Mockery is the Best Medicine for Drug Pushers

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You have probably heard the term, drug pusher – most often used in the context of the generations-long “war” – as assaults upon human liberty are always styled – on some arbitrarily defined “drugs.” Which definition never includes the drug, alcohol – probably because it is liked by too many of those who wage war upon human liberty, such as the armed government workers who wage the “war” and the robed archons styled “judges” who punish the POWS taken in by the AGWs for harms they didn’t cause.

Anyhow, the interesting thing is the inversion. Has a “pusher” ever shown up at your door to peddle his “drugs”?

It takes the government to do that – and with the effrontery of legalism. The nauseating bray of “we’re here to help you.” The “hesitant” needing guidance – schooling regarding what’s good for them.  Because they are too stupid to know any better.

We are presented with the prospect of drug-pushers actually pushing their drugs – showing up at our homes, rapping insistently on our doors. They are the street-level dealers of a cartel that makes the fictional Tony Montana from Scarface seem like a street-corner organ-grinder in comparison. And it is revelatory to recall that so-called “drug pushers” like Tony Montana didn’t knock on your door – unless of course you owed him money. They didn’t push anything. If you wanted what Tony was selling you approached him. And you were free to buy what he was offering.

Or not.

Federal drug pushers come to you, unbidden and unwanted. They wheedle and peddle and cajole. They want your children to take their drugs. The dealer they are working for – the pharmaceutical cartels – is incredibly pushy and wants very much to arrange it so that everyone is forced to inject the drugs they are pushing.

But how to deal with these pushers, when they show up at your home?

One’s first instinct – and it is a natural and sound one – is to reach for the baseball bat. As one would if a “drug pusher” accosted one’s child on his way home from school, say. But there is the problem of legalism – as well as the problem of the framing.

It would look bad, in this topsy-turvy world, to deal with these pushers in the way appropriate when this country wasn’t topsy-turvy. Or rather, so it would be framed – as in the case of the couple in Louisiana who let the “peaceful protestors” know they were unwelcome at their home.

Don’t do this. It will only make us look like the bad guys. Or rather, it will let the bad guys make us look bad.

And: Federal drug pushers are – somehow – authorized to annoy you. Uncle Joe can just send them over. Even if you have No Trespassing signs posted it is apparently the case that one must actually tell the trespasser he is unwelcome, and then to leave, before one may legally have him trespassed (and removed) from one’s “own” property (air-fingers quoted to reflect the irony of having to go through all of this rigmarole to establish the sanctity of one’s own supposed property).

These pushers are just going to show up, apparently – and there’s not much, if anything one can do – legally – to prevent them from doing so. And it is illegal to reach for the baseball bat – or the garden hose – to get them to leave.

Even though they are pushing drugs – on your property.

But you can push back.

Mockery is a kind of drug, too – and it works wonderfully on pushy people, especially. The face-effacers, for instance. I wear a T-shirt I had made that has a picture of Landru, the fictional computer cult leader from an episode – Return of the Archons – of the classic Star Trek series on it. The caption reads: Are you of the body? People who know Star Trek will get the reference and it’s all kinds of fun to explain it to face-effacers who ask about it.

Others have worn “masks” made of sheer women’s nylons or even full Clown Doctor suits, like my friends over at Media Bear. The Clown Doctor is merciless, praise be heaped upon him. When accosted by a cultist over his “mask,” he explains – with great offended unction – that it is a prosthetic, that he has no nose. This always causes the accoster to peddle backwards in gaslit reverse-virtue-signal shame.


Similarly, when the drug pushers show up at your door, make a mockery of it and of them. Tell them – through the closed door – that you cannot open it unless they stand six feet back and when they do, open it – and proffer additional “masks” for them to wear. Make it a condition of conversation that they wear at least three masks – explaining that one cannot be too safe.

Wear an actual diaper, even – without explaining why. Scratch yourself, incessantly – in awkward places. Hold your hands together in a prayerful pose – and ask that they pray with you. Tell them the good news about the religious figure of your choice. Tell them about the vial of gypsy tears you wear around your neck. Ask them about the Epsilon semi-moron “variant.” Ask them whether the “vaccine” has electrolytes. Speak to them in Biavian . . .

O Quann Tangin Wann? Qua Omsa Lagee wann! 

Waste as much of their time as possible. Be as evasive and inscrutable as Pope Fauci. Never answer their questions. Instead, ask them more questions, relentlessly. The more ridiculous, tedious and irrelevant the questions, the better.

Then tell them to get off your lawn.

. . .

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  1. You know, I AM a chemist…

    Maybe I could emerge from my house wearing my lab coat and holding a couple 5mL syringes full of Kool-aid or something, and offer to give them MY vaccine. Hmmm…

  2. I’m reminded of Prohibition, an earlier Karen era, when the whole populace got fed up and just said fuck you. That was the end of that. Of course, tv’s hadn’t turned their brains to shit yet.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used local volunteers instead of government employees. Judging by what I’ve seen over the past year, I would expect legions coming forward to do this noble work. Civic groups and churches would gladly send out teams.
    So be prepared to slam the door on that neighbor who spent all of last winter behind his slobber-rag.

    • Roland,
      That’s kind of what I am thinking. Probably advertize these jobs similar to how they advertised the Census jobs. And the “do-gooders” who take these jobs will no doubt tattle on you. Of course, I wonder how much $$$ will be offered for these jobs or if the opportunity to be a snitch will be enough to entice people go back to work.

  4. As entertaining as vacuuming up some bureau-rats time might be, I’d probably just not engage. I’m under no obligation to answer my door for anyone without an arrest warrant, and in that case they’re coming in regardless.

    I don’t have 5 minutes (seconds) to waste with some retarded drone regarding my medical status that is non of their damned business anyway.

  5. My plan was to just not answer the door. I’ve had to sweet talk my husband into not blurting out something like “Fuck no I didn’t get a shot, you fascist freak. Now get off my porch before I put a bullet in your ass.” I’m remembering when a census taker showed up here.
    “I nicked the census man!”
    “Now there’s a good boy. Is yer pa about?”
    OK That’s a bit of an exaggeration.
    But I think we should be careful about answering questions or admitting one’s unjabbed status. Who knows what kind of lists they’re compiling for later use? As in every other “relationship” I have with my government (IRS, cops, local zoning boards) avoidance/minimal interaction is the goal.
    My work basically said “we don’t want to know” in so many words. I will respect that, be quiet and let them assume I’m jabbed. I will do the same with any Gestapo that shows up at my door. Just say nothing.

    • Wise words, Amy.

      One thing that mucks up legal battles are things like wink emoticons. The true intention behind them is impossible to know, much less prove. Saying nothing, giving them an ambiguous expression, and so forth are the best options. Confuse them, then send them packing.

  6. I must say I’m fairly depressed today. Always am I busting ass, it seems, and who seems to be the most successful of us?

    Parasites. True as it is in the animal kingdom, so it is with homo sapiens. Parasites! Everywhere!

    Blood sucking fucking insects spawning and multiplying and destroying. And the harder we try and rebuild what was worth something, the more parasites are generated, from the streets of our dilapidated cities to the zenith of government.

    Time to drink!

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      I am sorry to hear that. Keep doing what you are doing, it will payoff. Sometimes the bloodsuckers get one over on us, but I am a believer in karma. They will get theirs at the end.

    • I’m not a Catholic, but I can’t help but admire Fulton Sheen’s description of Communism. He speaks of your “parasites,” calling them vultures:

      “Whenever a civilization begins to die morally or spiritually, then there begin to appear vultures. And that is the mission of Communism in the world…the scavenger of decaying civilizations. It makes its way into a country or a culture only when that culture begins to rot from the inside. The measure of the incipient death in any civilization is the progress that Communism makes.”

      The reason why we’re going through this Covid Communism is, let’s face it, because our country is dying from within. But as Sheen said, Communism is also like a manure spread upon infertile ground in that it can (ironically) pave the way for future renaissance when the people have had enough of it. Here’s a link to the video:

    • Indeed, BaDnOn –

      But, without in any way failing to look reality in its ugly face, I try to keep on keeping on because I can’t stand the idea of letting these creatures win. And when I give up, they have won. I won’t give up until I’m dead – which hopefully will not occur before we win! What form that takes, I do not know. I only know that I won’t give in or give up. Fight until the barrels glow red and the last shell is fired – like the Scharnhorst!

      • Thanks, Eric. Your sentiments mean much, and I generally have your attitude about things, but sometimes I just lose it.

        I don’t know what a “Scharnhorst” is, but I’ll surely find out.

      • Eric,

        Off topic, can you do a quick historical car review of a 1971 BMW 2800 CSA.

        It was one the best restorations I ever did. Loved that car. I later learned only 87 were imported that year.

  7. Your opening paragraph reminded me of a joke I just heard: What do Republicans and Democrats have in common with the Bloods and the Crips? Answer: They’re always fighting each other and they both like to push drugs.

    • Hi RG,

      If it doesn’t work, then other methods may become necessary. I hate that; hate having to even say that. But if it comes to that, it’s because they forced it – and gave us no other choice.

      • Hi Eric,

        I think that is what they want. A hot headed conservative/Republican just not being able to take it anymore. At that point this country enters its second Civil War.

          • God, I wish someone would kick Trump’s ass, throw a pie in his face, or douse him with slime. He did this. Either he was a part of the agenda or he was so stupid that he fell right into the intended plot. The “attack” on the Capital on January 6th was created by his own big mouth. It doesn’t matter that basically it was a bunch of fed up Americans whose biggest crime was walking off with the Speaker of the House’s podium, but it gave the left that the ammunition that they needed to crack down and accuse every right winger of trying to overthrow the government. It allowed the left to throw around words such as “racism”, “white supremacy”, and “domestic terrorists”. It allowed the National Guard to surround the nation’s capital and Congress to put dollar after dollar into “investigations”. It allows those that abhor this country and everything she stands for to shutdown any and all protests or conversations about re-establishing the country that she once was. Damn Trump. I hope he rots in Hell next to the Clintons, Gates, Soros, Hitler and Lenin.

            • Hi RG,

              The absurd mischaracterization of January 6th as an attempted coup, insurrection, etc… serves a purpose; namely the extension of the extra-legal authority GovCo arrogated to itself after 9/11 to “domestic extremists”. The left are being played here, but are so deeply infected with TDS, that they cannot see it. Conservatives and libertarians who complain about the obvious double standard applied to supposed right wing extremists and left wing extremists are not seeing the broader picture. Left wing extremism is being ignored, downplayed or justified FOR NOW. This will change, the proposed law that will that grant “authority” to bring the “war on terror” home, will apply to everyone.

              The current obsession, at least among the power elite, with the mostly non-existent threat of white supremacists, right wing extremists, systemic racism, etc…, is a bait and switch con. It is designed to dupe the left, and those who fear any expression of “wrong think” to accept, even champion, the imposition of vast new powers to identify, surveil and punish those deemed by the State to be dangerous. Only the most tepid, inconsequential political dissent will be tolerated, anyone who dares to “strike the root” will be branded as a “domestic terrorist”, and treated accordingly.

              The left, with few exceptions, are participating in their own destruction, and the right, distracted by their understandable loathing of the lunatics on the left, fail to see the bigger picture. The PTB don’t actually believe that “white supremacy” is the gravest threat facing America. They chant this idiocy to create conflict, to prevent the good faith actors across the ideological spectrum from seeing their common interests.

              Glenn Greenwald, a man of the left (who I suspect is secretly an anarchist), wrote about this here.



              • Hi Jeremy,

                I agree with most of what you have posted, except I do not believe the left’s agenda will be deterred.

                “This will change, the proposed law that will that grant “authority” to bring the “war on terror” home, will apply to everyone.”

                The woke mob will not succumb to the terror inflicted by the TPTB. They will continue to destroy, burn, and throw feces into the faces of those that go against their agenda. I inquire – What will bring them under control? If you don’t leash a rabid dog he will continue to terrorize the neighborhood. I see the likes of BLM, Antifa, and whomever else woke culture is made up of to continue their destruction. Although, it is downright painful to watch this may not necessarily be a bad thing. The oligarchy are overplaying their hand. They think by letting the leftist movement to run rampant over the US Constitution and its citizens that all they will have to say is “Stop” and they will fall in line. The spider may find himself tangled in his own web.

                • Hey RG,

                  “I do not believe the left’s agenda will be deterred”.

                  A distinction should be made between the modern cultural left, deluded, puerile and full of manufactured emotional outrage, and the corporate, political left, the people who actually have power. The former are useful idiots, and will be discarded when the “left’s agenda” is fulfilled. That being the institution of soft fascism, the collusion of corporate and government power to control society. Of course, the political “right”, with few exceptions, are fully on board with this. They pretend to disagree so that we believe there is a choice.


              • Hi Jeremy,
                Glen Greenwald does a great job of pointing out the hypocrisy of the PTB. What cracks me up is how the lefties somehow think the FBI is on their side – short memories or too young and stupid to check the history. It’s still the FBI of J. Edgar Hoover that infiltrated anti-war and civil rights groups, and basically any other group that had the temerity to go against Uncle’s agenda. Also covered for our local mobster Whitey Bulger while he actually got away with murder(s). Rather than be suicided Whitey was moved to a prison where a few cons that he had ratted out were doing time and he was dead before he could name any of his enablers. Church Lady voice… conveeeeeeenient!

                • Hey Mike,

                  Hah, I love the church lady reference. There are some good leftists, Glenn Greenwald, Caitlin Johnstone, Aaron Mate, Jimmy Dore, Naomi Wolf, Russ Baker, RFK, JR, etc… Most are fucking hopeless, deluded into believing that the State won’t turn against them. Well, it’ll be fun to watch.


            • I hear you RG,

              From around the time the Orange Idol entered the 2016 race, I was surrounded by people who could do nothing but sing his praises, including one in my family who was a Trump faithful no matter what. Any chance I had, I tried to get the point across that he is nothing like us ( wearing a ball cap or not) and is is only on his own side. At best, he was an opportunist who knew the right things to say to keep the faithful on his side…
              When Operation Warp Speed began, I tried to convince people that it was reckless to even suggest getting a “vaccine” out so quickly. Yet, many just lined up and didn’t even bat an eye

        • At this point i think its obvious the power brokers on the left really want to start a war. Only they need to be seen as the riteous side.
          So they are pushing conservatives in every direction because they want, no they need, a violent reaction so conservatives can look like the aggressors and they are just defending themselves. Of course the group that tells everyone that we should never judge all muslims by the few who carry out terrorist attacks will blame all conservatives for the 1 or 2 who snap and decide to act out against the ptb. This will trigger even larger crack downs and at that point those on the right who will not be slaves will realize they have been backed against a wall and no amout of voting or speeches by guys like rand paul are going to save them. And beleive me all libertarians will be lumped in with conservatives because the left sees both groups as a threat.

        • It sure is an all-out assault on everything that’s good – burning of churches in Canada, fanning the flames of racism, fomenting hatred, unabated invasion at the border, delta/epsilon/lambda variants, Fauci still babbling, poking at Russia, poking at China, casual acceptance and promotion of censorship, and now defiling the sanctity of people’s doorstep with vaccine pushing geeks. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s really surreal.

          Are they just looting the treasury before the eventual collapse? Are they trying to provoke some kind of internal war? What? Why do this?

        • Well, its been US foreign policy for decades. Back people into a corner and poke them with a sharp stick until they lash out, then hammer the crap out of them and call it “defense”. The empire comes home when it starts to fail.

    • Hi RG,

      I just checked the Constitution and could find nothing in it regarding any duty or obligation of the federal government to “keep me from getting sick.” Snark off. The next most odious thing being this recurrent collectivization of everything. The government/taxpayers haven’t spent a cent on me or you or any other person who has been fine through all of this. The fact that some obese diabetic 85-year-old got sick and died is sad but neither my responsibility nor my future obligation to prevent.

      If some say otherwise, then I say they should be required to hut the gym with me and run 5 miles in the hot sun. To keep from costing the government any money, you see.

      • Likewise Eric, I’ve only read the Constitution a few hundred times, so maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall any “except for plague” clause attached to any of the described rights, or prohibited powers. Which pretty much makes the entire psy-op a criminal act.

  8. When your friendly government workers darken your door, invite them into your house. Don’t let them speak, you just say that it looks like they need something to do. Start ordering them to do some chores around your house, mow the lawn, do the dishes, they’re there to serve you, you can make the best of it, makes sense.

    Send them to the grocery store to shop for some groceries, send another with your car to the gas station and have them fill it with gas, check the oil. Have another sweep the sidewalks, another can wash windows, another can do some painting and general maintenance.

    They’re from the government and they’re there to help. They can do it, doesn’t matter what it is.

    Then you say to them, “I’ve got stuff to do and enter your home office with a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door.

    Yell out your open window to the new volunteer workers to get to work and quit loitering. har

    Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on my fil’s door one day, he invited them in to have a conversation. One JW said that heaven is almost full, 144,000 souls is the limit he said, so I’m sure it is to the brim by now.

    What’s the use, there is no hope. Helpless.

    Divine intervention is the only hope, along with Obiwan Kenobi.

    And the pastor up in Calgary who knows Nazis when sees them.

    • LOL. I actually may go forward with your suggestion, drumphish, if they show up while I am in the yard. I will start pulling out the garden hose and pressure washer so they power wash the house, maybe get them to pick the cherry tomatoes in my garden, wash the car. I have plenty of things that can be done. 🙂

  9. Perhaps better to just ignore them. Don’t answer the door, don’t accept literature, and don’t engage in conversation. Treat them like you would a Jehovah’s Witness or a vacuum cleaner salesman. Like a casual encounter with an AGW, you are free to not engage, and to walk away, and should do so. Why risk any escalation? Why subject yourself to a whiny harangue from some lowlife dweeb or to something likely to just get you angry? Why risk them filming you making baby noises at them or wearing a costume or diaper or gun on the hip? Why give fodder for a second encounter?

    I get the idea of lampooning or ridiculing. I just fail to see why it’s worth the time to even indulge them, or worse, risk them indulging you.

  10. At least one state ain’t gonna put up with Biden’s crap.

    Arizona attorney general Mark Brnovich — a 2022 candidate for the Senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Mark Kelly — wrote a letter to the ‘president’:

    ‘I, along with many Arizonans, was greatly alarmed by your White House indicating that it might be in possession of medical records revealing the contact information for Americans who have not been vaccinated.

    ‘If this is the case, this is a severe breach of privacy, and I will not tolerate such intrusions within Arizona.

    AZ is now a ‘sanctuary from the Needle’ state.

  11. I still think at least at this juncture just not answering the door or entertaining 1 second of their smug, i’m smarter than you because i beleive the govt lies attitude is better. Confrontation is on the horizon with this group because i beleive fully that the answer they will get most often is get off my property. Once they report back to the ptb that people are still “hesitant” the next trip back will be with an agw “observer” who is there to intimidate. When this doesn’t get the desired results the 3rd trip back will be with a squad of agws and they won’t be asking you they will be telling you. This will be the point of no return for the govt. God i hope i’m wrong about this but many conspiracy theories have been coming true these last 16 months.

    • From what I’m seeing in the agit-prop today, the “stick” will be an attempt, in the fall, to return to masks, distancing, and economic/social destruction. Collective punishment with the goal of goading the true believers to turn on the dissenters and demand more “action” from the gov’t, which will say we tried to be nice and ask.

  12. What’s wrong with dumping a bucket of water on them? It’s not illegal, it’s a joke. And tell them you thought it was someone else.

    • Hi Erik,

      It could be characterized as assault – and that could result in a Hut! Hut! Hut! Or a lawsuit… Keep in mind the times we are living in.

      • Not if the one dumping the water is black, excuse me, “Afro-American”, and the one getting the dousing is an AGW. Another example of some animals on the farm being “more equal” than others.

        At times, the AGWs DO need to be “cooled off”…

        • I seem to recall back in the 80’s, a guy I knew got threatened with assault for shooting someone with a squirt gun.


          Then there’s the guy Will Grigg wrote about who got shot by the cops because the garden hose nozzle in his hands looked like a gun.


          The goobermint blob ain’t got any sense of humor.
          I’ve just about lost mine, too.

  13. *pictures itchy Eric in a diaper with Ulysses crowing at some guvmin stiff* mwhaha. Good stuff.

    Amusing as it would be to waste these agents time they’re getting paid and you’re not. The safest course of action is to never speak to a government agent. I like the hose idea but I would change it up a bit by placing some high flow sprinklers, thoughtfully aimed, in your front yard. Open the bib outdoors but close the valve inside. When trespassers arrive let loose the floodgates. If you’re really paranoid buy a timer and set it after the fact and feign ignorance of the agents invasion of your property.

    • What a horrible choice of words: strike force.

      I am frightened for people with children in the school system. There is no doubt that these jabs will be “approved” for 5-11 year olds shortly. The school systems may not mandate them this year, but by the 2022-2023 school term they will be underway. Parents need to wise up, if they have not already. Private schools, charter schools, homeschooling – anything other than the public indoctrination camps of today.

      • It’s interesting how we’re hearing a ramp up in militarized terminology in this war on Americans in the guise of a war on sickness coinciding with the empire’s very quiet withdrawal from Afghanistan. Does anyone know where the troops went exactly? To another theater? Back to the U.S? Ron Paul says that empires, and their tactics, always come home, to be used against their own people.

        • Why do you think there is going to be a push to mandate the jab to all service members. The ptb know that many soldiers whose politics match up with the constitution would refuse an order to fire on or even detain their fellow citizens. They also know these people will be the ones who will outright refuse the jab and will resign rather than get the mandatory experiment. Much easier to fill the ranks with, oh say millions of illegals and antifa types that would have absolutely no loyalty to or qualms about attacking American citizens.

          • That may be true about the future but what about right now? I’d argue the pieces are at least almost in place. Are these folks on planes/ships right now headed back to “secure” the homeland against the “sickness”?

            • Its going to be tough, because like the old saying goes with the police, these people’s families live amongst the citizens who’s liberties they will be infnging upon. That might give many pause. Not so with the illegals who’s family is thousands of miles away in another country with the promise of full citizenship for you and long as you are just following orders.

              • I know we’re talking about something remote here, maybe less remote than a few years ago, though. However, your analogy with local police doesn’t work. I doubt the standing army troops who would potentially say, “occupy” your neighborhood would be from that same neighborhood, county or even state. Besides, don’t most troops & immediate families live on base or clustered together in areas consisting mostly of off-base housing? Those areas would likely be secured pronto. Maybe extended families would be threatened? You know, those folks with the stickers on their car announcing how they’re related to a “hero”?

                • Most on base housing is for spouse and children only. I don’t think many parents & siblings would get that treatment. I’m guessing if what we are discussing comes true then those hero stickers will disappear faster than crack at hunter biden’s house.

                  I still pray this is not the case but if you told 2019 me what 2021 me would be going through i would have thought you were off your rocker crazy. Now even out in left field hypotheticals need to be given consideration and prepared for.

    • Even allowing children to be vaxxed is reprehensible. They bear little to no risk from the virus, and even Fauci admits they aren’t a significant transmission vector. So why do they need one? This is looking more like an upcoming zombie apocalypse all the time.

  14. ‘Mockery is a kind of drug, too’ — EP

    Quite so, with a pedigree going back millennia, to ancient Greece and Rome (Diogenes, Juvenal, et al).

    That it works with marvelous efficacy is demonstrated by how many satirists, lampooners and parodists throughout history have been arrested by mortally offended rulers.

    Since the Dread Plague descended on us, lo these eighteen months ago, the fanatical censorship of even neutral scientific discussion deviating from the Official Narrative proves once again that the pen is mightier than the sword.

    The pitiful figures of ‘Biden’ and his dissolute addled son, trailed by Cackling Kamala the Kalifornicator, furnish rich material for mockery. Speaking of the great Hunter Biden:


    A regional Communist Party meeting is held to celebrate the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The Chairman gives a speech: “Dear comrades! Let’s look at the amazing achievements of our Party after the revolution. For example, Maria here, who was she before the revolution? An illiterate peasant; she had but one dress and no shoes. And now? She is an exemplary milkmaid known throughout the entire region.

    “Or look at Ivan Andreev. He was the poorest man in this village; he had no horse, no cow, not even an axe. And now? He is a tractor driver with two pairs of shoes!

    “Or Trofim Semenovich Alekseev – he was a nasty hooligan, a drunk, and a dirty gadabout. Nobody would trust him with as much as a snowdrift in wintertime, as he would steal anything he could get his hands on. And now he’s Secretary of the Party Committee!”

    • Quote of the day:

      FBI Ridiculed For Seizing Man’s Lego Set Of U.S. Capitol

      They’re ‘building’ a case, piece by piece … — ZH

      HAR HAR HAR … effing AGW clowns.

    • I saw an old snl skit once where the guy says (in English) that he doesn’t speak English and only learned the words he was saying phonetically but doesn’t know what they mean. If you can do that with a straight face…

      • Last year, at a grocery store when accosted by an employee who for some reason wanted me to wear a mask (Sheesh, I’m not THAT bad looking!), I just said in a non-chalant perturbed manner “No habla Engles” [Gringos here don’t espicka Espanol)- To which the li’l girl responded “Oh, I’m sorry”- to which I replied in my normal NY-accented voice “Oh, that’s perfectly O-K”, as I continued on my merry way, as she stood there trying to make sense of the encounter.

    • I know a very small amount of sign language (at least all of the letters so I can spell every word out). I actually checked out a bunch of books from the library when I was 8/9 and taught myself. My aunt (by marriage) parents were both deaf so I wanted to learn the basics so I could communicate with them when we met at social functions. I may need a refresher course since it has been a few years, but I think the basics to sign “What the hell do you want” or “Get off my property” may be warranted.

  15. Interesting, this is the only time I can recall you endorsing wearing a face diaper – “Wear an actual diaper, even – without explaining why.” I’ve only found one actual use for a face diaper – to help defeat facial recognition software (especially when combined with a hat or ball cap and sunglasses).

    And the gypsy tears? Funny, but a bit over a year ago when I worked in a store after all this mess started, I used to joke that instead of a “mask”, I should go get some garlic and wear a string of it around my neck to keep the evil virus monster away.

    Oh, I won’t be grabbing a baseball bat or a gun if they show up at my door, but they will be told in no uncertain terms to stick their needles where the sun doesn’t shine.

  16. I would do my impression of Karl, from Sling Blade. I can tell them about Jimmy Dickson and my Kaiser knife, some people call it a Sling Blade. umm I might even ask if they have any taters and mustard, umm.

  17. Indeed, the best way to answer any question from an agent of the Sociopaths In Charge is with a question. They are not programmed to answer questions. They’ve been told they are right, beyond question. Another answer that may throw them off script is “I don’t understand, could you explain that?” the answer to which might provide an abundance of opportunity for MORE questions. I usually try to be the least obnoxious I can be. This is an exception.

    • Good idea – throw them off with a series of questions. And be prepared with a list of all the reasons NOT to do it. They may not be persuaded, but that is not the point. Your first line of defense, as you have stated before, is saying NO. It helps ME mentally to reiterate the countless reasons why. That includes the preposterous and ridiculous exercise of wearing a “mask,” “face shield,” or any other evidence of one’s insanity.

      I am not interested in entreating, persuading, begging, nor arguing with these characters, but I won’t let them have the last word.

      • At some time, when their brains have overheated from being forced to think, they will likely leave, at a dead run, perhaps screaming, without any info from you at all that they didn’t already have.


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