Getting Vivek’d

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Sometimes, when you know one thing about a person, it’s all you really need to know about that person.

Here’s something to know about Vivek Ramaswamy, who wants to be the Republican front-man for president: He favors a confiscatory inheritance tax – which he says will promote a “meritocracy” by dint of eliminating the “problem” (as he sees it) of an unearned advantage possessed by people whose parents leave them a substantial sum of money.

Or even any money.

He says that the state seizing – and redistributing – the accumulated wealth of a lifetime of work is “a way of redistributing duty.”

The “duty,” apparently, to turn over whatever’s left of whatever you’ve earned that you still have at the end of your life to the government.

Where to begin?

How about with this business of promoting a “meritocracy” – by seizing and redistributing the wealth earned by the meritorious? Or at least, the successful. People who worked hard – or worked smart – and accumulated wealth, which they did not dissipate during their lives because they wished to save it, presumably for the sake of their children. Which is to say, people who were motivated – at least in part – to be successful because they wanted to help their kids.

This Vivek character favors punishing such parents by promising to have the government take not just some but almost all of what they earned (after having already taken a large portion of it via the tax-theft applied to it when it was earned and then again whenever it was spent and even on the things it was spent on, such as real estate ) so that it can be given to . . . who, exactly?

Why, to the government!

The very epicenter of merit. Where you will find the best and brightest; the people who succeed at productive endeavors that create rather than redistribute wealth. It is our duty to do this! It is our “Path Back to Excellence” – the partial title of the book in which Vivek spells out his plan to have the government equalize everyone.

“We shouldn’t allow people to become billionaires just by having rich parents,” Vivek says. People who have money “owe it to everyone else” (italics added) in order to “preserve meritocracy so others have the chance to do the same.” 

Meaning: Hand over whatever’s left of their life’s work to the government at the end of their lives.

Vivek is not a stupid man. He is himself a rich man, presumably by dint of being smart and hard-working. So it is unlikely he isn’t smart enough to understand the meaning of what he says. Which is the same thing the most radical of  Leftists have been saying since the Communist Manifesto was published. One of those things being (point number 3) the “Abolition of all rights to inheritance.”

Vivik didn’t say all – and not for all. Just “billionaires.”

For now.

This is how “we” ended up with a tax on income, too. When the 13th Amendment was proposed (by agents of the money interests that controlled – and still control – the country) it was sold to the rubes as something only the wealthiest Americans would have to pay. This appealed to their envy – and their envy clouded their judgment as regards their own self-interest. They were foolish enough to buy the notion that only the wealthy would have to pay the income tax.

And now everyone except the rich – who can afford to pay sharp lawyers to arrange it so that they avoid it – pays it.

It will work the same with the inheritance tax Vivek favors, should it ever be realized. Perhaps because Vivek does not (like all-too-many “conservatives”) appreciate that by agreeing with Leftists you end up with Communism. A system in which what’s yours belongs to others.

So why bother working to earn it?

This is the question begged – but not answered – by Vivek. There is another, related question he ought to be asked to answer: How can a “meritocracy” exist when it is punished? The opposite of Communism is a system in which your success isn’t punished. It is agrees that what you earn does not belong to others. And it follows that if it belongs to you, it also belongs to whomever you wish to leave it to. The fact that this advantages those to whom it is given is not a justification for stealing it from them. If it is, then why not go after – why not punish – other advantages that lead to inequality?

Some people are bequeathed better genes by their parents. They are smarter or healthier or some other advantageous thing – purely as an accident of birth. And many are advantaged by parents who care enough to provide their kids with the best education available. The best food they can afford to feed them. To give them every opportunity – including those others may not have. This is not “unfair.” It is their right.

They are motivated to sacrifice for the sake of their kids. This is as natural a human feeling as the instinct of a cat to protect her kittens. Without it, the kittens will probably die. Without the motive to work – often, for the sake of one’s progeny – so does a society.

It is a bleak barometer of what the Republican Party has become that a Republican presidential candidate can endorse a tenet of the Communist Manifesto – and still be a viable Republican candidate for president.

Then again, it was Republicans who ginned up the first tax on income – under Abraham Lincoln, during what was not a “civil war” (the states of the Southern Confederacy did not seek to take over the Northern states; they simply wished to leave a “union” their grandfathers had assumed was based on the concept of the consent of the governed).

Lincoln “signed into law a revenue-raising measure to help pay for Civil War expenses. The measure created a Commissioner of Internal Revenue and the nation’s first income tax. It levied a 3 percent tax on incomes between $600 and $10,000 and a 5 percent tax on incomes of more than $10,000.”

Note the usual neutral-sounding language of coercion. A “revenue raising measure.” As if it were voluntary.

And of course, it was the Republicans who – over the dead bodies of more than half a million Americans on both sides – ended forever by force of arms the idea of government by consent.

So it is not really surprising that one of the leading candidates for the Republican nomination endorses ending forever the right of those who earn money to save it and pass it down to their kids.

“We” mustn’t “allow people” to do that.

. . .

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  1. If there is going to be an election with a real American as a candidate, let it be an indian named Crazy Horse.

    The Red Man can probably be the best libertarian.

    Nominate the Last Mohican! They’re still around, they’re not gone.

    Make Indigenous People Great Again!

  2. No one, of any means, will pay this. Control (ownership) of assets held in trusts, foundations and entities incorporated in Delaware will pass to anybody Daddy sez.

  3. I hope people like Vivek do not wonder why the former USSR was a shit hole country to live in, and why nothing good was ever produced. And what WAS produced was not worth anything, because the government had to force their peasants (serfs) to make it by gun point. There was no motivation to do good, because, well, the government would seize your hard earned anything. Either Vivek is dumb as hell regarding history, and how it will repeat, or he hopes there are enough stupid Americans who will vote for him, because they greedily want “something for nothing”. I am voting for the latter.

  4. None of them care if you live or die, unless you are writing them a check, and then only until it clears. Voting is a fools errand.
    “Let’s see, which socio/psychopath do I want running my life? I’ll pick this one. Now you have my permission to do so, socio/psychopath number one. Or two, or three.” Crazy!
    And that aside from the fact that I seriously doubt there has ever been an election that wasn’t seriously defrauded. The just used to be better at it.

  5. Harrison Bergeron, by Vonnegut, should be required reading whenever discussing equalizing the advantages some people have by birth:

    Vivek has a lot of other dangerous ideas. Raise the voting age to 25 but also favors the draft, so the 18-25 year olds getting drafted won’t have any say in the matter, unless they’re in the military, in which case they do get to vote earlier. It’s odd.

    Milton Friedman, who was not perfect but a pretty good defender of freedom, had a great speech about inheritance tax sabotaging people’s productivity today. Plenty of successful people are motivated to be more successful by ensuring their descendants’ future. On the margin, inheritance taxes damage productivity, and we end up with a poorer society. This assumes that government spending is beneficial, but its’ not, so it’s doubly bad for prosperity.

      • So, he favors slavery- which is what “The Draft” is- involuntary servitude. It’s not bad enough that they take your money to finace that which we are opposed to/to finance the wars these filthy politicians/globalists/bankers are always throwing….but now, again, they want our very bodies and offspring?!

        And as per usual, there will be no lack of Americans (and other assorted invaders) who will give their consent via casting their vote…….

  6. “Own nothing, control everything” – J. Paul Getty. No politician ever advocated any rule that did them harm personally.

  7. It’s disappointing and surprising to hear this about Vivek. I heard him a couple times on the Tom Woods podcast and he seemed like a fresh voice, and one who has a lot of courage to voice his views that are out of the mainstream. I’d like to hear him defend this position. He certainly has a better position on other issues like the war in Ukraine than the other candidates do.

  8. Voting is a grand self deception that you have any say in the Wrathchild bankster dynasty. You have no say, the system has owners, the candidates all work for and get selected by the owners, it is a club for billionaires and you ain’t in it.

    When you vote you commit an egregious sin against your own sovereignty, you are putting your stamp of approval on a completely immoral and unjust system of exploitation, and agreeing to be sheared then killed.

    Voting is like a herd of sheep chosing between the lion or wolf to rule over them. But voting is a necessary charade to pull off modern governance which claims they rule by consent in a “Democracy” (which actually means a political system owned and run by Jews).

    Each election is a headline grabbing carnival of whores – all shouting chose me. Part of the voting charade is to make it appear there is some group of viable candidates trying to win approval. In this election we have two truth tellers RFK jr and some Indian guy whose name I can neither pronounce or remember.

    Neither of the truthtellers have a snowball’s chance in hell. Populists Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul were pushed to the side, including all alternative and Libertarian candidates. All good candidates are marginalized then pushed right the f-ck off the table.

    Each selected candidate will have a Crown owned handler, like Trump and his handler Rothschild agent Pence. When Obongo was president, the VP was Ratchild agent Biden. Biden and Pence work together for the Crown (which is owned by Rothschild). Amerika is still a colony of the crown.

    So if you are insane and stupid, get all excited about the 2024 election. When the vote comes IT WILL BE ZIONIST WHORE A vs. ZIONIST WHORE B. Crown agents work behind the scenes to install the best candidate to carry out their agenda.

    If you have a president who goes against the agenda, like JFK they either assassinate him or with Trump, put him in prison. It’s time to get black pilled:

    Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

    • Just for the record, the name Rothschild is composed of Roth + schild, meaning red + shield, *not* Roths + child. Literal translation of the family name would be Redshield.

      So, if you wish to castigate, or mock, them (knock yourself out, good sir), Wrathschild, or Wrathshield, would be more accurate. I guess, considering their sinister reputation, at least in some circles, they might *need* a shield against the wrath of others.

      Of course, my German-English dictionary translates die Wut as fury, ire, or anger, among other possibilities. So, you could mock the name in the original German as Wutschild.

      I always liked this Marx brothers clip about “waxing wroth” (Roth):

  9. I took the liberty of copying this excellent article and pasting it to Vivek’s twitter. I hope he responds or maybe it will drive traffic. Who knows?

    • Hi Philo,

      Glad to see you posting again. 🙂

      “Who knows?”

      Well, one of two things will likely happen – we will be torched (probably literally and figuratively) or the post will be lost in the shuffle among the thousands of other Twitter (I am not calling it X) feeds.

      But, I have to disagree with Eric…I doubt we may his day. 😉

      But, if he is looking for a good debate he will have come to the right place.

  10. I’ll go with the (Woods principle) coined by Tom woods.

    Anything and everything a presidential candidate says to get elected is a lie. Except the worst possible policy they put forward in their campaign. That’s parts not a lie.”

    Vivek is from a country where he was considered genetically superior because of caste (Brahman.) This clown has no concept of a meritocracy.

  11. Thank you for the information on Ramaswamy, Eric. That lack of respect for private property is all I need to know about him. It’s a bit sad, as he was seeming decent on many issues, but this demonstrates a damning lack of principle.

    Regarding the Orange Man indictments and his ubiquitous mug shot…

    LAW and ORDER, baby!!

    You want it?! You got it! Are they all corrupt? Did he actually anything wrong? Doesn’t matter!!

    He has vehemently supported those jack-boots, and this is what he gets.

    Reap the whirlwind, you orange fucker.

    • Amen, BaDnOn! I hope that his handlers took his advice on “not being so nice” when dealing with their victims. THAT would be fitting justice.

      • Indeed, Nunz! I’m sad that they didn’t jar him from his lousy sleep on a steel bunk, at 2:00 in the morning, to take that mug, like they would’ve done to any of us “little people”. Makes for wonderful photography, instantly making any average person into criminal scum. Crackdown!

        • Personally, I like Jenna Ellis’s picture the best. I think her, David Shafer, and Trevian Kutti have the right idea…just smile. Nothing pisses off the bastards more.

          I am sure there is some psychological analysis I can throw in about this. Is a juror or a judge really going to convict someone who looks happy?

          • Hey RG,

            They must’ve not given them the 2:00 treatment either. Regarding being declared guilty when you’re smiling: We’ll, if they believe you’re guilty, then smiling makes you look like a remorseless prick. I guess it’s all about if you think they have any good evidence against you.

            • Hi BaDnOn,

              I thought we were all presumed innocent until convicted in front of a jury of our peers? Personally, I think they are smiling because they know they are innocent and this is all a political persecution attempt. I do hope they get the last laugh and Ms. Fani ends up with egg on her face.

  12. And there we have it- an unabashed communist of the Bernie Sanders ilk assuming the Republicunt moniker. Maybe he could choose Pete Buttegieg as his running mate. The bumperstickers could say ‘Vote for Ramm-Butt’ -not that it matters, because no matter which comrade you vote for, that is what you’ll get- rammed in the butt.

    It truly is all one needs to know about the asshole- as you point-out in your article, Eric, as it illustrates the basis of his underlying philosophy and beliefs, namely the preeminence of ‘the state’ and one’s total subjugation to it.

    My grandparents came here from Italy to escape such tyranny- though they were far from “rich” -raising 7 kids during the 1920’s & 30’s on a single blue-collar salary. America offered them the prospect to have something of their own for themselves and their kids; even if very modest, it was theirs. My grandfather earned it and fulfilled his obligation to his family -i.e. an actual obligation which he created via procreation, not some phony philosophical obligation to strangers imposed on him just by reason of the fact that he existed and was productive.

    I’ll never forget the words of an Egyptian who was test-driving a car I had for sale 30 years ago. We were conversing as he drove- and I forget the exact subject and context, but he snickered dismissively “You Americans are so afraid of socialism!”. If only “we” were. “Our own” kids are indoctrinated with socialism in the schools; and the kids of these foreigners are already predisposed to it- and this is why ‘our’ doors are wide-open to the lowest of third-world ilk, while they are largely barricaded to people from cultures which share the traditional beliefs that ours once did (Yeah, a tiny handful of those can come, but they make it very difficult- and if one jot or tittle is out of place, back they go! -A former employee of a fri9end of mine was recently telling me of trucking run he had recently done, in which his ‘cargo’ turned out to be Irishmen whom he was unwittingly smuggling across the border from Canada… No open arms for them!)

    Fuck this country and it’s people who have allowed this to happen! It’s done. It’s been done for a long time…now it’s starting to burn.

  13. If that’s his tentpole issue anyone with half a brain can easily win that debate.

    Family farms and businesses are passed down generations and are the primary holdings of the majority of greedy businessmen. Americans always respond positively to the “fight for the little guy” political messages, and a heavy inheritance tax will hurt the small businessman and farmers (many of whom are darlings of the left by selling locally sourced products and promoting organic farming).

    And the default for passing along “just plain wealth” is for the kids and grandkids to piss it all away unless the old man is smart enough to put it into trust funds so they only get a monthly stipend and never get access to the principle (although that’s hard too since the kids end up owning the trust and can liquidate it). That’s not going to be addressed by any inheritance tax scheme. The real rich set up charities for their kids to run, and that gets them into the boards of directors’ club. Unless they’re degerate drug addicts who are stupid enough to take a lot of incriminating pictures then drop the laptop into the bathtub. In other words this is a self-correcting problem.

  14. Off this topic and back to cars, there’s an interesting article that JoNova from Australia comments on today:
    Sales of old fossil cars are booming in Ultra Low Emission London…
    “Say hello to the new ideal car for your ultra low emission city, not an EV but a fifty year old Hillman
    Many Londoners are suddenly discovering how much they love old vintage cars, especially ones from the pre 1983 era, which just happen to be exempt from the £12.50 a day new carbon tax. The old cars are selling at a premium, and London may soon become the Old-Car-Mecca of the world. Who knows? This may not have been what Sadiq Khan was aiming for when he tried to force everyone to buy an EV or catch a bus. But it’s what happens when you bully people.

    The much hated Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) starts on August 29th and people driving petrol cars older than 2006 or diesel cars from before 2015 are likely to end up paying £12.50 every day just to drive in London. Vintage cars older than 40 years are exempt.”

    • Hey,,, Some are doing something about it. As of today only 29 of the 185 cameras in the ULEZ zone are working with most being torn down. It’s a beautiful thing. Hope it lasts long.

  15. Vivek obtained an alzheimers drug from GlaxoSmithKline that they had ‘put on ice’ after several years of testing.

    He made a bunch of money and the alzheimers drug still failed.

    Fiercebiotech has a story on how Vivek got rich.

    Vivek got his money the old-fashioned way, he stole it.

  16. There is no hope and is why I do not engage in the lunacy called elections. I am watching Rome collapse and I will NOT be part of it by voting in known thieves and thugs.

    Now Musk’s Space X is being sued by the DOJ for not hiring ‘refugees’ aka illegals.
    And how many US citizens are out of work and homeless again?

    Why is government standing up for the lawless and not America.? Soon they will be given voting ‘rights’ and you can say goodbye to the tiny slither of what’s left of the American carcass.

    Naaaa,,, the place is toast, citizens are so divided they cannot agree on what color the sky is. America no longer exists, not sure it ever did. Just a composite state of gimmie, gimmie, gimmie.

    Massive MASSIVE fraud at the last election but here we are debating for the next election when nothing has been fixed. Are Americans really that stupid? I mean,,, one has to wonder.

    Every one of the main candidates are Israel first,,, America last. Not a one has mentioned policies to bring production back so Americans can have a decent life.
    We spend billions on a war in Ukraine while the folks in Maui are losing everything. Our cities are turning into trash dumps with a smell of urine and excrement floating in the air.
    Our military is a mitigating disaster and the thieves we (s)elect are robbing us blind.

    There isn’t one candidate on either side that gives one hoot about America. I’ll venture to say that goes for most Americans as well.

    And that’s the absolute truth!

    • Musk made his billions by getting GovCo contracts on SpaceX and by being the recipient of payments by other car companies so they would meet their “carbon” goals. If you think this Musk Rat is now going to bite the hand that’s fed him you need to be institutionalized. He’s a bought and paid for GovCo shill that will sing whatever tune the Piper on the Potomac calls.

      As for “bringing back production” to the USA, it’s nigh on to impossible with the current local GovCo racket. They are all-in on the Agenda 21 enviro stuff. That makes any sort of traditional industry verboten.

      • Hey!

        My point was the DOJ punishing a company for not hiring refugees. Never said a word about the ‘Musk Rat” or his dealings with the thugs on Crime Hill. Those are usually the thugs voted in by the morons during (s)elections.

        “They are all-in on the Agenda 21 enviro stuff. That makes any sort of traditional industry verboten.” Yep, but only because Americans voted them into office which they then hire more thugs to man agencies to make your life miserable like the FDA or EPA or the FBI, ATF and the rest. None that I know hid that from Americans that took the time to check them out just like Eric did with Swamy.

        And the defeatist belief that bringing back production is impossible,,,
        You are right again,,, only because of the trash Israel first, America last thugs ‘voted’ into office.

        And funny,,, those same Americans buy $50-$100,000 F150 trucks produced right across the border in Mexico. They drive these things around to impress people never considering their own children might want a decent job when they grow up. Heck,,,, they probably lined up their kiddies for the safe and effective shots.

        • Need to add,,, Douglas Mcgregor on Tucker Carlson mentioned these poor illegals are having to survive on $2200 per month,,, and haven’t paid a dime in taxes. What do ‘the people say?’ Crickets. Worse,,, the money is probably coming from the SS system causing a default even quicker.

          Considering the average Social Security recipient only receives $1700 per month. Grandma gets a whopping $750 – $1000. The poor bastards probably worked 40-50 years paying taxes and SS taxes. What do ‘the people say?’ They are stealing money from the mouths of babes! They should have saved! They are parasites robbing the rest of us.

          Man,,, I don’t get it! I really don’t get it.

  17. I don’t like any of them. I don’t want a president with the last name of Ramaswamy, just like I didn’t want a president named Barack (now in his third term). I want an honest, ha, white man named Billy Bob, George, John. I don’t want DeSantis, he bows down to Israel and does their bidding. I don’t want a woman of any color.
    When India has a president that is white and named Mike, Mark, Tom, then I might consider a ‘Swamy’. Same goes for Japan and China. Can you see either of those countries having a Ramaswamy in power?
    Really, all I want is to see DC disappear with it’s inhabitants, a clean slate and some of the state capitols too. And term limits. I want honest men in government and for them to know there will be consequences for breaking the law. Ahhh, fun to dream.

    • We had two recent white men named George. And one named Donald. And one named Bill. And a current one named Joe. How’s that all work out for us? Not to say that we should elect anyone named Vivek, only to say we are f’d no matter the name or point of origin. I don’t want honest men in government, I want no men (or women) in government.

      • Well, personally speaking I was born with a weird name. I don’t care what someone’s name is or if they are a first generation American or a twenty-second generation American.

        I want someone to uphold the values that made America great: freedom of expression, freedom of religion, hard work, the ability to defend one’s home, business, or family, solid property rights that cannot be confiscated under eminent domain or “just because”, less regulations, less taxes, the ability to succeed or fail due to one’s own resolution (that includes no bail outs or too big too fail). Most importantly, I would love to see a government actually respect its people rather than crucify them behind their backs.

          • Hey RG—I agree with you and BAC also. You said it better than me. But—I do want a person of white European origin. I don’t want this country to turn into Great Britian. Their leaders are not Irish, Scottish, English. No problem with individuals. Have an Indian GI doctor, have known him for 30 years. Love and respect him very much—but don’t want him for my president.
            I wouldn’t expect to go to China/Japan/Mexico/India….etc., and think, hey I want to be their president.
            Don’t have a problem with people from other cultures coming here—legally—but even the legals don’t want to assimilate. No, you don’t have to give up your culture, yes you do have to assimilate.
            Charles III, needs to go visit his mother. He’s a traitor to his country. I’ve read his mother was too.
            People from other cultures do not automatically become American just because they live here. Read Vox Day. I don’t always agree with everything he says but he’s right, we don’t have magic dirt. Coming here does not make you an American. Just like if I was a third or fourth generation white living in China, I would/will never be Chinese.

            • Hi Elaine,

              I am going to push back here a little. The Major of London and the Prime Ministers of Scotland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom were all born in their represented districts. They are in fact Londoners, Scots, Irishmen, and Brits. They deserve to have a say in what goes on where they were born and raised.

              I agree with you that people that immigrant into countries need to assimilate, otherwise, why come, but we do a disservice by looking at someone’s skin color or where their parents or grandparents immigrated from and state “you aren’t one of us.”

              We are punishing people based on something they cannot change. It wasn’t that long ago (and still exists in some places today) that men do not believe women should hold higher office. That women should not have vote, be educated, or even learn how to drive. Do you believe women should not have a say on the laws and regulations that are they are forced to adhere to?

              The United States is a melting pot. If we aren’t then we should have never opened the borders in 1892. We are portraying the same bias that earlier generations of Americans inflicted upon those that stepped off the boat in Ellis Island. It wasn’t American vs Guatemalan or American vs Indian, but American vs Italian or American vs Polish, or American vs. Irish.

              If we truly care about liberty then all deserve it and not some. We should not dislike someone for their characteristics (that is beyond someone’s control and one should not be punished for it), but for their policies, their politics, and their ideas.

              • I will agree with you RG up to a certain point. I don’t judge a person by their color. I judge them by their character. I think our country should be a little more like some of the other countries. The native white population is becoming the minority. (yes, Am. Indians and Spanish were here first—be we prevailed).
                I’m saying that those people in Ireland, Scotland, England are not in fact Irish, Sottish and English. They never will be, no matter how many generations they live there. And no, I do not believe they should be able to have the highest office in the land. If they want to improve things, then they need to go the land of their heritage and work on improving things there. I know this topic could get all side tracked by the British going all over the world colonizing—but let’s don’t go down that rabbit hole.
                I read a good article some time back about our country not being a melting pot. Of course I can’t remember the article or the source.
                That’s part of the problem in this country. Too many cultures trying to live together. It doesn’t work.
                Again, let me say, I don’t care about your color, I will respect you if you respect me. I also believe in limits.
                Higher office for women? Definitely not. I used to think it was okay, but no more. I know you are a competent business woman and a lot of women are. But generally, nope, women mess things up.

                  • Hey RG—that’s okay. I think we would get along fine if we ever met.
                    I think most of us would on here.
                    Whenever Eric finally gets around to having us all at his place, we can sit around and solve all the world’s problems, lol.

      • The Mayor of London, the Prime Minister of England, the Prime Minister of Ireland, and the head of Scotland are all Indian/Paki. We don’t need one here in the US.

        • You do realize that India and Pakistan hate each other, right? They are not the same. All four of these gentlemen are overseen by a white guy named Charles III who would like all of us to eat bugs and die. Would you prefer him instead?

          Maybe if multi generational Americans would pull their children out of the USSA indoctrination camps and valued a true education for their children which includes crazy topics like math, spelling, reading, history, science, etc. we wouldn’t be getting our ass kicked by most Asian cultures who put instruction and hard work foremost.

  18. Ho hum.
    They are all socio/psychopaths. There is no “picking a good one” or even a best one, because none have a “good ” bone in their body. The fact that you do have a moral foundation and ethical standards will be used against you by each and every one of them, at every opportunity.
    Speaking of inheritance tax being a plank of the Communist Manifesto, is not the progressive income tax as well? And each and every candidate for ANY office above dog catcher will adamantly support THAT.

  19. Elephant in the room:

    “You should be able to challenge an election. I thought the election was a rigged election, a stolen election, and I should have every right to do that.” — Trump in Atlanta

    Candidates’ identities are irrelevant when the voting process itself has been hijacked and corrupted, along with the criminal justice [sic] system, which now selectively arrests candidates for “ballot cleansing” purposes.

    Mail-in voting is inherently subject to corruption. It isn’t allowed in most countries, for sound reasons.

    Third World countries routinely count the votes and announce the result on the evening of election day. Whereas the shambolic United States endures days and weeks of uncertainty, mystification and litigation.

    “Freest and fair elections ever” = “Victory in Ukraine”

    An absurd, deluded fantasy, propounded by evil clowns with malice aforethought …

    • Indeed, Jim –

      There is no legitimate reason I can fathom for not having:

      1. Election Day. One day. Not Election Weeks. Not Election Months. One day. A day that everyone gets off from work – make it a federal holiday – so there is no legitimate excuse for people to not vote, if they wish to vote.

      2. In-person voting for everyone who is not a cripple or in the military and for those reasons alone unable to show up in person to vote on Election Day. No “absentee ballots,” except for those two exceptions – vetted exceptions.

      3. ID establishing citizenship and proof of residency in the county/state where the vote is taken.

      4. Paper ballots. Period. No electronic voting. All votes to be manually counted in an open manner that all concerned can see and be assured the count is legitimate.

      If these four conditions are not in force, all elections ought to be regarded as illegitimate. Because how would we ever know they were legitimate?

      • Bob’s your uncle? 🙂

        ‘He is a man with many names. “Celtic.” “The Big Guy.” According to congressional investigators, most citizens know him as “President Biden.”

        ‘Aliases are tricky things. They are sometimes innocent or essential like the code name that the Secret Service gives you as part of your protection like “Celtic.”

        ‘Then there are nicknames that are preferred to your given name. Take the Big Lebowski. He did not like being called Mr. Lebowski and preferred “Dude” but he was flexible: “I’m The Dude. So, that’s what you call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or, uh, Duder, or El Duderino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.”

        ‘It appears that President Biden also preferred on occasion not to be called “Mr. Biden.” The question is whether “Robert L. Peters” used in various emails was in fact Joe Biden.’ — Jonathan Turley

      • Hi Jim,

        I saw that also. I wish Trump had ordered his motorcade to stop – and he’d gotten out to shake some hands. It would have made the Left apoplectic.

    • Perhaps 3rd world countries can announce a winner on election day because they know the results long before election day. The US Deep State has almost caught up wuth the 3rd world.

      • No. Third World countries count the votes, declare the results for obvious winners the same day, and on the following day re-check close totals and give out the results.

        The fact that this is no longer possible in the US due to…reasons is a sign of serious dysfunction.

  20. Vivek may be the least dangerous candidate in the race. Supports ending the war in Ukraine, some other stuff. Supposedly ending the FBI (yeah right). Just imagine any of these other loons in office, including Trump. I bet Larry Elders would be decent but apparently we’ll never find out.

  21. Well shit. I thought Vivek was the only decent republican running. He even had the stones to go on the Ron Paul Liberty Report and be challenged by Dr. Paul and Daniel McAdams. At least at that point he was like a 80% solution.

    Still looking at RFK Jr. Someone earlier had mentioned Tulsi Gabbard. I agree with RG, Tulsi is honest about her convictions.

    I let myself get caught up in the imperial presidency. Guess it doesn’t matter because if the left can steal one election, they can steal ’em all.

    • Tulsi is about cliiiiiimate change. RFK JR is about caaaaaarbon.

      I don’t understand those lunatics. That said, I still think they would be better than the others running

  22. Republicans need to get a grip about Vivek and Tulsi Gabbard.

    Vivek isn’t the first wealthy fake Republican of Indian heritage I’ve seen running for high office. Three years ago, I had to hold my nose and go into a primary to vote to protect our otherwise-worthless walking corpse Congresscritter because the near-deceased had a challenge in the Republican primary from a Subcontinent-born self-made millionare who was using his familiar-seeming name, “Abiraham” and Lincoln imagery on campaign posters to disguise his extreme green energy agenda.

    That demographic is definitely starting to play the game.

    • What do you mean “by that demographic”? I find Tulsi pretty honest. Liars hold no similar association other than they are liars.

      • Indian heritage. I’m not sure about elsewhere, but where I live, they are getting actively involved in land development and politics, playing the game. It is inevitable.

        Tulsi Gabbard’s ties to the WEF and stands on a wide range of issues should be thoroughly vetted before any major party puts her on their ticket. I believe she gets a pass too often because she pays lip service to being against the “wars” despite representing a state with a heavy dependence on Defense Department largess, and Republican males I talk to who express interest in seeing her as Orange Man’s VP or even at the top of the ticket cannot get past the blue streak in the hair to explain why to my satisfaction.

        • To be fair, I view Matt Gaetz with the same suspicion as Gabbard, and he’s a white man with a long family history in Florida. I can’t think of another Congressional district in the country more dependent on DoD overspending than FL-1.

            • You gotta give credit where credit is due. He may come off as sleazy (perhaps it’s his hair), but he’s being an obstructionist in congress and he’s asked some good questions at hearings.

              Gridlock in Washington is always our best hope and he seems to be helping in this regard right now.

            • If you’re contemplating a relocation to Florida, Gaetz may well be the next Governor, following the DeSantis route through Congress into the Governor’s Mansion.

              I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran with Anna Paulina Luna on his ticket. She also represents a district in Florida heavily dependent on DoD spending, but the precincts lean left with The St. Petersburg Times and Politifact headquartered within the boundaries. Luna will be gone after the next election.

              Gaetz has serious Daddy issues in terms of unfulfilled parental ambition. He’s going to take a shot at Governor, and 2026 will be his best chance. That’s what his antics in Congress are really all about IMHO.

  23. Great article, Eric.

    Vivek is a smooth talker, the problem he is a liar. His history (the connections, the omissions, the plagiarism) reminds me of some other guy the country selected in 2008. He says one thing, but performs another.

    I don’t know why it is so hard for these politicians to be straight shooters. There are only two guys in this race that seem truly sincere and that would be RFK Jr and Tim Scott. My only issue with them (as it is with DeSantis) is can they stand firm. I don’t know. I would love to see Kristi Noem in the race. She never broke stride with COVID and was a leader of one of the few states to never shutdown. I am sure she has her baggage…one doesn’t succeed in politics without someone else having crap on you, but she usually practice what she preaches.

    Wednesday’s night debate was a nothing burger complete with typical campaign promises that outline and fix nothing. I am tired of worn out slogans…give me something (or someone) with a little depth.

    • Vivek is going to get financial support from the Indian community even if the majority cannot vote for him. Subcontinent sticks together in the US even when they despise each other for caste reasons privately.

      As for the lying, I’ve worked in IT for 30 years, directly with that demographic for the last decade. I’m shocked. Shocked!

      Americans are generally polite, even in the face of exploitation and insult. Most of the world views that as a weakness to exploit.

      • “Americans are generally polite, even in the face of exploitation and insult.” Yes, this is why the US is going to shit. Way too much tolerance. Of course Canada is 10x worse. The vast majority will dig their own graves without so much as an objection.

        • Ditto for most Australians and Kiwis. Utterly brainwashed voluntary slaves.
          I lived there for several years and nearly every pub visit I was being accosted to defend the 2nd amendment.

    • “I don’t know why it is so hard for these politicians to be straight shooters.” It’s because the office of the President attracts sociopaths, whose stock in trade are always lies and deception.

      “There are only two guys in this race that seem truly sincere and that would be RFK Jr and Tim Scott.” Oh dear. RFK seems like a reasonable guy now (in light of the tyranny of the past 3-4 years), but he’s been a lifetime leftist. It’s hard for a tiger to change his stripes. As far as Tim Scott, I don’t know much about him, but he seems like an empty vessel that would be controlled by the sub rosa powers that be.

      As far as DeSantis, he’s just not slick enough and he’s got that weird episode of signing a Florida bill into law that violates the 1st Amendment in Israel (WTF?). I’m no particular fan of his, but he seems to have actually pushed back against the tyranny in Florida. Take a look see:

      And (unlike Trump’s hires) DeSantis appointed a fine surgeon general (of course there’s no absolutely reason a state needs an f-ing surgeon general):

      • All points I agree (and reservations I have with each man), ML.

        DeSantis is horrible with words, but I am impressed with his actions, at least in regards, to the Plandemic, digital currency, education, and trying to destroy ESG.

        I believe Scott is a sincere man (meaning he isn’t evil), but I am worried about the strength of his backbone.

        Kennedy I don’t agree with on policies, but he has not wavered on his stance when it comes to the danger of vaccines, the COVID lies, and being anti war. He proves to me he does possess a spine.

        I can’t quibble with any of the points you made.

        • I would support DeSantis over any of them. He was a popularly elected governor that stood tall (somewhat) during the pandemic. The fact that MediaInc has tried to sabotage his campaign from the beginning is telling.
          They want Trump as candidate so they can pull the same crap as last time and fake the election. If for some reason he was elected they would work 24-7 to undermine him at all levels.

          It’s all political kabuki anyway, the levers are pulled by other people then the person in the oval office. The election is just a popularity contest to give people the idea they have some say in the govt.

          • And I’d bet that each and every new POTUS gets a private viewing of the original Zapruder film with the CIA the day after inauguration.

        • Hi Rg,
          Tulsi and RFK,Jr. are the only honest people in that crowd, which is why they are being slimed in the MSM. I actually sent money to her campaign when she was running for president, a first for me. Right now RFK is the only anti-war candidate, and slimeball Joe Biden is refusing to give him Secret Service protection, which he clearly qualifies for. I am afraid that if his campaign gains traction he will meet a similar fate as his father, going against the security state of the USSA can be dangerous.

          • Reminds when I sent money (and urged many of my friends to do so as well) to Scott Brown when he was running for Senate from MA because he said he would be the deciding vote against Obamacare. While he followed through with his promise, legislative chicanery ensued and the rest is history. I vowed no more money would donated to anybody part of the swamp.

          • Before Prigozhin got whacked, I was saying that Bobby should hire Wagner for protection. Could you imagine the corporate press heads exploding over that?

            Speaking of Prigozhin, does anyone else think it was the West who did it?

            • Do you we really believe he got whacked? The airplane was enroute from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Why would Prigozhin even be in Russia? He had to know Putin was going to come after him? Why not be in Belarus, Dominica, Switzerland?

              In May 2023, he states that his mercenaries were practically out of ammo. Six weeks later (by some miracle) they locate some and decide to march on Moscow. He takes siege of one city, but then stops just outside of Moscow to call a truce. He then decides two months later to return to the area? This guy was Putin’s chef for a decade. If he wanted Putin dead he would have been dead and much, much easier than invading the capital city.

              IMO – Putin wanted to send a message to the world so his generals would follow orders (or maybe put a bit of fear into Zelensky). I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin called for the “coup” and then called for the airline attack.

              Sorry, but I think the whole damn thing was for show and the guy is yachting off of Monaco at the moment.

    • Hi RG. Besides being a liar, the other problem I have with Vivek is that he comes across as a cocky, smartass, little know it all. His schtick was getting a little tiresome by the end of the debate. He was getting a lot of cheers and applause at the beginning, but those changed to a lot of boos by the end. I don’t think the wise guy bit will play well for too long. While I don’t agree with all of RFK’s positions, I do believe he’s the only honest and honorable person in the race, and I do believe that he truly gives a shit about this country and its people. Good enough for me at this point. Tulsi Gabbard also seems pretty genuine, but she’s not in the race. While I don’t think anyone can make that much of a difference (our problems are a lot bigger than who the president is), an RFK/Gabbard ticket would probably be the best we could get right now.

      • His appearances on the podcast circuit are tiresome as well. Slightly longer sound bites. He does very well at staying on message and hitting the talking points, but really just a well rehearsed pitch deck.

        Maybe he’s sincere but without telling us the actual, specifics of just how he’s going to take on the bureaucracy it’s all just talk.

        • You got it, RK. Talking and doing are two different things. It’s easy to talk about all the problems and how to fix them, what we should and shouldn’t do. It’s a whole ‘nother story to actually make it happen. This, I think, is partially where Trump went wrong. You have to know how government works, who does what, how to implement your ideas. No matter what he says, I doubt that Vivek would get any traction.

    • RG – Like lower taxes, less government spending, smaller government, pro life. It’s out of the 1984 election playbook. It’s boring as f.

      I, too am tired of the platitudes of the right as well as the “Democrats for the people” tripe on the other side. The “I see your struggle” while I support “doing something about climate change” crap.

    • Noem wanted to lockdown but the SD legislature was against the idea. You can give her credit if you want – I guess she could have simply done it by executive order – but the state reps were standing in her way.

  24. After reading your piece, now I have to wonder if Vivek Ramaswamy is a Republican Barack Obama. I found his candidacy interesting even though I’ve never heard of him before until several months ago when I heard he was running for President. As for Barack Obama, as everyone here may remember, when he ran for President in 2008, Obama ran on “Hope & Change!” and “No More Wars!” However, after Obama got into office, we got Despair & pocket change instead, as well as MORE wars. Not to mention enlargement of the “Security State” as well as the “Homeland Security” regime that his predecessor, George W Bush created.

    What very few Presidential candidates this time around even seem willing to discuss is the big elephants in the room, such as the COVID tyranny that we’ve been forced to endure the past few years, and the desire from some to foist even MORE medical tyranny on the masses via diktats from the WHO should their planned “pandemic treaty” be enacted or talk of the Biden regime implementing COVID lockdowns 2.0. Another issue is unelected bureaucrats trying to dictate what kind of cars, light bulbs, stoves, etc., people can buy. Another issue is this push for CBDCs, which would give the government control over our own money and the ability to track what we purchase. And yet ANOTHER issue that doesn’t get much mention is the imperative to end this insane proxy war against Russia asap before it explodes into all out nuclear war. And ANOTHER issue that nobody seems to want to touch is the desire from the globalist/ technocratic elite to use “Climate change” as an excuse to clamp down totalitarian control on the masses. I’m sure there are other issues that don’t get more attention but should.

    • Ironically, RFK JR, a known environmentalist who is about getting rid of Carbon has mentioned that climate change is about totalitiarian control. I don’t know what he is after. He has been getting zero attention from the media. Trump and the Keebler Elves are sucking all of the air out of the room.

      • Hi Swamprat,

        I’m not so sure RFK Jr has been getting no attention from the media except in pieces attacking him and trying to derail his Presidential campaign. After he announced he was running for President, The New York Times, CNN, and other establishment media outlets ran numerous pieces calling him a “Quack Anti-vaxxer”, “Conspiracy theorist”, “Shadow Republican”, etc.

    • Vivek (and the rest of the Republican candidates) is silent on the greatest civil, human, and economics rights violations in our lifetimes – Covid lockdowns, mask mandates, and coerced vaccinations. We never experienced anything like it before. Even slavery, as horrible as it is, was limited to a small percentage of the population. The same with Japanese internment. Covid tyranny was not only meant to abuse, divide, and humiliate us but completely destroy and change our way of life. It was also a depopulation program.

  25. Keep in mind that by “taxing the rich” and “making rich people pay their fair share,” they mean YOU, comrade.

    First, you’d be surprised at who is considered “rich.” A married couple consisting of a CPA and an emergency room doctor living in a suburb of San Francisco, NYC, LA, or Chicago falls into that category—the same as hedge fund managers, C-level executives, and professional athletes—basically anyone earning 6 figures, which doesn’t go as far as you think.

    Next, rich people shift their tax burden onto you, the not rich. Property taxes go up? So does your rent. Income and payroll taxes go up? So does what your doctor, dentist, eye doctor, lawyer, accountant, construction contractor, mechanic, hair stylist, etc. charge you. Corporate taxes go up? So do prices on whatever you buy from them.

    What’s more, rich people can hire high powered accountants and lawyers to find ways around paying taxes, like trusts. And you can bet that Vivek and company will add loopholes only those high powered accountants and lawyers will know about.

    • “Rich” is a realitive term. By global standards pretty much anyone with a full-time job in the United States is a member of the 1%.

  26. Thanks for hipping us to Vivek’s plan. I was not aware of this. One of the Repub. candidates might have easily dispatched him by calling out his plan as literally being one of the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto. Your article needs to be forwarded to them as they probably don’t have a clue.

    He comes off as a reasonable, well-spoken guy, and seems to say the rights things, but something about him hasn’t sat well with me. I think it’s that underneath it all he’s a technocrat wanting to manage the outcomes that he wants, rather than individuals deciding their own desired outcomes. He seems to have a “solution” for everything.

    • That, Mister Liberty, is exactly what the Left is doing, along with China.

      That is also what a lot of people really meant when they said “Trump is a businessman, he’ll know how to manage the country’s economy.”

      “ I think it’s that underneath it all he’s a technocrat wanting to manage the outcomes that he wants, rather than individuals deciding their own desired outcomes.”

      • Trump’s business acumen is really about managing debt. That’s really what real estate is about, keeping the financing rolling and be ready to refi when interest rates or rents change. That’s also why he’s been bankrupt more than once, that’s just managing debt.

        One reason why the dollar is still the “reserve currency” is because there’s so many people (nations) who would be wiped out if the US defaulted that everyone has to keep it going. That’s a pretty good description of a contstruction job going poorly when the developer goes back to the well to get more money. If it goes bad, everyone loses, so better keep pumping good money after bad to get something back!

  27. Eric said “It is a bleak barometer of what the Republican Party has become that a Republican presidential candidate can endorse a tenet of the Communist Manifesto – and still be a viable Republican candidate for president”

    I like your ideas Eric but to vote for Democrat Biden would be even worse. Remember that Biden said “And, we won’t ignore what our own intelligence agencies have determined – the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today is from white supremacist terrorism,”.

    I don’t particularly like Trump as I think he displayed some level of cowardice at some of his gatherings. For instance at the UIC rally in march 2015 (University of Illinois Chicago just west of downtown) he failed to show up because someone told him that the situation is becoming dangerous. Yes there were altercations with the local commies but a true leader would have been there to lead the troops. Hell I’m an old man but I would joined in the mele in the moshe pit at the UIC assembly hall.

    Worse comes to worse I will vote for Trump while holding my nose but I will never again for for the commies (democrats). BTW these current democrats are not the same as the old Democrats of the original old man Daly who gave the shoot to kill order when the Orcs burned down large parts of Chicago back in 1967.

    I will not vote for Ramaswamy simply because he does not look like an American.

    • I’m inclined toward your point-of-view, Europeasant –

      Everyone who knows me – and reads my stuff – knows I’ve been vocal about my disappointment with the Orange Man. Unless he really is playing “5D chess” (I don’t buy it) then his acceding to the “pandemic” narrative and all that flowed from it was, at best, a titanic error of judgment, which is bad enough. But what’s worse – what I cannot forget nor forgive – is that he has not apologized for the way he was fooled and for the things he did, especially his pushing of the so-called “vaccines.”

      That said, I am leaning toward voting for him – for hate’s sake. To borrow a line from Shakespeare. The people going after Trump are much more my enemy than Trump.

      • “But what’s worse – what I cannot forget nor forgive – is that he has not apologized for the way he was fooled and for the things he did, especially his pushing of the so-called “vaccines.””

        No narcissist on planet earth has ever apologized for anything. Trump is a narcissist and not worthy of being a true leader (that also includes almost EVERY SINGLE OTHER POLITICIAN OUT THERE). A true leader is humble and contrite.

      • Trump has a vocabulary equivalent to a seven year old. I find it inconceivable that bigly, covfefe, and the mispronouncing of China is part of a 5D chess match.

        Unfortunately, sometimes things are what they appear.

        • RG, that’s very much on target. Yesterday, sitting at my computer doing something else, I listened (audio only) to the Tucker – Trump interview. Made it almost all the way through before listening to the childish Trump-speak (and also Tucker’s high-pitched forced “laugh”) became too much for me. There are worse speakers than Trump — the Biden Thing comes to mind — but Trump is really, really bad.

          I hate the regime as much as anyone. But hatred, while good, is not an excuse for checking one’s brain at the door.

          • Hi James,

            I find it difficult to get through a Trump interview or campaign stop. The childish name calling and lack of detail on how things will change has me turning the channel in just a few minutes.

            I don’t think Trump is a dummy. He was (overall) a successful developer and he has a keen insight on how things are. I question if he attended any classes between K-12 though. My guess is he paid someone else to complete his tests and term papers.

      • Right on. Me too. Unless by some miracle RFK gets on a ballot somewhere. I don’t like him either, but I think he would be the best on this war issue as well as ferreting out the agencies and make them play by the rules. It could result in him getting control of the EPA in the process as he seeks to “decarbonize” and by doing so has to get into the noise and specifics of agency operation. He may see they go too far for too little.

  28. Most of the R candidates are unappealing. Hutchinson – friend of transgenders. Haley and Christie – warmongers. Vivek – a rich guy telling us how to live our lives. Trump – friend of the vaccinators and big spender. Pence – a retread. I could go on.

    I may sit out this election if the Rs can’t do better. They aren’t even worth the effort to fill in a bubble on ballot.

    • Hi Howard,

      Yup. It’s beyond exasperating – especially for those of us who just want to be left alone to “plan” our own lives (and not other people’s). That said, the way Orange Man is being persecuted makes me want to put a 20 foot tall Orange Man figure in my front yard.

      • Eric: You’ve been very critical of Trump, and rightly so. But Trump’s persecution has you nearly supporting him now. I wonder if that’s what’s behind the persecution. Is it just kayfabe? Ahhhh, there are so many psyops going on it’s just hard to know.

        • That’s my take. I initially thought that the real objective of the Trump persecution was to stop DeSantis by making a martyr out of Trump. But with DeSantis’ lousy campaigning, I’m not so sure.

      • I will support any candidate that is closest to my ideology. Three issues that I won’t waver on are trade protection (tariffs) which I favor, and getting out of this war. Therefore, I could only vote for RFK JR. or Trump. These fuckers work for me. Climate change and EPA regulations are also up there.

        Trump was the only major party candidate that i have voted for since 1992. They have to represent me. Trump came closest. Despite his ridiculous vaccine bullshit.

  29. Theft is a crime, Vivek will be a thief. It’s always somebody else’s money, never changes.

    Vivek needs to donate all of his monetary wealth to the US Treasury.

    He will have nothing, he should be happy.

    Probably be the smartest man alive!

    Maybe not.

  30. Thanks for the timely info, Eric. I’ve paid little attention to Vivek and his run for prez; only catching snippets here and there. The news reports of the “debate” focused primarily on the barbs flung by Christie and Haley. Christie’s outrageous statement, “What’s a skinny guy with an odd last name doing up here?” is, perhaps, the most breathtakingly xenophobic, racist phrasing since William Howard Taft called the Filipinos “little brown brothers”. He should have told Christie to go back to his role as a beached whale.

    When charged with being a foreign policy “rookie” he should have reminded Nikki the Slut that her “foreign policy” can be summed up in two words, “War Mongering”.

    The fact that a crypto commie candidate. is favored by large swaths of any society says more about the society than it does the candidate.

    The only question is what will be rebuilt on the ashes of a once great civilizational concept? Indeed, what burdens will our progeny bear?

    • Perhaps not much is known about this commie as the mockingbird media of both parties seems to steer coverage as they see fit through their “analysis.”

      Viveck lost me when he made earlier comments about tose who refused to wear face diapers.

      I don’t want that unAmerican little preen anywhere near the white house. I hope that Orange man sees through this.

      It doesn’t matter in the end. The elections will likely be rigged to favor “the Democrat” “winning”

    • The “skinny guy with the funny last name” was not said by Christie, that would for sure have ended his hopeless campaign, but was said by Vivek himself. It was swiped by Obama who said it himself during a debate.

      Vivek is a smart guy. He figures he will say all the right things like Trump with no intention of doing any of them once elected. It’s all political theater so why not have the best lines?

      He doesn’t have a chance anyway. He’s just leveraging this into a bigger gig.


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