The Winnowing

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Cars with engines haven’t been outlawed – yet. But they are being made harder to get.

If you want a new Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep or Ram truck in California – and 13 other states that might as well be, having adopted the anti-engine regulatory fatwas hurled by California’s Air Resources Board (which has as much to do with “air” as the drugs pushed by the Pfarma Cartels had to do with immunizing) you will have to order one.

Dealers in those states will no longer stock them. That means you won’t be able to look – or test drive – before you buy. You’ll also have to wait – as you won’t be able to buy what’s not in inventory.

In order to discourage you from buying. And not just by assuring there’s nothing for you to see, test drive – or drive home – that isn’t electric.

The idea is to make it clear that engines are unerwunscht – a German term often posted on the outskirts of German towns in the 1930s, to let certain people know they were not wanted there.

It is not merely cars – with engines – that are being given the unerwunscht treatment. It is the people who might want to buy them. They are shunted to the periphery; told their kind aren’t wanted here. Made to feel like one felt (back in the day) when if you wanted a dirty magazine, you were obliged to ask for one and the guy behind the counter gave you a knowing leer as he handed you one from behind the rack. You paid and got out of there as quickly as you could.

Same idea here.

It will be elaborated further when the excuse for this unerwunsching transitions from “carbon dioxide” – as in “emissions,” of the gas that isn’t a pollutant – to carbon, a dirty conjuring, with all the associated implied filthiness. It is interesting to observe some additional historical parallels here, i.e., that those unerwunscht people of the ’30s were also characterized as filthy.

But for now, make it hard for people who do not want to buy an electric car. Make them feel ashamed for their interest. Make it clear that their interest is . . . filthy.

The power of California’s “air resources” board across the border – of California – is astounding. It now regulates for 13 other states. These regulations having the force and effect of laws – even when they are in conflict with federal laws. As in Interstate Commerce laws. The regulations issued by CARB – and amen’d by those 13 other states, which together encompass almost 40 percent of the car-buying public – delimit each automaker’s so-called “carbon footprint,” measured in terms of how much “carbon” is “emitted” by the vehicles it offers for sale. If the “footprint” is larger than CARB regulations allow, then CARB can punish the offending automaker.

Stallantis’ “footprint” is too big – and so Stellantis has decided to make it smaller by only sending electric (and partially electric, i.e., hybrid) models to its dealers in California. The same regime will apply to Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram truck dealers in those 13 other states that have agreed to let a California bureaucratic apparat decide what people who live in these other states will be allowed to buy.

Or at least, make it harder for them to buy.

As yet, there is no effort to challenge the authority of the California apparat to regulate for other states. Which amounts to legislating for them. Probably because the current federal government is very much in sync with California’s agenda to unerwunscht every vehicle that isn’t an electric vehicle.

The Biden regime – via its regulatory apparat – has already issued a plethora of de facto laws designed to unerwunsch ever vehicle that isn’t an electric vehicle off the market, nationally. As by issuing “fuel economy” regs for 2026 that only partially electric vehicles (i.e., hybrids) stand any chance of complying with – in tandem with “emissions” regs that have nothing to do with pollution but which only fully electric cars can comply with.

California is merely the preview of what’s coming.

Stellantis – and it’s not just Stellantis – made the mistake, decades ago, of thinking that it could comply its way out what’s now here. And – for a time – it did. Engineers managed near-miracles, designing engines that emitted almost no meaningful pollution that also produced astounding power. The high water mark being Stellantis’ supercharged 6.2 liter Hemi V8 engine that makes more than 700 horsepower – and “emits” almost nothing that is harmful to the air or to human beings.

Naively, Stellantis thought the apparat would be appeased; it made the mistake of assuming the apparat was interested in mitigating pollution as opposed to using that as the excuse to “mitigate” – to unerwunsch – something else.

And the next mistake the industry is about to make is thinking that now – at last! – they will have complied enough to appease the apparat. That once this Great Transition has taken place, they will be let alone. That the apparat will not find new excuses to regulate, ad infinitum.

It would have been better had the industry insisted that these excuses be justified – not by alarmist rhetoric but by objective facts proving that (a) something is harmful and that (b) it is harmful enough to justify the cost of the regulations being proposed to “mitigate” the harm.

Finally, that this be done legislatively – so that those who vote for (or against) a given regulation be subject to accountability.

But that will have to wait for next time. After these times pass. Which will probably be sooner rather than later.

. . .

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  1. Gas cars are going to disappear from new car showrooms very fast. I think after 2030 they will be hard to find. Of course its going to put a lot of new car dealers out of business in the process, since they will be in areas where few will want electric. Probably part of the plan (getting rid of dealers that is).

  2. I ran into a concrete example of this a couple days ago. I went to the local VW dealer and was interested in a Jetta with a manual. Of course there weren’t any so I drove an auto. I asked him if I could order one. Surprisingly he said no – the only cars I could order was electrics and Golf R’s. This was in NC – not a CARB state.

    • Robbie, I have found, over approx. 20yrs, I rarely could order anything not made in the US, and even some US made cars. One of the reasons I switched to Ram from GM trucks was they let me order trucks (twice now), and even a 300, my way. One of the dealers said they would prefer if I ordered, don’t know why it’s different.
      I think some of it is the dealers themselves, just my experience anyway.
      Some recent examples, I was interested in the Kia Stinger, but all they had in the NE were AWD cars. I asked if I could get a RWD only “no, take what we got or nothing”
      M-B, BWM, etc… same thing.
      Sometimes they would attempt to ‘find’ one sort-of my way, within a reasonable drive, but rarely.

  3. Eric, when does this Stelantis no-inventory thing happen in CA and the other 12 states? Sorry if I missed it.
    We live in one of them and the Ram is our preferred truck at the moment.
    We are fortunate to also have a home in the ‘non-13 states problem’. Transitioning there has been harder and longer than I expected, but this will just be another nail in the coffin.

  4. This story is completely unrelated of course…

    The company will now wait for battery capacity and weight improvements which will allow the propeller-driven plane to be developed successfully at a later date.

    “Tecnam’s focus has been to provide operators with the ability to fly an all-electric passenger aircraft profitably, efficiently and sustainably in terms of operating costs, emissions, performance, turnaround and time to market,” it said.

    “At present, Tecnam believes that these can only be achieved by extremely aggressive speculation on uncertain technology developments.”

    Tecnam said its main challenge was the energy density of the batteries available today, which are relatively too heavy for the amount of power they can store.

    The problem was amplified by a demand for quick charging to ensure the craft were not grounded for extended periods.

    Repeated quick charging can kill a battery’s capacity. Whereas cars’ cells can be preserved by only charging to 85pc, and doing so slowly overnight, undercharging would make the energy density of a plane’s power source even worse.

    With slow charging and undercharging, the capacity of the batteries in the P-volt would be below 170 watt-hours per kilogramme, Tecnam said.

    Even under these circumstances, the cells would only last a few hundred flights on a given route, making planning difficult for commercial buyers, and “would drive operators to replace the entire storage unit, with a dramatic increase in direct operating costs”.

    • haha, such a pipe dream I’m afraid, to think planes will go Electric battery.
      Planes performance is all about weight, period.
      Here’s the basic numbers, only because I like to learn myself.
      A Cesna 172 can carry 900lbs, and uses 12 g/hr, said gal of aviation gas has 120K btu’s, or 35 kw/h. So to fly say 2 hrs would need a 840 kwh battery. Big ass battery, 6 times as big as a Ford Lighting. Doable I guess if you’re just joyriding, but if you need to get somewhere and why some people use these over cars, no way waiting to charge is going to work. But the very heavy battery now reduces your weight carrying to nothing I suppose.
      Now, a small-sized commercial hauler, like the Kodiac 100, can carry 9000 lbs, burns 46 g/hr of jet fuel. jet fuel has 135K btu/gal. or 40 kwh, so to fly 4 hrs which is what these do minimum, it would need a 7000 kwh battery, Not going to happen ever. Maybe a mini-nuke would work?
      Of course my calcs are crude and there are different efficiencies at work, but I bet I’m close.

      • > it would need a 7000 kwh battery, Not going to happen ever. Maybe a mini-nuke would work?

        Nuclear propulsion has (kinda sorta) been tried before:

        They never actually got around to using the reactor for propulsion; the tests that were carried out were more about determining how much shielding would be needed to protect the crew from radiation.

  5. Excellent “it’s worse than I thought in California” article.

    Perhaps should have mentioned the problem starts in 2026 for other companies.

    About one third of car purchases are online, especially EV buyers.

    Lower dealer inventories, due to higher interest rates, have caused fewer people to buy cars and trucks from dealer lots. But most purchases are still cars and trucks from dealer lots.

    Stellantis is a stupid name, and a stupid company.

    • The problem is the ultra lib urban areas control the state government. Seattle and surrounding Puget Sound area control this state. The Fed Supreme Court ruling in 1964 Reynolds vs Sims destroyed your republic form of state government. “One man one vote” turned your state legislature senators into just another district rep. If we had two state senators per county instead of by district none of this idiocy would see the light of day. King County (Seattle area) has many many districts, our rural county has one. Our sparsely populated “red” counties don’t stand a chance as it sits now.

      I also want a “in state” electoral college by county, for any state office, governor on down. Your two senators per county could do duty as electors as well.

      • Next thing you know you will want a constitutional government. Good luck with that. We haven’t had one in over a hundred years.


    • One would hope….. But, if not, people in those states (sadly I also live in one – Maryland, though I hope to eventually flee this once beautiful dump one day) will simply travel to other states to purchase vehicles. For me it would only involve a day trip to West Virginia. Just another way to drive business out of those stupid CARB following states.

  6. Remember this chart: US auto production is trending toward zero:

    The plan is to eliminate the private automobile for most people. This is because the Big Lie of Climate Change and need to reduce CO2 output.

    But temperatures are not going up with increased CO2:

    Temperature and CO2 are not correlated, thus global warming by increased CO2 is junk science, and that also means ice age progression will continue – regardless of what nonsense we make believe in. Our culture is literally insane.

    Peak temperatures of this interglacial have already happened – 8,000 years ago:

  7. They are finally coming clean.

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling on global governments to agree to new green agenda goals that will significantly reduce the number of cars that are privately owned by the public.

    These groups are a existential threat to the species. Have we even lost our survival instinct!

  8. And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
    And you may find yourself in another part of the world
    And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
    And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife
    And you may ask yourself, “Well… how did I get here?”

    Same as it ever was, same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was, same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was, same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was, same as it ever was

    But then the twister comes… here comes the twister.

    Everything is fine until it isn’t. Everyone is happy with things the way they are, except the tyrants. Good societies may produce tyrants, but is able to keep them in check with law and mockery. When the twister comes we relax the rules to expedite recovery. If rules aren’t restored the tyrant will get an edge.

    We have tyrants today who are saying things worthy of our highest sarcasm. They don’t have the power they want so they have to invent a twister. The people with the most to lose are the first to encourage the tyrant. If the mob joins the tyrant then all hell breaks loose. The imagined twister (along with the comics) are blamed for the tyranical action.

    And the days go by
    And the days go by
    Once in a lifetime.

    • The tyrants today are worthy only of impalement on the national mall as an example to all the potential future tyrants.
      DC can’t be reformed. NIFO. It’s the only way to be sure.

  9. Ha! I was just watchig a video, The Top 10 Weirdest Cars From GM, in which they mentioned GM’s EV-1 electric car that was made from ’96-’99.

    They mentioned that it was offered only in a few southwestern states “because the battery could not hold it’s charge sufficiently in cold weather”; that “GM realized they could never make a profit selling these cars”; and “Upon seeing the EV-1, California enacted legislation to encourage transitioning to electric cars”……

    [Read in 1950’s TV-announcer voice]: All things are the same, only you are there!

    Talk about not learning from history!!!!!

    So here we are, two and a half decades later…and not only has nothing changed, but they have doubled down on what didn’t work/doesn’t work/can never work! [TV-announcer voice]Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty!

    It’s like watching a moron trying to solve a problem (which in reality isn’t even a problem) and when he sees that what he is doing doesn’t work, he doubles down and does even more of what isn’t working, hoping that just by doing more it will work and somehow make things better…….

    • Indeed Nunz!
      Einstein summed it up perfectly: “insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results”. Battery powered vehicles are impractical, so they just keep making bigger batteries, no matter how “green” it isn’t.

    • Espico,

      What are the odds that instead of outright calling for reducing car ownership here, the Biden Thing will try to scare the masses into giving up their cars by claiming that the planet will DIE if they don’t, or, if that doesn’t work, try to make decrees named EXECUTIVE ORDERS restricting car ownership to “Essential personnel”, that Essential personnel being GOVERNMENT WORKERS or those LOYAL to the globalist psychopaths?

      • Very high John B, after all, their deity’s representative on earth has spoken, so like the retarded minion that he is, the Biden Thing and his associated crew of orcs will implement with malicious glee.

        • My thoughts exactly Espico, especially when the Biden Thing’s Climate Czar, John Kerry, is already calling for SHUTTING down American farms under guise of “Fighting climate change”.

  10. Well, well, well, looky here what I just found (On Slay News):

    WEF Calls for 75% Reduction in Private Car Ownership

    “The World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling on global governments to agree to new green agenda goals that will significantly reduce the number of cars that are privately owned by the public.

    The WEF is pushing for a staggering 75 percent reduction in the private ownership of cars, including electric vehicles, by 2050.

    Klaus Schwab’s globalist organization argues that most of the world’s population will be “urban” by 2050 and the public won’t be able to justify the need for a private car or the use of commercial air travel.

    The WEF’s latest demand was exposed in a new report from the Wall Street Journal.”

    Read more:


    Eric was right all along, it is their plan. Eric Peters the car guy, prophet of our age. LOLROFL WEF must be crazy because the car industry is what made America what it is. This also perfectly correlates with the Deagel report, which predicts (or knows the plan) a huge decrease in pop, income per person, etc.

    • To find out about Deagel, use search terms like: deagel report country forecast 2025

      ” Introduction

      The Deagel corporation is a minor branch of US military intelligence, one of the many secretive organizations which collects data for high-level decision-making purposes and prepares confidential briefing documents for agencies like the National Security Agency, the United Nations, and the World Bank.

      Deagel is known, for example, to have contributed to a Stratfor report on North Korea. With this kind of pedigree, Deagel should be seen as a legitimate player in the intelligence community and not merely a disinformation asset.

      If so, then it must be assumed that its population predictions for 2025, as well as its industrial output predictions on a nation-by-nation basis, are based on strategic assumptions which are shared and well understood by other players in the intelligence community.”

      Population change map/graphic:,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

      As you can see, the plan for us is not just car reduction, it is people reduction – a catastrophic 80% decrease in USA pop. We are talking about a huge catastrophe that makes the Great Depression and Civil War seem like a Boy Scout outing.

      The idea they want us dead is no longer conspiracy fantasy or internet fiction, it is a fact, the the Covid vaxx is intentional genocide (and Trump and Biden are both in on it). This also means the face mask is an intentional tool to establish compliance with the agenda.

      Like I always say, it is way, way worse than you think, or even what you have imagined. For you doubters out there, look at what Biden just did to Ukraine. He did it. Biden destroyed Ukraine and just killed over a half million young men. Biden is not just some old demented pervert, not just some protege of homosexual Obama and his fake wife Michael, he is evil, hard core evil.

    • On the bright side Klaus will be dead by 2050, hopefully a lot sooner; I will too but I hope I last long enough to piss on his grave and do whatever I’m able to derail his evil agenda.

  11. California has 31 million vehicles that are registered in the state’s recorded books.

    14 million are registered as private transportation for the masses.

    If 14 million Californians owned horses, the California dot gov evil-doers would regulate you out of owning a horse or two.

    If it weren’t for that pesky oil that can give abundant freedom for those on the move, the problem wouldn’t exist. Oil must be banned or something.

    Plenty of wasted resources to haul people to and fro for various reasons, none of which make much sense. Hedonists must be stopped!

    No more trips to Yosemite, over, can’t have any fun, nobody can.

    Sun, surf and sand? No you can’t, stay off the beaches, you no good filthy swine.

    1,000,000 buses and/or other forms of mass transportation will consume resources no matter the machinery involved.

    It’ll be even more of a nightmare, no California Dreamin’ for you!

    “California is a garden of Eden, a paradise to live in or see
    But believe it or not, you won’t find it so hot
    If you ain’t got the do re mi” – Woody Guthrie, Do Re Mi

    Nothing to see in California, move along.

  12. ‘[CARB] regulations have the force and effect of laws – even when they are in conflict with federal laws. As in Interstate Commerce laws.’ — eric

    When it feels like it, the US fedgov uses interstate commerce as a cudgel to regulate minute details of local life — as in the notorious case of Ohio farmer Roscoe Filburn, who thought he could grow more wheat to feed his own animals than Frank Roosevelt’s Soviet-style quotas allowed.

    Said Frank’s craven hacks in black in Wickard v Filburn (1942):

    ‘Even if appellee’s activity be local and though it may not be regarded as commerce, it may still, whatever its nature, be reached by Congress if it exerts a substantial economic effect on interstate commerce.’

    Today, CARB fences off 14 states as an ultralow emissions enclave, splitting the US auto and truck market in two. CARB’s irregular regulatory role actually was written into the Clean Air Act by Clowngress. Who has standing to challenge this bogus gimmick? I feel like bopping over to Sacramento and making some citizens arrests.

    Taking liquid-fueled cars out of showrooms in 14 states amounts to a self-administered auto-da-fé by Stellantis, as it burns down its own franchise. Such aberrations are only to be expected, as America transitions to a neo-Soviet command economy, governed by a shadowy leftist clique who use Old Broke Joe as a wizened ventriloquist’s dummy.

    Here on the level sand
    Between the sea and land
    What shall I build or write
    Against the fall of night?

    — A E Housman, Smooth Between Sea and Land

    • Your ballroom days are over, baby.
      Night is drawing near.
      Shadows of the evening
      Crawl across the years.

      – James Douglas Morrison

    • Old Broke Joe at a gun-grabbing conference on Friday:

      “God save the queen, man.”

      Attendees were baffled. I take it to be a Pride Month reference, though Joe shoulda said “queens,” man — bless their little pointed … uh, heads.

      “Joe” went on to demonstrate his mastery of ballistics:

      “Put a pistol on a brace and it turns into a gun … makes it where you can have a … higher-caliber bullet coming out of that gun.”

      Why have we not shared this breakthrough technology with our stricken friends, the Ukies? 🙁

  13. Maybe I am wrong but the Constitutions regulating commerce is entirely different than regulating manufacturing to specifications of government grifters. It’s simply another word they have gamed sort of like the definition change of vaccination.

    The parasites that occupy government haven’t the combined intelligence to build a Tinker Toy car much less tell a manufacture how to build. I give you Buttplug in command of Transportation…. Admiral Rachel (aka Richard) Levine assistant secretary of what gov calls health or how about Furry Sam Brinton Sam Brinton, deputy assistant secretary of spent fuel and waste disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy! All put in office by Pedo Joe.

    Yes,,, it takes carbon based Man to wage war on carbon,,,,

    And most listen to the morons………………….. why?

    • See Jim H above ken. Per Wickard v Filburn (1942), any activity that affects interstate commerce falls under federal regulation.
      Guess what. Every thing one does affects interstate commerce. Including how many squares of toilet paper you use per wipe. Ready for that? Because you can bet the Psychopaths In Charge are.

  14. I can say those car dealerships seem pretty lifeless these days. Not just the lack of inventory but the depressed looking staff. Its kind of doomy gloomy over at BMW. The Ford dealership is a lottle better becaaue people love the Raptors and there were folks hanging out asking anout them the other day. Carmax accross the street is where all the action seems to be though. We have a large automall on our city. I cannot imagine how this place will look in 5 years. Maybe they will get busy again if people begin to panic and start buying electric cars out of sheer necessity.

  15. Tyrannical politicians like Justin Trudeau are using the fires in Canada to frighten people about CLIMATE CHANGE, and hoping that it gets them clamoring for MORE government power…..these people are beyond despicable to the point of being out and out EVIL….it’s only a matter of time before the Biden Thing also uses those fires or any other fire as a tool for FEAR MONGERING if they’re not already…..

      • Since per satellite footage they all started at very nearly the same time. Tell me, how does “climate change” manage to do that?

        • John,

          Indeed, though there are people who’ve become so propagandized they’ll believe anything some “expert”, bureaucrat, politician, or media figure says. Look at all the people who’ve come to view Tony Fauci as some “Public Health Saint”, Rachel Maddow as a journalist, or even Joe Biden as a GREAT PRESIDENT.

    • Next up – volcanic eruptions caused by “climate change”, even though it’s exactly the opposite. Time to sanction those volcanoes for all that CO2 they put into the atmosphere. Paging King Canute!

  16. It’s become fairly obvious that California, at least the Sacramento part, hates people. And apparently so do 13 other States, along with more than half of FedGov.
    Every thing they do makes life harder, more expensive, more painful, and less enjoyable.
    They know the CO2 thing is bullshit, but they can hurt you with it, so they do. With glee. They’d like to see us all living in a mud hut, farming our half acre of beans with hand tools, if we can get them.
    Well, “all of us” except them, and their cronies of course.
    Constant caterwauling about “democracy”, while we live under bureaucracy. Which needs to end, and soon.

      • There ya go!!! My hat is off to you.

        Explain what governments today are doing other than causing wars and making everyone just plain miserable….

        • Hi Ken.
          That’s relatively simple to explain. Governments and their politicians are the front men for those who actually own and control everything. Wars and misery are considered features, not bugs in their system. Wars are insanely profitable for those who are backing both sides. Misery is the lot of those who aren’t part of the “elite” class.
          Banks and central banks tie it all together.
          Mix in the Ministry of Truth (social/mass media) and the governments “educational” system, and you can fleece entire generations
          for untold wealth and power.

    • Well, have you been? I planned a road trip down PCH a few years ago. Cross US 50 through Utah, spend the night in Reno, get up early to meander up over Donner Pass and down into San Francisco. Then spend the day in SFO, and south to LA over a lazy two day trek.

      How’d that work out? Well, crossing Utah was exactly as imagined. Long stretchs of lonely highway, radar detector silent for pretty much the entire trip. Reno was rough becuase I didn’t know about the Harley convention in town and so didn’t get much sleep, but OK. But once on I 80 it was traffic the whole time. Spent about an hour looking for a parking space about a half-mile away from Golden Gate Park. Then, walking across the Golden Gate, hundreds of people doing the same, being pretty pushy about it. Huge tacky chain link fences spoiled the view from the landmark along with signs every few feet with suicide hotline numbers, I guess because of so many distraught people in the city. Went into a packed gift shop, took one look at the lines at checkout and walked out.

      Then checking into my hotel, long lines at the front desk, like a convention or something. “No, this is just a normal weekend” said the desk clerk. It was somewhat late and I asked about the resturaunt, well, they close in a half hour (and of course there was a line, so even if I got in line before dumping luggage I probably won’t get in). My room had a view of the highway, which was bumper to bumper well into the night (I should point out it took over an hour to get out of Golden Gate Park and to my hotel near the airport, not at all a far distance).

      Next morning (Sunday) I woke up to the sound of a pack (club?) of ricers speeding along the empty freeway. Probably the only time it isn’t packed full. since no one is headed to church. I set about getting some breakfast (yea, no… more lines again), then off to cruise what I was told is one of the best roads in the world. Well, it would have been had it not been for all the brake lights in front of me at EVERY turn, no matter how gentle. And constant speed traps setting off the radar detector. And the $4.00 gal fuel. And the $50 lunch (this was back in 2013, can’t imagine what that fish sandwich would cost today).

      I planned to get to Santa Barbara, but it took so long to get anywhere, and then the fog rolled in and made traffic even worse! So I cut over to Hwy 101 and just found a place to crash. I would have been better off just sleeping in my car. Had one of the worst stays in a motel ever, roaches in the bathroom and everything.

      By this point I was done. Get me over to Interstate 5 to 15 and out of this state! Stoped off in Vegas on the way home and had a very nice time. Turns out Monday/Tuesday is a great day to hit the casnios and buffets. I even covered my stay at the blackjack table.

      So yea, California suffers under the weight of its population. I’m certain living in that seething mass has an effect on your view on family planning, as does NYC and the DC metro. Hurry up to stand in line all day. Like living in an airport terminal.

  17. Eric: Finally, that this be done legislatively – so that those who vote for (or against) a given regulation be subject to accountability.

    I guess I should have added that good luck waiting on our Rep’s to put and end to the anti ice policy’s. Their already limiting new gas station construction in some parts of Commiefornia. It will be sad that in maybe 15 years we will be referring to today as the good old days unless the path we are on changes radically for the better.

    • >limiting new gas station construction

      Interdicting the “enemy’s” fuel supply will destroy his mobility. Thus immobilized, he is at your mercy.

  18. Well based on most of our reps it’s pretty obvious that it’s the Uniparty running things and good luck getting rid of them. Even if you get rid of them with a candidate more responsive to the electorate they soon are beholden to the PAC’s money and you’re back where you started. It’s all sort of depressing.

    • Or, they may “mysteriously” end up dead. Or wake up in bed with a minor. Or a likewise “mysterious” deposit in their bank account, from Russia.
      Every government is founded upon its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. There’s not getting around that. They couldn’t collect taxes without it. And so………


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