Will Any of Them Take the Pledge?

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The people running for office always tell us what they’re going to do to us if elected by enough of us. Which they frame as things they are going to do for us – as if all of us wanted them to do it.

How about for once they agree to promise not to do something to any of us?

If I am elected, I will never support “locking down” Americans because I do not believe in making America into a prison. That is the only place where “lock downs” are justifiable in a free society. 

If I am elected, I will never support forcing any American to wear a “mask” nor submit to any “guidelines” set forth without due process of law. 

If I am elected, I will never support forcing any American to take any drug or submit to any kind of medical procedure that is contrary to their will. The right to control one’s own body is a moral absolute that must never be violated. 

And how about all of us pledge to not vote for any person who doesn’t make that promise?

Especially those of us who opposed the “lock downs” and forced “masking” and drug-pushing. Do we want to experience any of that again?

Then let’s not vote for it, ever again.

Especially as regards the Orange Man – who is the one man who ought to understand by now what “locking down” the country and “masking” and drug-pushing was really all about. And who ought to be for that reason the most ready to take the pledge that he will never be party to any of those things ever again.

Had it not not been for those things, that man would not be running for office again. He would be in office. It was the “lock downs” that led to what is in office right now – via the transformation of Election Day into Election Months and voting in-person for most people into majority absentee balloting. The Orange Man ought to have seen it coming. If he does not see it now – and doesn’t publicly state that he will never allow such a thing to happen again – then anyone who votes for him ought not to be surprised when the same things happen again.

Including the drug pushing.

Orange Man pushed them hard. He still defends having pushed them. This ought to bother anyone who resented all of the drug-pushing, which was pushed even harder by the man who replaced the Orange Man – who was able to replace him because the Orange Man let him do it. See the point above about allowing mass absentee balloting and Election Months rather than Election Day.

Interestingly, the one candidate to replace the current Thing that has all-but-taken the Pledge is a Democrat. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has spent decades challenging the “safety” and “effectiveness” of the drugs being pushed by the pharmaceutical industry. The industry that most Democrats once regarded with appropriate suspicion. But that was before the Democratic Party was taken over by Marxists, for whom anything that serves to increase the power of the state over the people is in the interests of Marxism.

But many Democrats aren’t Marxists – and neither is RFK, Jr. He may prove to be the one who ends up doing what the Orange Man didn’t – and probably won’t. That being to promise the American people he would never attempt to push drugs on them. Nor use the power of the government to force anyone to practice bizarre rituals such as “mask” wearing.

He is also, probably, the least likely to attempt to “lock down” the country – over sickness psychosis or climate hysteria. Orange Man – and all the others who haven’t yet repudiated the “lock downs” already imposed haven’t established the basis for repudiating the climate “lock downs” that are no doubt in the works.

One cannot effectively fight a thing one has already conceded to be “necessary.”

If it was “necessary” to “lock down” the country over a respiratory bug that didn’t kill 99 percent of the otherwise healthy population, why is it not “necessary” to “lock down” the country over a supposed 1 percent uptick in the average temperature?

People who support the Orange Man and want to be believe the Orange Man would never allow such a thing ought to remember what the Orange Man did allow – and what he has yet to foreswear and promise he will never allow to happen again.

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  1. I guess I’ll take a swing at this dead horse. Now that we all know what “the greater of two evils” looks like, maybe the “too smart to vote”, “holier than thou”, “all government is bad” libertarians will compromise their high ideals and vote “for the lesser to two evils”. Ya, we’re all on that express elevator to hell, going down, but it might to worthwhile to pull the emergency brake just to see if the damn thing works.

    • Hi Griff,

      I’m a libertarian but do not regard myself as the enemy of the good for the sake of the perfect. My chief issue with the Orange Man is that he either utterly failed to understand what the “pandemic” was all about our he was complicit. He has yet to own up to the mistakes he made, especially as regards the “vaccines” he helped to push. This is despicable as well as worrying in that it suggests he does not understand – or that he is complicit.

      Even so, I will probably end up voting for him unless there is some other (better) option.

      • If there is a better option I’ll vote for him/her.

        If not I’ll vote Trump

        I’m not sure which I’d rather see, RFK vs. Trump, or those 2 sharing the ticket. (Maybe RFK/Trump vs. Trump/RFK could be a thing)

        Now THAT would both serve as assassination insurance, and keep the establishment awake at night!

    • Man, you guys, RE: “but it might to worthwhile to pull the emergency brake just to see if the damn thing works.”

      Uh, yeah,… are you at all familiar with Lucy, Charlie Brown & the football?

      …” I can’t support the GOP any more than I can support the Democratic Party. As George Wallace said: “There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties.” […]

      Voting will not prevent an authoritarian government. […]

      If I vote in a presidential election and then the next day look up the election results and subtract my vote, the outcome of the election will not be different and I will have wasted the time I spent voting. Go ahead and try it. Look up the election results in your state, subtract your vote, and see if your results are different from mine.”…


  2. RFK Jr is the only one I have seen referring to Bechamp….he references him in his new book. RFK is very intelligent.

    masks, satanists, witchcraft, it makes sense…….

    Bechamp the smartest man who ever lived, he had four Phd’s, said the germ theory was bs….that is all you need to know….. I would rather listen to him then these other corrupt morons, Pasteur the fraud who invented the germ theory admitted on his death bed it was bs. It has been bebunked over and over.

    Big pharma…allopathic medicine…. the most profitable business in the world….

    The Luciferion Aristocracy’s most profitable business…and most important control mechanism…useful to cull surplus slaves….

    big pharma causes 440k deaths a yr in America alone due to “medical errors” (partially defined as an unintended outcome even under correctly administered care)

    and over 100k annual deaths due to legal drugs. This is only from the reports we know about.

    Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”

    “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

    modern allopathic medicine is based on witchcraft….and was invented by the satanist Paracelsus….

    medievel medicine: you are possesed by evil demon spirits ) how do you fight them?
    with pharmaceuticals, drugs (witches brews)
    pharmacon = poison, pharmakeia = sorcery, witch craft, witches

    modern medicine: you are full of germs, how do you fight them?
    with pharmaceuticals, drugs (witches brews)
    pharmacon = poison, pharmakeia = sorcery, witch craft, witches
    pharmaceutical = drugs made from petrochemicals (oil).

    what you think is modern, our allopathic medical system, big pharma, used worldwide thanks to rockefeller, is no better than medievel witch craft. it is more like astrology, their is no science involved (they always reference science, but it is a huge lie there is no science behind it), it is very similar to what the witches were using.

    somebody said mask wearers are a satanic cult…..hahaha

    • Bechamp the smartest man who ever lived, he had four Phd’s, said the germ theory was bs….that is all you need to know….. I would rather listen to him then these other corrupt morons, Pasteur the fraud who invented the germ theory admitted on his death bed it was bs. It has been bebunked over and over.

      but…..it was just used to lock down the whole planet for 3 years….and round 2 is coming in november…..

      • The satanists….the luciferion aristocracy… run the planet today so it makes perfect sense……

        This medical system of Paracelsus is the foundation on which modern allopathic medicine is built….it has a monopoly in G7 countries and a lot of the planet….

        Did you know that the “father” of pharmacology was an occultist?
        He was a worshiper of Satan! He is a hero in the church of satan today…..

        It is amazing today that Paracelsus is known as the father of modern pharmacy! ….Where did he get his inspiration?…… Baphomet, Satan!….So he was possessed and was an instrument of satan?…….

        This was a very radical practice during his time. He treated many diseases with mercury better known as quicksilver. Many physicians who bought into Paracelsus method and used quicksilver (mercury), also known as Quack Salber, were known as “quacks”. This was a very rebellious way of treating the body at the time……Many died as a result of Paracelsus way of treatment.

        So the doctors that used allopathic medicine in the 1500’s were called quacks (allopathic medicine is using poisonous drugs and injections to cure diseases)….
        today we worship them as gods…..but which god?…..

        The most successful marketing campaign in history…today’s allopathic medical system…..it is a trillion $ industry….

        The government gave a monopoly to one type of doctor…through regulations, licencing and funding…..allopathic doctors….. all the other doctors practicing alternate competing types of medical care were banned……if it was a free and open market there wouldn’t be a shortage of doctors……and health care would be very inexpensive….

        Willian Rockefeller copied Paracelsus…a snake oil salesman….

        John Rockefeller created the monopoly……
        his father William was a snake oil salesman posing as a fake doctor, pedaling fake cures, he was also a horse thief and was indicted for rape in 1849………pedaling fake cures….looks like the son is too…..and his helper fauci…

        Rockefeller tried to get an allopathic monopoly in China……. it failed and the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine was preserved for centuries to come…..china now gets rich from supplying the allopathic system …….. Most of the ingredients for drugs and injections come from china

        Snake oil fake cures…..
        Our rockefeller monopoly allopathic medical system, big pharma, used worldwide thanks to john rockefeller, is no better than medievel witch craft. it is more like astrology, there is no science involved…..they always reference science, but it is a huge lie there is no science behind it

    • Bravo, Anon!
      A great and concise summary of the so-called “science” of modern medicine!

      In the Bible in the book of Revelation, it speaks of the major sins extant in the last days of which people refuse to repent of, and one of them is pharmakeai -which somewhat mistranslated as “sorceries” -although that word does convey the essence of what it really is.

  3. Trump won’t take any such pledge. First of all not enough people care about that issue currently. Other than those (ahem) people that fixate on it most think it’s over and forgotten.

    Secondly why alienate potential voters like suburban woman that might be sympathetic on the issue of masks/vaccines?

    He doesn’t have to worry about the other party being more conservative on the issue.
    Thus anyone that disagrees with him on the issue doesn’t have a better option to vote for anyway.

    • Interesting viewpoint.

      I just talked to a woman who wears a black face diaper as she works the cash register.
      As I walked up to her she asked me, “How are you?”

      I said, “I was just fine until I saw you wearing that” as I made a motion over my face.

      She got a bit apologetic and said how she’s allergic to the air in the store & that every time the CAC would kick on & blow air towards her she would break out & that the mask helped her greatly.

      …What a weird thing to hear, eh?

      We talked some & she told me about how she wished this whole covid thing would Just Go Away & as we talked more she said she was certain The Jab was killing people.

      So, I dunno about, “like suburban woman that might be sympathetic on the issue of masks/vaccines?” They might be more hip to sheet than most realize?

      Anyway, I was looking for a spot to drop this, seems like a good a place as any:

      …”The term “Mad Max” and the scenarios it conjures are becoming more and more possible with the deterioration of the financial system. Weather warfare is being waged in places all around the world with the help of geoengineering. Woke culture is making many cities unlivable and unsafe. Then add a global monetary crisis, and you have a perfect storm of destruction everything civilized. Rubino says, “There is a category of real estate called ‘cabin on land.’ It’s where you can buy 50 acres and a 400 square foot cabin with maybe solar panels and a well. Suddenly, that is hot property. Everybody wants one of those. That’s a sign of societal breakdown. Something where you are all alone in the woods is your preferred lifestyle, that means the world has gotten pretty stressful. That is the case for a lot of people in the U.S. We are creating a generation of ‘end of the roaders and survivalists.’ They are looking at this world and saying I need an AR-15, a cabin with solar panels and I will be okay.””…


    • Oh, and, RE: “Thus anyone that disagrees with him on the issue doesn’t have a better option to vote for anyway.”

      IF, a big IF, I voted,… I’d vote RFK, it’s a better option, cause of his understanding of, The Shot.

      …He’s far far from close to perfect, for sure, lots to dislike, howevah; he ain’t no ‘Father of Da Warp-speed” Falchi lover.

    • Hi Krusty,

      Why “alienate potential voters like suburban woman that might be sympathetic on the issue of masks/vaccines”? A better question is: Why not just vote for Biden, then?

      If Trump – or whomever – is not going to forthrightly reject the evil measures imposed on us, then they will be imposed again. This ought to be obvious. The only way they won’t be is to say Never Again – to borrow a term. And why. Pandering to neurotic, fear-addled, busybodies – whether women or men – is not going to end this nightmare. It is going to prolong it.

      • Appealing to “Suburban” women and their IRRATIONAL fears…not founded on the, er, “Science!” (think of the old British academic in the 1983 Thomas Dolby video). Causes me to consider that the Nineteenth Amendment was perhaps the greatest mistake this country ever got hornswoggled into, above the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Amendments, all legacies of that so-called “Progressive” Era. Sorry, RaiderGirl.

        Fook Teddy Roosevelt and his Fifth Cousin, FDR, and also Food Woodrow Wilson.

        • Hi Doug,

          Except the 19th Amendment was not enacted until August 1920. Sorry, boys, but you had already lost hold of the country under Lincoln (shall I mention your votes for Pierce and Buchanan…ugh) and then oversaw the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the federal income tax. You were the ones that put Wilson in. It was men that elected the very men that destroyed the 10th amendment and instituted the 16th.

          Can’t blame us gals on this one. The country was already collapsing and it didn’t have anything to do with our vote for Harding. Was James Fox and his Veep Roosevelt going to be an improvement?

          • Sorry, boys, but you had already lost hold of the country under Lincoln, who killed half a million or more Americans to make it stick. How do you make a political stand against a megalomaniacal murderer?

            • I don’t know, John, but instead of one megalomaniacal murderer we now have several. They are like cockroaches… or rats. Nip them in the bud early or they will be swarming the house before you know it.

          • People vote their self interest, usually short term self interest.
            That self interest is then weaponized to achieve goals of engineering society.
            Changes in who can vote and how elections work are one component. All the components work together.

            • Agreed, Brent. People do vote for their own self interest so men must have seen some benefit for voting for Lincoln and Wilson. 😉

                • Hi Brent,

                  A total of 15 states allowed women the right to vote in Presidential elections prior to the 19th Amendment. In the 1920 Presidential election only 36% of women, qualified to vote did, versus 68% of men qualified to vote.

                  “As to women voting for or compelling their husbands in political office to do certain things, that’s a very long list and there one will find the laws the practices that have undermined the only real competition the government has, the family.”

                  What does this prove? That men don’t know how to tell their wives no?

                  • Haven’t you ever read materials from the anti-suffragists? These women argued that women not having the vote allowed them to have just as much if not more influence without the possibility of obligations and responsibilities of having the vote. Back then there was a fear that with the vote would come the obligations, especially being conscripted into wars. Instead women got the vote and nothing happened.

                    Anyway if you really want to go down this rabbit hole of how women have politically changed society through government I would recommend the women known as the honey badgers. their focus is more anti-feminist and men’s rights stuff but they’ll go over the histories of things.

                    The ruling and political classes have known exactly how society was being manipulated at every step and all the big steps were quite intentional towards their desired ends.

                    • Hi Brent,

                      Actually, I have no desire to go down the rabbit hole of women’s suffrage. I have financial statements that need to be completed. 🙂

                      My argument under the topic (Buckle to Drive) was to point out that both sexes need each other. The point was for the family unit to prevail. The family is the basis of society. Dismantle the family equates to strengthening the government. We keep thinking this is a Battle of the Sexes. It isn’t.

                      The more we fight each other the more tyranny government invokes.

                      The Feminists and the Honey Badgers are two peas in a pod. They are not helping society. They are destroying it. Both of them are at opposites end of the spectrum, but the outcome is the same. They have taken the mantle to vaporize men.

                      One wants men to bow down the other wants men to stand up, but both are engaging in a war that dictates what the XY chromosome should be or do.

                    • They aren’t two peas in a pod. The HBs are reaction to what society is like today.

                      Feminism is a political movement to destroy the only barrier to the state, the family. It hides its roots, its history, and its motivations. Exposing those is key or it succeeds by default.

                      What is two peas in pod to feminism is trad con, PUA, etc. The ones that say man up and accept the way things are. Play the game. That doesn’t solve anything on a society level and makes things worse.

                      Fighting against these two is fighting the government, because they are both tools of government growing.

            • Ha, yes, Adam…the original soy boy. Blamed the woman for giving him the apple and then God for giving him the woman.

      • > Pandering to neurotic, fear-addled, busybodies – whether women or men

        I once heard these sorts of people referred to as “women of both sexes.” It seems appropriate, as while some of them may be male, they certainly aren’t men.

    • Hi krusty,

      The only suburban women that are sympathetic to the issue about masks and vaccines are those too dumb to do any research.

  4. The Biden Thing is going to ask Congress for MORE money to make, you guessed it……BRAND NEW COVID jabs….we may need to contact our Congress critters and urge them to tell Biden to take a hike should he actually make such a request…..is this regime downright evil or just stuck on stupid? Begging Congress for MORE money to make “vaccines” that likely won’t work any better than the original COVID jabs other than cause people who take them MORE HARM….


  5. All except one are Israeli first,,, America last. And the exception is a commie. J6 still locked up. No hope. Americans ignore.

    Still spending billions we can’t afford on foreign wars, this time on the side of nazis. Paying illegals $2200 p/m while Americans starve and sleep on streets. economy sucks, Inflation rampant, dollar losing buying power daily. Savings used up,,, Credit Cards maxed. Police protection almost nonexistent, crime everywhere.

    Schools are a disaster. Many cannot read, write or do math when/if they complete the 12 years.

    The military an unmitigated disaster. He’s wanting to be She’s and She’s wanting to be He’s and many that don’t care what they mate with. Lowering of the entrance scores and allowing them to use calculators. Soon they’ll provide the answers and many will still fail. Can’t make their numbers but still kicked out those smart enough not to take the killer injection. These were the mainstay of the Armed Forces. Gone. Not discussed.

    And now they’re hinting at new Covid bullshit and lockdowns again. Someone seriously needs to update the song “We didn’t start the fire”.

    I don’t see a ‘choice’ here. Just a gaggle of power hungry despots chomping at the bit to destroy what little remains of America. There ain’t much left.

    Won’t matter your ‘vote’. I have witnessed 13 elections. Not one improved Americas lot. These last two ass wipes have been real doozies!

  6. Doesn’t matter even if they would take such a pledge- They are all pathological liars, and all end up doing the same things, and serving the people who really run this NWO. Also notice how the one pledge they all unabashedly take is the pledge to support Israel. They make no qualms about that, but even being the liars they are, I’d bet none of ’em would take the pledge cited in this article, for fear it would be too “radical” and might offend the majority of idiots who complied with the psy-op and who not only would be/are happy to do so again if the mere mention is made of the looming threat of a “:strong case of the sniffles”, but who demand it.

    I would lose the “due process” verbiage- just look at all of the ever-present evils which have come about via “due process”- everything from taxes, to eminent domain, to SWAT raids.

    The sit-com character George Jefferson on All In The Family said it best:

    “In politics we call lies ‘promises’.”

    • >Also notice how the one pledge they all unabashedly take is the pledge to support Israel.

      There is a word for a citizen of one country who pledges allegiance to another country.
      That word is traitor.

      • Here is one such traitor:

        ‘General Mark Milley, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Jordanian TV on Thursday that US forces illegally occupying oil fields in Syria’s northeast will remain there for the foreseeable future to “fight ISIS.”

        ‘The US military chief said that the decision to leave Syria falls on President Joe Biden. “I can’t imagine that the United States would ever walk away from [West Asia]. I think we’ll remain committed for many, many years and decades to come,” he stressed.

        ‘While the White House claims its troops are present in Syria to confront ISIS, Russian intelligence and Syrian locals say Washington’s forces house and train extremist militants.’


        This distant desert has zero to do with US interests, although it’s quite important to nearby Israel.

        And so, decent Americans get sold down the river again, like nineteenth-century ‘enslaved persons’ headed to the human flesh market in New Orleans.

        Thanks, Israel! 🙂

        • >it’s quite important to nearby Israel.
          >occupying oil fields in Syria’s northeast
          And quite possibly to the global oil industry.
          We’ve been here before, haven’t we?
          George W Told the Nation (Tom Paxton)
          If you’re hunkered in Falluja
          Wondering who it was that screwed ya
          Wondering what became of shock and awe
          By now you’re more than certain
          It has to do with Halliburton
          Dick Cheney’s why you drew that fatal straw

          Maybe it’s time for Exxon, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, and all the rest of them to start hiring their own security, stop foisting the cost onto U.S. taxpayers in the guise of “protecting American interests.”

  7. A thought that has been floating around the edges of my so called mind; What would we do if there really was a dangerous pandemic now? We can’t trust the “experts”, nor the medical industrial complex, even in the unlikely event that they came up with a safe effective vaccine. They’ve cried wolf far too often. I’ve concluded I would continue as I have. Keeping my immune system in good order, ignoring the equine fecal matter. We’ve not been left with much choice. How can you trust a cohort that is fine with killing children?

  8. People like to see Trump (most politicans and celebrities) as they want them to be, not who they actually are. What you see is a very low-resolution image, not the real thing. So your brain has to fill in the pixels with whatever it wants to put there.

    A few years ago I bought a hightly speculative stock called Solid Power (SLDP). At the time they were becoming a darling of the green crowd because the founders claimed they could produce solid electrolyte batteries in a way that resembled a printing press. Ford invested heavily and the stock shot up to around $15, with analysts calling for a $18-20 peak. I thought they’d take over the drone battery market because they claimed it was much safer, lighter and smaller than LiPO, and because it was a thin pouch form factor would better fit into aircraft designs. Two years later, still no product, stock dropped to $12 and I sold. A short time later the founding CEO left and today the stock is $2, which is probably the correct value.

    The reasons I bought the stock was because of something I wished they would do (make drone batteries), instead of what they were doing, which was figuring out how to actually make the product they promised (at a scale that would support F150 Lightning production schedules). Trump voters are like I was with SLDP, looking at the potential (whatever they think it might be) without bothering to see if there’s a real plan to get there. Or if the fundementals are even there to begin with.

  9. What do you think the chances are of any candidate sincerely taking such a pledge surviving the wrath of the Psychopaths In Charge until they take office? We’ve seen that movie before. A couple of times. The first in 1963. Then again in 1968. Makes one wonder why RFK Jr. can’t get Secret Service protection. Not that it helped his father and uncle much.

    • Hi John,
      I agree, but perhaps RFK,Jr. is better off with his own security detail vs. the Secret Service. I’ve seen the video of the SS agent being ordered off the back of the limo carrying JFK into Dealey Plaza, plus the SS supervisor removing JFK’s body from Parkland hospital at gun point, so they were definitely part of the cabal that murdered him.

      • Yes, the Secret Service was in on it. Interesting that John Connally, who was riding in the Dallas death car and was injured that day, refused SS protection when he briefly ran for president in 1980. He used his own security people. He knew.

        • Orange Man, assuming he’s not simply a Deep State “Actor” anyway, should forego his Secret Service detail and hire the Pinkertons. Go beat up a few Irish miners in Appalachia while they’re at it.

          • Trump DID have his own security detail within his Secret Service protection detail.. Initially the Secret Service protested but was forced to “go along”. This one thing kept Trump from being “JFK’d”.

      • I doubt the Amerikan SS would do much good protecting RFK when they’re busy banging Colombian prostitutes… top men, for sure. Like every single institution in American society, they’re 100% corrupt.

  10. In the 1920 election, the US fedgov had imprisoned Eugene Debs for resisting Woody Wilson’s foreign war and the military draft. Nevertheless, Debs ran from prison — in Atlanta, of all places — and received 914,191 votes.

    Debs was a self-avowed ‘international socialist’ — itself a noxious ideology involving force and compulsion. Yet Debs, unjustly imprisoned by the hacks in black, arguably deserved the protest votes of people of principle, simply as a gigantic ‘eff you’ to Woody Wilson and his dictatorial usurper regime. In the event, Republican Warren Harding won by a massive margin, and commuted Debs’ sentence to time served.

    Today, multiply-indicted Trump is a de facto political prisoner. Nobody who bids to run a 90% illegitimate US fedgov, without promising to dismantle it on Day One, can ever be trusted. Nevertheless, a protest vote for Trump — warts and all — is a gigantic ‘eff you’ to the ‘Biden’ gangster regime and his bent cop, Merrick Beria Garland.

    Can a massively unpopular ‘Biden’ impose a large enough ‘margin of cheat’ to prevail again? Can the putrid old electrified scarecrow even survive till next autumn?

    With its hijacked, Sovietized voting system, this country is in dire straits, and poised on the thin edge of cathartic violence. ‘Biden’ did this to us. Now he must pay.

    • i believe that the Biden thing will do anything to stay in office. That would include gaming the election even if 90 percent of the people voted for Trump. Nothing is stopping it from happening. I had always thought that the elecitons could be rigged. On a small scale, I noticed it in the 1992 Republican New Hampshire Primary. It took them well into the overnight to count a small state with a small vote total to get Buchanan’s numbers below 40 percent. Time magazine had written an article that stated that Buchanan got over 40 percent, he had a big chance to win the nomination as he went through, campaigning in the south and elsewhere. It would have been a game changer.

      Fast forward to 2017. That was an off year election and off year elections are characterized by low turnout. Low turnout off year odd years are very favorable to Republicans. Not that year. Several state legislative seats, attorney generals and a governors race all flipped. We all know what happened in 2018. The 2018 election was the worst Republican performance since the 1974 Watergate mid terms. They lost 40 seats. The electorate was polarized. Turnout higher than most midterms. Solid red districts flipped 1 after another. TIt wasn’t even 11 oclock and 35 seats had flipped. They waited till the next week to flip the next 5. There was definitely fraud. In 2018, there was neither a recession or an impeachment. Just a engaged “electorate” with a popular president with his base. Trump’s party could have lost, but not 40 seats. 20 seats, maybe tops.

      2019 was more of the same. Kind of like 17. A Republican governor lost a high profile seat in a red state. Kentucky by less than 2 points. They elected an effeminate jerk to replace him. In 19, Dumb Bel Edwards was reelected in Louisiana.

      2020 – we allknow what happened there.

      2021 – they stopped all fraud to soften us up.

      2022- Kari Lake had the election stolen from her in AZ. Fetterwoman was elected in PA. Seats that should have flipped. With the worst inflation since 1980 and the most bumbling idiot statist asshole in office, the Repukes should have flipped at least 50 seats. Instead, they got 5.

      The media is releasing fake polls that would state that Biden is “winning” and that Trump is only getting 40 percent of the vote. bullshit. They are preparing the public to accept their presumed steal. We are in dire straits.

    • Orange Man had better learn from what happened to the leadership of Russia’s Wagner Group, and take care in boarding his aircraft. Or, take a page from the “piano-playing haberdasher” and go by TRAIN.

  11. Biden is a heinous criminal that needs to be hanged, on the nearest tree branch. Covid is a damn hoax, and here is the proof, they rebranded the seasonal flu and then stampeded the sheeple into the death jab turnstile:


    That bastard Biden is trying to harm the very people he says he represents. He needs to be sent back to hell. Really folks, where are all these cops, lawyers, judges when we are being poisoned by the ruling class of vile predatory assholes? The entire establishment is guilty as hell on a planned intentional genocide of the Amerikan people.


    And speaking of pledges, did you know “our” elected Congress representative take a pledge to Israel? That is treason folks. We have Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney to thank for informing us of that fact. Apparently all the rest of our selected whores, the remaining 534 of these treasonous bastards, didn’t think we needed to know.

    Here is what she told PressTV:

    “Every candidate for Congress at that time had a pledge. They were given a pledge to sign … that had Jerusalem as the capital city,” McKinney said in an interview with Press TV on Sunday.

    “You make a commitment that you would vote to support the military superiority of Israel that the economic assistant that Israel wants that you would vote to provide that,” she added.

    McKinney said that if a candidate does not sign the pledge or perform accordingly, “then you do not get money to run your campaign.”

    The former Congresswoman said that after she made the pledge issue public “the tactic changed.”

    “But this is what is done for 535 members of the United States Congress, 100 senators and 435 members of the House of Representatives have to now write a paragraph which basically says the same thing.”

    • US presidents are obliged to take a pledge, too — to cover for Israel’s illegal nuclear weapons, which use technology stolen from the US and France:

      ‘President Donald Trump has reportedly signed a secret letter pledging not to strong-arm the Jewish state into relinquishing its nuclear weapons.

      ‘Israel was looking for the fledgling Trump administration to sign off on an understanding first reached between prime minister Golda Meir and US president Richard Nixon, whereby Israel would neither declare, test or threaten to use nuclear weapons in exchange for the US not pushing Israel to join the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.’


      The Times of Israel article goes on to detail that every president, from Nixon to Trump, has signed this illegal secret agreement which defies the statutory law of the Symington Amendment, forbidding US aid to undeclared nuclear powers.

      That is, every US president since Nixon has committed treason early in his term. No wonder this whored-out country is on the frickin’ ropes.

        • That is correct Adi, and thanks for pointing it out. And the UN nuclear inspectors have carefully examined everything Iran is doing and has certified that IRAN IS NOT MAKING NUKES.

          But Israel, which has not signed the NNPT, is not inspected, no one knows what those f-cks are doing below Dimona. AND ISRAEL DOES HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

          We know this from multiple sources, one which needs the light of day shined on it:


          The Vananu pics of the nuclear cores are actually United State W-54 cores from the Davy Crockett nuclear cannon.

          Which were decommissioned then secretly sent to Israel by the god damned Jew traitor LBJ, who became president after Israel, the CIA, Mossad, and Mi6 assassinated JFK – who had signed executive orders to stop Israel’s nuclear program.

          The first day in LBJ’s presidency he rescinded all those JFK EO’s concerning nukes and Israel.

          Also look up the USS Liberty attack and what LBJ did there – more treason.

          And there’s more – Israel has been using those nukes – while accusing Iran of making nukes.

          • If the Israeli nukes are the cores from the Davy Crockett, then they’re a JOKE. 0.01 kT yield. Seriously…that’s like setting off a “black cat” on the Fourth of July.

            I’m certain the REAL Israeli nuclear arsenal has clones of our B61, B83, W76, W80, and W88 thermonuclear warheads. Along with modernization programs for all of them by the US Department of Energy, supervised by Lawrence Livermore Labs (which the Mossad has LONG tapped into). All these series are, as almost all US designs have been, “dial-a-yield”, so if targeting is changed to where the full yield of the warhead is undesirable, it can be done on the fly, even, in some cases, in flight!

            A question one might ask: That Israeli has long had its “Jericho” series of missiles, presumably as a deterrent to their Arab neighbors. Indeed, during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, SecState Kissinger angered the IDF establishment and PM Golda Meier by showing Egyptian President Sadat somewhat “fuzzed” (to hide the actual resolution capabilities of the cameras involved) prints of pictures taken by USAF SR-71 “Blackbirds”, which even the Israeli Air Force couldn’t intercept, showing their then-missile silos with the blast doors opened, “birds” ready to “fly”! Although the purported targeting was almost strictly military in nature, both seats of government for Egypt and Syria would also have been hit, constituting not only a “decapitation” strike, unless both Sadat and Assad were smart enough to evacuate to a bunker, but also civilian casualties numbering likely in the hundreds of thousands. This is also why, in response to then Soviet First Secretary Brezhnev threatening to fly in a Soviet VDV division to bolster the sagging Syrian Army, Nixon put the Air Force and the Navy on “alert”, which was the first time we’d reached “DefCon 3” since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Shaken, Brezhnev and the Soviet Politburo quickly backed down, as they were NOT willing to go to war over the Middle East. But WE were. So, with Israel presumably well-protected by the Yankee “nuclear umbrella”, why, pray tell, did they develop missiles, with not only greater payload, and MIRV capability, but much greater RANGE? The current Jericho III is well-believed to be capable of hitting most of NORTH AMERICA with at least a single 475 kT warhead, as well as ALL of the Orient. What, pray tell, strategic enemies does Israeli HAVE that it needs a missile with THAT range? The Palestinians et al may indeed be right to describe the Jewish State as a “gangster nation”.

            • It’s worth pointing out that Iran *does* have at least one strategic enemy, namely the Jewish State of Israel, as well as being within striking range of 5 other nuclear powers, namely Russia, China, Pakistan, India and the U.S. (via its naval presence).

              To put it in the simplest terms possible, they live in a dangerous neighborhood, and they have something the world wants, namely gas and oil. Shouldn’t they have the right to defend themselves?

              The Persians (Iranians) represent on of the oldest civilizations on the planet. It would be a human tragedy of enormous dimension to see Iran annihilated by the venal machinations and greed of their declared enemy (which enemy is *not* the USA)..

            • I wouldn’t discount the “Samson Option”.
              The zionists are stupid enough to try it, especially if the world goes against them and demands a real solution to the “Palestinian situation”. Notice that I did not call the Palestinian situation a “problem” as it is the foreign zionist jew interlopers who are the “problem”.
              Keep in mind that no country that possesses live “nukes” will be attacked or invaded. North Korea, India, Pakistan, and other countries are smart to keep their nukes under wraps and not succumb to the demands of “international nuclear arms inspectors”. This is the only thing keeping the world “deep state” from attacking them.
              That being said, the same should apply to israel (but does not). Every country’s nukes are within the borders of their respective countries, but not so for israel.
              You see, israel’s nukes are already “in place” and as such, no delivery systems are needed. Israel’s nuclear “Damocles swords” are in major cities around the world and are ready to go at a moment’s notice. This is a major reason why israel refuses to allow “international nuclear arms inspectors” to perform inspections. Israel could not account for all of its nukes.
              The next “9-11” will be a nuclear detonation (not an exchange or other conflagration) in a major American or European city. Look for an israeli nuke to be detonated in Los Angeles, Chicago or Atlanta. “Jew York City” is “off-limits” as it is the jewish seat of power in the USA. European targets will be Rome, Brussels or Paris. Jews would LOVE to destroy the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, so look at Rome as being a prime target.
              Of course, the nuclear detonation will be blamed on an Arab country, passports being found in the “rubble”, just as with 9-11 (yeah, right).
              If I had my way, israel would be “embargoed” until it produces ALL of its nukes for international inspection.
              An American military general who “knows the score” remarked that “if it were revealed that israel and its mossad orchestrated the 911 WTC attacks, israel would “disappear” and no one (in the world) would give a damn.”
              One can only hope.

      • 100% agree Jim H.

        It is treason and illegal under the NNPT to fund any state pursuing nuclear weapons when they have not signed it.

        Israel has not signed the NNPT.

        Thus giving Israel any money is illegal.

  12. If I could rewrite the constitution, the oath of office would contain:

    If I violate this oath or take any action unauthorized by the constitution, I will hang myself on the capitol steps the next morning.

  13. Here’s another question that should be asked….If Trump gets back into the White House, will he abolish the “Permanent office of pandemic preparedness and response policy” that the Biden Thing established last month? Will the other presidential candidates take a pledge to abolish it, as it’s part of the Executive Branch of government. And with this obsession with making mRNA “vaccines” for colds and seemingly every human ailment, and a military type as the head of that office, will it be used to implement one size fits all mandates for people to wear face diapers or take experimental pharma products developed at “Warp speed”?

    • Hi Helot,

      I read an editorial the other day where the author thinks that “COVID lockdowns 2.0” and the desire from the Biden regime to force everyone to “mask up” again is an effort by the government to cover up the failures of the COVID jabs, as these new COVID variants that we’re told are out there could be problematic for the “vaccinated” this fall. Others think the regime want to do “LOCKDOWNS 2.0” because we’re headed into another Presidential campaign and the lockdowns made it possible for universal vote by mail in swing states to get Joe Biden into office last time, or because there’s just too much rotten stuff involving the Biden regime that they don’t want people to know about, such as the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine because they’re losing bigly in this senseless war, or massive corruption in the Biden family, including with “The Big Guy”. It’s also possible that with “brand new COVID jabs” supposedly coming out in September,
      the regime wants to use them as a carrot for people to get out of lockdowns and wearing face diapers.

      • Hi John,

        I agree with you as regards all of those reasons. And – based on my own knowledge in my own circle – it is the “vaccinated” who are getting sick. If it is true that the immune systems of the “vaccinated” have been weakened by the “vaccines,” then it is all-but-certain we’re going to see “pandemic” of sick people this fall/winter. The good news is that this time, it will be obvious why certain people are getting sick – juxtaposed against those who are not getting sick. There is a large control group now. And that will expose the lie about the next “pandemic.”

        • Eric,

          The writing is already on the wall that the government & the media will try MORE fear porn involving the ‘Rona and implore people to “mask up” again and comply with draconian lockdown edicts. It will be interesting to see how many people say “HELL NO!” this time and stand up against this nonsense. Del Bigtree, host of the weekly online program The Highwire, had a brilliant monologue to close out this week’s show regarding the calls for returning to wearing face diapers and “COVID lockdowns 2.0″…….


          • I get the feeling I will be lucky to avoid arrest this time. I still feel the anger and rage about what happened to me and others during the last phase of their sick play.

            I really want to choke the life out of every masker I see

            • Same, Sam –

              I have no – zero – sympathy for these “maskers.” Not because they are neurotics or fools, though many are both. But because of what the “mask” represents. And because I am certain that 99 out of 100 “maskers” would have eagerly endorsed people like me and you being rounded up at gunpoint and taken to a camp or forcible “vaccinated.”

            • Last time around, I came within an ace of CUTTING THE HEAD OFF a grocery clerk who refused to sell me food because I refused to wear a (worthless) “mask.” It took the efforts of three close friends to convince me that was a hill not worth dying on.

              At this point, i sincerely hope there is no next time.

          • Thanks for that, John B.
            Those of us who were alive in the late 1960s will remember the slogan:
            Hell no, we won’t go.
            Also, per the late Dr. Martin Luther King:
            We will not be moved.

        • It’s interesting to me how when the vaxxes were being pushed the first time, they wanted to know everyone’s vax status at all times. Now when people are dying in droves, there’s no mention of vax status anymore. Hmmm.

          Even when kids of celebrities are dying suddenly, these people stay quiet. It’s uncanny.

        • Although this time the “fear porn” will be a much harder “sell”, the tyrants who THINK they’re in charge probably figure they don’t HAVE TO “sell” anything. That is, refuse “Jab Redux”, or speak out on a publicly-accessible forum, like this website (which I’ll predict gets “de-platformed”, or maybe your home gets a 6 AM visit from an FBI hit squad like that Utah old boy a few weeks past?), and you’re hit, even without a wee visit from Federal goons, with the following:

          (1) Your bank account is frozen on a RICO warrant that’s less credible than Sadaam Hussein requesting a Mormon baptism.
          (2) Not only is your web site de-platformed, your own Internet, Cable (if you have it, still) and “sail fawn” services are suspended, rendering you incommunicado.
          (3) If, in anticipation of such shenanigans, you amassed a bit of greenbacks, gold and silver coins, bullion, and precious jewelry, to simply “pay cash”, the Feds seize it all via Civil Asset Forfeiture. They don’t even have to have an indictment for any crime, let alone a conviction, to do so.
          (4) If you HAD a passport, it’s taken away, so you can’t flee to safety in a foreign land, at least not LEGALLY.
          (5) If your Driver’s License is “Real ID”, your state’s DMV suspends your license on grounds you’re suspected of being a “domestic terrorist”.
          (6) If you want to board a commercial airliner, forget it, you’re already on the “Do Not Fly” list. Good luck appealing it!
          (7) Never mind what phony charges or lawsuits can be, er, “Trumped” up, to keep you busy and denude you of funds and/or credit fending them off.
          (8) I’m sure most of the newly-minted 75K IRS Agents, all ARMED (and, being likely inexperienced and psychologically questionable, very DANGEROUS, indeed) will be prioritized against those that the regime of the Phony POTUS deems either the greatest threat or at least the most irritating. If they could take down Al Capone, who are YOU or I?

          Be assured, the psychopaths and sociopaths who think themselves to be in charge in what the late G Gordon Liddy deemed the “District of Criminals” (DC) are DESPERATE to hold onto power, and if we thought it was bad during “Plandemic I”, we ain’t seen ‘nuttin’ yet!

  14. “People who support the Orange Man and want to be believe the Orange Man would never allow such a thing ought to remember what the Orange Man did allow”

    As Eric notes, Trump hasn’t apologized for his lockdowns, his destruction of business, his jabs, his CDC hospital protocols that killed so many, his abysmal cabinet pics, and his profligate spending that fueled our current inflation. He wore masks, took the jabs, and now he wants to lead us again? No thanks. When the going got tough, he folded. He’ll do it again if elected.

    Many of the MAGA crowd want revenge and they think Trump is the best to exact it. Revenge gets us nowhere. Don’t threaten to do what needs to be done. Just do it. And while you are at it, veto all of the bad bills (are there any good ones). Methodically dismantle the bureaucracy to the extent the executive has the power. Get our troops out of the overseas bases (there are no declarations of war so he has the authority). Change all the discharges of the jab-refusers to honorable. Fire every political appointee. Pardon the J6ers. Think Trump will do any of that? And he deserves my vote?

    • I hate to say it, but I believe that Robert F Kennedy Jr. would best avenge what has happened to this country vis a vis lockdowns. I vehemently disagree with his idiot statements on “carbon”, based on idology and ignorance, but he is the only one who I believe would never allow states to close business and people down.


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