When They Won’t “Cover” You . . .

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Here’s an interesting juxtaposition:

California, like pretty much all states, forces everyone who drives a car to “cover” it. That is, the state forces them to buy insurance.

Even – in some cases – if they don’t drive it. There are states that require the owner of a garaged (or otherwise stored) car that isn’t driven to be registered – and in most cases, in order get or renew that registration, the vehicle must “covered.” This is revelatory as regards the nature of such “coverage” in that it shows the supposed justification for obliging people who own cars to buy “coverage” – i.e., that it is necessary in order to prevent innocent other people from holding the bag for the cost of injuries and property damage arising from someone else driving a car that isn’t “covered”  to be just that; i.e., supposed.

The real point is to force people to pay.

Money (which buys power) is almost always at the root of whatever it is the Benevolent Ones claim they are forcing us to do for our own good – and the supposed good of others.

But what happens when the insurance mafia won’t “cover” the vehicles that the law requires be “covered”?

We’ll soon see – because that’s just what’s happening in California and it’s likely to spread, as the rest of the country becomes more and more like California.

Reports coming out of the browning state that the mafia is refusing to “cover” the people the law says must buy “coverage.” They are losing too much money “covering” people, says Jerry Becerra of Barbary Insurance Brokerage. “A lot of companies are running a more than 100 percent loss ratio . . . that’s unsustainable over the long-run.”

And why are they losing “too much” money?

According to Becerra, it is due to the “cost of repairing vehicles (being) higher than it used to be due to inflation, type of vehicles, supply chain issues, a lot of things may be driving that.” 

He does not elaborate. So I will.

It is true the cost of repairing vehicles is higher than it used to be – but it is not “due to inflation.” Not fundamentally. The value of money has gone down but the cost of repairs is way up. For instance: Before about a decade ago, it didn’t cost much to replace a cracked windshield. It was typically less than $150, parts and labor. It cost so little many people just paid – out of pocket – to get it done rather than file a claim and give the insurance mafia an excuse to “adjust” what they charged (and people are forced to pay) for “coverage.”

It now routinely costs $400 and in many cases $1,000 or more. That is not due to “inflation” – bad as it is. It’s due to technology. Or – rather – it’s due to the cost of the technology embedded in the glass, that must be replaced along with the glass. A windshield is no longer just glass, you see. In many new cars, it is part of a “driver assistance” system, which has to be replaced along with the glass. And because it routinely costs $400 or more to replace the ensemble, more people file a claim – and pay the deductible. Which means we all pay more “coverage,” since the insurance mafia is not in the business of losing money.

Most new cars have six air bags – or more. Go back ten years and most had four. Go back a little farther and most had just two. How much does it cost to replace four vs. two air bags? Often, it costs whatever the book value of the car was – which is the sum paid out when the car is totaled because it’s not worth fixing.

Who do you suppose is paying for that?

How about the now ubiquitous plastic front-and-rear bumper covers that shear off the car even in relatively minor accidents? The made-of-plastic headlight “assemblies” that cost several hundred bucks each to replace?

EVs are also driving up the cost of “coverage” because they cost more to replace when wrecked (or when they burn to the ground, perhaps also causing the garage and house to burn to the ground, too) and because they are more expensive to replace when damaged. The mafia is very aware of the fact that EV battery packs can be rendered even more fire-prone than they already are if they are subjected to impact forces, as in a crash – even a relatively minor one. But it is not practical to remove and inspect the thousands of individual cells within an EV battery pack to make sure none were damaged as a result of a fender-bender. Given the risk of a catastrophic fire – and the costs associated with that – the mafia will be inclined to order the battery replaced – or the car “totaled.”

And we’re going to pay for that, too.

Or at least, the mafia intends to make us pay for it. In California, the mafia is obliged to get the government to approve general rate increases in the cost it charges for the “coverage” it uses the government to force people to buy; i.e., the cost of “coverage” people who haven’t filed any claims must pay.

But, a point arrives – it has already arrived, in California – at which people can no longer afford to pay for what the mafia uses the government to make them pay for.

At that point, car owners may decide to become the modern analog of Robin Hood’s Merry Men – and thumb their noses at the Sheriff of Nottingham and all the king’s men.

And that may be a fine thing.

. . .

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  1. I have come to the conclusion that our Satanic government is out of control because we have a law enforcement problem…..
    We have lost control of our country grand juries and the militia.
    Two of the peoples constitutional law enforcement powers over government.

    To make a long story short Tactical Civics has a well thought out solution to regain control at the county level:

    You can also download all of their books in PDF form here:


    • I agree with you, Joe –

      A measure of this is the change in language. We did not used to have “law enforcement,” except in the context of ridiculing pricks who happened to be cops. Nowadays, cops have become law enforcement. Many of them look like a combination of stormtrooper-street thug. They wear tactical belts and body armor to enforce traffic laws. They have tattoos all over their arms. They have been trained to regard the general population as a threat and that “officer safety” is their highest priority – with our obedience to whatever they say coming a close second.

      Most of us – rightly – regard them with unease, as one would a snarling German Shepherd.

  2. Speaking of insurance, my Geico premium increased by 44%. I haven’t filed any claims, I haven’t gotten any payin’ papers, and I have the “excellent driver” discount and all that.

    I did a live chat with a Geico CSR, and he claimed it was due to inflation. Ok, but 44%?

    Anyone else experience an unexplained marked increase in their premium?

    • Myles,

      My home insurance increased over 32% this year! Even though I’ve never made a claim; even though I made no changes to my policy; it increased more than 32%. I called my company’s customer service, and they said it was because of having to pay out more losses (e.g. Hurricane Ian in FL); building materials prices have markedly increased; and, because there’s a shortage of tradesman, labor costs have increased a lot too. Hence, we’re stuck paying the increased prices, even if we’ve never filed a claim.

      For my car, even though it’s been years since I had a ticket or accident, I’m still paying about $2K a year to cover a 2015 Ford Focus SE; I still carry full coverage and generous liability limits on it. I have whatever discounts are available. Even so, my car premium has remained constant at $2K/year for years; it’s not gone down at all, even though it should have-and would have, if we lived in a sane society.

      • Hi Mark,

        $2k a year is usurious, in my view – given your record of zero claims or other objective reasons to rob you in this manner. Over the course of ten years, you will have been made to pat $10k to “cover” a basic small car the value of which goes down with each passing year. You have probably already paid these extortionists a third of the current value of your car to “cover” it – and certainly have done so by the time another five years have elapsed.

        For me, a few hundred bucks per annum is the maximum I will willingly pay for this scam – to go along with it. If it ever gets beyond that, I will simply stop paying – as the “refugees” do.

        Me gusta, too!

        • Bear in mind, VA DMV does have a legal ‘out’ of driving w/out insurance. Pay DMV $500.00/year per vehicle. It has NEVER been about health/death/injury, etc, just pure revenue by extortion.

        • Eric,

          Since a car’s value DECREASES every year, then why doesn’t the insurance go down for that reason alone? That’s a GOOD QUESTION!

          I live in a city (actually an inner suburb adjacent to one) whose traffic has increased since I moved here 13 years ago. I don’t know if I could ever get away with paying a few hundred a year. More traffic=more risk=more probability of loss; hence, you’ll pay more in a city than you will in a rural area like The Woods.

          As I said to Myles, I have generous liability limits in my policy-far more than required. My property damage/personal liability limits are $100K/$300K, personal injury $50K. My limits are 100/300/50, while the legal requirement is far lower (25/50/5?). I do so to avoid being sued in the event something happens. I also carry uninsured motorists and underinsured motorists; those limits are $100K/$300K-again to avoid being sued. With all the uninsured illegals driving out there, I figure it’s better safe than sorry. Goodness knows white males don’t get ANY breaks these days!

          I still carry comp and collision on my car too. I’ve debated dropping it, as my car’s value is a lot less now. I did so with my old Nissan, and then I damaged it (went over a high bump) and had to cover the repair out of pocket. I’m worried about the same thing happening again. My car’s value will soon be too low to justify keeping comp/collision though, so I’ll drop them in the next year or two.

          I’ve also thought about changing companies. I used to work for a major insurance company, and I got my policy through them; I had an employee discount, so why not? I was told I still get the group discount, even though I long ago left the company. I got an invitation from a competitor to work with them, so I may very well take them up on it.

          OTOH, I have similar coverage on my motorcycle, and that only costs $402 a year to cover. And that’s gone DOWN a few bucks since I got it! It hasn’t gone down much, but it has gone down; that’s the right direction anyway.

          I don’t like the insurance business, but I’m worried about going bare too. If you go bare, then you are TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for everything that happens! Even though my home is paid for, I still keep home insurance. Why? In case of fire or something else that causes catastrophic damage. I mean, have you checked the price of housing lately? IT’S INSANE! Home insurance also covers liability, so if my neighbor gets hurt, I’m covered; otherwise, I could lose everything in a lawsuit. Even if I were to win a lawsuit, why do I want to spend tens of thousands in legal fees to fight it? The Insurance Mafia and their game sucks, but going bare is worse. Hence, I keep it.

        • Use an independent agent. They will typically dig out the best price to keep your account. You may need to threaten them. Like, “If you can’t get me a better price, I’m cancelling”.

          • John,

            I got an invitation from a competitor to insure with them. I think I’m going to give them a call, and see what they can do for me.

        • RG, I have Farmers. It used to be MetLife Auto & Home, which I originally got when I worked for them 20+ years ago; I got a generous employee discount, so why not? I kept it through the years. MetLife sold their Auto & Home division, and Farmers bought it.

          • I’d had Farmers back in the 1990s, and they were a good company then. I don’t know if that’s true now. I kept my policies, in part, because Farmers had been good.

          • Hi Mark,

            If I recall you are in Pennsylvania. Give Erie a call. I agree with John, contact an independent agent. Erie is only located in the Mid Atlantic region so the risk is much lower than insurance companies that have to deal with hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes.

            Just a word of caution they base it on your credit score and claims history. The higher the credit score and little to no claims will provide you the cheapest rate.

            • RG,

              THANKS! That’s a good thought about a smaller, regional company not being exposed to risks that a national company has to handle. My credit score is excellent, and I have no claims history.

              • I think you will pleasantly surprised by the price.

                I have never filed a claim with Erie, but I did have a woman run into the back of me several years ago who had them. Erie handled the $4k repair in under two weeks and didn’t give me a hard time at all.

              • Which really sucks for me, since I haven’t carried any debt for about 30 years, and therefore do not have a credit score.

    • SMALL NOTE! German drivers are far more competent than American drivers. They need to have more training and to demonstrate more knowledge behind the wheel than American drivers do.

  3. Biden’s ‘Booze Czar’ Floats New Possible Guidance Of Only Two Beers A Week

    from zh comments…

    Just wait until the digital currency and social credit score plays a role..
    No more beer for you…you said bad things on ZH.
    Electric car charging disabled permanently…you are a member of ZH.
    Your door has been kicked in and all arrested…you were a Premium member at ZH.
    What are you in for bro?……………………………………Zerohedge..

    It’s not funny. Every single one of us has an individual folder on…a google server.

    Becoming obvious they want to skip over the normie purge to kick start a civil war to declare emergency powers.
    Just the beginning. No more: Gas cars, gas stoves, A/C, ceiling fans, travel, meat, sugar, cows, nitrogen fertilizers… and no more beer? Rolling out their list slowly… can’t wait ’til next week.


    • Easy to brew beer. 20 pounds of barley malt, ten gallons of beer. Hops, water, malt, heat the barley malt, brew it, bottle it, 5.5 percent alcohol, instant carbon dioxide.

      Instant gray market for the beer business.

      Can’t listen to idiots.

      There’ll be Al Capones all over the place. Canada supplied booze to the United States during Prohibition. Easy money, no problem, stupid Americans never learn.

      Money does a lot of talking.

      Beer Czar will be a joke.

      Hey, the pepper crop is going gangbusters!

      • Hey Drumpish,

        Years ago, I home brewed about 300 gallons a year, triple the “legal” limit. It was fun, I always had great beer, and could share copiously with friends.


        • Richard James ‘Two Gun’ Hart, Al Capone’s brother, busted every still in operation in Nebraska.

          Didn’t do one bit of good. My grandfather brewed beer during Prohibition. You could buy malt, ended up beer out in the sticks.

          By the end of Prohibition, everybody and his aunt and uncle was imbibing.

          Drink up!

    • My yearly doc visit next Tuesday, did the lab blood draw and my online access test results shows Mr Liver working right down the nominal middle unlike two years ago when I caught hell for several off the chart liver enzymes. Fatty liver, ultrasound ratted me out. Now I literally study for the blood test, no booze for about a month and load up on supplements to clean things up. Worked last year and this year! If she asked about boozing I’ll let her know I’ve really cut back, now I leave out the mixer.
      No she’s not cute, otherwise other topics could get “interesting”.

  4. Correction: not everyone in 22 states is required to have insurance or even have a valid registration. If you are an illegal you get a free pass.
    I got nailed on a business trip across the border. A van with 5 illegals ran a red light and t-boned me. The GHP took all my info but they had none, even drivers license.
    They were released from the scene before I was. No tickets, no bench appearances, no arrests.
    It must be nice to be special

  5. More insouciance, who cares about some stupid billionaire?

    Insurance is always a ripoff. Three windshields and no claim at the insurance company, not worth the time involved, just pay the 250 dollars and have a clear view.

    Why bother, the agent still receives the wampum.

    If there is a catastrophic unavoidable accident with you involved, there will be consequences. Be glad Joe Biden will make it all better. The people in Lahaina thanked Joe for stopping in.

    Sell your car, no more insurance. The insurance companies would crumble in value in no time flat. Guaranteed, better run for the exits.

    150,000,000 insured vehicles to zero is devastation.

    A carefully organized boycott could have some significant impacts on the insurance companies.

    CEO’s would sell their private jets but hold on to the Polo horses.

    Still be dining at the 16,000 plus Michelin restaurants.

    Insulting as it is, it is the way it is.

    You deserve the punishment, the beatings will continue until the morale improves.

    If it costs an arm and leg, too bad. You will still pay through the nose.

    Big Tech has all of the money, not you.

    That’s the way it goes, first your money, then your clothes.

    Might as well build a sod hut and forget about it. Still will have the clothes on your back.

    Takes a lot of beer to even think.

  6. Itz going to get a lot worse. City Of Chicago Files Suit Against Automakers Kia And Hyundai about a critical defect in the companies’ vehicles led to a car theft crisis. Read all about it here.


    Someone is stealing the Kia’s and Hyundaai’s (One guess as to who) and the government (One guess who controls the government here). Other cities are following suite. I guess those cars will get more expensive.

    America is the land of opportunity and the criminals know this. Well, everyone has to have work and theft is a pretty good occupation.

  7. Clowngov outage:

    ‘If you were hoping to get a vehicle inspection done in Texas on Friday, August 25, then you’re out of luck as an unknown glitch has caused the state’s system to shut down everywhere. The Texas Department of Public Safety announced on Facebook late Thursday afternoon, August 24, that its online network for vehicle inspections is experiencing an outage, halting the service.

    ‘The vehicle inspection system has been down since Wednesday, August 23, according to the post. The post says this mainly affects people who need vehicle inspections in “safety-only” counties. The safety-only counties include Brazoria, Collin, Dallas, Denton, El Paso, Ellis, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Johnson, Kaufman, Montgomery, Parker, Rockwall, Tarrant, Travis, and Williamson.

    ‘The system outage also means license renewal applications are unavailable at this time.’


    You’d think, if you’re running a state-sanctioned, driver shakedown scheme, that you could at least keep your online extortion site online.

    But no … that’s just a little too complicated for the 80-IQ Texas DPS.

    I piss on your cowboy hat, Cletus.

  8. Insurance needs to go back to being a choice, an option. Remember the “Insure-a-Care” scene from The Incredibles: “What about our stockholders? Who’s thinking about them?”

    • I agree, Scooter –

      The principle at issue is simply this: Is it ok to force people to pay for harms they have not caused? I say it isn’t. I say the morally correct thing is to hold people responsible for what they do – not what others worry they might do. It seems to me self-evident that by forcing people to buy insurance, people who haven’t harmed anyone are harmed. That’s wrong. I don’t care how much some people worry that, absent forcing people to buy “coverage,” those people who choose not to buy it might cause harm to others. Might is not did. And once the principle that might justifies forcing people to buy car insurance, why not gun insurance and various other such? There is no principled way to argue for one but against the another. That means, inevitably, the argument for another will be made by the same ninnies who worry about might.

      Finally, forcing people to buy insurance has not eliminated the problem of irresponsible people causing harm to others. It has only punished the responsible – as it always does – and not just by making them buy insurance but making them pay more for it, by making it so they cannot say no to it.

      • Never mind that the insurance companies are guaranteed business, and so set what price pleases them, and so harms everyone, not just those who have suffered a loss from the uninsured. In fact, we are just so forced to buy “uninsured” motorist insurance without actually buying it, or receiving any benefit from it. By higher insurance rates.

    • Hi Adi,

      Yup. It’s recent history repeating itself. It took awhile for people to clue in that the “vaccines” are no such thing. And now they are cluing in to EVs, too.

    • From Adi’s link:

      ‘Texting while driving is considered dangerous and mostly illegal. How ironic that in a Tesla, you are dependent upon the touch screen that sits between the driver and passenger seat like a big laptop. The interface is not intuitive, and autopilot is too new and unpredictable to use safely.

      ‘Luckily for us, there was always a passenger available to cope with the screen. We had to be in motion in order to check for a charging station nearby. There’s nothing intuitive about the air conditioning. Ditto for the radio, which we could only “turn off” by reducing the volume.

      ‘The windshield wipers are supposed to be automatic, but when it started raining, we realized they were “turned off.” After fishing around the screen, we finally pulled over to consult YouTube to get them working again.’

      Can’t tell you the countless tutorials I’ve searched to accomplish simple, but anti-intuitive, tasks in Windows, Android, iOS, and the like.

      Opaque, badly-designed user interfaces have caused nuclear meltdowns … and wrecks, in four-wheeled iPhones that impose Colorful Clownscreens in place of simple, natural and reliable electro-mechanical controls.

      Windshield wipers ‘toggled off’? That’s the stupidest f*cking thing I’ve ever heard of.

  9. The insurance lobby has ruled the roost for decades. Be aware they’ve lobbied in their behalf not yours. Example, collision repairs now with “like kind and quality” which means Chicom parts that “sorta” fit like the originals. I ruined the hood on my 91 Silverado and the diff in price for a genuine GM hood and the Chinese knockoff was more than I was going to pay (No collision claim for a 32 year old truck!). It’s OK but the lengthwise curve doesn’t exactly match the fenders, there is a nib near the front outer edge where the metal bend wasn’t formed quite right, and after a rain you get a nice shower when opening the hood, the front seam doesn’t drain properly. If you’re in a wet climate good luck with seam corrosion. If I did it again I’d hunt down a used hood without rust and drop it off at the body shop for a professional refurb.

  10. Park your car at the airport, lose your cat.


    Who pays for the new catalytic converter? The airport parking authority? Nope. They put up a sign calling you a fool for parking your car in the car parking lot they provide for you to park your car. The insurance company? Maybe, if you have comprehensive coverage and get along with your agent. I guess it’s Not Me, the whimsical sprite in Family Circus who was responsible for all of Billy’s mishaps.

    Some may say the theft of catalytic converters is just another sign of societal decay. They’re not wrong, but crime has always been a problem, at least as long as there’s been 15-25 year old men and boys. Thing is, it became politically useful to allow crime to get out of control. That way it becomes an election issue to get the base out. Everyone agrees criminials are antisocial, but only half the population agrees with the possible solutions. Perfect for a two-party system.

    The real solution is to take down the damn sign and hold the airport parking authority accountable, but that would mean parking would cost $100 day to cover the cost of the security guards and their health insurance, defined benefit pension, union grievances and layers of management in addition to the already covered cost of the shuttle bus (and driver) from the western Kansas economy lots.

    Libertarians tend to be somewhat atheistic, what with God being the ultimate authority figure, but I think there’s a real purpose to instilling fear of supernatural retribution into young men. It’s cheaper. The message of “stealing is wrong because how would you feel if someone did that to you” doesn’t work for sociopaths because they don’t care. The idea of hellfire and damnation affecting them for eternity, that probably hits home. Helps when you get to witness hellfire up close, like in a war, which is probably why crime was lower in the post-war period. But about 30 years later, that was forgotten, leading to the “park at your own risk” signs and Not Me accountability. Because institutions weren’t ready for people who know right from wrong but just don’t care.

    • Giant parking lots at work another source of adventure. Buddies wife came home from work, he goes out to the car and notices different wheels/tires on the car – during the workday someone swapped all four expensive factory cast wheels with nice tires for a set of steel wheels worn out tires! The work parking lots are packed like sardines she never noticed just jumping in after work. At least she had wheels, another case the car ended up on four blocks instead.

      The worst, and this was at a guard controlled parking area (again giant work parking lot) was a guy lost his new Harley when someone drove out the gate with the Harley in the back of a pickup. The guard shack was one guy, so if he’s busy checking badges coming in there is no exit control. Fuzzy video after the fact not a big help.

  11. My sons stepdaughter had an accident in her almost new Hyundai. They totaled it. Paid her book. Now she is without a car and has to pay off what the ‘insurance’ didn’t pay and cannot afford another. Nice eh?

    • Yeah, that’s why buying new or certified is not that great of an idea. More or less the same thing happened to my DiL’s car, and they didn’t learn a thing.

      We lucked out when my daughter’s car got plowed into, the other driver fully at fault. Things dragged on and on, and finally we started looking into how much it was going to cost to hire a lawyer. Probably not worth it. We were just getting ready to write the whole mess off when “his” insurance company comes clean that there was no policy in force. (Since the company based out of Illinois, obviously the story involves corruption, but irrelevant here, but involves statute of limitations.)

      Woo-hoo, my uninsured coverage kicks in and they pay us about what it cost to replace it, though nothing for the year and change where we were covering the costs. Feel sorry for those who have to go through something like that who don’t have $10k they can use to tide them over while the system processes things.

    • Like a vacuum cleaner salesman, once they get their foot in the door its all over. In this case it was the gallons of water in the toilets and incandescent light bulbs that jimmied the door open. There was so little pushback they decided to continue. Now they are coming for your, A/C, Hot Water Heaters, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, you name it. Retail is going along because they are hearing the ding ding of their cash registers. One thing about Americans… they don’t mind screwing other Americans. Ask the FFLs.

      Working in the field for fifty years I can tell you this government agency hasn’t a clue. And, if they are double EEs they for sure have no clue. I have had the displeasure of working with/under their stupid behinds many times. Suicide is the only option.

      The federales have no constitutional authority to regulate manufacturing EXCEPT in the DC area. This would be fascism which it doesn’t pleasure me to note we are fascist now according to the strict definition with a dash of commie-ism thrown in to make it interesting.

      They do have authority to regulate commerce between the states and other nations but that does not include what or how something is manufactured. The EPA, FDA, ATF and FBI have zero constitutional authority (except in DC) regardless what those black robed traitors might say. But they have assumed that authority because of citizens apathy and trained obedience to anything considered authority.

      (Take Maui: Men, Women and children actually burned up obeying the Deputy sheriff blocking their escape. NOW that’s control! And 2 bits says nothing will come of it. They’ll just call everything conspiracy and that will be it. )

      So stand by. The real fun and games is just beginning. The more we allow them to do,,, the more they will do!

    • Seriously? That’s all these so called humans do is sit around and figure out new and better ways to hurt people? I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure ceiling fans are already one of the most efficient appliances. They only start once or maybe twice a day, and they don’t throw off any heat to speak of.

  12. I just got my homeowners renewal stack of paper from USAA. It’s a laundry list of what they don’t cover –but wait!!– I can get for additional $$$.

  13. Hate to say this, but if we are forced to buy insurance, then there should be a limit on pricing.
    This is backwards to how I think things should be but anything of which we are denied a choice becomes a public utility, and prices should be set by law.

    What’s good for the goose.

    • I agree, Dan –

      Once the government takes away free choice, the company providing the “service” people are forced to pay for have every right to use whatever means to reduce what they are forced to pay. Including the force of government.

        • They’re collectivists, collect, the word means people like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are there to collect all they can from dot.gov, the money comes from you and everybody’s uncle, brother and cousin. Why you pay taxes, the collectivists are in charge.

          That is why it is called Collectivism, a dictatorship of the proletariat.

          They will collect all they can get, doesn’t matter the gov, the US gov does it like nobody else.

          Pays big time.

          They’re there to remove from the hands of the middle classes in Europe and North Americans into the hands of the elite, Julian Assange observed correctly.

          War is a handy tool.

          Still is collectivism.

  14. Once in awhile I read the police blotter in the paper. I would say nearly 60%+ of the traffic stops include tickets for uninsured, unregistered vehicles. Good for them. Seriously. People can’t afford “insurance” anymore, which means the cars are no longer “registered.” People need to get to work still. I can see a time when I can no longer afford the “insurance” charge and I have bare minimum liability only.

    • Amen, Pug!

      I stopped paying to “register” my truck and one of my motorcycles more than five years ago. This has saved me roughly $300. It does not sound like much – but it’s $300 I had to spend on things of importance to me, such as food. We “owe” these people nothing that we did not freely contract for.

  15. Every time the state says it’s there to help, what it means is that the state, or one of its preferred partners is there to “help” themselves to your wallet.

  16. Oh, the irony.

    For decades the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, one of the insurance Mafia’s lobbying arms, has led the charge for increased “safety” devices on cars. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

    As you say, Eric, fish heads for them all.


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