just fucking painful to watch. :)))

        Maybe improv is the key to liberty. :)))

    • You are fortunate. It never happens to me and it has me questioning my own ability to communicate well. Regrettably, my style just doesn’t seem to “get through”. I ought to hang it up and find another pastime but I’m a masochistic glutton for disappointment and punishment.

      I suppose I should be grateful that I do not have to author opeds for a living.


      • “You are fortunate. It never happens to me and it has me questioning my own ability to communicate well.”

        Same here.

        Worse yet, I get, “but you said X”, back from people when I know damned well that I said nothing of the sort.

        From what I see, the ability to comprehend and process information is a lost art for the majority. They hear what fits into their preconceptions, not what was actually said.

      • Don’t be so hard on yourself, TGS–you’ve got me rethinking my ideas on racial pride. I’m proud of my ancestors, and what they passed on to me. You made that a little stronger.

        • Thank you. Sadly there are those who would have others think that a person’s special affection for his own race means that he hates other races. In my case and in the cases of most civilized Whites I’m convinced that that simply is not true.

          What I do hate is the sadness I feel when I realize that my race might be headed for extinction…largely due to the absence of Identity Awareness. Government and the MSM seem to do all they can to extinguish that awareness.


          • Well said Tinsley.

            One of the modern nation-states’ biggest lies is that of White guilt. I, like 99% of Whites, wish no one any harm but race does indeed matter.

            It is as much a part of human nature as it is the nature of all living beings to simply prefer their own kind more so than the other herds.

            • Agree.

              People – quite naturally – prefer the familiar and the similar. Common culture derives to a great extent from common ethnic/racial background. There is nothing wrong with this. Wrong enters into it when force is applied – whether to keep people apart or to force them together. Let free people freely interact – or not – as they each see fit.

  33. Eric, I hope your assessment is correct even though I won’t likely live to see it to fruition.

    My great fear is the half-assedness of the Discontented and even many of the Furious. The best example being the LEGALIZERS. The very word reeks of ignorance and half-assedness.

    Uh, how about REPEAL.


    I just have a sick feeling that beyond pot, many LEGALIZERS are freedom nibblers who will never Strike the Root. If you were a heroin user would you trust a jury of LEGALIZERS to nullify bad law?

    I don’t.

    And then there are the Second Amendment gun rattling blowhards. How many of the ninety or so million gun owners would you trust with your Fourth Amendment protection? How many have even bothered to study and understand the other Amendments?

    How many Individuals understand Principles?

    I’ve encountered very few. Even worse I’ve encountered few who even want to discuss Principles. How many would understand the following even if they bothered to carefully examine it:

    (Mistakenly establishing a dreadfully unlawful level of State Authority)
    Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

    Ignorance is bliss. But only until you are made to pay for it.

    Once a level of authority has been established by legal precedent, then anything that equals or does not exceed that level can easily be made legally punishable by law. If X is outlawed, then Y can also be outlawed if it falls within the level of authority previously established by having successfully outlawed X.

    Since emotions are subjective, individuals who approve of Y generally fail to objectively consider the level of authority whenever they think, say, or write that, “There oughta be a law against X!”

    So then my Fellow Citizens, if the non-amendable American Ideal, recorded by Congress assembled July 1776 is to resume its progress toward becoming a respected reality, Americans must take first things first. Although financial folly, legal plundering, and insane Utopian meddling are profoundly detestable, it is no less crucial that Americans focus on the growing number of unlawful injuries that the State can now legally inflict upon the harmless Individual.

    Folks tend to think that when a power is legal, then surely it must be good or at least tolerable . . . but that simply isn’t true. Many of those legal powers are actually unlawful because they violate the very principles upon which America is founded. The idea of an unlawful law sounds oxymoronic but contrary to the Founding Principles, many unlawful laws do in fact exist.

    The expression “Plunder by Law” used by Frederic’ Bastiat is as relevant today as it was in 1850 when Bastiat authored his incomparable classic titled: THE LAW. Were I a civics teacher or a law professor, my students would not be permitted to avoid a deep immersion in Bastiat’s THE LAW.

    • The idea of an unlawful law sounds oxymoronic but contrary to the Founding Principles, many unlawful laws do in fact exist.

      They not only exist in mind-boggling numbers, but are in fact the majority of statutes in force today.

      When entire government agencies are in operation that are dedicated to enforcing things that are beyond the lawful purview of government to begin with, it is not a stretch to say that lawfully constituted government itself has been undermined and completely destroyed.

  34. “Most of us now alive will live to see it” – and someone needs to initiate ‘it’! 😉

    I agree with your analysis buddy. I was in the local watering hole last night and there was one extremely left leaning black guy and three young white guys and as the black kept spewing his uninformed rhetoric about welfare and blah, blah, blah the three young white guys kept talking about getting the gov’t out of their lives, out of their homes, their cars and their bodies.

    I asked them if they were Ron Paul fans and one was. I find that more and more so I can see the social attitudes changing.

    Having said that, we can still take action, w/o having to take a stand and go down in a worthless blaze of glory.

    I’ve mentioned this before: if we’re not smarter than the govt trolls then shame on us. Why can’t we organize and begin doing things? Doing things like protecting those being abused by the cops? Doing things covertly?

    I think everyone expects that one day they’ll turn on the tv and ‘it’ will have begun so then and only then they’ll join in. Well who started ‘it’? Someone will. Why not us?

    • Why not us?

      Still working on that one myself. Way too much information overload and can’t seem to focus on a specific action that is sufficient to spark action by the masses and garner attention w/o violence and swift and severe Gov’t reaction or worse yet it has no impact.
      I suspect many have tried and nothing has happened – media either did not report it or played it off as another fruitcake or disgruntled employee.
      Timing is everything, and frankly the majority of American Sheeple still suffer from Cranial-Rectal inversion.

      • “Cranial-Rectal inversion” – lmao. aka – their head up their ass?

        I think people are looking to be led. I believe they want to be led. If a leader(s) can show them what is possible they will follow suit. They are after all sheeple with a herd mentality.

        Look at traffic and how people follow one another even if it’s something unusual. It only takes one person to go around that “Bob’s Barricade” and next thing you know, more cars do it as well. They just don’t want to be the first one but once they see someone else do it, it somehow gives them confidence to do it themselves. They were thinking it but just couldn’t pull the trigger until someone else validated it for them then it’s off to the races.

        I think we can do the same thing with the TSA for example. How easy would it be for 100 of us to simply plan one day to buy tix to nowhere, queue up all together in the TSA line and all at once just walk right through and stand there on the other side? How in the hell could they possible stop us all? And it would show everyone that the world doesn’t come to an end; that the airport doesn’t blow up; that your rights really aren’t forfeited when you’re in a TSA security check point. I think it would be a tremendous example of what we can do when we work together.

        • @Don–

          Yes! That’s a great idea–100 people engaging in peaceful civil disobedience directly against the TSA.

          Hell, ten people; five to fly, five to film and hold bail money.

          The five opt out. When the Thug approaches to “pat down”, loudly and firmly say “No–touch my genitals and I’m suing. You’re not an ‘officer’, you have no probably cause, and you’re planning a sexual assault. No!

          Meanwhile they’re being filmed by the wingmen.

          Just not flying is not an option anymore. They’re expanding TSA to highways, cruise ship terminals, and bus and train stations.

          Just wait until the next false flag; they’ll shoot down a plane or something, and they’ll have TSA miles from the airport. For your safety.

          If we don’t fight the TSA while they’re caged in airports, they’ll metastasize like the colon cancer they are–and kill the host.

          • Great! I propose Atlanta since it’s the busiest airport in the country – lots of attention – and it has the most abusive TSA trogolodytes.

            Here we go folks! Viva la revolucion! Let’s fire the first MEANINGFUL shot and do it as an organized group so we won’t be painted by the media as kooks.

            Everyone on this forum is an intelligent, composed, informed individual. We can present a united intelligent, composed, informed front behind which others will feel safe to gather.

            No OWS nonsense. Just pure and simple defense of our rights and showing the TSA and the country that we are not afraid, we will not submit, we will not follow the herd. We will take the road less traveled by and make all the difference!

          • I’m off work between Christmas and New Year’s…also a nice busy time of year for the TSA.

            Who’s near enough Houston to participate? If any of you are, great.

            I’ll also contact Houston Free Thinkers–they organized the original Metro protest that got TSA thrown out of our buses.

          • the filmers of such a demonstration must have installed on their “smart phones” the app that directly uploads the footage to the internet,youtube namely, so when the panicked BGS’s take these folks to task, the damage to “them”(the blue-shirted goons) will be done. Go ahead, confiscate the phone, “film at eleven”..;)

  35. Well said.

    As Strauss and Howe outlined in their books (Generations,4th Turning, etc)this swinging pendulum of change goes thru a life-cycle of 4 generations and eventually starts all over again with some variation on the previous starting point. We are almost there…

    The question is what will be that “new point” and will it be acceptable?

    We can hope and help do our best to push things in the right direction!

    Old Chinese curse – MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES – and we most certainly do.

    • Agreed GW! I say this all the time. What wonderous times we live in. The turn of the century; the technology age; the fall of communism and the rise of the USSA and its corporatism/crony-capitalism.

      Wouldn’t want it any other way.

    • @GW:

      YES! Their point, that it “…starts all over again with some variation of the previous starting point” is something I keep coming back to myself–

      The pendulum swings, but its point of origin shifts each time to greater and greater individual freedom.

      China*. Greece. Rome. Byzantium. British Empire. America.

      Quick book plug: I’m reading The Sovereign Individual by Davidson and Rees-Mogg. It’s heavy going but every bit as portentous and insightful as Strauss’/Howe’s work.

      Their take is that nation-states are in their death throes, and that individual sovereignty, much smaller more local governments, and market forces will predominate. They warn that the big-government “gangs” called “nation-states” will not go easily.

      The gerbils running around at the feet of the dying dinosaurs come to mind…although I prefer to think of myself as a Tasmanian Devil–gerbils just don’t get much respect.

      * China–origin of modern libertarian thinking, BTW; a topic I’m only now starting to explore, and it’s mindblowing! Those guys were talking like Rothbard three thousand years ago!

  36. P.s. please let all “peppers”, “survivalists
    ‘,and freedom loving ppl know to not talk to strangers about there preps. a two guys here in maryland have been arrested on gun charges bc they wouldnt keep there mouths shut. I didnt think ppl were this stupid. BEWARE: The feds are out there and there on the hunt for “groups” there whole system is designed to take down “groups”, but they cant handle individuals. Be an individual, keep you mouth shut, and look for others doing the same. Remember Vietnam? A bunch of guys in the woods took down the most powerful force in the world.

      • At the local Libertarian shindig months back we discussed philosophical issues and one thing we talked about is how people on “the outside” view those of us with opinions or thoughts contrary to the herd. One thing I told them, and I think it’s important as you’ve raised it, is for you to keep your mouth shut. Nobody needs to know anything about what you’re doing and it’s to your disadvantage to make a peep. When a SHTF scenario occurs you can’t count on anyone coming to you on your behalf unless it’s someone you are familiar with and have already made arrangements. And even then I’d be careful to only tell them the minimum. The best secret is the one never shared.

        • Secrets are almost impossible to keep in 2012. Buy gold, they track who buys it. Same with primers, gun powder, bullets, storeable food, cash, etc.

          These posts can be tracked directly to you, even your email is not secure. Your cell phone can be monitored while off and the calls are recorded.

          I suggest to never make any threats of violence under any condition.

          • Al, I’m inclined to agree with you. If you buy the things you’ve mentioned on-line. tracking you easily would be the case. And it is undoubtedly possible to track some of your purchases of the aforementioned items if you use a credit or debit card at “brick and mortar” businesses. But if you use cash and hit flea markets, pawn shops, coin shops and gun shows, not so much. The bank may be able to tell the gun-vernment how much cash you’ve pulled out over the last year, but you could have blown that on lottery tickets, eating out and booze for all they know. What we have in our favor is there are 314+ million Amerikans. Maybe they do have super computers that can keep track of all of us. But people have to do the wet work and who the heck can review all the data? Besides which, we flatter ourselves to think we’re really all that important in the eyes of Leviathan. Are you Bill Gates or even Wesley Snipes?

            Oh they may make an example out of a few of us here and there, but for the most part it’s too much trouble for them; unless you’re somehow intertwined with the system to begin with. So the best bet is to avoid all contact with the system if possible. If confronted by their minions, be polite, remain silent and act passive. And as you so correctly pointed out, don’t make threats. If the time comes and you need to act, then act. Making threats just gives them the heads up. It’s usually the quiet passive guy that after enough prodding will give you a totally unexpected package check and pick you up on your tip toes by your cajones. I’ve seen it happen. And as I recall Joe Stack didn’t give the IRS a call and threaten them before he flew his plane into their offices. Just sayin’…

    • Runaway slave, etc: Also it’s smart to stay out of org. mtgs even tho well ententioned, large groups, rallies, etc. Nothing is ever accomplished and no results are seen over many decades of patriots joining groups, org. and holding mtgs. As a retiree, I look back to the futility and uselessness of these activities. Small home meetings with like minded friends and stay low key is best. Any political activity to incl voting, in the last fifty years has been in vain considering the type of gov we have now.

  37. Thank you eric i needed that. It will happen soon enough and when it does we will all hope it hadnt. Big ups on this article your really hitting the nail on the head.

    • Thanks, Runaway!

      Though I (like most people here) have my “down” periods, I also cannot help but be cheered by the things mentioned in the article. It really is a great time to be alive!

      • “I think the powers that be are terrified.”

        I think you’re right. However, that brings to mind a line from the Movie “Easy Rider”, where the alcoholic lawyer says:

        “Yeah, but it don’t make ’em runnin’ scared. It makes ’em dangerous.”

    • Eric this is the best article yet! Masterpiece really. Positive activism is what will lead our movement with leaders like you. People certainly do need to have the truth smacked in their heads, beyond that it takes positive attitude that they can win. We will WIN.. What we visualize for our movement’s greatness is going to come to bear fruit. Everyone wants to be on the intelligent and best side, it is obvious that this side is the future of humanity. I realize that decentralized leadership will never be like a Lenin because none of us want to lead blind sheep. This is why our movement will be all the more powerful, authoritarism versus freedom is like a 8086 against a modern day parallel processor. The more of us that tune in and contribute the more parallel the movement front becomes. In short order the cascade effect and avalanche effect of turning on independence will overwhelm the weaker hands.

      I especially like your 20% figure. As it has been said many times that the source of that 20% from Pareto’s principle will be the producers that make 80% of everything. We all know that farmers are libertarians, now if we can convert manufacturers. engineers, scientists, and merchants to supporting our cause we win the economic high card. I’d not want to be an authoritarian trying to gun down the very populace that makes their smart bombs, roads, food and spy monitoring equipment. This is exactly who they are planning on squeezing the bolts on to build their surveillance, welfare-health, warfare, police state.

      Authoritarian police governments have always killed engineers, critical thinkers, farmers, doctors, and other intellectuals first. Actually anyone that has a brain and conscience. Hence all the more reason that we must band together to put this beast down. The more producers we turn off to their game and onto ours the more innovation in freedom. I’d bet on a 20 year old computer cracker/hacker over a government computer security professional anyday. Why? Because the young energetic guy is going to be motivated in a way that the government employee will never. Freedoms is going to energize the intellectual and innovative base in a way that authoritarinism can’t. Again I’m not asking young people or the productive to go out and build a virus or destructive bomb that targets government. I’m asking these people to create positivism by getting out and supporting GPL or Linux to create economic VPN networks, peer to peer, encryption marketplace environments. I’m asking them to think of how to organize in a decentralized environment (maybe peer to peer network) a way to organize multiple buys and sells and establish even credit ratings via a decentralized/encrypted networking market. Organize so that debt losses and gains are local to the active transaction participants and not to the larger system. Do this using GPL technology that is public domain so that no one can corner this market. Make it central serverless. This is the future of electronic marketplace, this is just one of many areas that our movement can and will destroy the whip and chain of yester year. This is freedom that we need to actively encourage. It can and must happen as Linux is proof in itself, that people can do great things with philantropy of their ideas and time. I develop on Linux and I also create hardware for it, but my inputs are micro to what I get out of the entire voluntary larger effort. Our powers are multiplied when we voluntarily bundle together and organize peacefully. We need all of you to think and contribute to all ideas that will enable us to break free of this destructive pyramid and set man into the golden age of what I think God really wanted instead of the Kings cruely ruling and destroying righteous people.

      This is our time people and the positive attitude, the young, the educated, and the enlightened are now entering into our cause at an accelerated rate. The current world is obviously unsustainable and let the wise and productive actively change this world in a way unimaginable 100, 50, or even 20 years ago. If your calling is as simple as turning on the minds of other people to our game than that is a great feat in itself, but potray our game as the fun and righteous. The freedom movement is right, moral, and victorious simultaneoulsy. If your game is in training the new manufacturers, engineers, innovators, and business people our exciting future of prosperity and freedom then this too is how we will win. If your adding to the electronic and network freedom movement then this is how we will win. If you are civilly disobedient to unethical and unrighteous laws and stand against them peacefully even as you may suffer the first consequences, then your bravery will win 10 more followers who will admire your strengths. Maybe you will just be a lawyer who knows how to defend freedoms by spending your time defending people unrighteously prosecuted by unconstitutional laws, or an accountant that helps people legally avoid paying taxes to a corrupt autoritarian movement. Then you will also be the parallel processors that will put an end to this wicked game. God bless all of us and may we be fruitfull and multiply, and we will because in short we are just lovely and they are not. Further we are a parallel cascading thinking processor and they are a rustic pyramid of chain down and control.

      Thanks again Eric for this great and postive article and may all of us continue to contribute and motivate and work for the freedom and growth that must and will be ours.


      • Thanks, HR – and, amen!

        While there’s plenty of reason to be angry – and scared – there’s also good reason to be optimistic. It may – and probably will – get rough for awhile. But it won’t last.

        Other posters have mentioned that with each new cycle, the next begins at a higher point. For example, the emergence of more liberty-mindedness at the end of the Middle Ages led (in time) to the expression of even more liberty-mindedness at the foundation of the American republic… We are now in a trough, near the bottom once again. But the next upswing will bring with it an even greater awakening of liberty mindedness, in part because the cycles are shortening in duration. What used to take decades or even hundreds of years now only requires a few years. Things are accelerating.

        I’m no prophet, but I have a gut feeling that the world system will be unrecognizable within 20 years. Maybe 10.

        I suspect there will be some awful events along the way – the inevitable consequences of the death throes of the old order.

        But I am very optimistic about the future – one I am confident I will live to see myself.

        • “I’m no prophet, but I have a gut feeling that the world system will be unrecognizable within 20 years. Maybe 10. I suspect there will be some awful events along the way – the inevitable consequences of the death throes of the old order.”

          Yes! The growth of digital information technology is overwhelming the traditional gatekeepers of knowledge. We are seeing a decentralization of truth — just like what happened when Gutenberg set up his press. The immediate aftereffect of mass printing of books was that churches and monarchies lost their monopoly on telling people what to believe. Today we are witnessing Gutenberg V2.0 — and once again, the grip of the centralized powers are being weakened. Never forget, the USA might be in for some very rough times, but on the other hand, there are young people all over the world who are now reading Jefferson, and Tom Paine, Rockwell and Rothbard. There are boys in Vietnam reading “Common Sense” and young girls in Bolivia reading “Human Action.”

          The world will be a better place in 50 years. It may be a rough road, but the powers that be are already being pushed aside.

          • We must remember we have followers of Niccolo Machiavelli in high places. If our threat becomes too great to them expect a nuke, maybe several, to go off in the US. This is how these folks think. The think nothing of killing millions of their fellow Americans in order to maintain power. Mao in China, Stalin in Russia, and yes, even our greatest president did not hesitate to kill over a half million Americans 150 years ago. You think evil has disappeared off the planet? That “they” think like we do? False flags are the norm for ALL governments, not the exception. Our government has 99.9% good and well meaning people. It is that 0.1% we must really fear. We all must be ever watchful for these events.

          • I remember the first time I configured Trumpet Winsock on my Windows 3.1 box, dialed into my ISP (around 1993), and pulled up a web page. I immediately realized the significance of what I was looking at, and that this thing called the Information super Highway (the internet) was the greatest shift in the free exchange of information since the invention of the printing press. Everything was going to be different from that point forward.

    • One fine piece, Eric. You are correct about getting the message out. Incredibly difficult given the lock on comm that the MSM has managed to put in place.
      But it is a job that HAS to be done.
      Keep up your articles; they quantify what many of us are concluding.


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