Drug Pushers vs. Drug Dealers

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The Orange Man said the other day that he favors the death penalty for drug dealers. This is priceless – coming from one of the biggest drug pushers in the country.

Whatever your attitude toward pot – or crack, for that matter – dealers aren’t pushers, except in the rhetorical sense, often used by “law and order” (authoritarian) types who seek to criminalize voluntary transactions they do not like. Just like authoritarian Leftists, who criminalize voluntary transactions they do not like – such as keeping one’s business open to those who wish to transact business during a “pandemic.”

Dealers offer whatever they’re selling to people who are free to buy it – or not. If they don’t, nothing happens to them. They are certainly not threatened with social and economic exclusion if they do not use the drugs on offer.


Contrast that with what the Orange Man is pushing.

The dangerous drugs he used the power of his office to force us to buy – via the tax dollars we’re all forced to pay – to enrich billion-dollar drug cartels. Who then enabled corporations to threaten millions of people with loss of livelihood if they refused to take them. Left in place the “emergency” he declared that was used by his replacement to force people to take, including everyone in the military.

We came this close to being required to carry around a “vaccine” passport in order to be allowed to be part of society. And we are not yet far away from that possibility becoming an actuality as a result of this man’s actions.

No one has pushed drugs harder than the Orange Man, except perhaps the Hair Plugged Man – and the latter was only in a position to push them harder thanks to the prior actions of the Orange Man.

Who continues to push the drugs that have wrecked millions of lives – notwithstanding the now-undeniable evidence that they have done exactly that, rather than “saved millions of lives,” as the Orange Man continues to insist they have.

What does it tell us about this man?

Who now urges a “quick” death for drug dealers, whose product – though also dangerous, in some cases – no one has ever been under any legal pressure to buy but to also to use, contrary to their own wishes.

Well, it tells us the man is dangerous – something many of us already know, given that this man is responsible for declaring (and never rescinding) the “emergency” that wrecked (and ended) so many lives. Who pushed “emergency use authorization” of dangerous drugs through, so as to facilitate the pushing of these dangerous drugs into the bodies of millions of people, thousands of whom have already died as a result and many times that number badly and irreparably hurt by them.

It tells us he is a callous, thoughtless man. Something far worse than a merely bombastic man. A man very much like the Little Man he gave the podium over to during the last year of his presidency – an interesting thing to think about. Many of the fans of the Orange Man do not like the Little Man because of the latter’s beyond-obnoxious pushing of drugs he has to know are neither “safe” nor “effective.”

But they haven’t noticed their man has done – continues to do – the same.

Now this man wants to “save the country” – from what, exactly? He is the enabler of everything that besets us. Including what he styles the “steal,” which he did nothing to prevent, as by using the power of his office – while he still held it – to rescind the “emergency” that turned Election Day into Election Months.

Now it appears the drug pusher may be indicted, himself – though not for pushing the drugs he seeks to have people who deal them executed for dealing. Signals are wafting up that the Just Us Department is working up an indictment of the Orange Man over his “role” in what is styled the January 6 “insurrection.”

This is very interesting, given it was the Orange Man himself who set the stage for it. Who egged on his followers to come to DC to peacefully protest what they had good reason to believe was fishy about Election Months. Who used them to set up what seems to be on deck, that being a kind of political version of a WWF wrestling match, with the Orange Man in the role of Hulk Hogan hit over the head with a chair from behind by the Iron Sheik.

The Orange Hulk staggers to his feet; the crowd rises – cheers in anticipation. Everyone knows what comes next. Except that’s fake – and what’s coming will be very real.

If the “heels” indict and frog-march the Orange Man into a cage, the fans of Orange Hulk will go berserk, for real. Their righteous but badly misplaced anger will cause them to follow their false idol into oblivion, by giving their (not his) enemies the excuse they are in the process of creating that will enable them to brand anyone who opposes the takeover of the country by the “heels” as seditious, treasonous.

Abe Lincoln did the same but at least, he was real. This man is a fraud, playing his part. Whether it is pushing drugs – or pushing the country over an abyss.

. . .

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  1. “I am free of all prejudice, I hate everyone equally.” – WC Fields

    Etymology of the word kike, it is authored by a member of the Jewish faith.

    Lenny Bruce was a free speech advocate, he was bound and determined to say any dern fool thing he wanted.

    Got him into trouble, you can’t say that. He was a modern day Giordano Bruno. Libertes Philosophica, the right to think.

    Anyhow, how about those drunken Indigenous Americans? And those stupid Norwegians? The dumb Swedes too. The towel heads are just plain crazy all of the time, say it loud.

    There are dagos, micks, spicks, beaners, and there are kikes.

    And don’t forget the Canucks and the Frogs!

    Somehow, joggers are subject to ridicule and derision.


    Not to mention the pineapples, the chinks, snake charmers, and, last but not least, the yak herders up on the Tibetan plateau.

    You know what they say in the Russian army, toughki shitski.

    Enough to drive you to drink. Vodka in a Caesar will do.

    • You have to check the links to make sure they work. Don’t want to be in the dark, if the link doesn’t work, you can correct it. They work.

      After thinking about it some more, I failed to mention the Krauts and the Nips. So sotty.

    • **”There are dagos, micks, spicks, beaners, and there are kikes.

      And don’t forget the Canucks and the Frogs!”**

      Oh what a prejudiced guy! You forgot niggers!!!!


    • Lenny Bruce was a deranged Jewish homosexual. That alone should have been reason enough to IGNORE him. Although in theory I say, yes, whatever he was saying, to an ADULT audience, they freely chose to hear his deranged filth, and it was not the business of whatever “morals” or “vice” squad to misuse the law to harass him. In a more perfect world, his act goes wanting, and he ends up washing dishes or swinging a mop. This pathetic excuse for a human being was NOT some icon or “trail-blazer”, he was a piece of sewage whose indulgences sent him to Hades at a fairly early age. Good fookin’ riddance, I say.

      Freedom is meaningless unless it’s WISELY used.

  2. Don’t you all think or know that in actuality Trump, Biden, Obama, etc. etc. all get a piece of paper every morning with what to say today…. And yet here you all act as if there’s some differences between any of them. Why do so many politicians come from the actor community? Think that over a bit. Then think about the sanity of voting. Is any involved?

    • “Don’t you all think or know that in actuality Trump, Biden, Obama, etc. etc. all get a piece of paper every morning with what to say today….[?]”

      Without question, Gopher. We out here in LA-LA-Land even have a word for that piece of paper. A script.

      “And yet here you all act as if there’s some differences between any of them.”

      Not I!

      “Why do so many politicians come from the actor community?”

      Because although Paul Begala correctly said (at the time), “Politics is show business for ugly people“…sooner or later, the dumb masses start expecting that all the people they see on TeeVee meet the same standards of attractiveness, pol or starlet. Hence, McConaughey rising as a front-runner for Texas office.

      “Then think about the sanity of voting. Is any involved?


    • Hi Gopher,

      Actors aren’t necessarily bad people; politicians, on the other hand . . .

      Not all, perhaps. There is Ron Paul. But he was a doctor, primarily. Fundamentally, politics is a type of livelihood that attracts people who want power over others (the money is secondary) and that is arguably the root of all evil.

      • Or they’re just in it for the GRAFT. ‘Splains the wealth of the Clintons and the Obamas, who never worked, with their hands, one fookin’ day in their ill-used lives.

        At least with Trump he was born into wealth (Daddy Fred gave him a damn good ‘stake’ in life), and he made quite a bit MORE…but not for EVERYONE he worked with. Actually, given that he was a big player in real estate and construction, I’m surprised no one’s tried to connect him with Gotti et al. I wonder how the hell Trump ever got any concrete poured or any garbage collected for his various projects in the Northeast? Trump also LOST money while in office. Maybe THAT’s why the vituperation and the “persecution”, although I wonder just how much of that is political “Kabuki”..he’s doing it all WRONG, at least from THEIR viewpoint.

        Eric, at some point, I’d like to figure out just WHO you’d endorse for POTUS. Yeah, I know, I voted for Harry Browne, or Mike Badnarik, or Gary Johnson when they ran, in the usual quadrennial tilting at the windmill. I voted for Trump in 2020 not because I got “religion” with him, not at all. In the state of confusion that is Cali(porn)ia, even w/o the blatant election fraud, a non-Democrat hasn’t a prayer of getting its 54 electoral votes. So, for myself, it’s matter of how best to give them the “finger”, b/c no matter what I do, like Kang, masquerading as Bob Dole advised back in ’96 (at least in the Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror ‘verse), “it doesn’t matter WHO I voted for…either way, I’m doomed…DOOMED!”

    • What is it with constant bashing of someone who practices Judaism on this site lately? There are good and bad people in every faucet of mankind. The continuous pounding of drums that all one’s problems are created by some small group somewhere who doesn’t really give a shit about you is almost laughable if the protagonists weren’t so serious in their complete and undivided hatred.

      Is this the new crux of Libertarianism? If I was a newbie coming onto this site for the first time I would immediately wonder, did I accidentally wonder into a Proud Boys blog. One would miss the in-depth articles and intelligent replies by a large member of this body on a variety of topics.

      • Hi RG,

        I agree; I’m dismayed by it as well. It does not represent libertarianism – or me. Nor the views of most of the people here. I let the posts through because I am reluctant to restrict this forum’s openness – for we are sorely in need of it. I expect that there are enough people here who will challenge the collectivists who don’t seem to understand that collectivism is the source-water of authoritarianism. I appreciate your saying essentially that. Thank you!

        • RG & Eric,
          If nothing else, one thing stands out, which aught to at least raise some serious suspicions:

          Why would the governor of an American state who is positioning himself as a contender for a national office, as his very first act stand up and proclaim support for a tiny foreign country whose ethnicity-related people comprise the tiniest minority of people both in this country and the world?

          A politician in Switzerland preparing for an anticipated position wouldn’t stand up and proclaim support Trinidad, would he? Such an act would likely be construed as evidence of insanity, unless Trinidad was somehow enriching or controlling Switzerland. It would be even more absurd if Switzerland were subsidizing and militarily supporting Trinidad.

          Yet, in the US, such an absurdity is a virtual requisite for high office- even though the number of Jews and “Christian” Zionists in the US is minuscule. Even if DeSantis personally favors support of Is-ra-hell, that would be one thing and not necessarily indicative of anything- but that he would declare such a thing as a prepatory act- essentially the very first step n his climb to a high national position, and in a way which was bound to garner uber publicity, is quite telling of whom one must appease in order to be a contender. And I say this as someone who’s got some Jew blood in the ancestral tree. (And also as someone who spent the first 39 years of my life in NY, and has seen how “those people” operate even on the local level- where just a handful of them on the local level easily take control- both overtly and covertly- but such tactics as legislating ‘liberal’ policies to destroy the p[laces where the goys live, while making sure to keep their own habitats ‘clean’. Literally, just two or three of ’em can accomplish that while using the goys whom they are victimizing to actually help in the process- even in a county of 1.5 million people where just one of it’s many school districts have budgets more than those of many entire countries.)

          Need we even mention Hollywood? Oy vey! (And where the heck IS Jason? Despite our differences on this issue, I liked the guy!)

          • Even Herman Melville (Hymie Meltzerstein) was a Jew! I hear that the original title of Moby Dick was “Moshe Schlong” 😀

          • Hi Nunz,

            I see a world of evil. I don’t see where any one class of people has more potential for villainy than any other. Why can’t we just view individuals as the persons they are rather than part of subset group hell bent on world destruction? The individual’s behavior should dictate if they deserve others respect or not. To ostracize someone based on their race, gender, religion, or creed is to promote and advance the formidable groups into even stronger positions of power and dominance.

            We all hate being discriminated against and we have all felt it sometime in our lives. How did it make us feel? By painting the world with such a broad brush we miss out on some truly incredible people. This stigma of man vs woman, black vs white, Jewish vs Islamic, gay vs straight, hell, even Republican vs Democrat (it took some soul searching for me on that one) only further strains the threads that bind us. We play into the hands of the narrative and that of our enemies, who seem to have no problem getting along as a group as long as their neighbor is as wealthy as they are.

            Look at what goes on in Davos each year. We all see different faces, religions, and ethic backgrounds in lockstep, their only goal…to destroy the serf. What are we doing? Helping them, because we are too foolish to see that the enemy of our enemy can be our friend.

            • Hi RG,
              Yes, no doubt, evil is a condition common to humans of every variety- the only distinction is that a particular subset of one group believes that they are the only superior people who rightfully deserve to rule the world, and they have been relentlessly pursuing that goal for millennia, using wealth and manipulation to take advantage of the evil tendencies of others while themselves remaining behind the scenes, to achieve their own goals.

              We all know who “they” are, so I don’t know why people have such a problem simply acknowledging what subset those people identify with. It is easy enough to see who runs this country and who controls it’s propaganda machines- especially when every politician or wannabe politician openly pledges support to the nation which is the modern-day child of those who feel it their exclusive right to rule humanity; Our politicians will defend that nation’s borders, but not our own; They will abet terrorism in the name of keeping that nation’s people and culture pure, while punishing our own people and calling us dangerous terrorists if dare to advocate keeping our own culture and communities intact; They redistribute our wealth to that nation and it’s allies and causes [cough…Ukraine..] while destroying our own economy, etc. ad infinitum.

              If a person were to come freshly on the scene, knowing nothing of the history or intentions of the Cabal, and just observe what I stated in the preceding paragraph, it would be enough show them who is in charge and make them dig deeper as to why such things are so. A sane person simply could not deny such glaring absurdities.

              No one has a problem stating that Hitler was German, and even collectively referring to the Nazi regime ofthe time as “The Germans”- but to do the same when it involves those who happen to identify as Jews, is for some reason verboten- and I would suggest that that is only because of the relentless propaganda which we have all had drilled into our heads virtually all of our lives which states that it is somehow “racist” to name the ethnicity of any subset, and especially when it comes to Jews who are somehow sacrosanct- the very ones who have foisted such propaganda upon us, while themselves practicing true racism- but of course, their propaganda has worked so well, none dare call them out for it, and if one makes any criticism of any members of The Tribe, it is somehow taken as a condemnation of all it’s members….. (Think how it would be if WE had turned away refugees from Nazi Germany- yet they did it with impunity….because they didn’t want the “inferior” members of their ethnicity to escape that which they had designed to cleanse their race of them).

              See how well their shit works?

              • You are correct. Only jewish suffering counts…
                Let’s not forget the so-called jewish “holocaust™” (which most aspects and claims of can easily be disproven) in which “jewish suffering is the only suffering that counts” and that suffering of everyone else during the world wars is ignored.
                You see, in the jewish mind, gentiles are “livestock with souls, to be used for the advantage of the jews” and as such, gentile suffering is inconsequential, no different than that of livestock, and can be ignored. It’s all in their talmud.
                In addition, the so-called “holocaust™” has been turned into a religion in many countries, from which dissension from the “commonly accepted (falsehoods, lies and fabrications) beliefs” is punishable by fines and incarceration. Even Canada has made “questioning the official “holocaust™” narrative a crime.
                Ask Ursula Haverbeck, Monika Schaefer, Sylvia Stolz, Ernst Zundel, and many other dissenters (actually truth martyrs) what their search for TRUTH has gotten them. In fact, in these “holocaustianity™” show trials and prosecutions, evidence refuting “the commonly accepted “holocaust™” narrative cannot be introduced into evidence. Any lawyer who attempts to do so is cited for “contempt of court”.
                What is the (((tribe))) attempting to hide??
                From an engineering standpoint, most of the “holocaust™” narratives are not physically, scientifically or logistically possible.
                It is long overdue for the so-called jewish “holocaust™ ” to be investigated by an impartial international commission with the findings eventually resulting in the closure of ALL “holocaust™” freak shows (oops, I mean “museums”)…

              • It is an open secret that Israel is beyond criticism in the halls of American and European power. Any politician who calls out the mindless support extended by America to that country is ostracized and his funding cut off.
                It was cringy to see the entire congress give Netanyahu a standing ovation when he visited like a conquering general.

                • Let’s not forget that Israel has blackmailed the world with its “Samson Option”.
                  If a nuclear device is “lit off” in an American or European city, it will have Israel’s fingerprints all over it. Israel is desperate to keep the American money spigot running, as well as sabotaging the Palestinian “peace process” that the world wants it to take seriously.
                  In fact, if a nuclear device is “lit off” anywhere in the world, it will have come from Israel’s secret nuclear “stockpile”. With today’s situation in Iran, Israel may just have to “light one off” to get its “American lapdog” to respond appropriately.
                  The “power outage” in Atlanta was a convenient excuse for Israel to perform a logistical “sleight of hand”, as an Israeli plane was allowed to land and take off during the “power outage” without receiving customs clearance or inspection.
                  This is one of many Israeli companies that possesses a “special exemption” granted by the U S government that frees it from customs inspections.
                  Just maybe another one of Israel’s nukes was just being pre-positioned or nuclear triggers (tritium) were being renewed, getting ready for “the big one”. As most Americans are tired of all of the foreign wars being fought for Israel’s benefit, another “incident” on American soil would be enough to galvanize the American public, once again, (just like WTC 9-11) to support another war for Israel’s benefit (Iran).
                  Israel’s “samson option” is a real threat to “light one off” in a European or American city, if Israel’s interests are not taken seriously.
                  Israel refuses to abide by IAEA guidelines concerning its nukes as they are already distributed around the world. Israel would not be able to produce all of them as most of them are not in Israel, proper.
                  No delivery systems are needed as Israel’s nukes are already in place.
                  Look for another false flag operation with the blame being put on Iran or Syria. You can bet that some Iranian or Syrian passports will be found in the rubble.
                  Israel has also threatened to detonate nuclear devices in several US cities. Talk about total INSANITY; the so-called Samson Option is it.
                  American foreign aid is prohibited from being given to any country that has not signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (the Symington Amendment)or refuses to abide by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) guidelines regarding its nuclear devices.
                  Guess what??
                  Israel does not abide by EITHER and still gets the majority of American foreign aid. This prohibition also applies to countries that do not register their agents of a foreign government with the U S State Department. Guess what?? Israel (again) with its American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) still gets “foreign aid” in contravention of American law..
                  There are forty or so congressmen, senators and thousands of high-level policy wonks infecting the U S government who hold dual citizenship with Israel. Such dual citizenship must be strictly prohibited. Those holding dual citizenship must be required to renounce said foreign citizenship in order to remain in the country. Refusal to do so should result in immediate deportation with permanent loss of American citizenship. Present and former holders of “dual citizenship” should never be allowed to serve in any American governmental capacity.
                  In addition, any American citizen who serves or has served in Israel’s military (Israel Defense Forces) should automatically lose their American citizenship and be immediately deported to Israel.
                  When Netanyahu addressed both houses of congress, it was sickening to see our politicians slobber all over themselves to PROVE that they were unconditional supporters of Israel. It was a scene out of the old Soviet Politburo which no one wanted to be the first one to stop applauding.
                  Just who the hell do they work for?
                  Certainly not for the interests of the American people and the United States, at the least they should renounce their United States citizenship and be deported to israel. Being indicted, tried for treason against the united States of America would be appropriate.
                  Let’s not forget the “loyalty oaths” to a foreign country (Israel) which American politicians are required to sign in order to receive “funding” from israel. As much as I despise the two moslem woman politicians, they were absolutely right to call out the rest of the politicians for signing “loyalty oaths” to israel.
                  TREASON, anyone?

                  • Thank you anarchyst for that concise summary, you nailed it. It is exactly treason to put the interest of a foreign government ahead of your own, these Clowngress critters were like a bunch of performing seals for Netanyahu. They should be in the Knesset instead.

            • Itd be great to treat each individual as to what they are or how they act. But the fact is that the world just doesn’t allow for that. People , some sects moreso than others, align into groups and put that groups welfare above anything or anybody. I can think of many offhand. Amish, Mormons, Catholics, Jews, Mason’s, Mafia’s, Govt employees, union workers, political parties, etc etc. the list goes on and on. Some of these groups likely would not harm anyone to get to their goals, others would crush anything in their way. Theres a reason the Jews were banished from dozens of countries. Also, Id recommend reading the protocols of the elders of zion. Sure they disclaim it, but nearly all of it lines up with whats happening in the world.

        • Hi Eric

          A more accurate view point maybe……

          at the top the controllers the elite nobility in the background, always hiding, nobody talks about them, the control group. The billionaires co operate with this group.

          2nd level the Rothschild banksters provide financing for the elite nobility
          3rd level more banksters

          4th level down the administrators, gates, schwab, etc..

          5th level the political prostitutes in the foreground, corrupt , bribed, owned by the elite
          the politicians just follow orders from their bosses the elite.

          Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

          6th level down the enforcers

          at the very bottom the little people, the common people, paying for everything, used and abused.

          one elite example……..Prince Phillip, late husband of Queen Elizabeth II said ….“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” he also said the world’s population should be reduced from 7 billion to one billion, his son charles thinks the same…
          note…charles hired schwab to run the WEF….

          Elite nobility families at the top:

          • House of Bernadotte, Sweden

          • House of Bourbon, France

          • House of Braganza, Portugal

          • House of Grimaldi, Monaco

          • House of Guelph, Britain (the most important one)

          • House of Habsburg, Austria

          • House of Hanover, Germany (the second most important one)

          • House of Hohenzollern, Germany

          • House of Karadjordjevic, Yugoslavia (former)

          • House of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein

          • House of Nassau, Luxembourg

          • House of Oldenburg, Denmark

          • House of Orange, Netherlands

          • House of Savoy, Italy

          • House of Wettin, Belgium

          • House of Wittelsbach, Germany

          • House of Württemberg, Germany

          • House of Zogu, Albania

          • all the families you will find on the Windsor family tree

          The royal family in Russia is missing….they were all shot

          The elite

          • Our leaders….lol

            How do like our new antichrist satanist leaders so far?

            The control group at the top of the world pyramid of power are satanists, they are deep into the occult, this is very dangerous, you will end up possessed with demons.

            These monsters think/say they are the new gods, a long time ago there was a warning about an antichrist taking over, the antichrist is multiple as in antichrists, there is 3000 monsters at the top controlling this reset, they are the antichrists, replacing a good god, with satan.

            The new olympians, the guardians, that is what the globalist/satanist/one world government trash call themselves, the new gods.

            need to hire this priest
            a priest in rome said if these elite nobility/wef/ccp/.0001% globalist demons had been around in the middle ages, they would have been h..an,,,,,ge…..d, he says they would have been immediately seen as evil demons. today we are blinder, dumber. these leaders are deep into satanism they are all possessed, should be turned over to that priest to deal with.

        • Hi Eric

          religions the church?….lol

          the government/church/medical system is now one huge globalist/communist/satanic occult cult….the pope is part of it…

          • for any religions to survive they will have to conform to the new wef/nwo GAIA satanic religious cult, the old fashioned Christian church will be gone, the pope is into the new GAIA satanic religious cult.

            One world government with their GAIA cult religion….

            People line up for the killshot, supplied by the GAIA covid cult, to be exterminated. They say people that don’t want it are evil, unclean, bioterrorists.

            a modernized form of human sacrifice carried out under biological/ecological camouflage that is rooted in the sacrificial oak imagery of ancient paganism. Klaus Schwab says there is global warming, depopulation is required. Is it just a satanic sacrifice?

            Today we have the killshot depopulation agenda….looks like it is rooted in the sacrificial oak imagery of ancient paganism….. their new religion/cult GAIA……
            GAIA = climate change cult religion.

            The vaxxed killshot people are proud to be fighting the evil bat germ, the forces of evil. There must have been a great marketing campaign. They think they are returning to their old life, that is gone now, never imagining they are being exterminated (unless they temporarily got the placebo).

            White coats, smocks, and masks are priestly uniforms. The stethoscope replaces a cross. The needles are sanctification and communion, extermination vessels.

            Slaves and Aztec citizens went willingly to the sacrificial altar. To give your heart to Huitzilopochtli was a tremendous honor and a guaranteed ticket to a blessed afterlife fighting in the sun god’s army against the forces of darkness.

            In the book Aztec the indigenous when he was burned at the stake said it was an honor to die on someone’s altar.

        • Eric, there’s a commonality of these collectivists, most of them, or certainly their “movers and shakers”, are of, as one Archibald Bunker of 704 Hauser St, Queens NY, would put it, “Dat TRIBE, dere…” Of course, that’s still a minute fraction of Jews, who in my experience overall are as diverse in thought as any group could be. Some even are certainly patriotic Americans, and others, like Wayne Root (note: he professes to be a “born-again Christian”, so his “Jewishness” is simply that he was born in a Jewish family, I’ve never heard him stump for Israhell) have Libertarian “creds” I won’t question. It comes down to a simple saying: If you want to know who REALLY runs things, look no further than those you may NOT freely criticize.

      • It’s comedy gold when the agents start arguing with each other over whose “it’s da joos” script is better. You have to understand that this type of infiltration is old hat in freedom/liberty circles, predating even the internet. The gov’t knows that freedom includes the freedom to associate, stereotype and dislike, for whatever reason. Having essentially illegalized these things, it plays up this minuscule aspect of freedom to taint all the rest of it and those who believe in it as something “bad” in the minds of those who haven’t yet thought these things through.

      • RG:

        I would offer that libertarianism simply doesn’t address what’s happening in the world right now in any meaningful way. We’re deep into an eschatological endgame, where the vast majority of humanity is being forcibly enslaved by the adherents of a disciplined, militant tribal-nationalist ideological movement that operates under the protective cloak of “liberal religious freedom.” All of us whom they call “goyim” are being transformed into deracinated, androgynous, mind-wiped automatons, in order to bring about an engineered fufillment of a fake prophesy of world domination that has been in the works for something like 3,300 years. I highly recommend you open your eyes to what high-level rabbis actually say about what they have done, and what they have planned for the “World to Come” that is an integral part of their “religion”: https://www.bitchute.com/video/1Ghp3eg3dZXF/

        Doctrinaire slogans about the “non-aggression principle” or the “free market” and praxeological state-power analysis are nothing more than obscurantist distraction at this point. Criticism of the “government” qua government simply doesn’t get to the heart of the matter, anymore, because all governments have been weaponized and mobilized by a force far larger and far more sinister than “government.”

        Imagine if in Starship Troopers, the humans tried to counter the assault of the Buggers with free-market economic policies and proselytizing “property rights.”

        Or imagine that in Lord of the Rings, Aragorn were to proclaim to his troops, “Do Not Judge the Orcs as a Whole! There are Good Orcs and Bad Orcs! We Must Evaluate Every Orc on His or Her Own Merits, and Judge Him on His Own Conduct and Behavior! It’s Not the Orcs that Are Our Enemy, But Only Bad Behavior of the Small Minority of Bad Orcs Who Actually Draw Blood! Hold Your Arrows, and Don’t Fight Until You’ve Been Disembowelled!”

        This kind of thinking is autistic, ineffectual, and goofy at this point. Opposing “government” without opposing the ideology and personnel behind the government is like wanting to defend against a hail of bullets, without mounting any counterattack on the people firing the guns at you.

        Eric laments that “collectivism is the source-water of authoritarianism.” Well, maybe true, but it’s also true that a scattered assortment of atomized individuals will be destroyed by a united collective. That’s just reality. You better believe nationalist Israelis don’t get faint at the accusation that they are “authoritarian” (or “racist” for that matter). They don’t give a damn about “classical liberalism” or “human rights” or “racism” or “religious freedom.” They laugh proudly at such effete notions. They expressly fight for their race and “their” land. It is their “religion” to impose a racial-supremacist world order, with a one-world “Noahide” religion. Nothing else is important. They’ve got a warlike deity to rally around and an ancient text of “sacred commandments” to guide them. Yet most people don’t even know they are being attacked, let alone why.

        If Eric decides to moderate the topic, that’s his prerogative, and I for one would be happy to vacate the premises. But that kind of selective permissiveness would pretty much render the comments section here irrelevant to any potential greater ideological resistance. Because I hate to break it to everyone…libertarianism ain’t it. It’s got its role in civil politics…but not at the End of the World.

        • “…But it’s also true that a scattered assortment of atomized individuals will be destroyed by a united collective.”

          Throwing rocks does not destroy the air.

          On Orcs: I’d say that an Orc who is living peacefully has nothing to fear from Non-Aggression Principle adherents, nor they from him.

          • BaDnOn:

            Orcs don’t “live in peace”. They plunder, enslave and destroy. It’s their “religion.” They clear out whatever land they want using predatory usury, tax-funded real-property hoarding, pseudo-medical depopulation, gun confiscation…then guns, then bombs…whatever it takes. This mentality goes right back to the commandments of their “Holy Book,” when Yahweh told them:

            “When you march up to attack a city, make its people an offer of peace. If they accept and open their gates, all the people in it shall be subject to forced labor and shall work for you. If they refuse to make peace and they engage you in battle, lay siege to that city. When the Lord your God delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the men in it. As for the women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves. …

            “However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the Lord your God has commanded you.”

            Deuteronomy 20:10-18.

            It was through this merciless mass genocide that the Orcs first took possession of the “Promised Land.” You know, conveniently “promised” by their “god.” Now, this trusted formula is being reprised, only with genetic-modification bioweapons and high-tech psychological warfare through weaponized mass media.

            The non-aggressive Eloi you depict libertarians as are easily swept away or taken prisoner for service as concubines. And will be, for real, in real life, very shortly.

            …and Orc-on-Eloi-sex ain’t pretty.

        • Nationalist Israelis, or ZIONISTS, are without significant criticism in the Western world. Sure, they’re the very devils to Muslims, but the “towel-heads” have been marginalized also in Western culture. They and white “rednecks”, especially those professing to be “born-again Christians”, are fair game to be ridiculed in popular media.

      • Raider,

        I say most fervently, “No!”. The anti-Semites are quite pervasive, boisterous and persistent, if few in number. But they have absolutely nothing to do with libertarianism, per se. Libertarians, however, tend to be zealously supportive of freedom of speech, and thus, the anti-Semites are more numerous on libertarian sites, where on others they are scrubbed.

      • In general, those Jews that actually “practice” their Judaism (just like yours truly that “practices” his Mormonism, and with enough “practice”, I might get it right some day…) aren’t the “problem”. It’s those “Chosenites” who are infected with a superiority complex, and most of them are NOT “kosher” by any stretch of imagination, that tend to be the “problem”

    • Amen, JLaffrey. He’s just demonstrating that he knows how to play the game and bow to the real rulers. Another Trump in the making. I’d almost rather see another Demonrat prick win, because at least then the simpletons who think that the Repugnantcants are their savior remain militant and know that puppet in the Mulatto House is their enemy- instead of being pacified and thinking that the guy they voted for is their friend.

      Pedo Joe tries to take our guns…and fails epicly- but I can practically guarantee that when it actually happens, it will be during the R’s watch- just as almost all of the other anti-2A federal laws have been passed on their watches.

      • Agreed Nunz,
        The two parties act as a left and right foot alternatively taking lead to walk us down the same path. I’ve caught flak from “conservatives” before for not voting the lesser of two evils. My response was always that it’s better to get the collapse of america over with now before attrition slowly snuffs us out.
        As far as people blaming the jews goes… You have to be blind to not see a pattern emerging. They’re an incredibly small minority in this country and somehow command the media, finance and theres an overwhelming number of Israeli dual citizens in the government gang. Americas following the exact same trajectory as weimar germany right down to the sex changes and currency debasement. Anybody that’s taught you group preference is wrong and diversity is your strength is attempting to genocide your culture and genetics. Carry on serving your master, goy.

        • RE: “They’re an incredibly small minority in this country and somehow command the media, finance and theres an overwhelming number of Israeli dual citizens in the government gang.”

          Brandon Smith has written about the makeup of The Power Elite, the Jews are very far from being the majority of that group.

          I have yet to see anyone lay out the structure of The Power Elite which shows the Jews are in the majority other than to just proclaim it is so without any facts to back up that claim.

          Lack of evidence. That’s all I see when I read certain comments.

          …As in, Zero.

          That said, some people say, the N.A.P. is not enough.

          Culture, tradition, and especially, religion are the needed missing addition.

          In case someone missed it the last time:

          ‘A common culture – and a culture beyond merely the NAP – is necessary if we are ever to move closer to a libertarian society.’


          • Excellently said, Helot!

            This, of course, is also where it get tricky. A common culture is, indeed, a necessary prerequisite. How does one build that? is the obvious next question. Perhaps it is self-selecting, in a way. As for example in the case of the early days of what became America – at bayonet point – but began as a loose confederation of colonies that became states (as in, countries) each of them independent and quite different. The Left is always prattling about “choice” and “diversity.” Well, let’s have some! What honest Leftist (yes, I know)could object to leaving people free to gather where it suits? Live among the like-minded? The problems that beset us could be greatly ameliorated in this way, just the same as two people about to get into it with their fists can each avoid a fight if they both just walk away. The problem, of course, is that the Left won’t allow us to walk away; will chase us down if we do. Because the Left wants the fight.

            • The late Rush Limbaugh nailed it, IMO, as to what characterizes AMERICAN culture: that of self-determination and self-reliance.

              If there’s one thing the Loony Left absolutely hated his guts over, it was that, and that he epitomized it. I knew that guy, many moons ago, when we both were getting started in our respective life’s work, he’d just been hired to do the 9-12 AM show on radio station KFFK, 1530 AM, in Sacramento. He replaced the now late Morton Downey, who’d gotten fired over an intemperate “China-Man” remarks over the air. “Uncle Morty” did go on to do his infamous TV show a few years later, but he flamed out fairly quick. Rush became locally popular quite quickly and inexplicably in otherwise uber-liberal Sacramento, and leftists were fit to be tied at his success. So much that when he went “National” and moved to New York in ’88, a whole lot of leftists ridiculed him, saying he was a local fluke and that his show wouldn’t last. History proved them all wrong. But the big thing isn’t whether you agree with Rush’s politics or even enjoyed his program; it was that he made one hell of a great living out of doing what was his passion: shooting his mouth off. Granted, he always did his homework and was careful to keep the program focused. It’s that sort of “rags to riches” story that absolutely drives the collectivists bonkers; they do all they can to denigrate and tear down what they know they don’t have the discipline nor the talent for themselves!

    • See my comment above. Yeah, I don’t usually buy what a J-O-O tries to peddle, but when one is right, like my Savior, Jesus Christ, I “buy”. If Wayne Root, born a Jew but now considers himself a Christian, were to run, I’d give him serious consideration.

  3. Death penalty for drug dealers:
    This sounds an awful lot like the drug laws in Chy-na. The difference is here in the USSA it’ll evolve into capital punishment for dealers of herbal remedies that compete with the pharma snake oil. At best the stakes for drug cartels and career criminals will be raised to a life or death situation. Expect more deadly concentrated street drugs and an explosion of violence from the criminal gangs on both sides. Orange mans just another Manchurian Candidate from New Yawk and I can’t see why any traditional American would support him.

  4. Would you tell me. Please, Mr. Howard, Why I should trade one tyrant three thousand miles away
    for three thousand tyrants one mile away.

    An elected legislature can trample a man’s right as easily as a King can. – Benjamin Martin.

    Seems like most focus on one man while the 535 in con-gress continue the rape and pillage. .

    The only good government is…. no government.

    • The ACTUAL problem was the ‘tyrant’, 3000 miles away, King George III, was a rather beneficent and “progressive” monarch for his TIME. He was the great-grandson of the original king of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, who rarely set foot in the UK and was more interested in goings on back in “Goimany” George III was the first of his line actually born in Britain, and while he probably did understand German, was raised as a Briton. George was a decent enough King, but not really that interested in the daily humdrum details of Government, leaving that to his ministers, especially Lord North. It was they that, unhappy with the high costs of the Seven Years War (the French and Indian War in North America), wanted to milk the “Colonials”, perceiving that since France, Spain, and Holland were rendered impotent, with “Brittania ruling the waves”, they could do with their colonies what they liked. Events proved them wrong over time. George was the focal point of anger for the colonials, often over policies that he didn’t necessarily advocate, and even if he had, by then Parliament could more or less IGNORE him. Please keep in mind that the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was “picked” to supply the UK its monarchy precisely because they were vested in Continental Europe as much as Britain; hence rendering them somewhat disposable should they prove to be “troublesome”. The last thing the Brits wanted was another civil war of rival nobility.

  5. Walking into the auto repair shop office yesterday, about to deal with the supply chain issues created by The Orange Man’s response to the Wuhu Flu, I noticed the typical Austinite old hippie male headed in the opposite direction, towards the parking lot, fully masked.

    “Skeeter” (I’m guessing) then got into his Hyundai, still fully masked, and drove away without a passenger. 104 degrees. Bright sunshine. No reason to wear a mask once he left the shop’s office … beyond signalling his being a Good German and intent to vote for Beto O’Rourke.

    I’m not guessing with his choice for Governor.

      • Abbott dithered about the lockdown and masks way too long.

        Unfortunately, he did not face a serious primary challenge.

        What’s coming next year when the Legislature convenes is a deal to cover all the utility companies for their losses over the last two years.

  6. ‘The game is afoot.’ — eric

    Yes. Now a full-court Media onslaught is underway, like the one mounted for Kyiiiiiiiivvvv in February. Here’s today’s blast from the Slimes:

    ‘The brazen plan to create false slates of electors pledged to former President Donald J. Trump in seven swing states that were actually won by Joseph R. Biden Jr. was arguably the longest-running and most expansive of the multiple efforts by Mr. Trump and his allies to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

    ‘It culminated in the campaign to pressure VP Mike Pence to use the false slates to subvert congressional certification of the outcome on Jan. 6, 2021 — and in the violent attack on the Capitol that unfolded as he refused to do so.’


    You know a lawyer drafted this screed, due to the laughably precise reference to ‘Joseph R. Biden Jr.’ — probably lifted straight from the pages of an indictment. Then spooks added the barbed emotional hooks, like the chorus of a rock song.

    Not bad for government work.

    Now the MSM has got the bit between its teeth with an Authorized Narrative. And they’re going to sledgehammer it onto us 24/7, just as with the Kyiiiiiivvvvvvv crusade.

    One conservative site argued that this is just a ploy to buck up the depressed mood of Democrats, hunkered down for destruction in November. But for anyone used to reading the smoke signals from the Lügenpresse, the direction this is going is unmistakable/.

    Election denialism is now a crime. Some people are headed to jail for it. One presidential candidate is likely to be permanently disqualified by a felony rap. And I don’t mean Hillary.

    • Remember Bush V Gore? Rember how Gore denied the results of the election?


      How about Hillary Clinton saying she was the winner, if the (now debunked) Russian influence, consisting of $1500 worth of Facebook ads (that might have been the CIA laundering the buy through a Russian front company), hadn’t spread misinformation and lies! about her?

      Let this set legal precedent and watch as their political enemies use it against them.

      • The difference was that in 2000, Florida was not counting the ballots of military members and whatnot to tip it in favor of Gore. I am not going to believe that for a minute that that Global Warming gas bag won the election or even the “popular vote.”

        In addition, the Democrat party wanted to restrict the “recount” to Miami Dade county, converting the Buchanan votes to Gore.

        In the case of the Orange bloviator, yes, he won and was cheated out of a win in 6 states. People claim that the sack of sawdust currently occupying the presidency won. Bullshit.

        That said, I cannot stand trump and am not voting for him again. His pushing the vaccine and now his latest statement on drug dealers are pushing me to the edge. I hope he falls ill and is unable to compete in a 2024 run. I suspect he’s probably going to start taking doses of adrenochrome, just like the rest of the geriatric elite like Clinton, George Soros, and Biteme.

    • Either this is more political theater to distract from the REAL issues that Americans should be hot and bothered about, like inflation or the latest attempt by the Clown-gress to impose “gun control”, or, the “fix” is in since Orange Man won’t just go away.

  7. I can not endure the thought of another 6 years (2 years of campaigning + 4 years in office) of the Orange Zionist Bozo- …nor of any of the other players- D or R. Even though I don’t consume any mass media, the images and verbal BS assails one constantly. The worst part is, when we criticize the Bozo, the prolats automatically assume that we are for the other side of the coin. As if it would make any difference anyway….since they are all ultimately on the same side and working toward the same ends.

    At least give us someone new to abhor. And now this- “death for drug dealers”- Trul, the guy is a lunatic- and dare I say even more dangerous than the current Asshole-in-chief. And the thought of all of his stupid supporters jumping on the bandwagon, and ushering in a new era of Prohibition-like times on steroids, and supporting their “heroes” and “troops” en-mass, and deifying “law and order” (Yet more tyranny) in Nazi-like lockstep while cheering for the prick who wants to foce us all to take a drug…is just sickening!

    The guy is nothing but a tool of the pharmaceutical cartel who wants to obviously eliminate their little independent competitors. And you can be sure, the very next step will be the criminalizing of vitamins and supplements …and I guess death to those who peddle those too.

    It just gets worse and worse…….

    • Hi Nunz,

      You have articulated my sentiments exactly. I am a quart over full on the dipstick of this spray tanned buffoon who created the very problems his duped followers believe he will save us from. A friend of mine, when I confront him with the drug pushing, says “you sometimes have to sacrifice a pawn to get at the queen.” The “Five D” chess stuff. These people are as hypnotized as the “maskers” they revile. But they cannot see it.

      • Oh gosh, Eric! I can hear those words uttered by your friend about to be uttered by most people whom I know! I can’t go through it again! I’m an asocial loner by nature….but this REALLY makes me want to live in a cave on a desert island! I’d like to get a pile of F*&% Trump bumper stickers and just plaster them on everything I own, just so people will keep their stupid mouths shut…but then of course, they would assume that I am for ‘the other side” (of the same coin)…… Seriously, what can one do?! The thought of having to hear this lunatic being praised by neighbors and people I encounter….how Trump is going to create heaven on earth and clean the Swamp…..(The same people who hated Trump’s guts when he was ruthless NYC democrat RE developer…) makes me want to put some Moe Howard moves on them!

        Why are they so easy to fool with lies and evil…but so resistant to simple truith, liberty and goodness?!

      • Hi Eric

        Selling drugs is more profitable, the doctors are drug pushers, well paid ones.

        ATTENTION: Big pharma causes 440k deaths a year in America alone due to “medical errors” (partially defined as an unintended outcome even under correctly administered care)

        ATTENTION: and over 100k annual deaths due to legal drugs. This is only from the reports we know about.

        Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
        “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

      • Eric, if possible, contact me privately and I’ll give you an anecdote about what’s beset a beloved member of my family…and I think the “Jab” is involved, but, not being an MD, and no one would believe me even if I were, I can’t PROVE it.

    • You really shouldn’t worry about all his supporters ushering in a new era of prohibition Nunzio, most of them will be dead before he takes office. A country of how many million people and this is the best we can come up with? The law ought to have taken affect last week. No one over 60 allowed to serve in any position of government, local, state, or federal.

      I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, we won’t have any real change until we clean out the nest of vipers who control what comes over the free vee.

      • I agree, Norm. Nothing will change- well…except things will just keep getting worse- but it’s just thge idea of having to suffer all of the people in real life who will be rolling on the ground in ecstasy and doing obeisance before their Orange Idol….just like a real idol which did nothing for them in the past, and will certainly do nothing for them in the future, except perhaps fall on them and crush them.

        Scary thing is though, just like the Germans under Hitler, these people can be whipped up into a hypnotic frenzy of nationalism where they will not only tolerate anything, but will gladly help facilitate it (“If you see something, say something”…) Ya know “God and country” and all that. At least when the Evil Party (D) is in…those people remain vigilant…but they are easily controlled and used as Good Germans when they think ‘one of their own’ is in power.

        This portends very bad things…..

        • Its terrifying Nunzio. This hero worship, completely unwarranted, yet pounded into our programs from a young age. Bull Halsey had it right, ‘There are no great people in the world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet.’

          I used to believe in God and Country, now it just sounds like some weak sauce to keep people on the reservation. I guess the best thing to do is what Ole Remus said, avoid crowds. The places to do that are becoming fewer and fewer.

          At least Hitler allegedly made the trains run on time. Trump did the bidding of his owners, the banksters. He put on a tiny hat and handed the keys of our country to his week ass son in law when he had two strong sons he could have relied on. Does that make me counter Semetic? I don’t know. Cant figure how anyone can wolf down any of these shit sandwiches on offer.

          The thought of the orange idol made me think of Lou Reeds song Straw Man. “A flaming sword, or maybe a gold arc, floating up the Hudson. When you spit in the wind it comes right back at you.”

          • Norman, Sad thing is, to the ‘God and country” folks, their god is the country, and the country is whatever overlords desclare it to be. Thier ‘heroes’ are the badged priesthood whom they revere, which is why when made to do ‘penance’ they rarely even object, but rather just humbly acknowledge their guilt and beg for forgiveness. Such people can never have liberty…only license, which they equate with liberty- and they thus believe that we are no better and should therefore just accept whatever is decreed, and whatever is laid upon us if we don’t.

            • Thats a good point Nunzio. The difference between liberty and license is rarely talked about. I think 9 out of 10 couldn’t tell the difference. Most of the mouth breathing troglodytes certainly don’t know the difference. Covering their bodies in toxic ink, having sex with anyone and everyone, taking all the drugs they can get their hands on, and generally acting like the biggest sack of crap they can to others, to most that is the definition of liberty

              I define liberty as being left alone to do what I want, as long as it affects/harms no one else.

              • Excellent, Norman! You described modern society (if what now exists can be considered civilization) perfectly! What you descriobe is now “the average ‘Merican” -And no men can save us from them- least of all some greedy psychopath politicians- and I guess how we end up with the worst ilk as politicians, since those people can vote…..and they are now the majority.

    • RE: “And you can be sure, the very next step will be the criminalizing of vitamins and supplements …”

      Last I read, Dick Durban of Illinoise was working hard on a bill to do just about that. …Bastard.

      Making it so it’s virtually impossible for producers to overcome regulatory hurdles achieves the same outcome.

  8. The Trump presidency was like watching Animal House.

    First act, lots of fun, promise of more fun. Trump meeting with Putin, Trump meeting Kim Jong il, that whole Jerusalem thing (2 out of 3…). And meanwhile over at the Omega (Democratic Party) house they’re hazing the pledges and plotting their revenge.

    Second act, and mean old Dean Pelosi puts Trump House on double-secret impeachment. In defiance of the impeachment, Trump House holds a toga party with the NCAA college team and serves McDonalds! LOL. But things go badly after that and Omega House works with Dean Pelosi and Neidermeyer (Played by Mike Pompeo) to bring down Trump House once and for all. They fixed the test and Trump House fails! Dean Pelosi rips up his final and Prof. Fauchi f***s everyone. Dean Pelosi tells the national Trump House what happened and they pull the charter. Trump House is no more. They even stole the whole f***ing bar!

    So now the third act begins when the Trump House is defeated. The Trumps were sitting around the Oval Office, spirits deflated. But not Trump. No, Trump gives the “never give up, never give in and never, NEVER EVER admit defeat” speech that the former Trump House brothers needed. Recharged, they build their own parade floats, hoping to commit some really stupid act. And oh boy did they! Won’t give away the spoilers, but even Neidermeyer showed up with live ammo once things got out of hand.

    Unfortunately I don’t think the end credits “what ever happened to” revelations will be as amusing. But you should still ask for Babs when you take the White House tour…

    • Find an anniversary print of “Animal House” with the “Where are they now?” extra. Watch and wait for Bluto’s “current” address to appear on the screen.

      That was *pre* Trump, during The Chimp era.

    • So when does Trump take the barely tolerated “plebe’s” brother’s Caddy, commit insurance fraud with it, and covert it into the “Deathmobile”, and raise hell at the College’s homecoming parade? As long as the hot coed dolled up as a Playboy Bunny (“Thank you, Gawd!”) comes flying through my window and lands on my lap!

  9. I hear you man, however where are the articles against usurper, lifelong pedophile, demented, lifelong criminal and much more dangerous and extreme drug and NWO pusher joe biden?

    No doubt Trump is part of the coup and used to control the real tough guys of this land of the cowards and the slaves, but who could blame them when there is no alternative in this banana republic?

    Someone has to stop the NWO agents in Washington and if Trump can help start the civil war or revolution needed to terminate the globalists, I’ll vote for him!

    After what I have seen from most Americans since 2020, I have no doubt that Russians would eat them for breakfast with one hand…

    • “Someone has to stop the NWO agents in Washington and if Trump can” …

      Ya lost me, right there.

      Have you ever heard the expression, “Two wings, on the same bird of prey”?

      Also, “The liberty movement cannot revolve around a single political figure. We cannot bottleneck our efforts into the hands of one man or one political party. The fight is up to us – each of us as individuals. It was ALWAYS up to us.” …


      • Hi Helot,

        Amen. While I do not look to any politician for salvation, Trump has proved he is either an idiot or something worse. I would – based on his actions to date – support DeSantis. Not because he is going to “save” us. But because he appears to be neither stupid nor something worse.

        • I want to support DeSantis too, but with his Harvard and Yale background I can’t help feeling like he is one of ‘them’, the elite. I really don’t think any politician is trustworthy—even down to the local level. I put them all on the same level as insurance salesmen and some preachers.
          On DeSantis, I got the info from Facebook, some woman from Florida had posted all of his accomplishments. Haven’t done any research on him myself. He does come across pretty good on the surface, we’ll see. Looks like we are on the same page concerning him, cautious.

          • Hi Elaine,

            I think it’s sound policy to judge people by what they do rather than what they say. By this standard, Trump has established himself as an inept grifter at best; a despicable tool at worst. DeSantis – so far – as acted admirably. So long as he continues to, I will support him. But the moment his acts betray him as another Orange Fail… that’s when I stop supporting him.

        • I’d prefer De Santis over Trump for two reasons: (1) he’s not a political “lightning rod” and (2) he’s YOUNGER, much so. Trump, if he runs in two years, will be SEVENTY-EIGHT, the same age that the senile old crook now infesting the White House was. Yes, he’ll probably have a lot more of HIS marbles than Xiden had even as a young man, but still…78…unless “The Donald’s” hot trophy wife is his Fountain of Youth, I don’t see how he’s got the means to do the job into his EIGHTIES. The only way I find it viable is if he picks DeSantis as his Veep, with the understanding that once his term gets past the halfway point, he steps down, so we can possibly have TEN YEARS of a proven, halfway decent administrator.

  10. In my younger more self destructive dumber years. I did a fair amount of drugs most everyone I knew did some sort of street drugs. One thing that never happened in the hundreds maybe thousands of engagements I had with thoese types of people was somebody “pushing” street drugs on me. Hell it was pretty hard to get into the right circles to get what you really wanted honestly.

    They sure as hell never passed any law or made any threats saying if didn’t buy and take their drugs that I couldn’t go to work or travel. Voluntary exchanges and nothing more.

    Orange fail is such an insufferable vax-faggot. He was entertaining while in office, and I genuinely miss his press conferences. Other than that mostly worthless.

    • Dear, Sicilianswitchblade.

      Your comments, as far as I can recall, are great.
      I think, perhaps, we’re from the same mould. … Or, something.
      As, it seems, many here are?

      Also, I dunno if I said this before or not, your nic/ NOM DE PLUME is Da Bomb. It ranks right up there with Dutch Farmer, imho.

  11. The breathtaking irony (pun intended) is that OF had his bite at the apple. He royally screwed his followers, and We the People, and now has the audacity to promise that if he could only get another chance, things will be different this time!

    Sounds like an abusive relationship to me.

    • Anonymous, remember that he’s played the “over promise and under deliver” game many times with his real estate. Anyone paying attention in the 1980s saw what a blowhard he was, even the other yuppies. I think a lot of his voters remember that time as basically good for them, because conspicuous consumption was OK. Doesn’t matter that Trump had nothing to do with any of it, he just happened to stumble into a hot New York real estate market as the Japanese needed to spend their dollars. Just as the binary “love her or hate her” opinion of Hillary meant she was unelectable and Trump was the only interesting Republican.

  12. The biggest drug importer is the CIA. This is how they fund their “black projects” without having to do a financial accounting to congress.

  13. What next? Another stupid drooling baboon, another stark raving madman? If the shoe fits.

    Trump fits the description. Trump is just another jackass dumbass. Clearly evident by now. har

    There needs to be a death penalty for anyone who was a passenger on the Lolita Express. Makes no difference what the death penalty is, electrocution, hanging, a night on the Rack, keelhauled, Trump’s choice. lol

    Should end the debate.

  14. Wow, good work with this, Eric. You might be able to tell, this recent pro-Drug War bombast really scratched the record with me.

    Here in Az, it syncs well with hit pieces airing against GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters, in which they decry him for once (supposedly) being a libertarian and calling for the legalization of drugs. No more, I’m sure, and too bad. Masters is riding the coat-tails of the Orange Scam like no other.

  15. Here’s today’s Two Minutes of Hate from the New York Slimes, in an article about the Aug 2 Arizona primary:

    ‘Several leading Republican candidates in Arizona for governor, secretary of state, attorney general and U.S. Senate have made lies about the “stolen” 2020 election a centerpiece of their campaigns.

    ‘The Trump wing of the party is locked in behind Kari Lake, who has stoked an anti-establishment rebellion fueled by falsehoods about the 2020 election.

    ‘Ms. Lake attacked Ms. Robson for refusing to join other candidates in raising her hand and declaring — falsely — that the 2020 election had been stolen. Ms. Robson’s supporters said they want their next governor to be an electable conservative instead of a bomb-throwing heir to Mr. Trump.

    ‘Republican primaries this year have been a mixed bag for Trump-endorsed candidates running on election denialism.


    On and on the mighty Wurlitzer blares its incendiary, heavy-handed hate speech, with the volume cranked up to a tooth-rattling 11 and 1/2.

    These folks REALLY DO want a war. And they’re not going to stop escalating the provocations until they get it.

    ‘Election denialism’ is now a de facto crime, and offenders — starting with Georgia’s 14 Republican electors in 2020 — are facing jail for it. #FUBAR

    • The 2020 election was stolen. No doubt about it. People like Kari Lake and Masters are tying themselves to Trump, simply because it will get them votes. I agree with their contentions. I don’t agree with allying with Trump, but I certainly understand it. The American public is just that dumb.

      • I don’t trust Kari Lake. She is a beautiful woman and has some real zingers for the media, but she has been associated with three different political parties within the last 15 years. Seriously? Exactly, what was the tie in that any of these parties had in common? What will stop her from being a Socialist next year if she wins the election? Say what you mean and mean what you say. Why is that so hard for politicians to comprehend?

        • RE: “Say what you mean and mean what you say.”

          Truer words, than perhaps you know. Idk.
          It’s amazing how so many people don’t grasp that simple concept.
          Reminds me of one of my favorite lines from a Western film:

          “I said what I said and I’ll stand by it to the death”

          ‘John Wayne’s Coolest Scenes #24: Shoot Him!, “McLINTOCK!” (1963)’


          I coulda swore there was a scene in a movie with the exact line, “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” but I couldn’t find it… batteries are running low, been up since 4 A.M. & I was swimming in humidity & dirt all day. I’m not up to par.

          I did come across these other good J.W. quotes I’d never heard before, like this, “All I’m for is the liberty of the individual”

          ’35 Best John Wayne’s quotes on life.’


        • What is so hard for people to comprehend RG? I mean politicians are not the problem, its the people who believe in the ‘voting changes things’ narrative. I can tell you as a Zonian, that the only thing Kari Lake will do is reaffirm for the large trump tard population of Phoenix and Tucson, that voting really gets shit done.

          Douchie Doug, J Fife the 3rd, Evan Meechum, We have had some real reality show winners as Governors over the decades. At least Kari is not Jan the man. If it sounds like I like Kari, I could give less than two shits about which stupid twat is selected as Governor of my state, because the people who pick the Governors give less than two shits about what people like me think.

          My wife is pissed that I won’t go vote in the primary next week. What she and many like you gloss over is the cold hard fact, its over. Since the steal was allowed without any pushback does anyone honestly think this time will be different? This fraud called elections has been going on for at least 30 years. Be real, search your soul. We were given a brief look behind the curtain. It is something that if you’re honest with yourself, can never be unseen

          Even as to the argument about local issues, my eyes have been opened. I’ve been voting against bond increases since beyond forever. Since the last election was stolen right in front of our or faces, the curtain has come down. No amount of wishing, and hoping, and praying will change that. If they can change millions of votes nationally whats a few hundred votes changed among friends for dog catcher?

          • Hi Norman,

            Honestly, I don’t believe voting means anything nor will change anything, but I find it fascinating that people hold these politicians in such high regard. Lake has a history of flip flopping. She was also part of the media. Why is she even a contender? The question becomes how are these people even chosen as a potential candidate? Who chooses them?

            • Its Arizona RG, the light, the heat, the wide open spaces, fry peoples brain. We have a huge % of independents. I think more than most states. Yet every year, the garbage signs on every corner, the radio commercials, the texts. the door to door canvasing. It is annoying as all get up. People get so excited about this one clown show above others, because their active participating is celebrated by the selection committee.

  16. Since 2020, I’ve been hoping and praying that something — legal issues or otherwise — would take Orange Man out of the 2024 possibilities. I don’t care how but I didn’t really consider the danger of his faithful followers going berserk over it.

    JFC that walking disaster even poses a threat to our liberty in nearly any event. He’s taking up all the oxygen from other better candidates that would at least not be what he is. If he’s re-elected we’re in for major shit IMO.

    I don’t know why but people don’t seem to appreciate the full gravity of the needle rape of millions. Whether it’s by direct force or not, it’s still violence and it’s still outrageously evil.

    He made it possible.

    In some sense, because of how the farce of January 6 is playing out and the subsequent loss of liberties, he’s responsible for that too!!

    I blame him for Biden’s ascension similar to how I blame Obama’s ascension on George Bush the Idiot Son. Could these people have done any more to assist with either, even if they were directly trying?! I always suspect double crosses and so I suspect both were fully in on the entire thing. I can’t prove it and don’t know exactly how but I believe it.

    If Trump doesn’t get caught up by the DOJ and runs, it could not only cause other better candidates (e.g., DeSantis) from winning the primary but could cause something as disastrous as Newsome (for example) winning the election. Think shit is “fun” now?!

      • I’m hoping health issues will keep him out, between his diet and constant anger he’s a heart attack waiting to happen. Not that it will make a difference but deSantis is a good choice; whoever wins we will still be run by the deep state psychos.

        • I think they will, Mike. Trump sounded absolutely hollow and horrible in his last public appearance in AZ (or somewhere) a couple days ago. I don’t think he is really that angry in real life, but his diet and his shots don’t do him any favors. I won’t be heart broken at all if something takes him out of the way.

      • Bandnon – did you hear his latest “speech” that he gave? He sounded bad. Possibly worse than Brandon when he talks to the country. I think that T is going to have some major health concerns between now and then. I’m not exactly sure how it’s going to play out. Any R is going to win in 2024. I hope that we can replace Trump with a real America First candidate

      • I don’t think he will, BaDnOn. If he doesn’t run he stays out of jail. If he does run I guarantee Garland files charges. They will make sure he doesn’t have the ability to win. He actually would have been a great president if not for his atrocious people picking skills and big mouth.

        • Hi RG,

          I have come to loathe Trump – precisely because he could have done so much – and then did. For three years, he made the right noises and even took some tentative steps in the right direction. But his best work was exposing the Left and its insanity, absolute hypocrisy and lust for power. His worst work was empowering it – by doing nothing to “stop the spread.” Some say he had no choice or power to do so. I call bullshit on that. He could have ended the “emergency.” He could have refused to give Fauci his podium. He could have tried to calm the hysteria by having the facts spread. Yes, the Left would have derided and opposed him. Is that an excuse for not trying? And his “vaccine” pushing was – is – inexcusable.

          Now that bastard is poised to become the lightning rod for the midterms. If he “announces” before November, he will be indicted and there will be chaos sufficient to cancel the elections and indict every single one of us as a “traitor” guilty of “sedition” even if we don’t support the Orange SOB.

          • He could have assembled a team of doctors and scientists, like those that have signed the Barrington declaration, rather than allowing Fauci and Birx to dictate the laws and outcomes for hundreds of millions of people.

            It wasn’t even a choice of “shutdown Fauci or give him free reign” there were numerous things he could have done about the situation that would not have resulted in such destruction and misery.

            For that alone, he cannot ever be forgiven IMO. He’s a culprit. One of the perpetrators. The excuse makers and Trump worshippers and blow it out of their ass.

          • Hi Eric,

            I don’t loathe him nor wish harm to him, but I don’t respect him. I didn’t vote for him in the 2016 Virginia primaries but did vote for him against Hillary. I also voted for him against Biden.

            A lot of Trump’s insight was right: China, the media, the Deep State, Germany’s reliance on Russia and Nord Stream, etc. He also provided us a booming economy, was willing to deal with mass migration through the Southern Border, kept us out of a World War or any type of foreign tiff, and lowered taxes. I will give credit where credit is due. He was willing to take on some issues instead of kicking them down the road like many of his predecessors.

            This country needed a businessman and got one. The problem is we hired a NY real estate developer who had a questionable history not only in business, but women, acquaintances, bankruptcies, etc. He was a snake oil salesman then and remains one now.

            For some reason the voters in this country tend to ignore a campaigner’s past. Their past will tell us everything about how they will be in the future when they take office. Do they have a history of lying? Do they cheat? Who are their friends? Have they known to flip flop or appeal to the public when they have said something that isn’t “PC” (but usually the truth)? Are they known apologists?

            Principles matter. Most go to the booth and will readily vote for any candidate with R, D, or I next to their name. Does this candidate have a history of holding true to their stances? Most don’t care. Do they have a history of vacillating? Once again, most don’t care. Most like to believe their government gets a shit out about them. Only the sanest among us know that isn’t true.

          • If it’s possible to cancel the November elections at all, there will be ANOTHER excuse, like another “variant” or OTHER bullshit. Even if OM takes a “deal” and, in return for a phony indictment being dropped, sez, “Fook this shite, I’m DONE with politics”.

            Me, I’d put my money on Xiden starting a war with the Russian Federation. And I, for one, will WELCOME our new Slavic Overlords…

  17. Trump served one, and only one useful purpose, and it ended the moment he was elected. He gave us an opportunity to tell the Psychopaths In Charge we were not pleased. His departure from reality in response to the super flu canceled out what little good he did before it arrived. His reversion to the insanity of the “war on drugs” is the icing on the orange cake.

    • Well said, John. I have not voted since the last time Ron Paul was on the ballot, but I did feel a tingle of hope when Trump won. People have finally had enough, I thought. A big middle finger to the DC establishment!
      But Trump was and is interested in only one thing: winning. Not even winning, really, but defeating the other side. He is a spineless loudmouth with no principles. He believes that the U.S. government really can solve any problem – so long as he is in charge of it. To wit: “Repeal and Replace.” I’ve said that Trump and the Republicans could have repealed Obamacare and replaced it with something that was exactly the same, word-for-word, and Trump would have been crowing that it was a great victory “for the American people.”

  18. ‘If the “heels” indict and frog-march the Orange Man into a cage, the fans of Orange Hulk will go berserk, for real.’ — eric

    “But–But–” began Scarlett, who had never considered the matter before. “Somebody’s got to stay home to protect the state from invasion.”

    “Nobody’s invading us and nobody’s going to,” said Melly coolly. “And the best way to keep out invaders is to go to Virginia and beat the Yankees there.”

    “I’ll bet we could beat the Yankees in a month if all the militia of all the states went to Virginia. So there!” — Margaret Mitchell, Gone With the Wind

    Yep, it all seemed so simple. Then things got complicated.

    Merrick ‘Raccoon Face’ Garland is prying open Pandora’s box with a claw hammer and a wrecking bar.

    Plenty of people ranging from Antifa to MAGA Nation will go flipping berserk … and plenty of others will get swept up willy-nilly in the mania, panic and throat-slashing.

    Hey! Said my name is called disturbance
    I’ll shout and scream, I’ll kill the king, I’ll rail at all his servants
    Well, what can a poor boy do
    Except to march in a MAGA band
    ‘Cause in sleepy Washington
    There’s just no place for a street fighting man
    Get down

    — Rolling Stones, Street Fighting Man

    • Touche’ Jim H…

      I shouted out
      Who killed the Kennedy’s
      When after all
      It was you and me
      Let me please introduce myself
      I’m a man of wealth and taste


      Mmm, the floods is threatening
      My very life today
      Gimme, gimme the shelter
      Or I’m gonna fade away

      I’m gonna give those a listen when I get home from work.

      • ‘I’m gonna give those a listen when I get home from work.’ — EM

        It ain’t just here:

        ‘China’s youth comprise the country’s most educated generation ever, with a 60% higher-education rate that’s comparable to developed economies. However, there aren’t enough jobs to match this enormous talent pool’s potential.

        ‘Chinese President Xi Jinping last month counseled new graduates to “prevent the situation in which one is unfit for a higher position but unwilling to take a lower one. To get rich and get fame overnight is not realistic.”

        ‘A sort of listlessness is taking hold, summarized by a Chinese phrase that became popular last year: tang ping, which translates into “lying flat.” It’s emblematic of a lifestyle that eschews the rat race and embraces low expectations for professional and financial success.

        ‘As youth unemployment steadily rises, Bloomberg reports a more ominous phrase is now emerging: bailan. It means “let it rot.” ‘ — Bloomberg, via ZH

        Or as the Rolling Stones prophesied: “Let It Bleed.

    • Jim, I’m almost sure perp-walking Orange Fail is in the works and that staged/provocateured mini-“insurrections” will be used as a reason to declare martial law and suspend elections.

      • Hi J,

        I hope I am wrong, but I think you are right. The game is afoot. The “Jan. 6” thing was meant from the get-go to be the prelude for indicting Orange Fail and it was Orange Fail who set up his own indictment. The same Orange Fail who set up the “vaccines.” Perhaps a pattern is discernible.

        • It’s theater, there’s no substance to any “indictment”. That’s the real Trump doesn’t “announce”, he’s playing political “poker” with these clowns, waiting for THEM to “call”. As long as he’s not a declared candidate, any such phony “indictment” can only further stir up his fan to vote a GOP ticket in three months. Not that it would necessarily be the BEST thing, just marginally better than keeping the Dummycrats in control of the Clown-Gress. But the GOP did have both house from 1/3/2017 to 1/3/2019, WITH Trump in the White House for all but 17 days, and what transpired during THAT time? Was it BETTER than before or since? Yes, but was it ANYTHING like what a LIBERTARIAN Congress and POTUS would do? We had our chance with Harry Browne or Gary Johnson, folks, and we fooked it up…


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