Reader Question: Vehicle “Emissions”?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Leslie asks: I have listened to you several times on Infowars. I commented on a Facebook post that fuel burning cars are over 99 percent emissions free. I was met with pushback about how the cars create x amount (tons) of carbon dioxide. May I get an educational link to support this comment? I don’t see a search bar on your website.

My reply: The first step is to educate these people about the difference between exhaust emissions such as unburned hydrocarbons and political emissions – i.e., carbon dioxide. The former have been almost entirely controlled and are no longer a significant factor as regards are pollution. The latter aren’t “emissions” – in the pollution sense. Carbon dioxide has no effect whatsoever on smog formation, for instance – and does not cause or exacerbate breathing problems such as asthma.

CO2 is an inert gas.

It is a tiny fraction of the Earth’s total atmospheric gas volume.

The assertion is that the even tinier fraction of C02 “emitted” via internal combustion engines is altering the climate. The assertion used to be that the earth was cooling; then that it was warming. But when both of those assertions became hard to substantiate, it was alleged that the “climate changes” because of C02. In other words, any change, either way, is due or made worse by C02 “emissions” from internal combustion-powered cars. In other words, a generic assertion that can be adjusted to suit.

It is also impossible to reduce C02 “emissions” from IC engines except by making them smaller and smaller – and eventually, nonexistent. Unlike real emissions – the ones that affect air quality, which are the result of incomplete combustion/poor tuning, etc. – carbon dioxide is inherent to combustion. As is water vapor. These are the two primary gasses being “emitted” by modern IC cars and neither has any effect on smog/air pollution.

Which is why the Useful Idiots (and those behind the Useful Idiots) have been working so hard – with great success – to change the definition of “emissions.” To substitute C02 for the emissions no longer emitted. Because they know that C02 is their trump card – the means by which they can eliminate the IC-powered car altogether, even though IC car emissions in the actually harmful sense have already been eliminated.

PS: I don’t participate in – much less “like” – Facebook and recommend you cut ties as well. Facebook is the enemy of open discussion; they mine your data and don;t even send you a coupon. Why not spend time here, among people who aren’t Useful Idiots?

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  1. A couple weeks ago at the dealer I was looking underneath the 4runner while they had it idling. I got to the back and noticed a warm breeze on my face. No smell at all from the tail pipe.

    These newer cars are probably actually cleaning the air in some large cities.


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