The EV Emissions You Can Hear

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You have probably heard that many new EVs – including those made by Tesla and Ford –  do not come with AM radio. Or rather, don’t come with AM receivers.

It’s the why that’s interesting.

EV drivetrains create electromagnetic interference and that interferes with AM radio reception badly enough that the people who have bought EVs with AM radio have complained about it – understandably so. You just bought a new vehicle- and if it’s an EV, it’s a very expensive one – and there’s static on the radio.

The problem is there’s apparently no fixing it – at least, not without elaborate (and so, expensive) shielding.

So the “fix” is to delete AM.

It’s a fix of a piece with deleting the AC because you can’t get the compressor to work – or because the latest variant of refrigerant doesn’t work (and that’s not as far-off as it sounds).

Anyhow, it’s bye-bye AM. Which is unfortunate – but for a reason many probably haven’t considered. The cracking sound coming over the speakers was a clue about the EV’s electromagnetic emissions that cannot be seen.

But they are there.

You can hear them. Or rather, the effect of them. What about other possible effects?

It is known that exposure to electromagnetic fields can have negative effects, including possibly serious ones. These EM emissions are without question more of a threat to people’s health than a 0.00-something percent increase in the emissions of carbon dioxide, which constitutes 0.04 percent (or 400 parts per million) of the air we breath. That plants have to be able to breathe, in order to emit the oxygen we need to live.

Electromagnetic emissions, on the other hand, are associated with various cancers, for instance. It’s why the manufacturers of smartphones advise not holding the things close to your head (or too close to your crotch, if you’re a man).

Yet the government – the very same government that is strong-arming cars off the road that do not expose the people riding in them to any electromagnetic emissions, on the basis of their “contributing” to the 0.00-something increase in the 0.04 percent atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide  and dubious assertions regarding “climate change” that have all so far proved to be either false or wildly exaggerated – is interestingly insouciant about other emissions, significant enough to be heard.

That are known to be harmful above a certain threshold. But rather than look into it – or do something about it – the solution is to make it so that people are unaware of it. And sitting right on top of it.


Underneath the seats of an EV lies the high voltage battery that is the power storage medium of the EV. There are also large electric motors that generate electromagnetic fields when they are spinning. Spending a lot of time in an EV leaking EMF could prove to be as bad for your health as snuggling up to a power substation. In a sense, that is exactly what people may be doing if they spend a lot of time inside an EMF-emitting EV.

Some people claim they can feel the electromagnetic emissions – or rather, that they make them feel sick. Low-grade nausea is not an uncommon symptom of spending too much time (or even a little time) over-exposed to electromagnetic fields.

Whether there is a health issue with regards to electromagnetic fields generated by EVs has yet to be established. The government regulatory apparat seems – is – unconcerned. But should you take comfort from that? How far do you trust the regulatory apparat that assured you “vaccines” were “safe and effective”? That is currently pushing EVs?

The fact is the apparat is pushing an agenda – one paid for by those who own the apparat, whether it is the FDA or the EPA.

And those owners are not you – or me.

The owners are paying for something we probably do not want – but want us to be gulled into thinking is both necessary and safe. So that we can be taken for a ride.

If the apparat was not owned by the corporations and other interests with an agenda that is as far removed from “keeping us safe” as Bruce Jenner is from being a woman – if it actually concerned itself  with sussing out genuine threats to the public and worked to prevent the public from being exposed to them (and never mind being forced into them) then caution would be the rule rather than the exception. “Vaccines” that had not proved themselves to be “safe and effective” – after years of small-group (and control group) studies – would never have been pushed on people.

And those crackling sounds emanating from the speakers would have resulted in an inquiry into the effect on people of the emissions that caused them – before potentially millions of people are regularly exposed to them.

Instead, they are to be kept in the dark about what they’re being exposed to – by making sure they don’t hear those crackling sounds, no matter what they might be trying to warn them of.

Ready to go for a ride?

. . .

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  1. When you have a ‘pacemaker’ installed in your chest you are stringently warned not go near magnets, electric motors, welding machines etc or even get your cell phone too close.

    They use a very small magnet in the hospital ER to shut down a malfunctioning pacemaker.

    I have not heard or seen any warnings about Ev’s and pacemakers, but common sense tells me there is a real chance one might go for a ride and drop dead.

  2. Technology seems to me to be a construct where regular people get less and less choices. I think back 20-30 years or more and I cannot fathom the amount f choices and options available. I am not into sport anymore but one good example is how you can’t watch the local baseball team here on “FreeTeeVee”. I remember when pretty much every game was televised by WGN. Now if you want to watch baseball, for example, (which I don’t anymore!) You need to spend as fortune on subscription services. Music stores, bookstores, hobby shops, are almost gone from our human environment. Choices and options- gone… BTW if I still wanted to “Hear” every ball game I could;;; ON AM RADIO! LoL-ing my ass off!

  3. Am radio had become conservative talk radio especially with the Rush Limbaugh Program.
    I don’t think *any* EV buyer would be the same type to listen to conservative talk radio. So, their client demographics solved their own problem.

    After Rush’s passing those two idiots who took over the show are terrible. The Rush show should have gone to Mark Stein. Libertarian with a sense of humor.

    • AM radio was dead but for Rush and those who came in his wake. Since he’s gone, his audience has been scattered to the winds and picked up by the podcast market. It’s probably better for Steyn that he didn’t take that slot, as I doubt it would have done him any particular good, since without Rush, it’s just a matter of time anyway.

    • HG,

      Dan Bongino took over Rush’s show on some stations; he’s far preferable to the two dopes who took over for Rush.

  4. “You have probably heard that many new EVs – including those made by Tesla and Ford – do not come with AM radio. Or rather, don’t come with AM receivers.” – Eric

    That’s because most EV buyers don’t know they work at night. 🙂

  5. The estimates for the number of lightning strikes per day ranges from 100,000 to 300,000. Thunder and lightning are good for plants and all things that grow for your benefit. Rain is money.

    Probably 10,000 strikes in one day in the remote Canadian forests, so the chances of a lightning strike igniting wood and grass to burn is high during this time of year. If you drive through that wilderness, have once, you will probably come across a forest fire that is burning trees and underbrush. Nobody is out there to stop it from burning, it just burns. A lightning strike would be the one possible cause.

    Can’t rule out arson, another possible cause for the fires up there in Canuckistan. Which is then terrorism writ large. There was a firebug lighting fires a couple of years ago around here, did some damage. Fools never learn.

    Castreau in Ottawa has it all under control.

    Saw a house on fire out of town five miles, the flames were reaching 50 feet up above the burning house. Pulled over for the rural fire department to get there fast, as the fire truck turned the corner to get to the fire, a fireman’s ax fell from the back of the truck. I drove up and stopped to pick up the ax, drove away. No, I took the ax and returned it.

    When a house is on fire on a summer day, you don’t dare get any closer than 100 feet from the inferno, it is that hot. Fire suppression will be necessary then.

    Mother Nature doesn’t care, she keeps rolling with the flow.

  6. “Spending a lot of time in an EV leaking EMF could prove to be as bad for your health”
    Fortunately that isn’t a problem, unless you sit in your EV while it’s charging, since the EV simply won’t operate for a “lot of time” before it needs charging.
    It’s kinda like why it’s expensive to operate an airplane. Because they spend nearly as much, or more time in maintenance than they do in the air.

  7. Speaking of Tesla and saaaaaaafety, there’s an article in the WaPo today detailing how there have been 17 fatalities and 736 crashes due to Tesla’s “Autopilot” system since 2019. Maybe Eloon’s usefulness is coming to an end now that the MSM are taking notice; time to toss him to the wolves since he fulfilled his purpose of making EV’s “cool”.

  8. ‘Ready to go for a ride?’ — eric

    This is one spectacular essay:

    ‘Spending a lot of time in an EV-leaking EMF could prove to be as bad for your health as snuggling up to a power substation.’

    Indeed it might. ‘The science’ is far from settled on this question.

    Just as Big Gov pushed ‘vaccines’ which apparently induced a permanent 15 to 20 percent increase in the annual death rate, it now peddles EeeVees as a costly cure-all for climate change. Yet EeeVees may fail just as spectacularly as covid ‘vaccines’ did.

    Over the past half century, intrepid engineers achieved an astonishing tripling of horsepower per cubic inch (or kilowatts per liter, if you’re a gay euro-peon) — while raising gas mileage to boot. I salute their outstanding accomplishment, which ought to have resulted in Presidential Medals of Freedom for the protagonists.

    Instead, these exemplary citizens are contemptuously kicked into the gutter by parasitical politicians seeking to outlaw their thrilling technological advances. One is reminded of Cambodia’s Pol Pot, who rusticated ‘intellectuals’ (anyone who wore glasses for the forbidden activity of reading) to dig ditches with their bare hands.

    Three thousand guitars, they seem to cry
    My ears will melt and then my eyes
    My heart is black and my lips are cold
    Cities on flame with rock and roll

    — Blue Oyster Cult, Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll

  9. The problem isn’t just the AM band, it’s just affected the most because of frequency and amplitude modulation. FM is probably affected as well, but due to the clever way it works the demodulation circuts don’t care about impulse noise. But enough noise will still wipe out the signal. And FM digitial broadcasts probably won’t work at all.

    All I’ll say about the potential of health effects from low frequency EM (non-ionizing) is that most of what I’ve read seems inconclusive. Under controlled laboratory conditions there is a correlation that doesn’t seem to carry through to real world epidemiology studies when corrected for other factors. That said, RF burns are real and can be very serious, especially if the (non-ionizing) radiation gets into organs. And of course high power microwave emissions can be deadly.

    However, one thing that is well known and easly demonstrated is the drastic increase in radio frequency noise. Similar to the background sound level in cities, all the switch mode power supplies (wall warts), florescent light ballasts, variable drive AC motors, and poorly maintained power infrastructre is causing the noise floor to increase. As noise increases, transmitter power increases to compensate. As a ham radio operator I have first hand experience. When our neighborhood got LED streetlights the noise floor went up. I tried to track down the faulty light but found out it was all of them. Don’t know if it is a design or installation problem but basically ruined a hobby for me. But if there were an emergency and I was asked to help pass messages I might not have the ability. Now with EVs, well that’s just one more damn thing after another.

  10. Another technology with potential health problems that the government seems to want to keep hidden from the public is 5G. People who’ve raised alarms about it have been labeled “Conspiracy theorists”, but it’s now coming out that 5G CAN cause people to have health problems….

    I suppose next we’ll also hear about health problems with utility smart meters that government and corporations told us for years were “Safe and Convenient” and foisted on the masses…

    • You mean the GE smart meters which burst into flame and, in some cases, caused significant damage to houses about a decade ago when they were first deployed?

      A couple of months ago, we had our AC system replaced, and I had to remind the tech in charge of the install *three* times over the course of the afternoon that I did not want a smart thermostat installed with the system. Eventually, he got the message and relented, leaving the old thermostat in place.

      Then, mysteriously, the power company showed up in the middle of the install to replace the meter on the side of the house. I’m not sure what was going on, but I don’t believe it was a coincidence.

      My guess is that I disrupted some plan by insisting that the old thermostat get left in place.

      • Hi Roscoe,

        I went to a smart meter meeting a few years ago, and there were guests there who had their own stories to tell about health problems they suffered after a smart meter was installed at their homes. Another speaker showed scientific studies indicating the EMFs emitted by smart meters were NOT safe like the government and local electric company kept insisting. And shortly after smart meters were effectively shoved down everyone’s throats where I live thanks to the Oregon Public Utility Commission 5 years ago, one person who got a smart meter even wrote a letter to the local newspaper complaining about how her electric bill went up from a monthly average of 200 some dollars to close to $600. I read that these smart meters were originally going to be MANDATORY until public pressure resulted in an Opt-out option, albeit for a punitive monthly “meter reading fee” in addition to a one-time fee for the future installation of a smart meter. It took even more public pressure for such fees to be reduced or even eliminated.

        As for smart thermostats, I read last year that one electric company in Colorado seized control of any smart thermostats their customers had and FROZE them at a certain temperature in the middle of a heatwave. When customers tried to change the temperature back to where THEY had it, instead of changing it, they got a message saying “Energy Emergency”. And one electric company in Virginia was even shutting off power to customers who REFUSED a smart meter.

        • I made the mistake of installing a smart thermostat with the other HVAC replacement, and as soon as I configured the WiFi, I caught the system port scanning my home network.

          After that, I vowed to never again let one in my house, but, eventually, I don’t believe it will be possible to buy a new system with a basic four wire thermostat. As things currently stand, the variable speed AC systems from all of the major vendors, the most efficient equipment,, all require smart thermostats.

          On the subject of the smart power meters, I knew a guy who worked as a system architect for the GE meters about 15 years ago, early enough that he was certainly involved with the problematic designs. Before GE, he worked in our group at [big telecom company], but management only trusted him to be “low hanging fruit” for feeding to the layoff monster when the time came … and it did.

  11. It’s 400 parts per MILLION for carbon dioxide, not billion. Methane is 800 parts per billion or a little less than 1 part per million. Gotta keep those cows from farting!!


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